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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  October 2, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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storm team 4 is tracking a lot of rain over the next few days. where it's headed, when it will be over and why flooding is a serious concern. and then there's hurricane joaquin, communities along the northeast preparing for the worst as the storm moves up the coast. and the difficult recovery for victims in the community college shooting in oregon. what hospital officials are saying about the tragedy. and right now on storm team 4 radar, i'm tracking a lot of rain. we're under a flash flood watch, most of the area through tomorrow morning. overall, about an inch to an inch and a half of rain has fallen. continuing to keep a close eye on parts of southern maryland, down into northern virginia.
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you had some heavy and steady rain over the last few hours. greatest potential for flash flooding will be later today. but notice the bright colors on storm team 4 radar. the yellows and oranges traveling along 301, it's a soggy ride. 17 as well. today it's a raw, windy day. here's a look at the flash flood watch. this is in effect through tomorrow morning. all the counties in solid green. in total the area will see about two to four inches. isolated amounts could be up to six. megan mcgrath picks up our storm coverage in georgetown. what you are seeing down that way? >> reporter: good morning. if you look behind me, the potomac river, things are good now. no major problems. we are still expecting several inches of rain here over the next 24 hours. which means that people who live in those low-lying areas that are prone to flooding, they could start to see some problems. being out and about today, we
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have encountered a number of people who fit into that category. they're not taking any chances. they're taking some precautions. >> up. >> reporter: in georgetown, gw's varsity rowing team helped move the boats off the floating dock and up to higher ground. just in case. >> good job, team! >> we're pulling the boats up. the river is supposed to rise a lot the next two days. just precaution. >> reporter: hurricane joaquin may miss us but d.c. is still expected to get a lot of rain from the nor'easter. raising concerns about flooding. washington harbor's flood wall is up, and will remain in place until the threat passed. hanes point is closed until further notice, so are park service athletic fields. at mps headquarters along the washington channel they're taking precautions. >> we'll be sandbagging the buildings where the doors are lowest to the ground. moving vehicles out of the
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parking lot because in the next couple hours the channel will come over the edge. >> reporter: some weekend events have been canceled but others are still happening. it's best to check with the organizer to be sure. d.c. water is handing out free sandbags to people who live in three neighborhoods prone to flooding. those are bloomingdale, la droit park and the 900 block of p street northwest. you can go to 1st and rhode island in northwest to pick up sandbags, however you will be asked for proof of residency. megan mcgrath, news 4. barbara, back to you. >> because of the weather some school also send students home early today. culpeper will send elementary school students home at 1:00 p.m. and middle and high school students will be sent home at 1:30. we'll update the list of school
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and event schedule changes on our nbc washington app. norfolk is bracing for a complete deluge. they have already gotten it bad. the area is flooding as we speak. and more rain is coming. in the pictures we're getting in from norfolk, we are seeing a lot of high water and dangerous trouble spots out on the roads. many businesses and schools are shut down today or closed early. it's supposed to keep raining in norfolk all week long. this is not joaquin, just a lot of rain. this is a low-lying area. naval station norfolk is filling thousands of sand balls to protect the base. look at this, new pictures of a road that washed out in south carolina. we told but this yesterday. this is brand-new video where the culvert collapsed in spartansburg. they had major flooding there. there's heavy rain again right now. in a separate flooding incident, a woman died.
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hurricane joaquin is forcing people to evacuate a popular vacation island in north carolina. ferries ran boat loads of cars back to the mainland throughout the night. most of the people on the island are property owners trying to move belongings to higher ground. >> that's our biggest concern, the storm serge and all the water. >> ferries will keep running extended shifts in case the hurricane begins to trend back towards the coast. veronica johnson will be in ocean city today to give you a firsthand account of what's happening. look for her reports when you get home tonight. breaking news right now. the monroe park campus of vcu has been given the all clear from police after reports of an armed man at the monroe park campus in richmond. no reports of gunshots, just a lot of calls to police about a man with a gun, military style hat and a backpack.
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just in the past few minutes, vcu tweeting that police searched the area, didn't find anybody, and were unable to confirm any of those reports. good news there. back to you. >> thank you. no injuries after school bus fire. a lot of smoke coming from the montgomery county school bus at the intersection of georgia avenue and shore field road. firefighters tell us when they got there around 7:45 this morning the bus was completely on fire. we're following the latest developments in that deadly shooting in oregon. nine people were killed, another nine injured at umpqua community college yesterday. doctors at mercy medical hospital gave an update this morning on the injured. so far two victims were treated and released. four had to have surgery. one has been discharged. the three remaining victims are hospitalized but are expected to recover. >> from a medical standpoint,
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we're trained for this. this is an overwhelming situation, we've been practicing. the outpouring of community and staff coming in on their days off. retired physicians coming in. nurses coming in. staff coming in. one of the challenges is coordinating support for the friends, family of the victims. >> one of the nine victims killed was initially taken to mercy medical hospital but died in the emergency room. the alleged shooter, chris harper mercer was killed by police. the u.s. and russia are at odds over a global conflict. how one country's attacks overseas could lead to bigger problems. and we continue to track storms hitting just about everywhere.
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. new developments in the fight against isis. russian president vladimir putin
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heads to paris today. we're learning more about how his country is involved. he expects air strikes in syria to continue for three to four months. u.s. leaders believe russia is not just attacking isis. >> russia is targeting areas where there are few, if any, isil forces operating. >> russia says it has hit a dozen isis forces so far. in afghanistan, a u.s. military plane crashed and now the taliban is saying it shot that plane down. this happened over jalalabad last night. six usairman and five civilian contractors were on board and all died. the crash also killed two afghan civilians on the ground. dozens of higher-ups will lose part of their salaries after a widespread accounting scandal at toshiba. earlier this year auditors found the company exaggerated profits
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for several years. the company will hold up to 100 more accountable by cutting their paychecks. a punishment gets handed out for trafficking two teenage girls. the details that just came in. and get used to this sight. a rainy, wet weekend. we're tracking when storms will be in your area when news4 midday returns.
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today and tomorrow there's the potential of flash flooding. the greatest risk will be later today. we'll bring you frequent updates on air and on my social pages, as well as doug's. if we get flash flood warnings, we'll push those out to your cell phone if you downloaded the
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nbc washington app. today a flash flood watch for the counties in solid green that runs through tomorrow morning. in total, two to four inches of rain. isolated amounts could reach six inches. the heaviest rain starting this afternoon around 3:00, running to 3:00 a.m. this could lead to flooding issues as well as power outages across the area. i'll show you future weather hour by hour this afternoon coming up in ten minutes. thanks. breaking now, a judge just now handed down a sentence for a young mother who was helping to traffic teens in northern virginia. she got ten years. the 24-year-old broke down in tears in court. she was helping a man, lenny haskins w his prostitution enterprise, trafficking two teen girls in fairfax county and other cities. haskins was sentenced to 40 years in court, she told the judge she's now free from the
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pimp who began trafficking her when she was 17. communities across the east coast will get drenched. we're tracking hurricane joaquin and we'll show you why it's not hard to miss from space. and right now, we have a live picture. let's look at it. it's a driving shot along 95 in richmond. you can see the rain is coming down.
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a look at hurricane joaquin,
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a view you may not have seen before. nasa astronaut scott kelly tweeted this picture early this morning from the international space station. it shows the category 4 system over the bahamas. as the hurricane continues to trek up the atlantic, cities up and down the east coast are preparing. jay gray is in kitty hawk, north carolina where residents are seeing signs of things to come. >> reporter: getting a break from the rain now, but we've seen it throughout the day. the outer banks will get pounded by rain over the next several days. look at what we expect to see as the elements of joaquin brush the outer banks. an increased surge from the tide here. we're going to see strong rain. that in an area that's already suffered through rain over the last several days. they have already seen minimal flooding here. we'll see severe flooding
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through the day and the weekend as a result of the effects of joaqu joaquin. it will not make landfall but it will cause problems. a lot of people making sure they have water, food, and making sure they're ready to spend a couple days without electricity. the concern is not wind but the water from rains. they have seen flooding, they are evacuating the outer islands. those serviced by ferry to make sure no one gets trapped as the flooding intensifies. that's the latest from kitty hawk, i'm jay gray, nbc news. joaquin remains an impressive category 4 hurricane. maximum sustained winds at 130 miles per hour. it's now starting to have a northerly movement to it. very slow. only at about 3 miles per hour. it's forecast to weaken to a category 2 hurricane during the day tomorrow. the latest track has it further to the east, which is really good news for our area as we are
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anticipating two to six inches of rain. that's unrelated to joaquin, the greatest impact on the beaches with strong winds and high waves. you can see joaquin continues out to see over the next few days, up into the upcoming week. here at 1:00, areas of heavy rain impacting the metro area. the evening commute will be a slow go. heavy, wind-driven rain, reduced visibilities and the potential for flash flooding. joaquin is veering off the east coast but they're still getting ready for it everywhere. look at the east coast of massachusetts. they're taking up their boats. >> taking the boat out of the water with this bad weather we have now and the impending hurricane. >> there's an unusually high tide and high wind there right now. joaquin is a category 4 hurricane. the jobs report is out. and it looks like hiring slowed down significantly in september.
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only 142,000 jobs were added. the dow also took a hit after today's report came out. the unemployment rate remains at 5.1%. today we expect the department of justice to release its review of the st. louis county police force and how it handled days of riots earlier this year. it's the last in a series of reports. the doj's first report criticized the ferguson police department itself. the second addressed issues with the department's response to the protests. look for an alert on your nbc washington app to see details as they come in. a hurricane is moving up the coast. but the season will be very
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. the atlantic hurricane
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season runs from june 1st to november 30th, but storms can develop earlier. hurricanes are measured on a scale of 1 to 5 which generally estimates the amount of damage they'll cause. anna was the first storm of the season. it made landfall as a tropical storm north of myrtle beach. june brought bill in the gulf of mexico. and july gave us claudette. the first hurricane of the season was danny on august 19th. danny was a category 3. it brought winds of about 115 miles per hour to the windward islands. just a day after danny, hurricane fred was born off the coast of south africa. number four, tropical storm grace, henry and ida bring us up to date with hurricane joaquin. here's the latest on the track of joaquin which right now is the strongest storm of the season. the nbc washington app will be
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your best friend in keeping you up to date with the latest weather. veronica johnson will report live today from ocean city on the storm's impact.
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it's rainy, windy and chilly today. temperatures in the low to mid 50s. the greatest time period where we could be seeing the biggest potential for flash flooding is from 3:00 p.m. this afternoon until 3:00 a.m. saturday morning. heavy rains likely at times as we head into the afternoon hours. this will likely lead to some areas of flash flooding, flooding on area creeks and streams. a low to moderate risk that we are dealing with isolated storm damage no risk of a tornado or hail from the rain we're seeing today. the road impacts today not so great. it's going to be a slow go. you already know what a little bit of rain does to the d.c. metro area. we'll be dealing with heavy rain
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in spots this evening. friday night lights, some home coming games tonight, the weather not incorporating. tomorrow, showers at times. it's still a windy, chilly day. the road should be okay tomorrow. there's a chance of showers in the forecast, but it's still breezy. here's the latest check of storm team 4 radar. heavy rain impacting southern maryland, down around the northern neck of virginia. today and tomorrow storm team 4 weather alert days. a high tomorrow of 64. best chance of showers will be during the morning and midday hours as we work our way towards saturday evening we will likely start to dry out. sunday, still chilly. 66. a chance of showers. otherwise plenty of clouds on monday. well, we start to dry out. looking at mostly cloudy skies. temperature around 70. maybe an isolated shower. nice weather tuesday and
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wednesday. temperatures in the mid 70s with plenty of sun. this is the second weekend of autumn, feeling rainy, chilly and raw. a judge in d.c. will be checking today on the mental health of a woman who ran at a district police officer with a steak knife. you may remember the startling video. the officer shot ranita nettles in august after repeated commands that she put the blade down. news 4 spoke with her mother. she says her 22-year-old struggles with bipolar disorder and couldn't get the help she needed a hearing earlier this fall showed nettles incompetent to stand trial. some republicans in virginia not happy with the plan to turn parts of i-66 into a toll road during rush hour. the governor facing criticism over the plan. drivers would be charged as much as $7 depending on how far they travel. the tolls would be used to pay for things like improvements for pedestrians and cyclists. house republicans say the tolls
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are too high. communities across our area are getting ready for flooding. just look at all that green on our radar. we're tracking how long the rain will keep coming when new 4 midday retu
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two big storms and a whole lot of rain. storm team 4 is tracking two systems that are sure time pact your next few days. >> and a lot of people are
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watching hurricane joaquin making its way up the coast. >> the great news is that joaquin looks to have little impact on our area. the rain we're receiving today and tomorrow are due to a nor'easter. this system bringing breezy conditions and chilly temperatures. right now it's only 52 degrees outside. today an umbrella, rain boot kind of day. a warm jacket as well. 2:00, 54. still tracking areas of rain. heavy rain likely in the metro region around 5:00 p.m., 8:00 p.m. otherwise it's cool, the temperature around 53. here's the latest on the flash flood watch that runs through 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. this includes the metro d.c. area, southern maryland and northern virginia. we're talking about two to four inches of rain. the heaviest rain likely falling between 3:00 p.m. this afternoon and 3:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. not only is flash flooding a concern, but we could see isolated power outages from the breezy to windy conditions. by the time we hit sunday, the
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weather is starting to improve. it's still not great, but only showers are possible. otherwise breezy with temperatures in the low to mid 60s. with rain falling across the region now, molette green has a check of how alexandria is getting ready. >> reporter: high tide is less than 30 minutes away, and folks here are grabbing up their share of the 8,000 available sandbags. this is old town alexandria's current situation. lobster on ice. while the city braces in case it floods. up to five free sandbags for residents and property owners. one hauls her five away in a red wagon. >> i appreciate it. i think it saved us a couple of times. we'll keep coming out every time they give a warning. others on foot struggle to wary them, while most just pulled up in their cars and waited in
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line. and let a city worker do the heavy lifting. >> we're prepared for it. >> reporter: at the intersection of king and lee streets this will go on all day or until they reason out. >> this is better than last time. last time we all had to fight for it. >> you had to come and carry your bags up the street this is much better. >> reporter: this waterfront community is ready with storm preps in case flood watches turn to warnings. but some have a different plan. >> my prepping has been toilet paper, beer, and -- >> reporter: she can chuckle because she does not live in a low-lying area. but many folks who do are concerned about the possibility of flooding. in past flooding here, you could canoe down union street. there is still time for you to clean the gutters and the storm drains around your property of leaves and debris. city leaders want you to stay off the roads as much as possible. in old town alexandria, molette
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green, news 4. anne arundel county police tweeted out this picture this morning. a tree fell on a car on route 2 at arnold road. no one was hurt. storm team 4 says more rain and wind today could mean more downed trees across the area. just in. the beaches in ocean city are closed. the water is dangerous. there's too much rain. ocean city is seeing major flooding right now. the rain is not going to stop. more is in the forecast all weekend. ocean city's mayor is saying there's the potential for the impact to be similar to sandy. so, right now they are getting the sandbags ready. all the rain is not from hurricane joaquin. it's a separate storm system. storm team 4 constantly updating the new weather section of the nbc washington app. check throughout the day today by tapping the temperature on
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the app home page. new at midday, former d.c. mayor vincent gray may be eyeing a return to the d.c. council. four people familiar with his thinking say gray may run in ward seven again. he could also go for the at large see the of vincent orange. several people have been charged in a federal investigation into gray's mayoral run five years ago. gray denies any wrongdoing and has not been charged. a man who police say stole tide laundry pods from a grocery store in maryland is now in custody. mario wells turned himself in on wednesday. another man is still wanted. investigators believe the men were selling the laundry on the black market. we have some track work happening this weekend on some lines. on the red line, we know we will
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have trains running every 20 minutes. silver line running every 24 minutes. blue line every 24 minutes. same on the yellow line. green on a normal schedule. the orange line also running every 24 minutes. have a great weekend. the fees are going up if you want a driver's license in the district. the department of motor vehicles says you have to pay for $47 for a d.c. driver's license. the card is good for eight years. >> some republicans in virginia are not happy with a plan to turn i-66 into a toll road during rush hour. the governor is facing criticism over this plan. drivers could be charged as much as $7 depending on how far they travel. the tolls will be used to pay for improvements for pedestrians
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and cyclists. house republicans say the tolls are too high. the plan will be approved or rejected later this month. a controversy changes in 60
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as the general assembly of catholic bishops gets to reopen, divorced and remarried catholics hope they can receive the fundamental sacraments again. pope francis convened the bishop's meeting at the vatican. it will last for three weeks. the assembly will focus on catholic family issues. the debate on allowing divorces and remarried people to take communion was on the agenda last year but there was no solution. >> the argument is if you allow divorced and remarried catholics to receive holy communion, then these particular divorced and remarried catholics wil probably be receiving holy communion illegitimately.
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they will not be properly prepar prepared. breaking news. education secretary arne duncan is reportedly stepping down. the associated press says duncan will leave in december according to their sources. the a.p. says in a letter to staff that duncan is going back to chicago to live with his family. president obama will talk about duncan's departure this afternoon at the white house. we're hearing from the a.p. duncan has been with the obama administration for seven years. right now on news 4 midday, we're in a weather alert mode. heavy rain is about to move in. it could cause some serious problems for us. here's a live look at the national mall. you can see the monument in the distance.
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it's rainy, windy and chilly today. we have the potential for flash flooding, especially later today. here are the weather impacts over the weekend. travel will be of greatest concern tomorrow morning. we could still be dealing with areas of flash flooding. some area creeks and streams could be overflowing banks. it's something to keep in mind as we work our way through the weekend. if you have to exercise outdoors this weekend, have the rain gear. you should be okay later in the day on saturday and sunday. heading out and about, rain boots and umbrellas. you will be contending with breezy and windy conditions. i want to show you the potential for heavy rain moving from southern maryland to the northern neck and up to the metro area. this is the evening commute around 5:00. not great. we're tracking areas of heavy wind-driven rain, reducing visibility, causing wet conditions on the roads. hydroplaning will be a concern when this is all said and done.
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about two to four inches widespread, isolated amounts around six. even late tonight, soggy conditions across the area. it looks like we'll dry out a bit over the weekend. a search for a missing la ie in indonesia. a small plane carrying ten people lost contact. the mane was about a half hour from landing. new video this midday shows what russia claims to be air strikes on syria. vladimir putin's orders came after meeting barack obama in the united nations. check this out, a fresh look at pluto's largest moon. nasa released these photos. you can see a large canyon
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system. that canyon stretches for over 1,000 miles. that's four times the size of the grand canyon and twice as deep. we are tracking the heavy rain out there. we just found out a new way d.c. is stepping up response. news4 midday is back in a moment.
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continuing to track rain
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across the entire wear on storm team 4 radar. keeping a close eye on parts of southern maryland down to northern virginia where rain is heavier. this is advance nothiing into to area. we will see rain throughout the entire day and into the evening hour. here are the potential amounts. anywhere from two to four inches. because of the chance of flash flooding, especially later today into early saturday, today is the storm team 4 weather alert day. tomorrow as well. we'll give you frequent updates on air and online. if we get warnings and you download the nbc washington app you will get those sent to your phone. here's the latest on the flash flood watch. everybody in solid green is under a flash flood watch through tomorrow morning. about two to four inches after rain but isolated areas could see up to six inches. the heaviest rain will be impacting us from 3:00 p.m. until 3:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. not only is flooding a concern, but we could see some spotty
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power outages. because we're also dealing with breezy to windy conditions. road impacts today, not great. tomorrow morning not great with rain still likely, still windy and we could be dealing with residual flooding. working throughout the day, road conditions will improve. scattered showers later in the day tomorrow, tomorrow evening, you have the chance of dry weather but still breezy and chilly. sunday, the chance of showers. at that point road conditions should be just fine. a high today only around 56 degrees in the suburbs. outside of the beltway, temperatures in the 50s. warmer tomorrow, but still well below average with a high temperature of 64 and showers at times. in the district crews are preparing for flooding. we have continuing team coverage from northwest wash. mark, what is going on out there? >> this is the bloomingdale neighborhood. over the past years this has been hit bad with flooding.
11:46 am
a lot of neighborhoods had homes flooded out. there's a multimillion dollar infrastructure project trying to fix that but today they're handing out sandbags. neighbors are pulling up to the trucks. you have to be a resident of the bloomingdale, the detroit park or the 900 block of p street southwest. those are the three areas hit hardest by the flooding. only those residentses will be given sandbags today. you do have to have i.d. we're at the corner of rhode island and 1st. i got a note from the district's department of public works who says they are scaling back their storm preps because the storm is veering away from d.c. they say crews are now back out picking up trash as regular. that's the scene in northwest washington. it's been almost 24 hours now since a gunman walked into a classroom at an oregon community college and opened fire.
11:47 am
nine people were killed, seven others were wounded. on a more positive note, some of the injured have been released from the hospital. authorities are learning more about the suspect who was also killed. wendy joins us live in roseburg with the latest. wendy? >> reporter: good morning. authorities say the gunman left behind a multi page note here at the shooting screen spouting what they call his philosophy of hate. investigators identified the shooter as 26-year-old chris harper mercer. they say he was not a student at the school. they are still trying to figure out why he opened fire here at the umpqua community college yesterday morning. after shootout with police there were ten people dead and the number of injured has been increased to nine. witnesses say mercer asked students to lay down, then stand up and he asked them if they were a christian. if they said yes, he shot them
11:48 am
in the head. this small rural town in oregon is obviously still in shock. right now the numbers stand at this. still one person is in critical condition at the hospital. two others have been upgraded to stable. one person may even go home as early as this afternoon. this community yet another american community that will have a long way go to heal. live in roseburg, i'm wendy wilfork. back to you. >> i said each time we see one of these mass shootings, our thoughts and prayers are not enough. >> president obama made a strong call for gun reform after the shooting. he said he's afraid this won't be the last time he addresses the nation about a mass shooting. he also said he doesn't think there's a reason it should happen so often in the u.s. >> we are not the only country on earth that has people with mental illnesses or who want to do harm to other people.
11:49 am
we are the only advanced country on earth that sees these kinds of mass shootings every few months. >> there hasn't been a single week in the president's second term where without a mass shooting. the one at umpqua community college was the 41st school shooting this year. and we're learning oregon did implement a new gun control law months ago. it went into effect in august requiring background checks for online gun buyers. it's not clear whether that law would have had any impact on this shooting. in a few hours we'll tell you jesse matthew jr.'s sentence for a rape in 20005 his punishment will be handed down around 2:00. matthew entered an alfred plea meaning he does not admit guilt but recognizes the court has enough evidence to convict him. the state of virginia
11:50 am
executed a convicted serial killer and rapist. alfredo prieto was executed last night. in 1988 police found rachael ray ra raped and murdered in a field. he shot her companion in the back. he is convicted of a separate murder in california as well and is linked to six more killings. get ready,
11:51 am
i'm eun yang, here are some stories lighting up social media. you may want to call ahead before heading to any events this weekend because of the rain. >> a lot of events scheduled this weekend have been
11:52 am
rescheduled because of the rain. for now, takoma park street festival is still set to take place. for a list of events and cancellations, go to our app. samsung wants to make a phone with not one but two cameras. samsung is working on a phone with two cameras. the goal is to finish the project by the end of the year. it will be interesting to see how that will work. if you like coffee and doughnuts, you may need to find a new coffee house. dunkin' donuts is closing 100 stores. the company claims shares of dunkin brands are down 10%. back to you. >> think of how much storage you will need if you take two pictures at one time. >> absolutely. it's a weather alert day. you know that. we're keeping an eye on everything. >> heavy rain is headed our way and fast. we'll show you when it moves in
11:53 am
and whether hurricane joaquin could make things worse.
11:54 am
new information coming out this morning about pope francis' so-called meeting with kentucky clerk kim davis. it's true that the two did see each other while he was in d.c. last week. but davis was apparently one of the dozens of people that the pope greeted that day at the embassy just before heading to new york. the vatican says the encounter should not be considered a form of support for her position. pope francis talked with her because of his kindness and availability. davis is the clerk who refused to authorize marriage licenses to same-sex couples and ended up in jail for that. hackers have stolen personal information belonging to about 15 million t-mobile wireless customers and potential customers. the information includes social security numbers, home addresses, birth dates and other personal information. the hackers got the information from the credit reporting agency
11:55 am
expe experian. and if you own an apple watch you may soon be able to get an apple ring to match. apple recently filed a patent for a wearable computer device in the form of a ring. the ring would be linked to a larger device such as an iphone. the ring would be worn on the index finger and controlled by your thumb. we'll have to wait and see if the patent goes ahead. say good-bye to the overnight shift. friends say the $310 million powerball winner was at work on the overnight shift when she realized that she had won all that money. co-workers at a manufacturing plant in michigan say it didn't take long. she started crying, shaking, and then said good-bye and pretty much immediately clocked out. they say she plans to use the money to finish renovations on her house so her aging mother can move in. here's the latest on storm team 4 radar.
11:56 am
the heaviest rain along i-95 this will continue to move into the beltway for the next few hours. the heaviest rain from 3:00 p.m. this afternoon until 3:00 a.m. it's chilly and windy. temperatures now in the low 50s. heavy rain is a definite today and into early saturday. some areas of flash flooding also likely. only a low to moderate risk that we would see high wind producing damage. the chance of showers tomorrow afternoon and evening hours. otherwise it's windy. temperatures around 64. tomorrow still a weather alert day during the morning because of the potential for flash flooding. the chance of showers on sunday. joaquin looks to have little impact on our area. we dry out monday, high of 70. beautiful weather tuesday, wednesday and thursday. >> that's it for news4 midday. thanks for joining us. we're back on the air this afternoon first at 4:00. >> with the severe weather
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here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso. you say avocado old el paso says... zesty chicken and avocado tacos in our stand 'n stuff tortillas . (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says... start somewhere fresh
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