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tv   News4 Today  NBC  October 4, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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with tom kierein to see what we can expect. hey, tom. >> this is all part of that nor'easter they're suving for there. that plume of tropical moisture. here we're getting a few sprinkles, a little bit of drizzle. let's just say it's not going to be real sunny. as we get through the rest of the day. they're producing a few scattered sprinkles. a little bit of light rain here. another little patch along the blue ridge into the shin an dough roy valley. a very light mist beginning to fall on and off here and that may be lingering until around noontime. temperatures in the mid and upper 50s. upper 40s. out into the mountains. throughout the rest of the day graduateually warming into the afternoon hours with this gray sky live view. look at when we'll get welcome
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sunshine. that's coming in a few minutes. we checked in and they say a man died after he crashed into this apartment building. e with wanted to get "news4's" derrick ward live at the scene. we wanted to check in with him on more after the crash. hi, derrick. >> good morning. there's updated information as well. take a look now. we're on the top of the hit because it seems like the car took -- the trajectory of the car came from an upper parking lot down to the building where it crashes and we're told now that the driver was a female and there was trauma to the upper body. there was speculation that the victim had been shot. that's not been confirmed here. there was quite a scene at 11:30
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last night. when police got here and fire department, they found the car completely into a ground floor apartment there and other witnesses say that that car actually went through the wall of that apartment and landed partways into the stair well and you can imagine what that meant. people were trapped in those apartments. folks were handing babies off the balconies and climbing offer the ball this conys because the stairwell was blocked. when they arrived they found the person inside with trauma to the upper body. she died a short time later. that unit which has six units in it is now completely evacuated and not deemed habitable because of the structural damage to the wall. what remain as mystery now is how this turned into a crime scene so quick.
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at first they thought it was an accident. when they found the person in the car suffering from kra ma determined it was a crime scene. >> it was crazy. it was like a car in a building. that was weird. i ain't never seen nothing like that. >> we have no identity on the victim that was involved in this. prince george's county putting out more information. we hope to bring that to you. right now "news4," derrick ward. >> thank you, dear rick. this morning neighbors are finally allowed to go back in the home in fairfax. several buildings and streets had to be evacuated. neighbors were taken to a 24-hour safeway on bradley boulevard. they were able to secure that
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building. they were let back into their homes two hours later. we now know the name of the man who died early saturday morning. 32-year-old jerome wright. wright was apparently trying to rob two other men. all three of them ended up shot. there is a $25,000 reward for help in solving this case. the u.s. military now opening an investigation into the deadly bombing of a doctors without borders facility in kunduz. and just this morning the charity has left the afghan city following the air strikes that killet at least nenl dead. the charities say the attacks continues even after the military was notified. we're also learning more about the deadly shootsing at a oregon community college.
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the shooter committed suicide moments after the shooting. he was also enrolled in the classy the shooting took plate. they range in ages 18 to 67. republican presidential candidate donald trump defending the second amendment. he said it wouldn't be happening if students and teachers had been carrying guns. >> by the way, it was a gun-free zone. i will tell you you f you had students or teachers with a gun in that room youshlgsd have been a hello of a lot better off. >> trump also says he has a permit to carry a gun. he compares himself to charles bronson in "death wish. kwfts coming up he'll be on meet the press with chuck todd.
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hillary clinton spent her time in washington discussing human rights. she vowed to make gay and lesbian rights a top priority when she becomes president. >> ben carson said marriage equality is what caused the fall of the fall of the roman em pie. >> in a big win for clinton she was just endorsed by the national education association. well, it was a tough week but after that week it was a good night for the nats. max scherzer pitched his second no-hitter of the season. a marriage cal moment last night. hero's the last out. scherzer struck a team record
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for pitchouts. at the end he struck out nine straight batters. nats defeated the mets. congratulations to him. it looks like the weather is going to hold up for the eagles and redskins. we'll have the updates for you at 6:00. the shocking reason a priest pointed a gun at an 8-year-old. what they were fighting about that got him arrested. new development on a oh, well that's a good price. seriously? i'll grab two. get ready to save. love the honey nut cheerios. the safeway stock up sale is on. stop in and stock up on all your favorite products. from soup, snacks and cereal to meat, produce and more, save big at your local safeway store.
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welcome back. this morning we are hearing from an openly gay d.c. resident who had a special meeting with pope
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francis. yayo grassi initially met pope francis when he was a jesuit student. he learned of his coming to d.c. he told derrick ward the pope's message holds a special resonance with him and he eek talking about the meeting after he learned the pope met with kim davis. >> he ended up saying, i can guarantee you, yayo, in my service, there is no place for homophobia. to me that was perhaps the sentence or the thing that he said that was the most important thing. >> kim dachbs as you know is the clerk who refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses in kentucky. the vatican released a statement saying his meeting with the pope should not be a show of support. coming up in the week ahead, the trial begins with charles
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serves. he's being charged in the deaths of three. that trial is expected to last six weeks. >> if you travel, you're going to notice a shift, the closures are expected to wrap up by mid-november. >> also ahead the montgomery council will vote on a pesticide ban. council president george leventhal wants to reinstate it. and a priest is in big trouble for picking a fight with an 8-year-old. why police say that priest pulled out a gun. >> we're tracking another rainy day, but guess what? the sun will be here soon. storm team 4 meteorologist tom
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kierein will have an update. let's take a look. the hero's walk at walter reed. that starts at 10:00 this morning. also today the national urban league is hosting the walgreens wellness today. that geico has sent me to washington d.c., our nation's capital, to ask this question: what presidential race is run right here in washington 81 times a year?
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. developing this morning in guatemala, a dramatic landslide. they're searching for the missing. today president obama will honor fallen firefighters in maryland. he'll speak at the national firefighter's memorial service. the president is expected to speak just before 11:00 this morning in em itsburg. you've got to hear this next story. a new jersey priest is facing child endangerment charges after pointing a musket at a child. >> reporter: this place, the scene prosecutors say of an unbelievable and frightening encounter between a priest and a young parishioner. >> a priest called an 8-year-old boy into a common area by the church rectory, put him up
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against the wall and pointed a long arm gun at him and said i'm going to shoot you. >> reporter: it was unloaded. but the reason why he allegedly attacked he young boy will floor you. the 8-year-old a boy cowboy's fan, the priest rooting for the giants. still reason enough for a priest to pull the gun on a child? >> that will be the last person you think to pull a gun on a little kid over football? >> he said it was one of the parishioners, not the parents, who reported the incident to the
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arch disease. >> there's no such thing as joking around with a weapon when you're dealing with an 8-year-old kid. >> checky beckford there. crazy story. this flooding down south is impacting travel. >> it's just incredible. they've already had 20 inches of rain to the north and east. columbia, more rain headed your way. thankfully we're on the northern edge of that and we continue to have that easterly flow and a little bit of rain across the area. now getting a little bit of very light rain. the northern neck of virginia, that's going to be passing well south of us. another batch of light rain along the blue ridge. that's going to be moving into the shenandoah valley. a look at the radar in south
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carolina. this is a plume of tropical moisture. it's a turin of heavy rain that's just continues to come in. this next line of very heavy rain coming right into columbia again where they've had 15 inches of rain. they're going to get even more. some of this coming in from joaquin. joaquin's track is going to be right near bermuda. near bermuda by late today and tonight with 100-mile-an-hour winds and then well off the atlantic seaboard after that heading well east of labrador. for us some tidal flooding around the baidu to the persistent northeasterly flow and wind. that's going to be until high tide tonight and into tomorrow. all of these counties bordering the gray and the green having that tidal flooding threat and even the waterfront, alexandria, hanes point may be getting a lot of tidal flooding.
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that may be two to three feet above. 2:00 this afternoon it will be in the upper 50s, low 60s by then. a little autumn color ginning to show up. lloyd ferguson tweeted this. this is near middleburg. you can see a little bit of autumn color if you want to enjoy the first touch of autumn. this morning a few sprinkles. a smaller chance as we climb into the low 60s. good weather. a slight chance of a sprinkle. maybe a little bit of drizzle and during the game, cloudy, gusting 20 miles an hour. temperatures in the low 60s. right around 70. as we get into the rest of the
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week, sunshine each day. saturday, sunday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, absolutely gorgeous. dry next weekend. that's the way it looks. >> thank you, tom. 9:20 right now. tests may not always catch prostate cancer but a new method helps catch it earlier. our torine gentzler explains what's next. october is people here, we're talking about halloween, falling leave, cooly temperatures, and a big month for hillary clinton and her presidential came pain. >> that's right. we cannot express how much the month of october is shaping up for hillary clinton. the first big day for clinton is october 13th achbltd that's her first democratic debate. then october 2nd where she's shoe to get questioned. >> two days later she and the
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prostate cancer is very pom lar in men. if treated kit be successful. >> a helping hand in detecting and diagnosing the disease. >> for men the only way to confirm is with a biopsy, but for years doctors haven't had an accurate way to do that. doctors say that detecting prostate cancer can be tricky. it starts with a blood test, checki inin ining the psa. when it's high, biopsy is next. the trouble is they do an ultrasound and all to often it doesn't find the cancer. but now they're using a system call eed uro map.
9:25 am
they say it's helping to detect abnormal areas in the prostate they would have done before. >> we don't want to biopsy people unnecessarily. dwoem want to do too many unnecessary buy on sis and when we do them, we want them to bed aing a rat as can be snoop he said it's also helpful for th e those. that's because they'd have to have regular biopsies. men can skip the regular biopsies if there's no progression of the disease. you can learn a lot more about the disease on our nbc washington app including the four things you might not know about problem skies cainer. now let's talk today's top stories. big game sunday but we begin
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on the ground. that's where the redskins will be looking to make their mark and move the chains this afternoon at home against the eagles. it's is old-fashioned grab and pound. after three games and 199 joins. brett large and in charge as eagles darren sproles stretches through. sproles is the team's second in turn and has returned for a touchdown. a contract at quarterback. drew brees is expect to return from an injured shoulder. the team is 0-3. for brandon weeden, it will be a second week filling in for the injured tony romo.
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he's still looking for his first win in the nfl in three
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in today's top stories we just learn a woman died in the
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district heights area. she crashed into an apartment building on rushel avenue. prince george's police say when they found her inside the car she was suffering from body trauma. she die at the hospital. we now know the name of the man who died early saturday morning at a shooting on eight street. 32-year-old jerome wright. dchl c. police say it was the result of a botched robbery. he was trying to shoot two other men. the time now, 9:30. a lot of us woke up to drizzles and cool weather. >> looking gray, we put on our gray. >> thinks are looking up. >> how's the weather? >> i'm looking up and all i see is gray skies. >> it's going to get better. >> a bit of a blustery wind. you may be hearing it on my microphone. you might run into a little bit of mist. the storm team 4 radar. as we look now at our sky, it is
9:31 am
all cloudy. the metro view and it's looking off to our east over washington. showing a few areas in spring tracking off to the west/northwest coming off the northern bay. temperatures are rather chilly. it's in the upper 40s. to near 60 right around the chesapeake bay. a look at a warmup on the way for the week ahead. will be coming up in just a few minutes when i join you. >> thank you so much, tom. right now rain continues to bring dangerous flooding conditions. they have dumped up to 12 inches of rain in the area. powerful ocean waters came ashore destroying any sign of it. they know at least five people were killed.
9:32 am
president obama declared a state of emergency in the area. now, some of that aid will go to people in north charleston who had to run out of their home after rain started to pour in. >> i got up. the cars were covered. the flowers were floating. i thought, oh, my goodness. i can't get out. >> it was just horrible. >> well, an emergency shelter has been set up in a nearby church. that number could double before the weekend's over. and ominous sign in a search for a missing cargo ship that ran right into hurricane joaquin. more than two dozen americans were part of that crew. nbc's kristen dahlgren has more on the search. >> reporter: mile after mile
9:33 am
searching for el farrow. 33 men and women on board including 2 machineries. one of them mike holland. his mom is trying to get from maine to florida. >> they're putting their own lives in their hands to try to find their loved ones. >> it set off tuesday night. on thursday morning trouble. el farrow radioed in a distress call near the bahamas krookd i lend. . taking on water and was lisping to the side. >> it puts you in an unstaubl position. when you're disabled, it compounds the problem. >> frank hamm is a father of five. his wife believes he'll come home but she can't hello but
9:34 am
wonder why it was. the ship should have never left. being that it did, something should have happened. >> kevin benton worked on the el farrow just last week and knowing the ship and its crew well. >> most of that crew has been sailing for nearly 15 years. wherever they are, or whether they had to abandon their ship, they're fighting for survival. new details on a deadly crash in lorton. an acura slammed into two cars when it went around the curve too fachlt look at the destruction there. the passenger died, he's 19
9:35 am
yeared oim. speed and drugged seem be to fo factor j into this three people walking nearby were hurt chl the woman who limped in the building died. it may have exploded when someone. there was a band concert and s.a.t. testing going on. no word on the shoot-out. >> they have discovering a shooting plot. police they were taped off to the fimg activity by them. they say they noticed suspicious behavior and they called the
9:36 am
plan very detailed. >> we have new information. the father of the gunman who killed nine people at kun qaa community college said n hi also believes should tamism the attack would not circulate happens. h he had 14 and took six with him. part of that in dluds reducing overtime, smaller recruiting class sizes and increasing the number of volunteer firefighters. the department is also re-assigning 12 to other departments. the rainy weather put a damper on one of the festivals. it continues today lots of activities for the kiddos you
9:37 am
can see. deep pride oreos. >> look at the rips. they look great. coming oup in this catholic church. a priest makes wave. >> they say timing is everything. why when you wore born. >> roads are
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well, it is harder to be skinny today than it was 20 years ago. researchers compared diet and exercise from two different time periods. for example, someone eating and exercising in 2006 was 10%
9:40 am
heavier than someone doing the exact same thing in 1998. they say it could be because of more chemicals in our diets or increased drug use. this weeks we this week's wednesday child is bella. >> you could tell that she absolutely loved it. >> hi. how are you? welcome to the wellness center. >> i want you to meet bella. >> hi, bella. how are you? >> tall color thin . >> reporter: all the beautiful colorers surrounded her when she woke up from her nap. we were shown around. we were excited to rouse bella from her stroller to have a look.
9:41 am
the wellness center is to bring stimulus to baby. she's been in foster care since after birth. >> she came into care in april 2014 due to multiple medical conditions and her parnltds were unfortunately unable to care for her needs. >> a woman stopped by with her books. >> he farmed a balloon farm. >> bell loo louisiana's such a sweet little girl. >> hello, little girl. >> she really loves to be hugged and cuddled and kissed and soft music and toys. >> she loves anyone who loves to stop and interact with her. >> we've seen a lot more
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success. i would love to find a family that's able to dedicate their time and love to bella to help her progress to her potential. >> though she has many challenges, there have been great strides. books and blanket to bundle bella in. it's hope shed'll soon be wrapped in the adoring and lasting love of parents >> she's so special and nights somebody to be a part of her life and care fehr her and look out for her. >> well forecast you have room in your home or heart for bella, call our special hotline or search "wednesday's child" on let's take a live look outside. when things are going to clear
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up. >> the age of history a farmer dug up by sur pruz. here's a hint.
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a big scheme at a big box store and nuz 4 caught it on camera. one man cost local taxpayers a
9:46 am
million dollars in just one year. >> scott macfarlane with a "news4" iteam investigation. >> reporter: it was a multi-milli multi-million dollar scheme. check this out. $70,000 in cigarettes in one trip. so many a employee had to help him roll it out. he filed paperwork claiming he was buying it for his businesses though we know the mom and dad shops did not exit. another at a home and this one an address that led to an abandoned lot in the wiesd. turns out this guy is a cigarette trafficker who bought
9:47 am
this low in bulk to sell to the north for bigger bucks. paul carrie says he knows his operation. >> is he at the top or in the mid snl. >> somewhere in the middle. >> his name is steven chen. the fed swooped in and stopped him charging him with a federal felony for launching the prosc d proceeds. >> he admitted in court his businesses were bogus and before he was caught he was able to buy more than $13 million tickets and he admitted to selling them out to an accomplice accomplice. >> why did you do it mr. chen? >> he didn't'. he isn't the only one. car carey says there are more.
9:48 am
>> they open up stores and disappear. >> the proceeds often end up in the hands of violent crime rings and taxpayers take a hit. $13 million in illegally trafficked cigarettes cost a bundle in lost cigarette tax revenue. >> one got cost $1 million just on cigaretted. >> correct. >> just on sit regts. yes. >> they issued new policies. they have to show more i.d., fit out more forms, and provide vehicle identification registration joochlt check this out. a michigan farmer makes a major find while digging at a farm near ann arbor.
9:49 am
think again, he helped in digging up the skull. a university of mitch profre profreshiprofresh i mitch professor says it was about 40 years old killed by a human. >> you're digging in your backyard and all of a sudden you find this huge creature. >> snuff a lup lis. >> that's -- the ice age came on down over michigan that point and probably key possible itsed a lot. >> probably close to the great lakes, something to do with that. >> a lot of people are under ten feet of water, tom. you know what i mean? >> not as bad as south carolina. it's been terrible. 28 inches in less than 24 hours.
9:50 am
more is on the way, but not here 678 we're getting more sprinkles. it's rather chilly with that blustery wind. the storm team 4 radar showing just a few sprinkles now western side of the bay coming into southern maryland and just going to be passing south of the metro area over the next hour. stay south of fedex field. the southern part, tidal flooding. maybe 2 to 3 feet above average and right along the powe tomic, too, maybe alexandria. when the high tide hits around 2:00 this afternoon. look at the wind blown sand looking like snow. this is the boardwalk and ocean
9:51 am
city. share them on instagram as well. temperatures right now are in the 50s. really feels even chillier. it's only here. 40s out of the mountains. the sun rise getting earlier and earlier. sun set later and later. a lot of clouds around. then overnight, still remaining mostly cloudy and by dawn on monday we may actually see some sunshine on monday morning. temperatures in the low 50s starting off early and for the bus stops it will be quite cool and then near 70 heading back home with lots of sun on monday afternoon. even milder. the mid-70s may get into tupper
9:52 am
70s with lots of sun. average high this time of year, 73. above it on wednesday and near it on thursday and again on friday and remaining dry. another gorgeous day. great for outdoor yard work or if you have to work outside. looks like great weather for that. it may need to grow and then maybe more showers coming in late on friday. and then over the weekend it looks like it will be dry in the mid 70s. >> pope francis making headlines this morning. what he's clearing up about the church's view on marriage a ♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight.
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in the week ahead the supreme court starts a brand-new term. this will be the justices' first public appearance together since a number of high-profile decisions back in june including landmark decision to legalize same-sex marriage in a 5-4 vote. pope francis opened up a meeting today speaking about traditional marriage. he said it's an indissolvable bond between man and woman. there's been controversy over the synod of bishops. it brings together bishops from
9:56 am
120 countries and also 17 couples. yesterday they were criticized for not including gay couples. the polish born priest was in charge of guarding roman doctrines at the vatican. he called for the povan vaticano change their view on -- >> the belief and the christian community community. >> the vatican released a stamtd saying his dismissal has nothing to do with his personal situation. coming up the floodwaters are so strong. the state that's left a state of emergency. we're needing more rain but fine there's sunshine in the
9:57 am
future. >> i'm derrick ward in distract heights. why this car went over a hill and into this apartment billed and into this apartment billed and why
9:58 am
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a driver plows into an apartment building leaving a mess for residents. right now what police are finding out from the deadly crime scene. >> and flood waters come pouring
10:00 am
through charleston. a state of emergency through south carolina and the rain keeps on coming. heading into this 10:00 hour on this sunday morning. hope you're having great one. >> i'm adam tuss? and i'm angie goff. >> the floodwaters in south carolina, that's where we begin. they're leading rescues in the middle of the street right now. look at this group, how they held onts a stop sign until help arrived. the charleston peninsula has been shut down to all traffic. on top of the 20 inches of rain they got so far, more, adam, is on the way. for more on what's happening in our aura, we want ta about with storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. good morning, tom. >> most of the reason is drying out. look at the radar in south carolina now. they have


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