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tv   News4 Today  NBC  October 4, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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through charleston. a state of emergency through south carolina and the rain keeps on coming. heading into this 10:00 hour on this sunday morning. hope you're having great one. >> i'm adam tuss? and i'm angie goff. >> the floodwaters in south carolina, that's where we begin. they're leading rescues in the middle of the street right now. look at this group, how they held onts a stop sign until help arrived. the charleston peninsula has been shut down to all traffic. on top of the 20 inches of rain they got so far, more, adam, is on the way. for more on what's happening in our aura, we want ta about with storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. good morning, tom. >> most of the reason is drying out. look at the radar in south carolina now. they have had a continual plume
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of topical moisture. more than 0 inches of rain has fallen. they've had 15 inches of rain. they could pick up another 10 inches from coming on through. in southern maryland all of this tracking off to the left. we need a warmup and we need the sun. a look at the timing on that. that's coming up in just a few minutes. >> thank you, tom. we're following a developing story. we now know a woman died in this crash in dthe district and into this apartment building. derrick ward has more.
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what have you got? >> i'm going to step out of the way. i'll set the scene for you a little bit. this apartment complex sits on the hill. this start here's on the upper most terrace. you see this fence here? a car went through the fence. you see the tire tracks through the trees and it ended up in the apartment complex down bolo. when they got here, they found a car completely breached into the wall of the doorway. it was learned it had actually hit once and then backed up and threaten was a report of gunfire. then they sped through there, went over that terrace over the hill and into the apartment. there were six parnlt units in that building and it was a really tifrply chaotic scene. we're told that black smoke starting pouring out of that apartment and one man spoke of
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wait was like. >> females were passing babies off the balcony because of all the smoke. >> reporter: police have not identified the driver. only to say she's a female. we expect those developments to come later today. but, again, one person is dead and all people will say is he suppered trauma to the upper body. we're live in district heights. "news4," take ward, back to you. >> thanks, darrick. we're learning about a suspicious death. when police got to the scene they found a victim. he was take on to the hospital and died a short time lailer.
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investigators are investigating now. also neighbors are finally allowed to go back in their homes after a gas leak in bethesda. several homes and streets had to be evacuated. a car hit a gas mean er ter that meter. folks were let back into their homes two hours later. new details on what led up to a shooting on h street. we now know the name of one of them. 32-year-old jerry wright. all three ended up shot. there is a $25,000 reward for help in solving this case. u.s. military opening an investigation into the deadly bombs without
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bombing of doctors without borders. the charity says attacks continued even after military officials were told that the hospital was being attacked jo we're alsz learning more about the deadly shooting at an oregon community college. police revisa police. nine people were killed. they range in age from 18 to 67. nine more were hurt. two of them are still in the hospital and they expected to make a full reconnery. >> well in decision 2016 republican presidential candidate donald trump is defending. they say it wouldn't have happened if students and teachers had been carrying guns. >> by the way, it was a gun-free zone. i will tell you if you had a
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culp of teachers or guns in that room, you would have been a helluva lot better off. >> he also says he has a permit to carry a handgun in new york. he compared himself to charles bronson in the 1974 movie "death wish." hillary clinton spent her time in washington. clinton vowed to makegame guy and lesbian rights. she cruz sighted putting them on it. ted cruz slammed a political opponent for marching in a pride parade, he clearly has no idea what he's missing.
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>> a big win for her. coming up, a priest is in big trouble for picking a fight big trouble for picking a fight with an ♪
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well, a new jersey priest is facing child endangerment charges after he pointed a musket, a musket at an 8-year-old child. >> nbc's checky bedford reports how the fight started over football. >> reporter: this holy place, a catholic church, the scene of an unbelievable and frightly encounter between a priest and
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an 8-year-old. >> he put him up against the wall and pointed a long arm at him. he said, i'm going to shoot you. >> reporter: the an teen gun was unloaded. but the reason he allegedly targetted the boy will floor you. >> he was apparently the fan of a particular football team and the priest, i guess, indicated he was not. >> reporter: the 8-year-old a cowboy fan. still, that's the reason to point a gun at a child? >> that will the ta last. he said it was one of those parishioners, not the boy's parents, who reported it to the archdiocese northeasterly 2 weeks later. one laughed it off.
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but he now faces child endangerment charges. >> there's no such think as joke around. well an openly gay d.c. resident got a special meeting with pope francis. what kind of message he said the pope gave him. >> brain app eat. >> brain app eat. when we here in vineland, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. white breast meat chicken every time.
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republican congressman jason chaffetz made it official. he's running for house speaker. >> joining us to talk about it and a lot more is moderator of "meet the press" chuck todd. how are you. >> how are you doing? >> not something unexpected. >> jason chaffetz is very comfortable on tv. i think people see him frequently. he's a congressman from utah. and it's interesting. he and mccarthy are about the same age. generation rally he's a little bit different. yes, he's a conservative, but he's not always a predictable conservative. i think he's definitely -- he's comfortable in the tea party wing of the party. but a little known fact about him. he was a college football kicker for byu. >> really. >> no respect as he said. i've talked to him about this. he said four years at byu in the
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'80s was not good. >> he's dealing with the secret service. >> it only made him more popular. the secret service investigating him. it's funnying. elia cummings threw out a statement supporting chaffetz. i document know if chaffetz can beat mccarthy. i think he put himself in a bind with what he said about the benghazi committee. some conservatives are concerned that mccarthy isn't changed enough. he's going to have the photos. >> this shakes things up a little bit. i know you sit down with him. he reveals to you he's going to
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-- >> you don't expect it. polls don't matter. the only poll that matters is election day. no. it matters. he says if it's starting to fade, i'm not sitting in here. it's interesting. she said unlike anyone else, he doesn't seem like he wants to be. people who want to be a president are comfortable with being at 1%. he's not. that line, what is your line of desire, that's your difference. >> you have new poll numbers out. >> we do. trump's on top. not as strong a position as he was, but i'll tell you. he's still up there. the shakeup's all in the middle. carly fiorina is second. >> we want to touch on syria, what's happening there. it seems like we're coming to a
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critical point with russia. they're saying one thing. we're saying another. no one really knows who's telling the truth. >> it doesn't matter. the reality is -- and this is what russia's intent was -- you can't do anything without us, period, end of story. how am i going to proven it to you? i'm going to launch air strikes. the fact of the matter is we're struck now. we have to change our policy on assad. we're going to say he has to go but we're not going to say the regime must go. that's probably exactly what he wanted to go. i don't know if that's the best way to defeat isis. but they say no, it's only going to allow them to build during the years. we're boxed in. >> i'm sure you'll have a "saturday night live" segment.
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you can see chuck todd on "meet the press" on nbc 4 right after "news4 today." this morning we're hearing from an open willing gay d.c. resident who had a special meeting with pope francis. he remembers him when he was a former jesuit student. he told nbc 4's derrick ward, his special meeting with the pope left him with a special message. >> he ended up saying, i can guarantee you, yayo, in my service, in my service, there is no place for home oh phobia. to me that was the sentence. >> kim davis is the clerk who refused to issue same-sex
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licenses. he said the meeting with the pope should not be considering a show of support. after a tough week it was a good night for the nats. max scherzer, did you see this? he pitched his second no-hitter of the season. do you know how hard that is? >> it's really hard. >> here you go. the final out. got it. scherzer off to set a team record for strikeouts. get it. he threw 109 pitches. at the end of game he struck out nine straight batters. congratulations to him on that accomplishment and it looks like the weather is going to hold up for the redskins and eagles. kids got practice in the elements. kickoff today at 1:00 this afternoon. we'll have all the highlights for you this evening on "news4" at 6:00. you have an interest. >> if everyone's going out, maybe a jacket? >> yep. yep. probably won't need an umbrella.
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when i think about if the nationals had gotten into the playoffs, the mood we'd all be in now. >> you'd have to deal with scherzer and strassman. >> on a happenier note, here's gray sky for you to ponder. a good morning to stay in and watch "meet the press" as we've got a low-grade cover. a live view from our capital camera and the storm team 4 capital camera showing light showers and a few sprinkles coming in off the basement a few other sprinkles gathers in. that's going to be passing off to the west. an isolated sprinkle over the west. the ps temps in the 50s. around the counties bordering the bay. we'll get likely flooding during
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times of high tide and even the alexandria water front and hanes point may get high water. hey, we're beginning to see a little bit of color. middleburg, virginia, this morning, some of the leaves coming down because it's been so dry. if you're planning a bike ride, there will still be a chance of an afternoon sprinkle. that will be the story. then by 3:00, middle of the game will be in the low 60s. heading back home, still the low 60s and the winds may be a bit gusty too. during the game may be gusting to around 20 miles an hour. and then welcome sunshine finally returns on monday. you may see it in the morning. mostly sunny by the time you head around and the 50s each
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morning from tuesdays through to the end of the week. the afternoon highs in the 70s. the average high this time of year is 73. maybe above it on wednesday. sunshine each of those days. great weather for outdoor yardwork. it looks like it's going to be drying out. another chance of showers. temperatures into the mid-70s. so payback for all these gray days coming. enjoy. >> that sun looks nice. thanks. coming up "snl" is back with a new season. what a year it
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premiered in its 41 'season. >> hillary clinton make fun of her fellow candidate. >> oh, i'm so bummed. all everyone wants to talk about is donald trump. >> donald trump? isn't he the one that's like, u, you're all losers? >> kate mackinnon playing hillary clinton. she went on to poke fun at
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hilla hillahil taking va caution. the two broke into song before it was all over and daryl hammon came back as bill clinton. >> go back and watch your dvr. 27 people have to find somewhere else to stay after a car crashed into an apartment billing. a woman died in a car crash. when police found her inside the car, she was suffering from body trauma. a 19-year-old is dead after a 3-car crash. it happened on telegraph road. police described the man as jimmy castroneves. it appears drugs and speed were the cause of the crash. rain has been dumped on south carolina. five have been killed. we'll have a kick off at
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1:00 p.m. highlights at 6:00. tom, the update on the weather. >> a gorgeous workweek coming up. ng igettito the 70s on through tuesday. >> it's going to be a nice stretch and we've earned it. >> i think that sunshine is well deserved. we put a lot of money in with all that rain. gear doing ta it out for sure. >> exactly. >> 10:27. "meet the press" is coming up next. thanks so much for joining us. wake up with us monday morning at
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. this sunday, another mass shooting. and the question -- why does america lead the pack? is there anything to be done to stop gun violence? plus my latest it isdown with donald trump and his surprising comments about what it would take to drop out. >> i'm not a mass kis and if i was dropping in the polls where i saw that i wasn't going to win, why would i continue? also, is trump holding his lead? is clinton holding off bernie sanders? we have new numbers out of iowa and new hampshire. and russia joins the fight in syria. >> putin realize there is's going to be no push back whate


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