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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  October 5, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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whose outcome is uncertain. >> it probably takes up a lot of time too. jim handly did a report on who these websites are targeting. check out husband report tonight at 11:00 right after "blind spot. ". >> stay with us. "news4" continues right now at 5:00. good morning to you. i'm eun lang. >> and i'm david culver in for aaron gilchrist. let's start off. a dreary weekend but finally some sun. >> tom kierein with your forecast. good morning, tom. >> a solar guarantee. we will see the sun this morning. in fact, look at the cloud cover. that's a live view overlooking northeast washington. the distance is the dark zone, rock creek park. you can see the cloud cover is breaking up. i saw venus showing up here, a little bit covered by the clouds now. you can see the moon.
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later today we'll have a chilly morning. temperatures warming to near 70 this afternoon. then an even warmer pattern will be setting up later this week. right now storm team 4 radar shows we're all dry now. we have dry roads. melissa, it looks like we're off to a good start. overall roadways looking good. right now, top of the beltway, nice and green. everything is rolling along well. taking a look at 270 as you head southbound, it will take you 26 minutes. rehn remember to listen to our friends when you hop on that morning commute this morning. here's that one issue we were talking about. do have a little bit of roadwork. overall prince george's county looking good. in a couple of minutes, we do want to talk about one thing right now. eun, we'll do that in just a second. >> thank you, melissa.
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5:02 is your time. south carolina is dealing with the aftermath of a once in a thousand year rainfall. crews helped escort nearly 100 people to safety. that's so search a rescue crews can get help. everyone else is urged to stay home. this weekend's flooding has been devastating. columbia, south carolina, saw 12 inches of rain. fairfax fire and rescue is sending a team to south carolina to help overweaponed reonders there. they received a call from fema at 9:00 p.m. last night and jumped into action. about 80 responders jumped into action. coming up, they'll be live for more on the equipment that the team will use. 100 potential jurors will report to court today for the beginning of a murder trial a
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decade in the making. charles severance is charged with three deaths in alexandria. the killings happened over a ten-year span. his trial could last as long as six weeks. "news4's" julie carey will be in court to cover it. the college's president says she wanted students to start coming back following last week's mass shootsing. christopher harper mercer killed nine students last thursday night. police areyh killed himself. >> this is not a club we wanted to join. we did not want to be part of the sandy hook club, but we're now members, the newest members. the senior members are all taking care of us. >> they say there will also be counseling at the college today. the district andr fbi and atf issue ang alert to all philadelphia area colleges and universities, this following a
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threat they found online on social media. it was made early this morn. we're showing some tweeting from local universities and what they're sending out. they sent these out in response to the threat. in the alert officials urge students, faculty, and employees to follow the guidance of their campus's officials. they're not saying where on social media they found that threat. we have checked in and have heard that schools are increase their patrols on campus. they've also been in touch with local police just in case something serious happens. we'll continue to follow this closely. eun? >> thank you, angie. it's now 5:04. prince george's county police hope footage can help them solve a deadly mystery in district heights. the woman who died in this car died saturday. officers will keep working to find out whether she died of that crash or because of something else.
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people at a an apartment complex say they heard gunshots before the accident. >> i'm just really saddened about the situation because, i mean whoever this person was in the car, i just wouldn't want to be the parent of that person this morning. >> police say the woman had what they're calling trauma wounds to her upper body. no one at the apartment complex is hurt. >> later today you're going have a chance to learn more and talk about plans for the toll of interstate 66. they could cost you as much as $16 a day. now, public information meeting begins at 7:00 tonight. it's on alliance drive and fairfax. if you can't make it tonight, there will be two other meetings this week. and right now we do have a traffic alert to tell you about in northwest washington. of course, a lot of work is going to be happening along military road. it could add a lot of extra time
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to your commute. in the next month or so, kristin wright with this. >> reporter: it's going to be a little bit of time. ddot saying expect significant -- i quote -- significant delays because this is not exactly what you want to hear on a monday morning but here's what's happening. lane closures on military road in northwest from oregon avenue to 14th street. we're live on military road this morning. it is the eastbound right lane. i'll say it again. the eastbound right lane that will be closed today starting at 7:30 this morning. ddot is going to be repairing the roads, fixing the asphalt, putting down new lines. a lot of people will glad to hear that. like i said, first it will be the right elapse and then the eastbound left elapse and then we'll see lane closures on the westbound side of military.
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unfortunately as melissa mentioned, the projects will not be exactly quick. the rolling elapse closures will be in place for almost a month until sunday, november 8th. back to you. >> thank you, kristin. for the first time in days you won't need the wipers this morning. how about that? what you can expect? tom has your forecast at 5:11. in hours you can learn what led up to a fight at a d.c. hospital and a patient. one dead. latest in the newsroom this morning, hillary clinton gets ready to unveil a major proposal. what she's expected to outline later today.
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welcome back. today a big policy push by hillary clinton. one big part, she wants to end the gun show loophole which allows you to buy a gun at a gun show without a background check. she says she'll use an executive order if congress doesn't act.
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clinton also wants to make it harder for convicted felons to get guns. she also wants to increase liability of gun manufacturers. right now they cannot be convicted for crimes. several people res executed from a river. you can see that trailer park was totally flooded last night. the prince frederick volunteer fire department, they helped out with this rescue. they were also able to get everyone out safely. it is 5:1. time for "traffic & weather on the 1s." i think you're going to luke this change. >> that's right. hey, tom. >> we can see the change in the sky. there's bright venus showing off in the eastern sky, breaks in the clouds. live view from the storm team 4 tower camera. no travel problems morning, midday, or afternoon. dry roads with that sunshine breaking out. of all things, you'll need your
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sunglasses. temperatures will be in the 50s with the morning commute and a partly sunny sky. sunny this afternoon. heading back home, we'll be hovering right around 70 degrees. a look at warmer pattern setting up for the week ahead. next "weather & traffic on the 1s" on 5:21. let's check on the morning commute. what's going on, melissa? >> of course, tom, a big look at the beltway, inner loop and outer loop everything looking quite good. all of the major routes looking fine. taking a look at metro, m.a.r.c./vre, everything looking okay. silver, orange, and blue. the only line going to the armory is the blue line. as far as the orange line goes, remember we have buses running from armory to minnesota avenue because of that work there at stadium armory. back in ten minutes. thank you, melissa.
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right now first responders from our area are helping search and rescue crews in south carolina. how they're going to help. straight ahead. a patient dies at a d.c. hospital after some type of altercation with security guards, but what exactly happened? what we could learn in just a few hours. and we're just learning that president obama is designating two marine sanctuaries in
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your time is 5:16. right now hundreds of people in south carolina need rescuing after devastating flooding. just amazing scenes. fairfax fire & rescue is sending in teams to help. fema called in task force one last night. they'll will be conducting water rescues like this one for people stranded all across the city. "news4's" mollette green is liv in shann tilly with more on the
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equipment they need to do these rescues. molette, good morning. >> reporter: eun, good morning. we're inside their massive warehouse where tens of thousands of pounds of equipment are stored. this team left about 3:30 this morning, a 19-vehicle caravan, going into dangerous conditions. now, about 80 responders packed up their gear last night and throughout the morning hours. 59,000 thousand pounds of equipment and answered the call from fema, taking with them cameras, listening devices, eight flat-water and swift-water boats. this is the same team that helped out in nepal after a devastating earthquake there earlier this year. >> they're looking for -- we have people in a known location. we want to evacuate them immediately we assist with that. and then typically i thereafter, we go door to door. we will assist in making sure that everybody's out that needs
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to be evacuated. >> reporter: this team is fully self-sufficient. they have to be, taking with them meals ready to eat as well as plenty of water. and that's what they do. they're very good at this. they will be in west columbia, south carolina, for about ten days. reporting live this morning from chantilly, i'm molette green. back to you. >> thank you, molette. now back to hurricane joaquin. the wakening storm passed bermuda. it dumped 2 to 4 inches of rain and created 60-mile-an-hour winds. it's going to continue to weaken over the next few days as it tracks into the atlantic ocean. the search continues for any survivors on a cargo ship that went missing. el faro lost power, started taking on water. the ship had taken off from jacksonville, florida. the coast guard located thousands of pieces of debris in
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the search field yesterday. unclear if the debris actually belongs to the ship. family members are hoping their loved ones will be found alive. two hospital security officers are on administrative leave after a patient in their care died. this morning we may be able to tell you more about why. officials with medstar hospital center will address the situation in washington later this morning. the hospital says the patient and two security officers had a fight last tuesday. the man died two days later. a statement from the hospital says in part, quote, we want to ensure our community that we take our situation seriously and we are working closely with mpd to help them gather the information they need. a new look this morning on a deadly crash. rockville and montgomery county fire service took this picture. they say a man lost control and went off the road. he died at the scene.
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the first responders were able to save his dog. police say a man rammed into a troop 'eers patrol car. police say he was under the influence. police say he drove his car into the patrol car in trying to stop him. trooper andrew lee is okay. out of the hospital even this morning. he said he tried to pull dylan over after he spotted the pontiac weaving and going about 10 miles an hour. it is a three-way tie for first place right now in the division after the redskins' big comeback against the eagles. take a look again at that touchdown right there. that ended the game. the team now has more than a month now before it plays anyone in the division. quarterback kirk cousins says he's working to improve his performance every day. >> a culmination of, i guess, it would be three-plus seasons worth of work got me to the point where i was able to make the necessary plays on that drive. it's a process. wheel keel working and learning
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from these experiences and keep getting better. >> the skins play the there falcons next sunday at 1:00 p.m. i feel so good. >> i can tell. coming in on monday morning, you're excited. >> the fans are excited. looking outside things are dreary but things are about to change. >> hey, tom. >> there's the cram looking over a dry washington, i'm happy to report, on this monday morning. it's anything but dry. continuing in south carolina, look at the storm team 4 radar. they still have that fire hose of tropical moisture funneling into south carolina, although it has weakened. the one band off the coast may be getting into southern north carolina. latest with joaquin, we talked about that. it did go by bermuda with 85 miles an hour. weakened as it went by bermuda. it's continuing on a track that's going to be well off the
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atlantic seaboard, well east of labrador by midweek and pulling away. chilly. we're in the upper 40s in the western upper suburbs. locally nearby suburbs are in the low 50s. inside the beltway, mid and upper 50s. the sky is going to be continuing break up with sunshine, ruling welcome sunshine back. by mid morning the upper 50s. noontime should be in the mid-60s. late afternoon should be hovering right around 70 degrees with a light breeze. meanwhile because of that strong northeast breeze we've had over the last several days, water is pushing up into the basement high tidal flooding as well as the alexandria waterfront. high tide 3:21 this afternoon could get there. and then tomorrow, here comes warmer weather, sunshine, highs into the mid-70s on tuesday and may even make it up to near 80
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degrees on wednesday with lots of sunshine. another gorgeous day thursday into the mid-70s. next chance of rain, maybe some showers on friday afternoon and evening and clearing out just in time next weekend. highs near 70 on saturday and sunday. let ee check on the monday morning commute. right, melissa? >> so far, so good. right now taking a look at 66 and 95, you can see a bit of a slowdown there. otherwise moving along quite nicely and looking good. taking a look right now at 66 as we fly into town, you're okay. out of town, no problems either. fairfax county to the beltway, you're going to take eight minutes. remember to listen to our friends on wtop 103.5. everything here looks good on
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route 1 and northbound, southbound. you can thank tom kierein for the nice dry roads. >> thanks, melissa. new video this morning claims to show new russian air strikes on targets in syria. russia's defense ministry says during the last 24 hours it carried out 20 attacks. syrian president bashar alikg ad says russia's campaign is vital to peace in the middle east. all new this morning, north korea says it's going release a 21-year-old american detainee. they're going to release a student joo won-moon. a fire chief in minneapolis says he things the family was
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using their oven to heat the home saturday night. this was in the jordan neighborhood of the city. he said ovens and homes and not heating appliances should be used that way. a teenager at the center of his teacher's rape and murder will head to trial this week in massachusetts. 14-year-old philip chism is charged in the death of his 24-year-old teacher carleen. she asked him to stay after school and her body was found in the woods hours later with a note that read i heat you all. the teen is charged with rape, murder, and robbery. jury selection begins on wednesday. a surprising twist in what's supposed to be a fun adventure, right? in "news4" your health there's an update on zip lines. the doctors say as interest picks up, so do the number of injuries. most of the time it's children who are getting hurt. it can be serious when kids
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collide with trees or other structures. >> it's likely due to the fact that either they were not using a harness or they don't have the upper body strength to hold on the entire way down the zip line. >> they say the injuries can be serious when kids hit things like you see right there, trees. george w. bush is recovering well after a fall. he went on a speed boat and a biker bar with his wife. he suffered a neck injury back in jewel. his doctors say his healing is ahead of skeld schedule. he'll have to wear his neck brace probably for another month but it's nice to see him getting around. what many consider the most prestigious awarding in the world. take a look. we're following the developments live in stockholm. the room is getting crowded where in this half hour the nobel prize in physiology or
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medicine will be announced. this is only the first day of nobel week. we're going to let you know as soup as we find out the winner. david? >> all right. thanks, angie. two brand-new national marine sanctuaries just announced including one in maryland. the national oceanic & atmospheric administration is announcing it. fish in those waters will be federally protected. these are the first sanctuaries in 15 years. it is now 5:27. we continue to follow a developing story out of afghanistan after a deadly air strike involving the group doctors without borders. what the u.s. defense department is now promising. happening today, the supreme court starting its new term of controversy issues that justices are expected to take up. as we look live here northwest, 54 degrees outside your door. what's it going to look like in your
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patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits.
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appointments available now.
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right now, new poll numbers and donald trump is still in the lead. >> two people, not one, are gaining on him. we'll tell you who. katy ledecky, the well deserved title she is once again sporting this morning. we'll also keep an eye on the situation in south carolina
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where search and rescue teams will be back out at first light for people stranded by floodwaters. a live report coming up in this half hour. here we are drying out. put away the umbrella. look at our eastern sky. the cloud cover breaking up now. a live view from our storm team 4 tower camera. sunrise, though, is not until 7:00 this morning, so it's going be a while before we see the sun, but it is quite chilly, certainly feeling autumn-like in the 40s. north and west. low to mid-50s in the metro area. right around the chesapeake bay. afternoon high temperatures. hometown highs will be in the upper 60s north and west of the metro area. lots of sunshine during the afternoon. right around the metro area will be right around 70 degrees this afternoon. much of northern virginia in the upper 60s. southern maryland around the bay should be in the upper 60s too. gorgeous day around the bay as well. so wonderful weather coming in.
5:32 am
is the traffic looking as good as the weather? >> the roads are looking good. roads overall, time, we're looking good. nice and dry on the beltway. we do have a little bit of a slowdown as you're headed to woodbridge there. 47 miles per hour. no big deal. really, i wanted to mention that for you. we do have delays on silver, orange, and blue line this morning. let me show you exactly what we're talking about here. as far as delays, we're tracking the track work. travel times in ten minutes. eun? >> thank you, melissa. it's now 5:32. we're learning more about a shooting in northwest washington. police say a woman may have been targeted when she was shot outside a bar. according to the police report the suspect asked whether she was someone's mother before backing up and pulling the trigger. the woman was shot in the arm and is expected to survive. we're following the latest this morning in decision 2016. the clock is ticking for vice
5:33 am
president joe biden to make up his mind about entering the race. analysts say if he decides to run, he'll likely do it this week. democratic candidate hillary clinton still trying to fight off bernie sanders ahead of her town hall meeting this morning. donald trump assures voters there's no reason to drop out of the race yet. >> if i were dropping in the polls because i wasn't going to win, why would i continue? >> trump is holding the lead in the early states, iowa and new hampshire, but his numbers are shrinking. carly fiorina gaining on him in the polls. savannah guthrie is going to moderate at the town hall for hillary clinton. that's at 7:00 this morning. there is another man to replace john boehner this morning. republican congressman jason chaifetz announced his candidacy for speak over ter of the house.
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majority leader kevin mccarthy is still favored to win that seat. they'll have a secret vote on thursday followed by a floor vote in the full house later this month. an internal pentagon investigation won't be enough. that's what the group doctors without borders says it's calling a war cream. a possible u.s. air strike at a hospital in afghanistan. 22 people died. president obama offered his condolences, but did not apologi apologize. >> condolences and apologies are not enough and we need to understand why it happened and we need it to be under through an independent investigation. >> u.s. forces insist they were shooting at taliban fighters shooting at them. doctors without borders say no one was fighting before the explosion. they're promising a thorough and transparent investigation. today we could learn who will be punished following a sea caret service leak against a u.s. congressman.
5:35 am
jeh johnson and joseph clancey are going to' questions today. they're currently accused of leaking embarrassing information about congressman jason chaffetz. he led an investigation into problem witness that organization. birth control under the health care act is one of the big things the supreme court is going to take on. arguably the biggest case will be abortion. justices will hear arguments about a texas law that requires clinics to meet new building codes. >> if the facilities they're operating in had good common sense. >> the purple of this bill is designed to shut down clinics so that there's less abortions taking place in texas. >> since that law has passed, the number of clinics has dropped from 42 to 19. if that's upheld, that number could drop to ten. counting on volunteers will
5:36 am
not be enough to meet budget constraints at prince george's fire and ems departments. instead it will reassign some staff to fill vacant positions. they say that will also keep overtime down. the department spokesperson mark brady says as of today there will be ten stations across the county that will depend on volunteers alone. and for the first time in seven years prince george's housing officials will begin accepting applications for housing vouchers for low income residents. must fill out paperwork john line. county officials will not accept the forms in person. they expect as many as 25,000 applicants. today we're going to get an update for you on safety and discipline policies in schools and policy. specifically we'll find out if the officers will be able to wear body cams in schools. they'll meet this afternoon for
5:37 am
an update on the agreement with the police. a new report finds a prop e proposed culpeper park would draw big crowds. "the free lance-star" reports they looked into the feasibility of looking at imt it could draw as many as 100,000 visitor as year. it's been a weekend of dreary weather after several days of waiting in the rain for the bus. things, they're looking upham tom's back with what we can expect. that's at 5:41. caught in a lie, the attorney for kentucky county court clerk kim davis in hot
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the law firm representing kim davis is under fire this week. they've been accused of fabricating photos and facts. they have been labeled an anti-gay hate group that says it spread spreads hate. katie ledecky now tice ryan lochte and mike bare iman as
5:41 am
three-time winners. the summer games in rio, still countsing down. three months away. "weather & traffic on the 1s" . i think our wishes have been answered. the sun's coming back. >> yes, your prayers have been answered. we certainly have been suffering from solar deprivation. we'll see it. a little bit of a blustery breeze but not as strong as yesterday. chilly in the low 50s between 7:00 a.m. and student's morning buses 8:00 to 9:00, it's going to be in the upper 50s. what to wear today, you'll definitely need a light jacket this morning but put away the umbrella and galoshes. you'll need them as the bright sun breaks out. only in the 40s to our west and north. low to mid-50s in the metro area. look at how the dry pattern is going to last. that's coming up at 5:21. melissa, what's going on at metro. >> single tracking orange, blue,
5:42 am
and silver lines because of track work between the smithsonian and eastern market. as far as travel times go, fairfax to the beltway, 66, your ontime quantico to the beltway, that's as good. germanton to the beltway, 11 minutes. again, you're on time there this morning. 95 to kohl'sville and over to 270 another five. i'll see you in ten minutes. >> see you then. thank you, melissa. 5:42. we're keeping a close eye on the rain still hitting parts of south carolina. just look at this yellow and orange here on storm team 4 radar. we're leave from columbia next. thanksgiving more than a month away, but if you haven't bought your plane ticket home yet, the clock is ticking. why you might want to book your flight tomorrow. and new details in the search for a driver who hit and killed a marine do
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>> reporter: the shooting happened in that classroom over my shoulder. coming up on the "today" show, we'll give you a firsthand account of what happened before, during, and after gunfire rang out. also right now we are keeping tracks on your weather and traffic. tom and melissa standing by with that. let's start with tom kierein. tom, i can't wait to see the sun again. >> the sky, you can see the cloud cover breaking up. temperatures are chilly now. just in the 40s and 50s. should be in the 60s to 70 by the afternoon. melissa? >> word that we're no longer tracking the orange, sill version and blue lines. an update on the roads coming up in a couple of minutes. we've got a winner. well, actually three.
5:47 am
american pair sideologist of new jersey is among three scientists who won the nobel prize. he shares it. now, the three were recognized. we're taking a live picture right now out of stockholm for discovering drugs and revolutionalizing treatment in some of the most parasitic diseases in the world. you're looking at live pictures from the news conference still going on right now. remember, this is nobel week and it continues tomorrow with the announcement of the nobel prize in physics. eun? >> angie goff. thank you, angie. 5:47. curfews in effect as south carolina deals with historic flooding and rain. nbc's jay gray is live in columbia in the capital where there's a little bit of relief at this hour. much needed, jay. >> reporter: it is though.
5:48 am
right now the rain and wind picking up again. it's going to continue u on and off throughout the day. as we talk it shld ease up as we move into tomorrow. that's when the sun comes out in the next few hours. it's something they desperately need. even though the rain will stop the water will continue to climb. the congaree river is already above flood stage and it's going to continue to climb for the next several days. the flood warning along that river has extended at least through to tuesday evening and that could go longer. at least five people have died as a result of the storms here. hundreds have been pushed from their homes to higher ground and there's concerns with responders and officials that that number is going to climb. the national guard has been called in. this is a struggle that's going to continue for the next several days as we talk about the cleanup that obviously is going to take much longer. that's the very latest live in columbia, south carolina. i'm jay gray.
5:49 am
back to you. >> thank you. police from prince george's county are hoping footsage can help solve a mystery. the woman driving this car died saturday. officers are going to keep working today to find out whether she died because of the crash or because of something else. people at an apartment complex farther up rushel avenue said they heard gunshots right before that accident. >> i'm just really saddened about the situation because, mean whoever this person was this the car, i just wouldn't want to be the parent of that person this morning. >> police say the woman had what they're calling trauma wounds to the upper body. no one at the apartment complex was hurt. maryland state police are doubling their reward in the search for the driver who killed the young marine. the reward is now $2,000. marine corporal william farrell died tuesday night. he was on the excite in frederick, maryland, when a truck ran into him. investigators say the 1-year-old was helping another driver who had car trouble. they say he was wearing a
5:50 am
refleckive vest and his emergency lights were flashing. they say the driver stopped for a couple of minutes and then took off. we're working to find out whether people in bethesda had their heat. they drove their car into a building in fairfax. the woman drove off after hitting the gas meter. it may not be long before you can go see a show at the old town theater in alexandria. our news partners at wtop says the city has a new deal to reopen the venue as a spot for the entertainment. it closed its doors in 2014 a couple of years after a massive restoration project and change in ownership. so you're going to want to sort out your family plans. now's the time to book your flights for thanksgiving. travel experts say your schedule should be all sitset by tomorrow when it comes to picking your flights. they say well at it, book the rest of your holiday flights.
5:51 am
once we hit mid october, most prices are not going back down. and it seems like it would be early, but really it's right around the corner. >> it's moving quickly and it was starting to feet like more. >> i forget, does halloween become before thanksgiving? i'm confused. i got a question on facebook. what do these multi-function buttons do. >> one opens your garage door. starts your dishwasher. >> this is for graphics and this one makes coffee for eun. >> i love that. >> do you want another cup? here's another look at skycast 4. look at that. sunshine breaking out. by noontime, mostly sunny. and when you're heading back home by late afternoon, the skies should be mostly clear. hallelujah. and then into the evening hours beshould be clear as well.
5:52 am
a few clouds should begin to show up. a rather chilly start this morning. we're in the 40s as well as shenandoah valley. right around washington we're in the low to mid-50s. around the bay, tidal flooding. times of high tide. again, the tides are going to be about 2 to 3 feet above average. that's going to be the case along the tidal potomac. time this afternoon, 3:21. as well as haynes point in washington. there's a love view from the city camera. the clouds breaking up. by noon, mid-60s and then increasing sun. absolutely wonderful day. temperatures around 70 degrees. storm team 4, four-day forecast, low 50s by dawn on tuesday. during the day tomorrow should make it into the mid-70s with lots of sun and low and behold, you may need to turn on the ac
5:53 am
on wednesday. up near 80 degrees on wednesday afternoon with lots of sunshine. you'll definitely need the ac on in the car. and then on thursday into the mid-70s and still pleasant friday morning. but then clouds increase. afternoon showers. maybe thunder too friday afternoon. drying out in time for the weekend with highs around 70. now, melissa, what's happening with the commute? >> right now i want to give you an update on the metro situation. orange, sill version and blue lines, we're no longer single-tracking, so there's no worry about that tla any longer. this, of course, is good news. take a look at 270. as you see, we're slow to clarksburg. then 70 to 270 going to take you 35 minutes. really, overall, not bad for this time of morning. going 25 miles an hour as you're heading out. taking a look at this, 66 inbound, we have a disabled vehicle off to the right shoulder. now to a change today.
5:54 am
that could actually add quite a bit of time to your commute. road closures start this morning along military road. good morning. >> reporter: yep, good morning. there are going to be some big delays. 's the bottom line. it starts this morning. not what you want to hear on a monday morning. but here's what's happening. lane closures on military road between oregon and 14 streets. this is northwest mill tai road from oregon to 14th street. now, this morning we're on military road. we're talking about the eastbound right lane this morning. that will be closed starting at 7:30. so just about an hour and a half. ddot is going to be repairing the road, fixing the asphalt and laying down new lines, which i think people will appreciate. as i said, first it's going to be the eastbound right lane that's going to be closed this morning. then they're going to move on to
5:55 am
the eastbound left lane and then closures on the left side of military. this is not going to be a quick project. this will continue for about a month, almost a month until sunday, november 8th. keep that in mind and just be patient. back to you. >> all right. kristin wright. thanks. later you're going to learn more on the plans to add tolls to 66 and the beltway in rosslyn. they could cost as much as $16 a day. public meeting is tonight at the northern district office on alliance drive in fairfax. if you can't make it tonight, no worries. there are going to be two other meters a little later this week. good morning. i'm landon dowdy at cnbc head adequaters. apple will start selling their watch at target. they're the only chains outside of the apple store to sell the smart wachlt target says some stores will have the watch this week and it will be availability
5:56 am
everywhere by october 5th. target will sell 20 models from $329 to $599. and a new report by shows atm and overdraft fees are at record highs. the average atm fee is $4.50. the average overdraft fee is $33, up $9 since 2010. only 30% of all noninterest checking accounts are completely free, the lowest percentage since bank rate began tracking data since 1998. they say most fees are avoidable if you shop around for the right bank or credit union. for cnbc, i'm landon dowdy. >> thank you, landon. fantasy football has been around for years but now they're offering weekly, even daily fantasy games. no doubt you've seen these kmeeshls. wager on a group of players and you could win big money.
5:57 am
according to the websites it's legal and fun, but critics say if users aren't careful a once fun pastime could turn hazardous if their wallets. it's gone from where you track over the course of a season the a game-by-game, week-by-week event, which is much more like gambling. it certainly meets our clinical definition of gambling which means waging or risking something of value on an event whose outcome is uncertain. >> "news4's" jim handly did some reporting on this issue including who they're targeting. you can watch thiz report tonight at 11:00 right after "blindspot." record rain and rising waters are leaving a number of folks scrambling to reach hire ground. the conditions this morning plus the help the local fire & rescue team will be providing once they arriving in matter of hours. >> the rescue overnight to help
5:58 am
several people
5:59 am
right now we're watching developments come if in from south carolina as people cope to deal with rising floodwater. the rain is still falling adding to roy's already being called a
6:00 am
once-in-a-000-year flood. people from our area are stepping in to help provide assistance for the people in south carolina. at 6:00 we want to begin with storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein tracking your local headlines. good morning, tom. >> good morning. hooray and hallelujah, you're going to love what's coming to you. i ought to write a song about that. warmer pattern developing this week. those are your monday weather headlines. breaking up now. temperatures in the 40s west of the shenandoah valley. in the mountains. in the suburbs, low 50s in washington. mid to upper 50s around the chesapeake bay where there'll be tidal flooding again. at the bay as well as alexandria around haynes point this afternoon. drive times coming up at 6:11.


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