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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  October 5, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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to roy's already being called a once-in-a-000-year flood. people from our area are stepping in to help provide assistance for the people in south carolina. at 6:00 we want to begin with storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein tracking your local headlines. good morning, tom. >> good morning. hooray and hallelujah, you're going to love what's coming to you. i ought to write a song about that. warmer pattern developing this week. those are your monday weather headlines. breaking up now. temperatures in the 40s west of the shenandoah valley. in the mountains. in the suburbs, low 50s in washington. mid to upper 50s around the chesapeake bay where there'll be tidal flooding again. at the bay as well as alexandria around haynes point this afternoon. drive times coming up at 6:11. how are the roads, melissa?
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>> we have a vehicle off to the right side of the roadway. looks like we're not slowing down at this point. we'll keep you updated if anything changes with that. >> a little bit of volume there. pretty normal. 95, b.w. parkway and 66 overall looking pretty good. back in a few minutes. >> all right, melissa. thanks. right now south carolina bracing for another day of rain. the already saturated state could get a couple more inches today alone. storm team 4 says over the past three days some parts have seen more than 2 feet of rainfall. seven people have died in that weather and the incidents there since thursday. search & rescue crews say they've rescued more people than they can count because of all that flooding. shelters in that area
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overwhelmed by a need for food and a place to sleep. eun? search & rcue crews are working to save people from floodwaters. take a look at the edges of cars being swept away. this person tried to drive through the floodwaters. you can see what happened there. search crews were able to reach him and pull him to safety. there's a curfew in effect in the city until 7:00 a.m. that's so search & rescue crews can reach for help. everyplace else is being urged to stay home. >> search & rescue is being called to help overwhelmed responders. they deployed around 3:30 this morning. they'll be conducting water ate res skews for people trapped all over the city. molette green is live in sha chantilly with more. >> reporter: good morning. the team left. this is an example of the full
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supply from the hazmat equipment that is here. this is one of the bags to the safety gear that's in these green compartments, and then down here you will see some of the search equipment they'll ee have to use. they left can 50 thousand pounds of equipment. they had just hours to get here and be ready to go. about 80 responders are taking cameras,devices, and swift boats. >> we're breaking into buildings to search for people, we're taking boats with us, for flatwater and for swiftwater so we might be able to come up and search neighborhoods. >> reporter: this is the same team that traveled to nepal where they were.
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they'll take all of the supplies they need including meal. this is a meal ready to eat. it's cheese tortellini. they say it tastes like a sophisticated tv dinner. we're live this morning in the chantilly warehouse. back to you. thank you. essentially people needed rescue after the patuxent river overflowed. the prince frederick fire didn't conducted the rescue. they were able to get everyone out safely. check out our interactive radar. you can track the conditions in south carolina and in your own neighborhood. at 6:04, 100 possible jurors will report to court today for beginning of a murder try more than a decade in the making. charles severance faces charges in the deaths of three people in alexandria. police say the killings happenedover a ten-year span.
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his trial could last as long as six weeks. if the officials can't seat them 50 additional jurors will report tomorrow. our northern bureau chief julie carey will be in court to let us know what happens. >> two hospital security officers on administrative leave after a patient died. this morning we may be able to tell you more about why. an official with medstar hospital center is going to address the issue later this morning. that's going to be later this morning. the hospital says the patient and two security officers got into a fight. the patient died two days later. they said in part, quote, we want to ensure our community that we ooh take this situation very seriously and we we're working closely with the mpd to help them gather the information they need. about 100 miles north of us, colleges and universities in the philadelphia area are warning their students about a threat of violence. many are increasing patrols on campus.
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upenn, drexel, temple, and several other colleges in ta that area are urging faculty, students, and employees to follow the guidance of campus security. this comes after an alert if the atf and fbi. they say out after an abun dauns of caution, the fbi in philadelphia field office notified local colleges and universities of a son-in-law media posting which threatened violence at a philadelphia area college of oer university for monday. no specific college or university was identified, so all of them are on alert right now. today counselors at umpqua community college will be helping students remember their classmates who died. the school is reopening after nine students were killed in a mass shooting last week. classes woen start until next monday. police now say the shorter christopher harper mercer killed himself after a rampage.
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a 23-year-old facing a list of charge this morning after maryland police say he rammed a patrol car. officials say he was under the influence. he rammed into a patrol car that was trying to stop him on our side of the chesapeake beak. the trooper is okay and out of the hospital. he tried to pull over the suspect after he spotlighted the pontiac weaving going about ten miles an hour. it's now six after the hour. the redskins will be keeping an close eye on their rival in the next several weeks. they're in a three-way tie for first place. how about that. a lot of you are talking about kirk cousins after he led the team to a big comeback against the eagles yesterday. the team plays the atlanta falcons in atlanta this coming sunday. >> a very happy eun yang this morning too. all right, at 6:07 oomz, taking aims at guns in our country. the new restrictions that would be put into place in a proposal
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by hillary clinton would be put forward. plus slowdowns. 270 starting to get slow out of frederick and we'll have a look at your travel times coming up in a couple of minutes. >> but first a developing story in the atlantic ocean where search teams are heading back out to find signs of a missing cargo ship.
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the search continues for any survivors from the cargo ship el faro after hurricane joaquin. the ship had taken off from jacksonville, florida. the coast guard located thousands of pieces of debris in the search field yesterday. it's unclear right now, though, whether that debris weeklongs to the ship. the families of the 33 crew
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members on board are hoping their loved ones will be found alive. it's been nasty. the good news is we can give the windshield wipers a break. >> finally, the sun returns. tom kierein with your "weather & traffic on the 1s." good morning, tom. >> good morning. you'll need the wipers on but the heaters off. first light showing up in a partly cloudy sky. morning, midday, and afternoon, all green lights for driving ad. and for the morning hours, the commute, dry. melissa, brand-new problem on 395? >> sounds like a disabled vehicle off to the side of the roadway. we could see slowdowns. 395 northbound, duke street. as far as travel times, germantown to the beltway, on time. it's going to take you ten minutes. again, quite good there.
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66 inbound and 95 north you don't have any major problems. taking a2
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we have new video in from south carolina where people are still escaping the floodwaters there. take a look. 90 people evacuated their homes by boat as the saluda river rose. >> the water kept rising and we learned they had let the water out of the dam. we had streams right close back of this development, and we knew then it was probably going to rise so we decided to leave. >> more than 250 roads across the state are still closed.
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this after two feet of rain poured down in some places. we'll continue to monitor. more pictures and video coming in. eun? >> thank you. mass shootings are or a lot of minds after nine students were killed at umpqua community college last week. it's generated a lot of talk about gun control and now hillary clinton will be talking about the sweeping gun controls today. she wants to end the gun show loophole which allow use to buy a gun at a gun show without a background check. she said she'll use an executive order if congress doesn't act. she also wanted to make it harder if convicted felons to get guns and she wants to increase the liability on gun m manufacturers. all of this is expected to come out in a town hall meeting today. it's expected to be one of a
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handful of candidates in the 2016 race. donald trump still leading in the poll bus someone on his heels. in a new nbc "wall street journal" maris poll, carly fiorina a close second in new hampshire. take a look at this. trump now holds a five-point lead over carly fiorina. 21% to 16% followed by jeb bush in third at 11%. it's 6:18. in just a few hours the supreme court will begin a new term. they'll hear on issues. thaw'll hear arguments about a texas law that requires clinics to meet new building codes. some say it's designed to shut down clinics in that state. for the first time in seven
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years prince george's county housing officials will begin accepting applications today for housing vouchers for low income residents, the "washington post" reports applicants must fill out the paperwork online. county officials will not accept the forms in person. county officials except as many as 25,000 applications. we're learning more about a nondeadly shooting in northwest washington. police say a woman may have been targeted when she was shot on connecticut avenue this past weekend. now, according on the police report, the suspect asked if she was someone's mother before backing up and pulling the trigger. counting on volunteers is not going to be enough to meet budget constraints. they say they'll reassign staff so as to fill vacant position. they say they'll keep overtime down. spokesperson mark brady says as of today there'll be ten stations across the country who
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rely on volunteers alone. a park would include portions of the brandy station and cedar mountain battlefield. "the free lance-star" reports the civil war trust looked into the feesability of the park earlier this year and the study found it could draw as many as 1,000 visitors a year. right now we have the names of the newest nobel prize winners just coming in. american paracitologist william campbell. he shares that honor with satoshi omura and youyou tu of china. all three discovered drugs and recognizing treatment of some of the most devastating parasitic diseases. >> good job, david, on all of those names. nothing could stop love. a couple said their "i dos" yet
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under a bleak sky and wind. they had planned to get mair on the beach and said nothing would stop them. the newlyweds said the gray weather did not dampen the mood one bit. the couple plans to honeymoon in myrtle beach. i hope they have a chance to reschedule their honeymoon and enjoy their beautiful marriage. >> i was looking. i went to william & mary. that's by the york river there. big waves they have. >> glad it happened. >> closer to home i think we're finally drying out and happy about that too. we've got tom kierein standing by from the storm team 4 weather center. what do you think? >> they had 40-mile-per-hour winds on saturday into sunday. here, the northeaster is long gone. and welcome sunshine returns today. however, in south carolina unfortunately this fire hose of tropical rain continues to funnel in to north carolina and south carolina.
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mainly taking a real target there on south carolina. meanwhile, hurricane joaquin really weakened as it went by bermuda yesterday, and now it's north of there, and the track continues to take it well east of the canadian maritimes and well out to sea. for us the sky will continue to clear out. we'll have lots of sunshine today. by noontime we should make it into the mid-60s and then by late afternoon when you're heading back home, it should be around 70 degrees. warm pattern for the week ahalf. storm team 4 forecast, it may be near 80 degrees by wednesday afternoon. it look os to be the warmest over seven days. seven-day outlook, highs to mid-70s. next chance of rain looks to be friday afternoon. showers may come through. maybe even thunderstorms. no sevevere weather.
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clearing out just in time for next weekend. bright and sunny with highs around 70 degrees. slowdown, what's going on with that, melissa? >> looking pretty typical. still fairly slow. 95 northbound as you're headed to woodbridge. only 20 miles an hour at this point. still have this problem at duke street. a disabled vehicle off to the side of the roadway. fqslowdown there. 66 looking good. fairfax to the beltway is going to take ten minutes. a couple of slow patches there but nothing to be worried about at this point at least. montgomery village avenue, you can see a little volume there. prince george's county overall looking good, going about 20 miles an hour. just for that short stretch. i'll see you right back here at 6:31. angie goff here at the live desk following this developing
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story out of seoul, south carolina. they detained a 21-year-old joo won-moon. he was arrested for crossing into north korea and now officials will look whether he travelled into that country illegally. at this point it's still unclear why he wanted to go to north korea in the first place. eun? >> thank you, angie. bethesda's katie ledecky is riding high this morning. she's the first woman's athlete of the year three times in a row. well deserved. she's awesome. ledecky ties the ryan lochte and mike berriman. the summer olympics are just three months away. watch out for katie. doctors say as interest in zip lines pick up, so do the injuries. most of the time it's the kids
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who get hurt. it can be serious when kids collide with tree and other structures. we all go through it at some point. we're talking about losing your luggage on the flight. alaskan ceo says his own airline lost his luggage. he admitted how embarrassed he was at a conference, especially because the airline offer as 20-minute guarantee. if they fail, customers get a $25 credit or miles in the reward program. i'm not sure if that applies to the ceo. in case you're wondering, his bag was located and delivered the very next door. you've got to mark that bag. >> right. with a big gold star. as the saying goes, old becomes new again. the same seems to be with cassette tapes. >> what? do you want to look it up?
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>> i know what they are. >> these guys right here, they're apparently making a comeback. the growing demand is music to the years and at a national audio company they're seeing a surge in the hitting on cassettes. they're increasingly looking for tapes, not downloads. they say there is a warmth presence in an analogue recording that you will not hear in in a digital recording. we're getting rid of cds? now we're bringing baca sets? >> you need a cassette player. >> who's making me a mixed tape? >> i will. tell me what eun's favorite songs are. a headache. looking ahead where traffic cones are going to be going up, the work being done, and how long it could affect your commute. anger building. why doctors without borders says
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a pentagon investigation is not enough. plus, we're watching flooding problems right now in calvert county after firefighters pull several people from their homes overnight. what's to blame for the floodwaters in this community? it's 6:27.
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right now south carolina is bracing for another day of rain. the already saturated state could get a couple more inches today alone. storm team 4 says over the past three days, some parts have seen some two feet of rainfall. search and rescue crews say they have rescued more people than they can count because of flooding. coming up in just a few minutes, we'll check in with nbc's jay gray. he's on the ground in columbia, south carolina, with more on the overnight rescue efforts. >> first we're watching a big change in the weather around
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here as we say good-bye to all that rain. and it was pretty chilly too. >> i'm looking forward to seeing the sun once again. storm team 4 tom kierein with the weather. tom? >> you can put the umbrella away. our eastern sky is being lit up by welcome sunshine up into the eastern stratosphere this morning. we'll see the sun rise at 7:08. temperatures right now are chilly. in the 40s. near 50 in fairfax. in loudoun, prince william, and spotsylvania, low 50s. low to mid-50s in washington, mid to upper 50s around the bay. north and west of washington should be in the 60s. that includes shenandoah valley and way out into western maryland and western virginia. right near maryland we should be near 70 degrees by mid afternoon. and much of north virginia should be in the upper 60s. maryland and the bay, upper 60s as well with lighter wind this afternoon.
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this morning we've got problem ostown rails. what's going on with that, melissa? >> brand-new problem. take a look here. fredericksburg, three minutes behind, manassas, you're looking good. here, you're going 20 miles an hour in the northbound lane. southbound, you're looking file. still have a vehicle off to the roadway. big look at the beltway, slow. top of the beltway, pretty normal for this time of day and 270 going about 20 miles an hour as you come down fred ricks. a traffic alert. in just about an hour a lane closure is going to be kicking in along a pop already cut-through. kristin wright in the car right now. kristin, tell us what's going on this morning. >> reporter: yeah. i think i just saw the truck that's going to put all the cones out. there are going to be some major delay this morning and actually for the next few weeks. here's what you need to know.
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lane closures on military road where we are this morning from oregon to 14th street. it's the eastbound right lane that's going to be closed this morning. again, the eastbound right lane of military road in the northwest to oregon avenue and 14th street. starting in about an hour at 7:30, ddot will be out here repairing the roads, fixing the asphalt, and putting down new lines. 're going to start with the eastbound lane, then the left lane. then closures on the westbound side of military road. unfortunately this project is not going to be a quick one. rolling lane closures on military road for the next month or so until november 8th. guys, back to you. >> thank you, kristin. a new look this morning at a deadly crash on 270 in rockville. they sent us this picture. you can see the car is completely flipped over. they say his car flipped over.
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survivors were unable to save his dog. a woman who was driving this car died on saturday. officers will keep working today to find out whether she died because of the crash or because of something else. people at an apartment complex farther up rushel avenue say they heard gunshots before the accident. >> i'm1÷hfñ really saddened by situation because, i mean, whoever this person was in the car, i just wouldn't want to be the parent of that person this morning. >> police say the woman had what they're calling trauma wounds to her upper body. no one at the apartment complex is hurt. maryland state police are doubling their reward for the driver who killed this young marine. it's now $2,000. marine corporal farrell died tuesday night. he was on the side of route 15 in frederick, maryland, when a
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truck ran into him. investigators say the 21-year-old was helping another driver who had car trouble. police say he was wearing a reflector vest and his vehicle's flashers were on. a possible u.s. air strike in a hospital in afghanistan. 22 people died. president obama offered his condolences but stopped short of an apology. u.s. forces insist they were shooting at taliban fighters shooting at them. ash carter promises a thorough and transparent investigation. the site in maryland is one of two brand-new national marine sanctuaries. they're the first ones in the past two decades. including new ones there are only 16 national marine sanctuaries in the u.s. it may not be too long before you can go see a show at the old town theater in
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alexandria. our newers partner wtop says there's a new deal to open the spot for entertainment. it's over 100 years old. they closed doors after a massive restore rag project and a change in ownership. >> it's great spot. >> yeah. right now, we're watching rescue workers. the help the local fire & rescue team will be providing once they arrive in a matter of hours. >> the rescue overnight to help several folks trapped by rising water in prince frederick. and we have some building backups here at the top of the beltway. we tack a look at that in
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a nasty weekend of weather is not done for parts of southeastern virginia. take look. it's windy. we just checked with tom kierein, and they're still getting wind gusts at 35 miles an hour. here's a lack from peninsula. the high tide is over but it brought the high water enough to close hampton city schools. residents say they haven't seen waters reach these levels since hurricane isabelle. several folks needed help after a pa tux aunt river overflowed. the prince george's fire department conducted this rescue. they were able to get everyone out there, which is good news. >> yeah. >> i think we need to dry out. that's the day we can keep dry.
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>> are you telling me to dry out? >> i'll take it and we all need it. at the bus stop you'll need a jacket. it's chilly, boarding the buses between 7:00 and 8:00. between 8:00 and 9:00, it will be warmer. you'll need a jacket today. put away the umbrella and galoshes. you'll need your sunglasses. melissa has more. >> outer loop at 95 at this point, right now a little bit of volume on the outer loop of the beltway. taking a look at this problem here. the line here. as far as travel times, a tad slow. you can see a little bit slow as well this morning. 66 inbound, 95 north. no major problems. i'll see you back here in a few minutes. >> thank you, melissa. a developing story involving a
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threat at several universities. what the fbi is saying about a potential attack. we're watching a situation in south carolina. floodwaters still rising at this hour after record
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right now conditions are deteriorating as conditions have record rain rising at this hour. this devastating and deadly
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storm already being called a once-in- once-in-a-thousand-year flood. they could get a couple more inches. over the past three days some parts have seen -- get this -- over two inches of rainfall. several people have died in the carolinas since thursday. search & rescue say they've rescued more people than they can count because of flooding. shelters are overwhelmed by all the people in need of food and a place to sleep. we have team coverage on this developing situation. molette green following a local team's efforts to help out. let's begin with jay gray live in columbia. jay, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the rain and wind picking up again and intensifying. it will throughout the day until this afternoon when things are supposed to ease a bit. that won't ease the problems.
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they're dealing with standing water across the region. as you talk about, thousands have been pushed from their homes. everything in sight has been washed away. they've taken everyone they can. and the national guard has helped responders with what is historic flooding here. adding to the misery with all of the water on the ground. there's very little usable water. the system is in disarray. lines have been snapped and tens of thousands of families, while they're still in their homes still have no water use and likely won't for quite some time here. it's going to be a mess for a long time. and then the cleanup begins and officials say that will take months if not more than a year that. is the latest live here in columbia. i'm jay gray. david, eun, back to you. >> thank you. right now in columbia, search & rescue crews are, woing
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to save people from floodwaters. take a look at this. this driver tried to drive through the floodwaters, and search crews were able to reach him and pull him to safety. there's a curfew until 7:30 a.m. everyone else is being urged to stay home. and check out our interactive radar on our nc washington app. you can track the conditions in south carolina and in your own neighborhood. 100 potential injuries are going to report to fairfax county for the beginning of a murder trial more than a decade in the making. charles serve rasp, you see right there, charged in the deaths of three people in alexandria. the killings occurred over a ten-year span. 50 additional jurors will report tomorrow. northern virginia's julie carey will be in court to let us know
6:48 am
what happens. this morning two security officers on administrative leave after a patient died. they're going address the situation in northwest washington a little later this morning. the hospital says the patient and two security officers got into a fight last tuesday. the man died two days later. statement from the hospital reads in part, quote, we want to ensure our community we take this situation very seriously and we areare working closely w the mpd to gather the inform authentication need. the atf and fbi issued a warning that there could be violence at one of the schools today. say there was a threatening post on social meade yachlt it didn't specify a specific college, so they're all on alert right now. some are increasing campus patrols. the fbi said this warning only came out of an abundance of
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caution. umpqua community college is opening again today. the school has been closed since that mass shooting there last week. nine people were killed and police are now saying the shooter christopher harper mercer then killed himself. the students will be able go badge to their rooms and talk to counselors today. class won't start until next week. the search continues for any survivors on the cargo ship in hurricane joaquin. el faro took off from jacksonville, florida. the coast guard retrieved thousands of pieces of debris. it's unclear if it belongs to that ship. the families of the crew on board say they hope their loved ones will be found alive. overnight the storm dumped 2 to 4 inches of rain. the national weather service says the hurricane has been downgraded to a category 1.
6:50 am
it will continue to weakener of the next two days as it tracks into the atlantic ocean. back here in maryland, oeshen officials say it will take two weeks to clean up damage causeed by the storm. they're telling people to avoid the boardwalk, the peach, and to stay out of the order. yesterday governor larry hogan dropped all warnings in the state. it's still going to be dry this morning. >> quite a chill. we had our own very on ka johnson and ocean city who tweeted out the great photos showing the wind blown sand on the boardwalk. it's going take a while to get back to normal. here this morning, welcoming sunshine. feast your eyes on this as the day goes forward. increasing sunshine and a blue sky and it will be a bit warmer. temperatures during the afternoon should peak around 07
6:51 am
degrees. look at the predunn lemon yellow glow over the potomac river. still a bit of a breeze. by 9:00 it will be upper 50s. mid-60s by noontime. then when you're heading back home, near 70 degrees with bright sunshine and a lighter breeze. right now, though, quite a chill in the air. it's only in the 40s in shenandoah valley. and out of the mountains of west virginia and washington, 50s. low 50s midtown and by the bay, mid-50s. tidal flooding in green. high tide about 2 to 3 feet above normal. high tide this afternoon is around 3:20. they can have high water again this afternoon. warmer weather moves in. warm pattern forecast with sunshine each day. high 70s.
6:52 am
warmest day likely wednesday. showers friday afternoon and evening. dries for the weekend with highs around 70 degrees. melissa is checking on the monday commute. what's happening? >> a little slow. getting ready to go here this morning. southbound here you can see it. top of 270 out of frederick, you can see going about 30 miles an hour. not terrible. just not the greatest here this morning. 66 inbound from fairfax to the beltway yrk you're on time at 13 minutes. that looks like it's moving quite nicely. no major problems right now. we'll keep our fingers crossed. going about 20 miles an hour. it slows and picks back up. branch avenue inbound, a little bit slow as you're approaching the beltway. and outer loop amout annapolis
6:53 am
slowing down. maryland state police say a man rammed into a patrol car. police say he was under the influence. he rammed into a patrol car that was trying to stop him. this was on our side of the chesapeake bay bridge. trooper andrew lee is oklahoma and has left the hospital. he tried to pull the pontiac over after he noticed weaving and going ten miles an hour. i'm landon dowdy with cnc. bank rate shows bank fees are up. it's up 21% in the last five years. the average overdraft fee, $33, up 9%. only 33% of non-interest checking accounts are free. bankrate says most of these fees are avoidable if you shop around
6:54 am
for the right bank or credit union. that's your cnbc business report. i'm landon dowdy. and we could learn the official decision. he reiterated the team will be evaluating everyone in the clubhouse. last week it was said williams will be fired for a disappointing season. the nats were favored to win before the series zbarng but they didn't make it to the playoffs. over to the redskins. the team faces the atlantic falcons after their big comeback against the eagles. they defeated the ravens. they're all bird-based teams, have you noticed. >> kirk cousins said it took maturity. >> i can throw the ball the same as when i came in as a rookie.
6:55 am
it's the knowledge. those are the intangibles that take time to develop. >> this is the sight i can see over and over. the next game is sunday. they won't play another divisional game until the end of november. >> it's 6:55. here are four things you need to never noe before you head out the door. hillary clinton is making a big announcement today. she's unveiling a plan. police in alexandria say charles serve ranns killed people over a tell-year span. "news4" will be in court and you can count on our you up date lauter today. the state says they could get a couple more. virginia's team left around
6:56 am
3:30 this morning. they'll spend ten days helping with water rescue. in case you missed it, look at the storm team 4 four-day forecast. you can put the umbrellas away. you can put them away. mine, i have surgically had it attached to my hand. i've about had stitches, i'll be okay. >> wednesday in the 80s. do you remember the '80s, uni? >> no, barely. >> some of our favorite mush from the 80. nothing new this morning. no may jor problems. still have a problem with the outer loop and the beltway. it's slowing folks down just a little bit.
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tom kierein deserves a round of applause. my son does a round of applause. >> make a mix tape for me. >> that's going to do it. up next, the "today" show. >> we'll be back with weather, traffic, and any breaking news. until then, have a great day. ♪ hand-crafted...layer by layer. the new macchiato from dunkin' donuts. experience the flavor of fall with a new hot or iced pumpkin macchiato.
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dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve.
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good morning. breaking news. disaster in the carolinas. deadly rains wash away homes, roads and cars. dramatic rescues caught on tape. thousands without power, schools shut down, and officials are warning residents do not go outdoors. >> if you are in your house, stay in your house. this is not something that be out taking pictures of. this is not something that you want your kids playing in. >> we'll talk to south carolina's governor, and al is live in columbia as the rains keep coming. holding out hope. the coast guard discovers more debris in the search for the missing cargoship that mysteriously sailed right into hurricane joaquin carrying 28 americans. >> until thes


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