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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  October 5, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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the water kept rising. we learned they let the water out of the dam. >> record rain. areas under water and the forecast is not helping. hundreds if not thousands have been forced to leave and it's not easy to find help. >> we're about to find information about two hospital skur officers put on leave after a patient died. >> hillary clinton is announcing her new gun control plan. what is the most recent after a new college shooting at a cam s
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campus. we could get a couple more inches. storm team 4 says over the past few days some parts have seen 2 feet of rainfall and it's created dangerous flooding. rescue workers say they i've saved so many people, they've lost count. >> houses submerged, cars pushed up against buildings. >> we have lost everything. pretty much what i have on is what i have. we've lot everything, vehicles, clothes, everything. >> devastating scene. they're calling this storm a once in a thousand year event. a group of special first responders from our area -- >> and we'll get back to that story in just a moment. here's the latest on coastal flooding in our area. light green continues to be an
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advisory. dark green under a coastal flood warning. the advisories and warnings are going to run through early tomorrow morning. you'll be impacted mainly around the high tide like old town. you can download the app. if you're under the advisory or warning and get the latest information on when you'll most likely be impacted as tides come in about 2 feet above normal. >> thank you, amelia. the first responders are in south carolina right now. virginia task force one left last night. molette green is at their headquarters in fairfax. good morning, molette. >> reporter: barbara, good morning. they haven't arrived yet. i just got an update that the caravan is set to arrive around 2:00 p.m. they had just a few hours to
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pack 59,000 pounds of equipment for a new mission ten hours away in flood ravaged columbia. this is weeks after they practiced their water rescues. >> we're taking eight boats with us, four swiftwater and four flatwater so we might come up and search neighborhoods across swiftwaters as well. >> reporter: still, finding the missing in catastrophic conditions won't be the end. keys to their success, using sophisticated equipment including cameras with listening devices that fit into tiny spaces. >> and a concrete structure. we can use a drill to make a hole and get this in there to look around. >> from the high tech to the very basic needs. >> meals ready to eat. >> food and water labeled
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"almost heaven." this is the seam team that helped out months ago. we're live this morning in chantilly. i'm molette greene with "news4." >> i'm angie goff at the live devg. we want to take you live to new hampshire where democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is unveiling her controversy new gun control proposal at the town hall. she's getting ready to take the stage. she's on a day-long swing. her campaign states she's proposing stronger background checks. there she is taking the microphone now. this comes a week after a deadly campus shooting in oregon. a new nbc news "wall street
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journal" poll shows bernie sanders doing better against republican candidates in general in the jefferson real election matchup compared to hillary clinton. barbara? >> thank you, angie. gop presidential hopeful john kasich is heading to virginia. plenty have made their way to the commonwealth. it's expected to be one of a handful of swing states in the 2016 race. right now we're about to learn about a strange death at a med center. a parent got into a, quote, altercation with two security officers. that patient died. the two officers are now off duty. right now jury selection is going on in the trial against charles severance. he's accused of killing three people in alexandria over ten
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ye years. this trial could last as long as six weeks. 100 jurors reported to duty to the courthouse. one of the first things the judge told potential jurors is this is not a podeath penalty case. new at midday, a man is dead after a shooting in prince george's county. police say someone killed him and they don't believe it was a rap dom act. officers discovered the man's body at 23 parkway in hillcrest heights. it was around 3:00 this morning. he was rushed to the hospital, but he died there. police aren't releasing any suspect information at this time. prince george's county police hope footage can help them solve a deadly mystery in district heights. the woman driving this car died late saturday night. officers will keep working to find out if she died because of the crash or something else.
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neighbors further up rushel say they heard gunshots before the accident. >> i'm really sad about this person. whoever was in the car, i wouldn't want to be the parent this morning. >> no one at the apartment complex was hurt. in your "first4 traffic" right now, crews are blocking lanes on a major cut threw in d.c. take a look. this is what it looks like on military road right now. there's milling and striping and pafbing going on right at this minute. it could slow you down right where the road goes through rock creek park. the work is expected to last through early next month. and military and their families may be
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developing this midday video clips that show new target air strikes. russia says in the past 24 hours its planes cared out 20 attacks in syria and hit ten isis targets. ba share bashir. one of the biggest changes is the implementation of a retirement system in 2018. that would allow military members to put their money in a 401(k)-style account. currently there's no benefit for those who serve less than 20 years. the house has already approved the $612,000 bill.
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the student was held at six months. right now it's not clear why he wanted to go to north korea. not a nor'easter, not even a possible hurricane could stop their big day.
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take a look at this incredible typhoon in china. six were killed. 100 were injured. it tore through the northern philippines before hitting southern china. nine people were killed there. it looks like nothing can
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stop love, not even a nor'easter or threat of a hurricane. a couple said i do under bleak skies and high winds. they said nothing would stop them from getting married on the beach. they say the gray weather didn't dampen their mood one bit. they planned to honeymoon in south carolina. it was hit hard by storms. i guess they're going to go anyway. very cloudy skies where you're seeing the white, these are areas of clouds. mostly cloudy skies here. back in loudoun, fauquier counties, plenty of sunshine. tracking a mix of clouds and sun as they work their way. we'll have mostly partly to sunny sky this evening. early skies becoming mainly clear overnight. with that it's another chilly
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start tomorrow morning. 60 in washington, 55 in gaithersburg. in ten minutes i'm going have your hour-by-hour planner for this afternoon and evening, barbara. >> thank you. rescuers found life vests and debris but found no
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hurricane joaquin is losing steam at the top of bermuda.
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the storm dumped 2 to 4 inches of rain on the island and brought 60-mile-per-hour wins. the hurricane has been downgraded to a category 1. it will continue to weaken in the next few days as it continues to trek into the ocean. this just in. the cargo ship believed to have carry 22 americans is believed to have sunk. that news after a conference just wrapped up. so far debris, a raft, life suits have all been found, but no signs of life. >> what that means, though, we change our search planning efforts. we're still looking for survivors, any signs of life, any signs of that vessel. >> families have been notified. officials saying search conditions were tough because of hurricane joaquin. crews in the air and on the water continuing to search two
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debris fields in the atlantic. we know they've identified one person or they didn't ienld fie but they did confirm at least one fatality. barbara? >> thank you, angie. this morning we're getting a bird's-eye view of a flooding. take a look at this. some parts of the state has seen two feet of rain in just two days. more than 250 roads are closed. the department of transportation received over 1,200 discress calls from people trapped in their cars. 60 degrees right now. you can see this outside the cathedral. this weekend we were dealing with wind gusts at 25, 35 miles an hour. today, winds at 5, 10 miles an hour.
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maybe a bit breezy in spots but nothing like what we saw, continuing to see it out of the northeast. warmer than yesterday, a high today of about 69, 70 degrees. we should hit that about 3:00. dry, 64. 10:00, a chilly 06 tr y 60 degr. katie ledecky is the first woman athlete of the year three times in a row. she ties with ryan lochte and mike barryman. congrats to her. well deserved. >> very exciting. the nobel prize in physics comes out tomorrow. this morning we learned who won the nobel prize in medicine. one was william campbell in new jersey. he's on the left there. santo she omura of japan and
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youyou tu also won. campbell and omura discovering a treatment for parasites and youyou tu discovered knew treatment for malaria. congratulations to all three winners. it may not be long before you can go see a show at the old town theater in alexandria. the city has a new deal to reopen the venue as a spots for local entertainment. the building is 100 years old. it closed its doors in 2014 just a couple of years after a massive restoration project and a change in ownership. the supreme court begins a new session this morning. among the new issues, birth control under the affordable care act. they'll hear arguments on aff m affirmative action. arguably the biggest one will be
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about abortion. if the facilities they were operating in had good common sense -- >> the purpose of this bill is to shut down clinics so there are less abortions taking place in texas. >> since it was passed abortions have fallen from 42 to 19. if upheld, that number could drop to 10. south carolina is facing record flooding it hasn't seen in decades. when "news4"
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i'm david culver, and you talk about the moments of compassion. neighbors helping neighbors. we want you to feet faith. her mission, help a neighbor in need. >> i'm trying to get to walmart to get one of the neighbors her medicine. then a precious package delivers and a safe return.
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mom and her 15-month-old baby doing well after a fast coast guard rescue. and who can forget the puppies. >> that was my daughter's biggest concern, her pits. she wasn't worrying about herself but her babies and her cat. >> size didn't matter. they got carried away. volunteers rushed to the spfa. they had to carry the dogs out just to keep them dry. back to you. >> wow. greatests out there. the season's over and the nats are out but does that mean
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temperatures on this monday currently in the upper 50s to low 60s warming up to 62 degrees. washington at 60. a mix of clouds and sun throughout the tay and about ten degrees warmer than it was today. a high today of 70. for today we continue to warm. highs tomorrow in the mid-70s. plenty of sunshine. wednesday looks to be the warmest day out of the week with the high temperature near 80 degrees as we with work our way toward thursday and friday. on friday clouds will increase throughout the day. a bit breezy and there's a chance. if you have plans out and you want to keep that in mind. otherwise breezy and cooler, barbara. >> thanks, amelia. millions of fans play faemt sports. now they offer weekly and even daily games. no doubt you've seen the commercial. wager on a group of players an win big money. it's a legal and safe way to
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have fun, but critics say if you're not careful a once fun pastime could turn hazardous from their wallets. >> it's gone from a fun event that's tracked over the season to a week by week, day by day gambli gambling. it fits our clinical definition. >> "news4's" jim handly did some digging on this including who these websites are targeting. don't miss jim's full report tonight at 11:00 right after "blindspot." >> we're learning more about a pausch end who died when getting in a
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now to a developing story this morning. we're learning more about the death of a patient at medstar washington hospital center. kristin wright is live with more on what's going on. >> reporter: they did shed some light on a few things. we were told that the patient who died on thursday walked away from medstar on tuesday.
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so he had left the hospital without being discharged and he made it to medstar national rehab hospital, which is right here. so didn't make it very far and was being escorted, we're told "back by a nurse. he was taken back to the main entrance of the hospital when then he was met by two medstar security officers, and that is when we're told this confrontation occurred between this patient who had walked away and the two security guards from medstar hospital. now, what happened next like that confrontation is where we still don't know exactly what occurred. we asked, and those questions are not being answered. the hospital says it's all under an investigation and the patient's family wants to keep things very quiet. they won't aunt questions except there was some sort of physical
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confrontation and the patient had to be resuscitated by a nurse who was there and also by the hospital's rapid response team. so the patient was rhesus tated, taken to the e.r. where more rhesus talgss continued. they wouldn't go into detail about exactly what sort of things they had to do. the pausch eblt was then taken to the icu before he died. i want you to listen to conversation about the security guards and their role in this whole thing. >> yes, we always interact with patients who have not been formally discharged to assess their medical situation to see whether or not their care should contin continue, and the security officers participate in that process if needed. >> can you describe the fight or
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altercations? >> i can't go into any of those details. >> were the security officers armed? >> they are armed. >> they'd did use they any of their weapons. >> no, they did not use any of their weapons. >> the hospital says they notified the police right way way. we don't know why the patient was hospitalized in the first place. we don't know how long the patient had been here we don't know how old the patient was, what his mental status was at the time. these are all questions that were asked today during the press conference, but the hospital not giving away too much information beside as what we told you. we'll keep following it and let you know. back to you. in calvert county, maryland, several homes are filled with water after the pawtuxet river
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of your flowed. take a look at all twhhat water. they were able to get everyone out safely. meanwhile in south carolina the flood waters aren't just washing away cars. they're rushing away roads. officials say this storm is a once inform in a those year event. water has damaged and destroyed hundreds of homes and businesses. churches and gyms are packed with people looking for food, wat water, and a place to sleep. others had to be bussed to shelters where there was other room left. it's that time of year when we're talking about chilly mornings. it was cool this morning, cool tomorrow morning. 52 in washington.
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the suburbs might even need a warmer jacket. 46 in gaithersburg, 4 in culpeper. it there will be plenty of sunshine. it will billion chilly at the bus stop. temperatures in the mid-60s. by dismissal, nearly perfect weather especially for this time of year. dismissal temp around 71 degrees. for the latest you can head to my dwighter pages. >> thank you. an in term investigation won't be enough. they're calling it war crime. a possible u.s. air strike on a hospital in afghanistan. 22 people died. president obama offered his con dole litsz. >> condolences and apologies are not it happied.
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they insist they were shooting against taliban fighter. defense secretary ash karlter is promising a their row and transparent investigation. a 23-year-old is facing a list of charges after maryland state police say he rammed into a patrol car. they say he drove his car into a patrol car trying to stop him. trooperer lee is okay this morning. he said he tried to put hem over when he was weaving and going ten miles an hour. huguely is the uva lacrosse player accused of kill his girlfriend. yeardley love. he was wrongly advised of
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another attorney. today we'll get an update for you. specifically we'll find out whether police will be allowed to wear body rah in school. maryland's state police are now doubling their reward in the search for a driver who killed a young marine. it's now $2,000. corporal william farrell died. the 21-year-old was helping another driver with car trouble. they say he was wearing a reflective light. they say he stopped for a couple of minutes but took off. d.c. police catch a man wanted in a string of hotel burglaries. they all took place between september 19th and second avenue. he's charged with first-degree
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burglary, unarmed, and theft. matt williams is out as genera
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just into our newsroom matt williams is without his job. he's coming off the end of a very disappointing season. the nats were a favorite to win the world series before the season started but they didn't make the playoffs. stay with "news4" as we follow this developing story throughout the day. barbara? >> thank you, angie. the law firm representing kentucky county clerk kim davies is under fire. over the past few weeks the
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council has been labeled. they say it spreads false information. it's supposed to be a way to have fun, but now there's a new danger. in 60 seconds a warn
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historic flooding in south carolina has taken things into their own hands. take a look. this paddle club went door to door in search of people needing a rescue. it's almost high therapy the window there. search and rescue crews say they've rescued more people than they can count. seven people died since thursday. and in our area, we continue to track coastal flood advisories and warnings. the warnings in dark green, parts of the northern neck,
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coastal flooding if the district. falls church and anne arundel counties. for your details on the advisories. what we're tracking is some low lying flooding that's happening mainly during high tide. it's coming in about two feet above normal. today a transition day. the sun is doing and it's going to stay out with partly sunny skies. temperatures in the upper 60s to near 70 degrees. i'm melissa mow lei with your "first4 traffic." we're sort of alternating things is how this is going to work. we're going to have the right lane eastbound shut down first, then the left lane. then the westbound lane will
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kick off. the work will run through sunday, november 8th. it's, of course, a milling, paving, and striping pruj. we want to tell you about the growing skrurs from zip line. doctors say as the interest picks up, so do the number of injuries. most of the time they say it's the children who get hurt. they say it can be serious when kids collide with trees. >> it's likely due to the fact they either were not using a harness or they don't have tupper body strength to hold on the entire length of the zip lines. >> doctors say the injuries can be serious. it's important to use a helmet and do all the proper security measures when you're doing this. rescues are continuing this morning in south carolina as thousands deal with devastating
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angie goff here at the live desk. we're following breaking news. an amtrak derailment. in vermont. it's a vermont train. nbc news has learned there may be at least four people hurt in this accident. no report of any deaths so far. this happened in northville. that's about ten miles southwest of montpelier.
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amtrak tweeted out it's assessing right now. we're going to continue monitoring the twitter feed and bring you the latest. eun, barbara? >> he just made a mistake. there he goes. >> we repeat it every time we see flooding. don't attempt to drive flew threw floodwaters. take a look at what happened. the crowd was swept away in rushing waters. crews were able to reach him in time of safety. wow, what a close call. and right now emergency responders are going door to door looking for anyone who may be trapped in those floodwaters. many didn't realize they needed to evacuate until it was too late to escape on their own. a look at some of the other challenges the high water is causing.
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>> finally we're getting a break from some of the rain here but not from the problems created by the floodwaters. take a look behind me. you can see what they've done here. snapping the power pole and dropping the lines into the rapids. this is seen playing across the carolinas and as south carolina governor nikki haley says, testing the strength of those who live here. >> south carolina folks, i feel for those. they've lost their holmes, their belongings, but at the end of the day, they recognized their blessings. so right now we're a state with a lot of prayer and we're a strong state. we'll get through this. >> reporter: it's going to be a tough go even when the rain is over. later today still the creeks and rivers are going to continue to climb. flooding is going to be an issue. adding to the misery here, all of this blood water and no usable water for tens of thousands of families.
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the public water system has been compromised. some of the lines snapped. they don't expect to have water for tens of thousands until later this week. i'm jay gray, nbc news. right now fairfax fire and rescue is sending a team to south carolina to help overwh m overwhelmed first responders. they received a call from fema at 9:00 p.m. and jumped into action. 80 responders and 59,000 pounds of equipment are on their way to south carolina. >> we have flatwater boats as well as four swiftwater boats that we're taking with us. again, we have the swiftwater team. >> task force one will be there. it's the same group that went there following the nepal earthquake.
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as we told you the coast guard now believes that ship el faro sufrpg near the alabamas on thursday. conditions finally cleared up enough for search teams to find the body of one crew member who res unidentified. they're still hopeful they may find other survivors. >> reremain hopeful we'll try and find survivors. that is our focus as we move forward. >> the coast guard says they could with stand four to five days in water and acknowledge any crew members that did manage to abandon ship did so in very difficult hurricane conditions. temperatures currently in the upper 50s and low 60s. 61 degrees now in washington. highs today near 70. taking a look at the latest. a lack of cloud cover. we're tracking partly cloudy skies in the metro area. back around frederick, fauquier,
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and loudoun, plenty of sunshine. tomorrow, mostly sunny skies, a chilly start for the kids tomorrow morning. temps in the low 50s. temperatures will be in the mid-60s. beautiful. temperature of 71. we'll have a look at the next seven days and a next chance of rain in seven minutes. thanks, amelia. she took part in a town hall in new hampshire. it aired on the "today" show just a few hours ago. the democratic front-runner ate pancakes with voters and answered questions. valve na guthrie also asked her about the e-mail controversy, especially tied to the benghazi? >> this committee was set up for the purpose of making a partisan political issue out of the deaths of four americans. i would have never done that. if there were republicans or
11:50 am
democrats thinking about that, i would have done everything to shut it down. >> she was asked everything about her plans for gun plans and her favorite book and an iraq war veteran asked her her view on war because she voted in ferret when first proposed. >> i'm much more wary and prepare to say no because i saw what was done with a vote i gave a president, so i would be even more cautious. >> you can watch more from the town hall on the nbc washington app. the "today" show said they will do a similar town hall with republican front-runner donald trump sometime in the next several weeks. new today, pacific trade negotiators reach a landmark deal. now tracy pots is here to break down when that could happen. >> reporter: just this morning we are learning that it looks like the united states and 11
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other pacific rim kun industries have reached a deal on the pacific rim partnership that will make it easier for the united states and those countries to trade across the pacific. we're already getting reaction on this. they worked late through the night over the weekend. ee're expecting some sort of announcement this afternoon. this has been five years in the making, but we're already getting reaction off the campaign trails. bernie sanders calls it disastrous saying he's disappointed but not surprised saying this trade agreement will hurt consumers and cost americans jobs. hillary clinton will take a position on this. joe bide listen have to support it if he hops into the race because they've been pushing for this. so the big news today is it looks like a deal after years of negotiation have been reached. back to you. it wasn't exactly the season you dreemd about.
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the nationals have no more games to play this year and we just told you the team has dismissed matt williams and many other coaches. the matt sent out this tweet. it included two no-hitters, an mvp bryce harper and we'll see if they can put it together next year. we'll see. you have to see this. two dogs, two remarkth
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i'm david culver. a dug who apparently has no danger. see him. you're going to see what else is on the right side of your screen. watch this. two big brown bares in a face-off with a 20-pound
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bulldog. look at this. look how terrified the bears are. one scrambled to get over the fence just to get way from the little dog. he chased the bears around back making sure they were out of there. it's his property. a new twist this day on driving miss daisy. check this out. daisy the dog driving little oliver here. apparently this is one of the favorite things. the car is remote control. neither of them can reach the pedals but daisy herself incredibly steering. then we want to check this out. look at this close rendering, all right? it's a little furry critter. scientists say it's got buck teeth, goofy in its appearance. it's a survivor. it's been around since the jurassic period. researchers say they just discovered teeth and a skull in
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discovered teeth and a skull in the does your mouth often feel dry? multiple medications, a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene, available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel. biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. remember, while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth.
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our high yesterday was 59 degrees. high tells near 70 with partly sunny skies. we continue to warm on tuesday with a high of 76. mostly sunny. wednesday looking to be the warmest day out of the week with highs near 80 degrees. notice our average high around 71. next chance of rain is going to arrive friday night. so clouds will increase friday night. it's a little bit breezy as well and if you have plans if your friday night, you could be dealing with showers potentially lingering into saturday morning. it looks to be dry. breezy and otherwise cooler. a high ofamelia. that does it for us for "news4" at midday. thanks for joining us. we're back at 4:00. >> remember you can get any news or updates you want.
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we hope you have a great day. beautiful day out there. the sun i >> announcer: today o
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