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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  October 6, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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change is on its way. and with change, comes opportunity. it's up to you to seize it. ♪ this autumn, find your opportunity at cadillac. the 2015 cadillac ats. get this low-mileage lease from around $269 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing. ♪ breaking right now at 11:00, fantasy sports scandal, a new investigation just launched by new york's attorney general. >> the long lasting impact this could have on sites like draft
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king and others. >> a nursing mom didn't get the answer she expected when she asked for a place to pump. putting the controversy to rest tonight the mayor say there's no problem with president obama visiting oregon, that community rocked by last month's shooting. >> would you be willing to spend an extra car payment every month to make sure you get to work on time? >> that's what some virginia commuters may have to do under a plan to deal with traffic on i-66. they're getting a chance to sound off about it tonight. it may already be a done deal. >> news4 eric ward is live in falls church, talking about the future of one of our most notorious roads. derrick. >> reporter: if you drive on i-66, you know you will run into traffic eastbound or westbound. would you be willing to pay in the most extreme cases, as much as 3$300 a month to make that
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commute be smoother and quicker? that's the question being told to people in northern virginia through a series of public hearings vdot is holding this weaker and next week as they seek to transform i-66 inside the beltway. nobody gets their kicks on this route of i-66, even with the current restrictions in place to the unique quality of this road. >> i-66 is about the only freeway, if you could use that term, only interstate highway that basically ends at a wall and that wall is called the potomac river, tr bridge and washington, d.c. >> reporter: widening it inside the beltway would be problematic. vdot has another plan making it a toll road during rush hour in both directions. >> this is introducing a toll road. >> reporter: the average rate to ride, about 8 or $9. >> personally, i would prefer
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not to have tolls. you also want to get places. >> reporter: that will get you an average of 45 miles an hour during the rush hour commute unheard of now. tolls aren't immensely popular. >> it allows people who can afford it a quick way and the rest of us don't see the benefit. when i still see traffic i see a couple cars who can fly by. >> reporter: by 2017, rush hour would be redefined. 5:30 to 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. >> i congo to costco in fairfax county is between 12:00 and 1:00 if i shop fast. >> when tolls are turned off during the day and weekend we would not being to. >> reporter: these would be the tolls tallied with the boxes you put inside your windshield. the tollgates and transponders are expected to be in place by 2017 and expected to generate
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several million dollars. if five years in they determine there's no reduction in traffic they may have to talk about widening it and adding extra lanes inside the beltway. back to you. >> $8 one way, $9 back. just how much are we talking about? that's $85 a week, 440$4400 a y or about what you'd need to pay off an 18,0$18,000 car on a fiv year loan. but again, this wouldn't start until summer 2017. that is the peak toll for dri r drivers who do not meet the hov requireme requirements. saying they will lower costs increase reliability and create new jobs. not all lawmakers are on board with the terms of this merger. the mayor voiced her supreme court and exelon offered $8
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million for the district and a one time bill credit for each customer and set money aside to offset rate increases until 2019. more money will be put into a fund to help low income residents. opponents are worried about what happens in the long run. >> i believe this settlement is in the best interest of the district now and for our future. >> they have put a little dress on this deal and it's fancy and looks nice. in a couple years you'll see the reality what this deal means to us. it's not good. >> exelon also says it will relocate workers and hire new ones in the district. the d.c. public service commission still has to approve the deal. down in columbia, south carolina, they're inundated with water but not enough of it is clean. crews will be working through the night to repair a breach threatening to cut off access to
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the city's water. if they can't get it fixed, it could be left with less than a day's supply of water. and they will be come back to put sandbags into place and help temporary dam the building and 11 dams have failed and officials are monitoring dozens more. south carolina's congressional delegation is promising residents the federal government will help them do what it takes to recover. they weren't so generous several years ago when superstorm sandy devastated the east coast. five republican house members and both south carolina senators voted against that relief. back here at home another chilly night for us. no doubt, it feels like october now. >> i'll tell you, it's another cool one. it's not nearly as cold as last night. last night, it got down to 39 and frederick, maryland, 41. tonight, 5 or 10 degrees warmer than that. the reason is cloud cover in our
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region. 55 in fredericks, 55 in gaithersburg, 53 in culpeper, 56 in huntington. this is what you need tomorrow morning. not umbrellas. put those away for a while. the shorts, i don't think so. take the jacket in the morning and sunglasses in the afternoon. we're talking another warm day tomorrow and even warmer towards the end of the week. we're talking about a chance for rain and if you have plans this weekend i have your forecast. new york's attorney general opens and inquiry into those fantasy sports sites over accusations employees are using inside information to win their own games. major league baseball also demanding answers tonight. the league has an ownership stake in draftkings. this all began because a dra draftkings employee won 350,0$30 on a rival site, fan duel on whether many say is insider tra
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trading. espn is pulling all its dra draftkings segments but still air segments. comcast and nbc sports are also investors in fan duel. finishing an autopsy on a d.c. man who died in a confrontation with security guards at med star hospital. the official cause of death may not be released for weeks. more on the man's injuries. shomari. >> reporter: before i tell you about the man's injuries, i want to tell you about 72-year-old mcbride, a loving husband and father with a son. according to these new docume documents, d.c. police obtained by the "washington post," a vertebrae in mcbride's neck was broken. he was a patient when he walked out september 29th, not formally
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d discharged but spotted at the med star rehabilitation hospital. a nurse was escorting him back to the hospital's main entrance. two security guards stopped him. a police report said he became non-compliant and resisted and pulled to the ground and resisted and was resuscitated and died two days later. it is said it is possible his patient rights were violated. hospitals are not prisons and you cannot be held against your will or restrained. keep in mind the autopsy official cause of death will come in a few weeks. sho marrai stone, news4. we now know the name of a man who was gunned down in broad daylight. somebody shod mohamed washington. he was on his way to a corner store and was shot only once. he ran more than a block after being shot before collapsing.
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d.c. murders are up 46% over last year. the mayor of the oregon town still reeling from the mass shooting says he welcomes and wants president obama to come help his community heal. mayor larry rich says while a white house representative called to see if the president was welcome in roseburg on dollars from. a local newspaper publisher claimed he talked to dozens of citizens and some elected leaders who said the president was not welcome. mayor rich denied that report today. >> i am a republican and strong supporter of gun rights and i want him here, too. please go back to your committee and you tell him, please show up in roseburg. >> a city council member disputed that report said he found that upsetting and said the president is supposed to make the trip on friday. next at 11:00, one airplanes apology for telling a breastf d breastfeeding mom to use a pet
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area and why the options are so limited. changing minds about add deficit disorder. >> i succeeded in spite of it. >> and how it can be a positive thing. in south carolina, a moment of raw emotion on live tv. >> wow. forgive me.
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to a mother who was told she could pump in the pet area. she asked where she could pump and the worker suggested the bathroom and she said it was unsanitary and that's when the worker suggested the pet relief area, indoor room with turf and fake fire hydrant. a spokesperson says they do not have dedicated areas but already working to add them. this has a lot of you talking on facebook. d.c. could soon have the most generous family leave in the nation. it would be for paid leave for 16 weeks either for a newborn or elderly parent. it's supported by a majority on the council but busy groups are fighting back. >> it's unfair to d.c. businesses and what i'm concerned about it will not make us competitive region alley. >> we can work together through this process and there's no
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emergency and get to a point we think it would be advantageous to the business community. >> they will take a vote. it's a condition nearly 5% of adults have, too and diagnosed in children. just being diagnosed with attention deficit hypertension deficit disorder doesn't mean your suffering. changing minds about adhd. >> looking around matt curry's office signs of his success are everywhere from the walling to the car he drives. >> i always thought i would do good things in my life and i have. i think it he's because of my add. >> attention deficit disorder most people think it will block them from success what doctors told matt as a child. >> basically, they told me i
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would have to work two or three times harder to achieve success. >> while matt worked hard as an entrepreneur growing a successful chain of body shops in the virginia area said add gave him an advantage. >> i succeed because of my add not in spite of it. >> if diagnosed or understood, it's actually a trait. a way of being in the world. >> dr. marilyn schwartz is a psychologist specializing in a adult adhd. she said what can seem like negative symptoms, easily distracted, disorganized and hyperactive can actually be helpful traits if you know how to deal with them. >> person with adhd may have a constant flow of thoughts, very creative thoughts. the person is able to think out of the box, a good problem so e solv solver. as a result, there are a lot of successful creative types. >> a lot of successful business
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moguls like sir richard brandon and david and this gentleman. >> it gives you the ability to problem solve and gives you a lot of energy. you can motivate people and move people forward and see things other people don't. >> matt curry actually calls his add symptoms his super powers and even wrote a book about it. he said the key to harnessing those powers is building your life around your diagnosis. >> if you know what you're good at and have awareness of that, i think that goes a long way to use the gifts that god gives you as super powers? dr. swartz said it's important to get an assessment from a specialist if you've been diagnosed with adhd to learn what kind of environment you need to be successful. matt curry told us he's not taking medication right now. he manages his adhd with
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medication and exercise and says travel helps him, too. >> near constant rain and flo flooding for a week takes its toll. today, skies were clear over south carolina. that led to an emotional moment for a seasoned meteorologist. >> well, how about that, i tell you -- i don't know what to say. whew. sunshine. that's amazing. forgive me. flood warnings until 6:45 tomorrow. and -- come on, tim, get with it. >> that's tim miller from our affiliate in columbia, south carolina. he's lived in the state capitol for 20 years and says he pers personally knows a lot of people who are suffering now. >> you see those pictures coming out of columbia, easy to understand why that would be hard to get through.
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>> you can predict it and you actually see it happen and you see the suffering going on down there. they will continue to see that suffering unfortunately for not only the next couple of days probably the next couple of weeks or months. this is a disaster and encompasses the entire state of south carolina. fortunately for us we dodged that bullet. remember, last week we thought we might see 5-10 inches and saw 2-4. nothing like they saw down there. you can see why he would get a little emotional for seeing something they haven't seen a lot of. temperatures in the 70s earlier and now down to 61 degrees. winds to the south, southerly winds we haven't seen much of that, helping to increase the moisture in the. -- atmosphere. m it means we won't be as cold. 56 in manassas. and most areas in the upper 40s.
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la ray was in the upper 30s, the first time in any region. i don't think we'll get there any time soon. no rain to talk about. storminess to the south and east. a few clouds coming in. the clouds will also come in to act as a blanket to cover us and keep us warmer. still a cool start. here's the storm that caused all the rain, finally moving well offshore and clearing out nicely towards the carolinas. they will be seeing sunshine and dry out and have a lot of problems you havine in moving tt couple of weeks. 58 in gaithersburg. 48 in martinsburg. we will still be cool. last night it was chilly. it will be quite cool tomorrow morning. 60 degrees by 8:00 a.m. noon, 70. and 79 by 4:00 and 74 degrees by
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8:00. some areas close to 80 degrees during the afternoon. get out and wash the car. when the rain chances move in, it's not thursday, it's friday. beautiful, beautiful. mostly beautiful. if you have date night on friday night you might want to bring the umbrella for that. temperatures, 79, saturday, much co cooler. the question is how much rain sticks around saturday. a chance of rain early with a high of only 65. it will be rather breezy. saturday looks like a rather chilly or dreary day, at least to start. >> thank you, doug. it was a very special night for the military in georgetown this evening. i had the honor of attending a thanks dinner at the four seasons. they provided thousands of scholarships for spouses of children and armed forces. all branches were represented by
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generals and admirals, members of the joint chiefs, giving back and introducing college success stories. tonight, we raised enough for 10 scholarsh scholarships. they had been awarded over the years to all 50 states and the district. district. coming up, porter gets the
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team in the eastern conference behind cleveland if they stay healthy. wizards want to play a different brand of basketball this year, one that includes a smaller lineup on the floor. jon wall has established himself as the top point guard in the nba and they want to take advantage of his skill-set. they were hosting the philadelphia 76ers. that is first round draft pick kelly y kelly, jr. and sat out practice. wizards want to play faster this season. that will work for a guy like bradley beal. he had 19 points, wizards up two. third quarter starting to run away with this thing. john wall to the corner. knocks down a three-pointer there, 3 for 4 in the game, 22 points for otto. later, he had 10 points and nine
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assi assists. wizards win their preseason opener by a final score of 129-95. let's move to the ice for a moment. the capital season opener is just day s away. this organization is doing everything they can to win a stanley cup now. they brought in experienced veteran free agents and locked up a couple of key young players. alex ovechkin turning 30 years old, they're trying to make a move before his window closes. ovechkin entering his 11th season in the nhl. niclaus backstrom still recovering from hip surgery w r wearing the no contact powder blue jersey. he will be evaluated next week and expected ed ted to miss th few games next season. capitals team like the team they have right now. >> i think we're a very deep group, possibly the deepest group we've ever had. every position seems to be
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solid. i don't think our team has any weaknesses. that being said it's on us to execute and win hockey games. >> it's a good attitude in our locker room, not just a joke around kind of fun, a fun you develop only from a sense of trying to accomplish something together. in the american league wild card game, yankees lost to houston and houston goes to face kansas city. kansas city.
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