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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  October 7, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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that if you drive on 66 on a regular basis. >> personally i would prefer not to have tolls but you also want to get places. >> it just allows people who can afford it a quick way and the rest of us don't really see the benefit. >> the proposal redefines rush hour. v dot says rush hour fines will apply between 5:30 and 9:30 in the morning and then again from 3:00 to 7:00 in the evening. these tolls should not start until 2017. if you would like to be part of the discussion you can go to washington and lehigh school. the charles severance trial is in the third day. each remaining juror will answer questions to exposure to media coverage and whether he or she could be fair and impartial. severance is accused of murdering three alexaria
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residents over the last ten years. opening statements could start as early as tomorrow. it was a 74-year-old father of two that died after confrontation with med star employees. a vertebrae in james mcbride's neck was broken when he died last week. he was a patient at the hospital. he walked out before he was formerly discharged and the confrontation happened as a nurse escorted him back inside. a developing story this morning, new york attorney general is investigating fantasy sports sites. the investigation comes that employees are using inside information to win money. this all started because a draft kings employee won $350,000 on rival site fan duels on what many say amounts to insider trading.
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espn is pulling all of its draft king sponsored segments. comcast, nbc 4's parent company, is an investor in fan duel. comcast, the parent company as we mentioned, an investor into that site. weather and traffic on the 1s. going to be another warm day. let's check in with tom. >> yes, indeed. starting off this morning though rather chilly. in fact, our temperatures around the region are hovering around the mid to upper 50s in the nearby suburbs and in the rural areas we're hovering in the low 50s this morning. not quite as chilly as it was yesterday. petersberg is at 51. near 60 around the bay. reagan national is at 59 and we don't have any rain anywhere in our vicinity. thankfully we have a dry sky up and around the atlantic seaboard from new england down to florida from the east coast all the way into the midwest. there is the view from our sky watcher camera overlooking northwest washington. we'll have lots of sunshine.
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by 8:00 it will quickly be warming around 60. by noon 70. then hitting upper 70s by mid to late afternoon with bright sunshine and low humidity. beautiful autumn day coming up. melissa, what's happening on the roads. >> i have some road work that i'm driving by. 370 westbound as you're approaching 270 has the one left lane getting by because of the milling and paving project. it looks crazy when you're headed westbound but you have to stay left to get around all of that. 66 into town, out of towns seeing a little bit of a slow down around the beltway. 95 northbound and southbound also rolling along quite nicely. taking a look up top of the beltway. vw parkway, 95, 21, everything there rolling along just fine and overall prince georges county, no problems. keep an eye on things for you and be back here at 4:41. 4:34.
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we told you president obama is visiting upquan kmunl knitty college. roseberg's republican mayor said he might not agree with the president but he wants you there. >> if it will help you, i am a republican, i am a strong supporter of gun rights and i want him here too. please go back in your committee and you tell him please show up in roseburg. >> nine people and the shooter christopher harper mercer died. president obama will be there friday. baltimore will pay nearly $100,000 to settle a federal lawsuit. the suit a causes baltimore police officer of giving 28-year-old christine abbott a, quote, rough ride on her way to jail. she was slammed against the wall on her ride after her arrest in
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2012. the city is preparing to try six officers. freddy gray died after receiving a spinal injury after riding in the van. for the second time a judge has denied the defense request to move the trial out of baltimore. news articles published by "the "baltimore sun"" have tainted the jury pool. they told police investigators he warned the van's driver that gray needed medical attention. porter also told investigators he informed sergeant alicia white that gray needed medical attention as well. white said that never happened. officer william porter's trial is set to begin november 30th. today search and rescue crews will continue looking for survivors from the ship that disappeared in joaquin. the owners of the ship don't believe the work caused the ship
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to lose power. the ship's owners say the captain was not under any pressure to sail through that storm to deliver cargo on time. >> i can assure you that there is no schedule that's more important to keep than that would in any way endanger the lives of our crew members or employees. >> a team from the ntsb is in florida this morning conducting its own accident investigation. 33 crew members were on board that ship when it sank. today the presidential candidates are covering ground in new hampshire and iowa. on the republican side, donald trump continues to jab at other candidates as his poll numbers start to slump. on the democratic side, differences are becoming more apparent between hillary clinton and bernie sanders as they prepare for the first democratic debate next week. nbc's edward lawrence joins us with a closer look at this race
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in 15 minutes. vice president's joe biden's office is pushing back. he said he made a calculated call to the "new york times" columni columnist that beau's dieing wish was for him to run again. an exaide to former mayor vincent gray pleaded not guilty. a federal grand jury indicted businessman reuben charles on two counts of failing to file his federal income taxes. charles was a major fund-raiser for the gray campaign. it is 4:37. today is international walk to school day. the day is all about promoting walking and bicycling to school safely. thousands of schools around the country and the world celebrate today.
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several officials will walk to school. today bells mill is also launching a fire up your feet challenge. it encourages the community to work together to create active lifestyles to keep families healthy. get on the move. kids might be walking this morning but if you're driving, be prepared to turn the heat on. just a look at the chilly temperatures some folks are dealing with this morning. tom has your drive time forecast at 4:41. outrage from a passenger at dulles airport. where she was told to go to pum breast milk and what the airport is doing about i
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patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now.
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moms may soon have nursing areas at dulles airport. they say they're working on the new dedicated spots after a mother was told to pump milk in a pet relief area. united a irlines will apologize to liz cooper. workers suggested she use the bathroom but cooper said it was unsanitary and that's when the worker suggested the pet relief area, an indoor room. there is a sense of optimism this morning, maybe you feel it. the government's yearly poll of federal workers say people are happy err than last year. employee engagement is up apparently. employee opinions of upper management are more positive. they are on the rebound from a five-year low in 2014.
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more than 420,000 people who took that survey say they feel they could advance their careers and get the training they need to do so. >> that's always good. >> nice place to be. >> yeah. we like our work. we're happy. >> especially on a warm day. >> yes. tom, can you make that happen for us? >> just because you came back from vacation, we'll do that. >> you're a goodman. >> great to have you back. starting off this morning just a few clouds passing over. live view from the tower camera. city lights reflecting the bottom of the clouds. that's not dawn yet. sunrises getting later and later. this morning not until 7:09 but the drive time for morning, midday and afternoon. all green lights. should not have any weather problems. heading east with dry roads in the mid 50s. afternoon commute dry roads and into the upper 70s. look at our next chance for rain that's coming up next weather and traffic on the 1s. 4:51. melissa, construction this morning? >> little bit of construction
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here and there. we expect that. not as bad as we normally see that especially on a wednesday morning. 66 in bound at 123, do have some road work happening with a lane blocked in that area. still have this problem, 370 westbound. one lane getting by as you're approaching 270 here this morning. going to slow you down here for a little bit. then it should be out of the way. beltway, inner loop and outer loop, no major problems there. 270 from frederick down to spur taking 26 minutes right now. remember to listen to our friends at wtop when you hop in your car. i'm angie goff at the live desk with new details in the scandal rocking volkswagen. what we learned about a coming recall. some say it will lower your bill and increase reliability, but will it be temporary or for the long run? the latest debate in the
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we now have a date starting january the recall is up to 11 million vw vehicles will begin. now that according to the new chief executive. the vehicles have that diesel engine with the software that was used to rig emissions tests in the u.s. the plan is to have them all fixed by the end of next year. back to you aaron. >> angie, thank you. d.c.'s mayor says the pepco exelon merger will help. $79 million investment for the
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district. a one-time bill credit for each customer and will set aside money to offset rate increases until 2019. some lawmakers are worried about what happens in the long run. >> i believe this settlement is in the best interest of the district now and for our future. >> they have put a little dress on this deal, it's fancy and it looks nice. >> now exelon says it will relocate workers and hire new ones. the d.c. public service commission still needs to approve the deal. the polls are out and so are the 2016 democratic candidates. democrats and republicans are speaking in iowa. edward lawrence is live in washington, d.c. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. republican front-runner donald trump are taking jabs at others gaining in the poll while hillary clinton is talking about
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the differences she has with bernie sanders. hillary clinton was talking in iowa to workers as talking to them as she was taking jacks at the republican candidates. she send every gop candidate a copy of her book called hard choices so they know what it means to face tough decisions. she pointed out the differences between her and the other democratic contenders, bernie sanders, who's gaining in the polls. when you add in vice president joe biden to the race a new nbc news/wall street journal poll shows in iowa clinton has a lead of five points. that makes the momentum vital this week. the debate has been scheduled for next week. republican national polls shows that donald trump's lead is faltering. senator marco rubio moved into third place jumping within six points within striking distance of the republican front-runners. his message is to tell front-runners he knows what it's like to live paycheck to paycheck. we'll have to wait and see how all the republican candidates
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fared in the next election on that side on cnbc. that comes up october 28th. reporting live on capitol hill. edward lawrence. back to you. >> thank you. 4:49. a 20-year-old man is d.c.'s latest murder victim. police say someone shot muhammad washington in the middle of the day yesterday. he ran more than a block before he collapsed in the grass. news 4's pat washington learned that washington was on his way to a corner store just before noon. this morning d.c. police have no suspects and no motive. neighbors told police it affects them and changes the entire community. >> i don't like coming down this way. i don't like coming -- >> it's that bad? >> it's just that bad. >> we are tracking a rise in violence. so far this year a 46% increase in the number of murders in d.c. compared to the same time last year. d.c. averages a murder every
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three days. this morning a house committee will look at the issue of drones and safety. the panel will determine whether unmanned aircraft make it unsafe for planes and helicopters. the faa deputy administrator and the president of the airline pie r psh pilot's association. a salmonella outbreak in cucumbers has reached maryland. the total number of affected states are 35. four people have died and more than 700 have been infected. they found the salmonella in cucumbers grown in mexico and distributed by a san diego company. if you intentionally disabled a metro bus you could face jail time. that's what one d.c. council member wants. jack evans who sits on the metro board introduces legislation that would make it a crime to disable a bus. earlier we reported on teenagers who used a switch on the outside
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of the bus so it wouldn't run. from metro buses to trains now we're learning fewer of you are using metro. if you are you may be paying more for that ride. the transit agency is looking into a possible rate hike. it's second only to b.a.r.t., the train system in san francisco. the top fare is almost $6, almost 7 if you buy a paper fare card. in chicago and new york there is a set fee for your trip. here in the district the farther you go, the more you pay. metro has been forced to raise fares over the past few years as operating costs have gone up. this might make you want to add norway to your bucket list. a spectacular double dose of nature off the norwegian coast. can we take a look at this and just marvel at this image. my goodness. a pod of hump back whales swam under the northern lights --
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>> look at that. >> stunning. this large gathering of whales are common in the waters off of norway. this is a primetime of year to see the northern lights. the wonder of nature. look at this. no one's paintbrushing that. that happens in nature. >> tom, all the time you're showing us the images around here that we can see for very little cost that are amazing, too. >> nature is always putting on a show one way or another. >> that was not photo shopped. >> real deal. >> amazing. and one of my twitter followers lives in northern sweden and she takes some awesome pictures of the auroras. i posted one of those on my facebook page and they're up there now if you want to look at that. it's awesome. look at our sky now. that's not an aurora. that's the low cloud cover with the city lights but still kind of nice. sort of a pinkish glow coming off the city lights on the bottom of the clouds this morning. they're drifting off to the east.
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a partly cloudy sky. you can see the crescent moon breaking through the cloud cover. temperatures in the mid 50s now. by 8:00 will be climbing to around 60. then a nice warming, in fact, ought to be near 70 by noon. lots of sun during the afternoon. temperatures peaking in the upper 70s by late afternoon. just an awesome autumn day coming up. as we look at temperatures right now, not as chilly as it was yesterday morning. no 40s. in the 50s just about everywhere from the mountains to the bay. right around the bay waters, near 60. near 60 downtown. nearby suburbs, 50s. prince gorgeorges, no rain. however, still some tidal flooding problems. the towns bordering the bay and st. mary's and the eastern shore. alexandria waterfront, the time of high tide is around now. there is a little bit of high water around haines point. look at our autumn colors.
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this photo taken been can das trimble. peak color in the mountains. beautiful autumn day on thursday. then friday some showers, maybe a little bit of thunder friday afternoon and might linger until around dawn on saturday. the rest of the weekend is looking great for outdoor activities, bike riding, hiking, wonderful weather. now, melissa, how are the roads. had some road work sort of here and there. another item of road work that just kind of popped up here. outer loop as you're approaching the american legion bridge this is the road work that's been happening there for the past probably i would say couple of weeks here. so that is still hanging around. 66 in bound there at 123. that is the only explanation for the slowdowns here that we are seeing in bound on 66 right now. just a warning for you there. if you're headed out any time soon, you may encounter that in the next couple of minutes. 370 and 270 had the one lane to the left there getting by. big look at the beltway.
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beltway looking quite good here this morning. don't have any major problems. live look at 270 when i'm back in 10 minutes. melissa, thank you. it was no accident. why police say several teens purposefully slammed their car into a store in southeast, virginia. they used to be the bells and whistles on cars. now they are becoming standard. do you know how to use all of the safety in your car? the new website hoping to help. what's in a name? apparently tens and thousands of
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if you are just waking up it could soon cost you even more to get to and from work. how the future of the i-66 could end up costing you. you might want to make the kids a warm breakfast this morning. looking at the current temperatures right now a lot of you are seeing 50s somewhere where you live. tom will let us know if the kids need to dress in layers. now my kids are going to expact pancakes or something. take a look at this scene. a car slams right into a gun shop in southeastern virginia this morning. police in newport news have multiple suspects? jail, most of them younger than 18. officers say the group took 25 guns from the store. police have not said where those weapons are this morning. it's been a rough summer for cyclists all across our area. several have been hit by -- hit while they're riding down roads around here.
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one bicyclist expected to be okay after a car hit her in the district. this happened at 15th and t streets. the car stayed at the scene until paramedics arrived. some cyclists have died in crashes in fairfax, montgomery and howard counties this year. the news 4 i-team scott mcfarland took a look at the most dangerous spots for bicy e bicyclis bicyclists. it could cost tens of thousands of dollars to reprint some election ballots in prince william county. the local news reports several candidates' names are not print the the way the candidates wanted them. that could cost as much as $100,000 to reprint the ballots. the county election board will meet tonight to decide whether to reprint those ballots or put signs at polling places with the correct names. do you know how to work all that cool new technology in your car? no. a lot of people don't. national transportation officials say the confusion is contributing to what could be the deadliest year for drivers since 2007.
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today the secretary of transportation and the national safety council will launch a new campaign to educate drivers. it's a website called, my car does what? you say that sometimes. it offers graphics you can click through, videos you can watch ahead of this year's winter weather. >> durability. >> transportation officials say in some places people get so confused they disabled the very technology that could help them. >> i've done that. >> i do know how to use my seat warmer. >> good job. "news 4 today" starts now. it is 5:00 a.m. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gill crest. >> i'm eun yang. >> storm team 4 tom kierein has a look at the weather. >> still chilly at the bus stop this morning waiting for metro this morning. we'll have our temperatures in the 50s between 7:00 and 8:00. rather cool. we'


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