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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  October 7, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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across our area. a few clouds and we have changes, and it's going to affect the weekend. i've got that forecast. i'm wendy rieger at the desk. in culpeper county, virginia after three schools went on a lockdown for hours today, students reported seeing another teenager with a gun on the school bus. about an hour and a half later the 15-year-old freshman was arrested. a couple of hours later the weapon was discovered. it turned out to be a pellet gun, but the boy made his intentions clear. >> he claimed it was a firearm and he has made statements about what he would do with the weapon to shoot other people, multiple people and he gave specific, clear details of how or what he would do with that weapon and it's frightening. >> students told police that the same kid did the same thing yesterday, but no one reported
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it. each today it took about two hours for someone to notify school personnel, our julie carey will be joining us. we've been telling you about these women being assaulted in arlington and now a teenager is in custody charged with three attacks on women. >> yes. we've been reporting on ten attacks across the country since july. how police tracked down the man they believe is responsible for the attacks. >> how often have we done a crime story where we have a description and we have a sketch and a couple of days later the case just goes away? not this time. take a look at this sketch of a sex assault suspect. now look at his mug shot. pretty close, huh? this guy was arrested this morning hear now from the cops. >> he used the cover of night
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where he could conceal himself and grabbing them from behind and throw them on the ground to when he would touch them ina appropriately. >> there's more to this story. this guy was arrested in that parking lot over there right in front of police headquarters. how did that happen? i've got it all for you coming up at 5:00. now back to you. >> pat collins. south carolina nicki haley says the next 48 hours will be difficult for people who live on the coast. the governor says the number of people are now dead as a result of the terrible flooding there is 17. right now the state is monitoring 62 dams including 13 that have already failed. haley says more than 400 roads and bridges are closed, a number she expects to increase. >> while the sun is out this event is not over.
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we are starting to see that as the water leaves, we're having the soil shrinking. we're seeing cave-s in of roads and we're losing shoulders. >> ahead, we'll take you live to columbia where thousands of people are still without running water. back here at home. you take a look outside and look past those clouds and what have you got? just a beautiful, beautiful day in october. doug, you and v.j. were telling us this is going to be a week to remember. >> sure. >> after that last nor'easter, yeah, you betcha. temperatures today in the 70s all across the area and plenty of sunshine today and that will lead to something pretty cool later. >> right. the fact that it's mostly clear will continue to trend. an amazing thing in the night sky and we talked about the international space station and what would be cool launching from wallops island and we'll talk about that later this hour. >> v.j. has that coming up, but i've got the temperature.
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78 degrees around the area and cooler toward ocean city and 71 in pittsburgh, but a very nice map here and everyone on the nice and mild side. no problems tomorrow and not a whole lot of problems early and here comes a cold front. that cold front will bring showers and the potential for thunderstorms during the day on friday and then behind this, it gets rather chilly for your saturday. if you have saturday plans, get ready and it will be on the cool side and breezy and it could have lingering shower activity and we'll have much more on that coming up in just a minute. >> now to an unusual arrest that we're learning about right now outside of the library of congress. capital police found a man bathing naked in the neptune fountain. it was 9:00 yesterday, last thursday morning when many people were just getting to work and many tourists were gathered outside. metrotransity police arrested a woman from virginia for trespassing on the tracks.
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>> they say she deliberately lowered herself a few months ago to do her yoga poses. a partner did, too and snapped photos of her. a video of that was obtained by the news 4 i-team back in april. you can see the woman nearly slipped and attempted a handstand before she hopped back on the platform and she's got to go to court later this month. this is chris gordon at st. lawence high school. a 17-year-old student was shot in the leg yesterday. jayvon cole was riding his bike near his home. his mother pictured here with him says two men robbed him, one pulled a gun shooting him in the leg. >> he said he heard something pop and from there he didn't realize he was shot until moments later. >> all new at 5:00, we'll hear how the 17-year-old shooting victim is doing at the prince george's hospital center. back to you. >> i'm adam tuss at the grove near metro station. a bit of a scary situation for a
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rider the other night. comes here to the station manager's office, nobody's here and looks around for ten minutes and nobody could be found. he had to talk to them about something and he decides he'll press the call box. presses it. it rings, nobody answers. presses it again. it rings, nobody answers. presses it again, it rings, nobody answers and all of the while he has his 3-year-old. what he wanted to tell them was he had lost his phone and they were helping they could help him find it and in reality he became disturbed by the situation that nobody was here. coming up on news 4 at 5:00, we'll tell you what metro's response was and what happened when we pressed the call button. did it work today? >> there was a special dedication earlier this afternoon right in the heart of rosalynn. in honor of the upcoming marine corps marathon there is now a sign right near wilson boulevard. al richmond was on hand for the unveiling and he lives in arlington and has won every race
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for the past 39 years and check out the nbc washington app and we have a special section with all you need to know including changes to this year's course. >> the latest on the pilot of a plane headed from phoenix to boston who had a medical emergency and died mid-flight. new information about what happened and how the co-pilot got that plane down safely. a colorful rocket launch in virginia tonight. you've got to see this. it will be visible up and down the east
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>> well, it may not be as amazing as that blood moon was that we saw last week, but this is going to be amazing. tonight, nasa is going to launch a rocket that you'll be able to see all along the east coast.
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and the rockets will take off from the flight facility down in virginia and it's designed to test new technology like the rocket's motor and materials that can be used in future aerospace defense products and they will launch between 7:00 and 9:00 tonights. >> an update to a story that had a lot of people talking and the story about the weather. veronica, let's go to you first. that's just it for the weather and we do have a mostly clear skies and don't be surprised if shortly after sunset. it's 6:42 between 7:00 and 9:00. we may see a bit of a glow in the night skies as nasa launches that rocket. liftoff could produce multicolored lights in the distant sky off to the east and you might catch that and it's not just here, but for a lot of the mid atlantic. it's tonight between 7:00 and 9:00. mostly clear sky and a little bit of color there and colored lights in the night sky all as
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nasa does some more testing. as far as with the barium vapor will give way to the colored lights in the night sky. check out the satellite and radar loop, that was the weak weather front that came through and our next front on friday will produce some rain and we'll give you the timing of that coming up later this hour, but look at your evening forecast and the impact forecast by 6:00, 73 and you'll be running late around 7:00, 8:00, temperatures will drop in the 60s and still comfortable and wait until you see how cool our weekend's looking and we've got the two right around the corner. >> thanks, veronica. >> an update to the story that had a lot of people talking. the american airlines pilot who passed away mid-flight died of natural causes from a heart attack. that's the word from the new york medical examiner's office after michael johnston died during a flight from phoenix to boston this week. his co-pilot wound uplanding the jet safely in syracuse. johnston's widow said he'd been
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a pilot for more than 25 years and that he died doing what he loved. d.c. is getting ready to turn waste into watts. we'll show you how the innovative system works and how it can save you some money. controversy over president obama's plan to visit the site of the mass shooting in oregon and why the town's mayor says he wants the community to push aside politics and welcome the
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it is being hailed as a scientific marvel that will save d.c. residents money and reduce pollution in our area. news 4's mark segraves is here to tell us how d.c. water is planning to turn our waste into power. explain the plan, mark. >> d.c. water, as you can imagine, 300 million gallons of water goes through the plant every day and a lot of that, tons and tons of it is actually human waste and the debris that falls into our suers and streams and they clean that out and right now they pay a huge amount of money to truck 60 tanker truckloads every day out to be dumped. now they have created a plant right at d.c. water that will actually convert all of that waste into clean, renewable electricity and it is just, as you said, a marvel of scientific technology, but it is great for the environment and it is great for rate payers of d.c. water. >> it will be great to have them in the nation's capital.
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they do this in europe. >> that's correct. they started this technology over in europe and d.c. water went to europe to watch how this was being done over there. this is the first plan of its kind in the united states and actually the largest in the world that will be converted and pepco, and d.c. water is pepco's largest customer. pepco has built a power plant on the d.c. water campus right next to this conversion plant so all of this will be inhouse and they'll be producing this clean, renewable energy every day instead of trucking all of this sludge hundreds of miles away at a great expense and the tractor trailers on the road, they will convert this into clean, renewable energy. >> we said earlier that it will save d.c. residents money. how much money are we talking about and what about businesses? >> the projects cost $470 million to do, but d.c. water pays $20 million a year just to
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pepco in their electric bill and that's the $20 million a year and rate payers will save money on that whether you're a business and everyone in the region will benefit because this will reseduce the carbon foot print by one-third and the potomac river and check this out. this is the coolest thing. when it is all left over there is a byproduct that has resulted looks like. it is this soil, this is the purest, cleanest soil by epa standards that you can buy. d.c. water will mix this with the discarded currency from the bureau of printing and graving. they shred this and mix these together and they will start selling this top soil that is better than any top soil that is currently on the market and d.c. water plans to make money off of this by selling this new, enriched top soil fertilizer to everybody. you'll be able to have this. i'll be able to put it in my
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garden tonight at home. >> pretty cool stuff. >> as reporters, we get to see a lot of stuff firsthand and this is one of the coolest things i have seen and tonight at 5:00, you'll hear from the general merger of d.c. water that even makes sewage exciting so you'll want to hear this guy. >> good for the people and the planet. good for everyone. >> let's go to the live desk. wendy rieger has an update for us. >> here is good news at the live desk. for the first time in 18 month, a year and a half, africa has gone for a week without a new case of ebola. more than 28,000 people have been infected primarily in the west african nations of guinea and liberia and sierra leone and people have died, but last week no new cases were reported and that doesn't mean this problem is over and hundreds in guinea are still being closely watched after coming in contact with ebola patients.
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sierra leone released its last known ebola patient at the end of last month, but still needs to wait 42 days to be declared ebola-free and this outbreak beginning in march of 2014 is the worst known occurrence of ebola in our history, and it's prompted a renewed effort to find a vaccine for this deadly disease. back to you. and now your storm team 4 forecast. >> and that forecast today looking pretty good and plenty of sunshine out there across our area on our wednesday and i think our thursday's looking good and friday is the day that we'll watch out for. the reston town center camera and reston parkway all looking pretty good and traffic flowing well. look at the clear, blue skies and temperatures today made their way up to the upper 70s and 78 degrees and that coming with a northerly wind at 13 miles per hour and we did have a frontal boundary that will be
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coming through and they'll cool things tomorrow. 73, and 75 down toward kull pepper and a nice temperature toward the bay, too. no rain to speak of and this will be a dry wind with the exception of what we see on friday and other than that, not expecting much at all and you can see the front dripping on through. d.c. down toward raleigh looking good across our region and back toward the west and our system is way back toward the dakotas and that's coming through on friday and it's not here just yet and a few clouds tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon and we'll see a few clouds and 5:15, no problem and your thursday is looking good. friday morning, and 5:30 in the morning and nothing going on there. by 1:00, clouds start to move in and no rain, most of the rain looks dry and notice the showers and thunderstorms at 5:00 in the afternoon and i don't think we'll see anything too strong as far as storms go. one thing i know for sure, behind this as it drifts to the
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south by 8:00, 9:00 and behind this we will be rather cool and hour by hour forecast and i love this shot, this is a gorgeous shot as we look toward tyson's corner. 60 tomorrow morning and 69 by noon and up to 76 for your day tomorrow at 4:00. that's the high for tomorrow and the impact forecast on the low side for sure and tomorrow's weather no impact for today and lots of sunshine and nice and mild again and in the next couple of days we go up to 82 and right back down to 65 degrees and a very cool saturday and more sunshine around 70 degrees. >> all righty. imagine being able to fly from the u.s. to europe for $69. you could soon be able to do that. and trending now, jay leno tags in. we'll tell you what happened to jimmy fallon during his monologue la
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it sounds silly to ask this question, but how would you like to fly to europe for about a hundred bucks? yeah. we could all be crossing the atlantic for that price in just a few years. norwegian air just announced plans to offer cheap one-way flights as early as 2017. it's considering flights from scotland, norway out of smaller airports here in the u.s. they're considering westchester county in new york and bradley international in connecticut. norwegian says round-trips would
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likely average around $300. do you like to shop? doors open at the new target express in rosalynn today. the express store is a smaller, convenience-ec to used shop and it has apparel and groceries on a smaller scale. it's located on the 1500 block of wilson boulevard and it's one of eight express stores the retailer is opening this year. >> we all got a little bit of a surprise on "the tonight show" last night that still has people talking and jimmy fallon faked a hamstring injury and jay leno took over and he wasted no time in taking shots at the candidates. >> marco rubio being called the best communicator in the republican party, which is like being the smartest kardashian. >> leno returns to television tonight as his popular online video series jay leno's garage debuts tonight on cnbc. right now crews are working at breakneck speeds to prevent
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breaches. we'll take you live to south carolina as communities there reel from historic flooding. got tourists to cross off your honey-do list in we're putting pressure washers to the test and which look best and the dangers live in the newsroom we're working a never-before seen story with guns in the washington wizard
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we are getting new details about a threat that sent three culpeper county schools into lockdown today. a pellet gun was found by police after students reported another student had one of these on a school bus. that student and the weapon are now in custody. at the top of the hour, northern carey joins us to explain why the lockdown that happened today should have happened yesterday. >> this afternoon a teenager is in custody and he's charged in connection to a series of sex assaults in arlington. police say melvin confessed to three separate cases. all of them involved attempted assaults on women walking alone at night. authorities are looking into whether he may be connected on a fourth case. the sun may be out now, but the threat from the historic flooding there is not over.
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hundreds of roads are still closed and the bridges are still monitoring dozens of dams and there are thousands of people right now that don't have running water. a lot of them under boil water advisories including right in the state capital of columbia and that's where we find nbc's jay gray. jay, i'm looking at what's behind you. it looks sunny, but i guess that's not telling the whole story. >> yeah, no, it's not. chris, pat, great to talk to you, as always. there is so much devastation. let us show you first hand to what it can do under the power of the water. i'm standing near this huge crater that used to be a roadway. i'll stand out of the way and you can take a look where the rushing water ripped apart the asphalt here. there's still water here and there's concern right now, more water could be on the way. sheriff's deputies are going door to door in dozens of communities on edge right now as rushing waters continue to test bridges and dams already stretched to their limits. >> the water is flowing and as
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it is flowing we are watching. >> 13 dams have failed, 62 across the state are being monitored as crews frantically work around the clock to patch those that are starting to give way. >> they have already placed 400 one-ton sandbags in place working to get to 751-ton sandbags. in other communities, the work is focused now on clearing out and cleaning up. >> it will be all right. >> families saving what they can, pulling away the rest and piling up the pieces of their homes and lives ravaged by the storm. many getting help from volunteers who, like the water before them, are pouring into the hardest-hit areas. >> don't have to know people. just know they need help. >> karen is one that needs help. she and her husband were rescued by boat as the glad waters rushed in. >> it's not too herry. >> now friends and neighbors are helping them move out what's left of their home. >> they're angels.
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there's angels. they appear, and i keep saying thank you, and they keep saying we're family. >> family bound together by the storm and their determination to make sure their community comes all of the way back. fema is on the ground helping out, as well, but i think some of the shock's starting to wear off at this point and a lot of people beginning to realize that the cleanup and recovery in some of the hardest-hit areas could take a year or more. that is the latest live in columbia. i'm jay gray. back to you. >> i don't think we can get over that road behind you. is that the reason so many roads are still closed right now? >> reporter: no. absolutely. when you see things like this and you're right. i hope that the video does it justice. it is unbelievable. there are roads like this and there are others that are blocked off where they're not sure how structurally sound they are, so they're worried they
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will collapse at some point. they're checking as many as they can, but it's tough to get around and they're telling people if you don't have to, don't. the last two fatalities, guys, were people that drove around like this. the waters, are na receding or are they beginning to recede? >> yeah, pat, not at this point and in some of the hardest-hit areas, the lakes and creeks and rivers won't start to recede for another week or more. they're still building as that floodwater that's been out finds its way back into those tributaries so it's putting more pressure on those dams and more than 60 across the state right now being monitored and there's a lot of concern over what will happen over the next week or so. >> thank you so much, jay. quite a scene there. veronica, tell us about our weather. >> our next chance of rain is at the end of the week on friday. we have high pressure moving
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into our area now, but we're tracking the next front. it's dropping into areas well up to the north and west around north dakota and around montana and wyoming. that's the weather system that will get its act together and pretty quickly make its way by friday. rain chances for tomorrow are low and we go up on friday and we stay low to medium on saturday and that is just the early part of the day and impacts tomorrow, low for friday and we take it low to moderate with the isolated thunder that could be with that weather system and nothing too heavy. so we don't have to worry about the hail and high winds with this one and doug's back in a couple of minutes to tell you how cool your weather is looking. we also want to touch on the tragedy in or gon where tegon w he's not going to let politics get in the way this week. >> he's our president. get him here. the nation is all supportive and behind us. we need him here and i'm very
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happy that he's coming to roseburg. >> some people in the community didn't like it when president obama started talking about gun control after the shooting and conservative social media sites went so far as to warn the president he wasn't welcome. the white house will reveal more details later this week. >> i'm barbara harris with dr. joshua winer. this is mental illness awareness week. we want to talk about the oregon shooter and said to have as perri perringer's syndrome. >> when you're looking in general that is the case. people with an autistic spectrum disorder are not more likely than others to commit a seriously violent act like what we saw in oregon. however, i think the answer is more nuance in that people with autistic spectrum disorders are more likely to have difficulty managing frustration, controlling their anger and you know, i have one patient in my practice with the spectrum
4:36 pm
disorder who got upset with his teacher, punched her in the ribs and broke her ribs. i treat a lot of kids with this disorder. it's possible for people to become violent, but it's not much more likely than other people and i would have no time for my family members to spend time with a kid with a spectrum. >> -- that people with mental health problems are more likely to be the victims of violence. comment on that? >> this i find very surprising and the reason is clearly to me something is wrong with somebody mentally if they're committing a seriously violent act. seriously violent acts like murder or mass murder are not committed by people who don't have a mental illness. we might not have a label yet for it because you have to remember mental illness diagnosis were created by a bunch of doctors sitting around a table to study people to come up with diagnose ice and treatments to help some of these
4:37 pm
people. so i think that we can just a assly up with a diagnosis and say this person does have a mental health issue. you have a problem with knowledge inning impulses and managing your anger. there is something wrong with you. >> we at channel 4 are trying to help people think about issues and not just on mental health awareness week. coming up, millionaires, guns and grudges and the day that changed the wizards.
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year to get outdoors and do those chores. pressure washers are handy clean-up tools. i'm looking for one, as a matter of fact, but the powerful spray not only cleans. it can be dangerous so how do you know which ones work best? erica gonzalez is here and she has the answer. >> could you believe that more than 6,000 people each year wind up in the emergency room because of their pressure washer injuries? consumer reports offers safety advice along with its latest test results for the top pressure washers. >> pressure washers can clean away dirt and debris in a lot less time than it would take to scrub by hand. bill nugent has had his pressure washer for ten years and uses it several times a year. >> i use it to clean up the patio furniture and i'll clean
4:41 pm
up the deck and sometimes the siding on the house needs to be kleebed. they caution pressure washers can also be dangerous. he just tested 24 of them and had some advice on how to keep yourself and your home safe. >> it's very powerful and you want to make sure you wear safety goggles and never point it at a person or a pet. >> here's the damage a pressure washer can do to wood on your deck. here's a watermelon. that could be your skin. >> consumer reports did more than annihilate watermelons. each washer is tested to see how much pressure it delivers and dave checked how quickly and effectively they can remove paint and stubborn stains. gas pressure washers are more powerful and clean faster than electric ones. this top-rated cadet costs $500. for less this $300 troy bildt isn't quite as powerful, but is just as powerful. many people may not need that power.
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>> for most jobs you can get by with an electric pressure washer, such as cleaning your car, cleaning siding or cleaning your deck. >> this briggs & stratton for $230 is top rated. a plus, it allows you to adjust to different cleaning modes and spray angles without changing the nozzle. >> all right. a couple of other things you want to keep in mind. remember to start washing at a safe distance, about two feet and then work your way in and never spray in the way of outdoor electrical equipment like outlets and air conditioners. pat and chris, back to you. >> thanks, erika. donald trump is enjoying a huge lead and not just in the states with the early contest and also now in some of the big swing states. talk about tom hanks to the rescue. what do you do when a hollywood su
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we're working several developing stories in the newsroom right now. the woman behind a bizarre yoga routine on the metro train tracks has been arrested. the news 4 i-team broke the story during an investigation in april. scott macfarlane will give us an update in the next 15 minutes. the coast guard is ending the search for survivors. el faro sank last week during hurricane joaquin. what officials told family members in a meeting today. >> an associated press investigation is confirming some people's worst fears. russian gangs are trying to sell
4:46 pm
nuclear materials to the middle east including isis. they intercepted radioactive material. i'm carol maloney in the newsroom with details from a new book with an encounter of two former players. caron butler who played from 2001-2010. in it he wrote about the gun locker room incident. butler says it began on a team plane when the two arguing over a card game. he says when the team returned to practice a day later arenas was at his locker with four guns and challenged clinton to pick one. an excerpt, quote, oh, no. you don't need to shoot me with one of those, said jahvaris, turning around slowly like a gunslinger in the old west. i've got one right here. he pulled out his own gun, already loaded it, cocked and pointed it at bigilbert.
4:47 pm
he's currently in prison on a manslaughter charge and he is now out of the league. the wizards would finish the season with one of the worst records in the lead and that would lead to the drafting of john wall which many point to as the reason for the wiss azards' recent success. back to you guys. >> now your storm team 4 forecast. i know it's been a super day today, but coming up in this weather hit i'll show you when the rain moves in on friday and how long it could linger and how long those clouds could last as we get started with our weekend. your evening planner forecast first, 78 degrees, of course, it has been mild and we drop into the low 70s by 7:00 and in the 60s and that mercury will start to fall requequickly after 9:00 10:00 and under clear skies so if you'll be out late you might need the jacket and there's our clear sky and the clouds quickly
4:48 pm
moved out of here. some of us were worried, are the clouds going to get out of here? >> i think there will be a lot of areas starting out in the 40s just north and west around frederick and brunswick. so cool, but not cold. you may need the jacket stepping out the door. it's jv football day for tomorrow, thursday and still practices going on. by the afternoon our temperatures into the low to mid-70s with just a few clouds and it will be a great day for getting outside. now let me show you friday and the rain moving in and it's during the afternoon hours and we're fine, but by 3:00, 4:00, some showers will set up and by 7:00, 8:00 still some rain and maybe some isolated thunder we can have. the good news is it looks like most of the rain will be out of here and here's where the clouds could linger and as far north as waldorf and warrenton. this is just for saturday morn
4:49 pm
because by saturday afternoon i think we'll clear out. so impact forecast and good weather to visit the orchards and good weather for football coming up this weekend and a good look at the four-day forecast and this weekend, 65, you'll need a jacket and we'll talk more about the weekend and a look at next week on news 4 at 5:00. >> they just took a new poll at some of the swing state asnd it shows three republicans are trailing donald trump in their own home states and some insiders say this poll could prove that trump could win the republican nomination. steve handelsman has been looking into this. donald trump in iowa today exuberant and talking tough on undocumented immigrants. >> if i win and become president they are going back. they're going back. they're going back. >> the billionaire leads in iowa and got good news in two big swing states that vote in march. in florida, trump is at 28% in today's quinnipiac poll meaning ben carson and the two
4:50 pm
floridians running senator marco rubio and jeb bush. in ohio trump is at 23, ten point ahead of the state's popular sitting governor john kasich. jeb bush admits he's in trouble. >> if the lech welection was he the first week of october i would say uh-oh. >> reporter: democrat hillary clinton is in iowa. >> the economy does better when we have a democrat in the white house. that's just a fact. >> reporter: kevin mccarthy admitted the gop committee investigating clinton's emails in benghazi is being used to kill her campaign. not true said the committee chair today. >> kevin screwed up. >> reporter: mccarthy today backtracked. >> let's be very clear. benghazi is not political. >> reporter: in iowa trump played the fed-up outsider. >> excuse me. who would be better at this me or them, huh? >> reporter: on the iran deal, he says and everything else. >> trump is planning hi campaign's next phase including
4:51 pm
his first tv ads because, he told the washington post, he now believes the republican nomination is within his grasp. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. right now gangs in russia are behind nuclear material that is trying to connect to middle eastern extremist groups including isis. that's according to an associated press investigation. in the past five years local investigators working at times with the fbi have uncovered four cases like this. in one case this year one man has links to wanting to sell uranium for $35 million per kilo. we are very concerned by these different incidents of terrorists trying to acquire either nuclear or radiological material. we know that the threat is real. >> the a.p. said that while in some cases radioactive material was seized in every case, it was
4:52 pm
small amount or wasn't very potent. today president barack obama called the heads of doctors without borders for bombing the medical clinic. when the united states makes a mistake it owns up to it. it destroyed the charity's group in kunduz, afghanistan, they were killed along with ten of their patients and they think it may be a warm crime and they looked into an independent investigation to look on into it. >> this is not just about the staff and patients in kunduz. it's about the safety and security of our medical teams around the world working in conflict zones sdwloot u.s. military admits the air strike was a mistake. the pentagon and nato are looking into it, but there's no outside investigation that doesn't involve the u.s. in some way. >> thera a disturbing murder investigation under way right now in philadelphia. police say a 22-year-old transgender woman was getting out of the vehicle early yesterday morning when she was
4:53 pm
attacked by five men and beaten after she fell to the ground, one of the men shot her in the head twice. investigators say it's too soon to know whether the murder is a hate crime. >> the historic cruise ship s.s. united states could be sent to the uss united states could be sent to the scrap heap. the non-profit group trying to save it says it needs more than their 60,000 a month to keep the project afloat. right now it's docked in philadelphia and the plan is to repurpose the ship in a museum, and the united states was once the :kpeñworld's fastest ocean . >> an accident involving interior renovations may have led to a massive fire that gutted an historic church on the suth side. check out the intense flames that took place overnight and exterior work including roof restoration had been completed in the past six months.
4:54 pm
investigators say the crews had been varnishing the floors before the blaze started. >> a college student was caught off guard when she got an email from the professor saying you're famous. now she has a pretty cool story to tell after oscar-winner tom hanks found her student i.d. on a new york city park and posted it to twitter. it turns out the student, lauren, doesn't actually have a twitter account. people she hasn't heard from and even complete strangers have all been letting her know about this. lauren says she spent $20 for a replacement i.d., but she's hoping to get that one back. >> the tweet is worth it to get tom hanks to find it. >> getting his attention and more evidence of a broken and battered ship. the clue that
4:55 pm
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4:57 pm
>> talk about a wild and watery ending to a car chase in australia as police close in on a suspect in the city of perth. the driver revved his engine and drove out into sea. no surprise that unusual escape route failed and the driver climbed out of his car and made his way into shore and they immediately took him into custody. it looked like the scene from an action movie and it's a real-life jewelry heist and police chase from england. the daytime drama just released
4:58 pm
it today. six men used picks, axes and sledge hammers to smash their way into a jeweler. they stole $45,000 worth of luxury watches. shoppers helped police track and arrest the suspect. this afternoon we're getting more specifics that's going to help volkswagen owners plan their vehicle repairs. starting in january the company will begin recalling 11 million vehicles with the diesel engine software that cheats on those emissions tests. the first will happen in germany. it does not include cars in the u.s. yet, but if all goes as planned vw says all cars should be fixed by the end of next year and in some cases the software updates will fix the vehicles and others will neat injectors and catalyzers. union workers are threatening to walk off the job at midnight if there's no new contract by then. the union overwhelmingly rejected it saying it didn't go far enough in restoring benefits that workers lost in previous
4:59 pm
contracts. the strike could impact 40,000 workers at 23 plants across the midwest. news 4 at 5:00 starts now with jim and wendy. schools in lockdown today and a students arrested and how police were able to make a quick arrest when a student said he wanted to shoot people. >> one man accused of attacking several women in arlington now off the streets and arrested right in front of police headquarters. first to that incredible scare for students and parents at three schools in virginia today. a teenager with a gun made specific threats on a school bus in culpeper county that forced students to shelter in place in the classroom and it led to a huge police response and it took hours to find both the kid and the gun. now we're hearing from northern virginia bureau chief julie carey that the boy had the same gun and made the same threat yesterday. >> reporter: well some here in culpeper are describing what happened today as a great outcome. they believe they were able to
5:00 pm
avoid what could have been another school shooting incident. this was the long line of parents streaming into the campus that contains three culpeper schools including culpeper high. they were on lockdown much of the day. chopper 4 captured the scene from above as worried parents waited in the parking lot to meet up with their children. a 15-year-old freshman is in custody tonight accused of threatening to shoot others. this is the pickup truck he was driving when he turned himself in to authorities. upon they later found a co2 pellet gun similar to this one at a residence. it was mid-morning when several culpeper students reported that a 15-year-old had showed a gun on a school bus, two morn negligence a row and made specific threats about a school shooting. security video showed the student never entered the campus, and they fanned out to search for him and evidence. once the suspect knew he was


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