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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  October 9, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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years. >> i live right down the street from that. i don't want to live in an area wra that happened. police are on edge. they want to know who shot and killed a man at the montgomery park playground. a woman told "news4" she heard at least four shots. police searched the woods near the bridge chaney area but did not find the gunman. crime stoppers has offered an award of up to(ígw $10,000 for information leading to the man's arrest. back in august a judge ordered a mental health examination for jasper speier. he randomly attacked kevin sutherland on july 4th at the metro station near the know math station. the prisoner who escaped from the fairfax county hospital
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wanted to withdraw his guilty plea. he pleaded guilty to using a gun in the assault of two security guards during his escape. his lawyers say he involuntarily entered that plea and wants it tossed out. he was supposed to be sentenced today to at least 32 years in prison june a high school teacher in our area is facing serious charges for prostitution and solicitation of a minor. richard was arrested yesterday in montgomery county. we have a copy of a letter that went home to students yesterday. in it the glen l institute said a long-term substitute teach ler take over until further notice and a counsel ler is being provided to talk to students. >> you may want to keep your umbrella handy. a few raindrop are in the forecast. >> and here's amelia segal. hey, amelia. >> the time period is between
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4:00 and 10:00 p.m. there's already tracking for clouds. we're tracking this line of broken showers, maybe a few isolated thunderstorms as well. this could affect the evening commute. 7:00 still tracking rain moving west to east through the area. aside from that it's actually feeling a little bit humid anded my today. i'm going to have your hour-by-hour forecast coming up in about ten minutes but for now we're going to check in with melissa. >> in the northeast this is the road closure where megan mcgrath is because of the traffic investigation. it's shun down between south dakota and eastern avenue. you're not going to be able to get through that area. we have this, herndon. at frying pan road the southbound lanes are closed from a bad crash. take a look at 66 and 95. overall we're nice and green.
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don't have any major problems on the two roadways. in prince george's county, a remiernld, inltian head highway, we're shut douchblt itwndown. work your way around that. all the routes in and out of town moving along quite nicely. aaron? >> thank you. three women took the stand yesterday including one who survived being shot. jeannette franco testified that charles severance shot her. she was taking care of ruthanne loda lodato's mother. lodato was shot and killed. another woman walking her dog said she remembers seeing him in the area. she says she remembers his vacant stare. it's now 4:34. in just a few hours, president obama leaves for roseburg,
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oregon to meet with the victims' families in a college shooting. he has no plans to talk about gun control while he is there. the "washington post" says he's considering serious action for stricter backgrounds regarding gun buyers. they plan to hit two of the places hit by flooding. he's brings leaders of fema. he'll talk about the emergency response so far and what can be done to help the area recover. the new fear in south carolina is that the stormwater will rush down swollen rivers toward the coast from upstate. hundreds more people are evacuating and standing water could last for at least the next two weeks. 70 days are in danger right now and 14 have already been breached. >> that water came and in a lot of cases that water receded. what's going to happen now is another event where water is coming down, and we're looking
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at all of those water flos heading down that way. >> more than 250 roads are closed throughout the state, and columbia is expecting more rain this weekend. >> police in sacramento are looking for two men who attacked an american hero. spencer stone was stabbed multiple times after getting stand wednesday night. he had surgery and is now in stable condition. the u.s. airman is credited with helping stop a recent terror stop in france. police say the stabbing is not related to terrorism. there is a new settlement in the case of black man fatally shot by a white police officer in south carolina. last night the city council unanimously approved a $650,000 settlement for the family of michael scott. hi was fatally shot when he ran from a traffic stop. >> the city sent a message loud and clear that this kind of reckless behavior exhibited by
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members of law enforcement will not and shall not be tolerated. >> slager remains in jail without bond. the scott family says it's donating a portion of the money to flood rye leaf efforts across the state. the judge will determine what statements officers made. two investigators will be i a loued in court. five of the six officers claim their statements were improperly obtained. gray died a week after a spinal injury while in custody. metro has avoided a take joer by the country's top country safety board. the "washington post" is reporting transportation secretary anthony fox said no. instead fox fachbs a plan that would focus on reform to strengthen stateover sight of metro. the ntsb wanted to shift
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oversight to the federal railroad commission. the weekend is here but will the warm temperatures stick around. melissa will let us know. caught on tape. what caused a teenager to jump out of this moving car.
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parents and children on alert in new england this morning. police say a 17-year-old woman was assaulted after she was lured into a car. take a look here. you can see the victim on the ground after she jumped oust that car. police are looking for the attacker in a great toyota yaris right now. big news in california this morning. the state will ban the breeding of killer whales at seaworld in san diego. no more artificial insemination. they also ban the trade, sale or capture. it does not apply to other seaworld parks. animal rights groups like peta are happy with this decision. also they'll be moved into bigger tanks.
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back to you. we're starting off with 64 degrees. >> not bad at all. storm team 4 meteorologist amelia segal has your forecast for us. thank you, amelia. >> high today of 82 degrees. warmer than yesterday iechlts going to add to the humidity. now, there could be an isolated shower around the morning and midday hours but it's when we get into the afternoon and evening showers and maybe a few isolated thunderstorms on storm team 4 radar. about a 50% chance you'll be dealing with rain today. if we do see a shower materialize, melissa, it could have high winds and heavy rain but any storm damage is unlikely. you have updates? >> update to this closure. i just got off the phone with mm-hmm. she's saying bladenburg avenue is open this morning. you don't have to worry about that one too much anymore.
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outer loop of pennsylvania avenue, you have a brand-new crash. >> frying pan road, the southbound lanes are open. it's just the northbound lanes that are going to cause a problem for the morning commute. >> big look at the beltway, inner loop and outer loop rolling around just fine. thank you, melissa. we continue to follow the store on capitol hill. the so-called shakeup. what's expected to happen in a matter of hours. >> should you pay less when your commute on metro doesn't go as
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we're servants. we should put this conference first. i think there should be something said for us tonight. they probably need a fresh face. >> house republicans are scrambling to find a replacement as kevin mccarthy suddenly drops out of the race for speaker. they're looking at who will replace the current speaker, john boehner. nbc's tracie potts following from capitol hill. any names yet? >> we're hearing names but not anything significant. there's jason chaffetz and daniel webster from florida. mccarthy said he decided he didn't want to win by a razor thin margin. now things are up in the air.
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they're trying to sort all this out. we do know john boehner's favorite is paul ryan, the more conservative, possibly likely to put in that freedom group, that freedom caucus that opposed mccarthy. but ryan says he's not running. he's not interested. though boehner and mccarthy are reportedly urging him to reconsid reconsider. things are up in the air as, of course, in a few weeks we face some critical deadlines, the u.s. once again running into a deadline and, of course, the government shutdown. >> tracie potts on the hill. thank you. now what you saw first on 4. the white house has nominated a new face to d.c. chatham phillips. he's worked for eric holder and loretta lynch. if confirmed phillips will take over the largest u.s. attorney's
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office in the nation. police are looking for who killed man in alexandria. meanwhile family and friends are hooning his life. they attended a individual all for leon williams. the 37-year-old was the father of two young children. someone shot him on belle pre way. no one is clear as to why. >> let it go. let it go. stop keeping each other. soon there will be nobody left. >> his mother says he served time in prison and has worked for the last ten years number arrests have been made. 4:46. a battle over a new restaurant. they have filed new $8 million countersuit in washington superior court. in those court papers andres says he has no one to blame but
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himself. he wanted to bring one of his restaurants to trump luxury hotel at the old post office building. he did so after trump made disparaging remarks about immigrants. a woman says she's still recovering a month later. nyky says she initially thought she had a stomach virus. she went to the hospital. they didn't pick her up on what it was and they sent her home with antibiotics. she received a call two weeks later from the health department. >> i was nauseous, kept throwing up. i want to make sure first and foremost that this doesn't happen to anyone else. >> there are now more than 150 salmonella case connected to
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figure & olive including this one in washington. although it's not been pinpointed, dishes contained figure oil have now been removed. shance bell got $77,000 from a woman in just five months. she told her she needed to pay her in order to get cleansed. bell ran when she got suspicious. it will soon be illegal to publicly use e-cigarettes in prince george's county. they voted a bill out of committee on thursday. some say they want to take ax before ecigs become dangerous. if it's passed it will be the
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fourth to issue a ban. they say they're driving you away from using the transit system and lower fares, not higher will be the answer. they need to find solutions for continued service problems. one idea is to raise and lower the cost of trips based on the level of service. some are frustrated with all the problems on the track. >> my first day of work on june 1st, it was off and there was a delay and it smelled like a gym locker. >> metro is loses millions of dollars a month because of 40,000 fewer trip as day. >> ew. >> ew is right. there's this whole thing if there's fewer passengers, the rates are driven up. coming up on 4:51 now. amelia segal is in with us this morning. it feels pretty nice. >> i like this weather. >> comfortably cool. a high today of 82 degrees.
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that's not typical for this time of year. that's about ten degrees above where we should be. we'll likely be tracking some scattered showers, potentially a few isolated storms am good day to download the nbc washington app. then you can have the app in the palm of your hand. that's going to cool us down for the weekend especially tomorrow. looking nice for columbus day. if you have that bonus day off, you're lucky. the weather cooperating. right now we're 57 in bell report we'll be cloudy by the afternoon. here's the high in your neighborhood. 82 in washington. the high yesterday was 78. 79 for a high winchester. rain is most likely between about 4:00 and 10:00 p.m. it's not going to rain the entire time. that's the time period where you could be dealing with rain. notice it's bringing in heavy
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rain during evening hours after sunset. here's your hour by hour this evening. as we track some scattered showers maybe an isolated thunderstorm. mid-70s. if you have dinner out, you might want to grab the umbrella. no, it's not going to be too chilly but it will start to turn cool as temperatures fall into the 60s. 9:00 still at balmy 71 degrees. pumpkin picking weather starting to look good. breezy during the morning hours. our high, only 67 degrees. noticeably cooler. probably want to have a light jacket as we work our way into the afternoon and early evening hours. we'll return to full sun on sunday. a high temperature of 73. columbus day looking nice. a high of 75. melissa is tracking a major accident on the beltway right now. what's the latest, melissa? >> a big problem on the beltway, we're waiting to get more information about this. here's what we know.
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outer lane on pennsylvania is what we were called in for. below that, suitland parkway is closed. again, we're sending a reporter to this and they'll try to get some more information for you because that's going to be a big problem this morning. in herndon, sully road shut down at frying pan road. the southbound lanes are open, 66 into town, out of town. no problem. 270 also rolling along just fine, taking you 27 minutes. nice and green and no construction in the way there that you have to worry about this morning. also taking a look here, the top of the beltway and everything headed into town and out of town also rolling along. more information on that crash on the beltway coming up. >> all right, melissa. thank you. developing in northeast d.c. an investigation into an officer-involved shooting this morning. what we're learning about who owning fire. and a warning after a confirmed case of measles. where the
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we continue to follow a developing story in d.c. where a police investigation into a shooting involving one of their own is going on. we're told an officer opened fire on someone after traffic stop. no one was hurt there. another update in just minutes. we're following the latest developments in oslo where the
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winner of the nobel peace price is going to be any minute now and it's cool in some spots. some of you could see patchy fog on this morning. amelia takes a closer look at that in just a few minutes. it's now 4:57. in "news4" your health right now, a confirmed case of measles in fairfax county has health officials concerned that others may have been infected. >> the child is no longer contagious and we know that child received the first of two mmr vaccines, but it takes two to be fully protected. >> although this child was age appropriately vaccinated, we want to make sure everyone in the public reviews their vaccination record to confirm they're protected. >> for a list of public places this patient visited while con tanks go to our nbc washington app and search measles.
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nearly 9 million children have not had the mmr vaccine and researchers in georgia say 13 million of the children are not vaccinated. >> ma didn't receive both doses. it's enough for a potentially large outbreak. when i told them i stopped to bring this child on the bus, i thought i might lose my job but i'm not going to let this child die on the streets. >> she saved thelile boy's life. i shouldn't say little boy. 17-year-old jaivon bell. we told you when he was shot on tuesday two men stole his bike and one of them shot him in the leg. chiquita posey said she only saw him because she was running late late and took a detour. she jumped out of the bus and push pressure on his leg. it hurt my heart when he said nobody stopped for me.
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they drove past me. i thought that could have been my child. >> i just want to thank her and hug her. >> they're offering a $1,000 reward as they search for your the two suspects in this case. >> reporter: there is now a criminal investigation under way to figure out who's behind an offensive post on a school sponsored post. students and parents can log onto to blackboard website. in august someone posted lyrics to a song that contained racially charged language. the police are now working with the state's attorney's office to determine who did it. >> you may soon be able to track how well your kids are driving. technology is hoping the reduce the number of fatal vehicle accidents in the u.s. more than 30,000 people die each year on our nation's roads. young drivers are at the highest risk. gm is rolling out a new plan.
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there are apps for older apps. >> it will text and alert the parents that that car is speeding. now, the teen driver system being rolled out by gm allows parents to set speed limits and even mute the radio. breaking news on the beltway. we just got news from the police that this is a semitruck that went off the roadway and down to the roadway below. we have our megan mcgrath on the way to the scene. she will update us, of course, as she gets to the scene. another update. outbound bladenburg road between south dakota and banneker drive. i wanted to update you on that and herndon, we have northbound sully road shut down


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