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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  October 9, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> chief meteorologist doug kammerer and veronica johnson is in the storm center. we understand there could be some strong thunderstorms. >> we do expect to see storms this evening and we are not anticipating severe weather. >> an isolated storm. that's what we've seen up in pennsylvania. we've been tracking this line since the early part of the day and trees down there and that's kind of what we could see there, gusts going up about 35 miles per hour for a time period. >> we do have some severe thunderstorm warnings, but they're all north of the mason dixon line, all north of the maryland border. a severe weather watch in effect for philadelphia and notice where we are seeing the storms and they're back toward the west and not a lot around our region now and this will happen over the next couple of hours and you will notice around hagerstown and back toward allegheny county and these are drifting down to the south and head's up in those areas and down towards frederick in about the next hour or so and around the d.c. metro area and
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we have one line to the north and another line back to the west and this one has had lightning and thunder with it. we think it will be these storms right here that will drift on through our region. just how strong will they get? that's the big question once again. we do expect to see strong storms throughout the evening hours and that will bring the brief, heavy rain and as veronica said 35, 45 miles an hour. we will continue to keep you posted. we have storm team radar all evening long. a college is on lockdown after a shooting broke out in a student housing complex. one student has been killed and another wounded on the end of texas southern university. a suspect has been detained. all classes are cancelled and right now no word on what triggered it. and we are tracking the president's movements at the live desk. he arrived in roseburg, oregon, within the past half hour
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landing in the town's airport in marine one and was taken by motorcade to meet with the families of those nine students killed last week at umpqua community college. the president will also be meeting with the survivors. outside the airport, dozens lining the road. some were protesting the president's visit saying he was using it to further push for gun control while others held signs welcoming him. the white house says this trip is only about focusing on the families, gun control not on the agenda. >> back to you. >> we just learned the college student killed overnight in a campus shooting wash6)%ñ tied t area. three other students were hurt. this happened at arizona university in flagstaff, north of phoenix. anne arundel school officials have just confirmed that colin brow, the student who died attended broadneck high and played on the lacrosse team. police in arizona say the shooting happened in a dormitory
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parking lot that is home to many campus fraternities and sororities and followed a fight between two groups of students. an 18-year-old freshman is now in custody. developing now, a man is dead after he got into a confrontation with police in howard county. chopper 4 is live after police responded to a 911 call. a man was inside their home with a knife threatening to kill them. officers got there and told the suspect drop the knife, but investigators say he didn't do it. police had to shoot and kill him. they haven't released his name yet. >> a washington man got an expensive lesson in how not to fly a drone. he's been cited for flying one near the white house. howard solomon tells police he was just trying to take pictures of the washington monument and that the wind blew his drone across the street. >> it crash landed just inside the ellipse crown, just north of constitution avenue.
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>> was there ever a danger posed? >> not to my knowledge. >> that area within a 15-mile radius of reagan national airport is a no-drone zone. >> right now in a fairfax county courtroom the spotlight is on crime scene evidence. prosecutors say charles severance murdered three people in alexandria as they opened their front doors. julie carey reports, some of the physical evidence could help the defense. >> a dna expert from virginia state crime lab testified that there was no dna at the crime scene or on ruthanne lodato that could be linked to charles severance. prosecutors quizzed her about contact dna that could be found on the door of the lodato home. the beloved music teacher was shot to death in 2014. a household employee survived her bullet wounds, but if charles severance was the shooter, he did not leave dna
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behind. the jury also got a first look inside the lodato home. photos taken shortly after the shooting. coming up on news 4 at 5:00, i'll tell you where the bullets were found. in fairfax county, i'm julie carey, news 4. >> the prisoner who escaped from a fairfax county hospital setting off a huge man hunt has been sentenced for a crime. asaye gets 32 years in prison. he overpowered a security guard and took her gun. at the time he was charged with 12 bank robberierobberies. maryland state police say a tractor trailer plunged from an overpass on the beltway and killed a truck driver. the big rig had been driving on the outer loop and ended up on its side on eastbound suitland parkway. first responders took snapshots of the wreck and the outbound lanes were closed for hours and drivers had to take a detour on to the road. >> we detoured around it and went a different way into the
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city. so it happens. >> we got rained out. . >> got to change your route? >> yeah. >> the truck was carrying paper products when it crashed through a guardrail and investigators are trying to figure out why the driver lost control. >> i'm mark segraves in prince george's county where police have made one of their first major busts of synthetic drugs and the majority of those drugs came from one store, the global discount tobacco store on allentown road. police seized hundreds and hundreds of packets of the scooby snacks at this store as well as other stores on marlboro pike, but they weren't able to close down the stores. coming up at 5:00, i'll tell you why these stores are back in business today. now what? that's the question one day after house majority leader kevin mccarthy abruptly withdrew from the race to become the next speaker of the house. the pressure is now growing on
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wisconsin congressman paul ryan who left the capitol a short time ago to fly home. he's repeatedly said he doesn't want to be speaker and there are indications he would be opposed by the same conservatives who derailed mccarthy's bid. steve handelsman is working that angle today and he'll have a live report in our next half hour. wounded in a booze-fueled battle. a new witness account of a brawl that sent an american hero to the hospital. the million man march celebrates its 20th anniversary this weekend. we ha we
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>> some of you are seeing a little sunshine. right now, there is a handful will of you seeing the storms.
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this really is why we're tracking and it's a weather alert for storm team 4 right into the evening and it will produce high gusts and even rumbles of thunder. we're tracking it right now and it's headed toward areas of frederick and on toward areas like mount erie by 5:00. it's moving at 45 miles per hour and right on top of d.c. at 6:30, 7:00 and exiting the area at 9:00. from now until 9:00 p.m. we'll deal with stormy weather and gusts from 35 to 60 miles per hour and potential with some of these isolated storms and if there's storms with winds that high there will be a severe thunderstorm warning issued and there is that possibility and rain chances come down by 9:00, 10:00 this evening. we're not going to go away and we're updating information on and doug is up in a few minutes with the weekend forecast. spencer stone is spending another day in the hospital after he recovers from multiple stab wounds. stone is one of the three americans who helped stop that terror attack aboard the french
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train back in august. he was stabbed wednesday night outside of a bar in sacramento. police released surveillance video showing what appears to be stone fighting with a group of people. he's the one in the long sleeve white shirt and a cab driver who witnessed the incident describes what he saw. >> he knocked out one guy after he got stabbed three times or four times, whatever it is. so he already going and he goes this way and he's fighting and after that he gives up, you know what i mean? >> stone was stabbed in the upper body. his wounds were so severe, and at first detectives didn't think he would survive. investigators didn't believe it started with an argument and stone was not targeted. so far police have not made arrests. >> jason rhysian has been locked up in an iranian prison for 444 days. that's how long the americans were held in the iran hostage
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crisis. he is being held on espionage charges and his lawyers submitted a written defense arguing for his release. bridges and roads shut down. dams breached and now more floods may be coming to the southeastern coast. all aboard for cats and dogs. the new policy coming to some amtrak trains. >> leadup to the observance of the 20th anniversary of the million man march. a controversy has been
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alert. there is a line of storms moving in as commuters head home for the weekend and doug is tracking the chance for strong thunderstorms. he'll have an update in two minutes. >> after those historic rains in south carolina, now they're under new flood warnings. nbc is on the ground in columbia to show you where the threat is now. soaring over d.c. landmarks. world war ii-era planes put on quite a show this afternoon and we have the new video in just moments. big crowds are expected on the national mall on saturday as organizers hold a rally for justice and equality. believe it or not it marks 20 years since the historic million man march. today a letter circulating around the capitol police is -- derrick ward is there to explain. >> we are on the west end of the
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capitol. you can see behind me the preparations for the observance, the 20-year observance of the million-man march and we have avoided what might be characterized as an imbrewing li on. it came from the u.s. capitol police and it was a letter written by an employee of the division of intelligence and information analysis. in this letter it characterized louis farrakhan saying he's been accused of enciting violence of both caucasians and police officers. that drew an immediate response from the organizers. >> this statement characterized the honorable louis farrakhan in a very uncomplimentary matter and as well, it also characterized those of us with him in ways that were completely inappropriate. in the wake of that meeting, was there a six-hour meeting with u.s. capitol police chief kim dine and organizers of the
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march. what came out of that was an apology and statement from chief dine who said that this letter has not been sanctioned by authorities in the capitol police department. it did not reflect their mission. they say that they are intent on making sure there is a peaceful and safe environment for people who want to exercise their first amendment rights and earlier there was a meeting with d.c. police chief and other law enforcement authorities here that are tasked with seeing that this all goes smoothly. organizers plan to see that it does and they lead peacefully as they did with the first one 20 years ago. we are live at the foot of the capitol. derrick ward. >> thanks, derrick. many of you get a chance to enjoy the aerial show. 17 world war ii-era planes flew over military landmarks. they took off over regional airport and they flew over joint base andrews and arlington national cemetery and the pentagon. it is in honor of disabled
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american veterans and it pays tribute to the services veterans have made to secure our nation's freedom. sgloo >> i'm storm team 4 meteorologist doug kammerer. you can see we're in red mode. the reason, those storms will be moving in over the next couple of hours. nothing right now, we have a couple of hours to get ready for those storms that we move on through and you can see the rockville camera around parts of the area. sunshine, too. the temperatures have moved way up. up to 80 degrees and winds out of the south at 10 miles per hour and as the temperatures have gotten up into 80, 81 degrees we are looking at instability in the atmosphere and with that we have a cold front moving our way and notice the thunderstorms and nothing around the d.c. metro area and just off to the north and west and we're talking about morgan county around mart insburg and hagerstown and you can see even
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into northern portions of frederick county and thur montt and seeing strong storms there and right along the 15 and right back along 40 and 70 back toward hagerstown. strong storms and we do not have watches or warnings in our area and that may change, though, as we move on through the night today and we can see the severe thunderstorm warnings and a thunderstorm watch around the philadelphia and new york areas and wouldn't be surprised to see stronger storms in the region, too and that's what we'll be watching as we move on through the rest of the evening hours. if you see thunder and lightning, high wind will be the main threat here and heavy rain. it will be brief heavy rain and brief high winds. those winds could gust upwards of 40, 50, 60 miles per hour and they call them a medium threat and we do think we'll see storms, however, and we're not anticipating too much in the way of weather. >> 6:00, you can see the showers and storms around the region and by 8:00, they're down to the south around southern maryland and fredericksburg and by 10:00,
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this whole system moves out of here and behind it, it gets chilly around our region. waking up to numbers in the mid-40s in many locations and once the front goes through you'll notice a big difference and we're going for a high of 61 degrees and we'll talk much more about this and veronica will have the extended forecast for you and talk much more about your weekend in just a few minutes. i think a lot of us have been keeping one eye on our weather and another eye down south and the homeland security secretary toured, and jay johnson has families gearing up for more potential flooding. gabe gutierrez is looking at conditions across the state from columbia, south carolina. >> reporter: more than 11 trillion gallons of water have pounded south carolina and this morning that water is heading east, downstream toward the coast and these 14 dams have breached throughout the state and officials are closely watching 70 others. >> devastation is just
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unbelievable. >> south carolina's governor nikki haley is warning residents on coastal communities like georgetown to voluntarily evacuate. >> this your life and we want you to be conscious of the fact that we're trying to help you save it. >> reporter: the local emergency management officials have opened an emergency shelter, but they stress these are voluntary evacuations and that they are limited to mostly rural areas. meanwhile, more than 350 roads and bridges are still shut down. today the cleanup effort continues in columbia. gabe gutierrez, nbc news. overhead overhaul and the space bins coming to some new airplanes. >> traveling on the trains with dogs and cats. the brand new pet policy.
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beginning monday you can take your pets with you when you board some amtrak trains here in the northeast quarter. for an extra $25 passengers can take along their cats or small dogs on trips that are less than seven hours long. you have to make a reservation and your animals have to be in carriers and you have to keep them under your seat. amtrak says it's starting the service in our region after a
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successful launch in illinois. to read more about the new pet rules and the costs go to the nbc washington app. well, i had to put this on my facebook page. we have all experienced the struggle. you get onboard the plane and it seems like there is never enough room for everyone's bags in those overhead bins. boeing is working on a way to fit more bags by increasing the size of the bins. so at 7:37 we'll be able to hold 178 standard sized bags compared to the 118 they can squeeze in now. eight carriers including alaska airlines will equip their fleet with larger bins. >> customers have a lot of anxiety whether or not they can fit the bag on the plane and it alleviates the anxiety for them. >> where is the extra space coming from? by lowering the bins by two inches and taller people will have less room, and it will give
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most passengers easier access to the bins and light buttons. if you have an iphone you will have more options to use that phone and apple pay when you shop and dine. apple says it's expanding the service to more major chains including best buy, kfc, chili's and starbucks. it accepts apple pay at all 1400 stores and kfc and chili's plans to have it ready by next spring. they plan to take it to all 7500 locations over the next year. it is removing a number of ad-blocking apps from its store. it's over privacy concerns. certain apps install what are called root certificates and apple says those enable the app to monitor customer network data and could be used to compromise someone's personal information. developing now. the president meeting with families of the victims of last week's massacre in oregon. the major gun control proposal his administration is now
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considering. >> a shocking discovery in a stifling tractor trailer. new video of the police body camera from that rescue. >> a storm team 4 weather alert. we're tracking the line of storms for the evening rush. storms for the evening rush. team i was about to head to thecheck. bank, but out of nowhere it just started to rain. like really rain. [clap of thunder] i did not want to go out. [clap of thunder] but then i was like duh, just use your phone. mobile-deposit-techno-thingy to the rescue. i'm rayna. and i bank human at td bank.
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it would be a good idea right now to -- we are expecting
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high winds with a line of storms over the aerial the next couple of hours. there's a thunderstorm chance from now until 7:00 p.m. the storms are fairly likely that they'll come through our area, but some of these storms could produce high winds over 35, maybe as high as 50 miles per hour and it will be brief and fast moving. by 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. those storms are calming down and it will not be for the entire evening. already in pennsylvania, they have a handful of severe thunderstorm warnings that have been issued and if this line moves east and southeast as it continues dropping through maryland. we'll be seeing some of the same types of conditions. we've had reports of a few trees down because of the high wind, and it is advancing toward frederick, maryland, by 4:46. 4:58, and getting into the d.c. area around 6:30, 7:00 or so. it's plenty warm now and i'll show you just a few minutes ago
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just how fast the temperatures are dropping behind this front. i think we'll be in the 60s and maybe even 50s in a few locations by 11:00 p.m. as we get the rain out of here we'll talk about the upcoming weekend in a few minutes. right now we're working a developing story in houston. one person is dead and another wounded after a shooting near texas southern university. classes are canceled for the day and police may have a suspect in custody. officers are investigating whether this shooting is related to another shooting last night. >> a man crashed a drone near the white house this morning. park police say howard solomon iii was spotted flying the device near the washington monument and it landed on the ellipse and police gave him a ticket. >> we're getting a first look after the man who crashed his car into fort meade. this is a photo of dante small who crawled into a storm drain and hid out for 13 hours.
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police were tracing small on wednesday night when he ditched the car and ran off. small is facing robbery, assault and gun charges all in connection to a carjacking last sunday in baltimore. >> i'm meagan fitzgerald in montgomery county, where a woman posing as a psychic scammed a woman out of $77,000. >> erica ufie who also went by psychic gina fled new york on october 3rd. between october of 2014 and march of this year, ufie was operating out of a house on the 200-block of twin brook parkway. police say she told the 53-year-old victim to cure her and her family of curses she needed to fork over more than $77,000, when the victim asked for her money back police say ufie refused and fired back. a private investigator worked
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with nypd to make the arrest. we'll show you the video capturing moments of when psychic gina was arrested. president obama has just landed in roseburg oregon and they're already lining up to protest his arrival. he's going to meet with families of victims and survivors of last week's mass shooting and as jennifer bjork lund reports his visit is being met with controversy. the president visiting roseburg, oregon, just a week after the shooting at umpqua community college. a mass casualty event that left president obama visibly -- >> this happens every few months in america. >> a student opened fire before dying in what the medical examiner ruled to be suicide. a quinnipiac poll in the aftermath of the shooting shows that less than half of americans support stricter gun control laws and an overwhelming majority want background checks
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for gun buyers. the roseburg community has a minority of obama supporters. he got 35% of the douglas county vote in 2012, but his critics are outspoken. >> he is not wanted out here to push his agenda. >> i think just the fact that he's coming to meet with the families is excellent. >> while demonstrators opposed president obama's policies on gun control protest his visit, elected officials also opposed to gun control support the president. >> he is the number one elected official for our entire nation and by coming here he brings that whole feeling of the nation is behind us and in support of us. >> reporter: in a community divided by opinions on guns, to come together and heal during a debate that is sure to open old wounds. jennifer bjork lund, nbc news. nbc news is reporting that paul ryan has left the capitol and is headed home to wisconsin to talk to his family about whether he should consider becoming the next speaker of the house.
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ryan is considered by many to be the only man who can calm the fiercely divided republican caucus, but as steve handelsman report, turmoil may be the point. with house republicans begging paul ryan to be speaker, he told colleagues he'll consider this weekend what to do. >> back home in wisconsin, lawmakers are joking, paul's wife janna will make the call. their family life would take a hit if he says yes to be speaker like it would have if ryan were leched vice president in 2012. as ryan dodged today, the pressure was on. >> he'd be an amazing speaker. >> paul ryan has the clout and he has the stature. >> many of us believe he will answer the call. >> speaker candidate jason chaffetz is out if ryan gets in. >> i would love it if he did it. >> reporter: emboldened by success of republican outsiders, trump, carson, fiorina, tea partiers are calling ryan too much an insider.
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>> the american people want a fresh new face. >> dave brad is the one who beat eric cantor, john boehner's number two and now boehner's leading and kevin mccarthy steps aside and two staunch conservatives and even one common compromise in congress. >> maybe it would be best to watch it burn and eviscerate any last vestige of the establishment and that includes ryan of the ways and means commit. >> that's why he said no to be speaker before he said maybe. >> just weeks away are big fights over the budget that could shut down government and this kind of chaos could continue even if paul ryan says yes. i'm steve handelsman, news 4. pat? sweaty, dehydrated and too weak to stand. the stunning discovery in the back of a truck. >> allegations of drug, sex assault and harassment. an exclusive sneak peek at an interview with bill cosby's
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accusers. >> i'm melissa mollet. i do have stations that will be closed on the orange line, dunnmooring and west lawn church will be closed this weekend and on the silver line, trains will replace trains through weston and new carrollton. as we're taking a big look here at metro red line running on a normal schedule this weekend. green line normal as well, blue and yellow also normal again. silver and orange your only issue with
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back with the showers and thunderstorms with storm team 4 radar. the strongest of which have stayed well to our north. carol county and baltimore county and well north of the region. this line coming through frederick county and this line is moving down to the southeast and east-southeast and the heaviest storms in through carroll county and those will continue to move along to the north of i-70 and notice around mart insburg and hagers town and we're seeing this develop and this line could just continue to develop as it makes its way down to the south and east. that's something to watch if you live around frederick and loudoun county and winchester and watch out over the next hour or so. we think these will be in and around the d.c. metro area right around 6:00, 7:00 tonight and the boundary and the cold front and behind it much cooler air for the weekend and we'll talk about that coming up.
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police body cameras are giving us a close-up view of this. dramatic moments when officers rescued dozens of undocumented immigrants from a big rig. in all, they found 39 men, women and children crammed into the back of a sweltering trailer. it happened in san antonio, texas. some of these people were too weak to stand up. >> it's just a surprise to see that many people inside a hot trailer. they were all sweaty, dehydrated and they just want out. >> police say a good samaritan called 911 after seeing people loading into the back of the truck. officer it is took one man into custody and charged him with smuggling and conspiracy. a man who just won the nobel peace prize says he hopes it helps his country and sets an example for the world. today the nobel committee awarded the peace prize to the tunisian quartet. a coalition of workers, activists, lawyers and business
4:42 pm
owners who steered tunisia away from civil war into democracy a few years ago. we are marking hispanic heritage month here on nbc 4. today you will meet the local playwright who has brought telenovela center stage. a dateline exclusive. bill kcosby's accusers together shari
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this is a storm team 4
4:45 pm
weather alert. >> storm team 4 tracking a weather front for this evening and we could see some showers and we could even see an isolated and potentially strong and potential thunderstorm come through with this line over the next couple of hours. you can see on storm team 4 radar online and it drops out of pennsylvania and there is a very, very small possibility and we could see a little bit of hail and a main threat from the storms that is getting high wind and moderate to heavy rain. so this part of the line, i-83 right back toward areas of 270 there pulling down to the south and east are 45 miles per hour and approaching areas of eldersberg by 5:04 and gai gaithersburg and they'll get into the d.c. area by 5:00 and 7:00. >> this is your future weather and there's 7:00 with the line dropping in. fredericksburg is getting wet with a few isolated severe storms and not everybody will see crazy storms this evening, but know that this will be
4:46 pm
impacting roads with the potential for moderate to heavy rain. by 8:00, 9:00, it should exit areas in the northern neck and look at 11:00 p.m. clouds and temperatures are dropping. as far as temperatures go for tomorrow morning it will be quite chilly. the storm chances are highest here around 7:00, 8:00 and we'll start to see the rain chances come down from around 9:00 to 10:00 p.m. this evening and our temperatures have been mild, upper 70s and it got up to 80 degrees and fredericksburg, cooling to 77 and 79. we had some cooling temps here around cumberland where they dropped into the 50s and 60s just behind this line of rain that came through. as far as early tomorrow morning, how chilly will it be? 45 to 55, you will need a jacket this weekend and maybe even a sweater if you plan on being up and out early sunday morning.
4:47 pm
tomorrow morning will be breezy, as well and it's not until the afternoon when the wind starts to die down. breezy sunshine for tomorrow and there are our temperatures and only into the mid-60s? those are temperatures that we've seen for overnight lows just a couple of days ago. >> if you'll go pumpkin picking, 67 and 65 at 5:00 p.m. and after the weekend it looks like columbus day is looking like 75 degrees and we'll talk about the extended forecast and more on today's storms with this being a weather alert afternoon for us. we're getting several developing stories in the newsroom right now including one in fairfax county where we're about to get a look inside the home of a murder victim. jurors will get to see crime scene photos at charles severance's murder trial and julie carey will join us live? ten minutes. a massive, synthetic drug bust in prince george's county. >> hundreds of packets of scooby snacks seized yesterday. right now the stores that were
4:48 pm
raided are open again. in 20 minutes mark segraves joins us to explain why police can't shut these stores down. today bill cosby is expected to be interviewed under oath for a civil lawsuit and involves one of the dozens of women who claimed he sexually assaulted her. julie huff said it happened when she was just 15 years old. despite the allegations cosby has never been charged with a crime. it comes on the same day nbc is airing a special edition of "dateli "dateline" featuring interviews with some of his accusers. >> how many of you believe you were drugged by bill cosby? how many of you believe bill cosby raped you? >> a powerful exclusive tonight on "dateline" nbc. for the very first time in one room, the nearly 30 women who have made accusations against bill cosby speak out. nbc's kate snow interviewed the women about their claims. she joins us now in new york
4:49 pm
city. kate, many of these women have done individual interviews before. how did you get all of them together in one room? >> pat, we started working on this months ago and at the time of our interview we reached out to everyone who had gone public at that time and offered them the opportunity to come speak with us. 27 women agreed to come to that group interview and two others in another setting. so 29 women total and that's how we did it, but i guess the important part is why they wanted to talk. they felt very strongly that it's time for their voices to be heard and not just for bill cosby, but in their view because it might help other women who are victims of rape and sexual assault to feel empowered or speak out. >> were any reluctant to get together or be seen in a group this large? >> no. i think those that agreed to come to los angeles, we flew them to l.a. to a ballroom at a hotel there. they were ready. they were ready, but i won't say
4:50 pm
it was easy. pat, in that room, you can imagine i've never done an interview that large before and certainly not on such an emotional, intimate subject for these women. there were a lot of tears and a lot of hand holding and people feeding off of each other and i think what the viewer will find tonight is you start to hear patterns and you notice similarities in their stories and i ask a lot of questions about their similarities. >> how did they handle the questions that some people have raised about this and the emotion of the whole story? >> certainly, there are some tough questions that i had to ask, pat. as you know, bill cosby's never been charged with any crime and his attorneys have repeatedly said that he denies allegations against him and they've made some strong statements against some of the women. so i had to throw that all at them. for example, i asked did any of you file a police report at the time of the alleged incident and no hands went up. so none of them filed a report at the time and none of them
4:51 pm
went to the hospital for a rape kit at the time. they have reasons they said they didn't. they said they were a shamed and they didn't think anyone would believe them and it was a different time back then. many of the allegations date back decades. >> kate snow reporting from new york, we'll be watching. thank you so much. >> that is "dateline," the cosby accusers speak tonight at 9:00 here on nbc. >> something to keep an eye on. >> we're also marking hispanic heritage month and we're taking a look at telenovelas. the spanish soap opera are an important part of latino culture and they typically run every night over the course of several months. a local playwright recently changed all of that by premiering a live telenovela on stage right here in washington. >> reporter: the play's name evoking the passion you see on stage. "destiny of desire." >> it's an art form that's made for tv, and i was curious what
4:52 pm
would happen if we transposed that type of story telling to a wildly theatrical stage. >> that's the place where the audience will laugh and say oh, my gosh, yay. >> karen zacarias wrote the play one year ago and already the play is up adopting a staple in latino household, the telenovela. >> we've done what happens in a soap opera in a year in two hours. ♪ ♪ >> karen's heard the criticisms of telenovelas before, cheesy, over the top. >> it's a really big part of our culture and we need to be unapologetic of the things that make us latinos. >> reporter: born in mexico and raised mostly in the u.s., she knows the significance is rooted in her heritage. we become the scapegoats and kind of the target for hate, and i don't think that's acceptable. ♪
4:53 pm
>> reporter: it's set in a fictional town of bayarica between two families separated by a large gap in wealth. the rich mother hoping to control fate. >> it's a play of basically what happens when people take destiny into their own hands and believes in a brighter future than the one that's been written for them. >> reporter: this is karen's fifth world premiere this year alone. >> i don't exercise as often as i would like to do and there are other sacrifices i make, but this is an important part of my life, and i have a family that's really supportive. >> reporter: david culver, news 4. the play runs through next saturday at arena stage and we also invite you to join david and erika gonzalez for news 4's cell celebration of hispanic heritage month. watch their special tomorrow morning at 10:00 on nbc 4. >> we continue to follow a developing story. a quadruple shooting at a
4:54 pm
college of arizona. new
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
ooh! oh, my god! some pretty wild video out of north carolina where a woman slammed into four cars including a couple of police cruisers. she wound up going off the road and down a 12-foot embankment and took a fire hydrant with
4:57 pm
her. amazingly enough, despite her doing doughnuts in a busy intersection nobody got hurt. >> pretty scary there. an 18-year-old college student in arizona is now charged with murder following a shooting that killed one student and wounded three others. >> yeah, the student who died has ties to our area. he attended broadneck high school in ann a rindel county. colin brow was killed at northern arizona university overnight. reporter nico santos is in flagstaff where the campus is very much on edge. >> reporter: tragedy strikes to a smalltown university campus in the north part of arizona. we are in flagstaff right now where a shooting overnight took the life of one student and sent three more people to the hospital. earlier today students showed up to a press conference with a large display of emotion and a lot of tears and a lot of hugs and embraces as they start their day early with really bad news. we spoke with some sorority members who wanted to remain anonymous who told us they heard gun fire and didn't know what it
4:58 pm
was and they were confused thinking it was firecrackers or blaming it on rowdy students given the hour it was, but it turned out to be a deadly shooting. as they approached the window they saw people screaming, running and blood on the sidewalk. we heard from lynna coughman who said nothing like this has happened in her four years at the university and she's just terrified. >> they just said something's going on. there was a shooting and we are locked in our rooms and we're scared. i don't know anybody who was involved. i wasn't there, but i know a lot of my sisters were there and were really scared and a lot of my sisters live there and they were so terrified. >> reporter: we are still learning more about the suspected shooter, 18-year-old stephen jones who has been arrested and he is a freshman on campus and lives here, as well. unconfirmed reports that he is a pledging member of a fraternity on campus. that's the latest from flagstaff. i'm nico santos. >> now at 5:00, tracking a line
4:59 pm
of strong storms headed our way. >> for several hours we'll have to deal with nasty weather on area roads. our coverage begins right now. yes. we begin with team coverage on that weather alert. >> folks, we're talking gusty thunderstorms and rumbles of thunder. >> we have doug and veronica. how strong will these storms get? >> the good news is most of the strong to severe weather has stayed north of the maryland-pennsylvania border and even a tornado warning around the philadelphia area, but for us we're maybe getting out of this a little bit? >> i think so. we're still talking about the possibility of isolated strong and potentially severe storms and we're right on the border. >> there's some to the north and some just down to the south. take a look at the line of storms that has developed now and the strongest storms in through carol county and baltimore county and severe thunderstorm warning there and up toward philadelphia and notice this line and you can see as we track this toward the east. the line of storms developing
5:00 pm
here and no real reds in our area. this is the part that will come through our region and we don't see those reds. these will get enhanced a little bit, and head's up around mart insburg and winchester. these storms are starting to fire more here and this is where we will wait and see make its way out to the region and to the north, strong to severe storms and charleston and a lot of lightning there. our region, not a lot of lightning and we'll see if this does develop and we'll continue to watch tonight's storm team 4 and we'll have the latest on this and what comes after this in the forecast. >> all right. something terrible happened at his house. the husband of a beloved alexandria music teacher testified today in the case of a suspected serial killer and today he took the witness stand and described how he got the word about the fate of his wife. charles severance is accused of killing ruthanne lodato and two other well-known


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