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tv   News4 Today  NBC  October 11, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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going through the damage. >> temperatures quickly warming as we look at how long this dreamy autumn weather will last. that's coming up. and looking live outside as folks are racing to the finish line. why they're runs and the road closures you need to watch out for. >> it looks like you've got soldiers out there. good morning to you. welcome back to "news4 today." i'm dave culver. >> and i'm molette greene in for angie goff this morning. let's get to the temperatures because that's the big weather story. the drop in the 30s for some. tom? >> yeah. it's the time of year the spiders are getting active. we start seeing cobwebs and spiderwebs and that includes our camera at national harbor. now, i told david to climb up with his feather duster to clean
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them out. he hasn't done it yet. there's the wilson briej. hi high clouds there. it's calm this morning. here's another camera view. this is reston. there is the dulles tollway. it ought to hit low 70s. temperatures right now in reston, around 55 degrees as well as at dulles and 56 now at reagan national. jumping already near the bay. it's in the 50s west and north of us and this is going to kojts to warm as we get into the afternoon. back to you. >> tom, thank you so much. new information on a developing story in prince george's county. two people who lived inside this house now have to find somewhere else to say.
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flames shot out from all sides. one firefighter and one of the residents suffered minor injuries. at least one nearby home also damaged and the cause still under investigation. for the past couple of hours they've been lacing up. 35,000 all together participating the race for a really good cause. "news4's" derrick ward with more on today's event. hey, derrick. >> reporter: good morning. it was a trick question because not everybody's running. as you can see there are the end of the pack that's starting to cross here. here are the unsung heroes.
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it's ending now. the first participants, they got by about 9:00, a little bit before 9:00. this race has always been iconic. it take runners through some of the most scenic places in washington. there are a lot of street closures that were in effect. some included rock week, constitution avenue and independent avenue. this 30-year tradition goes to a good cause. it helps the mwr. that's where men and women serving in the military for family services and recreation services for those instate or in the theater of operation. again t closures will be taken up in a couple of hours and the first annual ten-mile opener just about over. back to you.
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thank you, derek. 53-year-old edward strong died yesterday. police took him into custody. plea say he had a history of medicalishes. an autopsy will be conducted. this is the second death at the arlington county fa dee tension fa sill this year. we're keeping a close eye on the developing situation in south carolina. this morning some of the residents are still trapped in their homeses from the high flood waters. they're using boats to evacuate or bring food and water to trapped neighbored.
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right now they're trying to get to their homes so they can evaluate the damage. take look at this crash. plane crashed into a two-story home. shortly after takeoff it hit a two-story house. it burst into flames. you see the flames in the wooded area. firefighters acting quickly, able to get it under control before it spread into a wildfire. a new report finds the shooting of 12-year-old tamir rice was conducted. they say timothy loehmann acting reasonably when he shot and killed 12-year-old rice. he was shot after he refused ordered to put his hands up and reached fehr his waistband.
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democratic candidate martin o'malley has severed all ties with a campaign volunteer. teagarden is in jail facing charges on pornography. he helped with o'malley's virginia campaign. a spokesperson said they were, quote, horrified by the allegations. >> it's a story getting you online. more than 215,000 signed an online petition. now the officers family is demanding answers. and the hazard that got the cops called to the 18th hole. it was a scary situation. detonating a
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new this morning. fox tail golf club is in wine country. maintenance found this acid bomb on the 18th fair wway along wita second one that was detonated. luckily no one was hurt. here's an update on a story. there is a petition to reunite a montgomery county police officer with his best friend, chip the canine. last month gill fones followed ordered to return chip. the department won't tell him where chip is. along with 217,000 other signatures asking the department to return chip to fones. wheel americans can still not travel as tourists to cuba, we're going to show you how the
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island nation and the people are gearing up for that day. distracted by those beautiful cars. >> nice cars, though, yeah. looking live outside once again, you're going have to dress in layers because you're going to want to thed shedd those a little later on. little later on.
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. check it out. planes landing in cuba. that's a big deal. there will be similar flying clubs from florida. commercial airline flights are not permitted to the islands just yet but the charter flights, they're allowed. >> even with charter flights, u.s. citizens cannot just hop on a plane and vacation there. a lot of changes, but that's not yet. we found out on a recent visit. their northern neighbors can visit as tourists.
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the island nation telling tourists for decades, prohibits from traveling to cuba because of the embargo. despite the american flag now flying at the newly reopened embassy, u.s. citizens still cannot visit as tourists. but cubans preparing for the day that changes. [ speaking spanish ] think bed and breakfast. he says every day it's growing and grows. he says this is my favorite part. the view here is unbelievable. immediately you feel the breeze. >> he has rented out rooms to americans traveling with special permissions. he expects demand to surge should the u.s. government allow americans to travel as tourists. he's hopeful.
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>> reporter: to become more part of the first world. but he's also cautious of the timing. >> translator: years of silence and contradiction and it needs to be little by little. >> the term i hear a lot is "guardedly optimistic." this is an important motion but cue bans don't see this as a solution to every problem. >> reporter: during our recent visit we strolled through the old half na with an marie stock. i first met her as a student there. she's made more than 60 trips to cuba since 1989. >> i think cubans have said from the get-go. look, our governments don't get along. but as people, with very a lot in common. we kekd. >> reporter: among the changes she's noted a push for more entrepreneurship. she's introduced us to this man. his bar here tucked into a home, popular among tourists and others even on a work night. rafael admits it's tough to get the materials to start a business.
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glasses, plates, forks, knives, what we often take for granted. >> you go from store to store. not one store for everything like in the u.s. >> reporter: in just four years he's created a hot spot. not alone though. >> this is a team effort. this is not one person. this is a key effort. [ speaking spanish ] >> not a team of family. this family hoping to soon welcome their neighbors from the north. >> translator: cubans are just like americans. you can go there and erika and i shifting to politics. >> yes.
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it's going be quite a busy week. i was looking at those cars. the color convertibles. from the first democratic debate to republicans trying to find a new candidate for house speaker. >> joining us now to talk all about it "meet the press" moderator chuck todd. it's been such a slow "newsweek." >> we're 13 minutes away. i don't want to give way the store but people are not stupid. i think they know we taped the show about 35, 40 minutes ago. you'll see the debate play out on your television screen in 13 minutes. you've got dave bratt and the two of them in a very joyful way, it wasn't personal or mean, they articulate the differences. you then say, no wonder boehner left and you then say why the
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heck would paul riecyan think h could manage the place. here's the thing. the establishment wing of the party is a minority. do you realize over the last six earring over half of the republicans that are currently serving in congress have been elected in the last six years and the newest members feel as if they have no say. this is the tension. because of the way the place works it's the old guard that writes the rules and that's what this fight is about. >> where does it put paul ryan? >> i think it puts him in a precarious position. i don't think he can survive long term. i'll do it on my terms. i'm going to go back. >> it's very interesting
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watching all o this play out but you also have the first democratic presidential debate coming up this week. >> right. and, you know, it's hillary and bernie and then you've got biden over head. >> the shadow. here's one thing i'm pretty confident of. by this time next sunday we'll at least know what joe bide season doing but not by tuesday and i think that's probably on purpose. you're going to hear -- i have bernie sanders on for an interview. sanders starts to get more comfortable arctticulating why him, not hillary. one of his basic messages is i've been with these positions. i've had them for 25 years. i've been fighting it for 25 years. you have to decide whether my consistency matters against the secretary and he ee referring to the fact she's moved but it's happened in the last six months. >> it will be quite interested. >> i don't want to -- i dough
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think i'm overselling when i say this debate will, i think, at least explain what's really going on. >> must see. >> don't miss it. >> all right. >> thank you. >> thank you, chuck. >> it's right here at 10:30. "meet the press" following "news4 today." all right, no fireworks in the weather forecast today. just kind of warm things up here. >> nobody's debating that this is a wonderful autumn day that is under way this morning. you know, i love the architecture of washington. of course, we're familiar with the iconic buildings. but this is one of my favorite buildings in wachlt union station. it is a beautiful statement of architecture and there it is. live view. we moved around to pound it from the beautiful view. the flag and the foreground that limb employ sort of trying to flap a little bit.
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there's hartley a puff of i went right now. just some of these waspy high clouds. then we'll have a clear sky. look for the constellations out tonight. up 50ers to near 60 right around the bay and off to our west where we were in the 30s, now it's climbing into the 50s. that got we had earlier. it's long gone and the storm team f showing it. go to taste of d.c. on pennsylvania avenue for the afternoon temperature. reaching the low 70s. always dross huge crowds on
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pennsylvania avenue and a wonderful autumn day for that we have peak color. in our region t orange zone, that's where we have moderate color beginning to show up. we have peak color 3,000 feet up. closer to us, this area in the yellow, squlujust a few isolate showers. that includes this tree in rockville. this photo taken yesterday morning posted on my twitter page. you can share them on twitter and instagram and on my facebook page as well like this one. this photo by dr. diana abney taken of these beautiful purple berries. nice sunshine. afternoon highs. shenandoah valley. near 70s southern eastern suburbs as well. low 70s in washington.
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upper 60s to high 70. then tomorrow morning low 50s. lots of sunshine and then on tuesday morning a slight chance of a sprinkle. maybe a brief light shower. temperatures climbing into the upper 70s tuesday afternoon. then midweek and toward the end of the week still beautiful mild afternoon with cool mornings and dry weather continuing all the ♪ hand-crafted...layer by layer. the new macchio from dunkin' donuts. experience the flavor of fall with a new hot or iced pumpkin macchiato.
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i bet you're all about the comfortable shoes, right? >> of course. >> adeda is working on the perfect shoe. look at this. future craft 3-d. the shoe is a printed 3-d model for you to wear. imagine going to adidas, running on a treadmill and a 3 h difficult printer prints out a shoe to fit your running style. it's intended to perfect the midsole, the main bottom part that provides the cushioning and support. it's a prototype not ready just yet. president obama is in california this weekend trying to rally the democratic party. he spoke at a fund-raiser yesterday and took time to give a little advice to music super kanye west who has expressed a desire to run for president. >> do you really thing this
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country is going to elect a black guy from the south side of chicago with a funny name to be president of the united states? that is crazy. that's crazy. >> all right. and the president did say, you know, his ambition, kanye's ambitions represent the american ideal that anyone can do it. or at least try. >> these going to do it for "news4 today." you hear
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this sunday -- you say you want a revolution? well, you've got one in the republican party. >> i think i shocked some of you, huh? >> the gop proving they can decapitate their leadership. now can they prove they can lead? plus, the democrats, biden is still deciding, clinton is still waffling, and sanders is still speaking out. >> people will have to contrast my consistency and my willingness to stand up to wall street and corporations, big corporations. >> my interview with the democratic insurgent. and after supporting the president's asian trade deal dozens of times, hillary clinton now opposes it, sort of. may have been smart short-term politics, but is it blatant


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