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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  October 11, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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75-year-old man killed in an accidental shooting. investigators believe a 14-year-old pulled the trigger. what the pair were doing when tragedy struck. developing right now, southwest working to get hundreds of flights off the ground after a computer glitch and supporters of a controversial statue in our region are seeing red after somebody did this. news 4 at 6:00 starts now. >> major headaches for southwest passengers in our region and across the country. we're seeing long lines, delays and passengers in danger of missing their flights all because of a systemwide glitch at the airline's computer system. this is the number one story on our website right now.
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southwest is asking people to get to the airport at least two hours early. the problem is affecting southwest website, mobile app, phone centers and airport check-in systems. airline officials are manually having to process people and it's causing long lines at ticket counters and curb side check-ins. southwest does not know when that problem is going to be fixeded. a teenager on a hunting trip in queen ann's county shot and killed a man leading the hunt. that's what maryland resources believe happened. the man was flushing a bird from the brush when he was shot saturday afternoon in maryland. police believe the 14-year-old boy was a member of the hunting party that hired the guy. the group was hunting pheasant. loved ones gather to remember a montgomery county man found dead last week. the family is hoping someone with information about the murder will come forward.
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news 4's darcy spencer was at the vigil. >> reporter: that's right. friends and family members want people to know who he was. he wasn't just a young man found dead in a park here in montgomery county. he was someone who was loved and take a look here. you can see dozens of those people among the many who loved this young man who gathered here at this vigil taking place in a basketball court in a local park. this is not where he was found dead. this was being held in another park in burtonsville. we're getting the first look now at this young man's picture. it was provided to me by the family. garrett mcchief was only 22 years old and his mom told me he was a very intelligent young man. in fact, he had won -- earned a full ride academic scholarship to morehouse college and he was found shot and killed tuesday afternoon in edgewood park in the white oak area in montgomery county.
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relatives say they don't know why he was there at the park or even why this happened. >> garrett has a true spirit. he has an artistic and cree aft spirit that exudes life and love. garrett was the one that had a very infectious smile. he had eyes that were just glistening and gleaming. he had a young daughter. he had a beautiful young daughter and he had a great support system. >> and back out here, you can see again that they've gathered for this vigil here on the basketball court. there are so many questions involving this case. the family has no idea what happened here and why it happened. they are urging anyone who may know anything about this case to provide that information for montgomery county police that will certainly help this family as they're healing through this tragic loss. erica, back to you. darcy spencer, thank you very much. >> a reminder that you check the make and model of the uber car you're about to get into.
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d.c. police say there was a sex assault on mccomb street. a woman thought she was entering into an uber car and somebody else's car. the man in the vehicle pulled out a knife and sexually assaulted the woman. she was able to escape, but that suspect is still on the loose. >> someone defaced this controversial statue in frederick, maryland, that honors the supreme court just bhois wrote the scott decision that affirmed slavery. someone spilled paint on the staff thank you morning. people say the statue is offensive and want it removed and others say it would remove part of the frederick's history. the redskin list an unbeaten falcons team on the ropes. >> the overtime heartbreak, jay? >> that's right, erika. just a tough loss and the only way to describe it, despite the injuries and what they're going through, they were there with the undefeated falcons and one game long and one overtime ended up being the differencemaker for
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the redskins and they were going for the third victory of the season and this was a battle toward the very end and let's skip ahead to the final few seconds in the first quarter and kurt cousins drove the skins 46 yards to set up this game-tying field goal with five seconds left by dustin hopkins. 52 yards out and he was in overtime, cousins makes the mistake. he is picked off here by that atlanta defense and that is robert alfred going 59 yards for the game-winning touchdown and the falcons, they would beat the falcons in overtime, 25-19, afterwards quarterback and coach talking about the final play. >> and felt the need to get rid of the football and not takes the sack and kill the drive and threw it and the guy made a great play and that was it. >> none of them are any easier than any others and this is a tough one and we got the ball midfield and we throw a pass out there and our receiver slips and falls and they get pick six and throughout the nfl they have
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crucial plays and situations and today atlanta made a few big ones and unfortunately, we didn't and they got the win. >> some big news out of college park. maryland has fired their head coach, randy edsall about the decision to let him go mid-season. we'll hear from carol maloney standing by in at lanta with more on the redskins. i'm jason pugh, news 4 sports. >> isn't it gorgeous out there? running weather and people laced up their sneakers. it started at the pentagon and wound through the national mall. we told you about kathy camp who ran in honor of her father battling parkinson's. camp is raising awareness by running 52 races in as many weeks. there was a big surprise waiting for her at the finish line. >> how did you feel when you saw him at the finish line? >> oh, it was amazing. fantastic. what an accomplishment for my dad to have been able to get
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there. i mean, the physical exertion of strong get on the metro and to ride the train and to deal with 35,000 runners, it was fantastic to have him there, it was a great surprise. >> the army ten-miler is the largest ten-mile race in the world. a nearly 20-year veteran fighting a life-threatening disease. how his fellow first responders showed their support. >> do you think falling gas prices is good news? think again. why the plunge could cost 70 million americans a whole lot of money. and this morning was the cold of the since april and another beautiful afternoon. coming up in my full forecast, i'll let you know
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right now we're looking to learn more about a deadly motorcycle accident in montgomery car. a car and motorcycle collided in the intersection of lone star road in bethesda and that's north of the beltway if you're wondering. the access to old georgetown road has been closed for a while and the road is back open in the area. >> d.c. firefighters came together hoping to help a colleague battling life-threatening bone marrow disease. they held their first-ever bone
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marrow drive in northwest d.c. they're hoping to find a match for lester crocket, jr., the 19-year-old veteran is battling mdf which affects the blood and bone marrow. crocket also worked for d.c. police. lots of people came out to national harbor to enjoy the and to thank our first responders. the annual ride and run to remember celebrates and raises awareness about the role of law enforcement in our communities. the event includes a 55 or 30-mile bike ride. there was also a run and a walk and all proceeds benefit the national law enforcement officers' memorial fund. amelia says you may need the umbrella in the coming day and she has the storm team 4 forecast. resident awaken to a frightening sight and
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firefighters could not save this home. intense flames quickly ripped through it, but neighbors are crediting the firefighters for preventing their homes from burning down. the early morning fire broke down along old baltimore pike, and derek spoke to neighbors about the scary scene that jolted them awake.
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>> reporter: it was early sunday morning when firefighters arrived to a veritable inferno consuming this home in bellsville. >> i looked outside the window and it was ablaze. >> he was saying how the house was on fire. i thought it was our house on fire. >> so she quickly got them out and was relieved it wasn't her home and concerned for her neighbors. >> it was scary, but i'm glad they're able to get out on time. >> reporter: here among the family's things, a fire extingui extinguisher, a testament to how quickly it spread. >> and the residents safety was never bleached by the flames. she didn't realize her home had been damaged until daylight. >> one of them came away with minor injuries and neighbors credit the first responders from keeping the adjacent homes from going up in flames. >> the guys were on it. it was impress testify see these
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guys work. >> one firefighter came away with an injury and the cause of the fire was being investigated. more than 07 million americans are expected to miss out on benefit increases next year and they can blame low gas prices for that. the cost of living adjustment is based on the measure of inflation and falling gas prices are dragging down inflation. this could be just the third time in 40 years recipients will not get an increase. many of you are sounding off on this story on the facebook washington facebook page. you can open up the app and search social security. you were headed to church or brufrp, it was absolutely gorgeous today. beautiful. >> spectacular. to me, this is the epitome of fall weather, a chilly start and beautiful afternoon. >> for columbus day, we're looking at nice weather and the temperatures tomorrow will be warmer than today. some showers are in the forecast for tuesday and that's the day you do want to have the umbrella
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handy for the first half of the day, but overall this upcoming workweek is looking really nice. if you love this weekend, for the most part you'll be seeing throughout the week what spectacular weather we're getting. cooler temperatures though do arrive for the weekend and wait until you see the numbers on the seven day and first tomorrow, columbus day and the weather having a low impact on the day and travel the most important thing, you'll need the sunglasses and outdoor exercise and gorgeous, saw so many people running out on their bikes today and you might want to have long sleeves or a light jacket especially earlier in the day. the temperatures currently now are in the 60s and 70s. 67 in washington and 70 in leesburg. we are looking at mainly clear skies overnight tonight and temperatures are going to dip into the 40s and 50s and also some patchy fog is likely overnight until early tomorrow morning and especially west of the metro area and parts of maryland, fauquier counties and continuing into areas like mart
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insburg and winchester. follow me on facebook and twitter as we track the potential for fog. a low temperature in washington of 52 degrees and the suburbs will dip into the 40s. so it's definitely going to be a chilly to cold start tomorrow morning and it will warm up nicely, very similar to today and temperatures in the mid-60s and you can shed a jacket at that point and 3:00, the temperature at 75 and that will be our high of the day and 7:00 p.m. tomorrow evening and comfortable and cool and the temperature around 68 degrees. >> here is the rain potential on thursday with future weather. 6:00 a.m. and potentially tracking areas of rain west of the district as we work our way into the mid-morning hours and 8:00 a.m. and this rain continues to move to the east impacting the area and that could slow that morning commute a bit on tuesday, but notice as we work our way toward the lunchtime hour, that exits toward the east and crowds give way to sunshine tuesday afternoon and evening and it's
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looking nice and breezy and the high temperature around 74. >> on wednesday, partly sunny, a high of 70 degrees and thursday, looking nice, a high of 71 and an isolated shower is possible on friday as another cold front moves through the area. highs on the friday in the upper 60s. that front has more of an impact on the temperatures than everything and here is the cooler weekend i was talking about. saturday high of 65, sunday, high of 62 and we're looking at plenty of sunshine. >> thanks, ammelia. we head down to atlanta to hear
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this is the xfinity sportsdesk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> you know, was there that time i almost won the lottery and there was a time that we almost won that game today. >> they were this close. yes. yes. >> i thought they were going to pull it off and in the end it just wasn't their game. >> no one gave the redskins much of a chance to win this game against atlanta and that didn't matter once they kicked off because the skins came ready to play and they also caught a few brakes and they're hoping to put the win or have a postseason or
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winning record in october for the first time since 2011. however, a very late mistake by kirk cousins doomed this football team and they have one of six undefeated teams 4-0 and the redskins trying to change that and the fourth quarter now, skins now 12-7 and kirk cousins going deep for rashad ross. that's pass interference on robert alfred to set up this touchdown run by the rookie runningback. matt jones from yards out and the skins take a 13-12 lead. former skins offensive coordinator kyle shanahan calling plays for atlanta now and matt ryan picked off by rashad of the skins and a nice little return here and it looks like we can possibly go the distance if you picked up one more block and it was the 28-yard return and the redskins are up 16-12 and the falcons came right back.
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davonte freeman had himself a game and 153 yards on the ground and the falcons go up late 19-16 and cousins, the redskins try to tie this game under 20 seconds remaining and cousins dropping back and nice pass here to pierre gar gashing garcon and bs on dustin hopkins and he missed a three-yard field goal and ties the game and we are tied at 19 and headed to overtime and in o.t., cousins. this, the back breaker picked off by atlanta, robert alfred and 59 yards for the game-winning touchdown right there and falcons, they beat the redskins in overtime and 25-19 with more from atlanta, here's our very own carol maloney. just to force overtime felt like a victory today, but to
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lose in sudden death with an interception return for a touchdown, agonizing. skins, they felt like they gave up a w today, but nobody blamed the guy who threw that pick kirk cousins. >> it was right after the game and told him, just keep your head up and our division is want out of reach and either one will be tough. bee have to just find that mentality and everybody is thinking about making a game changer. >> we know when it's perfect and not perfect and we have to feel each other out with tough catches and tough plays to drive moving and the offense and the team is upbeat. >> we still have a chance and still apart in the end there and it just wasn't our day to day and i'm so part of it and just fighting just the last few weeks and overcoming turnovers and overcoming penalties and not giving up. >> i felt like i wasn't good enough with those throws and there was nowhere to point except to myself that i have to
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make those throws, and i can make those throws and i believe i will over the long haul, but today i left too many out there. >> bouncing back from this, cousins says it should be easy and it's the story of his life, but at two and three, they can't let any more get away. carol maloney, news 4 sports. >> let's move on to college football and he was hired by maryland, randy edsall said coaching the terps was his dream job and ed sal has been fired as head football coach. he was hired in 20 lerc11. he led them in back-to-back bowl games and this year the team struggled and they haven't won a conflict game last year and they're on a losing streak. kevin anderson and mike lockly talked about the program's plans moving forward. >> over the last six games we
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had a significant setback and that's why i made my decision. we still have six games to go. we can make a difference and we can make a change in those six games and one of my expectations is that we will see progress. >> we've made the commitment to give our focus, energy and effort to finishing up this season as strong as we can possibly finish and those are the expectations that we have with the staff and those are the expectations that our players have, as well. >> tough to see randy edsall go and his former players will have two weeks to prepare against penn state and they have a bye this upcoming -- >> i know somebody who will be there for penn state. >> let's get one final check of the weather if you'll take your columbus day to get chores around the house and maybe get the car washed. >> we're looking at a nice day and sunshine and another chilly start with a spectacular afternoon and a high of 85 and wait until tuesday afternoon
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because we are looking at some scattered showers tuesday mainly during the first half of the day and nice though, by the afternoon and then after that perfect fall weather, wednesday, thursday, friday, next weekend cooler, but we'll take it. >> it is fall. we are coming into mid-october and that's right, we'll take it. that is the news for now. "nate "nightly news" is coming up next and we'll see you tonight after monday night football. we'll see you then.
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on this sunday night, capitol kay, i don't the explosives new claim by a fired staffer who accuse the house benghazi committee of partisan attacks on hillary clinton while the committee chairman strongly denies that plus, after weeks of uncertainty, republicans try to persuade a familiar face to become the next house speaker. deadly force,early a year after the fatal police shooting of a 12-year-old boy carrying a pellet gun, what two independent reports say about the killing of tamir rice. the hidden world, forgotten in a famous bell tower, now uncovered after decades collecting dust, revealing secrets of our distant past. and the homecoming, how one small town managed to bring back high school football almost three decadeser


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