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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  October 12, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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collecting information and turning it over to hostile opponents. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. chuck bell is telling us about another nice morning. good morning you do, chuck. >> that's right. what a great columbus day it's been. we're dealing with a little bit of patchy fog first thing this morning. on the hole it's going to be a perfect day. enjoy it. rain chances are as early as tomorrow. for now a cool start. low to mid-40s in the western suburbs to right around 50 in downtown and bayside. your hometown frachlt waldorf, 49 at 7:00 a.m. 69 at lunchtime and 72 by 6:00 this evening. great day to be outside. there's your exclusive sky cast. new but sunshine and a few clouds around. how are things in bethesda,
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melissa? >> not so good. just got off the phone with the police. this may be shut down still. the westbound lanes could be shut down until 8:00 this morning. somebody hit a pepco pole. it's going take some time to get that out of the way. right now, quantico, going to taken 17 minutes. that's as good as it gets for sure. no problem here. on 395, no problems there as well. no major issues to worry about. this morning, taking a look now, let's see if it will advance, 66 in to town and out of town. i'll see you back here at 5:11. developing now, missing 80-year-old man. police think they have found luben phipps' body. he was there with his center. he asked to go to the restroom and never came back. phipps' family was concerned he
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was not getting proper care for his dementia. neither the facility or phipps' family has returns our calls. we now know the name of the man who fep to his death. he is alexei lichtman from the uk. he was apparently taking pictures, jumping from rock to rock and lost his balance and fell 50 feet. crews tried to help him but he died on the scene. a computer glitch is causing nationwide delays for southwest airlines customers from here in the district all the way to los angeles. "news4's" meagan fitzgerald is live this morning with what travelers need to expect this morning. megan goorksd morning to you. >> good morning. now, in a southeast of twigs
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today they're apologizing to passengers. they're encouraging them to arrive at the airport at least two hours before their flight. we want to show you some video. this is yesterday, sunday, at los angeles international airport. because 450 flights were delayed around the country. take look at the effects. long lines. officials there with southwest passing out pizza to try and appease customers. the problem starting sometime sunday morning but southwest isn't saying what caused it and when it's expected to be resolved. many passengers have described the delay as you can imagine the nightmare. the problem has affected the airlines' website, mobile apps, phone centers, and airport check-in systems as well. southwest is asking customers to print their boarding passes out before they arrive to the airport. again, this is a condition they're continuing work on and they're asking passengers to arrive to the airport at least two hours before their flight.
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eun? >> megagan fitzgerald. thank you, meagan. police say someone shot an off-duty officer in the house yesterday. he died. they took a man into custody overnight. so far that man has not been charged with anything. a man from bethesda is dead after an accident on old georgetown road. montgomery county police closed the cut through. they say gary seward was on his motorcycle near lone oak drive when an 85-year-old woman rehab into him. she was trying to make a left turn. d.c. officers are asking you to help them find a sexual assault suspect. police say a woman thought she was getting into an uber vehicle on mccomb street in northwest avenue. instead the driver took out a knife and assaulted her. there's a reward if you can help
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get the driver into custody. ran de-quaid is headed to court for an extradition hearing. they tried to cross the border from canada on friday. records show they were wanted in california for felony vandalism. this stems from an incident back in 2010. they moved to canada after the incident. his wife was granted citiz citizenship, she was not. quaid said he would like to resolve the issue and move on with his life. the national prayer gatherg on the national mall is a prayer of unity. more than 250 will send representatives. it begins at 11:00 this morning at the lincoln memorial. in 12 days the university plays against penn state. edsall just signed a long-term
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contract a few months ago. the team named defensive coordinator mike locksley the interim head coach the rest of the year. take a look. it was this play right here that lost the game. interception right there. quarterback kirk cousins through a reception that turned into a touchdown. it was all anyone could talk about after the game. >> it hurts, you know. you wark hard all weekend. we'll bounce back, you know. we've got guys around here. spirits are up. running back matt jones may not be able to play after he sprained his big toe yesterday. like all games, it's not just the quarterback's fault. >> it's the team. >> a lot will fall on kirk
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cousins. a developing story in afghanistan. your time 5:07. several people have died after a nato helicopter crash. what we're learning about their nationalities. that's next. stunts going back to umpqua community college. what they can expect on their return. it's in the 50s. don't forget to grab your chekt if you're head
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developing right now, an investigation into a military helicopter crash in afghanistan. five people died. the crash was considered non-hostile. one witness said the helicopter may have hit something in the air. all the victims were nato personnel, but we don't know their nationalities right now. 11 minutes after 5:00 on a
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monday morning, and we're off to a chilly start. >> but things are looking up today. aaron, i like this weather. and so does chuck bell. >> that's right. three days of sunshine after a gorgeous day over the weekend. today promises to be just as nice. nothing to worry about this morning oar this afternoon. rain chances are coming back tomorrow morning. temperatures outside this morning, a little bit of fleece probably needs this morning. upper 40s and low 50s in and around the metro area. on your way out the door, you may want to grab a light jacket. sunglasses and your blue jeans for later on today. a beautiful day to be outside today. dry roads, 40s this morning but low to mid-70s for later on today. a look into the weekend, that's coming up. for now, a melissa. >> right there in front of the high school.
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the westbound lanes are blocked. a dump truck hooked some weiers, pulled them down. we now have a problem with a pepco pole there. bradley lane. go further south and take bradley instead. you won't have any problem that way. 95 southbound, vir ya, russell road, it looks like that's pushed off. a live look at 270 coming up. sad developments in the search for an 80-year-old man missing for weeks. where police believe they found luben phipps' body. is there an achievement gap among students in montgomery county? why the county is taking a closer look. and new video of a city councilman in oh, well that's a good price.
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the time, 5:15. the search for the 80-year-old man may be over this morning.
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police found his body in the panch "news4's" derrick ward is just outside marlboro regional park. derek, what's going on? >> reporter: we're waiting now for positive identification. there was a development here yesterday. let me tell you. this is a massive facility. 800 akers. there's five ball fields, campgrounds, even a farm. this was back on september 18th. there are flyers all over as well as social media.
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it's area that had been searched but it was 180 yards beyond the parameters of the last search. now the clothing description seems to match what mr. phipps was wearing. however, they're awaiting positi positive i.d. from the maryland medical examiner's office. again, major development. a body found here in watkins regional park yesterday. we're told there is a suspicion it may be mr. luben phipps. we're live in up per marlboro.
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>> i'm beyond the comprehension. >> a pain a woman will never get over. her 22-year-old son is dead. finding his killer is the only thing that will bring her piece. someone shot her at edge wood neighborhood park. they do not have a suspect or motive right now and while officers investigate, arnold said she'll lean on relatives and friends like the one at the vigil last night. >> his dad and i went to the funeral home to choose caskets. >> he has a little girl and did well in school, had a full ride in college but decided to drop out. there's been speculation about joe biden running for president. he's been spending the long
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holiday season. five other candidates get ready for tomorrow's first democratic presidential debate. one of those candidates martin o'malley has cut all ties with campaign volunteer who is now behind bars. michael teagarden is accused of trading child porn online. teagarden helped with o'malley's campaign. they're horrified by the allegations. 5:19. the montgomery county council is trying to achieval gap. they're meeting this morning to talk about ways to improve all student performance. an after school program called excel beyond the bell will row lease the data. >> a new maybe more approachable way to get help. teens who feel suicidal can now send a text to someone to talk. suicide prevention agencies say
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they hope young people will feel more comfortable talking sending text message and you don't have to worry about people overhearing you or feeling like you have to talk in a certain way. the number's on the screen. 877-870-4673. we've put that on the washington app as well. recovery continues after a historic flooding. now state officials are working to get the roads back to normal. concentration on the repairing of the roads and bridges is next on the agenda. a long stretch of 95 remains closed. the conditions have made people traveling through south carolina take more than two hours. the didn't of transportation hopes to have it reopened in a few days. also this morning area patrol members are back home after serving five days in south carolina. a few of the maryland civil patrol pilots are from leesburg. the group of volunteers made 138
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flights over the flooded region to help people look for help and provided aerial pictures help fema get a handle on the damage. 5:21 is our time right now. no rain to deal with this morning. a little chilly out there. >> let's check in with storm team 4 to check in. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, aaron and eun. good morning, everyone. a quite morning. rain chances could return as early as this time tomorrow. enjoy the dry weather while you can. a little fog in some of the rural area but on a monday the most important thing to think about is what about this coming weekend? saturday looks bree s breezyand cooler. sunday's highs after a potential for some frost early sunday morning, only going to be in the upper 50s. this coming weekend throw it will be dry will feel a lot more like october than this past one
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did when you had highs in the 70s. here's future weather. dry weather start to finish for the day today. clouds will start to come back into the picture by 11:00. skies will be partly to mostly cloudy. dry through minute. rain chances start to come back by this time tomorrow. showers in the mountains of west virginia. they may impact our morning before they push back out. by 3:00, 4:00, most of us will be drying out. i couldn't rule out a quick little shower that lingers into the afternoon hours. most of our rain chance is in the front half of the day and then we're right back into the sunshine. so that's welcome news. this morning, though, cool 40s in the western suburbs. 52 downtown. 52 in annapolis. it's going to be a great looking sky. we'll s.t.a.r.t. out in the chilly 40s and 50s chl up to 70
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by lunchtime and mid-70s by today. seven-day forecast, 70s today. showers and 70s tomorrow. still near 70 for wensz and thursday. then another little weather front. . don't have a rain chance posted but we may have to sneak one in there later on this week. again, your weekend is looking cool and dry. now, when melissa came down 270 this morning there were no troubles. that may not be the problem now. >> they clear and pass for me. i have a report of a crash there if the main lanes. in the center lane of the main lanes here this morning. trying to get more information on that one for you. also have this problem in bethesda. police telling us it could be 7:30 or 8:00. we're keeping an eye on this to see if it clears early. all lanes blocked. alternate there. a problem in front of the high school. 95, 29, all these routes here at
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b.w. parkway. live look at the highway. aaron? >> thank you. a tough morning ahead for students alt umpqua community college. it's likely oregon's governor will be on the campus to welcome students as they go back to class today. eight students and a professor died at a mass shooting a little more than a week ago. a community held a vigil in their memory last night. >> it's a slow process to get over, but i feel like i'll get stronger through this. >> many students returned to campus last week. they're offering counseling services. >> a settlement has been reached with some of the families of the west texas fertilizer explosion. 15 people were killed. hundreds were hurt, and the blast leveled the town.
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it caused over $200 million in damage. no one is claiming responsibility for two bombs that went off during a peace rally in turkey over the weekend. the blast in the capital city killed at least 95 people and left hundreds more wounded. turkey's government is blaming different extremist groups. turkey has declared three days of mourning. they've accused turkey's government of failing to protect them. a warning, the video inhis next story could be hard to watch. there are questions and conflicting reporting about a police incident outside houston where officers tased a member of the city council. >> put your hands behind your back. see, you're not doing like he's asking you do. put your -- he's going to have to tase you. you're not doing like you're supposed to. >> this happened in prairieview, texas. they say the council member was interfering with an
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investigation. the town's police chief is keeping the officer on inactive duty. they're looking into what weather he did anything wrong. >> we're looking at all the facts that are surrounding that incident to determine whether or not policies were violated or we violated protocol. so we're in the process of reviewing all the problems. >> in the video you can hear the council member. he's saying he lives there in that apartment complex and isn't doing anything wrong. the manned a his friends say they were rehearsing a home coming dance. the second amendment. the supreme court, what the highest court in the land could take up as early as tomorrow. and the controversy surrounding the confederate flag, the push to have it removed. how much of a warmup will besee today. your hour-by-hour forecast is
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i'm aaron gilchrist and now at 5:30, will he or won't he. with one day to the democratic debate, we'll see. it will cost this player two games perhaps. and it could be one of the last warm days we see for a while, but just how warm will it
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get where you live? storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell has the answer. hey, chuck. >> good morning. off to a cool and quiet start. always good. a beautiful columbus day coming up. 52 in annapolis and edgewater. 44 in springfield, virginia, 41 in manassas. it ooh going 's going to be a c. rising to the mid-60s by 11:00. back up into the 70s we will go and that is welcome news for sure. coming up in ten minutes we'll talk about the impact that the weather forecast is going to have on your kids and their school day. so we'll be up with that in ten minutes. for now it seems to be a slow go in montgomery county.
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we have all westbound lanes blocked. this is a dump truck that took down power lines. that's going to be a while before that's cleared out of the way. 270 at 28. we have a crash there in the main lanes. no major problems. 'll have travel times coming up for you in ten minutes. eun? >> thank you, melissa. people living in this burning home say they were impressed by the first response. they were able to get the father and son out and keep the flames from catching to other houses. one firefighter and resident were hurt but not seriously. >> right when i came outside, the whole street was blocked down, the fire truck were there and they were on it. it was really impressive. >> heat from the flames damaged one of the sidings -- actually siding on either side of the
5:32 am
house and investigators are working to find out what started the fire. the deadline is approaching if vice president biden wants to run for president. nbc's tracie potts joining us live from capitol hill. he's making that decision as some of the confirmed candidates are getting ready for the debate. tracy? >> exactly. we're hearing he could make that decision in the next day or so. nothing firm yet. the way they've writ p the rules, he could end up of the stage. hours before the debate, he would still be able to be there. for now it's five candidates with hillary clinton. looking at everything from international affairs to trans-pacific affairs where the candidates could split and how they hope to hold onto the white house compared to republicans but the big question.
5:33 am
joe biden, will he run, won't he run, we simply do not know yet. snairn. >> tracie potts on the hill for us. thank you. and a cross section of house republicans is pushing paul ryan, the congressman, to run for house speaker. there's more pressure for him to go for that job even though he said he's not interested. ryan dodged the question again this weekend. >> are you open to the idea? >> i think the packers will beat the spread this weekend. >> another speaker candidate republican jason chaffetz told reporters he would drop out if ryan decides to run. the current speaker john boehner says he will stay on that job until a new leader is elected. we could find out as early as tomorrow whether the supreme kortz will take on gun control. a court will decide whether to hear a challenge regarding banning assault weapons. if a court hears the case and finds the law is not legal, bans in other states could be
5:34 am
challenged. if it doesn't hear the case, it could lead to more states imposing similar gun bans. a 14-year-old shot and killed a man leading a hunt. that's what maryland police say happened. martin cop itch was 75 years old. police say he was scaring a builder out of the bushing when the teenage boy shot him. police are trying to figure out who vandalized the controversial statue in maryland. someone splashed red paint on roger taney. others say that move would erase part of frederick's history. the confederate flag battle continues as hundreds gathered outside the mississippi state capitol for a change to the state flag. members of the group flag for
5:35 am
all mississippians marched with signs to remove the emblem from the state's flag. supporters were also there to counter what they call negative attacks. supporters say they want to see flag that represents everybody. >> it's about having a flag and can all feel proud of and not feel any sense of fear or shame. >> the group is working to gather 100,000 signatures. development plans now that could take some stress out of northern virginia. you have until tomorrow. developers say they're open to revamping the entire manassas line by 2025. if you don't want to join the committee, there will be a public meeting next month. public schools in california won't be able to use the name
5:36 am
"redskins" anymore. jerry brown signed a bill saying it can no longer be used. they're given a year to faze it out. dodger's chase utley slid into mets shortstop ruben tejada and broke his leg. the league suspended uggla for two games following that slide. hard to watch. >> for sure. 5:36 right now. your kids have school on this columbus day. if they do, it ooh going to be a chilly day at the bus stop. will the kids still need a jacket? more coming up at 5:41. a lot of you count on social security to make ends meet. how one is having a direct impact on the ore. and developing information on
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welcome back.
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volkswagen said it will recall nearly 200,000 of the carsny n china. it has an illegal software application that cheats the emissions test. disabled veterans, retires, and millions who get social security can expect benefits to stay the same next year. by law inflation moderates the annual cost-of-living adjustment people receive. cheap gas prices are dragging inflation down. just about 5:41. fall is so beautiful. >> can we stretch it out, chuck? what do you think? >> of course, we can, by about another week. it's chilly this morning. 45, leesburg and ashburg, 43, manassas. 39 in warrington, 52 in arlington, 52 in annapolis.
5:41 am
it will be cool this morning. give an a to recess today. temperatures mid to upper 50s. low to mid-70s this afternoon and the mild weather continues on. although there will be a chance with showers. more on that coming up in ten minutes. for now, melissa mollet with troubles in south montgomery. >> a crash there in the main lanes. remember in bethesda i keep doing this because of the west here. we have those westbound lanes blocked. your top of the beltway looking good. 56 inbound and 95 northbound. don't have any major problem this morning if you want to break down the i-95 to the
5:42 am
quantico. remember to listen to our friends on wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car. don't say we didn't warn you. straight ahead in news for your health, why doctors are urging people to get their news shot now. >> have you noticed fewer kids in the classroom. where more parents are deciding to home school. and why an officer will not face
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welcome back at 5:45. the prime minister just announced the islamic state is the prime suspect in a pair of bombings that killed people. they have suspected the raid. the bombings came as turkey prepares to hold national elections on november 1st. good morning, everybody. sometimes waking up is hard to do. a little cool outside this morning.
5:46 am
may need an extra shot and extra hot at that for temperatures in the 40s this morning. we'll talk more about that in ten minutes. for now here's melissa. >> we could have this problem for the next couple of hours at montgomery avenue. the westbound lanes are blocked. your ultimate. bradley lane. eastbound lanes are open. guys? >> thank you. 5:46. now a developing story. if you're flying out of town, you're wanting to hear this. a computer glitch is caution delays. "news4's" megagan fitzgerald is live with what you need. good morning to you. >> if folks want to try to alleviate their stress, they're asking them to print their boarding passes be ever they arrive to the airport and to arrive two hours before their flight is expected to depart because long lines and delays
5:47 am
are expected again. i want to show you some videos. you can see passengers waiting in long lines for hours outside while they try to check in and inside wasn't any better. this was a common site. even passing out pizza at l.a.x. to frustrate travelers. they're saying this technical issue is affecting the website and phone centers and airport check-in systems. here's the thing. as of yet they've not said when it's caused the problem. in a series of tweets the airlines continues to apologize to customers. again, no indication of when that will be resolve. so, again f you're flying southwest, it's advise thad you print your boarding pass before you show up to the airport and arrive as early as you can.
5:48 am
what's recommended is two hours. >> thank you. > montgomery closed it. gary seward was on his motorcycle when an 85-year-old woman ran into him. she was trying to make a left turn. d.c. police are asking you to help find them a sexual assault suspect. police say a woman thought she was getting into an uber vehicle early saturday morning. instead the driver took out a knife and assaulted her. there's an award. >> tamir rice's family now reacting to new reports of the shooting of the 12-year-old. he was holding an air gun. he died. the new report says that the officer was justified when he
5:49 am
shot the boil. rice's family put out a statement saying, quote, the prosecutor is working diligently to ensure there's no indictment and no accountability. happening today, an extra hearing for actor randy quaid. last. week he and his wife ee i have were detained as they tried to cross the border from canada. they were wanted for felony vandalism. the two of them were found squatting in a guest home they previously owned. the couple moved to canada after that incident. his wife was granted citizenship. he was not. >> doctors say october is the time the flu starts to spread. get your flu shot if you haven't already. tll's a big supply of the vaccine right now. however, it takes two weeks after the shot before the vac seep is effective. >> you can get vaccinated at any point during the season,
5:50 am
however, the best times is before the season begins or as early as possible into flu season. >> now, the centers for disease control says. >> be careful if you're planning to have any kind of fire outside. the fall wire season begins thursday. the state department of forestry says clean the space before you start a fire. keep water near by. you could withheld accountable if a fire getting out of control or the fire is left unatechblded. >> 5:50. we' we're waking up to clear -- >> >> ielt is hard to tell. >> fill in the blank. >> you know the answers. >> that's true. i was in georgia on the whisper jet over the carolinas. you could see all the high
5:51 am
water. crazy stuff from the rains. now we've got another quiet week. by next week it's going to start feeling a little bit more like november around as a series of cool fronts promise to change our seasons from early fall to late fall later on this week. for now, though, it's a great start to a monday morning. skies are mostly clear. there are areas of thick fog out toward the shenandoah valley. some of the areas. downtown not much of a problem. 52 at national airport. light breeze out of the southwest at 3 miles per hour. after a cool start, cool to chilly. abundant sunshine coming your way. 45 now, gaithersburg, 46 in leesburg, 39 in warnton. 42 in calvert county.
5:52 am
hourly temperatures today, a big jump. many neighborhoods will see a northeasterly 30-degree jump. well into the 70s later on this afternoon. as far as future weather through the day, all clear skiesarily on and o through the afternoon. by late in the day we'll see high clouds drifting on. then for tomorrow, cloudy skies. there's a chance for showers coming in with cold front number one. more likely to impact the first half with the second half. we should be drying out by late tomorrow afternoon. that leads us to a great stretch of dry weather as we go through the middle of the week. 75 through sunday. hit-and-miss showers. primarily sunday. dry for thursday. another cost cold front on friday.
5:53 am
we may have to watch for the weekend. noticeably cooler. widespread fog by wednesday morning. a check on your traffic with melissa mollet. we'll check on the weather in a couple of minutes. >> east-west highway in montgomery avenue. bradley lane. a dump truck went through and took some lines down. driving in here on 66, no problems into or out of town. remember to listen to our friends on wtop 103.5 f.m. 95. northbound, southbound, looking good right now. prince george's county overall no major problems. everything rolling along nice and smoothly. i'll see you back here.
5:54 am
>> thank you. police in louisiana are trying to make sense of a deadly shoot-out early yesterday morning. the suspect's wife called lake charles police for a domestic abuse. officers shot kevin lowe after they say he pointed his gun at them and wouldn't get up. neighbors are shocked. >> knows one another. we help each other out. we're all great nabors. real quiet. >> the man was taken to the hospital where he later died. police are not releasing any other details about what led up to that shoot-out. good morning. i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. gas prices have barely budged. the national average fell half a cent to $2.34 a gallon. more than 90 cents.
5:55 am
it's a bargain in virginia at 2:2 $2.06 a gallon. they say it's unclear how many cuts will be made but it comes as twitter is restructuring its engineering organization to make it more efficient. the company has about 4,100 employees and more around the world. a virginia high school is breaking ground on a new sports complex today. is saint john paul. krieger now plays for the washington spirit. the sports complex will will have nine multi-purpose fields, a softball field, twoonld little league fields. 5:56. more than 30,000 laced up their
5:56 am
running shoes for this weekend's ten-miler. one of the runners was kathy camp. she was running in 52 races this year. 52. this is in honor of her father who's battling par kinson's. there was a beg surprise for her waiting at the finish line. >> how did you feel when you saw him at the finish line. >> it's amazing. what an accomplishment to be able to get there. just the fiscal exertion of having to get on the metro and ride the train and deal with 35,000 runners. it was fantastic to have him there. it was a greats surprise. >> the army ten-miler is the third largest ten-miler. more are choosing to home school their children in the district. the "washington post" reports that growth follows a jump in
5:57 am
online support. about 3% of children nationwide are home schooled. we're tracking several develops stories for you right now the minute you're up in prince george's county while they look for a missing elderly man. what we're learning about the body they found. plus, postgame tailgating interrupted by gunfire. what police are saying that left a pair of nfl fans in the hospital. that's next on "news4 today" at 6:00. the centers for medicare and medicaid services
5:58 am
recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
5:59 am
right now on "news4" at 6:00 we're watching new developments after a search for an elderly man. a road closure chopper 4 has just gotten over, details coming up. plus new developments overnight involving the court case and the post reporter in iran accused of spying. first we have chuck with our forecast. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, eun. after that burns away, it will be a perfect day. rain chances tomorrow.
6:00 am
it's cool to chilly start tomorrow. charles county, maryland, your hometown forecast, 49 and chilly. 69 and sunny at noon and 72 with plenty of sunshine coming our way. i'll talk about the forecast in ten minutes. the westbound lanes closed because of a dump truck that actually pulled some wires down. again, east-west highway at montgomery, west lanes blocked. avoid this if you can. a big look at the beltway, inner loop and outer loop, everything looking good. right now we'll keep our fingers crossed and have trouble times. eun? >> thank you, melissa. the search for an 80-year-old man may be over.


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