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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 12, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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tonight, a tonight, a critical decision coming into the race for the white house. is the vice president in or out? new clues tonight as his potential rivals prepare to debate in vegas. also benghazi bombshell. a fired investigator accused the committee of unfairly targeting hillary clinton and tonit he said the congressman leading the investigation is breaking the law. gun store on trial. wounded police officers take action against the store that sold the weapon used to shoot them. a case that could have sweeping ramifications for gun dealers. and unlimited vacation. more and more companies with offering it. is your company next. it is good for workers,
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and it is also good for business. "nightly news" begins right now. good evening. key dates have come and gone. the next one tomorrow night when democratic presidential candidates face off in the first debate and still no word from joe biden whether he is in or out. but we can report, there is a change in a tone of those urging him to run. the wait for an answer is starting that wear their with the top supporters and fraying hopes along with it. nbc's kristen welker has been keeping close tabs on camp biden. >> it is a waiting game outside of vice president's home and joe biden finally emerged late this afternoon but headed for a nearby golf course and still not tipping his hand about a presidential bid. beyond what he told our producer this weekend. >> mr. vice president, what everybody wants to know. >> and tonight support is changing among
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supporters that are not thinking he will get into the race. >> thank you very much. no, i didn't say that. >> reporter: one of the organizers of his super pac draft biden told nbc news today, it seems like everyone is taking a step back to give him space. fuelling that sentiment is his decision to miss the first democratic debate for tomorrow in vegas where a podium is prepared in case he makes a last mit -- last-minute decision. >> the longer he holds off on making a decision, the harder it is for him to offer a formidable challenge to hillary clinton. >> the latest polls shows clinton leads bernie sanders by 19 points without biden in the rate. and supporters urge him to get in but there are also benefits to waiting. he can assess hillary clinton and his ability to weather the e-mail controversy and her testimony to the benghazi committee in just ten days.
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>> it could indicate an opening for him. if she performed for poorly and other candidates perform poorly, there is an opening there as well. >> reporter: now if biden gets in, he has a lot of catching up to. he hasn't raised any money. clinton and sanders have raised $115 million combined. he hasn't signed up for primaries and caucuses and deadlines are looming. but he's wanted to be president for a long time and sources say he believes this is his last shot. lester. >> kristen, thanks. and as hillary clinton prepares for the first big showdown there are explosive new allegations against the republican led committee investigating benghazi. a fired investigator is going public saying hillary clinton is being unfairly targeted. and nbc news has learned that investigator is now accusing the powerful congressman leading the committee of breaking the law. nbc's andrea mitchell has late details. >> reporter: after months of being pounded by the
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republican-led benghazi committee, hillary clinton got a potential life line. a former committee investigator, a republican intelligence analyst told cnn he was fired in part for refusing to go after clinton politically. >> this has become a partisan investigation. >> it is a dam lie an that is not a word that i often use. >> the chairman trey gowdy talked to nbc news exclusively. >> it was a loudy employee and he mishandled classified information and won't do what his supervisors instructed him to do. >> in response this afternoon lawyers for the fired committee investigator tell msnbc he violated laws by talking about a confidential employment dispute. the committee said that is ludicrous. the committee was under fire after kevin mccarthy's suggestion it was trying to damage clinton's campaign. >> what are her numbers today? her numbers are dropping. >> but on the private e-mails uncovered by the panel, president obama on 60 minutes
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did not do clinton any favors. >> as a general proposition, when we're in these offices, we have to be more sensitive and stay as far away from the line as possible when it comes to how we handle information, how we handle our own personal data. >> reporter: and as the candidates prepare to face-off against each other in the debate here in las vegas tomorrow night, sanders will go after clinton for veering left. he'll say flip flopping on the environment, on wall street reform, on trade. and she could go after him for being too far left to lead the party in the fall. especially after telling chuck todd on "meet the press," he is not a capitalist. lester. >> thank you. now to a trial in milwaukee, seizing national attention, just as the gun control debate is roaring back into the headlines, a gun store is being sued in a case that could set a wide-reaching
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precedent. two men who protect and serve wounded in the line of duty. kevin tibbles has the story. >> reporter: two police officers, both shot in the face. after stopping a young man for riding a bike on a milwaukee sidewalk in 2009. >> i thought i was going to die. and i wanted my family to know that i loved them. >> now police officer brian norberg and former officer graham kunnish are suing the owners of badger guns, charging its negligence allowed the shooter to buy a firearm he should not have had. surveillance video from inside the shop shows jacob cullins purchasing a gun for the shooter. 18-year-old julius burton, too young to buy a gun. it is called a straw purchase. to avoid a background check, the actual buyer has someone else buy it on their behalf. >> they were shot and injured in the line of duty. >> reporter: lawyers for the police officers say conflicting information on the purchase documents collins filled out should have been a red flag for the salesman. in the store, the atf
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has tried to shut down in the past. the name has changed several times but it has been run by the say family. authorities called it the number one crime gun dealer in america in 2005. in 2006, badger outdoors accounted for nearly 500 firearms traced to crimes by milwaukee police. the store, with the second most, had 36. the officers' lawyer is asking the juror to award his clients about $9 million in damages. the defendant's lawyer argues the owners had no way to know this was a straw purchase. >> the act of straw purchasing is fundamentally deception. >> reporter: still those on both sides of the gun issue are watching closely. >> if the gun dealers lose this case, gun dealers across the country will have to be much more cautious in selling guns. this is a case that will have implications far beyond milwaukee. >> reporter: the jury will resume deliberating tomorrow.
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this is the only second case like this to go to trial since the gun owners and manufacturers were granted immunity by federal law back in 2005. should the dealers in this case win, it will be seen as a blow to the gun control movement. lester. >> kevin tibbles in milwaukee tonight. thank you. southwest airlines is getting back up and running after a nationwide computer meltdown triggered heavy delays, long lines and lots of frayed nerves at airports across the country. it is the latest in a string of similar computer incidents in the last several months knocking out u.s. airlines for hours. miguel almaguer reports. >> reporter: the line stretched for miles and lasted for hours. >> i knew this was going to be a nightmare. >> reporter: in cities across the country, nashville, phoenix, las vegas, tempers flare. >> i saw mass chaos. >> reporter: after a computer glitch at southwest airlines caused nearly a thousand delays for thousands of
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frustrated passengers this holiday weekend. >> we don't really know what is going on. that is the most frustrating part of it all. is just sitting here. >> reporter: travelers were left standing in triple-digit heat in los angeles. forcing ticket agents across the country to write boarding passes by hand. tonight, southwest tells us the technical issue was isolated to a software application which failed and was able to be restored. >> airlines are completely dependent on the software and the network systems that bind them together. any software glitches they may have can exacerbate things. >> and it is not the first time. last month american grounded large parts of its fleet after a computer malfunction. in july, a connectivity issue grounded all united flights. >> many systems were '90s. we'll see the upgrades occur over the next
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few years >> reporter: the latest of what would be many more travel nightmares to come. miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles. there was outrage in a small texas town after a police officer was caught on camera tasing a local lawmaker after he refused to comply with officers' commands. after another incident in the town raised questions about the proper use of police force. nbc's janet shamlian has the details. >> reporter: new video tonight. a dash cam capturing the tense moments before a police officer in prairie view, texas, tasered a city councilman. as he was on his knees, outside of his home. >> reporter: the councilman is 26-year-old jonathan miller. tonight the district attorney is investigating, looking at four video which show numerous warnings before miller was tased. >> put your hands behind your back. >> put your hands behind your back. >> put your hands behind your back.
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you are not doing like he's asking you to do. >> reporter: these officers told you no less than nine times to put your hands behind your back. why didn't do you it. >> i was being arrest for i didn't know what. i didn't know i was interfering. i didn't think i was interfering when he asked me to step back, i stepped back. >> reporter: police say he interrupted two officers who stopped to question four men about suspicious activity. >> i'm telling you this is her scene. back off. you are interfering. >> he was charged with interfering with a public servant and resisting arrest. >> reporter: do you condone the actions in tasing the councilman? >> we will review the entire incident. he want to look at it in its entirety. we won't take a snippet and try to make some judgment from that. >> reporter: this is the same community where a state trooper arrested sandra bland in july. she died while in jail, willed a suicide, a wrongful death suit by her family is pending. a special meeting has
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been called for thursday and that is where the police chief is expected to update the investigation into the arrest of councilman miller. lester, back to you. >> janet, thank you. an american held by iran for more than a year has been convicted in a espionage trial in that country but the court hasn't revealed what charges jason rezaian was found guilty of or what his sentence would be. a dual citizen denies any wrongdoing against iran and the post reports his family is readying an immediate appeal. iranian officials have mentioned the possibility of a prisoner swap for him. the american hunter at the center of the fire storm over the killing of cecil the lion appears to be off the hook. a zimbabwe cabinet member said the country is no longer pressing for the minnesota dentist to be extradited there to face poaching charges. they now say all of his papers were in order and he won't be charged with any
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crime. the play no one can stop talking about. the dodgers chase utley appealing his two game suspension with a slide that left a rival player with a broken leg. many consider it a dirty play but violent collisions like this are part of baseball as ron mott reports. >> reporter: in trying to break up a double play, chase utley of the dodgers instead broke rubin tejada's leg and raised a question fundamental to the game, fair or foul. >> he deserved to get suspended. this was a reckless and dangerous and dirty play. >> playing all-out is his calling card. violent collisions at second base are routine and accepted. >> double play and a fight breaks out. >> pete rose's broke out slide dusted up and cleared the benches in 73. >> and another hard charge four years later which got billy martin to charge the field and will clark's missile into ozzy
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smith had a predictable outcome. baseball's tradition in these matters is often a nod to sir isaac knew ton. for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. you hurt our players, we hurt yours. >> there is nothing dumber than the code of baseball. >> on sports talk today, retaliation was topic one. >> will there be retaliation? yes. >> reactions provoking spirited debate. >> don't do something you will regret. and that is going to be hard. because that is old school and that is baseball, that is the way you do it. >> he is appealing the suspension and not in the lineup tonight. after seeing one too many catchers being helped off the field, they banned home plate collisions, and a lot of people would like to see that happen at second base. don mattingly expected the mets crowd to be electric tonight. >> ron mott, thank you. still ahead, imagine taking off work for as long as you please. yet another well-known
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8700 employees is adopting a policy of unlimited vacation time. part of an effort to take time and come back rested and ready. 61% of us report working while on vacation. but is the new policy good for the employee or the company or both. here is nbc's tom costello. >> reporter: it is not a 9:00 to 5:00 world any more. the american working in 2015 is at it 24/7, expected to be always connected and reachable. now one of the companies on the cutting edge of the new economy is saying enough. >> linked-in has decided to go to a model of discretionary time off. and what that means is our employees can choose how many days that they want to take off as vacation, and just work it out with their manager. >> reporter: you heard right. unlimited vacation at linked in and they are not alone. many companies looking to recruit the talent are ditching vacation limits. but make no mistake. for some companies there is a bottom line
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advantage. >> the biggest factor is when you leave, they don't pay you for unused vacation time. so it is good for the employees but even better for the companies. >> reporter: americans are not known for taking vacations. a recent survey found the average american worker takes only half of their eligible time off each year. older employees and those living in the west take more vacation days while women tend to take fewer days off than men. part of the reason, concern the job might not be there when they return. >> to many europeans that is crazy talk. workers in france get 30 vacation days a year. american anne robert lives there. >> it is the norm to take those vacations and in august in france where you will frequently see two to three weeks taken during the month alone. >> reporter: back in the u.s., perhaps a subtle change is under way. working to live, rather than living to work. tom costello, nbc news, washington. we're back in a moment with the force of nature caught on
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the amazing power of mother nature caught on camera in florida. watch this, drivers crossing the sunshine skyway bridge over tampa bay when a water spout comes on shore. an 18-wheeler packed with mail right in the path. the spout later classified as an ef-0 tornado tears the truck apart, throwing it around like a toy. the driver escaped with only minor injuries and the same cannot be said for the packages. a couple getting married in san diego, got quite the wedding crasher, and the president of the united states he was wrapping up around the time of the ceremony. after the 18th hole he decided to come over and say hello, hugging the bride and posing for memorable wedding snaps with the happy couple. and uplifting moments from the alds game in houston when george h.w. bush threw
7:24 pm
out the first pitch. bush, 41, who is a huge astros fan is still recovering from a vertebrae facture. his wife accompanying him on the field for the big moment. and when we come back, the jaw dropping coincidence that changed the lives of two women, completely by accident. ♪ ♪ nutritious wheat for the adult you've grown into. and delicious sweet for the kid you'll never outgrow... feed your inner kidult... with frosted mini-wheats®
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finally tonight, a pretty amazing twist of fate that led to a family reunion more than 40 years in the making. two women who had unknowingly been working side by side until an incredible life changing realization. nbc's kerry sanders has their story. >> reporter: born in korea, orphaned and then adopted as toddlers by two different american families, separated sisters who remembered the other existed but where? one was in kentucky, the other in virginia. until career moves landed them both in sarasota, florida, where it turns out, they were just steps apart. >> thank you. >> oh, you're welcome. you'll always be in my heart. >> with american names, holly and megan, both work the same shift on the same floor at the same hospital. new friends, who often
7:28 pm
had lunch together and found they had so much more in common. >> and i asked holly what her last name was in korea and she said shin and i said, oh, my gosh, that is also my last time too. >> a dna test finally confirmed what they knew in their hearts. >> i've had questions, constant questions in the back of my mind, do i have a sister, do i have a mom or dad? i knew back in my mind, she is somewhere out there. and i never gave up on her. and when i -- i just cried and cried. and like -- i'm sorry. >> it's okay. it's okay. >> reporter: two sisters separated for four decades who remarkably found each other when they weren't even looking. kerry sanders. nbc news, sarasota. how about that. that will do it for us on this monday night. i'm lester holt.
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for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and good night. night.
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light, camera, access. all they have literally is the kardashians. is that a great message for little girls? >> has khloe now fired back at amy for that joke? >> no joke


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