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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  October 13, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> i don't know the cause of the break at this time. >> reporter: what do they have to do in order to fix it? >> well, we have to get a good shutdown so we can isolate the site of the break and excavate into the road and see what type of break it is and what type of repair it's going to require. >> reporter: there has been road construction for months around the intersection of rockville pike and cedar lane but the road crews weren't working here today. the leak is beside rockville pike where the boy scouts of america national capital area council is located. now, you see from chopper 4, the situation along this major commuter route. rockville pike. northbound limited access. but southbound, the lane is completely shut from jones bridge road all the way down to
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cedar lane. the wssc is working just up the way trying to locate the leak and then start the excavation and try to fix it. so this situation will last through this evening's rush hour and into the evening, whether it lasts overnight, whether it has an impact on tomorrow rush hour, on tomorrow morning's rush hour, we will try to update you as we go along and continue to monitor this situation live. along rockville pike, chris gordon, news 4. >> thank you, chris. a terrible scene in a neighborhood in d.c. today. a man who was walking with a cane was run over. left for dead. the victim was hit on sargent road near faraday place. it was this morning just about the time the kids start heading to the bus stop. and the drive ever never stopped. jim? >> wendy, the search for that driver centers around this black pickup truck. news 4 was in the neighborhood today when investigators towed away a vehicle of interest. pat collins joins us now live
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near the scene with a new witness account for us. pat? >> reporter: jim, he walked with a cane. he had croc shoes on his feet. he was carrying a bag. and about a half an hour before it happened, he was in an alley back there before he was struck and killed in that street. at the site where he died, a neighbor places a teddy bear and purple drape. >> i'm feeling low, sad, you know. >> reporter: a man crossing sargent road this morning struck and killed by a black pickup truck that sped away from the scene. the victim thrown into the path of a car coming from the other direction. he died in the street. i talked to a woman today who said she saw the victim about a half an hour before the accident. she says he was walking in this
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alley. she says she saw him pretty clearly because he came to a stop right beneath this light. she spoke to me, but she asked not to be identified. >> about 5:00, 5:15, he was dragging up the alley. he stood up on the light and he just stopped. he walked off. >> reporter: did he have a cane? >> he had a cane and, dragging, like, a bag. >> reporter: did you see the man in the street? >> yes. >> reporter: you saw the man in the street. >> land in the street. >> reporter: the man in the street was the same man you saw in the alley? >> right. >> reporter: on a northwest street this afternoon, police towed away a black pickup truck. it had a broken headlight. the truck described as a possible lead in this fatal hit-and-run investigation. now, this is not the first street crossing death here on sargent road. i'll have more about that coming up at 6:00. wendy, back to you.
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>> pat collins. two people badly hurt, four pets killed. and still no word tonight on the cause of a fire that destroyed this home in reston. chris lawrence is in our newsroom now with word on some clues that investigators are now starting to gather. chris? >> reporter: yeah, wendy. this is new. the woman who survived that blaze is awake and she's talking to investigators who are trying to figure out how this fire started. we know four animals died in this fire in reston. it started just before 7:00 in the morning at a home on purple sage court in reston. firefighters sea when thay when there the flames were shooting out of a first-floor window. a man who lives down the street took this video. he was watching as firefighters were able to rescue a couple from the top floor. >> slid them down the ladder, got them on a stretcher and they put them in an ambulance, took them over to reston hospital. >> reporter: the couple is now being treated at the washington hospital center.
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the man is in guarded but what's being termed stable condition. we just told you his wife has now woken up. she's talking to investigators. fire officials are going to hold a news conference in the next hour to update this story. we're going to bring you the latest as it happens. i'm julie carey at the fairfax county courthouse where someone who knows accused killer charles severance best spent hours on the witness stand today, his former girlfriend linda robra, substitute teacher and realtor. when severance moved into her townhouse in 2011, he knew she already had two handguns but he wanted her to buy more. linda robra was well aware new boyfriend charlie had a felony conviction on his record and couldn't buy his own guns. but in 2012, he showed her a photo of a small hand-sized b bbn .22
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caliber revolver like this and urged her to get two. she got them and the type of ammunition he suggested, low velocity subsonic. victims ron kirby, nancy dunning and ruthanne lodato were killed by that type of bullet. she said severance didn't like police or the legal system, bitter after loosing custody of his young son years before. said robra, "any time there were police officers that were shot, he would think that was a good thing. he didn't like law enforcement, he thought there was too much of it." and she remembered severance saying "the only good cop was a dead cop." robra says severance also made comments about the legal system complaining "they don't know what they're doing" saying "some of those people should be shot." that testimony is crucial to the prosecution's case. two victims had ties to law enforcement or the courts. defense attorneys countered by asking when mr. severance talked about shooting people, it's fair to say you didn't take him seriously, did you? "robra replied, "no." in march of 2014, severance became a suspect in the
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alexandria murder. a detective left his car d at te ashburn townhouse asking severance to call. he refused saying he was going camping. when detectives searched her home two days later two small handguns were gone. ahead at 6:00, what robra says about her boyfriend's behavior on the days of two of the murders. in fairfax county, julie carey, news 4. we could see a chance of showers tonight and much cooler weather ahead. let's check in with our chief meteorologist. doug, how does it look? >> this time tomorrow we'll be 10 degrees cooler. this time by saturday we'll be about 20 degrees cooler. we have cooler air moving in. 77 degrees is the high temperature today so far in d.c. 79 leesburg, warrenton, fredericksburg. very nice afternoon. we saw clouds early. a few showers early. then some sun. now, the clouds have moved back in. so have the showers. some showers from annapolis right on down to the beltway around oxen hill, down toward national harbor. a few more down toward portions of warrenton, south of
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warrenton, north of coal pm coa. showers around clinton, oxen hill, closer to buoy. annapolis, pretty heavy rain along 50 and the bay bridge over toward the annapolis region. now, we have nice weather again today as far as temperatures go. we've got that front coming through and another front will come through on friday. that will turn things rather chilly for the weekend. we're talking about the 30s for the first time this season. that could even include the district. we'll talk much more about that in a minute. we're just a few hours away from the first democratic presidential debate of the season. let's take a live look at vegas. candidates making final preps and this starts at 8:30 eastern time. right now, five people are set to take the stage but there's some buzz about vice president joe biden who has said, not said if he's going to run. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, are the two front-runners. former maryland governor martin o'malley, former virginia
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senator jim webb, and lincoln chafee, will also be on stage. just ahead, nbc's senior political editor, mark murray, he's going to lay out what could help or hurt these candidates. a saturday night show stopper. we just got word this afternoon that leading republican presidential candidate donald trump will host "saturday night live" next month. trump last hosted back in 2004. meanwhile, trump is now blaming the jeb bush campaign for his latest controversy. he says bush planted a supporter at trump's campaign stop up in new hampshire yesterday. after his speech a woman asked trump heated questions about pay equality for women and abortion. >> i want to get paid the same as a man, and i think you understand that. so if you become president, will a woman make the same as a man, and do i get to choose what i do with my body? >> you're going to make the same if you do as good a job. you're going to make the same if you do as good a job.
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and i happen to be pro-life. >> jeb bush's campaign released a statement tonight saying the woman went to the event on her own but added, quote, mr. trump does seem to be very sensitive about being challenged by women. some of the statements made by the baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie gray will be used in court. those officers made the statements to investigators looking into gray's death. five of the six claimed they were improperly obtained. this afternoon, a judge ruled that the statements from two of the five officers were admissib admissible. the other three withdrew their challenges. gray died, you'll recall, after suffering a spinal cord injury in the back of a police van this past april. and there's now an internal police investigation into another incident in baltimore that involves allegations of an officer spitting on a suspect during an arrest yesterday. this incident was recorded and shared on twitter. it is dark outside, but you can hear the onlookers screaming "he
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spit on him." police are aware of this video and are investigating. a bike bandit in the district. police tell us this man swiped a bike from the 1200 block of massachusetts avenue here last month. he made sure the coast was clear then rolled out. the news 4 i-team looked into this problem over the summer and found more than 2,000 people had their bike stolen in d.c. last year. according to the national bike registry, only 5% of bicycles stolen are ever found by police. we are just getting started on news 4 at 5:00. several stories developing at this hour. >> our team of reporters is spread across the dmv tonight. mark segraves in d.c. where more than a dozen families are now looking for a new home. >> reporter: that's right. coming up, we'll tell you what's going to happen to those families after they were forced out of this building because inspeni inspectors say it's no longer safe. we'll take you inside and see what happens when we confront
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the building's owner. tom? i'm tom sherwood in district. we all worry about paying these in the city and paying the parking meters but now there's a new system of parking coming to the verizon center area that you're going to have to know about. i'll have the story coming up. an interesting debate over paid sick leave in prince georges county. some people calling it a bad business decision. others saying it's the only humane thing to do. i'm tracee wilkins. what happened in the county council coming up
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here's some of the stories we're working on right now at 5:15. new parking kiosks are causing confusion in downtown d.c. find out why city officials tell us this new system will make it easier for withdryou in the lon a paid sick leave bill tabled in prince georges county. why lawmakers rejected this measure and what it means for local workers. an owl has folks hooting and hollering on a popular local trail. where you need to beware of the angry bird. but first to a dozen families forced out of their homes today after inspectors said their apartment building was no longer safe. workers arrived this morning to help them move into a hotel. as mark segraves reports tlf s are a lot of questions about where the families are going to
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end up and why the landlord allowed this building to fall into such bad shape. mark? >> reporter: that's right, wendy. many residents tell me they don't know what they'll do next or where they'll end up living. many have lived here years, even decades. district officials tell us the landlord is to blame. that landlord was not interested in speaking to us today. >> i'm not going to talk to you. >> reporter: the conditions inside his southeast apartment building are no longer safe according to d.c. inspectors, and the people who live here. >> really unsafe. the floors seem like they're sinking. >> just deplorable. the windows, they have mold in the windows. when the wind blows, the wind comes from outside. >> it rains in all the bedrooms. i put these things up. >> reporter: today district officials ordered the building closed and residents out. >> i am saddened that any landlord can allow their building to come down and be
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able to collect rent an the city has done very little to address the issue. >> reporter: the people who live here blame the building's owner. >> he keeps coming for rent but he's fixed nothing. >> nothing. but he wants to come and get his rent every month. >> reporter: we tried to get the owner of the building to give us his side. >> okay. >> reporter: we're channel 4 news. >> my lawyer, okay? you entered private property without permission. >> i'm not going to talk to you. >> reporter: he eventually locked himself inside a utility closet. you have families living upstairs in -- why would you do that? the district's department of human services will pay for the families' belongings to be put in storage and for the families to stay in a hotel for two weeks. >> we're going to the hotel for two weeks and after that, who knows what happens. >> and after that, who knows. you know? it's in god's hands after that. >> reporter: now the landlord is facing more than $130,000 i fines if he doesn't make the
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repairs. a spokesperson for the department of human services tell us after two weeks the families who have been displaced can apply for housing vouchers but are given out based on financial needs and many of the families do have jobs here but it's a hard for them to find a place where they can afford to live. coming up at 6:00, we'll show you one woman who's lived here more than 30 years who was refusing to leave. we'll tell you about her unique situation as well as another woman here who had to postpone her husband's funeral because of this. wendy? back to you. >> all right. mark segraves. and drivers who use route 7 in louden county, brace yourself for a new round of road construction. workers broke ground on a project to improve the intersection with belmont ridge road today. it's going to be a three-year project that will ultimately eliminate one of the bottlenecks along that highway. about a mile and a half of belmont ridge road will become a four-lane divided road. >> this is a great day for folks in louden who sometimes have to
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sit three or four cycles through the light to get through in the mornings or the afternoons. it means less time on the commute. it means more time at home with your families. >> a historic slave cemetery is near that area. officials say the sacredness of that site will not be breached by construction. the university of maryland will pay tribute to a civil rights leader by renaming the art sociology building after the late parren mitchell. mitchell was the first black graduate student to take classes on the maryland campus. he was also maryland's first black congressman. this will be the school's second building named after someone in the mitchell family. his brother was former naacp lobbyist clarence mitchell. the mitchell building is home to the office of the registrar. we've all done it. circled the block, circled again and again looking for that elusive parking space. >> well, now there is a change a coming, folks, to street parking
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around the verizon center and district leaders tell our tom sherwood the main goal is to help you mind an open space. >> reporter: traffic and parking around the verizon center downtown is tough most any time and you sure have to read the blizzard of signs saying what you can and can't do. now the district is trying something new to help motorists in the busy area. the city is installing about 1,000 of these small signs identifying 1,000 specific spaces in the blocks surrounding the verizon center. the city will keep tabs on how many spaces are vacant and how many are being used. >> we've done studies that indicate 25% to 30% of the congestion in downtown is because of people circling around the block to find an open parking space. >> reporter: city officials hope to have the 1,000 new space-identifying spots in place in a couple of weeks then a phone app early next year to let motoris know where the vacant sps are. >> pay with coins or a credit card, but in d.c., 60% of the
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parking transactions are usually paid by cell. >> reporter: the new space system will require a learning curve but the idea of finding a space quicker was popular with motorists. >> i thi it's good. i think it helps on trfi a lot of the traffic around the city is folks looking for a parking space. being able to go to an app and find out where your parking space is at and go right there would definitely be an improvement and help the businesses. businesses need it as well. >> 25% of traffic downtown is people looking for a traffparki space. >> i believe it. i'm late for an appointment because i drove around four times looking for a spot. >> reporter: only 15% of people parking downtown pay with old-fashioned cash and coins. in the district, tom sherwood, news 4. developing this evening, the force in mourning. two firefighters killed in the line of duty. investigators explain what went wrong during a fire fight. and what happened today that convinced prince georges county lawmakers to reject paid sick leave for workers? tracking some showers right
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now on storm team 4 radar. we have a couple of those in through prince georges county, bethesda area, fairfax. i'm tracking those showers tracking much cooler air over the next few days. i've got the forecas
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and now your storm team 4 forecast >> oh, temperatures today in the
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70s but say good-bye to those numrs. i don't think we'll see temperatures in the 70s again like this. all across the region for quite some time here. at least for the next seven days. take a look outside. still at the 76 degree mark. mostly cloudy skies. winds out of the north at 9 miles per hour. the front trying to move on through. 70 in martinsburg. 68 toward cumberland. take a look at one of our cameras. this is east-west highway. showers there. see this guy holding his jacket over his head. this guy getting quicker crossing the road. we're dealing with showers in downtown georgia spring where georgia avenue meets east-west ghway. therere showers. hee's the shower i'm talking about. you notice the line of showers from annapolis back toward warrenton. this shower right here coming through vilsilver spring, came through bethes s da. it will affect portions of the -- this will come to the north of mt. vernon area,
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woodrow wilson in toward national harbor. then pretty good rain right now, this is one of the areas around 301 that we'veeen some of the heavier rain. right along 301 and upper marlbo marlboro, seeing a pretty good shower. not seeing real heavy rain but are seeing steady rain in these are areas. we'll continue to see that. see a couple spotty showers up around the fairfax county area, too. we'll continue to tra the showers throughout therest of the evening. it's all part of that front that's moving on through the region. as it does so, it will bring those showers this evening then bring through much colder air. look at the air mass cing out of canada right on down toward our region. and that's the really cool air that's we're going to have in here for the next couple of days and right on into the weekend. tomorrow we'll be 10 degrees cooler than today. 56 degrees at 8:00 a.m. 65 rather breezy around noon. 68 by 4:00. a nice afternoon. we will see it a little breezy. 68 and sunshine. that's still a pretty nice day. we'll call it cool but nice across our region. so the low tomorrow, cool,
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breezy. take the jacket especially early. the really cold weather comes this weekend. what are are we talking about here for the weekend? high temperatures the next couple of days in the mid 60s the most part thursday and friday with some sunshine. look at saturday. a high of only 60 degrees. that's in the. city most of you, especially north and west, will only be in the mid 50s all day on saturday. overnight lows saturday into the day on sunday. drops down to about 40 degrees in the city. some of you will be down around the freezing mark on sunday. some of you may be seeing your first frost or freeze of the season. so, yeah, we've got some really chilly air coming in and looks liket wants to try to stick around. veronica johnson in a little bit -- in a little bit -- there you go. with a little bit more on that little bit of cooler weather. it's just happening a little bit. >> okay. >> thank you, doug. planned parenthood is responding to that firestorm that occurred over those undercover videos by changing its policy. >> what it will no longer do straight ahead. then why lawmakers in prince georges county rejected a
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measure that would have allowed workers to stay homesick with s without fear of loosing out. and jennifer lawrence -- washington is surrounded by farms and farmland yet there are thousands of people in our region who have no access to fresh food. i'm mark segraves and coming up i'll show you how all of that is changes. and jen fnifer lawrence is w
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right now at 5:30, squaring off on the strip. the democrats show their cards tonight in vegas. as their first debate of the 2016 campaign, and in just three minutes nbc news senior political editor mark murray will be telling us what to watch for. plus a heart wrenching day for the brotherhood of firefighters. the emotional message from the chief in kansas city just ahead. but first at 5:30, workers without a guarantee of paid sick leave going to have to wait longer for those benefits in prince georges county. >> that's right. a motion to provide seven days of paid sick and family leave failed in a county council committee. >> prince georges county bureau chief tracee wilkins was there for today's vote. >> seems to me prince georges county of all places should be able to lead on this issue. reporter: under serious time constraints due to legislative deadlines and an unexpected fre alarm, prce georges county council committee tried tackling
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the issue of paid sick leave for county workers within an hour. >> an hour is just not the appropriate time to really be digesting a conversation like this. >> reporter: businessowners in opposition addressed the committee. safeway is suing montgomery county for passing a similar bill. it believes sick leave should be left to the state. >> in montgomery county, we don't think the counties have the authority to pass this. anything should be done at the state level. i don't think he was -- >> reporter: the county had some 130,000 workers without sick leave. at times testimony in support of the bill was emotional. >> my friend, nancy, didn't get sick pay because she had cancer, terminal cancer. she had to come to work sick. she had to come to work because she needed money to bury herself. >> reporter: in the end, the votes to make it out of me and
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to the council for a final vote. >> the workers of this county lost big today and it's very disappointing. >> reporter: the committee did vote on a resolution supporting a state bill to guarantee statewide paid sick leave. coming up on news 4 at 6:00, what happens next. in upper marlboro, tracee wilki wilkins, news 4. final report on the malaysia airlines flight 17 crash says it was shot down by a missile from ukraine. a buk surface-to-air missile detonated right outside of the cockpit. the boeing 777 broke up in midair scattering debris over a 20-mile area. that airliner was flying from amsterdam to kuala lumpur when it crashed over ukraine in july of last year. all 298 people on board were killed. the netherlands led this investigation since most of those victims were dutch. it was an emotional day today for firefighters in kansas city after two of their brothers in the department died moments after rescuing two people from a
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burning apartment building. the two firefighters were identified today as 13 and 17-year veterans of the force. they were inside this building but were pulling back because it was unstable. that's when a wall gave way. the two firefighters were killed instantly. >> they saved two civilians, carried them out of the second floor on ladders before the wall collapsed. they did not die in vain. >> two other firefighters were able to escape the collapse. the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms is assisting in the investigation. well, tonight it's the democrats' turn. in just a few hours five candidates will be squaring off in the party's first presidential debate. here's a live look at las vegas where it will be held. final preps are under way right now. but we want to talk with nbc senior political editor mark murray about this. all we have been inundated with all summer is the gop and all their characters.
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>> uh-huh. >> how important is this for the democrats? some of them we don't even know are even running. >> well, that's right. you knows, i've actually covered now close to 100 presidential debates. the general election and primaries. they normally don't matter all that much at the end of the day. but this one does have really big stakes for everyone involved. first we talk about hillary clinton with joe biden potentially waiting in the wings. she needs a really good performance. october is such a big month for her. debate, the benghazi committee testimony. she needs a really good performance. bernie sanders needs to demonstra demonstrate he can be electable. he's more than just a person drawing big crowds, built potentially the last going into the general election in november 2016. >> even with his socialist -- >> that's what he's going to have to answer. you talked about the local politicians, jim webb, the former senator from virginia, people tught he wasn't even in h this contest. former maryland governor martin o'malley, just 4% in a recent
5:36 pm
"washington post" poll has to be able to also have a moment in a lot of ways that carly fiorina had at that last republican debate where you get one moment, all of a sudden you see her poll numbers go up. have to seize that moment, too. >> gets them on the map, gets them center stage. because of the gop debate, because the couple of debates were so entertaining, if you will, there are some people saying that the dullness of this crowd might be good because it makes them look maybe a little more serious? >> well, most debates -- most debates are usually dull. the reason being the republican two debates with donald trump, he's made debates much different than we've ever seen in the past. one other thing that won't be a big difference with the republicans not having donald trump, there's going to be a much smaller debate size. the republicans have had 10 or 11 people on the stage. democrats are going to just have five tonight. >> yeah, is there danger of them putting people to sleep? you know what i mean? if this turns out like an old-fashioned debate? are we not prepared for that anymore? >> in some ways that actually
5:37 pm
would be a mission accomplished for hillary clinton, if you are the overwhelming front-runner and this is seen as a boring debate, that means she won. >> really? >> yes. for her the nightmare snar wrce for her is all of a sudden, boy, she got herself into trouble, the other candidates were beating her up. if you're the clinton campaign in the brooklyn headquarters people were saying, this is a boring debate, the clinton campaign are doing high fives. >> donald trump on "snl." what's that going to do for the race? >> well, he's probably had some very good ratings, but, you know, hillary clinton, we actually saw that helped her. i wouldn't be surprised if this helps donald trump to ease out some things. i also wouldn't with surprised if he actually hear from other candidates that are running. they want their "saturday night live" opportunities as well. >> all right. the bartender effect. thank you, mark. >> thank you, wendy. >> mark murray writes a guide n online for everything you need to know about tonight's debate. go to the nbc washington app and search debate guide.
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health care, daycare costs and domestic violence, just some of the issues that impact women each and every day and today several women's groups came together in virginia to launch a new campaign. they want to make sure women head out to the polls and vote for the who support women's causes. the initiative was organized by immigration advocacy group and other female leaders. >> health care means something to a woman that cannot ain order it when their kid or husband or family member is sick. when you want to send your child to school and realize that he's not well equipped to succeed, these are everyday issues that affect us. it's easy to talk about them because it affects us every single day. >> today's campaign launch in virginia is part of a national effort to raise awareness about core issues that impact women. a planned parenthood policy change. how the group is allering the way it handles fetal tissue for research. plus why hollywood superstar jennifer lawrence says she's over being likable.
5:39 pm
we're following breaking news at the live desk. we're getting details about a shooting that happened near two high schools. blathensburg high and elizabeth seton. it happened on emerson street and that two people have been shot. one was rushed to the hospital by a good samaritan. it did happen that school was letting out. police right now say they don't think the victims are students.
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i'm jason pugh at the verizon center. the capitals getting ready to play their second game of the season and could be without their captain tonight, alex ovechkin. he missed the morning skatearound due to a personal issue. his head coach said he's a game-time decision but has not been seen in the building thus far today. this capitals team very good. a lot of people picking them to win the stanley cup this year. and that is perfectly fine with jason. >> rather be picking us than not picking us. i think you want to -- it's not any more added pressure. we know what we got in here. we want to win. we want to win a stanley cup. so we got people here to do it. we just got to -- cliche sayings, take it one game at a time, but you do. we know what we got.
5:43 pm
it's nice that people are picking up. rather be picking us than not picking us. >> reporter: what do you think it will be like skating against your old friend? >> we actually found out we're brothers, kind of weird. like, we went through and figured out we were brothers, so it was different situation when you find out it's your brother. that's why we got along so well. it's kind of weird. then, you know, brothers sometimes move away for school and whatever so it's nice to see family when you get back. >> reporter: joel ward a fan favorite during his time here with the capitals. should be a great game tonight here at the verizon center. puck drops at 7:00 against the sharks. from verizon center, jason pugh, news 4 sports. >> thank you, jason. planned parenthood changing its policy in the wake of those controversial undercover videos. >> what the group now plans to do when it comes to fetal tissue research. and beware of the bird. why officials in a local park think an owl is on the attack.
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the videos caused quite a controversy and uproar. some say they say planned parenthood profited off aborted fetuses. today they did make a major policy change in hopes of stopping some of the criticism. chris lawrence has a look at what's changing. chris? >> yeah, wendy, basically planned parenthood is still going to make fetal tissue available for research, but it will not accept any money to cover the cost of that program. today, planned parenthood's president sent a letter to nih laying out the new term the. cecile richards took tough questions from congress about the fetal tissue program and those controversial videos. republicans have launched investigations into planned parenthood and tried to cut its
5:47 pm
funding. but the organization has said, and still says, it never profited from its fetal tissue programs and the money it received only covered the cost to run it. the tee apartment department of human services says fetal tissue is critical in studying a host of diseases and disorders. jim? >> chris, thank you. wildlife officials are looking for an aggressive owl that's been badgering folks on the crescent trail. montgomery county parks put up this sign warning the owl is attacking people from behind. sneaky thing. the attacks happened on the trail between river road and dorsett avenue in bethesda. wildlife officials say it's probably a young owl mistaking reflectors on bicycles even ponytails for prey. they say you should tuck your ponytail in a hat. i'm going to have to remember that. or make noise on the trail to scare the bird away. could look silly doing that.
5:48 pm
>> hoot, hoot. >> i tnk they might like that. >> right. yeah. well, we're already tracking some fall color around here. >> yeah. >> it's showing up in some of the high spots of west virginia. we've got some great aerials, too, that was shot by this drone. yeah, this is from some of the high spots of vermont. groton, vermont. as i said, even a lot of the high spots of west virginia, western maryland starting to look like this. color really coming along. we want to see your photo, too. make sure you send them in to also make sure you download our nbc washington app. that is gorgeous. boy. well, we do have wet roads out there right now. seeing showers, postally lig mo showers. temperatures dip to the 60s around 7:00, 9:00 p.m. it's going to be on the cool side early tomorrow morning with temperatures starting out in the 50s. the showers are coming through pushing through from north swrn west to southeast. we have a little heavier shower
5:49 pm
here. pulling right down toward diel and dunkirk. another area here back toward woodbridge, also eastbound toward alexandria and eventually down toward quantico. from now until 7:00, again, just a few showers. we're going to see things start to wrap up around 9:00 to 10:00 p.m. this evening so nothing too heavy coming through our area in terms of any widespread rain. the other part of the story here with weather is just how cold it's going to get this upcoming weekend. yes, i'm using the word cold. when you consider our average low is 52, saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday morning, we're talking about starting out in the 30s in many neighborhoods. from the 7 0s this evening, though, by 11:00 p.m. we drop down to the low 60s. again, a few clouds around the area as the showers wrap up. first thing tomorrow morning, though, you can break out the sunglasses again and go with the long pants and the light jacket. in terms of what to wear. because it is going to be a bit on the cool side as we start out
5:50 pm
between 50 and 54 degrees. we get a little bit of wind going by the afternoon. your temperature up to 68 degrees tomorrow afternoon. take a look at the next couple of days. your four-day forecast here. upper 60s also at the end of the week. we remain on the cool side this upcoming weekend. saturday, sunday, we'll be hard pressed to hit a high temperature of 60 degrees. this is a look at the sunday morning temperatures starting out freezing. around hagerstown. martinsburg. even around areas like gaithersburg. starting out in the 30s. so could be some frost and freeze out there coming our way for the upcoming weekend. so very much like november. we've got a lot more on that coming up on news 4 at 6:00. we are a region surrounded by farmland. and yet for thousands in our area, it's a challenge just to find some fresh produce because they live in areas that are known as food deserts. these are neighborhoods where there are shortages of good grocery stores that carry produce. news 4's mark segraves has more now on a local group that's trying to fill that grocery gap
5:51 pm
by bringing the farm to the people. >> you want one? >> reporter: like most moms aleah collins wants the best for her son especially when it comes to what she feeds him. for collins, a disabled vet, that's not as easy as it sounds. >> it's really, really hard to get organic food especially in d.c. area and i live off my disability. so i have to just, you know, use food stamps in order to get, like, nutritious food. >> reporter: there are no major supermarkets in collins' northeast neighborhood and even when she can get to one, it's too expensive for the single mother. >> i walk out of safeway or giant and sometimes even walmart with one meal and i spent, like, 60 bucks. >> reporter: just 30 minutes away, farmers like anita tend to their crops. but these vegetables aren't headed for a supermarket or a fancy restaurant. these organic vegetables are grown for people who she says
5:52 pm
need them the most. >> you know, this is going into communities where there aren't grocery stores and we're kind of leveling out, making food accessible to everyone is so important to me. >> reporter: as she spends her days on this farm in northern virginia, lthe former social worker thinks about the families in the city who will@#.2 eat he food. >> that gets me going through the really hot hard days, the season's winding down and you're exhausted. >> reporter: problem isn't that there isn't enough fresh food in our area, the problem with getting this food to the people who need it. four years ago, arcadia, a local non-profit set out to bridge that gap by combining the food truck concept and the farmers' market tradition. the result? the mobile market. >> we're definitely abridge in a number of ways. we're serving communities where the marketplace has failed to, you know, provide a needed service. you know, people only to us because they want farm-fresh foods. >> reporter: five days a week in 19 different neighborhoods across the district, arcadia's
5:53 pm
mobile market rolls in with fresh food. and they don't just bring fresh organic food. they make it affordable. by giving food stamp customers $2 a food for every $1 in stamps. even though they have to take the bus to get there, aleah collins and her son are regular customers. >> for the first time i can walk away and i only spent $60 and i have four nights that i can feed my family. and leftovers. >> reporter: arcadia is expanding the number of neighborhoods it serves including a stop in collins' neighborhood. which means she and her neighbors will like so many americans be able to walk down the street and buy fresh affordable food. in the district, mark segraves, news 4. not even a-list hollywood stars are immune to wage inequalities. just ask jennifer lawrence. sure, she's the highest paid actress in the world but lawrence has been outspoken recently about the lack of fair compensation in her industry and
5:54 pm
elsewhere. in an essay for the newsletter, she writes, "jeremy renner, christian bale and bradley cooper all fought and succeeded in negotiating powerful deals for themselves. if anything, i'm sure they were commended for being fierce and tactical while i was busy worrying about coming across as a brat and not getting my fair share." stay with us for a full report on the topic coming up tonight on "nightly news" at 7:00. all six police officers charged in the death of freddie gray in baltimore appeared in court today. the key statements they want banned from the trial, and how the judge ruled on those
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
more now on that baltimore judge's ruling today in the freddie gray case. five of the six police officers who are charged in connection with gray's death argued that the statements they made to investigators should be inadmissible. david collins from bal in baltimore has more on how the judge ruled. >> reporter: for the first time all six officers charged in the police in custody death of freddie gray marched into court. attorneys for five of the officers made statements to suppression motions. the van driver did not provide one. the defense argued the statements were illegally obtained and given under duress.
5:58 pm
the state called two witnesses regarding sergeant alicia white. she gave two interviews to detectives. one as a witness, then days later as a potential suspect. circuit court judge denied the reason. he said she had the opportunity to say no. is not known is what she told investigators. >> she began as a witness then her status changed to being a suspect. something was provided. something was found to be inconsistent. that's why she, sergeant white, was interviewed a second time. >> reporter: prosecutors played a portion of the second videotaped interview white did with detectives. the wide-angle view showed white sitting in a stark white painted room with a table in the middle. she is heard waiving her miranda right to remain silent and right under the law enforcement officer's bill of rights. prosecutors cut off the video before the actual questioning began. on the witness stand detectives told a the judge the atmosphere was calm and professional, the door was unlocked. they addressed her as sarg.
5:59 pm
she kept her gun. she was not ordered, compelled or threatened with department discipline for not speaking. at one point everyone started speaking at once. a police sergeant called by the defense. white's attorney and a prosecutor. it prompted a very loud demand of "quiet" from the judge. it happened as the defense witness admitted police policy didn't require that she took notes during a preinterview with white. >> when the law in maryland is that if a definitely provides a statement, that statement must be disclosed to the defendant's attorney and the defendant. it's a blatant violation not to do that. now at 6:00, a live look at las vegas. a city where dreams are made and lost. tonight, the five democratic presidential hopefuls will face off in primetime hoping more than luck is on their side. families found living in filth and forced from their homes because the landlord didn't make repairs. all new at 6:00 tonight, the drastic changes they had to make as they began moving out.
6:00 pm
but first a big mess on rockville pike in bethesda, the absolute worst time of day. >> muddy water filling the streets where a water main broke at the heart of rush hour and could be hours before this is all cleaned up. news 4's chris gordon is there live on the scene. chris? >> reporter: well, we have a new development to report for you. you see traffic moving now for the first time in four hours along the southbound lane of rockville pike. take a look at the intersection. and as you do, let's set the scene for you. take a look at the map. we're located on rockville pike. on the corner of cedar lane in bethesda. that's right near the walter reed national hospital. what used to be the bethesda naval hospital. nih right across the street. now, wssc is working to manage this situation. traffic is moving. it's restricted and slow. crews are pushing rocks and other debris out of ro


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