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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  October 14, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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georges county. we're live with what happened. i'm meteorologist chuck bell. a whole lot cooler this morning. grab your jacket. i'll let you know how much chillier it will be. plus, we're tracking the first democratic national debate. the winners and losers forward. >> melissa mollet starts us off with breaking news. >> chopper 4 over the scene here. we're talking again about bw parkway northbound. that is what's shut down. two-mile backup heading north approaching 32. we are pretty slow this morning. folks getting diverted off of 32. if you're headed to bwi, you'll want to take 95 because it is so slow. take a look at some of those backups and folks trying to get off the roadway. rockville pike between cedar lane and pookshill road. we'll talk more about that. in bound sutland parkway shut down at stanton road.
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southbound 270 as you head all the way down through clarksburg, you are a little slow. eun? >> thank you, melissa. another traffic problem right now. only two lanes open in both directions of rockville pike where crews are fixing a water main break. this is in bethesda at the intersection of cedar lane. take a look at that. in the last 15 minutes we learned that wssc removed the 74-year-old pipe. now they have to put a new one in. this has been an issue since about 2:30 yesterday afternoon. the old pipe cracked open flooding that intersection. about 250 customers without water are getting their water supply from montgomery county fire this morning. at least one school in the area is impacted by this water main break. water is shut off at stone rinl. as a result school will open on a two-hour delay. that means school will start at 9:50 for the lower school and at 10:50 for the middle school and upper school. the pre-s.a.t. scheduled for
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today will be postponed until wednesday, october 28th. good morning. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. skies are partly cloudy. no chance for rain today so you won't need the umbrella. you will probably need a jacket. unlike the warmth we had yesterday, considerably cooler today. upper 50s in the shenandoah valley. mid 50s around most of the metro area. hometown forecast in aspen hill, maryland. what a great day to be outside. mid to upper 60s by noontime. highs near 70. mid 60s by 6:00 this evening. no weather-related slowdowns. chance of rain on friday in just a few more minutes. 6:02 right now. following the breaking news this morning out of prince georges county where police are on the scene of an overnight murder. a man shot to death in sutland just after 2:00 a.m. meghan fitzgerald is live on the search with more on the search for a suspected gunman.
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meghan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, aaron. yes, prince georges county police have been out here since that call came in around 2:15 of a shooting. here on the 4800 block of tangier place. they've been trying to figure out the motive. what they do tell us is they know this man was targeted. they tell us he was shot multiple times. want to show you over here. it was a couple of minutes ago that we saw detectives with flashlights sort of combing the area here on the street that runs perpendicular to where that actual murder happened. if we could swing our camera back the other direction, you'll see this is the actual crime scene here at tangier place. very active here. you can see they've taped off the area. police again have been on scene here for about four hours being very thorough in their investigation. you can see the crime lab cars are out here along with several other police cars trying to determine a motive here. why this man was targeted. again, they do believe that this
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was a targeted shooting. they tell us that we are expected to learn more information about this shooting later on in the afternoon, but at this point they are asking for the public's help. anyone who may have seen something or heard something, they're being encouraged to contact the prince georges county police department right away. back to you. >> meghan fitzgerald in sutland, thank you. 6:04 now. family members will lay to rest a man who died after a struggle with security guards. 74-year-old james mcbride was a patient at med star washington hospital center. mcbride died two days after guards restrained him for trying to leave the hospital earlier this month. his neck was broken but it's unclear why he died. 6:04. the jury is looking at new evidence from the trial of accused killer charles severance. former girlfriend linda robra spent several hours on the witness stand. many of the questions focused on the guns she owned, guns
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severance suggested she should buy, guns that are now missing. robra told the court he didn't like police or the legal system after he lost his son in a custody battle. a big win for hillary clinton thanks to arguably her biggest competition. senator bernie sanders nullified one of the most problematic issues in her campaign. clinton's performance gave her a commanding win. that is the consensus over social media. nbc analysis says that she did not slip and skillfully diverted attempts to shake her. when given the chance she slammed the gop. and clinton defended against accusations that she changed position on policy to appease polls and voters. she also addressed her role as secretary of state in the handling of benghazi. some insights -- breaking news on the roads right now. bw parkway northbound here at
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32, we are still completely shut down. if you have to go to the airport this morning you're going to want to take 95. also have a problem on sutland parkway as well as one in bethesda. we'll take a look at both of those things coming up. developing story in florida where we've learned overnight that multiple people have died in a crash. plus, warning signs going up on a
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breaking news. still shut down bw parkway northbound at 32 because of a nasty crash from overnight. if you're headed to bwi definitely take 95 instead this morning. have another crash here at the back of the two mile backups here at 198. just got off the phone with police. we also have a response there. rockville pike between cedar lane and pookshill road, we have
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two northbound lanes and two southbound lanes. germantown to the belt way on 270, 12 minutes. top of the beltway, no major problems. 66 back into town back on time and so is 95 northbound. i'm angie goff at the live desk with breaking news out of charles county. we just learned some sad news that a child and an adult have died in a fire that happened overnight. this is in the city of hughesville, maryland. very limited details, but we know that this took place in the 15,000 block of popular hill road. as i mentioned in hughesville. this happened around 12:30 in the morning. that is when charles county fire responded. they said when they arrived at the scene there was a lot of heavy fire, a lot of heavy flames. as of right now that fire is out. investigators still on the scene trying to figure out how all of this happened. as for the victims, we know that the adult is a female and that the child who died is a young
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boy. we still have not been given an age or a name. a firefighter was hurt fighting this fire. he has since made his way to the hospital and has been released. chopper 4 on the way to the scene right now. we will bring you the very latest update when we get it. >> angie, thank you. 6:11. we're working to learn more about the victims of an plane crash. the plane went down near a ail p i palm beach. it hit two mobile homes. it started fire. the palm beach fire captain said multiple people died. one of them was in a mobile home when the plane went down. in another developing story we are working to learn lamar odom's condition right now. the former nba star is in a hospital after he was found unconscious in a nevada brothel yesterday. odom won two championships with the l.a. lakers. one witness said owe come d odo
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throwing up when he was found. want to get you up to speed on the forecast. live look outside as we anticipate things warming up just a bit this morning. >> let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell to nd out how warm it will get. >> nowhere near as warm as yesterday. we made 78 yesterday. we'll be about degrees colder than that. 50 in fort bell, 50 in college park. 51 at joint base andrews. our next chance for rain shows up on friday. more of that in a few minutes. drive time forecast dry pavement on in. temperatures in the 50s. bit breezy. if you have a high profile, hold onto the wheel a little tighter. see you with the seven day in a few. >> thanks, chuck. some news you can raise your glass to after a hard day at work. the new benefit researchers say a glass of wine can help with. plus, making good for a mistake he made decades ago. the surprise apology a
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welcome back. 6:15 right now. we're watching a traffic problem for you right now. take a live look at the scene. two lanes are open at rockville
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pike. they are fixing a water main break. remov the 74-year-old pipe. now they have to put a new one in. melissa mollet will have more on the traffic impact coming up at 6:21. i was startled when i got hit. >> dell wilbur was attacked on the capitol crescent trail not by a robber or a dog, an owl apparently swooped down and hit him. he felt like somebody hit him with a bottle, he said. the attack happened on river road in dorsett avenue. wilbur said after the first attack the owl swooped down and attacked somebody else. officials say that bird is probably young and may be mistaking reflections and pony tails for food. >> i looked down the trail and a big bird that i assume was an owl, looked kind of white, was swooping down on a woman that was jogging in that direction with a ponytail. >> park police have put up signs
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warning people about an aggressive owl that lives in the area. they also say if you have a ponytail, you might want to put it under a hat. >> who knew pony tails would be so dangerous. didn't take long for someone to put this owl situation to a twitter. the description reads, i eat mice and regurgitate pellets, ew. in between, i protect my turf from joggers. the owl tweeted last night during the democratic debate. of course, calling politicians blowhards. moco owl is following animals including beau beau. >> these accounts are funny. if you read some of the tweets, it's entertaining talking smack on twitter. the owl, he, she. >> he or she, we don't know. >> whatever. 6:17 right now. former virginia governor bob mcdonnell has officially asked the prepare court to review his conviction. a few months ago a federal
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appeals court turned down the appeal and ordered him to prison. his lawyers immediately filed an appeal with the supreme court. bob mcdonnell is facing two years in prison. meanwhile, maureen mcdonnell wants to delay her court hearing while her husband's appeal is going through the system. the former first lady is scheduled to go to court on october 29th. she was sentenced to one year and a day in prison. they have been allowed to remain free while appealing their conviction. a developing story out of oklahoma after nearly two decades, a man is in custody this morning. accused in the kidnapping and murder of an 8-year-old girl. kristin hatfield vanished in the middle of the night in 1997. a man who lived just two doors away from her is in jail. after being questioned for a second time anthony palmer consented to a dna sample. he was arrested last week. there is no word on whether any charges will be filed. a gaithersburg man may face
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life in prison after being convicted of a murder at an olney mansion. he was part of the group that raided a montgomery county home looking for drugs and money with. it happened in march last year. miles was shot several times during a robby. prosecutors say he killed the man who shot him, mark saint aubin. the world bank is offering more than $1 million in grant money in honor of hannah graham. the washington post reports the grants will be used to combat global sexual violence. they found the 18-year-old university of virginia student dead after a massive week's long search. jesse matthews faces murder charges in her abduction. former congresswoman gabriel giffords is leading a charge to protect women and families from gun violence. today's event coincides with domestic violence awareness moment. she will announce women's
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coalition for common sense. their focus is for advocating for laws that will affect families. it will address the lethal links between access to guns and domestic violence. a gun store in wisconsin is ordered to pay millions of dollars after selling a gun used to shoot two police officers. the officers filed the lawsuit against badger guns because the gun used to shoot them was sold to a so-called straw buyer. the shooter was too young to buy the gun himself. the officers were shot in the face in the summer of 2009. the store is expected to pay the officers around $6 million in damages. 6:20 right now. police in frederick maryland need help finding two people suspected of vandalizing a bust of a supreme court justice. take a look at some photos released by police yesterday. they come from surveillance video in fredericks city. the video shows the suspects heading towards the bust of roger brook tawny outside of city hall. they were carrying a plastic bag
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with a bust outside. >> students at samuel chase elementary school have to go to a different school building today. samuel chase is in temple hills. it was closed yesterday after a fire in the classroom. it is closed today and tomorrow as well. classes are on for students, however, they should head to crossland high school in temple hills today instead. there's a concert at the white house today. president obama and the first lady hosting that concert on pbs tonight. it will be called in performance at the white house. it will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the national endowment for the arts and humanitie humanities. patti labelle singing there. i should stop talking, shouldn't i? previous honors were aretha franklin and jill scott. other years the concert saluted our troops and carol king. >> they put on good shows at the white house. 6:21. breaking news on the road, melissa. >> breaking news. again, we're talking about bw
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parkway, a crash shutting all of the northbound lanes down. get off on 32 there. another crash at the back of all of these backups, a two-mile backup northbound bw parkway there at 198. two different problems there. in bethesda, still have the water main break. two northbound lanes and two southbound lanes the only things now open in that area. taking a look here in southeast, still have this problem in bound sutland parkway shut down at stanton road. traffic being pushed on to nailor road. beltway, no major problems now. 66 and 95 rolling along nicely. you can see a little bit of a slowdown there. 95 northbound as you head through woodbridge. 66 in bound as you head out of manassas. >> chuck? >> outside this morning, skies are partly cloudy but these clouds are going to be moving on out as cooler, dryer air moves on in for the next couple of days after a beauty of a day yesterday made 78 degrees much more typical weather of october move in. before today as you get into the
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weekend it will start feeling more like november. impact on your day today, a nice low impact weather day. cool and breezy. you'll want to take the jacket today. you could have gotten away with shorts and a t-shirt. today jeans and a light jacket. by the weekend though, way cooler. saturday breezy and chilly with highs only near 50. colder still on sunday. frost or freeze may be possible sunday and monday mornings. for our suburbs west of d.c. out to the shenandoah valley and northern maryland. a colder weekend is coming our way. it's not too bad outside. 58 in sharpsburg, maryland. 48 in manassas, 56 in arlington. sun is up at 7:16. temperatures mostly in the low to mid 50s for the next couple of hours. mid 60s by 9:00. beautiful afternoon. plenty of sunshine. noticeably breezy. northwest winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. afternoon highs near 70. temperatures trending back into
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the 50s. future weather, sunny, breezy, dry for today. a clear, cool night tonight. start off temperatures cooler tomorrow morning than today. our next chance for a shower or two rolls in as we get into late morning to about lunchtime on your friday. so that's our only real chance for rain in the next seven days. here's the whole seven day forecast. sunny for today and tomorrow. slight chance for shower friday and big cooldown in time for the weekend. today, hour by hour coming up in a few minutes. 6:24. maryland governor larry hogan has finished his final round of chemotherapy. hogan took to facebook to thank the university of maryland medical center for their dedication and amazing work. he posted on facebook saying over the last four months i've undergone 30 days of 24 hour chemo, three surgeries, four spinal taps and countless scans. hogan was diagnosed with b cell nonhodgkin's lymphoma in june. >> a glass of white wine can be helpful to diabetics.
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that's according to a new study published in the journal of internal medicine. a single glass of white win offered benefits to people with well managed type 2 diabetes. after two years those who drank white wine every night had better triglyceride levels than those who drank red wine or water. how about that? a new study or survey of college freshmen said many didn't feel emotionally prepared for college. 60% of students told the first year college experience survey they wish they had more help getting emotionally ready for college life. i don't know if there's a way to do that. you kind of have to go in there and do that for yourself. >> nobody talks about that. >> i know. emotional preparedness had a big impact on whether a student had a successful freshman year or not. for a lot of people the first time away from home. >> you have to grow up quick. >> it's tough. a woman in connecticut is now clarifying why she opened a lawsuit against her nephew. she said she had to so insurance would pay her medical bill.
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the woman sued her 12-year-old nephew after he jumped into her arms at a birthday party four years ago. she fell and broke her wrist and arm. the jury ruled against her yesterday. the aunt's lawyer put out a statement saying the insurance company only offered her $1 and she needed to get her bills paid. the aunt was asking for $127,000 from her 12-year-old nephew in this case. >> does it cost $127,000 to fix a broken wrist? >> i don't know. >> i'm not sure. >> pain and suffering and all of that. i get it from the insurance perspective. same thing with a car a lot of times. insurance company says no unless you go after somebody. >> a lot of eyebrows raised after that story though. another story going viral on social media. in utah a man apologized for vandalizing a park 25 years ago. take a look. better late than never. here's a letter, he said in 1990 he vandalized a bathroom in the park with friends and he
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included $500 to make it right. this thing doesn't happen very often. they couldn't find any record of the vandalism case. he's going on his word. >> that's fine. the community will use that money for a playground. all's well that ends well. 6:27 our time right now. and not that -- not the news you want to hear if you spent time waiting in line at the dmv lately, why it may have been a waste of time. also ahead, protesters taking to the streets in d.c. after an arrest that sparked the social media outcry. what d.c. police are saying about this incident. and breaking news on the roads right now. an accident has the b.w. parkway shut down and the impact a water main break in bethesda is having on your commute as well. that's all next.
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right now wssc is making progress on a water main break. traffic is getting by at the intersection of rockville pike and cedar lane in bethesda. crews tweeted that they dug up the old pipe, and we just learned that materials are on the way to replace it.
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water is shut off to about 250 customers. wssc has been working overnight to get water turned back on in that area. we'll pass along traffic and water updates through the nbc washington app. breaking news on the roads. northbound bw parkway at 32 has just reopened in the past 30 seconds here so you can see already this red color on my map here getting a little bit smaller which is great. still have the crash northbound bw parkway 198 off to the left side of the roadway. right now we have reopened northbound, great news there. 270 southbound a little slow all the way through clarksburg. another little patch as you hit gaithersburg. another one near montrose road here this morning. big look at the beltway, no major problems right now. chuck? outside this morning, a couple of fair weather clouds there for the beginning of your day. with time these clouds will move on out. we'll be left with a decent amount of sunshine coming your
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way for the morning hours. cool start this morning. not all that cold. mid to upper 50s across most of the metro area. the skies will look like this with clouds and later this afternoon our skies will get bluer and bluer. we'll rise from the 50s. near 70 for a high today. grade that recess forecast coming up in ten minutes. >> thank you, chuck. check your smoke alarms. that is the message from the fairfax county fire chief this morning after this intense house fire. firefighters rescued a married couple from the second floor of a town house on purple sage court in lifted to the hospital. we are learning that they are both in serious condition but are expected to be okay. >> one, have a working smoke alarm on every floor and, second, when you go to bed at night, shut the bedroom door. >> fire investigators say the house did have working smoke alarms. the couple's four pets died in that fire. there is no word on what cause
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it had. in prince georges county police are looking for the person who shot two men near a school. one of them died. the shooting started at a town house complex in bladensburg yesterday afternoon. the crime scene spread out over several blocks and came close to bladensburg high school around the time students were dismissed. a homicide county investigator's death is the subject of an investigation. they found juan pena's body yesterday. they say his death does not appear to be suspicious. quote, juan cared deeply for his family, friends and fellow department members. a new hashtag popping up after video of a d.c. police arrest went viral. police say they're reviewing the video now. take a look. here it is. it shows officers forcibly detaining an 18-year-old outside the citi bank on pennsylvania avenue southeast. the incident happened earlier this week.
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police say the officers were responding to a call for three suspicious people near an atm. they say one person ran when they pulled up and the two others resisted them. some of you are sharing this video now online with the #justiceforjason. police say no one was arrested or charged. this just in. toyota vowing to get rid of gasoline cars by the year 2050. the automaker wants to eventually only sell hybrids and fuel cell vehicles, it says, to do its part to reduce emissions. now the pledge comes during a turbulent time for the auto industry after vw admitted to cheating the emissions system. that's the latest from the live desk, eun. >> thank you, angie. a d.c. apartment building is declared unfit and 12 families forced out of their homes. the building in southeast washington is not up to code. the city moved the families to temporary housing inside a hotel. one woman forced to move had to
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postpone her husband's funeral. after the family's stay is up in the hotel they have to find their own housing. happening today, the $10 bill is getting a new look. students from the university of maryland today will help treasury secretary jack lew pick the woman who will go on the new bill. the newport trait will replace alexander hamilton on the 10. it won't be in circulation until 2020. if you're thinking about heading to the dmv in virginia today, you might want to think again about that. a new report says 20% of people in the state go to the dmv and they don't need to. that means wait times for everybody, the times are longer. in arlington it's 47 minutes compared to 24 minutes statewide. most things can be done online, over the phone or by mail. there is a new problem for metro silver line construction projects. the second phase will take metro out to dulles airport and continue into loudoun county.
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crews found a lot of rock buried beneath the dulles toll road and that has interfered with progress. they want the second phase of the silver line in late 2019 barring anymore granite set backs. soon you can search for parking in d.c. on your phone. wouldn't that be nice? d dot is installing a new way for you to park downtone, especially around the verizon center. you might have seen these little signs in the area, right there. they label spaces so you don't have to put a receipt in your car. d dot says it also creates a map of what's taken and what's available. breaking news on the roads right now. 295 northbound here. we have just reopened there on bw parkway. also want to show you a live picture in a minute here of the water main break in bethesda. also ahead, making their pitches to the american public, but whos message resonated. the winners and losers.
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plus, giving dads a little more time to spend with their newborn babies. the potential change in the works for the navy. your time right now is 6:37. st
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actress hayden paneteiere has checked into a center for help. she's dealing with postpartum depression. she said postpartum depression is a spectrum and has a stigma attached to it. new fathers in the navy could have time home with their babies. they say the service is considering extending paternity leave from 10 to 30 days. this new development comes after navy admiral john richardson met with several sailors yesterday. they tripled paid maternity
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leave from female sailors and marines. >> 6:41. pretty cool start again. another beautiful fall day. didn't mind the rain yesterday. didn't see much of it. >> storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is here. >> a couple of five-minute long rain showers. rained from about 4:00 to 4:05 yesterday afternoon. clouds still hanging in some of our skies early this morning. those are outbound clouds, not rain makers. those will be dry with increasing amounts of sunshine. we're mostly in the 50s this morning. there are cool upper 40s through prince william and faulkier counties. cool side. light jacket. we give recess an a for today. temperatures in the upper 60s to near 70. you will compared to the shorts and t-shirt weather yesterday. you'll need your jackets, jeans and sunglasses. look at your weekend with your seven day is ten minutes from now. at bw parkway northbound, we are now clear here. everything is out of the way. just learned from police this was a fatal crash there at 32
6:42 am
overnight that had shut the road down. rockville pike water main break in bethesda. we are still having some problems between cedar lane and pooks hill road. 66 in bound, 95 northbound not bad. just about on time there. 270 south looks pretty good. the top of the beltway getting a little slow there. should take you ten minutes. 27 instead. remember to listen to our friends on wtop when you hop in your car. breaking news right now in prince georges county. police are investigating a deadly shooting in sutland at this hour. news 4's meghan fitzgerald is gathering information at the scene and is live with what happened there overnight. plus, we're watching this ongoing problem in bethesda as wssc crews repair a broken water main. traffic impacts plus the im
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we have breaking news right now. we're following two stories. the first in waldorf, maryland. two people are dead including a child after an early morning fire. and in bethesda a major water main break. repairs are underway but the work is having a major impact on the roads. let's go straight to melissa mollet for an update. melissa. >> right now we have two northbound and two southbound.
6:46 am
that is the report we're getting. looking a lot better than it was earlier. had a fatal crash at 32 that had shut down the roads. we have reopened. if you're headed to bwi, take 95. >> right now materials are en route to complete work on a water main break in bethesda. traffic getting by in two lanes in both directions on rockville pike in cedar lane. they have been working nonstop on this. live pictures here. this morning they removed the 74-year-old broken pipe that broke yesterday afternoon flooding the roads during the rush hour commute. about 250 customers don't have water right now. stone ridge school is right on the edge of that water main break. 10:00 for the middle and upper school. the pre-sat scheduled for today will be postponed until wednesday, october 28th. we have a live look now at
6:47 am
that breaking news that we are following out of charles county where a child and an adult died in a house fire. take a look. this is over waldorf, maryland. i know it's still a very dark shot here, but let me paint the picture for you. we have the 15,000 block of poplar hill road. we know firefighters are still on the scene. they've been there since around 12:30 this morning when they arrived to what they say was a lot of heavy fire and flames. we know that a woman and a young boy died. a firefighter was hurt as well. he went to the hospital and has been since released. students continue to follow this breaking story, tragic fire in waldorf, maryland. we'll find out how this happened and who else is impacted by the tragedy. eun. >> awful story. thank you, angie. following breaking news this morning. prince georges county police are on the scene of an overnight murder. a man was shot to death in
6:48 am
sutland. news 4's meghan fitzgerald is live on the scene with more on this investigation. meghan, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, eun. at this point prince georges county police department and detectives have been out here for the last 4 1/2 hours trying to figure out the motive here. what they are telling us is that the man who died here at the 4800 block of tangien place was targeted. he was shot multiple times but, again, they're still trying to figure out why this man was shot. if you take a look behind me, you can see it's a bit of a different scene now. police have sort of moved out many of the police cars, they've taken down the police tape, but they're being thorough at this hour. this he have a dog hunting the area here trying to pick up any evidence that they may have left behind to try to put the pieces together. we want to show you some video. we were out here not long after that shooting took place around 2:15 again. it was at tangier place at the intersection of davis avenue and
6:49 am
sutland. it was a busy scene here. a lot of police activity as police were here trying to put together the pieces to understand why a man was shot to death. no identity has been determined of this man yet but, again, police tell us this is a very active and ongoing investigation. they're trying to determine who this suspect is. they do say that the victim was targeted. they're really turning to the public at this point. they want to know if anyone has seen anything, heard any gunshots. they want them to call the prince georges county police department right away to give them any tips that they may have. back to you. sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you. me, too. >> a win this morning for hillary clinton thanks to arguably her biggest competition. you just heard senator bernie sanders essentially nullifying
6:50 am
the most problematic issues so far in her campaign for president. clinton's performance gave her a commanding win in last night's debate. that is the consensus all over social media this morning. nbc analysts say that she did not slip and skillfully diverted attempts to shake her. when given the chance she slammed the gop. >> they don't mind having big government to interfere with a woman's right to choose and to try to take down planned parent hood. they're fine with big government when it comes to that. i'm sick of it. >> they're defending positions on policies to appease polls. she also addressed her role as secretary of state on the handling of benghazi. now some insight from nbc's "meet the press" moderator, chuck todd tweeted clinton was easily the most polished and prepped candidate on stage. wasn't even close. sanders isn't going anywhere. not sure o'malley did anything to change the current trajectory of this race and on webb, this treat, most dems learned more
6:51 am
about how he disagrees with the base in a lot of issues. vice president joe biden noticeably absent of the big debate but not out of the bigger picture. nbc pea lit call analyst mark murray tweeted if you were joe biden and you were waiting for clinton to mess up to get in, you didn't get it at all. nbc's white house correspondent kristen welker will talk about biden's potential run and how the debate affects it. that's coming up on "today" after "news 4 today." donald trump took a shot at the whole pool of candidates. he tweeted, quote, all are very scripted and rehearsed, two at least should not be on the stage. jeb bush tweeted, if you think this country is on the wrong track, hillary clinton just told you she has no interest in changing direction. i sure will. governor mike huckabee had possibly the strangest reaction. he tweeted, quote, i trust bernie sanders with my tax dollars like i trust a north korean chef with my labrador.
6:52 am
donald trump will be in virginia later today. the republican presidential front-runner will hold a campaign at the richmond international raceway. in a statement he said he expects 10,000 people to show up for the event at 7:00 tonight. trump is the second gop presidential candidate to visit virginia's capitol this month. ohio governor john kasich held a town meeting at the university of richmond last week. >> chuck is here. we're going to start with a chill phase for the season now. >> yeah, we're done with the warm weather. 78 degrees yesterday. shorts and t-shirts abounded across the national mall when i was out running. that will not necessarily be the case as we'll lose about 10 degrees this afternoon. there's another big drop in temperatures coming our way as we head into the weekend. as i mentioned, yesterday 78. by the weekend, saturday and sunday afternoon highs will be 20 to 25 degrees colder than that. still a couple of clouds in our sky this morning but these are outbound clouds, not rain makers. it will be dry today. 56 at national airport.
6:53 am
plenty of sunshine for this afternoon. it will be breezy at times. winds out of the northwest 10 to 20 miles per hour. today high temperatures back closer to average in the upper 60s. 55 in gaithersburg, 55 in leesburg. 51 in camp springs maryland. hourly temperatures, 50s here through about 9:00 this morning. most of the day will be in the mid to upper 60s with increasing amounts of sunshine. downtown temperatures today probably closer to 71. 67 for a high in annapolis. 65 for your high in mart continuesburg, west virginia. a really nice day today except for the fact that it will be a little breezy. fall color not too much around the metro. if you want to see fall color go out towards parts of western maryland. not much raiin the forecast for the next seven days. best chance for rain comes up on friday. beautiful weather today and tomorrow. friday rain chance. not a big chance for rain but nonetheless it's the leading edge of the much colder air which will drastically impact
6:54 am
your weekend plans. you're going to need the warm fleece and the extra layers as we also may have a killing frost or freeze sunday and/or monday morning. talk about tough on the roads. here's melissa mollet. a little rough this morning first of all starting in bethesda. rockville pike, new update to share with you right now. two northbound lanes and one southbound lane the only thing open there between cedar lane and pooks hill road. bw parkway northbound and southbound finally catching up a bit here this morning. we are open there. bw parkway northbound taking a look at prince gorges county. overall looking pretty typical for this time of morning. 56 and 95 no major problems on 56 or 95. 270 you can see out of frederick, a little bit slow all the way down here through gaithersburg. get a little reprieve there through gaithersburg. pretty typical. no actual incidents there. the faa on the way to the
6:55 am
scene of a fatal plane crash in florida, and now we have a live look at all of the destruction left behind. a view from above. you are going to see these homes in a trailer park totally left in shambles. what we know from before is that there are a couple of investigators still on the ground. the big spotlight shining light on the damage. moving it over to the instagram video that was posted shortly after the small plane crashed into that trailer park. this is near the palm springs area in florida. you can see the surveillance video. the plane actually falling out of the sky here. now the fire chief saying that several people were killed. no exact number was given. at this point the investigation into the cause of the crash continues as the sun gets ready to come up. eun. >> thank you, angie. it is now 6:56. today family members will lay to rest a man who died after a struggle with security guards.
6:56 am
74-year-old james mcbride was a patient at med star washington hospital center. mcbride died two days after guards restrained him for trying to leave the hospital earlier this month. his neck was broken but it's unclear why he died. part of an area trail will be shut down for the u.s. park police s.w.a.t. school. training exercises will be happening along the billy goat trail at the national historic park. that's a popular pathway in potomac. be aware a section will be closed from 6:00 this morning until 3:00 this afternoon. it is now 6:56. here are four things to know before you head out the door. prince williams county police department says a fellow officer's death is not suspicious. virginia state police are investigating detective ju juan pena's death. hillary clinton may have more of a lead from a democratic race for president. bernie sanders gave a solid performance at last night's debate. they said they had lackluster or damaging appearances. one person is dead after an overnight shooting. it happened on tangier place in
6:57 am
sutland. investigators don't think this was a random crime. there is no estimate as to when a water main break will be fixed. traffic is getting by but some lane closures at rockville pike and cedar lane. 250 customers are still outwater. two northbound lanes and one southbound lane the only thing open between cedar and pooks hill road. that is the broadcast this morning. thanks for waking up with us. the "today" show is
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. civil war. the democratic presidential candidates take debate stage for the first time and surprisingly bernie sanders comes to hillary clinton's defense >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you, me, o. >> the night otherwise a bit contentious. >> is bernie sanders tough enough on guns? is there no. it's time enough the entire country stood up against the nra. >> who walked await winner? we've got full coverage this morning. fiery crash. a small plane slams into a mobile home park in florida and bursts into a baffle flames. a surveillance camera recording it all. the number of victims still unknown. fighting for his life. former nba star lamar
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