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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  October 14, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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conditions for some of the area's poorest residents. a day of detours and delays at a major intersection. why a warning system that was supposed to send a letterses about water main breaks didn't work. >> we begin with a dramatic sign that americans are more engaged with the presidential race than many analysts believed. more than 15 million of us watched last night's debate and that beats the record number of viewers for a democratic debate by about 5 million and while many viewers got their first real exposure to bernie sanders, even donald trump admits the night belonged to hillary clinton. steve handelsman is following clinton and he's live tonight in henderson, nevada. this is where hillary clinton is at this moment at the iup henderson headquarters and visiting with her staunch union supporters who say they're pleased with how she did last night. hillary clinton's supporters are overjoyed at her
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performance. >> i love you guys, thank you all very much. >> big clinton donors are relieved. >> oh, my god, they wring their hands over their emails and her performance last night cemented their position as the odds-on favorite to win the presidency. >> reporter: clinton dominated the four men. >> clinton clashes with chief rival bernie sanders were polite, but pointed. is he tough enough on guns? no. not at all. i think we have to look at the fact that we lose 90 people a day from gun violence. she frustrated her rival. >> even donald trump was impressed. >> i think she did her job and got throughed debate. sanders was mobbed by tv cameras. >> it's uncomfortable, but this kind of attention was a positive sign, right? >> i think there is some interest and maybe some people will think we did okay tonight. >> he did his job calling for
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socialism, free health care and free college. >> i believe in a society where all people do well and not just a handful of billionaires. >> and in a special debate moment sanders threw clinton a lifeline. >> the american people are sick and tired of people hearing about your damn emails. >> watching from back in washington is joe biden who said democrats left the vice president to go up against hillary clinton. the democrats debate again, jim, in one month and republicans in two weeks. >> thank you, steve. >> listen, we hear that clinton's campaign chairman is calling for vice president biden to make a decision in time for that next debate coming up. what are you hearing about that? >> definitely it happened, jim. it was live on msnbc after clinton, what her campaign calls her triumph last night here in las vegas, john podesta, the campaign chair said publicly that while everybody knows and bethesda said he sympathizes
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with what bethesda called the terrible tragedy that joe biden and his family has suffered and bethesda said it is time to decide whether to run or not run for president, thanks, steve. >> more now from donald trump and he talked to nbc's katy tur at the trump tower in manhattan. he told her his blunt approach has been working and he's probably not going to change it. >> i think i could be, perhaps, a little bit -- i can watch my words a little bit and maybe be more politically correct, but to be honest with you, one of the reasons i am doing well is being politically correct takes a lot of time. it takes a lot of effort. >> donald trump's campaign headquarters include the so-called wall of shame that features pictures of the former candidates, rick perry and scott walker. trump says they gave him a hard time and then dropped out of the race. he declined to predict who might
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be next on that wall. new reaction tonight from a man who escaped a fire that killed a young boy and his grandmother. flames ripped through the family home in maryland overnight and chris gordon spoke with relatives who are heart broken. >> someone inside the house called 911 at 12:34 a.m. firefighters from half a dozen company responded and they got four occupants out alive, but the fire killed 6-year-old zavion atkins and his grandmother, 68-year-old bernice washington. >> were you here last night? >> yes. >> can you say anything about it? >> i tried to save her, and could aren't. i tried to save them, and i couldn't get them out in time. >> reporter: the fire marshal is investigating the cause of the fire. the preliminary indication is that it was electrical. this is the 48 fatal fire in maryland so far this year compared to 42 all of last year.
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>> amen. amen. amen. >> reporter: members of this large family gathered in prayer seeking strength at this time of loss. bernice washington brought them together so often in life. >> everyone always got together and had a good time together. she'll be missed and the baby. >> 6-year-old zavion atkins was a first grader at malcolm school. some of the teachers visited his family to express their condolences. >> the things that he do say would just make you laugh. you just never knew what he was going to say. >> that's true. >> i mean, i love him, and the family has started a go fund me page to pay funeral expenses and to begin replacing all of the things they now need to start over. you can find a link if you'd like to help on our nbc washington app. that's the latest from waldorf, maryland, chris gordon, news 4.
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right now anybody trying to take rockville pike through bethesda is living a nightmare. this is a look right now at that ride through bethesda. the efforts to fix a broken water main continues for the second night. a transportation reporter adam tuss is there with more on why a warning system didn't work. >> it is an absolute mess, and again, take a look at the traffic that they were showing here. that is the northbound traffic toward the beltway and you have the cedar lane traffic turning up and there is only one getting by and take a look at this trench that has been left behind on the water gushing down rockville pike. it started on rockville pike where the pipe burst and the crews are still working to get that pipe fixed, a mess in this area.
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left behind, a mess. all of this after a 16-inch main sent water flying down rockville pike and we're still dealing with it all. >> if you can at all avoid it, this will be a problem area through the evening rush. should there have been a warning, that warns when large pipes are breaking, but that system is only in place on much larger pipes. those have what we call acoustic fiber optics which when the steel bands that rim those pipes, when they break they send out the ping of the big, large pipes. these do not have that. >> they're 75 years old and it will take a while to patch it up, but on the road all lanes are expected to reopen by tomorrow morning's rush. >> and back here now live as everybody tries to make their way home tonight. >> just a word to the wise, if you download our nbc washington
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app, we'll give you an alert as soon as the road is reopen to traffic and they do expect it to be that way by tomorrow morning's rush. back to you. >> adam tuss, thank you. we've learned the name of a man who was killed in a hit and run in the district. the victim 62-year-old john lindberg. he was crossing sergeant road northeast when someone hit him yesterdmorning. that first car pushed lindberg into the path of another car. the second car stayed on the scene until help arrived you, but it was too late. police located the driver of the first vehicle and he is cooperating with them. d.c.'s government has moved nearly 1,000 families from shelters into permanent housing, but some people are complaining about the conditions. they say it's making them sick. this is the view now of video, that is, from inside one of those homes. mark segraves has our report. >> i feel awful because i'm just stuck in this predicament.
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>> like hundreds of other families, candace reeves was living at the d.c. general homeless shelter. now they're in an apartment of their own and a portion of their rent is paid by the rapid rehousing program. without that subsidy, many of the families in these an aparts would be back in the shelter or on the street. >> i work and it's not enough to pay market rent. >> this apartment building in northeast is home to three families who once lived in a shelter and once received rapid rehousing subsidies. >> reeves and the other tenants here say the conditions inside their apartments are making their children sick. >> the kids have so much high mold in their system that the doctor can detect it in their blood. >> the first thing you notice when you walk into the building is the smell. >> the smell is terrible. you have to leave the ac on in order to have a smell -- a productive smell that you can bear. >> reporter: despite the fact that they were crowded into one room here and had to share bathrooms, both mothers say their families would be better
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off back here at d.c. general. >> there was no mold. there was no rats. there was no roaches. the kid his heat when it was cold. they had ac when it was hot. >> the department of human services tells news 4 the property owner is complying with the request to have the property inspected for mold within the last five days. with removal or radiation service to follow immediately. other needed repairs to the property will be completed within the same timeframe. as winter approaches, the need for more housing for homeless families will increase. as of today, 240 homeless families are still living inside the d.c. general shelter. in the district, mark segraves, news 4. charles ramsey led the metropolitan police department for eight years before he became commissioner in fulfill. when he announced retirement today he thanked everyone on the police force and said his thoughts are with the officers he lost. >> thank the family of the
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officers that we lost in the line of duty since i've been here. eight families. eight families that are without their loved one and the strength and courage that they've shown have given me the strength and courage to move on. >> commissioner ramsey will retire in january when philadelphia mayor michael nutter leaves office. ramsey's law enforcement career spans nearly 50 years. a soldier who survived a suicide attack in afghanistan will receive the medal of honor. >> captain floorent groberg graduated from the university of maryland, ran cross country there. in 2012 he was escorting a group of high-ranking u.s. and afghan service members when a suicide bomber approached his patrol. captain groberg rushed the bomber and started to physically drive him away from the group, but when the bomber fell to the ground his suicide vest detonated.
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groberg lost part of his left leg and suffered a traumatic brain injury. four people were killed in that incident, but 30 others survived because of his actions. groberg will receive the award on november 12th. >> powerful testimony today in the charles severance trial as his ex-lover takes the stand. what she's revealing about the bitter custody battle and the letters he sent her way. a former nba star fighting for his life now, his family and friends rush to his bedside. he lived secretly in this church for three years. the story of the st. ann's attic man coming up, news 4. >> you may have pulled out the jackets, but now it's going to be time to pull out the coat and we'll tell you how cold it will get for the weekend and today, not too bad out there and i'll look at the forecast and a
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new concerns tonight about the escalation of violence in israel. we want to warn you, this video contains some disturbing images. an nbc news crew was at an israeli checkpoint in jerusalem today when a palestinian man ran reportedly tried to stab police who were trying to stop him. he was running away with what appeared to be a knife in his hand when israeli police shot
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and killed him. we are freezing the video before the man was shot. also today, a palestinian man stabbed a woman as she boarded a bus. police shot and killed him, as well. the violence follows a series of deadly attacks that have heightened tensions in that region. the man who died after a struggle with hospital security guards here in the district was buried today. >> james mcbride was a patient at medstar washington hospital center last month. hospital officials say he left without being formally discharged and he died after a confrontation with two security guards who tried to restrain him. mcbride was 74 years old. friends outside the funeral home in breakneck, maryland, were still in a somewhat state of disbelief. >> it is tragic, you know, that it happened to such a great man. unfortunately, the family has to not only deal with his loss, but the tragedy of the loss. >> he will be missed.
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he will be missed very deeply, very deeply. >> the security guards worked for the hospital and they're placed on administrative leave while d.c. police investigate that incident and so far no charges have been filed in that case. former nba star lamar odom is fighting for his life after being found unresponsive in a brothel in nevada. jay gray is outside the hospital in las vegas with more on his condition and the circumstances surrounding this case, jay? >> reporter: doreen, what we know right now is his ex-wife khloe kardashian along with medical people are at his side and continue to be around the clock right now. those close to the situation telling us the next 48 hours are critical in the fight for his life. >> and the slam! >> reporter: a former nba and reality tv star lamar odom is fighting for his liefe at a las vegas hospital after the 35-year-old was found
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unconscious tuesday inside a nevada brothel. >> there was a color change, he was breathing and he threw up. they got him in the ambulance and he was alive when he left the ranch. >> reporter:'s source inside the hospital tells e! news doctors are treating the situation as an overdose. the news eliciting an outpouring of supprt from friends and former teammates. >> i just want to extend love and support to one of our nba brothers lamar odom. we love you, man. keep fighting. >> reporter: on twitter, dwayne wade wrote, i pray this morning for my brother, dear god, he's one of the good ones. shaquille o'neal writing, everyone that reads this post, please pray for my friend lamar odom that makes a full recovery. the former nba champion gained notoriety off the court when he married reality star khloe kardashian, but their marriage didn't last long. following their breakup in 2013,
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odom's personal life continued to spiral out of control including drunk driving and drug use, adding to a tumultuous time in his babble career, playing for four teams in three years, last taking the court in 2013 and now the former champion is in a fight for his life inside this las vegas hospital, jay gray, nbc news, las vegas. there are reports that lamar took an herbal viagra at that brothel. the food and drug administration warns about these types of products. consumers usually perceive them as safe because they're often marketed as all-natural alternatives to prescription drugs, but the so-called diet ear supplement may contain prescription drugs or harmful ingredients that are aren't even listed on the label. the fda has a list of online products you should avoid on the website. tonight we're getting a hard look at numbers connected to synthetic drug use in the district. the news 4 i-team has reported
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on these drugs to give us a better understanding of it all. tisha thompson with new information about the d.c. court's, forts to deal with this problem. >> jim, if you get arrested or placed on probation or parole in d.c., you will be drug tested by the pre-trial services agency which starting this month became the first agency of its kind in the nation to test everyone for synthetic drugs. they first got back their first batch of numbers and found about 4% of suspected offenders did test positive for synthetics when they were arrested. this is a much smaller number than expected because erle whier this year the agency had done preliminary testing and as much as 20% with suspected violent offenders were on the drugs when they went to jail. so the big question now is have people already started to curb their synthetic drug use in the district because word is spreading and they can no longer
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keep the drug tests using synthetics. pre-trial services says it is too early to tell and this is just the very first week of data that they're looking and the we'll keep watching the results to keep you posted as we learn more this fall. tisha thompson, news 4 i-team. >> still ahead, a bold robbery is stripped of his belongings and it happens in plain view of a security camera. we have the video police want you to see. detectives say it looked like a car someone had been living in. so what did they find in the search of accused killer charles severance's vehicle? i'll show you what was inside coming up. a warning for parents at local school districts are forced to cancel upcoming fl
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and now your storm team 4 forecast. >> and that forecast is a cool one across the area over the next couple of days and then it's a cold one as we head toward the weekend. not bad out there today and around 69. we hit 70 degrees in the district and most areas to the north were in the low to mid-60s all day and down to the south it's 72 in places like fredericksburg and 65 with sunshine and winds out of the north at 15 miles per hour and still breezy and it will be quite cool this evening with that little breeze and the sun going down in seven minutes and the sunset tonight at 6:31.
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tomorrow the sun sets at 6:30. how about that. 61 degrees in gaithersburg and a cool 61 back toward winchester. no rain to talk about and we'll not see any chance for rain over the next seven to ten days and the only chance comes on friday and most of us will stay dry and an isolated shot with another cold front passes the spot and this is what's going on and this is the entire nation. look at this. not much going on across the nation and you can see the motion of the clouds all of the way from canada right down toward our area and that's a deep trough of low pressure in our region and it will get enhanced and what it means is cooler conditions that will already mean and mart insburg and 54 in d.c. a cool start for your day and all in all, not bad. look at that sunset. that is just gorgeous. let's just sit and watch that. reminded me of a movie for a second. 64 degrees by noon and up to 67 tomorrow. a nice day, maybe a little
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breezy early, but i think the wind will die off, and not as breezy as today and the impact forecast for tomorrow will be on the low side and a cool start and a very nice afternoon and the weekend, as i mentioned it will be quite chilly and some of the fall foliage, just run out to the portions of western maryland and from the blue ridge back to the west and not a bad weekend for leaf viewing and just make sure you're dressed warm because take a look at the high temperatures and 67 tomorrow and 58 on saturday and sunday and monday morning, temperatures around 40 in the city and that puts most of you close to freezing and ill let you know who has the best chance of seeing freezing temperatures and maybe the first frost and freeze of the season and we'll talk about that at 6:45. next at 6:00, she has stayed silent and out of the public eye until now. tonight the mother of charles
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severance's son takes the stand as another key witness revealed clues about the moments after one of the murders. they found a man living in the attic of a local church. we'll tell you how he managed to go unnoticed up there for years. a fiery plane crash caught on video as new details about the victims emerge. new bike lanes will soon replace some much sought-after parking spaces. we'll tell you how some people are fighting back. how young is too young to learn a second language? we're breaking down the
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right now at 6:30, several big stories unfolding including a man who was squatting inside a place of worship for years before getting caught. plus a dramatic robbery caught on surveillance video. >> first, though, powerful testimony for the prosecution at the charles severance trial. it came from a plumber who arrived at a murder victim's house just moments after the victim was shot. our bureau chief julie carey has our report. >> reporter: prosecutors turned their focus to the murder of regional transportation planner ron kirby. it was veterans day 2013. this diagram shows where his body fell. he was hit with three to five bullets. his son joseph found the body, said joseph, i walked through the front door and found my father dead, but this man was
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also at the kirby house that day. daniel petrillo was schedule toed to do some pluming and by the time he showed up he got no answer at the door. petrillo said he saw a man who resembled severance, the man looks like a hobo with a beard like zz top. the defense challenged petrillo grilling him why he never mentioned seeing the man or an fbi interview that december. it wasn't until last month that petrillo mentioned the man. the defense attorney suggested it came only after he saw a photo of severance. he heard more about a possible motive for the murders. prosecutors contend it was a bitter custody battle with this woman that left charles severance with a deep hatred of police and the courts, a hatred they say later led him to kill three well-known alexandria residents. pamela nichols became pregnant
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shortly after meeting severance in 1999. the couple wasn't together long. nichols soon won sole custody of the little boy and severance sent letters for years. asked the prosecutor, were the letters pleasant? nichols, no. prosecutor, how would you characterize them? nichols, they were frightening and they were threatening. jurors got to see what was in severance's car when he was arrested in west virginia. a gun cleaning kit and no guns, was there cash, a lot of clothes and many tourist brochures and books including the bible. in fairfax county, julie carey, news 4. a surveillance camera captured a violent robbery outside of a d.c. apartment complex and police trying to track down these two people. at one point they ripped a person's backpack off and then slapped the victim. after they took the man's stuff they ran away. >> that robbery happened in a building along 16th street northwest in the columbia heights neighborhood.
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a man dressed like a woman is the focus of a peeping tom investigation. a mother and her 5-year-old daughter were in the restroom when they saw a flash and a mirror under the stall. >> the woman confronted the man and they struggled, but he ran away and nobody was injured. a similar incident happened in may at the walmart on worth avenue in woodbridge. a man made the attic of a church in arlington his home for three years before anybody knew he was there. that is until last week. now new at 6:00, we're learning that this is not his first run-in with the police. pat collins outside st. ann's church and that's near 66 and george mason drive. >> jim, he lived secretly in the attic for three years, but he had some amenities, a makeshift bed and a rack for his clothes, a cooler and for music, he had a guitar. this is 42-year-old william
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barker. he lived in the attic of st. ann's for three years, three years undetected. this is how police say he did it. >> he would wait until the evening hours when there was less staff around, pop a ceiling tile, use a ladder, crawl up to his own space in the attic, pulled the ladder up there and occupy it until the next morning. >> and this is a couple who lives across the street from where it happened. >> reporter: you had a neighbor you didn't know about. >> that's correct. yes. >> very interesting. i'm surprised he was able to hide himself for so long. >> this is how barker got caught. an air-conditioning repairman heard some noise in the attic. they called the cops and down came william barker. the pastor was there when it happened. >> it was quite sad. i -- i was there almost, like, the whole time when the police
6:35 pm
were called in, and then he came down. i was waiting to see his face and there was a deep sadness, you know, that i felt right there. >> reporter: forgiveness from the good father tonight. not so much from the arlington police. they say they have barker linked to another unauthorized entry at another church a few years ago. tonight william barker has a new home. it has bars that he's undergoing a mental evaluation. jim, back to you. >> pat collins, thanks, pat. coming up tonight, battle over bike lanes pitting drivers against cyclists and now a local church getting into the mix. plus a new warning as we head into flu season and why local school districts have been forced to poft bone or cancel clinics to vaccinate children. take a look at what to
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expect this weekend, lows near freezing in the burrbes and feeling more like november and i'll have the actual numbers to see who has the best chance of of a freeze coming up in a minute.
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dozens of local high schoolers may have to retake the a.c.t. test after their answer sheets were lost in the mail. about 88 students from anne arundel county are affected. they took the test at southern high school last month. the a.c.t. officials say the students have been automatically registered to retake the test for free next weekend. school districts in our region are starting to postpone or cancel flu vaccine clinics because of manufacturing delays. our news partners at wtop who says
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ever before and while experts say there is no right or wrong way to become fluent in a foreign language, our erika gonzalez met a family that says it all starts in the home. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: like any child his age, 6-year-old matthew golick is curious about a lot of things. [ speaking spanish ] >> but his parents are channeling that inquisitive nature into language. >> his mom angela, a native of colombia speaks to him only in spanish while his dad brent speaks in english. >> they want matthew to be fluent in both languages andfor this family, it starts in the
6:40 pm
home. >> it's constant. it's constant. it's all the time. >> dr. lidia gil is with the department of education. >> if the child is brought up to think that this is really a strength that i have and i'm so proud of this, you know? in contrast, to the old school mythology that this is a problem. in matthew's case, angela admits sometimes he gets a little stuck, a teachable moment in this case on how to say the word oven, in spanish. >> for example, when we do banana bread, so he says -- mommy, we have to turn the -- [ speaking spanish ] >> oven. >> and el horno. >> there is no right or wrong way to teach your child to be bilingu bilingual, just don't give up. she knows the recent trend in dual-language schools some with a 90% spannic and 10% english curriculum and others a 50/50
6:41 pm
split all bringing very positive outcomes. >> it's well implemented in a language program actually outperform in english. >> d.c. and virginia are two states in a growing trend that often has a biliteracy. >> it's not about teaching matthew to be bilingual. it's all other pieces that go with it. >> it's not just speaking the language, it's embracing the culture. >> erika gonzalez, news 4. >> the final terrifying moments were captured on video. what we are learning about the victims in this deady look plane crash. also a local church at the center of a heated debate over
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there's new information tonight about a fiery plane crash in palm beach county, florida. federal safety regulators confirmed today a young woman on the ground was killed when that airplane crashed into a mobile home park and set two homes on fire. the woman who was 21 years old, she was trapped inside one of the burning homes. the pilot also was killed. despite the awful outcome, investigators say it could have been even worse. >> wooe very fortunate in a
6:45 pm
mobile home park that it wasn't larger and only two homes were affected. >> that plane was on its way from orlando to palm beach county when it went down around 5:30 last night. it was about three miles from an airport when it happened. investigators say they still don't know what caused the crash. they say there is no record of a did i stress call. the name us airways is about to become history this weekend and at least one local airport are working so people are not confused by that. us airways will move to one website, app and reservation system all under the american name. >> at reagan national, it will operate in terminals b and kr, it will have new signs up to help get travellers to where they need to go. >> yet another church that's been in the district for quite some time is complaining about proposed bike lanes that could hurt attendance, they say and
6:46 pm
activities at the church. >> united house of prayer for all people is the latest and it claims that the policy is an effort to discourage african-american churches from staying in a city that is steadily gentrifying. tom sherwood is our report. >> the united house of prayer for all people, a major presence just east of the city's convention center. its seven-page letter to ddot say bike lanes like this will disrupt traffic already heavy with traffic. it questions if african-american churches are forced out because of the gentrifying neighborhoods. no one responded for comment and they disputed the church's view. >> no one is out to get them and no one is out to push them out of the city and we have a growing population that needs to be accommodated in terms of their preferred means of transportation and that preferred means of transportation is bicycles. >> vdot officials told news 4 a
6:47 pm
community meeting will be held next week to discuss the proposed bike lanes. >> we're trying to make it safe and easy for everybody no matter how they're choosing to get around and no matter how they're using to go. >> the city needs more north-south bike lanes in that area as part of the city's overall bike grid. >> what we're looking at are protected bike lanes and we're looking at how to make that happen. martinten, a 20-year resident says bikes are part of the local fabric. >> there are thousands more people in the neighborhood and we have a lot more cyclists coming through the neighborhood to get to work, to get to school and get to church. >> the city plans tody stu the new bike routes over the winter and begin construction next summer. in the district, tom sherwood, news 4. >> ralph ducoat is a leukemia survivor. he has survived a coma and endured extensive chemotherapy, gone blind in one eye and uses a wheelchair because he's too weak
6:48 pm
to walk. none of that could stop him from giving his daughter away at a wedding last saturday up in maybe. duket agreed he was too weak to walk her down the aisle and he worked with physical therapists all summer long so that he could surprise heather on her wedding day and when the time came he pulled it off. >> as you can imagine, there wasn't a dry eye in the place. >> good for her. good for them, here you go. >> great moment for the bride and the dad and everybody there. >> i have to follow that? >> nothing to follow. >> you don't eaven -- >> okay, doug. >> thanks. you know, you mentioned maine, that's my only way i can transfer this because they ha have -- here is one of the mains that is opening on monday. it will be on the cool side for us, coming up this weekend and sunset, 6:31 tonight and look at
6:49 pm
that, a beautiful shot and temperatures got into the mid to upper 60s and now down to 65. we'll be down to 64 next hour and 61, nice and cool around 9:00 and now we're cool and we're not cold and that comes on saturday and on sunday and don't worry too much about the temperatures the next few days and already down to 57 degrees and fort meade coming in at 67 and 64 to camp springs and warrenton at 56 degrees and storm team 4 radar is dry and it will be for an extended period of time now and tomorrow, mostly sunny, cool, but nice and 63 to 69 degrees and the average high temperature will be very close in the district and most of you to the north will be auto cooler side and yes, dry all of the way through next week and get that car washed if you want if you've been waiting to do it. this weekend may be too cool to do it yourself and next week, not too bad and 68 degrees on your friday and a high of 58 degrees on saturday and temperatures drop another ten
6:50 pm
degrees into the weekend and 56 on sunday, but it's not the afternoon high temperatures and those will be cold enough and it's the cold temperatures early sunday morning and 32 degrees in martinsburg and 35 in gaithersburg and 40 in d.c., and we could be cold or southbouundt and we could be talking about the first frost or freeze coming up this weekend and to get a frost you need to be up in 37, 38 degrees and you get the freeze around the 32-degree mark and we do rebound and high temperature on tuesday and wednesday back into the 60s and we have a chilly weekend and a chilly start to next week. >> that time of year. thanks, doug. we have sports coming up, do you know why alex ovechkin missed that game last night? we'll tell you why, you probably have heard it by now, but you can relate, can't you. >> desean jackson? do we need desean
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we need him and we need him to play. is he going to play? >> i hope he plays this sunday. he practiced for the first time fully today so he's getting close. if he didn't play this sunday he'll deaf fitly play the following sunday according to coach gruden. >> everyone is playing including
6:54 pm
vance about how the redskins don't throw the ball deep enough and they don't throw in the passing game and those could come to an end on sunday if desean jackson plays. last season, jackson averaged 20 yards per catch and that was the highest average in the entire league. today in ashburn, jacks is on the practice field with his teammates and he suffered that hamstring injury in week one and he hasn't played since and jackson was the homerun hitter with the skins last weekend and i spoke with him after practice and i asked how that hamstring was feeling. >> i'm pretty good, and i feel like i'm at a good rate where i can go out there and get some good work in and i'm hoping throughout the week i'll get better. >> the way he plays he needs to be 100% and he's not good to us at 65% and i think he's very, very close and if it's not this sunday then definitely it would be next weekend. >> the skins need jackson this
6:55 pm
sunday and they're in the best defensiveback in football with dh darrelle revis. >> how many alarm clocks do you set if you have to get up early. >> one, your cell phone. >> i don't set one anymore. >> i set one and my wife sets one. >> if you had to get up early for a flight or something like that i set several. >> i get so freaked out i don't set an alarm and i can't sleep. >> and waking up every hour anyway. >> if you missed setting your alarm, it happens to all of us and it happened to alex ovechkin. he violated the team rules after missed setting that alarm and he showed up late for the skate around so he was benched from the game last night and here's ovi explaining what exactly happened. >> i just messed up with my alarm clock at 8:30 p.m. so i
6:56 pm
fell asleep and i made mistakes and that's why. >> it was an honest mistake, but we have certain accountability rules and everyone is accountable and that's good leadership. >> what time did you actually wake up? >> maybe you want to ask -- better question, what time did he go to bed? something tells me he had fun the night before. >> tmi. >>. >> let's move over to baseball and the nationals are interviewing dusty baker today. several reports also have the team interviewing tomorrow and ron gardenhire tomorrow. over in college basketball and anozaóç preseason accolade for the maryland terrapins and sophomore point guard named the preseason player of the year today. tremble as a true freshman star individual 35 games last season for the terps and averaged 16 points per game.
6:57 pm
>> let's go back to football for a moment. the nfl supports awareness for breast cancer during the month of october and it's become for players to wear pink jerseys during the games and other things like wrist band controversy is coming along with this. deangelo wanted to honor his mother by wearing pink all season long and he was denied by the nfl. >> cameron hayward saying he's been fined for his tribute to his father craig "ironhead" hayward and he died of cancer at the age of 39 when cameron was just 17 years old. haywrd says been told the fine is related to the league's ychl policy and under nfl rules personal messages are forbidden on team uniforms. >> we don't like it, but we understand why the nfl does this because they don't want everyone to come up with their own -- >> but you can understand someone wanting to remember a parent. >> who was a ballplayer, by the
6:58 pm
way. >> by the way, props to barry, man. ovi is his main man. you show up late, you don't play. >> i'll bet the team will watch
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
tonight, for the win. a big night for hillary clinton. her campaign claiming a resounding debate victory. did she do enough to secure her spot at the top and box joe biden out of the race. trump's take, the republican front-runner one-on-one, striking a much different tone than we've seen before. what he regrets about his campaign so far and surprising thoughts on hillary clinton. wave of violence. a palestinian man running with a knife shot down by israeli police right in front of our nbc news team. tensions escalating with word of yet another stabbing attack today. and tipping point. why a growing number of restaurants are telling customers don't leave a tip. what that could mean the next time you dine out. "nightly news" begins right now.


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