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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  October 15, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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she's accused of stealing from her own autism charity. >> and only news4 i-team was there for her day in court. >> ma'am, would you tell us about your guilty plea? >> this fairfax county woman y
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says she wasn't acting alone. a massive operation that took millions of dollars of synthetic drugs off the street. the im adequate pain our region. if you're planning to use uber this weekend, we'll tell you why your ride might not show up. first at 11:00, montgomery county police say a person shot behind a laundromat this afternoon is dead and now they're trying to find the killer. >> a good samaritan who saw the whole shooting happen tried to chase the gunman. he's still free tonight but jackie spoke to the man who tried to chase him down. >> reporter: jim, that new information is the victim has been identified by police as 21-year-old deandre smith of gaithersburg. that good semayor tan you mentioned, he said what he saw made him so angry, he didn't even think about his own safety. >> all i heard was gunshots and
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looked to my right and saw somebody standing over a person, fired two more shots and i took pursuit. blew my horn, you know, i stayed on my horn long enough to get his attention. when he looked up, he took off running and he come down here -- >> reporter: the man whether tried to pursue the gunman, his name is joe, drove up to a curb and across a grassy area by the parking lot later interviewed by detecti detectives. the shooting happened about 5:45 p.m., broad daylight in an alley and parking lot between two shopping centers. yellow crime scene markers were placed near a tote bag and par of sandals. initiate communications referred to the victim as a woman but police spokesman later identified the victim as a man. >> the case is very fluid. at this time, detectives do not believe this was a random sho shooting. >> reporter: joe's thoughts were
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with the victim. >> i just hope the person is living. >> reporter: the mother came to the scene and collapsed with grief when she heard the news. jackie bensen, news4. agents just wrapped up a massive operation to stop the flow of synthetic drugs, arre arresting 16 peoparrest i ing 1600 people including 16 in virginia. the dea targeted wholesalers and money launderers working with other federal and local agencies. officials say most of the drugs are being made in chinese labs and a lot of profits are being directed to countries of concern in the middle east. they can have all kinds of pr unpredictable effects including hallucinations and anxiety. they resulted in two murders and last week they confiscated 20
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packets. we have been digging into this story to see why police are having such a hard time dealing with it. you can find their reports on our washington app. he's a student, musician and volunteer. on monday, jason goolsby became a suspect. the video of him being forcibly detained went viral. today, he told his story. his attorney said he went to an atm to withdraw some money but then decided against it. on the way out he held the door for a family who then called police saying they felt threa n threatened. minutes later a cruiser sped up to nearly hitting him and he ran. >> i seen the gun and pepper spray and i nearly got hit by a car so my first instinct was to run because i didn't want to -- didn't want to die. i feared for my life. >> no charges were filed. d.c. police tell us they're investiga investigating. the mayor says this is why she wants officers to wear body cameras. >> the mayor of baltimore says
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she's confused why protesters staged a sit-in at city hall last night. we told you about it last night. it was breaking news from our live desk. ultimately 16 people were arrested for refusing to leave the building. the demonstrators said they were upset kevin davis was being permanently appointed police commissioner in baltimore. he agreed to meet with prote protesters friday, gave them his phone number, then they tweeted that number out and held that sit-in. tonight, a fairfax woman admits to ripping off donors for an autism charity she helped to create. she is a prominent figure in politics and also stole from virginia senate minority leader. he was in federal court today in alexandria. >> reporter: here tonight, we learned lynn miller, for mer campaign treasurer to the top democrat in the senate is facing up to 20 years in prison and
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250,0$250,000 fine when she's sentenced january 29th. >> lin miller pleaded guilty to a bold scheme, writing 73 checks from the campaign account of dick saslaw and then funneling the money into her bank accounts and lining her pockets and making home mortgage payments and funneling money from an ah terrorism group she ran with her husband. outside court today she wouldn't answer our questions. >> reporter: hi, mrs. miller. ma'am, can you tell us about your guilty plea today? back inside court, she said her husband helped her commit the fraud. the it investigation suspected lynn miller had a co-conspirator with the initials named d.m. we found man named david miller appeared before the u.s. senate in 2009 said he was the founder of the consortion for autism.
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we tried to talk to him in a home he lives in the fairfax neighborhood a home now listed for sale. >> reporter: they're going to ask lynn miller to provide restitution for the money she took in this scheme and possibly order the seizure of things she bought with that money. in alexandria, scott mcfarland, news4. >> new video shows the aftermath of devastating flooding in south caroli carolina -- in california. some several feet in mud. this is lake hughes 60 miles north of l.a. i-5 had to be shut down in both directions. today, the national oceanic association came out with this forecast and there could be a lot more strong winds where this came from. what does this say for us?
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>> it could mean more rain out there. first, this is what they're s saying, temperatures above average for this winter, december, january and february and below average in portions of florida. our region, above average, just a little bit above average, rain or snow above average, too, in that area and means we could see pretty good storms. what about the complete storm forecast in a couple weeks. looks like it could be an active winter for sure. one thing for sure in our area, a very active weekend as far as cold air coming down from canada. we're talking the first frost or freeze of the season. i will show you when and how cold we get in a few minutes. take a good look at this man. montgomery county police tell us he sexually assaulted a woman as she walked into her home in
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montgomery village. investigators say the man you see in these surveillance pictures followed the woman to her drexel home a week ago and attacked her and the woman screamed and her brother came out and the attacker ran off. if you have any information, you're urged to call police. the city of frederick, board of aldermen went on record it wants a controversial statute moved honoring the author of the dread scott decision that aff m affirmed slavery. city officials say the statute should be moved from its current location outside the frederick city hall. over the weekend, vandals spl h splashed red paint on the statute. the mayor is going to make the final decision. nbc news learned tonight, cockpit recordings from that a c-130 gunship that bombed a hospital in afghanistan revealed the u.s. crew openly questioned whether the air strike was legal. the attack killed at least 24 staff and patients.
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the hospital was run by doctors without borders. the ap reports tonight american special ops analysts knew the building was a hospital and believed it was being used to coordinate taliban activity. it's not true if the military crew that carried out that bo bombing knew that target was a hospital full of civilians. if they did, the defense officials say the strike would amount to a war crime. american troops will still be on the ground in afghanistan when the next president takes office. president obama announced today he'll keep almost 10,000 u.s. troops on the ground through most of next year and there will still be about 5500 when he leaves office in early 2017. >> the bottom line is in key areas of the country the security situation is still very fragile. in some places, there's risk of deterioration. i believe this mission is vital to our national security interests in preventing terrorist attacks against our
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citizens and our nation. >> u.s. troops had been scheduled to leave afghanistan next year. the president says that country's military is still not as strong as it needs to be. americans will continue to serve in a training and counter-terrorism role. new at 11:00 tonight. another stumbling block for those daily fantasy sports sites. they are now illegal in nevada. the nevada gaming control board issued a seceos and dcease and order. they meet the definition of gambling in nevada and need a license to operate in the state. fantasy sports sites can begin operating again if they obtain the license. i took a look to see whether they should be considered gambling. to see that, head to our site and search gambling. tonight, a controversial solution, parents reacting to a proposal that would relocate students in montgomery county. a high school football coach
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accused of ordering play others to take out a ref with a tearful apology tonight, but still de denying the order. graffiti that made it on to the set of the hit show "homeland" making a political statement against the show. your first 4 traffic. tonight, seminary road all lanes blocked until 10:00 in the morning.
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no word tonight about why no one knew about an active shooter
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drill today a huge police presence descending on the skyline for report of an active shooter. it was just a drill. it appear as tenant misread an e-mail about the drill and called the police. the federal agency conducting the drill hasndn't told police beforehand and they locked down two nearby schools before discovering the mistake. tonight, parents are rea reacting to a plan to shift which high schools some students will attend in montgomery county. an effort to address concerns of some gaithersburg schools reaching capacity quickly. they want to shift some to magruder or wootton high school which don't have overcrowding issues. some parents don't like it. >> it's a great idea and we would like to offer them what they have to offer. >> doesn't sit well with me.
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it's brand new and should be big enough to handle all the kids going there. >> the changes will happen over five years and there will be public hearings before anything is made permanent. you may remember this video showing high school football players attacking the referee on the coach. tonight, the former assistant coach accused of ordering that hit tells his side of the story. he quickly answered questions today before the governing body of texas high school football. the coach admitted saying the umpire needs to pay, in anger following what he thought was a bad call. he said he was surprised when the players hit the ref and said his father, also a coach, taught him better. >> you know, for my style of coa coaching, he's always told me i don't need to be that way. >> breed resigned from his high school and they suspended him
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and gave him two years probation. they said the ref used racially charged language towards them. the graffiti for the hit show "showtime" show "homeland" left a message they won't soon forget. this arabic message, here's how it translates. "homeland" is racist and bigoted towards arabs and afghanis and pakist pakistans. the director said he wished he had caught the images before they aired. uber is planning a strike tomorrow through sunday, for drivers. they're demanding a 60% increase for uberx, $7 minimum fare, $7 cancellation fee and option for you to leave a tip. >> could be a challenge to get an uber tomorrow especially.
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>> have to be a lot of people maybe trying to get uber because they don't have to walk as long because of the cold coming in. >> chilly again. >> it will be that cold you're walking around, i think i will take the car today. we're talking temperatures we have nod seen since mid-march. how about that? temperatures in the 30s over the weekend. not right now, 56 degrees, winds outside of the south, 8 miles an hour. looking at clear skies, we will see clouds by this time tomorrow. 44 in culpeper and 46 in gaithersburg. we are starting to cool and will cool a few more degrees overnight. we're not talking cold tonight. radar is clear, no rain out there. we need clouds to give us some rain. there are the clouds very close to the region. take a look at the wirder pict e picture. notice the spin in the atmosphere and this is the cold front making its way down, much
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colder air behind the system. international falls, 36 degrees. 44 in bismarck, 49 in chicago. look at the advisories up, all freeze advisories towards the dakotas and parts of nebraska, freeze watches in places like chicago and detroit and towards indianapolis. that, i think, is going to be making its way, too. we will have advisories posted potentially as early as tomorrow for tonight on saturday. low temperatures tonight cool but not cold. 44 degrees in leesburg and 44 in culpep culpeper. we'll be clear the next few hours and start to see the clouds move in time for tomorrow morning. 8:00 a.m., more clouds and sun early and by the afternoon we start to see more sunshine. however, notice by noon we're at 65. 64 by 4:00, temperatures going up and back down by 8:00 tomorrow night. breezy, much cooler, you will notice the difference if you're heading out on your friday
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night. bring your jacket for sure. high temperature, 58 on saturday, only 55 on sunday. many of you in the suburb especially north and west will stay in the low 50s. you may stay in the 40s all day monday. 53 degrees for a high on monday and talking extremely cold low, taken-15 degrees below average and could be the first frost or freeze expected. 37 in d.c. means we will see temperature is in the suburbs could be down between 30 and 35 degrees. we're talking definitely cold temperatures. the heat will come on, firepl e fireplaces will get a little bit of a workout. the thermal blanket, probably put away the electric blanket. >> that cold? >> some of us -- >> and maybe an uber by the way for that flow. the caps bounce back against
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this is the xfinity sportsdesk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> barry trotz is not too happy about the last game and they came out firing tonight. alex ovechkin set his alarm for the right time today. he was back on the ice with his
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teammates against chicago. the captain definitely made an impact after getting blown out by san jose. his head coach trotz said every game matters and they played like it. after that one game suspension, first period, no score, capitals on the power play. the newbie, t.j., scoring his first goal as a cap. giving them an early 1-0 lead. second period now, caps on the attack again. this time, defenseman john carlson spins around and sends a laser towards the net. watch this one. great screen by the goalie. caps up a couple of goals. a 3-1 game. alex ovechkin. back to obie for the score, his second for capitals. they pick up a second win.
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and more importantly, this team is starting to build chemistry. >> it's definitely coming around. a big part of that is i started to settle down a little bit and get comfortable playing hockey and obie has set me up on the slide a couple times with the backhand and it was nice for the puck to find the back of the net. >> capitals have one more home game before they hit the road, saturday against carolina. >> redskins defense did not do a good job stopping the run in atlanta. they gave up 153 yards on the ground to devonta freeman. another challenge from new york, from the jets, averaging five yard as carry. they are looking forward to getting redemption this weekend. >> you have to stop the run. atlanta has stuff on the road. i can only imagine what the jets can do with their running back in contact. i don't know how many yards it
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may be but he leads the league after the first contact. we have to make sure we get that tackle. >> lucky for me, i'm not worried about getting ran over. i'm going to have a lot of fun. it will be a physical game. that's the type of game i like to have. i'm excited to go against a back that will challenge me. >> game 5 of the nlds, mets taking on the dodgers in l.a. jacob in trouble here. andre ethier, that ball drops in, dodgers go up 2-1. top of the sixth, mets grabbing the momentum thanks to daniel 34 murphy, teeing off on zack greinke. gave the mets a 3-2 lead. bottom of the ninth, mets trying to hold onto that lead and howie kendricks strikes out to end the game. new york city mets advance to
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face the cubs in the nlcs after a 3-2 victory. we know no one around here is rooting for the mets, we're r t rooting for the l
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> remember the description of the baby panda being the size of a stick of butter, now, the weighs about as much as a gallon of milk. look, the little eyes are open. the 2-month-old is becoming more
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active and rambunctious. he got his first vaccination at a check-up. just like a human baby, his mother is now taking him outside the den and into a larger enclosure. look at him! what's not to love about that little face. little face. >> do you see some teeth
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- tom hanks, jessica chastain,


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