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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  October 16, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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police believe the victim who was first referred to as a woman but later identified as a man was targeted. crime solvers is offering a reward for up to $10,000 leading up to an arrest. a substitute teacher at a d.c. charter school is on four years of probation for having sex with a student. now, 23-year-old simon green pleaded guilty to an obstruction of justice for urging a teenager not to cooperate with police. green was arrested a year ago after police say she had sex behind a classroom desk with a 17-year-old. police say the stay tuned secretly recorded that encounter and then shared the video with his friends. >> today the mother of a 12-year-old boy shot and killed by a police officer in ohio speaks out about the investigation into his death. samaria rice will hold a press conference with her attorney about new reports released by an ohio prosecutor. two reports released last week
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says the officer who shot tamir rice was justified in his actions. the report says he acted reasonably under the law. rice said police shot immediately without assessing the situation. you may have to find a different way to get around the district this weekend. some uber drivers are planning to strike. this strike is expected to start today and run through sunday. the drivers say they're demanding four things, basically. a 60% rate increase, $7 minimum fair, a 7 cancellation fee and a tip. it's essentially a cab. let's check on the weather. >> chuck? >> temperatures are already back down into the 40s and we're
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talking cold this weekend. already a freeze watch posted for saturday night into sunday morning in the shenandoah valley and the blue ridge. i do think that's going to be expanding. a couple of showers right along the mason-dixon line this morning running along parts of the northern frederick and carroll county. rain chances are low but obviously not quite zero. 45 in manassas, 52 in washington. your high temperatures this afternoon. don't be fooled. is probably going to feel a little cooler than this. the afternoon highs will be in the mid-60s today but it will be a little breezy. and with the colder air moving in, you'll probably feel like it's colder today than it was yesterday. 40s this morning. again, there's an opportunity for a drop or a sprinkle or two here up to about noontime before we start to clear things out once again. 40s this morning. near 60s at lunchtime.
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mid-60s this afternoon and dropping to the 50s. if you're going out for your early run -- i got to do mine yesterday afternoon. it was a gorgeous day to be outside. we'll be rising into the 60s. when i see you next, we'll talk about your school bus stop forecasts. for now here's melissa. >> the exit to suitland parkway, we have the right lane blocked here. that could slow things down if that doesn't get out of the way sometime soon. at ritchie marlboro road, we had a crash. that road was shut down. it's now open. you don't have to worry about that any longer. inner loop and outer loop everything looking good. taking a look at the top of the beltway, 95, everything looking quite good here. colesville road -- middlebrooks road, excuse me, looking quite good as well, northbound and
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southbound. you don't have any issues. "weather & traffic on the 1s." i'll see you. >> it's now 4:34. take a look at this picture. if you recognize this man, police want to hear from you. police say he sexually assaulted a woman last week at her front doorstep last week. police say the suspect ran when the victim's brother heard her screams and came outside. there's a $10,000 award for information this case. police in st. mary's county are investigating a bank robber this morning. police say a man went into the pnc bank on charlotte hall, demanded cash and got some cash and left on foot. no one was hurt. the man who was charged with the attack is back in court tofrmtd investigators say he commanded a terrorist group and
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plotted other attacks on american people and property in libya. right now at the live desk we're watching some really terrible flooding in southern california. in fact, several major highways out there. you know how important their freeways out there. several major highways are shut down because of really serious flash flooding and mudslide. a flash flood warning remaining in effect right now in that area north of los angeles. back to you. >> all right, kristin. thank you. he's a student, a musician, a volunteer, and now a suspect. jason goolsbee was forcibly redee tainted in the district and now the video has gone viral. he was detained because a family said they felt threatened by him. goolsbee's attorney said the 18-year-old went to an atm and
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changed his mind. he then held the door open for his family. his family said they felt threatened. they called the police. the police sped up to him, hitting him and now an investigation is under way because of that. the group's plan focuses on what they qaa quality arrest ending the city's gag order on victims of police misconduct and getting body cams by next year. this comes after the riots following the death of freddie gray. gray died one week after being arrested and taken into police custody. the six officers charged in his death are expected to go on trial next year. and this morning the future -- >> actually we'll tell you about some confederate flag license plates. a statewide recall can start on november 17th.
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u.s. district judge garvin lifted that ban yesterday that recalled the sons of confederacy license plating. his ruling is a result of free speech. he called the license plate a painful symbol that provides us no place in contemporary use. synthetic drugs are off the streets. federal investigators arrested 151 people in 16 states. the sting targeted wholesalers, money launderers, and middle men. millions of dollars make it to countries of concern in the middle east. you can look on our website for extensive coverage to tackle drug distribution. just search "investigations." tonight is the first night of a spooky halloween tour.
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they tell stories of the congre congressman, suffrages, and bootleggers. ticketed are $20 for adults, $10 for kids. if you scare easily, you might not want to go there, you
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good morning and welcome
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back. we're having computer problem this morning. with the friday, we're getting start started, it's 4:41. it could be interesting. keep an eye on it. stay with us. >> i remember a teleprompter. that was my first job. you scrolled paper in and scr l scrolled it. >> he was 3 years old. >> we digress. it's 56 degrees. it is fall. we're in it. >> let's talk with chuck. >> you want to watch the show this morning like nascar. you're just watching for the crashes to see what happens. you need to be bracing for a serious chill. saturday night into sunday morning, freeze watches already posted for the shenandoah valley, and i fully expect these
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watches and advisories for cold weather will be expanding as we go into the weekend. the temperatures will be well down into tupper 20s and low 30s. as far as your friday is concerned, mid-450s in the suburbs to low 50s. bus stop weather, chilly, in the 40s. recess, we're going to give it a b today. not too bad. it will be dry and breezy. a bit cooler. by dismissal time, friday afternoon, mid-60s. 63, hagerstown, 67, waldorf and plato. as you're thinking about your weekend, high color near peak out across western maryland. good color sneaking its ways in the western suburbs. some of the maple trees down there have a little bit of the red on the top half of the trees. still green around much of the mall. good weekend. you will need your extra layer of warmth, cable sweater, and a good scarf. speak of someone who has a good
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scarf, melissa mollet. >> i'll take anything warm. especially for my legs under the desk. we have a crash here in the district that happened 30 minutes ago. remember ritchie marlboro with a nasty crash and a fire truck. that is out of the way, you don't have to worry about that anymore. 95 at quantico, 18 minutes. you're at speed. you don't have any problems there either this morning. nice and green and no major issues here in your way. 66 there at nutley street also rolling along just fine. not the prettiest picture, but i promise, no major problems right now. they still have the disabled vehicle being reported. slow it down, people. 72 miles an hour. southbound, northbound, also nice and clear. nice and clear. you're watching
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now with more icing. 4:46, and we tern to decision 2016. two gop front-runners are asking for some rule changes when it comes to the debasement tracie potts joins us live from capitol hill with more on this. good morning. >> good morning. donald trump and ben carson are teaming up. you may not have seen it. they sent a letter saying they'll boycott if they're not allow dodd opening and closing statements and the debate goes
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more than two hours. the last one was three and donald ald trump complained it was too long. cnbc said they'll take the time limit into consideration and that they have typically dealt with those opening and closing statements, that not being so much of an issue. also a few hours ago a midnight filing deadline for all of the candidates. hillary clinton by far has the most money she has raised in the third quarter, $30 million. she's sitting on $77 million total. >> tracie potts on the hill for us. tracie, thank you. a new york father accused of beating his son to death at a church is facing a judge for a felony hearing today. he beat his 19-year-old son lucas during a counseling session at a church in new harford. his other son christopher is in the hospital suffering from blunt force trauma. he and his wife are facing manslaughter charges if you have a high-stress
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job -- today's a morning, this could be us. >> mm-hmm. >> -- you could be more at risk of having a stroke. people with high-risk jobs are 22% more likely to have a stroke than those with low stress job. the risk was even higher than women. they found nursing aides, restaurant workers, and service jobs were among the most high stressed. well, bayh bayh, get what. the baby is growing fast. his eyes are now fully open. sometimes you can't tell because of the rings around the eyes. and he's get iting really feist. there's mei xiang. >> you can see bay bay in there. >> they don't look real, do they? apparently mei xiang doing well,
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starting to spend more time. having a cub or baby is no easy feat. >> was going to say what do you -- >> i don't know about cubs but i know about babies. >> this is nice to see. >> they're snuggling. >> mother and son. it's a boy? >> it is a boy. baba is a girl. bay bay. >> you threw your papers up just to get in here. >> i did. >> there we go. it's chilly outside. it will become a very cold weekend. i know cold is one of your favorite words for sure. >> not. >> what's that? >> not. >> right up there with hernia, right? >> right now it's a cool 52 in
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washington. winds are cool. the winds will be out of the northwest later on today and they'll be gusty at times as well. be prepares for a much more different feel to the atmosphere this weekend. highs only in the 50s. lows near or below freezing in the suburbs. oh, so very november-like around here. here's one i'll be taking part of. a walk out of the darkness into the light. the american foundation for suicide prevention. this is taking place tomorrow morning in rosariville state park in maryland. come on down and join me and help shine a light on suicide prevention and help save a life. outside this morning it is a cool one for sure. 46 in gaithersburg, 45 in manassas. you' you'll need an extra layer or wrap outside. temperatures will be in the low to mid-50s by 9:00. we'll make it back into the 60s.
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our temperature, mid to upper 60s around 2:00 or 3:00. then the colder air really starts to settle in. friday night football fans. if you have metal bleachers, bring something to sit on or you'll be sorry. outside this morning. >> just like you, 4:51. chuck bell. >> you've got to have a kucushi. a cushion or else. right along the pennsylvania border this morning here. most of us will be rain-free. again, highs, upper 60s. here's futurecast. don't forget about our freeze watch in shenandoah valley saturday night into sunday morning. a mix of clouds turning breezy and cool this afternoon. turning downright chilly to cold by early saturday morning. a mix of clouds and sunshine. we should be dry, though. and a cold night saturday night into sunday morning and sunday
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morning into monday morning may be colder still. might have a threat of a frost or freeze in the metros. so there's your sachlt 68 today. that will be the warmest for quite some time. 50s over the weekend and 30s by sunday and monday morning. that's the time we're really going to have to watch out for. a little bit of recovery, back into the 70s next week. let's check on traf welcome miss melissa mollet. >> good morning. we're going to keep an eye on this. landover at 202. we're going to keep an eye on this for you this morning. right on the maps you don't see any slowdowns, but that report of an accident is still kind of in the air this morning. southbound, 295, the exit there to suitland parkway, we have the right lane blocked again. it doesn't look like it's slowing things. it could be a different story here this morning. a big look at the beltway. we have two disabled vehicles i want to mention here. outer loop at georgetown pike at
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66. leesburg. all of the pikes misbehaving this morning. taking a loot, 66 headed into town, you don't have any problems. fairfax county parkway to the beltway looking quite good at eight minutes this morning. nice and green and you're at speed there going 65 miles per hour. taking a look at some travel times and speaking of speeds here. 270 south from germantown to the spur, going to take you 11 minutes. top of the beltway, 95 to 270, nine minutes. here in virginia, again, fairfax county to the beltway looking good. northbound there from quantico to the beltway, 17 minutes. to the beltway, 17 minutes. can't get any better than that.
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welcome back. a woman accused of ripping off people. >> she stole money from the senate minority leader. scott macfarlane broke the story last week. he was in federal court in alexandria. >> here tonight lynn miller, former treasurer is facing up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine when she's sentenced here in federal court in alexandria january 29th. >> reporter: in front of a judge
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lynn miller pleaded guilty to a bogus scheme. she funneled money into her bank accounts and of lining her pockets and making home mortgage pages and donating within an autism agefund she ran with her husband. outside court she wouldn't answer our questions. >> hi, mrs. miller. ma'am, would you tell us about your guilty plea today. back inside she said her husband helped commit the fraud. they suspected she had a co-conspirator with the initials, d.m. and we found david miller. before today's guilty plea we tried without success to reach david miller. a home in fairfax now listed for sale.
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they're going ask the judge to order lynn miller to make restitution for the money she took and possibly order a seizure for the things she bought with that money. in alexandria, scott macfarlane, "news4". they want to address some concerns that some gaithersburg schools are quickly reaching capaci capacity. bowers wants to shift them to other schools. parents are split on this idea. >> it's a great idea. there's a capacity at mcgruder, there are wonderful teachers there, and we would like to see more students come. >> it doesn't fit well with me. it seems like they just built this school. it's brand-new. it should be big enough to hold all the kids that are going here. >> the changes would happen starting in 2017 and there will be public hearings being anything is made permanent.
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>> the school was just named the number one high school in the country by "newsweek." the school score 100 in college readiness, has a 100% graduation yat. one of the governor schools. >> it's tough to get into it. even though it's a public school. you have to test into it. it's hard to get into. >> stay with us. "news4" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. we're finding out more about a serious crash on the beltway right now. >> this happened on the inner loop on the beltway earlier this morning involving a fire truck. "news4's" megan mcgrath is on the scene for us now with more. >> reporter: well, good morning. a man is in serious condition and a fire truck is pretty banged up this morning following an accident on the inner loop of the beltway. it happened right near the exit
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for ritchie marlboro road. at about 11:00 last night we were told the fire truck was on the scene of a two-car accident on the inner loop of the beltway. that's when the fire truck was then involved in an accident with another vehicle, a commercial van that was traveling through the area. now, the driver of that commercial van did sustain serious injuries. he was taken to an area hospital where he's being treated right now. the firefighters were not injured. now, this is all under investigation. still exactly what the chain of events, how it all unfolded. for a time it was closed but for an hour they did reopen all the lanes so that should not be a problem for folks commuting. all of the lanes are open. that's good news. with more on other traffic woes this morning, we're going to send it over to melissa mollet. >> good morning wchl very a disabled truck o


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