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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  October 16, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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freeze watch is going to impact a big part of your weekend forecast in just a minute. i'm kristin wright tracking a developing situation in california where major flash flooding and mudslides have several busy highways off limits this morning. more on what's happening at the live desk. >> first we go back to storm team 4's chuck bell with your forecast. chuck? >> yes, indeed. freeze watch already posted for the shenandoah valley. this is saturday night into sunday morning but i fully expect that it will be expanded to include at least the western suburbs. potentially even the metro as we get into saturday night. maybe a raindrop or two near the gaithersburg area. maybe a drop or two. temperatures out the door this morning are in the cool. 40s and low 50s. your forecast, takoma park,
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maryland, 52 with clouds. 61 at lunchtime and 62 by dinner time. when i see you next we'll talk about the weather impact on your commute. speaking of which, here's melissa mollet. >> good morning. a brand-new problem. they say metro is good. orange line delays because of a track malfunction. that just popped up. nice light volume on a friday morning. doan we want light vacuum. outbound still have the right lane blocked there because of a disabled vehicle. we'll see travel time in just ten minutes. >> millilitering thank you. 6:01. we're working to find out more about the serious crash that shut down part of the beltway this morning. a van slammed into a fire truck near ritchie marlboro. the road reopened a few hours ago. "news4's" megan mcgrath live at the scene. megan, what are you hearing? >> reporter: we're hearing that one of the people involved in
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this accident, the drive ore f that van, he's at an area hospital being treated for what are being termed as serious injuries. now, this all began to unfold at around 11:00 last night on the inner loop of the beltway right near the exit for ritchie marlboro road. now, a fire truck was actually responding to a two-car accident on the beltway. they were on the scene and that's when that fire truck then got involved in an accident. it was hit by a commercial van. the driver of that van had to be taken to the hospital with those serious injuries. still being treated at this hour. none of the firefighters were injured, but their fire truck was banged up pretty well in this collision. they're still trying to piece together the chain of events and who's at fault here. now, for a time the inner loop of the beltway was completely shut down. the good news is for two hours or so they were able to push everything out of the way.
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the lanes are now open. shouldn't be a problem for commuters this morning. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, megan. 6:03. montgomery police are trying to track down a killer in gaithersburg. investigators say 21-year-old deandre smith was shot in the head behind the laundromat just before 6:00 last night. a good samaritan saw the shooter and tried to chase down the gunman. police believe the victim who was first referred to as a woman but later identified as a man was targeted. crime solvers is offering a rewart for up to $10,000 for any information leading up to an arrest. the charles severance murder trial continued. they heard the 911 call by sheriff jim dunning. he begs for help after finding his wife bleeding and without a pulse. he's one of three people severance is accused of killing. david culver will be in the courtroom.
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you can follow him on twitter for updates throughout the day. activists are unveiling a six-point plan on improving the baltimore police department. it includes quality arrests, issuing a gag order on police misconduct a misconduct. the six officers charged in freddie gray's death are being charged separately. the protesters could meet with the new pleegs commissioner today. 16 people were arrested for refusing to leave the building. the demonstrators said they were upset that kevin davis, you see him right there, was being permanently appoint. davis did agree to meet with the protesters today and gave him their phone number. they then tweeted o it that phone number and started a sit-in. >> confederate flag license plates will start disappearing.
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yesterday a federal judge lifted a ban. he called the license plate a painful symbol that divides us with no place in contemporary government use. today safeway employees and community leaders will post hundreds of job losses. almost a thousand safe way employees may soon be looking for new jobs. these layoffs should begin in december in upper marlboro and landover. the operations are moving to pennsylvania and cecil county. at the live desk right now, we're watching troubling flooding in southern california. so bad that a major freeway, interstate 5 here, is shut down you. can't even drive it because it is covered in mud up to five feet deep. look at these pictures. this is north of l.a. where freeways like this one are critical every day. cars became strand, people stuck trying to dig out of all this
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mess. you see a car struggling to get through there. at least we can say nobody was hurt and we're hearing that the 5 may reopen later this morning. eun and aaron, back to you. >> thanks, kristin. don't be alarmed if you see what looks like to be a rescue in the woods. there will be drills later today. canines will join ground teams and volunteers to comb the woods as part of a training for a lost hiker search. you may have to find a different way to get around the district this weekend. some uber stridrivers are plann to strike. the drivers say they're demanding four things. a 60% rate increase, a $7 minimum fair, a $7 cancellation fee, and an option for you to leave a tip. controversial this morning at a pop particular place this
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time of year. a boycott for cobbs farms and why the owner says there's nothing wrong with that sign. we'll have the full details coming up. but first a developing story in texas right now where firefighters are struggling to control a massive wildfire there. the reinforcement arriving in that state in the coming hours. your time right now is 6:07.
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welcome back. there's no rain on the way to help firefighters tackle a wildfire that's already destroyed 36 homes. take a look at the scene here. first responders in the form of high-powered jets. a blast with water from the sky. shifting winds will move the flames away from dense
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neighborhoods. officials told people who live there in 400 homes to evacuate. so far it's burned more than six square miles. >> a search is on for a man who walked into a utah capital building. he walked in with a wrapped up gun and walked out and walked back in. agents are working to learn the man's mow tish. they do not know who he is but the salt lake city tribune says they have a person of interest right now. time now is 6:11. time for "weather & traffic on the 1s." it seems like that's what we've had. >> let's turn to meteorologist chuck bell and see what's in store. >> the cool starts will become cold starts over the weekend and the recoveries to the mild afternoons, the last one of those. storm team 4 radar track those. a few wet roads in the panhandle of west virginia early this morning but we're all dry in the
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metro. 48 in rockville. 55 in annapolis. no weather-related slowdowns this morning, this evening. that is welcome news for the most part. most of the paevment is dry. mid 50s and breezy. when i see you in few more minutes, we'll talk about the freeze threat for saturday night and sunday night. melissa? >> brrr. right now we have this problem at stanton road there with the right lane block. also d.c. police saying the 3200 block of 15th place in the southeast is still shut down because of a fatal shooting. we'll keep an eye on that as well. orange lines to new carrollton, taking a look. top of the beltway also looking quite good, 95 to t. remember to listen to our friends on wtop 103.5 when you hop in your car. >> thank you, melissa.
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helping you prepare for an upcoming season. getting your flu shot. plus, it's not something you hear about that often at all, a political candidate turning down major donation and why
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pumpkins and hot cider? people are upset about a "black lives matter" sign. in a facebook post they say because of that sign he won't go the farm anymore. he and other officers say the black lives message is now distorted to target police. erin cox put the sign in the window on her private property. she said she means no harm for officers. we're working to find out why few people worried about an active shooter. it appears they misread an e-mail about a drill and called police. federal investigators had not told police before that it weapons happened. they secured several floors and locked down two nearby schools
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before discovering the mistake. take a look at this picture. police say if you recognize this man, thied like to hear from you. he assault as woman on her doorstep in montgomery village. he ran when the victim's brother heard her screams and came outside. there's a $10,000 reward for information leading to his arrest. jason goolsbee being forcibly detained has gone viral. he was detained because a family member said they felt threatened by him. goolsbee's attorney said he went to an atm to withdraw money and changed his mind. a bank customer called police saying they felt threatened. minutes later, a cruiser sped up to the scene and hit him and he ran. >> i seen the gun and pepper spray and i nearly got hit by a
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car and my first instinct was to run. i didn't want to die. i feared for my life. >> no charges are being brought against him. d.c.'s mayor's office says this is why the council needs to move faster to set up the body camera program for police. if you recognize this man, police in st. mary's county want to hear from you. he's wanted in the county for robbery at pnc hall. he demanded cash. he left with money and left. no one was hurt. a stoo ta'u honors supreme court justice robert tanney. vandals spray painted his statue
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which stands outside the hall. they question whether the air strike was legal. at least 24 staff and patients were killed earlier this month. the "associated press" reports a special ops analyst knew the building was a hospital and believed it was being used to coordinate taliban activity. it's not clear whether the military crew who carried tout bombing knew their hospital was a target full of civilians. if they did, the strike would amount to war crime. this morning in decision 2016 donald trump and ben carson are demanding changes to next republican debate. they wrote a joint letter saying that will not appear at the next debate unless it's capped at two hours, commercials included. the last one went three hours. they say they're holding the most substantive debate and they'll take that into account.
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bernie sanders is saying no thank you to a cam bane contribution. martin shkreli donated $2,700 to sanders' campaign. you might remember his company raised the price of a drug used for aids patient. the sanders campaign which has been critical of high-priced drugs told "the boston globe" sanders will donate the 2 rkds $700 to the whitman walter health clinic here in washington. it looks like governor larry hogan is very popular nine months into his term. a new poll calls him a different kind of republican. his approval rating is 61%. that is significantly up from 42% in february. it's october, but apparently santa claus is already doing a little more than coming to town. he's joining the city council.
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santa claus is leading all polls. apparently santa claus is the man's real legal name. he says his platform involves growth for children. he will be sworn on monday. >> if you saw the name on santa claus wouldn't you automatically have to check the box? >> kind of. >> it's a write-in candidate. >> it's a real person, not the santa claus we know. different person. >> you can't write in the easter bunny. >> you can't? >> or the tooth fairy. i don't know. maybe there you can. >> 6:21 is our time right now. chuck bell, the real deal, is in the storm team 4 weather center keeping an eye on the forecast. >> he promised everyone candy canes for anyone who wrote his name on the ballot. he could have some influence. low clouds.
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outside, a relatively cool start to the day. still almost another hour away. 45 now. outside temperatures will be in the upper 40s to 7:00. a few clouds around. there's a chance for a stray rain drop or two. that's it. rain chances today, extremely low and really focused on the morning up to about lunchtime and then we should start to clear out. turn breezy. it's colder. much colder. drier air moves in for the weekend. high school football, you'll need the cushion on those metal bleachers or you'll be sorry. a couple of sprinkles northern part of the county. again, still couldn't rule out a stray drop or two. 49, hagerstown. up, up, up we'll go. into the mid-60s by early this afternoon. your high, 68. your high in fredericksburg. 64 in martinsburg.
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tonight's not the worst of it. back into the low and mid 40s. very little recoverry in the temperatures. only in the mid to upper 50s with a fair amount of sunshine. it's saturday night into sunday morning. freeze watches already posted along the i-81 corridor and i fully expect we'll have a freeze advisory into the metro as temperatures out there should be easily back down into the upper 20s and low 0s. 60s today. 58 tomorrow. 55 on sunday and only 53 monday. sunday morning and monday morning likely to be the coldest in the next stretch. then the recovery moves in. we'll be back into the 70s by the middle part of next week. we'll take a look at your area highs for later on today coming up in a few minutes. traffic time with milliliter and a brand-new crash. >> inbound pennsylvania avenue at the beltway is where we're getting this report. right now you see them offering some delays as well. as soon as we get there, we're
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going to share that live picture with you here this morning. still have the right lane block because of a disabled vehicle here as we zoom in to the district. southeast alt alabama avenue, we have the road closed because of a police investigation zooming out. inner loop, outer loop, everything looking pretty normal with the exception of an outer loop. a little slow as you're passing georgia avenue, otherwise no major problems and right now here we're on time on all the lines. we'll see you back here in ten minutes. >> thank you. 6:24. more people are using maryland's inner county connector. akorsding to the maryland transportation authority it jumed. dreeshs took 24 million trips on the icc. that's 3.6 million more than the year before. it kelkted it with i-5 in prince george's county. it's 6:25. in "news4 your health" this
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morning, the agency says most seasonal flu activity occurs between october and may and peaks between december and february. health officials recommend getting your fwlu shot now if you haven't already. this year's vaccine is said to be more effective than last year's. if you're looking to get a shot. there's one at safeway today. nearly two-thirds of students in a new survey say that restrooms shape their view of their school's overall quality. 51% check out how clean the bathrooms are before deciding whether to enroll. i get it. >> makes sense really. i don't like dirty bathrooms. >> you're in there for eight hours. the kids, you know. an 11-year-old girl in connecticut being honored by
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police after helping get a serial burglar. >> she drew a stick sketch but this picture helped put a man in jail. he was wanted in a series of robberies and he's now confessed to ten burglaries. the girl received an award ceremony and a standing ovation. you can see in the background. you'll see there's a pretty good similarity there, so she did a nice job. all right. it is 6:26. a heated debate that could impact which school your child attends. why one local district is changing its boundaries and how it could impact it. >> a cool start but it ooh going get a lot cooler in the hours ahead. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell has changes ahead. first we're tracking the breaking news in northwest washington. police remain on the scene of an overnight stabs that left one man dead and another in the
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hospital. "news4's" molette green
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breaking news we're following this morning on a deadly stabbing in northwest washington. "news4's" molette green is live with the latest. molette? >> reporter: aaron, good morning. lots more questions than answers. one man dead, another man in the hospital with injuries to his leg. we're in the 200 block of k street. at one point the police activity on the scene stretched over the bridge here onto nlk avenue and even around the corner from where i am at third and i where there's a baptist church that sits on the corner. we know this deadly stabbing happened around 1:00 a.m. the two men were taken to the hospital when police found them. again, one of them died at the hospital. we're working to find out just
6:31 am
what led up to this deadly incident. a motive here and a better description of the suspect. all we know at this point is police are looking for a man who was wearing all black. so early in this investigation, just hours into it, too early for police to give us more information, an i.d. or ages of the victims we're dealing with or even more of a description, again, of the suspect that they're looking for at this time. we're live this morning in the 200 block of k street in the downtown area known as the mt. vernon -- new mt. vernon downtown area here in the northwest. that's the latest from the live scene. back to you. >> molette, thank you. it's 6:31. big changes that will have you reaching for your winter coat. the temperatures we're stepping out to. some of the most mild ones we're seeing in the next few days. >> storm team 4 chuck bell with
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your changes. hour by hour. you're not ready. >> get ready. unfortunate unfortunately or not fortunately, a blast of cold air will brick your temperatures down below freezing as early as sunday morning. weather impact on your friday will be fairly low. breezy, cooler if you're going out. had a couple of sprinkles in northern maryland early. those are gone. temperatures now are in the mid to upper 40s. hour by hour today, 48, chilly, and dry. there's a quick chance. temperatures will ride into the mid-60s. it's school day forecast time. right now, trouble in prince george's county. >> chopper four got over the scene here. again, we're talking about 4 near the beltway. we're seeing some police vehicles here off to the right side of the roadway.
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we'll see you. seeing some delays as you're headed inbound. 95 northbound. a tad slow. a little slow and then it opened up as well. a lot of travel times in ten minutes. see you then. 6:33. more than $16 million of synthetic drugs are off the straight this morning after nationwide busts with targets in northern virginia. the sting targeted wholesalers, money launderers and middle men. it reinforced the theories that millions of dollars make it to countries of concern in the middle east. the recent bust follows one in d.c. just last month. agents seized more than $2 million. you can look on our website for extensive "news4" i-team coverage. search investigations. a substitute teacher at a
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d.c. charter school is on four years of probation for having sex with a student. 23-year-old simon green pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice for urging that team not to cooperate with police. green was arrested a year ago after police said she had sex behind her classroom desk. 6:34 now. a plan to shift which high school students attempt in montgomery school is not sitting well with all parents. this is an effort to address some concerns that the gaithersburg schools are quickly reaching capacity. bowser wants to shift students to magruder high school. parents are split on the idea. >> it's great idea. there's capacity at magruder. we've got wonderful teachers there. and we want the students to come there to see what we have to offer. >> it doesn't sit well with me. it's brand-new.
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it seems it should fit all the kids that are going here. >> there will be public hearings before any man is made permanent. today is the last day for students to get their applications in. the groft school was just name one of the number one high schools in the country by "newsweek." that score score 100 in college readiness, had haas a 100% graduation rate. the city of fairfax getting ready to roll out designated bike lanes. more room for bicyclists and less room for drivers. to test a section. they'll change from two lanes for traffic in each direction for one lane of traffic along with a bike lane on each side and a turn lane down the middle. this is the road that connected downtown fairfax, the city, to george mason. a huge gesture of support today for one of the many
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memorial as. they'll donate $1 million to the korean war veterans foundation maintenance fund. it will be part of an endowment. it will help defray costs for the memoriamemorial. recent budget cutbacks forced them to delay some maintenance work. all right. another milestone for the national zoo's baby panda. bei bei now weighs more than six pounds. his eyes are fully open and he received his first vaccination, ouch. zookeepers say he's becoming more active and ram bunk us the. look. he's up. >> mei xiang and bay were snuggling this morning. z zookeepers may take bei bei out of the den enclosure for more time. >> he's cute. >> he said it.
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he's cute. there's a slide of bei bei's cutest moments. >> i want to see a cartwheel. >> mei xiang does not do cartwheels. >> you don't know that. all right. 6:37. the end of an era. what passengers on us airways can expect this weekend as they make their final flight tonight. and a live picture over prince george's county. details here about the crash at beltway near pennsylvania ave you. >> new troubles for the popular fantasy websites.
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the latest now on lamar odom. the nbc news was able to obtain surveillance video and receipts from the nevada brothel where he was found unconscious a few days ago. he apparently spent $75,000 at the love ranch.
6:41 am
the former nba star remains on life support at a nevada hospital. officials say there were drugs found in his system including cocaine and a herbal viagra. we're told that friends and family are by his side. another stumbling block for the fantasy websites. they issued a cease and desist order for draftkings and fanduel. they ruled that the sites meet the definition of gambling according to nevada and they need a license to operate in that state. they can start operating again if they obtain the license. >> all right. 6:41. time for "weather & traffic on the 1s." we're starting off with a cool day for your friday. you can see the clouds greet you if you want to call it that. storm team 4's chuck bell. we've seen a couple of lonesome sprinkles during the overnight hoyers. still one or two random drops
6:42 am
kbnlt ruled out for later today. if you can't find the umbrella, you'll get away with it. 46 in gaithersburg. 46 in college park. so what to wear for not today and tomorrow but today. you need your jacket for this morning. sunglasses for later on this afternoon, and i'd have long jeans on as temperatures are going to be on the cool sight. out the door weather in the 40s. a bit breezy. upper 50s by rekreps time. we're going to give recess a "b" today because it's going to be a bit breezy. bundle up for high school football. wheel talk about a chilly weekend and a threat of chilly weather on sunday. you can see a little bit of vacuum on both sides of the roadway because of the distraction. also northbound at gchlt w. parkway. we have a crash off to the right side of the roadway in the grassy area.
6:43 am
270 southbound, spur to germantown, no problems. starting to get slow. taking you 17 minutes instead of about 10 this morning. taking a look now at virginia, right now, 66 inbound, fairfax county parkway to beltway, we're going to take you 10 minutes. quantico, 21 minutes. you're on time. remember to listen to our friends wtop 103.5 when you hop in your car. we're tracking a story, the first involving a fire truck. wee live with what happened. plus we're watching developments where parts of a state are cut off at this hour after flash flooding and mudslides cover several busy highways there. the damage they're still dealing with this morning.
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part of the beltway in maryland is back open after a serious crash. a van slammed into a fire truck at ritchie marlboro truck. the wreck blocked traffic for a few hours. >> megan mcgrath at the scene. what are you finding out? >> you can see the beltway. this is the inner loom. all of the lanes are reopen. it shouldn't be a problem. however, earlier it was a mess out here following a pair of accidents. one of them in involving a fire truck. this all began to unfold around
6:47 am
11:00 last night. that fire truck was actually on the scene of a two-car accident on the inner loop right near the the exit for the ritchie marlboro road. that fire truck then got involved in another accident. it was hit by a commercial van. we're told that the drive ore f that commercial van has serious injuries. the firefighters, though, are going to be okay. for a time, all of the lanes on the inner loop were closed as they cleared up that wreck. it has been opened now for about two hours or so. so the good news here is that we should not see an impact on this morning's rush hour. now with more on traffic, we're going to send it over to melissa. >> good morning. we have two right lanes block. that's going to cause problems here this morning. outbound. not terrible but seeing delays inbound and outbound near the beltway. >> thanks, melissa.
6:48 am
montgomery police are trying to track down a killer. the 23-year-old deandre smith was shot in the head behind a laundromat on contour road around 6:00. a good samaritan saw the shooting and tried to chase down the gunman. police say the victim who at first was thought to be a woman was found to be a man. crime stoppers is offering a reward $106,000 for information leading to his arrest. the court heard the 911 call. he begs for help after finding his wife bleeding and without a pulse. nancy doning is one o of three people. you can follow him on twitter throughout the day. today in baltimore activists are set to unveil a six-point plan to reform the baltimore police department. the group's plan focuses on what they call quality arrests gathering the city's gage order
6:49 am
on police misconduct and getting body cameras for them. this following riots involved the death of freddie gray. he died one week after being taken into police custody. the six officers involved in the death are being charged separately. demonstrators said they were upset that kevin davis you see right there was being permanently appointed police commissioner. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake said they gave the phone number and they sent it out and start adsit-in. yesterday a federal judge effectively lifted bap that prevented the recall of sons of confederate plates. the judge called it a painful symbol and provides us with no
6:50 am
place in contemporary use. us airways preparing for its final flights more than two years after announcing a plan to merge with american airlines. nbc's gabe gutierrez with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. they're preparing for their final flight after two years of announcing their plans to merge. tomorrow they'll merge their reservation systems. american says they've been preparing for this moment, testing thousands of airport kiosks and running millions of mock reservations. merges can cause problems. now, coming up on "today" we'll have the very latest on whether any glitches are expected the time around and what american says travelers should expect when they travel this weekend. back to you.
6:51 am
>> more from gabe in about ten minutes on the "today" show. live from atlanta. thanks jo you may have to find a different way to get around the district this weekend. some uber drivers are expecting to strike. they plan to strike today. they're demanding four things basically. a 60% rate increase, 7 dollars minimum fair, a $7 cancellation fee and an option for riders to leave a tip. all right. it is now 6:51. time for "weather & traffic on the 1s." our chuck bell here with more on the day. we're ready for the weekend. >> we are. even's ready for the weekend. al lot of things gone on they're weather dependent. they'll be dry but you need to start searching out the next layer of warmth to protect you from the weekend. one of the things i'll be doing. i'll be in the prince george's county community walk. out of the darkness into the light walk. it's from the american federation for suicide
6:52 am
prevention. it's in rosaryville, maryland. come out and join me as well. suicide prevention. it disproportionately affects lgbt youth and it's an important cause. if you want to be out in northern virginia. there's the 77th annual ladies's rummage center. they sent me a cup full of smarties. oh, do i love me some smartees. a few clouds over washington. temperature, 53. northwest wind at five. more substantial. kind of a breezy and chilly day tomorrow. what do expect? highs in the 50s and low downs near 50. in fact, a freeze watch posted along i-91 corridor. this is for saturday night into sunday morning. likely to be colder than that. do expect frost and freeze advisories, essentially coming all the way into the metro.
6:53 am
rate now it's in the 0s and low 50s. it will be a nice enough day outside. temperatures, courtesy of sunshine. a recovery back into the mid-60s. most of our early morning raindrops can dry up. we could rule out a stray drop but it's looking for the most part dry. raindrops, out to the west. also parts of southern maryland. here's your seven-day forecast. 60s today. 50s tomorrow. sunday night -- saturday night into sunday, sunday night into monday. killing freeze likely to the rest of the city. melissa mollet, a check on traffic. near new hampshire avenue. 395 near the 14 street bridge. 395 before seminary. a report of a plob in the middle of the roadway. we're seeing some delays there northbound. g.w. parkway after the airport we do have a crash off to the right shoulder. it seems like it's in the grass right now. outbound pennsylvania seeing
6:54 am
some slowdowns because of that earlier accident. taking a big look at things, looking pretty typical. inner loop a little slow as you're headed up into the northern virginia area and 270 at montrose road, northbound, southbound, don't have any major problems there. in the newsroom we're seeing some really bad flooding in southern california. a major freeway, in fact, is shut down right now. look at the video we got here from our sister station out west. you cannot even drive interstate drive north of los angeles there is so much mud. it with us 5 feet deep at one point and people were getting stuck. you see the two cars here, seeing the roof of wunl of those cars. record rainfall near l.a. is causing a huge mess, not to mention golf-ball-sized hail and reports of one funnel cloud and now we're hearing of mobile homes flipp picked up and flipp.
6:55 am
it could reopen later this afternoon. back to you. >> thanks, kristin. >> there's no way for rain to help tackle the fire. first respoernlds in the form of high-powered jets. they'll tackle the fire with high-powered water from the sky. officials in bastrop county told people who live in 400 area homes to evacuate. so far it's burned more than 6 square miles. a search is on for a man who walked into the utah capitol building with a rifle. it wasn't loaded but police say he walked in. left the gun wrapped in a box on the floor and walked out a few minutes later. they quickly evacuated the building yesterday afternoon. agents are working to learn the man's motive. they do not know who he is, but
6:56 am
the salt lake city tribune says they have a person of interest. good morning. i'm lan i do dowdy at cnbc headquarters. a california commission voted you nan news employ to give seaworld san diego a permit to build two large orca pools on the condition they cease the breeding prachl. they overreached their jurisdiction. the company has been criticized for its treatment of animals at the parks. for cnbc business report, i'm landon dowdy. it's 6:56. here are four things you need to know. a korean memorial will get a donation from samsung. some of the protesters who staged the sit-in at the baltimore city hall could meet with the new city commissioner
6:57 am
today. 16 were arrested. we're work tock find out the condition of a driver involved in a serious crash on the beltway earlier this morning. a white van slammed into a fire truck. that scene is now clear. one man is dead and a second manssierously hurt after being stabbed around 1k. police are looking for a man who approached them. one man was stand in the stomach. he died at the hospital. the second man was stabbed
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good morning. breaking news. flash flooding triggers massive mudslides in southern california. a major interstate shut down. drivers stranded for hours. children rescued from the trapped school bus and concerned officials are askin is this just the beginning? the bump. our new poll shows hillary clinton pulling ahead of bernie sanders after her performance at this week's democratic debate while on the republican side ben carson surges even closer to front-runner donald trump as new signs emerge that vice president joe biden may be about to throw his hat into the ring. inside look. new surveillance video this morning showing


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