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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  October 16, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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. questions swirling about a deadly shooting near a shopping center. i'm barbara harrison with what police think could help crack this case. an entire hillside washed away. a community crippled. i'm kristin wright with new details and video coming in as a nasty mudslide in california. i'm meteorologist lauren rickets. we've got some cold weather headed our way. we have a warmup headed our way to show you what to expect for the weekend. plus a lift or a lull. how the candidates stacked up in the latest debate. i'm melissa mollet.
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at the live desk, we're staying on top of crippling flooding in southern california. the 5 freeway out there is shut down. they're trying to remove tons of mud from this main artery connecting l.a. to the central valley. look at all the mud here. hundreds of cars this on the highway and trucks got stuck in the mudslide. people even trying to dig out from the interstate overnight. camping out. several feet of mud there and torrential rain caused a big mess. hailstorms made it even worse. a cell phone video showing golf ball-sized hail. guess what? it's not over. more stormy weather is coming to the l.a. area today. back to you. i'm megan mcgrath live in gaithersburg where police are searching for a kill who are shot a man to death in the alley between the two shopping centers that you see behind me here in thegate urs berg area. the victim is 21-year-old
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de'ondre smith. police are working on a number of leads and don't feel there's a threat to the larger community. but they won't say much more beyond that. the shooting happened in the alley between the montgomery village plaza and montgomery village crossing shopping center across from lake forest mall in gaithersburg. it was a little before 6:00 last night. there were a lot of people in the area. police talked to a number of witnesses but they think that there are more people out there who saw this happen. who may have information and they want those people to come forward. >> this was a very busy time and location last night. they believe there are more people out there that may have seen something and may be discounting what they saw. investigators are asking anyone who was here last night, saw something and who hasn't spoken with an investigator to please call the montgomery county police and let us decide the
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value of the information that they have. >> reporter: initially, there was some confusion. police said that the victim in this case. they said a man had been fatally shot here in this alley. one witness to the shooting did give chase in his car. however, the shooter got away. no arrests have been made. back to you, barbara. >> thank you, megan. right now the case against the man accused of leading the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi is back before a federal judge in d.c. ahmed abu khattala is being held without bail. a motions hearing started a few minutes ago. they say he commanded a terrorist group and plotted other attacks on american people and property in libya. also happening right now, the house select committee on benghazi is interviewing a top aide to hillary clinton. huma abdeen is meeting with investigators behind closed doors right now. clinton is scheduled to testify
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before a benghazi panel during a public hearing next thursday. a violent night in the district as police investigate a deadly shooting and stabbing. a man is dead after being shot. it happened on 15th place in southeast. police say the man was shot several times. no word on a suspect or motive. in northwest, one man is dead and a second man seriously hurt after being stabbed. police are looking for a man who approached the two men around 1:00 a.m. one man was stabbed in the stomach. he died in the hospital. the second man was stabbed in the leg. we'll have the latest on this stabbing later in this hour. new today, disturbing new details about a double murder in an arundel county. we've learned the two victims, a man and a woman were involved in a three-person romance. and the man's wife allegedly plotted to kill them. ann marie an staz i and two
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teens planned the murders. it's not clear how the two teens and she knew each other. well, it's not too bad out there today. we do have a little bit of a wind. it makes it feel that much cooler. it's seasonable for this time of year. our average temperature should be in the mid to upper 60s. that's where we'll top out today. we have a chilly weekend ahead. it's especially going to be chilly in the morning. but don't worry, we're going to warm back up as we head into mid next week. current temperatures, we're getting to that 60-degree mark. 61 here in d.c. 63 in manassas. elsewhere, we've got upper 50s. we're making it into the mid to upper 60s. you may find yourself in the low to mid 60s. as i said, it's going to be a chilly weekend. we've got freeze watches out. we're going to talk about just how low it's going to go for our area coming up. all right, thank you lauren. now to the latest in the race for the white house. hillary clinton is still riding
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high on her debate wind. it's giving her a bump in the polls in the latest nbc online poll. she leads the democratic pac at 45%. bernie sanders remains second at 31% and joe biden, he's holding on to 10% even though he has yet to announce whether or not he's even running. presidential candidate bernie sanders is saying he's going to say no to a campaign donation. he donated $2700 to the sanders campaign. you might remember skrel i's company was in the news for raising the price of a drug often used by aids patient up to $750 a pill. sanders' campaign, who has been critical of skrel i and high drug prices saying that sanders will donate that $2700 to the whitman walker health clinic right here in washington. this morning, brand new video just obtained of a former
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nba star just before he had to be rushed to the hospital. plus, we'll have a lot of you going to pull up your uber app this weekend. you'll want to see this. you could run into a problem if you do that, though. many drivers could be on strike. we're back in 60 seconds.
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we're getting a first look at lamar odom inside the southern nevada brothel where he was found unconscious some days ago. nbc news obtained this surveillance video of his arrival. odom is seen entering the love ranch just before 5:30 saturday evening. the owner of the brothel said odom paid $75,000 and was getting ready to extend his stay. odom used cocaine the day he arrived and an herbal sexual stimulant throughout his visit. the former nba star is still on life support in a las vegas
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hospital. and you may have to find a different way to get around in the district this weekend. some uber drivers are planning on having a strike, we understand. that will last from today through sunday. the drivers say they're demanding four things. a 60% rate increase, a $7 minimum fare, a $7 cancellation fee and the option to make you or at least allow you to leave a tip. it is the end of an era for air travel. there's a popular name about to disappear from airports. we'll tell what you it is. we're back in 60 seconds.
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sunshine out there right now. thank goodness, we had a few clouds this morning. there's that frontal system that moved through the area. a little bit of rain activity down i-95 south or plan to go that way. that rain is moving off to the
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shore. we will continue to see high pressure building in. that means we'll have plenty of sunshine out there today. it is a little on the breezy side. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. once that sun goes down tonight at 6:30, we're certainly getting chilly. in fact, we have a freeze watch for the schenn dohenandoah vall. breezy today but you can see the temperatures start to dip saturday night into sunday. sunday into monday. make sure you bring those plants in. if you're headed out tonight, we have the forecast coming up. developing this morning, there is some praise for president obama's decision to put troops in -- residents in the capital of kabul support the president. president obama said afghan forces weren't strong enough to continue removing troops. the u.s. will maintain a force of 9800 throughout most of 2016. tomorrow american airlines and u.s. airways will become
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one. sounds like a wedding. they will merge their reservation systems and simply become american. they don't foresee any issues but they can't guarantee it will be without any glitches. they will increase staff at airports by 20% tomorrow and has already reduced the schedule by 200 flights. information about credit or debit cards. it's supposed to keep your money safe. traffic alerts. slowdowns you could be waiting for or could be waiting for you. for or could be waiting for you.
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we are closely monitoring the charles severance triple murder trial right now. the prosecution still calling witnesses. virginia's former deputy chief medical examiner took the stand first today. she just gave testimony saying nancy dunning was shot three times, including once in the head at close range. prosecutors are expected to offer more evidence in the 2003 murder of the former alexandria sheriff's wife today. make sure to follow julie carey on twitter. she's live tweeting what's happening in the courtroom. and it is a little on the breezy side out there as you can see from our live camera. yeah. those winds northwest anywhere from 10 to 15 miles an hour. so it makes it feel mighty chilly out there. 61 degrees. but of course, we have a little bit of a windchill under partly
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cloudy skies. the winds will be the same as we head into tomorrow as well. the good news is, those winds calm tonight. we're going to be clear and cold with temperatures in the 50s. eventually, we'll fall into the 40s overnight. jacket weather through the day tomorrow. again, plenty of sunshine. but still, a little bit of a breeze out there. here's a look at your forecast. look how these temperatures drop. saturday night into sunday, we do have a freeze watch up for the shenandoah valley. temperatures will be in the 30s in those areas, even well west of town into the 20s. a little frost on -- freeze on monday morning. and then you can see we are pretty quiet through the rest of next week. >> thanks, lauren. a man is in critical condition at a trauma center recovering from crashing his van into a fire truck on the beltway late last night. it happened near richie marlboro road in capital heights around 11:00 last evening. the fire truck was there responding to another crash. three volunteer firefighters have been released from the hospital.
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the fire engine will be inspected today to see if it can be repaired. we do have roadwork and track work. i want to mention for you this weekend. construction on saturday northbound ramp that connects gw parkway to national airport. going to be closed. the work runs from midnight here. so early saturday morning until noon on saturday. also, part of this project is going to mean the ramp from gw parkway to 395 northbound will be closed. what you can do -- that will not be a problem for you. saturday, something else happening downtown now. light the night saturday. it runs 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. we're going to see some closures. pennsylvania avenue between 12th and 14th and northwest 13th between pennsylvania avenue and e street. the closures will start at 8:00 a.m. saturday morning and last until 1:00 a.m. sunday morning. track work, of course, as always here. red line trains running every 24 minutes.
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green line will be regular here this weekend. but we do have single tracking on the other line. let's take a look at what i'm talking about. orange, silver and blue lines. single tracking between eastern market and stadium armory. yellow line single tracking between l'enfant plaza. you might be getting a new type of credit card in the mail that comes with a security chip to cut back on fraud. as tom costello reports, many retailers are not ready for the change and it's causing confusion on wall street even. >> they're here whether you swipe, dip, punch in a pin or go without. the new credit cards embedded with a security chip are hitting the cash registers nationwide. but it's not exactly been a smooth rollout. >> we just got the new master card with the new little chip in it. >> spotted it through and it
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didn't take. >> reporter: october 1st was the deadline to have the readers in place, most still don't. so far, only about 20% of consumers received their new cards in the mail. >> any time that you're dealing with unhappy customers or forcing customers to take steps that they wouldn't normally have to do, it's an issue that retailers are going to have to deal with. >> it's a lot to deal with. think about all the companies that automatically charge your credit card every month. newspapers, websites, gym memberships, kids music classes. it turns out a lot of those charges aren't going through because the old credit cards expire and customers aren't quick to update their billing information. >> netflix stock dropped 8% and blamed the credit card switch over for slowing its growth. >> i don't think the banks and the credit card companies are doing enough to educate the consumer. you realize that there's a chip on it. you're not sure how it really works. it's sort of trial by error. >> what should you do when your
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new card arrives? >> you activate the card with a new simple phone call. simply provide updated information that bill you regularly. sometimes the number doesn't change but the expiration date does. third, beware. scammers are sending e-mails asking for your credit card information. don't provide it. watch your bank statements for any charges that look suspicious. eventually you'll insert your new card into the reader rather than swipe it. the transaction may take a few seconds longer but security experts say it goes a long way towards protecting you. >> that was tom costello reporting. most of the cards don't require a pin code but target is adding one to its cards after the company was hit by a massive security breach two years ago. outside the white house it just opened. if you want a chance to be part of the 93rd annual tree lighting. it's only open until monday. it takes place december 3rd on
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give it a pop. they may be big and strong, but some of the red skin line backers got quite the scare last night. some of the players took a private visit to the shock toeber haunted house in leesburg. they were screaming and running in fear. i wonder if that's how they described it. the 140-year-old paxton manor converts into a house of horrors at halloween time. now here's a dad with a sense of humor. a dad from salt lake city is so tired of his five kids being late for school, he decided to write excuse notes with a
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difference. the notes are a mixture of public shaming and prararental love. search #late notes. one note apologized for this son being later because he said his choreographer kept him late. he said his son was a member of the boy band essence of pub essence. has a ring to it. anybody wondering how that scene was done in dirty dancing. we spotted this online. jennifer grey says there was no rehearsal. hard to believe. grey said we never rehearsed it and i've never done it since. anyone who tries it with someone other than patrick swayze is
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ordered to shut down in nevada. they may be violating the low. a notice from the nevada gaming
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control board says they've been under fire for flooding the marketplace with tv and internet ads without a nevada gambling license. representatives from fan duel and draft kings weren't available for comment. for this cnbc business report, i'm landon dowdy. well, it's a nice day out there. but a little on the breezy side. but at least we've got that sunshine trying to warm us up. here's a look from our live tower camera. a beautiful view over washington, d.c. on this friday afternoon. current temperatures right now, right around that 60-degree mark. we will warm up into the mid to upper 60s today across the region. again, we'll have sunshine with just a few clouds trying to mix in. today mid to upper 60s. seasonable for this time of year. take a look at our daytime highs tomorrow. plus, a little bit of that wind tomorrow. a spitting image of today. about 10 degrees cooler than today. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. then we really take a tumble overnight. we'll show you those lows in just a few minutes. >> thank you, lauren.
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high-powered jets will dump water on a growing wildfire in texas. the fire destroyed 36 homes and threatening nearly 400 others not far from austin. no rain is on the way but hope is hope that flames will be shifted away from the dense neighborhood. so far, it's burned more than 6 square miles. it's a week from this coming sunday, the marathon. news 4 is a proud partner. there are two separate races. the marathon starts between the pentagon and arlington national cemetery and the 10k starts in d.c. both races finish at the u.s. marine corps war me memorial in ross land. an uncertain future for a supreme court justice that some say is a reminder of a dark past. plus, an unbelievable mess to clean up. rain and thick mud caused big rain and thick mud caused big problem
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right now there is a dangerous mess after flooding in a series of mudslides about an hour north of los angeles. 5 is closed right now. you can see cars buried, stuck in the mud. rescue crews helped at least four people overnight. no one was seriously hurt. minutes ago we learned new details about a deadly shooting in the district. tavon patterson of southeast was killed. he was 23 years old. the shooting happened just
11:30 am
before 8:00 last night on 15th place in southeast. no word on a suspect or motive. now, to the latest on the violent night in the district and the stabbing that left one man dead. >> a second victim is recovering in the hospital now. it happened on k street near second street. it was in a neighborhood that's seen a lot of development in recent years. news 4's mow let green shows us how police are trying to find the killer. >> reporter: d.c. police finally cleared the scene this morning after an all-night investigation and search here at the scene into why this happened and who did this. a violent night turned deadly after 1:00 a.m. in the 200 block of k street in northwest. >> everywhere. bad news every day. >> reporter: police found two men with stab wounds. one died at the hospital. the other suffered serious injuries to his leg. this investigation spread around a coup of blocks crossing this
11:31 am
bridge over to new jersey avenue. >> we seen this bike and stuff out there. i don't know what time it was. i got woke up. they came banging on the door. scared me half to death. >> reporter: d.c. police worked the scene for hours, looking for a motive and clues in this case. even knocking on doors inside that apartment building asking people if they saw anything or heard anything. >> the lady next door said she seen somebody over there. seen some guy stabbing. police say the guy died. >> reporter: in this part of the city, old and newcomb together. high-end construction next to residents with deep roots, like the baptist church just around the corner at third and i. >> i hope they catch who did it and i hope that they keep the area continuing to be safe. >> reporter: d.c. police have not released the name of the man who died or revealed his relationship to the other person injured. at this time, there are no suspects or motives given in this case. in northwest d.c., ma let green,
11:32 am
news 4. more than $15 million worth of synthetic drugs off the street after a nationwide bust with targets in northern virginia. 151 people in 16 states, the sting targeted wholesalers money launderers and middlemen. this bus follows one in d.c. last month. agents seized more than $2 million worth of synthetic drugs at the beginning of september. look to our website for extensive news 4 i-team coverage to tackle synthetic drug distribution. just search investigations. take a look at this picture. police in montgomery county say this man sexually assaulted a woman at her front doorstep on drexel hill circle on montgomery village. the victim's brother chased the man away. you can earn up to a $10,000 reward to leads police to an arrest in this case. the death of freddie gray has activists calling for police reform in baltimore today.
11:33 am
a group set to unveil a six-point plan at a rally in just about an hour. the plan focuses on what they call quality arrests ending the city's gag order on victims of police misconduct and getting body cameras from police within a year. the baltimore police commissioner held -- 16 were arrested for refusing to leave the building. the demonstrators said they were upset kevin davis wag being permanently appointed police commissioner. mayor stephanie rawlings blake says davis agreed to meet with protesters today and gave them his phone number. he then tweeted that number out and held the sit-in. if you're headed outside, it's going to be on the breezy side. not too bad all in all. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s through the day. a mix of sun and clouds. nothing to worry about today. not much to worry about tomorrow except a jacket. especially tomorrow morning, temperatures are in the 40s. so it's going to be chilly through much of the day. again, we are going to have that
11:34 am
wind out there if you're out and about throughout the day. but plenty of sunshine. then our temperatures are plummeting as we head into saturday night and sunday. especially for the shenandoah valley where those temperatures will be in the upper 20s to low 30s. make sure you bring in the plants or cover up some of that sensitive vegetation. breezy tomorrow or today and tomorrow. low frost on sunday morning and also on monday morning. then as we continue through the rest of the workweek, looking good. for the third time since pope francis canonized a new saint, someone vandalized a statue of serra. serra helped found catholic missions across the state. some people say he cut their ancestors off from their traditional cultures though and enslaved those who converted to christiani christianity. the future of another statue in the hands of the mayor of frederick, maryland. over the weekend, some
11:35 am
vandalized the rendering of u.s. supreme court justice roger tawny. he's the author of the dred scott decision. you can see all of that red paint there. the board of aldermen unanimously voted to move the statue last night. huge gesture of support for one of the many memorials on our national mall. samsung electronics will donate $1 million to the korean war veterans memorial foundations maintenance fund. the money will be part of an endowment that help defray costs. u.s. park service officials pay for much of that work. but recent budget cutbacks forced them to delay some of the maintenance to that statue. a young girl helps to catch a serial burglar and wait until you see the simple thing that helped police crack this case. remember, you can watch us even when you're at work or on the go. open up the nbc washington app and tap watch tv live now to
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stream news 4 midday live every weekday morning. we're back in 60 seconds.
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it seems like fall just began but flu season is under way. the cdc is issuing its first flu report later today. the agency says most seasonal flu activity occurs between october and may and peaks between december and february. health officials recommend getting your flu shot right now if you haven't already. this year's vaccine is said to be more effective than last year's. clean path rooms may be an important factor in shaping students' overall views of their schools. 2/3 say restroom quality shapes their view of school quality. 61% recommended prospective students check restrooms before deciding to enroll. 3/4 of students felt necessity keep them clean and more thought
11:38 am
other schools could do more to promote hygiene. a girl helps to catch a serial burglar. she drew a stick figure sketch. it may be a basic drawing but it helped to put a man behind bars. he was wanted in a few robberies. he's confessed to ten burglaries. the young girl got a standing ovation at an awards ceremony last night. it's a childhood breakfast dream come true. how to get your hands-on a cereal box full of marshmallows. put
11:39 am
well, we're starting to see those leaves change as temperatures drop overnight to vibrant and brilliant colors. hopefully, this weekend is a good weekend to take a trip along the shenandoah valley. we're not quite in peak season yet for the leaves. but give it a week or two.
11:40 am
weather headlines. it's a seasonable friday with temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. it's going to be a chilly weekend. in fact, the mornings are really going to be chilly with temperatures in the 30s and 40s. but don't worry, we warm back up midweek. we're warming up now into the mid to upper 60s. you can see that current temperature around 60 degrees. so far the next three days, we're looking at mid to upper 60s for today. much cooler tomorrow. almost a ten-degree drop especially from the average temperature this time of year. not getting out of the mid 50s on sunday. it's going to be a gorgeous weekend. we do warm up. i've got that on the seven-day. i'll show you that in a few. more people are using the intercounty connector. the number of cars on the toll road jumped 18% last fiscal year. drivers took about 24 million trips on the icc. that's about 3.6 million more than the year before. the highway connects i-270 in montgomery county with 95 and prince george's county. some of you will like this
11:41 am
and some won't. lucky charms about to get a lot more tasty, at least to some people. like your son. >> my son. >> general mills is going to produce boxes of the classic cereal with a whole lot of marshmallow bites but not a single piece of toasted oats. >> moms will love this. you might not be able to get your hands-on them easily. only ten boxes of what the company called the unicorn of the cereal world will be available. in the past, the company sent special boxes to kylie jenner, blake shelton and other cereal lovers. what about the rest of us? >> i want toasted oats. i like the oats. >> i know. right now on news 4 midday, new numbers show us where things stand in the race for the white house after this week's debate. >> why the
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11:43 am
11:44 am
a big story out of gaithersburg. anyone near montgomery village plaza before 6:00 last night to think about what they saw or heard. 21-year-old deandre smith was shot and killed near the shopping center. police say it was a busy time in the area and they need the help of witnesses. we're closing out week two of the trial in alexandria. the prosecution's latest witness was a medical examiner who gave graphic details about the death of nancy dunning in her last hour. she died of three gunshot
11:45 am
wounds, including one in the head fired at close range. severance is accused of killing dunning. transportation planner ron kirby and music teacher. another big story we're following. temperatures about to take a deep dive. >> that's right. meteorologist lauren ricketts is standing by with an update. lauren, what's happening? >> are you ready for chilly conditions coming our way? >> we know it has to come. >> we can't escape it. i thought we would float through the fall but the temperatures will tumble. not today. today will be around seasonable. we have that wind out there. it makes it feel cooler than our temperature right now at 61 degrees. we'll have the winds but they'll die down throughout the evening. northwest winds at 15 miles an hour. we had clouds and a frontal system go through, now that front to the south and east of us. temperatures are going to warm up into the mid to upper 50s tomorrow. a good 10-degree drop from where we'll be today for daytime highs. tomorrow night into sunday, we've got a freeze watch for the
11:46 am
shenandoah valley along areas of i-81. temperatures in the upper 20s to the low 30s. that's due to the clear conditions and the light winds. everybody else here in d.c., we're going to see those temperatures in the 30s as well. pretty chilly out there. pretty chilly on sunday night to monday. i've got that seven-day forecast coming up. thank you, lauryn. now to the race for the white house. new poll numbers to share with you this morning. both for the democrats and the republicans. >> we're also getting a look at who is raking in the most cash at this point. nbc's tracie potts has more on what's happening in decision 2016 right now. >> that's a promise. >> hillary clinton raised $30 million last quarter, more than any other candidate. our new nbc news online poll conducted by survey monkey just out this morning found she won tuesday's debate and leads the field by double digits over bernie sanders. sanders was second last quarter in fundraising, followed by ben carson. in our poll, carson is gaining
11:47 am
on donald trump's lead, up 9% from last month. he and donald trump sent a letter to cnbc threatening to boycott the next debate if it's longer than two hours and doesn't allow opening and closing statements. elsewhere on the campaign trail, critics jeb bush on the nfl and ray rice. >> i think they mishandled this. >> carly fiorina on president obama's decision to lead more troops in afghanistan. >> i certainly support his recognition of reality. >> joe biden. >> have you made your decision yet? >> still mum on whether he's running for president. >> he doesn't have long. october 29th is the first qualifying deadline for georgia. for their super tuesday primary. after that, three other states have deadlines in early november, including new hampshire. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. it looks like maryland governor larry hogan is very
11:48 am
popular nine months into his term. results from a new "washington post" university of maryland poll call him a different kind of republican. his approval rating is 61%. that's significantly up from 42% back in february. just this week the governor completed his last chemotherapy treatment after being diagnosed with cancer. in the next hour, first responders will be out training for emergencies. there will be drills between noon and 1:30 this afternoon at mason neck park and wildlife refuge. canines will join ground teams and volunteers to comb through the woods as part of training for a lost hiker search. it looks like a tenant in a building at the skyline towers in fairfax county misread an e-mail about an active shooter yesterday. he called 9-1-1 leading to a big police response. the federal agency conducting the drill had not told police beforehand that that was happening. officers locked down two nearby schools before discovering the
11:49 am
mistake. right now, southern california is bracing for another round of storms after pounding rains and mudslides left hundreds of drivers stranded on freeways. video of the damage and the mess are pretty stunning. nbc's miguel almaguer shows us some of the rescues. >> reporter: it's hit with fury. pounding rain, relentless, marble-sized hail. and then -- >> it's sliding. >> reporter: the mudslides. one of california's busiest freeways covered in mud. brought to a standstill overnight. cars, semi trucks snaking down interstate 5, trapped in a gridlock nightmare. >> all the mud just came from right here and just wedged us in. >> mountains crumbled into pieces pouring into streets, swallowing dozens of cars, destroying homes. witnesses could feel the power and hear the rumbling. >> that was just -- like a freight train. >> reporter: in some spots the
11:50 am
mud several feet dip. the crippling flash flooding triggering at least four rescues. children pulled to safety. first responders ordered evacuations. no one hurt but nearly everyone, especially drivers, caught by surprise. >> took about maybe 20 seconds, 30 seconds for all this to happen. it was very, very scary. >> reporter: nearly 6 inches of rain an hour hammered some neighborhoods. too much water too quickly for parks hill hardened by four years of drought. this powerful storm system, the most dangerous weather seen by some first responders here in decades. for now, this vicious punch has passed but this morning there is plenty of damage left behind. before you eat lunch today, we have a recall alert for you that could affect a popular side dish you really like. plus, why a $2 photo might be worth a whole lot more. we're back in just a minute.
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here are some of the stories lighting up social media this morning. apple soft lovers listen up. go go squeeze voluntarily recalled certain products because of mold developing in pouches. the mold is not dangerous but it tastes gross. the recall involves all pouchs with a best before date between june 30th and august 26th, 2016. listen up. a $2 photo here from california is a jump shot being called the holy grail of western americana. the "washington post" says the photo is only the second ever confirmed photo of billy the kid. also known as william bonny. the photo was purchased by a collector for $2 but is now worth every penny. appraised around 2 $5 million. what a find. shoppers at this target store got an earful this week in
11:53 am
california. a mother was shopping with her 3-year-old son when she heard audio of a pornographic video playing on the store's intercom. yikes. nearly 50,000 of you have already headed to youtube to take a listen. imagine that. the video is five minutes long. store workers were scampering around to fix the audio issue. the woman's son on hearing the audio asked if the woman was hurt. for a 3-year-old, you just say yes. back to you. thank you. when you head to the polls would you cast your vote for a man named santa claus. >> wlo wouldn't? >> how could you not? >> looks like he has a different gig this morning. we're back in a minute. i was at my shop tied up with a customer
11:54 am
when i realized the time. i had to get to the bank before it closed, so i made a break for it. when i got out it was almost closing time. traffic was bad. i knew i was cutting it close. but it was ok. i use td bank. it's got the longest hours and stays open an extra ten minutes every day. i'm sid. and i bank human at td bank. you might see delays this weekend if you're using metro. single line tracking will affect traffic due to ongoing track
11:55 am
work. red, orange, silver, blue and yellow trains will run every 10 minutes. the green line on a normal schedule. she may look like an ordinary dog. this setter spaniel mix is getting praise for her heroic efforts. washington state governor jay endsly honored till i with the washingtonian of the year award. she stood guard for nearly a week to protect a basset hound named phoebe who had fallen into a water tank. both went missing on an island and both are just fine and enjoying some extra scratches behind the ears. i wonder if he dog paddled the whole time to stay afloat. >> poor guy. santa claus doing more than coming to town. he's joining the city council. >> santa claus led all write-in candidates for the la alaska city council election last week. that's his legal name. he says his plate cal platform involves responsible growth and opportunities for children. man, he's a good one.
11:56 am
santa will be sworn in on monday. lauryn? >> all right, guys. not feeling like christmas just yet, thank goodness. i don't think we can deal with that. it is beautiful and breezy out there today. filing more like november, not december. if it's going to be beautiful and chill think weekend. kind of cool now. mid to upper 60s for highs today. if you're headed out tonight, we'll fall to the 50s. good news is that wind will come. then as we get into saturday and sunday, we're watching a freeze watch. temperatures into the upper 20s to low 30s. look at the overnight lows. d.c. in the upper 30s. but still chilly out there. a pretty quiet workweek. although we don't go back to normal until mid next week. that's it for news 4 midday. thanks so much for joining us. we're back on air this afternoon first at 4:00. >> don't forget, you can get the news and weather whenever you need them. we have news throughout the
11:57 am
weekend and we'll be here on monday for you. we hope you'll join us.
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today on the meredith vieira actress leah michelle is revealing what she loves most about her body. then ami brenneman on the leftovers. then alfonso ribeiro. and how one dad took on his daughter's beliefs. his inspiring video that went viral. it's all starting now on "meredith." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> meredeth: hi, everybody! thank you. come over here. you. co


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