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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  October 16, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. now at 11:00, friends remember a transgender woman shot and killed last night behind a laundromat. now, police are working to figure out if this was a hate crime. donald trump talking to supporters in massachusetts while jeb bush fires back about
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comments trump made rega regarding 9/11. mystery solved. we found out what was in that box that shut down part of the wilson bridge for hours this afternoon. >> the cold is coming this weekend, ready or not. >> a freeze watch is in effect for most of our region. tomorrow night, into sunday, it's going to be the coldest we have felt since march. >> naturally, we decided to send doug outside to tell us about it. doug, how's it feel right now. >> i love the cooler weather. this time tomorrow night it will be about 10 to 15 degrees co cooler. look at the bottom of the screen, 55 degrees northwest and many of you will be in this 30s already at this time, why we had that freeze watch. take a look at the numbers. 53 in d.c., 43 in gaithersburg, 42 in martinsburg and a lot of
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areas to the low froerts. it will be a cold night. cold air comes in tomorrow and sunday and why that freeze watch is in for tomorrow night and i fully expect it to be a freeze warning tomorrow night. again, potentially sunday night, it might even be colder. that freeze watch in effect for western howard county and montgomery county and loudoun county and culpeper and points to the west does not include d.c. but it will be just as cold here, too. and how long this cold air lasts is how long you need to pull those coats out of storage. >> thank you. new tonight, police say they're looking into the possibility the murder last night in montgomery village was a hate crime. friends say zell la ziona was elegant and brave, a transgender woman only openly identifying that way in the last several months and friends wonder why
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any would want to kill her. jackie. >> reporter: jim, the victim's friends are having trouble understanding the hate that appears to be involved with this. one told me, this is not the montgomery county i grew up in. >> this doesn't make any sense how somebody can have hate as a motive in killing for no reason. >> friends since seneca valley high school, now, one is gone. yesterday evening, 21-year-old zell la ziona was shot to death in daylight between two strip shopping centers near wake forest mall. witnesses saw a group of four or five young men near her and heard what sounded like arguing. police are exploring the possibility this was a hate crime. >> she wanted to embrace her life. show the world how to transgender. she helped people and inspired somebody named chris to come out and be theirself. it's hard for people to be their
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semifinals. >> barbie johnson says the victim was like a second mother to her little girl asking where's zell la? >> when zella is around, there's not a frowned in the room. >> reporter: the quiet bravery she had with those who didn't understand or approve will always be an inspiration to her. >> she was just amazing. there's no reason for you to hate somebody for who they want to be. if has the what she wants to be, that's what she wants to be, no reason for you to kill them because you don't understand. that's cowardly. >> reporter: montgomery county police chief issued a statement calling this a horrific crime and says detectives are working around the clock to find the person responsible. live in montgomery villavill vi jackie bensen. prince george's county police says someone stabbed a
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person to death there on linda lane, not too far from branch avenue. right now, police are saying they do not think this attack was random. a bizarre love tri-angle ended with two of those involved murdered. a woman and her 13-year-old daughter and that daughter's boyfriend face first degree murder charges. she said her husband shot himself to death. investigators say anna stash sha plotted with the teens to kill anthony and jacklin rigs, a couple found stabbed to death in the basement. the married couple was romantically involved with riggs who lived in the basement and police believe an 18-year-old committed the two murders. >> stop me if you heard this before, donald trump has sparked a new controversy tonight, a war
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of wars between trump and jeb bush. this one involves former president george w. bush and 9/11. he took on bush in an interview with bloomberg news. >> when you talk about george bush, say what you want, the world trade center came down during his time. >> you can't blame george bush for that. >> he was president. don't blame him or don't blame him, he was president. the world trade center came down during his reign. >> jeb took his brother's defense and slammed him saying he was pathetic and saying the former president kept us safe. trump held a rally near boston tonight in front of thousands of supporters and later jumped on twitter himself and said jeb bush was pathetic claiming george w. bush kept us safe when 9/11 happened on his watch. a group of co-hispanic policy groups wants "snl" to reskinned its invitation to
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trump to host saturday night. the national group said that would be enabling his hateful speech. they have had controversial h t hosts in the past and not commenting over the criticism over trump. now, we know what was in that suspicious package that shut down the wilson bridge about three hours. it was a big boxful of h-vac parts. somebody called to report it around 12:15 this afternoon. authorities say the size and location of the package is what made it so suspicious. the fire department says it makes every effort to avoid closing major roads. it says the person who called 911 did the right thing. new at 11:00 tonight, the federal government wants to require any who buy as drone to register it with the department of transportation. sources tell nbc news the plan will be announced soon possibly next week. the government is very concerned
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about the rise and close calls between drones and planes in some of the nation's biggest and busiest airports. the regulations could be in place by christmas and drones are expected to be a popular gift this season. us airways getting ready to make its last flight. it is 1939, and us airways will be part of american airlines tomorrow creating the world's largest airlines. don't expect all traces of us airways to be gone overnight. it will take time to swap out the planes and crew uniforms. tonight, the highway patrol says it will take days to reopen a state highway north of los angeles. it is choked with mud between 2 and 6 feet deep. incredibly, no one was hurt in all of this. patrick healey from our sister station in los angeles shows house drivers are digging out
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tonight. >> it's just the most frig frightening thing to see. just look left and a mountain of just mud comes barrelling down on you. >> reporter: tony and jeff had just picked up their little brother from school and were driving home on elizabeth lake road when the rain suddenly p k picked up. >> we're trying to get through it. it was like quicksand when we bailed out of the suv. it was quite intense trying to walk through it. >> reporter: you can only imagine how close a call this one was. look at the door here. it's stuck. you can't move because of the mud coming in. you can't even see the hood of this mini cooper, completely buried with mud all the way beyond the driver's doorsill. convoys of response crews are working their way through the flood and mud zones, clearing roads and surveying this entire corridor west of palmdale. after the deluge hit yesterday more than two doze needed to be resc rescued. it's believed everyone got to
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safety but responders want to make sure. mark savage. >> we're doing a search door-to-door to make sure everyone is accounted for. we're doing damage assessment. we've got an -- of course, cl r clearing the roadways, public works has a huge job and they have a lot of resources to do that as well. >> in virginia some drivers are refusing to swap out license plates that have the confederate flag on them. they're now illegal in the commonwealth and all expired on october 4th. only 10% of drivers with those plates have mailed them in. maryland will become the third state to recall confederate plates possibly as soon as next month. a federal judge agreed to lift an injunction that barred the state from taking them out of circulation. texas has also started phasing out the plates and six other states still sell them. just aahead, a fund-raiser for two brothers who drowned in
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the chesapeake bay and the family hasn't seen a penny. lamar odom continues to improve good news out of his nevada hospital. a home coming to remember
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former nba player lamar odom is showing progress. a source close to the situation says he has regained conscio consciousness and breathing on
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his own. he was also able to say hi to estranged wife, chloe kardashian. a spokesperson for his family said he also woke up today. he has been unconscious since being found at a nevada brothel tuesday. two women facing charges in a home rental scheme. sherry hackett and julia turner broke into vacant homes, changed the locks and rented them to people for cash. at least two families fell for the scam and police believe there may be other victims out there. thousands of dollars hang in the balance because of a family feud between a family and former busy partner of one of the men. they died in july. and doug co-owned the costa b f braf -- brava restaurant had a
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fund-raiser and the family hasn't seen a penny. invest the co-partners said they lost money. >> i will send her the 3 grand but also send the bills he needs to pay. >> that makes me want to call the attorney general and handle it through them. >> the dc general's office tells us there are laws governing solicitati solicitations. he's not the captain of the football team or class president but he won the hearts of his classmates and tonight they surprised him by crowning him home coming king. shomari stone is there for the big moment. >> reporter: under friday night lights, osborne high school hits the gridiron against battlefield high in manassas city, virginia. it's a home coming game. this crowd along with alex
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sanchez is excited. >> reporter: do you like the home coming game? >> yes. >> reporter: why? >> it's a lot of fun. >> reporter: a lot of fun? >> yes. >> reporter: alex has special needs. students and teachers admire his devotion to school and his nice personality. >> he is a great kid with a great heart. he's always smiling, always willing to help anybody out, always says hi and has a high-five for me. always wonderful. >> reporter: so wonderful the senior class voted him to be home coming king. he just found out at halftime. >> congratulations, alex. we're so proud of you. >> thank you. >> awesome job. >> reporter: home coming week octavian samuel doesn't mind sharing this e spotlight. >> i wanted him to win. i wanted alex to win. >> reporter: a special moment he will never forget the rest of his life. it's his time to shine under the friday night lights. >> i feel happy many. >> reporter: happy? >> yes. >> you look pretty nice with
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that crown on. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: isn't that nice? what's next for alex, he will be featured at christmas with the osborne home coming team, octavias -- home coming queen, octavias. >> i bet shomari wants to borrow that because that crown had a fur lining. >> to keep him warm. >> the way things are cooling, some areas already at 42 and others at 52 degrees. that's a big difference. tomorrow night, it will be down to the low 40s easily by this time and maybe upper 30s and some dip down to below freezing the first time this season tomorrow night. not too bad in the city. a lot of traffic with construction on the george washington parkway. a lot of people having a hard time getting out of the airport. traffic backed up there. yep, i do traffic, too.
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54 degrees. that's not too cold. this is going to be the high on sunday. if you walk outside right now, even with sunshine, that's all we will get to. no word on the radar, all clear. no worry about that. here's the cold front that came through in the morning hours this morning. another cold front back northwest and this will really bring in the cold air. you can see it right here with this storm. that will come through tomorrow night and early tomorrow morning. that will bring breezy conditions in the day and will also help enforce the cold air. look at chicago, mipnneapolis, st. louis, a frost advisories for us and freeze warning for areas of western montgomery and howard counties and points to the west for temperatures that will get close to if not below freezing tomorrow night. d.c. not in there. we won't get below freezing but
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still very cold. chilly but not cold, at least not real cold. 39 degrees inmartinsburg, a little cold. 44 towards fredericksburg and waking up tomorrow morning rather chilly. only 52 for a high in hagerstown and manassas and washington. we will see clouds and any time the clouds obscure the sun it's going to be quite chilly with a little bit of breeze. a lot of people doing pumpkin picking this weekend. 48 degrees. coats early and jacket at 1:00, lots of sunshine with clouds mixed in. temperatures falling to 53 degrees. what to wear tomorrow? normally we take a few things away. no. we want you to wear everything. jacket, sweater, gloves, warm hat, scarf. if you're going to any outdoor events tomorrow night, it will be cold. not since last march.
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55 in the metro area on sunday and some areas stay below 50. 32 degrees in frederick. 32 in martinsburg, 32 in manassas and 40 in d.c. we could be even colder monday in the city for a low temperatures in the 30s. a cold note monday morning and then we rebound very nicely, lots of sunshine, temperatures in the 70s by wednesday and thursday. >> sounds pretty cold. >> we're ready for it. big opportunities for some redskins. a huge upset in high school football. george wallace is on deck with sports. >> jimmy fallon. >> bruce willis is my guest >> bruce willis is my guest tonight, plus, we
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around $269 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing. ♪ . more injury challenges for the redskins against the jets. >> it's not good at all. redskins getting set to head to new jersey to face a surprising jets team well arrested 3-1 after a bye and redskins without five starters. trent williams and corey liq 10 s -- lichtensteiger. >> it's a great challenge. we have a heck of a team not playing but a heck of a team pl playing. it's a great opportunity for ty
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to play tackle and josh to play center. we have confidence they'll get the job done. that's the way we will go about our business. nothing will change. business as usual and we have a job to do with the able bodies we have planned. >> to high school football. hosting eagles. lots of fans fired up for this. terp fans have to be excited. lorenzo harrison doing his best barry sanders impression. committed to maryland. can't wait to see him at bird stadium. down the sideline, slipped two defenders, the kid is incredible. takes it 92 yards to the house, one of the best runs you see at any level. damascus takes a 7-0 lead. randolph adds to that, third touchdown of the night. gonzaga shocking everyone, up 21-7. and driving, swing past, anthony mcfarland makes a couple guys
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miss, takes a hit and loses the football. gonzaga stuns them 24-14. to the court. the wizards in philly taking on them. wall, clowes this up for kris humphries. wizards up four. spreading the love, down the midd middle. 16 points for the polish machine. third quarter, wizards big off the sixers miss. on the break. 16 points for the rookie and wizards win it 127-118, 3-1 in the preseason. to the smith center. men's and women's basketball team having fun. dancing. that's women's coach showing how it's done with the dancing. and blindfolds and defends his dunk contest title from a year
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ago. he gets a 10 from his head coach lonnigan. good time as the college high school basketball season ramps up. >> this is good for the fans and for me, it proves the season is coming close. >> we have good personnel and good coaches and great people behind us. if we all do our part we will have a great year. >> we have everybody out here supporting us, for the school to even come and do this for us, it's a great opportunity to introduce everybody to all the people here. we love coming out and doing it. >> in the alcs, royals beat blue jays, 5-0, to take a 1-0 series
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it was a record breaking day up on the international space station. astronaut scott kelly has now spent a total of 383 days in space in his life-time. more than any other american he is more than halfway through his mission to spend a year in space and break another record october 29th, his 216th day in a row outside our atmosphere. he has a ways to go to catch up to a world record holder russian cosmonaut spent a record 79 days in space over five different trips. he just didn't want to go back to russia. >> he looks like his twin brother, mark kelly, also an astronaut. one of the reasons he's up there because they can do medical research because they're twins,
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compare the two of them. >> no gravit (man) hmm. what do you think? ♪ (stranger) good mornin'! ♪ (store p.a.) attention shoppers, there's a lost couple in the men's department. (vo) there's a great big un-khaki world out there. explore it in a subaru crosstrek. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- bruce willis -- sienna miller -- musical gu


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