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tv   News4 Today  NBC  October 18, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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today but tomorrow morning will colder than this morning, so get ready to bundle up. outside this morning there's a bit of bracing chill on your way out the door to your local farmer's market or sunday's service. colder by tomorrow morning. planning out your morning, 41 now, 42 in the next -- couple of minutes. 45 by 10:00. 47 by 11:00 this morning. most of the lamp be in the low to mid -50s. skies clear back out. it will be cold. 30s by 11:00. most of the suburbs will be in the mid to upper 20s by tomorrow morning. we'll given your your temperatures coming up. >> thank you, chuck. happening today, transgender murder victim zella zee o na is being remembered with a candlelight vigil. she was found in an alley behind
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montgomery village. just yesterday police made an arrest. it happened in morning state park in germantown. friends are invited to attend. more on what led up to zell na ziona's murder. "news4's" jackie bensen has the update. >> reporter: according to charging documents the police were called to the transit center last night for a report of three to five people fighting with sticks. one had a knife. the documents say detectives believe zella ziona was hit with a stick at that time. they tell "news4" the man charged with the murder 2rks 3-year-old rico leblond was also involved and became enranged when ziona beganed the upper hand in the fight. up till now it's not clear how police responded to that. now they were called to the site again. this time zella ziona was shot to death. she was shot by a man who stood
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over her and continued to fire at her even as she lie collapsed on the ground. >> i saw them standing over the person. >> detectives stated in the documents that they believe the victim may have been lured to the alley after the initial fight. that is where a man believed to be ricoh le brond jumped from behind dumpster and began shooting. witnesses say he had a monster mask over the lower part of his face. it was found near the scene. news of the arrest was bittersweet. >> that still won't bring her back. it won't bring her back. >> jackie bensen reporting there. right now we're working to find out how much damage a fire caused. take a look at this. they say this house in mt. vernon was totally engulfed in flames when firefighters arrived. at least one person was hurt but not seriously. >> we're working to learn the name of the man killed while crossing the street blade n
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bladensburg. police are looking for a late model ford with damage to the right front headlight and bumper. 68-year-old penelope ann garden slammed into a traffic pole near the inner county connector. officers saw her speeding. she didn't have her lights on. she died at the hospital. no one else was hurt in the crash. amazing pictures of a motorcycle up in flames. take a look at this. just minutes after it crashed into the car. this was the scene. it crashed in the district. the man on the bike was rushed to the hospital. as of right now, we have not received word on his condition. this morning a 7-year-old gets to meet the woman who saved his life. they're part of the walk for life putting the spotlight on leukemia and how you can become a donor. "news4's" derrick ward is live for us this morning with the
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heart-warming story. good morning. how are you? >> reporter: good morning. how are you. you can hear the party at hains point but the folks have gathered here for a good thing. this is a walk for life. it's part of the gift of life bone mary row foundation. it's a public international bone marrow registry. people who aren't -- you know, due to some illness in need of a bone marrow transplant. every 15 minutes or so somebody in the u.s. is diagnosed with leukemia or some anemic disease. it means bodies are not producing the right blood cells it needs and a bone marrow transplant is hard to find, even within a given family. they ask you to do is take a swab and join this registry to find out if you're a match. this group marches up with people all over the country and today earlier this morning we had a 7-year-old recipient meet up with the donor, 25-year-old woman who she had never met
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before. so it was very emotional meeting among those people. this is a typical 7-year-old bouncing around, jumping around, fidget i. that's what you want with a kid who's been diagnosed earlier. we'll have samples from interviews. this morning the walk is going on until 10:00. as you know it will be a celebration afterward celebrating that gift of life. we're live at hains point. derrick ward, nusz 4, back to you. >> derrick, thanks so much. student enrollment is growing. this year they've increased by 2,600 stunls. that brings the number close to 56,000. they believe it's because of rising birth rates and more people moving into the area. over in prince george's county students can pick up an extra day in class if they like. it's up and running in nine
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schools. students and families have the chance to sample that program yesterday. it includes a motivational program and two hours of instruction. the goal is to raise test score and better prepare students for careers. >> we need more students and workers to graduate from this country. >> being able to go this far is great and programs like this is what propels people further. >> saturday's school will run 20 weeks. it's available for students all the way up to the 12th grade. coming up, there's been speculation for months but joe biden may be close to announcing whether he's actually running for president. who he talked to that might be a big hint. and we do want to take a live look outside. you can see the breeze blowing the flag right there. it's a chilly start to our it's a chilly start to our sunday morning.
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welcome back. in california this morning scientists are working to learn whether a tornado touched down. take a look here. this is cell phone video of a funnel cloud soublt of l.a. we don't know whether it caused any kind of damage in that area. >> a typhoon in the philippines now considered deadly. it just hit the county today. our country today. leaders say two lehave died. this is a capsized boat. all did survive. two people died when winds knocked down trees and houses. schools are closed across the country. lots are without power. thousands have been displaced from their homes. >> some promising news this morning for former nba star lamar odom. according to the "l.a. times" he's completing sentencing and
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texting. several have also visited him this weekend. odom was admitted to a nevada hospital last week after being found unconscious in a nevada brothel. he's no longer in a coma. odom's mother-in-law tells access hollywood he's still in very critical condition. now to decision 2016. we're talk about vice president joe biden and the growing question whether he'll actually enter the race. he told major labor leader on friday he's strongly considering a run. we're told the vp and the international association of firefighters' president spoke for about 20 minutes. coming up later on "meet the press," nbc's chuck todd will have much more on whether we'll see a candidate biden. well, winter is coming early to some parts of the country. where it's gotten so cold, check this out, it's already tag. oh, my goodness.
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>> are we going to see some of that in the future?
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music: "thunder clatter" by wild cub ♪ ♪ ♪ most weekends only last a couple of days. some last a lifetime. hampton. we go together. always get the lowest price, only when you book direct at capitol hill. a review by "news4" i-team reveals they're on the rise. we've found suspicious packages in the past three years. scott macfarlane and the i-team
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cameras give us a view of the specialized unit handling those calls. >> he served two decades as a congressman. so mike doyle says it's common to walk past police tape, police cars, and police officers near the capitol. one afternoon this spring he knew something was different. >> i've been here 21 years. nothing like this has ever happened. >> this please call seemed urgent. >> they gave her instructions to shut the doors and basically go into a lockdown. >> his staff assistant kaitlyn opened an envelope. >> she saw this white powdery substance on the letters. >> they shuttered much of the building and rushed into the congressman's office. >> they're analyzing and yelling off what compounds they're seeing. >> tests would show the compounds were harmless and found the number of bomb squad calls are fast increasing. our vee rue of the capitol police report shows 2,500 bomb squad responses just since 2012.
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some of them you've heard about. it was the bomb squad that inspected the gyrocopter. a florida man landed on capitol grounds in april and it was the bomb squad that ended up removing and destroying what ended up being the pressure cooker left in a truck days later, but many of the calls we don't hear about. >> when we show up, things slo down. >> reporter: they show us the cameras they use to inspect suspicious packages and how they list, inspect, and dig through bags from a distance. >> not everything is done with a robot. >> no, not every. >> reporter: they use portable x-rays and hazardous materials experts test for dangerous chemicals. these heavy protective suits block possible shrapnel. but no gloves. they have to lift suspicious
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bags with bare hands. >> eventually you have to walk up to something. >> exactly. hands-on. >> reporter: one congressional memo reveals cuts squeeze the agency's recruit class in 2013 and a summer-long budget stand-off threatened to give the agency $20 million for more manpower and more gear at a time when congressman doyle says the capitol is an increasing target. >> this is washington, d.c. this is one of those cities where it's a higher risk that things like that can happen here. >> one congressional leader told us it's so important that the capitol grounds unlike the white house and pentagon are always open to the public. scott macfarlane, "news4" i-team. now to dramatic individual in peace frl hawaii. fire officials say it happened about 50 to 100 yards offshore. the 44-year-old and another
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person were swim back to shore when this happened. two people in a canoe paddled out to brung them in. we know that his legs suffered the most damage. the other swimmer was not hurt. >> i don't want to do it to you but i'm going to do it to you. >> people are mad about this. >> there's snow falling somewhere in the united states right now and that somewhere, the great state of michigan. take a look. about 5 inches of snow on the ground there right now. this is that so-called lake-effect snow. we were talking about the nfl. buffalo, anything? >> they could have snow flurries. >> that would be awesome. >> yes, absolutely. buffalo could have some. redskins are up in new york city. probably no snowflakes in new york city but blustery cold weather in all of the northeast city. >> we had our first freeze of the season, right? >> part of them did, germantown.
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there were locations down below freezing. national airport did not get befreezing. monday morning will colder still. only it woend be as noticeable. if you're taking your sweetheart to hains point for your free date day, planes will be going over your head in takeoff mode. sit on the right seed to see downtown, the left side to see the point gone and northern virginia. 44 degrees. winds averaging 10 miles per hour. they'll be in to 10 to 20 miles an hour for much of the day. partly cloudy, breezy and chilly. sunshine to start and finish the day and clouds during the middle of the afternoon. right now it's still only 39 in frederick and montgomery county 367892 in culpeper, 41
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winchester. whils are in the low to mid-30s across much of the area. there'll be another potential for a freeze coming up. my computer decided not to plot this time around. temperatures back down into the 20s and 30s. here's our hourly temperatures for today. chilly, four days now. up into the low 50s. but do plan on fair amount of clouds around between noon and four and downstream of the lakes. it's turned on here from buffalo to erie to cleveland. no snow in our area. there's indication maybe of a stray snowflake here of martinsburg and a few light snowflakes right along the mason dixon line there. don't be shocked if you live in northern panhandle of west virginia. around town that's not going to happen. with daytime heating, here's noon time. skies go mostly cloudy. this will be a quit spit or
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sprinkle from mother nature. most of the drops will ee van rate. the air on the surface is really drive. nonetheless, a stray drop or two. after 3:00 or 4:00, skiing start to clear back out. it will be clear and cold overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. more color sneaking its way in. start off tells, 38 by the bay. just about everywhere west of the belt way will be below the freeding mark. ta warmup begins. it looks like wednesday and thursday will be there. >> thanks, buddy. 9:20. coming up, it was a recovery months in the making. tracy morgan makes his return to
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"snl" after that horrific crash that put him in a coma. the promise he kept that fans can't stop talking about.
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why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun?
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that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. great comeback last night on "snl." he returns a year after a terrible car accident.
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>> so a couple of months ago i called lorne michaels. he's my obi-wan kenobi. i said, loren, when i get back on my feet, i want to come back. here i am. >> wasting no time getting down to the jokes. all of his former "30 rock" star folks came back to welcome him back. >> good god, tracy. >> i'm black and better than ever. >> let me smell your sour ears. >> tracy, i'm so happy you're alive. and if you receive any kind of insurance settlement because of this, i may also be in love with you. >> i love you too. >> tracy jordan was not the only famous character that revisited. some of his most recognizable characters like host of brian fellows' safari planet as well
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as astronaut jones. you might remember some of the popular songs from the past. take a listen. ♪ downtown >> that's "down town" by maclemore & lewis. they also have a christmas show. they have done this for the past five years. a lot of you might be asking how much is their electric bill. that's a big question. they save $25 to $30 because they use l.e.d. lights. >> that's awesome. what great song. >> the kids love it too. you tune in with your radio. >> i love it so much i got choked up. >> you need some water. >> go to it if you can. a man is back from custody after police say he escaped from the cruiser and attack eed poli
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. one major invasion. what one university student found inside a woman's locker room. taking a look outside, chilly morning outside. chuck is tracking how long
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♪ ♪ well, it's going to be easy to spot the people who don't listen to chuck's forecast
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today. yeah, you know why? because they're going to be outside shivering without a coat. the temperatures are dropping. take a look at that. 30s. and we're in for some cold weather in the next few days. a suspect in handcuffs gets away and assaults several officers. a video you've got to see before police got him back in custody. we're looking at 9:30. we've made it to the half hour of the 9:00 hour which means -- >> -- which means chuck's outside. he's an intrepid meteorologist. did you take your own advice?bu? >> no, no, no. i'm not bundled up. >> you're not out there too long. >> no. and as long as you stand on the sunny side of the patio, it's not too bad. if you're in the shadow and feeling the breeze, it's a little bit colder out here for sure. you're right. i don't need my winter jacket. let's take a look what the skies are looking like. a couple of clouds on the disstakt horizon there.
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otherwise it's clear over town. there's a look in the south. nestled along inside the poto c potomac. we had a 757 go there. there's a view there. lots of ripley waves on the potom potomac. there's reston town center also looking northbound. notice the clouds there. a lot more clouds across northern parts of maryland. i believe they'll move into the metro later in the afternoon. 30s and low 40s on your way out the door. highs tay the low and mid-50s. freezes are likely again for tonight into tomorrow morning. we'll talk about your monday morning. maybe tomorrow morning. maybe you should tell your boss you're going to be late. >> who do you work for? >> who do i work for? the same people you work for. >> the best bosses ever, by the way. >> absolutely. >> all right.
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thanks, chuck. a man is now nation charges of escaping a police cruiser and attacking several officers. it ended like this with police tackling and tasing giovanti young. police say he assaulted two officers when they pulled him over in laurel yesterday. then in college park he somehow escaped the police car and attacked the officer at the wheel. that officer then tased him. >> one person is recovering from a bad crash in fairfax county. it knocked down wires and shut down a road. we heard 25 people are without power because of this. you're looking at 10thet street and i-street. that's in the alexandria section of the county. fairfax county police say a car hit a transformer there. the road is open once again. 25 people without power because of that. >> we now know who police are looking for in a bizarre murder in district heights. there's warrant out for poteat.
9:33 am
they still don't know why he shot her. he's now facing murder charges. >> in a few hours a d.c. street is being dedicated to honor a hit-and-run victim. ruby whitfield was struck and killed by a drunk driver after she left a ushers meeting at the church. they worked to rename the corner ruby whitfield way. the ceremony will take place after the church's 10:00 a.m. service. some women may have had their most private moments caught on camera at townsend university. a woman found a smartphone inside a locker room. some students were upset the school did not announce what was going on. >> you know, if there's an
9:34 am
incident like that going on where there's the potential that someone's trying to make -- i mean trying to invade someone's privacies. >> well n a statement, the baltimore's wbal townsend university says our students' welfare continues to be our top priority, end quote. meanwhile they're offering service for the team. it's not looking good for them trying to dig out of the massive mudslide out there. the forecast calling for even more rain in northern los angeles county where in some places there is mud that is waist deep. hundreds of people had to be rescued thursday when the mudslides buried roads trapping people in their cars. luckily, no, no deaths or injuries were reported but it could take days to dik out. >> can't camp a break there. we've learned that all 19 people killed in the north carolina floods were in the vehicles. nine of them trapped after their
9:35 am
vehicles were trapped or southwesswept away. another church door was set on fire in st. louis. its is the fifth church door set ablaze over the last two weeks. this one happened around 4:00 a.m. saturday and authorities say this church fire has been the worst with more than $10,000 in estimated damage. joaquin "el cha popchapo" g captured. they zeroed in on him after his cell phone signals were heard. mexico's government said during the raid el chapo hurt his leg and his face. in news for your health, a prescription may help with parkinson's. tasigna is used to usually kill
9:36 am
cancer cells. they now have more tests planned for that drug. you may have seen a huge vigil outside the white house last night. brings together dozens of foundations across the u.s. and canada. it was originally scheduled for a month ago but the secret service shut it down. >> know and i've red a little bit about what you're going through and the courage that you show will be an inspiration to me because even big top secret service agents and big tough directors have bad days. >> and that was the director of the secret service apologizing for forcing that vigil to reschedule. agents said that they originally stopped event because the president was entering the white house at the time. an opinion piece in the "washington post" now asking for bill cosby's mural to be moved. the writer goes on to say we have the challenge the way
9:37 am
society treats women and that means removing that mural. dozens of women have come accusing cosby with sexual assault. he was never charged with the crime. a walmart put on lockdown after gunfire. coming up, man credited with saving living during the oregon campus shooting. opening up. what he says about
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a man accused of a shooting at a walmart parking lot is in jail now. this all happened yesterday. the walmart locked down with lots of customers still inside. >> and then the guy came over, don't want to alarm you, sir, there's a guy with a gun in the store. i went and found my kid, got him. they wouldn't let anybody out of the building. >> it's not sure what his condition is now. they say when the man recovers, he'll be charged with six counts
9:40 am
of attempted homicide. a man credited with saving lives during the oregon campus shooting now talks about what handed. chris mintz reported on facebook that on october 1st he held the door open for students to escape. after running to the library to warn people he ran back toward the gunman. the gunman accused him of calling the police and shot him. mintz told the gunman, it's my kid's birthday. this week's "wednesday's child" is a vechild. as a foster child she's hoping a family will come along that will make her a part of their lives. barbara harrison introduces us to allison. >> reporter: she was waiting for us at the front door of her school. hi, alison. allison said hello with a punch of a button. allison wore her favorite rainbow shoes for this occasion and she was ready to show me how well she has learned to get
9:41 am
around. >> when i met her, she was in a wheelchair. since then she's gotten surgery and she was really reluctant to walk but now she walks like gangbusters. >> reporter: she's surprised all who know her. she's a star in her clachls alison used her red pen to show us on paper the things she's interested in. >> allison has a kind of come empl employ indicated medical situation. she was born with several medical anomalies. she was born with cerebral palsy. >> she's unable to speak not b u not communicate. she uses her ipad to say what she has to say. >> do you like stlg? >> mm-hmm. >> is that helpful? >> mm-hmm. >> that allows her to share her personality. something she hopes to share with her adiopive family. when asked whatwhere she'd like
9:42 am
to live, she said with mom and dad. we made a pinky promise to try to found her a family. >> thank you. >> we hope to find the family ve soon. barbara harrison, "news4," "wednesday's child." >> call 1-88-to-adopt-me or go to website answer. ""wednesday's child."" coming up, it got a bit awkward at a target in california this week. >> it's awful. >> why shoppers couldn't believe what they heard playing over the intercom. taking a live look outside. we take a look. chuck's updating the forecast for the rest of
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it just happened to be a mommy & me shopping day in san jose, california. things turned awkward when an x-ray audio played over the radio. shoppers couldn't believe their ears. >> what is going on at target right now. >> reporter: jeanie young said everyone around her froze when this started playing. an x-rated sound track blasted through the speakers inside this
9:46 am
target store. >> it was terribly awkward. >> she rushed the twin boys to the checkout with the food and waited for the x-rated sound track to be shut off. >> we're all stand together listening to this horrible audio covering our kids' ears. >> her 3-year-old boys started crying and parents with older children started asking questions about who is making those noises and why. >> we just kept say why are they hurting a lady. >> everything's oklahoma. it's just pretend. >> she said it played in every aisle for about 15 minutes before a store manager apologized and managed to shut it off. >> i kept looking around and seeing all these employees just laughing, getting their phones out, not doing much. >> in a statement target said, in part, they're actively reviewing the situation to better understand what happen and to ensure this doesn't happen again. gina and bethany hope no other parents or kids have a shopping
9:47 am
trip like they experienced and they can r asking target for another sincere apology. >> i don't think i'm ever going to be able to get that out of my head. >> reporter: there are similar reports of it happened at a san obispo store earlier this year. they won't say if their system was hacked or an employee inside the store was response responsible. >> if it's a hacker, it's the ultimate hack. >> it's just aful. a lot of you reacting online. we watched that story. so don't forget if you go to the facebook page -- >> you're parents of young children. >> i can't imagine what you would do. >> for an old guy with no kids it's a lot funnier. >> i would have reason out of the store. >> it's like playing cat noises when my dogs are there. >> very similar, chuck. so today we're talking about
9:48 am
layers again. >> yes, indeed. a layer outside this morning. it's going to be a chilly day. you're going to need a wind breaker. for you folks who are tender flowers where cold is concerned, angie goff, maybe a scarf to protect you from the chill as well. bust out weather tomorrow morning. great way for driving. we managed to squeak to 60. we have not made it for some time. with the 40s outside now you'll definitely need your jacket and sunglasses for the morning. long glasses outside any of the local state parks. bright sunshine. 44. northwest winds at 9 miles an hour. the sun's not going to be with us all day.
9:49 am
39 in haegers town. hourly temperatures getting up into the low and mid-50s. then skies clear back out after 4:00 or 5:00. there's snow showers across it. here's a couple of snow showers near punxsutawnepunxsutawney. these snowflakes may make it down to the border. my weather watcher in kaiser, west virginia, could have it again today. as a result, skies which are clear now -- here's future weather, by the time you get toward 1:00 this afternoon, partly to mostly cloudy. these will be if anything isolated drops, not even a rain shower but a passing drop or
9:50 am
sprinkle or two possible between about 1:00 and 3:00, 4:00 this afternoon. after 5:00 that drops away. skies will clear out quite nicely and we'll be cold, cold, cold by tomorrow morning. mid to upper 30s midtown and bayside. you'll likely be at or below. tomorrow freezing cold start. mid 50s for heise tomorrow. not quite as bad as the warming trend returns. south winds come back. that may keep tuesday morning chilly but not so cold. then turning chilly again as we head toward next weekend and the marine corps marathon. >> i like those 70s. thanks. coming up, a bike la
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coming up in the week ahead, the supreme court will take up a gun case. the illinois state rifle citation says that violated their constitutional right. the supreme court will decide whether to hear the case tomorrow. even if they to, won't learn a decision for months. >> and a pair of bills over medical marijuana in anne arundel county are set to be voted on tomorrow.
9:54 am
one would allow it, another would ban medical marijuana operation sales there. the gazette warns they could ask amendments for both. if that is considered, tomorrow's vote would likely be pushed back. the public will have an opportunity to weigh in at tomorrow's session. well, metro has narrowed its list of general manager candidates down. they're transportation professionals. the elections board expected to announce a new one. they've been without a permanent gm for almost a year now. well, cycling. it's a huge part of the way we all get around, right. >> there have been growing pains as we all learn how to share the road. now a new bike lane is taking shape in the city of fairfax. it's set to install its first ever designated bike lanes. a sign of the times in historic
9:55 am
small fairfax. more room is needed for how they get around. more bikes are getting their own way. it will be changing from two lanes of traffic in each direction to zwruft one lane of traffic along with a bike lane along each side and a turn lane down the middle. cyclists happy to have it. >> it also gives you that sense of i have a safe place to be in. >> reporter: buck sathers says he's been pushing to get it around the city and he also understands the dynamic that plays out on the road. >> in any culture there are respectful and nonrespectful cyclists. i think everybody has to follow the rules of the road. >> nancy loftus voted against it. >> if you're going to be spending the money, let's spend it wisely.
9:56 am
put it in an infrastructure that helps them and not something that's patting themselves on the back. self congratulatory. i'm afraid that's more of what this is than an actual true aid for bicyclists. >> the road will be changing this fall. another sign that all of us have to roll together. >> and speaking of the road and safety, kids in fairfax will learn the fundamentals this weekend. accomplishes taught kids how to drive their bikes through original cones. they also offered bike repairs and inspections and handed out helmets to some kids who could not afford them. friends am family are now coming together. how they're honoring their legacy as they find out more about the man who police say is responsible for her death. >> let's take a look auto this window on this chilly sunday morning. look out it. don't open it. chuck bell is tracking what we can expect for the rest of the
9:57 am
week. >> reporter: the event wraps up but the cause lives on. radsing the awareness of the importance of bone mary row
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get a good look at those. yeah, the temperatures. we're not lying. that's really on your screen.
10:00 am
it's really that cold out there, and we're in for some of the chilliest days of the season so far. and the long criminal back ground of a man who is accused of killing a transgender woman. and how family and friends are honoring the life of zillah. good morning. i'm adam tuss. >> and i'm angie goff. your weekend. you're going to have to bundle up. >> your heavier jacket. >> and thick sweater and maybe throw on a scarf. >> storm team 4's chuck bell joining us. hey, chuck. >> you need the extra layer to get out the door. as long as you stay busy, keep a brisk pace going, it will be a nice enough day to stay outsiechld it's going to stay pretty cold all day long. looking northwest-bound. here's chevy chase. there are more clouds here across parts of northern maryland and southern en


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