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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  October 19, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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a busy morning of breaking you news. i'm aaron gilchrist and we're following what could be a big development about joe biden's potential run for the white house. and i'm eun yang. police warn a local neighborhood, two teens shot in what already appears to be a disturbing case. >> and i'm tom kierein. after that frosty cold start, a look at when warmer weather arrives, that's coming up. plus traffic nightmare, the big problem for a local highway that made a lot of you late this morning. i'm barbara harrison. news 4 midday starts right now. nbc news is quoting a source familiar with vice president joe biden's thinking as saying a
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decision on a presidential run could come become the next 48 hours. now, we don't know what that decision might be or how we might learn it, but by this time wednesday morning, we could know whether there will be another democratic candidate for president. nbc news white house team also pointing out biden has set other decision deadlines and blown right through them, so you have to consider that fact with the latest news. also worth noting kristen welker supporting some biden supporters have pressed him to announce a decision before hillary clinton heads to capitol hill later this week. also in decision 2016, hillary clinton is leading in the polls, but she'll be off the campaign trail today. she's prepping for that house hearing on benghazi that happens this week. clinton says the hearing is motivated pie poby politics. the committee says it will focus on the four killed.
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mean while donald trump and jeb bush both those candidates still battling. they're fighting over comments made by 9/11 and former president george w. bush. trump says he took issue with jeb bush claiming, quote, my brother kept us safe in the aftermath of 9/11 and said things would have been different if he had been president. he said he's extremely tough on immigration and attackers wouldn't have been in the country on his watch. bush later responded by saying trump looks like he's playing the role of a presidential candidate. a traffic mess on a busy road. route 1 in the alexandria session of fairfax county is close this had will both directions all because of downed wires. take a look. this is just outside of the beltway near the beacon shop are center. items n it's not clear yet when things will be reopened. and no travel problems weather-wise. we have a beautiful blue sky and a calm wind.
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look at this live view of the storm team 4 national harbor camera. you can see the waters of the potomac like glass. hardly a puff of wind today reflecting that blue sky and temperatures are beginning now to get out of the cold range and just into the chilly range. you can see there are spotty colors showing up here. but still we're about 10 days away or so from peak color in the immediate metro area. our temperatures right now into the mid-40s shenandoah valley, where it was down in the upper 20s this morning. mid-20s in the mountains. near the metro area, mid to upper 40s now. breaking news into the live desk where a teen has been killed. limited information coming in. we know that prince george's county police investigators are on the scene in the 600 block of audrey lane.
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we know a 14-year-old was killed this morning in what police are describing as a domestic-related murder. a suspect is in custody and there is another teen who was injured somehow at this homicide scene. that teenager has been taken to the hospital. our bureau chief is on the scene gathering more information. we'll bring to you as soon as we learn more. i'm aaron gilchrist at the live desk. >> reporter: i'm derrick ward in on capitol avenue. all the way in the back ground, once the focal point of this community. in the foreground you see the children playing. that might represent the future. but right now the remnants of crime scene tape. there was a murder here overnight. the sounds of gun fire rang through the streets of ivy city. >> it's not unusual. >> reporter: it was about 2:00
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a.m. >> i heard it. >> reporter: this car stopped in the middle of west virginia around the corner of central place, more crime scene tape. and police as morning came, detectives began canvassing for clues this what had become by then a fatal shooting investigation. residents say victim not yet identified by authorities had grown up here and moved away as an adult but was known on these streets. he was a good person whose life ended where it began, in this ivy city community. where even detectives have yet to determine and residents have yet to understand. >> i'm saddened by that. >> reporter: homicide remains under investigation. and police have yet to release the name of the victim or any suspect information. we're live in ivy city, derrick ward, news 4. back to you. and new at midday, montgomery county police are working to track down this woman, angela cantrell.
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she's missing from silver spring. she walked away from her home at around 2:00 morning. she was wearing a tank top and pajama pants with no shoes. her family is concerned especially with how cold it is today. if you think you can give police information about her, please give them a call. some say this will add stability to the baltimore police department in the year of freddie gray's death. we expect city council to make ken davis commissioner tonight. mayor rawlings-blake fired the previous leader. people like davis for his emphasis on community engagement. but others say he's not tolerant enough. and it's a disturbing account of a terrifying fight. in 60 seconds what we've learned about the unusual incident that forced a pilot to turn around a
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whole plane full of passengers.
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developing story in los angeles right now where an unruly passenger apparently forced a pilot to turn around a flight. take a look. this is police on the tarmac at l.a.x. they were responding to this southwest airlines flight that was supposed to be going to san francisco until a fight broke out. >> evidently we have two passengers that are in a physical altercation. so we need to get turned around and back to l.a.x. >> the passengers were about five hours late to san francisco. police took the man into custody, but didn't charge him with anything. right now we're waiting for a first lady michelle obama to make an announcement about a new education initiative. it's designed to give teenagers to stick with their education past hoos will p. it's call "better make room."
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there is pore how to sign up for the s.a.t.s and a.c.t. and how to an apply for college. when we (child crying) this is a pos, not a ppo. a ppo? it's a pos. i want a pos or i have a pos? you have a pos. so you want me to have a ppo? you have a pos, not a ppo that means...
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i want a ppo? (child crying) you have a pos, it's like a hmo. it means you a referral from a pcp. a pcp? a primary care physician. a pos means i need a pcp? (child crying) a referral. (child crying) find a doctor in your network before you book... with zocdoc. we had the first frost of the season around our area yesterday morning. we had it again this morning. i took this picture on sunday morning in northern montgomery county. widespread frost there. we had the same thing this morning. much of the region we are in the 20s this morning, but just by 20 degrees much of the area. upper 40s now most of maryland, virginia and around the bay near 50. shenandoah valley now the mid-40s. and it's low 40s out in the mountains. got down to the mid 20s there right at dawn. but right now we're in the mid and upper 40s most of the region
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and we'll continue to climb about another 10 degrees up into the upper 50s during the middle part of the afternoon. lots of sunshine and not as chilly by the evening hour. back down to the low 50s. crews in southern california are working around the clock to clear the muddy roads out there. this weekend's rain was desperately needed, but created a whole new list of problems. the rain you caused flash flooding in several areas and washed debris and mud on to the roads making some of them totally impassable. transportation officials say there were 100 cars including big rigs stuck on the 58 in central california. >> you may see a flyover this afternoon. the air force is honoring colonel ralph bowersock, he's being laid to rest today. he flew more than 100 missions in vietnam, considered one of the key air force leaders during the vee tietnam war. the fly overis at 3:00 this
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afternoon. and a idisturbing find in a wooded area when we come back.
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>> reporter: i'm tracee wilkins live here in austin hill where we're following breaking new
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police on the scene of a homicide that was domestically related. we fknow that a 14-year-old was dead, another teen injured and transported to the hospital. we don't know exactly what caused this, what led to all of this, but we are told that prince goreorge's county police reported here for the report of a stabbing. again, the 14-year-old found dead inside of the apartment. another teen trance posported. a press conference is supposed to start in a few minutes. this investigation is just beginning. tracy wilee wilkins, news 4. human remains found in the woods of northern virginia. sheriff's office telling us that bow hunters found skeletal remains around 6:30 last night near mine road and high point boulevard. we know investigators have recovered a skull and some other
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human bones. they say it is clear that the remains had been there a long time. state medical examiner will try to identify the remains and a cause of death. alison parker's parents hope virginia will be the next state to tighten up its gun laws. parker was shot and killed on live television near roanoke two months ago. in woodbridge, her parents held a rally for what they cause common sense gun restoform. the suspected shooter was a former co-worker. the suspect at the center of a deadly love triangle is in a courtroom. police believe 18-year-old gabriel struck killed them at the request of his wife and 13-year-old daughter. she and gabriel were dating. detectives say anthony you c, he and rigs were romantically involved and at some point she
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and her daughter plotted to have someone killed an than notithon and they were carried out on october 5. this week's metro could narrow its list for general manager candidates down to two. sources tell news 4 the finalists are all transportation professionals. metro board is expected to select and announce the new gm in early november. metro's been without a permanent general manager for almost a year now. developing right now, we're seeing new video of the struggle between an escaped police they are and prince george's county police. police say young assaulted two officers during a traffic stop in laurel on saturday when he complained of an injury. officers took young to the hospital and then on their way to central booking, young managed to take off the cuffs and roll out of the patrol car. the cellphone video captured this altercation until officers say young spit on him and bit him. the officer then hit young with a baton and tased him.
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a boxer is in critical condition after suffering a brain injury over the weekend in fairfax. pri pritchard colon was knocked tdon twice during the bout he later passed out in the locker room. the fighter is being treated at inova fairfax hospital. in hawaii, lifeguards are on high alert, it started with a shark attack on saturday. a man was swimming to shore in honolulu when a shark bit his leg. ocean safety officials also say an eel attacked a different man's foot later the same day. that man has serious injuries. tom, what's going on with our skipped over fall. >> felt like december this morning in the mid and upper 20s at dawn. but temperatures have rail rebounded, d.c. "metro forecast" now we're in the 40s and by
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midafternoon ought to be hitting the mid upper to 50s. but still rather chilly but plenty of sunshine. and then still cool tomorrow, but warmer. we'll be in the upper 60s. and that is the average high for this time of year. upper 60s, it will be right near that tomorrow afternoon. again another day with lots of sunshine. and then milder on wednesday, with sunshine, should be making it into the mid-70s getting nice autumn color to our west, deep color in the mountain s and alog blue ridge. western northern suburbs that zone getting nice color like this photo i took last friday in howard county, maryland. post your photos. >> thanks, tom. toedeveloping out of centra texas, a massive wildfire there now 60% contained. the 4600 acres has been blackened, 50 homes and seven businesses lost. close to 275 firefighters were fighting the fire both on the ground and in the air on sunday. no injuries have been reported. and we're still following
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the latest on la lmar odom's consider. it's been reported that he's breathing on his object. he was founden conscious last week in a las vegas brothel pep he started improving on friday finally opening his eyes. and heartbreak this midday in a texas town after a high school football player collapses on the sideline and later dies. officials say cameron matthews collapsed on the side of the field just before halftime. this was on friday night. it's not clear if he was involved in the previous play. people gathered in his memory on saturday night. a family friend says matthews said he was dizzy and then he had an aneurysm. matthews is the sixth high school player to die since september. a drug developed right here in georgetown could offer new hope for patients with a typically grim diagnosis. this is mary lee, she has severe parkinson's. and she has trouble getting out
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of bed. fast forward just a few weeks later and take a look, she's now feeding herself. doctors believe she made so much progress after taking a drug now used for leukemia patients. >> we have bed bound patients that begin to move begin and speak begin and that was one of the most impressing parts of this trial. >> doreen gensler will have more on these promising results. learn more about the parkinson's therapy later today at 6:00. and in 60 seconds, watching football but not for the sake of seeing the game. plus one man uses halloween decorations to make his opinion known. and it's really making its way around so
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here is what is trending this midday. monday night football not for the fbi, though. a lot of people will tune in tonight for a sneak peek at an exclusive new look at the new star wars movie called the force
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awakens. and tickets go on sale for the first time tonight. the movie will start showing on december 18. in case you're curious, the movie will show at theaters in fredericksburg, mclean and silver springs. good luck getting a ticket. people are talking about this one, matt cooper the chiropractor from massachusetts and he has a real problem with deflategate and how it all went town. just check out his halloween decoration. >> i thought what was going on during the summer with the whole legal aspect, it's kind of a witch hunt. >> and another halloween scare coming early, too, you'd think having channing tatum as your neighbor might be a plus, apparently not when he dresses up. he posted this picture on instragram over the weekend. i don't know why i think this is so funny. this is him in his winnie-the-pooh look which apparently just terrified the kids at his daughter's halloween carnival. i think it's pretty funny.
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star-studded night ahead on the south lawn of the white house. president obama will host the second white house astronomy night. it's an event to bring students, teachers, scientists and really anyone interested in star gazing. we've learned the president invited the high school student from texas who police arrested because they thought the clock that he brought to school was a bomb. and here is tom again. skies going to be clear for star gazing tonight? >> good night to see the stars. might even see beyonce if you look closely. it will be clear tonight. temperatures around the region are recovering nicely now and nothing showing up on storm team 4 radar. we're all clear. no rain, no snow anywhere in the vicinity. although it certainly felt cold enough for snow this morning. we were in the upper 20s, now the 40s. later today into the upper 50s. lots of sunshine. and then sunny again on tuesday, not as cold tomorrow morning near 40. afternoon highs should be
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reaching near 70 tomorrow. and awesome autumn weather continues wednesday and thursday. morning lows 40s on wednesday afternoon, highs mid-70s. mid-70s for highs again on thursday. a bit cooler, but still police ability for outdoor activity friday into the weekend. highs in the 60s. only a slight chance of a sprinkle on sunday. cold temperatures will are here, how about the snow. i can't even talk about snow. it's too soon. well, take a look at this p this is upstate new york. they're probably ready up there, but look at this. nearly 6 inches fell along some parts of lake ontario. windchills down into the 20s. icy roads and bridges were a problem throughout the day. they're tough up there in upstate new york, right? right now investigators look into how a local home erupted in flames this morning. we will take you live to the scene. plus watch out for the flashing lights. why police are out in force this week trying to keep local kids safe.
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krouyour week off to a chil start. in just a moment, tom kierein will update us on whether we'll have to worry about more cold mornings. and d.c. police investigating a deadly shoots on capitaloff. a man found shot in the street. no suspects at this time.
11:30 am
if you know any information, call police. developing in prince george's county, family forced out of their home. >> a big fire there just hours ago. kristen wright raced to the scene. >> reporter: yeah, the one piece of good news, though, is that the man, woman and two children who lived in this home are okay. they are fine. but just look at what this fire has done to the place they call home. this is the moment firefighters first got to the house, flames ripping through the front, black smoke pouring from the windows. firefighters searched for anyone trapped. the two adults and two children who lived here were not home. foreign except prince george's county fire says the fire may have been buaeeen burning insid some time undetected from the outside. several neighbors called 911 next door james brooks was sleeping would be minute, wide
11:31 am
awake the next. >> smelled smoke. >> reporter: he was worried about his neighbors, but he didn't see their car. two women who got emotional told us this was their relatives' home. we saw them trying to comfort a young man who was visibly upset. it took firefighters only five minutes to knock down most of the fire. but it was just too much. they tell us they don't know what started this fire. it is under investigation. back to you. we survived the first cold snap of the season. people were out before the sun came up to face the frost on their cars or perhaps rush to the metro. chris t kristen wright was out there, as well. >> reporter: how is it feeling considering this is the first cold snap of the season? >> all i have to say is it's earlier than i expected.
11:32 am
i thought it would be after halloween. but it's colder than usual right now. >> reporter: none of us wanted to be this soon. part of our area dropped below 0 30 degrees blorng. tom kierein has more what on expect for the rest of the day. tom, hoping things are warming up soon. >> and it is quickly warming up thousand now. you can track it all with the storm team 4 weather app. right now we're in the upper 40s right around washington nearby suburbs, around the bay 50 degrees. mid-40s near 50 shenandoah valley, near 40 out in the mountains where it was just in the mid-20s this morning around the bay. gorgeous day there. afternoon highs, neighborhoods north and west of washington low and mid-50s. south of washington, the upper 50s. across much of northern virginia and southern maryland, right on the waters of the bay, low 50s for the highs in the afternoon. all in all a very crisp and cool
11:33 am
invigorating autumn day. >> thank you, tom. right now a member of mayor bowser's staff is in court answering for drug charges. police say they found cocaine and heroin with inside loren zo saunders apartment earlier this month. nearly 11 grams of crack cocaine, a gram of heroin, $2200 in cash and a digital scale. the 51-year-old works in the mayor's office p religious affairs. this week is national school bus safety week and prince george's county the traffic enforcement unit will conduct bus stop sign enforcement. so far this school year, bus mounted cameras caught 15 people passing buses. they all got tickets in mail. there were 40 bus stop camera violations last school year. chris clackum reports we can do mower to make sure our kids get to school safely. >> reporter: we've all been
11:34 am
horrified by the disturbing videos of drivers ignores stopped school buses and the near tragic results. >> he came here, wouldn't stop, so i backed up a little. >> as the semi went by, nothing but dust and i thought she was dead. >> reporter: accidents like there are at the forefront during this national school bus safety week. but experts maintain riding a school bus remains the safest way to transport a child to and from school. >> they're big yellow vehicles, con uhe us, easy to see, and all the kids up high out of the crash zone. it is the way to get kids to school if you want them to arrive safely. >> reporter: still there is a push for features like longer stop arms and mounted cameras outside and inside the bus to encourage safe driving by everyone. including school bus drivers. >> school bus drivers should not
11:35 am
be texting or talking on the phone. we want to make sure that those drivers are as safe as they can be and in fact almost all school buses have inward facing cameras. >> reporter: but the large ers problem remains other drivers. a recent survey revealed they committed more than 78,000 i will will he passing villegal p violations in a single day. >> and the total of 26 states and 20% of school bus drivers took part in that survey. national association of state directors release that had safety. and right now one of the world's biggest retailers goes after some of its own customers for what they said about the company online. and remember you can watch us even when you're on the go or at work. open up the nbc washington app and tap watch live tv now at the top of the screen.
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amazon going after fake reviewers. they filed a complaint in a seattle court accusing horn 1,000 individuals of misleading customers by selling fake products review. not the first time amazon has taken legal action of this sort. the company went after a group websites doing the same thing back in april. this is your cnbc business report. lockheed martin wanting to cut overhead customers. they launched a review. the company has confirmed it plans to cut 250 jobs on top of 500 layoffs already announced. get gas this week in virginia if you can. the average price in the commonwealth this week is $2.03. richmond $1.95 on gallon. well below the national average
11:38 am
of $2.26. too d.c. average is $2.44. maryland $2.21 and west virginia, $2.28. in honor of a lifetime for one of america's most favorite
11:39 am
that bright october sun is beginning to warm things up, a live view from the tower camera showing some little patterns of color showing up in the urban forest of northwest washington. and off in the distance on the horizon is montgomery county where we're seeing increasing color and much farther west, we have deep color out in the mountains right now. we'll get the peak color in the metro area, that will be by halloween. but we are getting beautiful isolated trees showing up, this was taken a couple days ago in montgomery county and posted on my twitter picture and
11:40 am
instragram and facebook. by 7:00:00, we'll be down to the low 50s. british politicians say the time has come to make much needed repairs to big ben. officials say the world's most famous clock needs work. it's been 31 years since it had its last major overhaul. there are cracks in the stone work and recently the hourly chime ran six seconds late. british parliament hasn't come to to an agreement on who will pay for the repairs. a comedy legend picked up a huge honor last night. kennedy center for the performing arts gave eddie murphy the mark twain prize for american humor. it's the nation's top award for comedians. here's what he had to say after he received the award. >> this is a wonderful night, thank you all so much. i love everybody here for coming out and making me deal so wonderful. thank you so much.
11:41 am
this is a wonderful moment. >> past honorees include jay leno and many others. a pilot turns around a plane because of a air strike situation on board, plus a veteran gets a big honor for turning the tables on a criminal. criminal. we're back in just a moment.
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do what we do...make it progresso. this moment is perfect in every way just like my kid gooey...flaky...happy. toaster strudel. now with more icing. we're following breaking
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news here. we just learned new details about a disturbing crime scene. police told us they responded to what they called a domestic related cutting this morning at an apartment in oxon hill and found two teens with stab wounds. a 14-year-old died in the hospital, another teen is expected to be okay. the suspect is in custody. our bureau chief tracee wilkins is on the scene. follow her on twitter for updates. more now on the race for the white house. this is an important bike for hillary clinton. >> she's been called to testify before a house committee. and gop candidates are reaching out to kill chur rcultural cons. >> and brian mooar has the latest.
11:45 am
>> reporter: hillary clinton is prepping for a house hearing on benghazi she says is motivated by politics. >> i don't know that i have very much to add. this is after all the eighth investigation. >> reporter: house republicans say the hearing is not about her last name. >> we've already talked to 50 people not named inton. we'll talk to another couple of dozen not named clinton. >> reporter: at a north texas presidential tore rum featuring six gop candidate, clinton was an easy target. >> hillary clinton's reaction na rationale for her candidacy seems to be sha she's a woman. >> when god fixes a problem, he doesn't do a paint job, he fix it is from the inside. >> about public life, it is so important to be able to prayer and think about things calmly. >> reporter: also an opportunity to upstage donald trump. >> we'll get this done. >> reporter: the frontrunner who didn't attend but still
11:46 am
dominates the republican race. brian mooar, nbc news washington. aaron gilchrist at the live desk where we're just hearing from the first lady, she just wrapped up a news conference announcing a new initiatives to help kids make it into higher education. we'll show you video from the news conference that just wrapped up where she talks about this new effort called better make room, the idea being that they want to create a space where young people can talk about reaching higher education and developing goals and becoming succeful in life. she gathered some people from the tech world, all the people running the twitter and snap chat and all those different social media platforms where young people are engaging each other. take a listen to what she had to say about this project moving forward. >> and they can share their goals for college and for life with kids all across this country, this is exactly what this technology was meant to do.
11:47 am
to use to share and inspire. then we'll lift up their stories and give these young people the attention they have long deserved. >> she went on to say that in lifting up the stories, that these young people can expect to see themselves and their stories on billboards address snd sub s try to encourage others to reach higher education. the trial of charles receiver rachseverance will pic tomorrow. his trial was supposed to pick up this morning with the prosecution resting its case, however one of his lawyers had a death in the family and isn't there today. the judge agreed to postpone the trial until tomorrow for that reason. power is back on for the nearly 20,000 people who lost it over the weekend in strong storms in arizona. everyone is okay, but the storm
11:48 am
destroyed four gas pumps at this will gas station and ripped down power polls and wires. how about our weather in the d.c. area, tom? >> all calm and settled here. don't have any rain in the forecast here for the next several days. dry pattern continuing and after that cold start in the 20s and low 30s now jumping into the 40s to near 50, leesburg, already up to 50 now, reagan national at 47. near 50 around the chesapeake bay. mid-40s shenandoah valley and out in the mountains where it was just in the mid-20s this morning. right now around the bay, beautiful there, around 50 degrees. if you like invigorating cool weather, we'll have it for you today. tuesday, it will be a bit warmer. afternoon highs today upper 50s. tomorrow near 70. afternoon highs mid-70s on wednesday, mild and sunny. right now we're working to find out what caused this big fire. it happened in prince george's county. look at those flames.
11:49 am
the house is not far from hill roerd. you can see the fire destroyed the roof and likely most of the interior of that house. firefighters say no one was hurt. an army veteran fights off a man with a knife who threatened to kill or do harm to the group he was mentoring. 75-year-old james vernon from illinois fought with at attacker who tried to hurt 16 kids at a local library. he was teaching them how to play chess. the suspect is 19-year-old dustin brown. vernon says brown was clear about his plans to hurt people. >> yelling that he was going to kill somebody. but my next memory is of him lying on one of these tables that we were playing chess on. >> according to court documents suspect says he quote failed in his mission to kill everyone at the library. the kids were able to run away. vern on that got cut on his arm. developing this morning, police took over the tarmac on l.a.x. after a plane turned
11:50 am
around. the fbi is now investigating. tom costello tells us why. >> declaring an emergency. >> reporter: a southwest airlis 737 heading from los angeles to san francisco forced to make an emergency landing sunday evening after an altercation between two passengers. one passenger on the flight tells nbc news that minutes after takeoff, a map began choking a woman sitting in front of him after she tilted her seat back. she screamed for help and the crew came to her aid. short lively after, they return safely. >> we have two passengers in a physical altercation. >> reporter: another witness posting this photo to instragram showing several police cars on the tarmac as the plane arrived. southwest airlines confirms the eye lot made the emergency landing because of a rapidly escalating situation between two passengers. the airline did not provide further details, hoe witnesses
11:51 am
say the man was removed and detained. that was tom comes fellst c reporting. they did retain one man for questioning but the did not arrest him. a bride to be is left at the altar, but hear what she did to turn a negative situation into a positive one. plus rumor has it some big music news is coming.
11:52 am
i'm aaron gilchrist with what is trending. talk about turning heartbreak into hope. a bride dumped days before her big day turns her loss into somebody else's gain. her family had the venue, food. and so they decided to put on a banquet for the homeless. >> it's very generous to lose out on something so important to yourself and then do this was really giving. in the bride and her mother are off to belize this morning. they couldn't get a refund on the honeymoon. but at least they were able to
11:53 am
help others have a pretty special night. hat thes off to them. rumor has it we could be in for some big music news soon. ♪ it's been more than four years since a dedele released her las album. a snippet of what could be her new album ran through a commercial break last night. it could drop as soon as late november. and a new feature you may notice in your facebook feed pretty soon. we found this one on yahoo! finance. guy you'll get a warning like this one if they think someone is targeting your account. and that is what is trending today. one if they think someone targeting your account.
11:54 am
and that is what is trending today. >> i love adele. an amazing voice. thefts on the rise among a major age group. we're pack in 60 seconds. stay wit
11:55 am
take a look at this video. a woman had to be air lifted off a cruise ship after having a heart attack. the 57-year-old woman was aboard the grand princess ship 80 miles offer the california coast. she started feeling chest pains yesterday morning and the coast guard sent a military helicopter to rush her to the hospital. and they say she is in stable condition this morning. a new study says one in six young americans have stolen something in the past year. >> the journal of economic behavior and organization published the findings recently. they say most of the young thieves are going through a phase. eventually they decide the risks outweigh the benefits. the study followed more than 8,000 12 to 16-year-olds for more than a decade.
11:56 am
>> do you think they admitted to it? i guess they must have. >> when i was younger, i didn't know better and now i do. >> that's great to know that and good lesson. tom, tell us what is going on with the weather. >> it's 50 degrees in washington and our nearby suburbs upper su. so quite a drat d quite a dramatic warming as occurred. on bri could thacrisp cool invi weather. tomorrow up near 70, mid 70s west and thursday. cooler weather after that. highs in the 60s each day. a light chance of a sprinkle on sunday. >> thank you. that does it for news 4 midday. we are back on the air this afternoon first at 4:00. >> and you can get the news and weather updates anytime with the nbc washington app.
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