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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  October 19, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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the 50s after lows this morning in the 20s and 30s, but get ready. i'll show you. first two developing homicide investigation in prince george's county. a 14-year-old boy dead, another teen injured. >> it was first called in as a domestic incident on audrey lane and oxen hill. news 4's tracee wilkins tells us one person is in custody. what are you hearing from neighbors? >> neighbors are confirming who the young man was. prince george's county police have cleared the scene and it happened right over my shoulder there. let me show you what it looked like earlier today. we were first on the scene as prince george's county police were investigating this incident. we are told keshon mason was the one stabbed and killed outside of this apartment building. we understand there was another
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teenager who was also injured with stab wounds and taken to the hospital and suffered from non-life-threatening injuries and the suspect, an adult male was taken into custody here this morning pretty much without incident, but from what we hear from neighbor, a lot of screaming and a lot of yelling and this is what prince george's county police describe they saw when they arrived on the scene. >> they discovered two teens inside suffering from stab wounds. both were transported to the hospital. one teen, the 14-year-old boy, sadly to say, was pronounced dead at the hospital. the second teen suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. >> at this time, prince george's county police are not classifying how all three of these folks are related to one another, meaning the deceased victim and also the injured teenager and the suspect. we understand that all three knew one another and exactly how that has not been made clear yet. coming up on news 4 at 5:00, we
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hear from folks who live in this community and friends of the deceased. in oxen hill. i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. charged with the murder of 21-year-old deandre smith. it was thursday afternoon that smith and lablond had had an argument near the lake forest mall and later lablond shot her, shooting her multiple times in the head and torso. today prosecutors say that lablond has been segregated from the population in the jail pending his first court date for his own personal safety. they say the victim and the suspect had been friends since middle school, but they don't know the motive of this murder and that becomes a big issue as to whether or not to charge this as a hate crime because she was
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open about her sexuality and that may have led lablond to kill her, it's going to be a long process and hopefully at the end of all of this justice is served. >> coming up at 5:00, you will hear from both the family and the state's attorney on the decision on whether to charge this as a hate crime. in montgomery county, mark segraves, news 4. if you're about to head out the door avoid the beltway and silv silver spring. this raging car fire and we shot this between connecticut avenue. firefighters blocked traffic while they put out the blaze. the driver told firefighters the suv was just in the shop and when she pulled over on the shoulder the suv ignited. several families are without a home. chopper 4 flew over green meadow lane near harry truman drive. the fire started on the top four
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of the four-story building. the family is homeless, but no one hurt. >> i'm wendy rieger at the live desk. we expect a vote within the the hour on a proposal that would give baltimore the interim police commissioner that job permanently. kevin davis, after he fired anthony beck over a historic spike in murders this summer. >> protesters -- davis worked for the department during the freddie gray crisis and these protesters want someone from the outside. tonight, the balcony where that protest took place is closed for safety reasons according to the city. an overflow room will be set up with the television. back to you. >> thank you, wendy. >> drones are getting dangerously close to the flights we take according to the government. now there could be strict new rules in place by december. there is a plan to make anyone with the drone registered with the federal government. officials with the faa and
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transportation department say pilot sightings of drones have doubled in the last year. those sightings include close calls with passenger deaths. we want to know if you think they should be registered with the government. you can vote by texting to the number on the screen 202-601-3444. >> turning to the weather, let's go to storm team 4. doug kammerer and meteorologist veronica johnson are both in the storm center. i know it will be another cold night. how cold? >> one more cold night and not nearly as cold as last night. the record last night at dulles was 25. we were at 27 and now we're moving in the opposite direction. >> from the weekend where we had the blues because it was cooler, now we get a boost by midweek. we could be in the 70s by wednesday. lows this morning and 28 win chester and manassas and 25 in martinsburg and a very, very cold start to the morning and a lot of you had frost out there
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on your windshields and needed extra time to get that frost off. now we're into the 50s, but still on the cool side for sure and the 60s just off to the west and that's what we'll see first move in across our region. here is the good news, the chilly air is here today, but the cold won't last and say hello to the cold air and we'll talk about how hot we'll get and how long we'll stay on the warm side and coming up, my complete forecast. i'm meagan fitzgerald where dozens of victims of truck related accidents and their families for what they call anti-safety provisions in a highway bill. alongside members of the truck safety committee, family members held pictures of their loved ones killed in accidents with the truck drivers. morgan lake shared her story of being rear ended by a semitruck on the chesapeake bay bridge. her car plunged more than 20 feet into the water. today lake and others will be
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asking congressional members to remove several provisions from the bill like the one that would allow 18-year-olds to drive commercial trucks across the country. on thursday the bill will be discussed in a house committee before it would make its way to the house floor for a vote. >> coming up at 5:00, why lake is part of this effort and how her life has changed since that crash on the bay bridge. right now detectives are working to figure out the mystery behind human remains found in northern virginia. two bow hunters stumbled upon skeletal remains and this is happening on mine road near high-point boulevard and they don't know who the person was or how they died. they don't think the death happened recently. a woman is in custody and in jail now and more arrests are expected after a drug bust that targeted next-door neighbors in southern maryland. deputies took lisa west into custody from one of the homes in lexington park in st. mary's
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county. inside, investigators found pain meds and adiral and several children had to be removed because of bad conditions. rage over a reclining airplane seat. the bizarre battle in the passenger cabin that led to an emergency landing. look, mom. no hands. the driverless technology that may be coming to northern virginia in tw
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now your storm team 4 forecast. >> we had the cold south this past weekend and this will be a week when you will need several different jackets from the heavier weighted jacket this eaching if you'll be watching the dog to a mid-weight being. >>et by mid-week. mid-40s by 9:00 and a light coat
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weather and a heavier jacket for this evening and keep that in mind, and we have a clear sky, cold conditions by tomorrow morning and not quite as low as it's been so we'll show you those numbers and doug's got your four-day forecast coming up. well, airline passengers, we do it every day and one woman putting her seat back triggered a dispute that led to an emergency landing in los angeles. this was the police presence that greeted the southwest jet as it returned to lax overnight. the fbi detained and questioned a man according to witnesses he tried to choke a woman sitting in front of him because she reclined her seat. here's how it sounded from air traffic controllers. >> evidently we have two passengers that are in a physical altercation so we need to get turned around back to lax. >> the fbi did not make any arrest, but says the investigation into what happened is still ongoing. u.s. navy crews from
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virginia are beginning to recover the sunken cargo ship el faro. the journey from the norfolk area to where the ship went missing in the southeastern bahamas could take about two days. >> teams are hoping to recover the data recorder and it comes as a second lawsuit is filed against the owners of the ship it had 33 people onboard. >> imagine driving with no hands on the wheel and no feet on the pedal and just kicking back and relaxing and why it may be a
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we're working on at 4:15. firefighters are trying to figure out what caused a home to go into flames. new witness accounts from emotional neighbor ahead in 15 minutes. the future of i-66 back up for discussion tonight in northern virginia. vdot holding a series of important meetings. we'll tell you where you can weigh in. lamar odom is alert and improving. his remarkable recovery continues in las vegas. "access hollywood's" billy bush is talking to people close to the nba star and has a live report straight ahead. chances are your car has some kind of automated safety feature like a back-up camera, but transportation officials are setting an optimistic goal now for driverless cars.
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at an event in our area today some say we'll be able to take our hands off the wheel sooner than you might think. transportation reporter adam tuss was at that event and joins us live from arlington. what's the prediction for where the cars might be going hands-free. >> reporter: jim, think about this, how about two years from now? they were saying 2017 model cars are going to start having technology where you can set a button, take your hands off the wheel and take your feet off the pedals and just sit there and let the car do the driving for you. that would be on the highway. on a highway lane, not local traffic, but still, two years away from that becoming a reality and there's a race to get that kind of technology in cars right now. >> adam, there are also technologies being developed that go beyond the car, right? one case is with highway workers? >> reporter: that's right. they're looking for ways to make everything safer.
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and also what's going on outside the car. highway workers are wearing vests that are connected to cars wirelessly. so if a highway worker is getting too close to a lane of traffic and the car is getting too close then the two can communicate with one another to let the other know you're too close or you need to move over and also cars are able to recognize when there is a police vehicle or emergency vehicle stopped in the lane and the car can move over for you, all incredibly high-tech stuff that's being worked on right now and developed and stuff that was tested on the 95 express lane. >> wow. adam, isn't human factor always going to be an issue? >> reporter: i think there's no way to rule that out, and one of the questions that was asked at the event today, won't these technologies make us just complacent and almost lazy in a way and not paying attention to the car? >> these technologies are built to make ing things safer and you'll always have to pay attention and it's not like you
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can program it in and you ulz have to pay attention to know that you're truly safe and you'll have to watch out for the other drivers on the road and that will always be a challenge. >> stuff that boggles the mind. transportation reporter adam tuss. thank you very much. getting back to drivers behind the wheel there are big plans to improve the traffic flow on i-66 outside of the beltway. it's a chance for you to hear details about the plan and voice your own opinion. the virginia department of transportation will hold a series of public meetings over the next three days and the first one takes place tonight at 6:30 at oakton high school in vienna. one idea is rebuilding i-66 between the beltway and hay market. under that plan, there would be three regular lanes and two high occupancy and hot lanes in each direction. mother nature handed some residents in northwest pennsylvania an early snowfall. check it out. enough snow to coat the grass and cover trees, too.
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some areas received as much as five inches. snow weighed down weak tree limbs that fell on to power lines causing minor power outages and the public works department said despite slick spots they had no plans to start salting until temperatures get colder. now your storm team 4 forecast. >> believe it or not, we even had some snowflakes in parts of our area during the day yesterday and some areas around damascus and carol county and reported snowflakes and we talked about grapple before. none of that around our region. plenty of blue skies and bright sunshine and temperatures, though, still very cool around 55 degrees and winds out of the south at ten miles per hour and it will be very cool. 58 in fredericksburg, and 57 in winchester and 56 degrees coming over toward huntington. storm team 4 radar, we have almost no chance for rain in the
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next seven days as far as the forecast is concerned and we have a chance next sunday and monday and that is it. 52 in new york, so you can see where the cool air is. 81 in omaha and 80 in wichita and 74, memphis and that's the kind of warm air that will be moving in over the next couple of days and not tonight. overnight low temperatures tonight will still be quite chilly and 43 in d.c. and 37 in culpeper and 39 toward fredericksburg. you'll need the coats once again tomorrow and 7:00, so the kids can hit the bus stop and tomorrow is one of those days when you put the coats on early and you take them off during the afternoon because we will get plenty of sun and 67 degrees in most of the area and up to 69 for the high after that. 72 back toward winchester and it will be warmer as we have the warm air pushing in from the west and that will maintain itself as we make our way into the next couple of days, too. how about these temperatures
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over the next few days, tomorrow, 69 and 72 on your wednesday and 76 on your thursday and 63 on friday and we have another cool front that will cool things down thursday into friday, but we're not talking 30s or 20s anymore and we're not talking highs in the 50s. you get to 63. 63 with sunshine and we'll take that. how about the 70s? i'm excited about that. >> thank you, doug. we are, too. we're still following several developing stories this afternoon. kris jenner opening up about lamar odom's condition and who the star is reportedly talking with and what he's doing in the hospital. >> plus a look inside the kennedy center honors for an kennedy center honors for an original king of comedy.
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d.c. may not be as funny today as it was yesterday, with the departure of the comedians who came to town to honor the legendary eddie murphy. the kennedy center for the performing arts gave him the award. the former snl cast member did an impression and imagine what his brother would say about his honor. >> i'm happy that my brother received his award and my whole family's proud. >> murphy says he most frequently does impression of his brother who is well known
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for his appearances on the dave chappelle show. chappelle was among the fellow comics in town last night along with chris rock, kathy griffin, kathy nelon and tracy morgan. >> some fun stuff. right now basketball and reality star lamar odom is still recovering in that las vegas hospital, but fans have reason to be optimistic. he's making progress since waking from his coma. "access hollywood" billy bush spoke to his former mother-in-law. >> she says lamar is improving little by little and he's not walking around. some of the reports would lead you to think he was leading a marching band. they were just all over the place. >> he did try to stand and still very weak and completely off all tubes and then it was ventilator and breathing mask and now off all tubes. khloe has not left his side.
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he's said a few word, but kris says they're very hopeful and they continue to pray. there is a possible move to an l.a. hospital in the next 48 hours or so, so he's doing much, much better. >> billy bush. we understand that maybe kim kardashian was by his side, too? >> kim went up for the weekend and they all went back up on friday. remember, kris was there wednesday and they came back home and kendall jenner flew in so they've all been up there. kendall, mom, kourtney and kim, they've all been up there. people are posting all kinds of nice things and one of them, justin bieber put up something nice looking up to lamar odom, and i say that only because we have a very big interview, the interview with justin bieber. our exclusive tonight on "access hollywood." don't miss it. we talk about everything, and i mean everything. >> we look forward to seeing that, too. thanks so much.
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see you tonight 7:30 right here on nbc 4. oprah win free mafrey makes bet on weight watchers and we have the multimillion dollar deal and what the talk show host queen plans to do. bill cosby's face covered behind this image at ben's chili bowl. >> and the controversial comedian lands on the cover of ebo ebony.
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police at 4:30, police are trying to figure out what led to a stabbing that left a teenager dead and another teen injured. this was on audrey lane and austin hill. police say there was an argument before the stabbing. they say this was all domestic. 14-year-old keshon mason died and the other teenager is expected to survive and police have arrested a suspect. a family in prince george's county will have to find a new place to live after losing their home to a fire. the family wasn't home at the time. news 4's kristen wright went to the neighborhood where relatives were getting word of the blaze. >> reporter: this is the moment firefighters first got to the house on, black smoke pouring from the windows. firefighters searched for anyone trapped and the two adults and two children who live here were
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not home, fortunate. the fire may have been burning inside for some time, undetected before anyone could see fire on the outside. several neighbors called 911. next door james brooks was sleeping one minute, wide awake the next. >> i smelled smoke. i looked out the window and i seen the fire trucks. >> reporter: he was worried about his neighbors, but didn't see their car. two women told us this was their relative's home and they saw them trying to comfort a young man who was visibly upset. >> it took firefighters five minutes to knock down most of the fire, but it was just too much. >> reporter: prince george's county fire tells us they do not know what started this fire. they are trying to figure that out right now. in prince george's county, kristin wright, news 4. you can help police get the word out about a missing woman
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this afternoon. they're looking for averangela cantrall. she walked away in the middle of the night without her medication. we just posted cantrall's description and photo to the facebook page where you can share it. a defaced mural at ben's chili bowl. check it out. some time in the past 24 hours the face of north korean leader kim jong-un was placed over bill cosby's head. the artist known by the name of smear leader took credit. instead of looking at a sexual predator, people can celebrate in jubilation at the great leader who is now on their wall. shomari stone is talking to people near the popular vandalism and she'll join us in 45 minutes. that isn't the only cosby controversy. "ebony" magazine has released
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its november cover. fans of "the cosby show" and in particular, whr's troy johnson is here with today's talk about town. it features a vintage photo of the show under shattered glass and the cliffhanger, can the cosby show survive and should it? >> you're getting a lot of reaction. people tell me they felt like members of the huxtable family when the tv show was on. they went off to school. denise, when "a different world" went on and the show lives on in re-runs. so there is a real emotional connection to the tv show and that's why people are conflicted. they're conflicted with the tv father that they saw that made all of the right moves and influenced people in the right way and juxtaposed with all of the accusations that bill cosby is going through now. it's really interesting. there are folks that i talked to, plenty of folks on social media that are also weighing in on this, and it really has a real visceral answer from both
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sides of the equation. it's a situation where art imitates life and it's the life that many black americans wanted to have. i talked to a listener in laurel who is disappointed with this "ebony" cover and she said the show was about a whole lot more than bill cosby. >> i'm a real fan of the show, i grew up with it and still wish it was on the air and not because of mr. cosby, but because of these characters on the show. they truly speak to what's missing on tv today. >> a lot of folks agree with her and does the removing of the show from the air leave a void who can be and isn't being filled because it was the only show of its kind. >> right. it feels that way. nicki made that point to me when we spoke. there's nothing on television that comes close to the kind of program that the cosby show and "a different world" was. >> the younger generation now really isn't into that kind of programming. maybe we have come to a point
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where, as she says, we're kind of more influenced by reality television and such over the top content on television shows that, you know, a show like the cosby show wouldn't exist right now. >> ebony did release a statement to e! news that says the cover story focuses on an urgent and provocative conversation that is happening and is happening within the black community. whether or not "ebony" published this photo or picture, people are having this conversation about his legacy and the legacy of his work. >> yeah. they are because this was a huge television show, not just for black america and for everyone. it is a show that you would not miss. must-see television, and with that, a lot of people feel like bill cosby transcended that television character of dr. huxtable. it gave him license to have conversations in the black community about failing schools and communities that have been struggling and that and people believed it.
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they -- i shouldn't say bought into, but they definitely felt that bill cosby could speak to those things because those were the kind of images he was pror thaiing, a successful black community on his television show. >> and images that many felt needed to be out there. thank you, troy. >> thank you. >> thank you both. school bus safety experts are putting out a message today that some may find surprise. it's national school bus safety week and we've all scene disturbing videos of drivers ignoring school bus stops and lights and it is the safest way to get kids to and from the schools. >> they're the big, yellow vehicles. they're conspicuous. they're easy to see and they have all of the kids up high out of the crash zone. >> experts say the bigger problem, other drivers on the road who in a recent survey committed more than 78,000 illegal bus passing violations in a single day. a federal appeals court just
4:37 pm
upheld key parts of the strictest gun control laws in the country. the court will allow new york and connecticut to ban semiautomatic weapons and large-capacity magazines and they ruled against firearms dealers who said the ban violated their second amendment rights, however the appeals court struck down the provision on road limits and new york and connecticut gun laws were in newtown, connecticut. >> an alert if you're an online shopper. why some product reviews may be outright lies and how amazon is trying to combat that problem. oprah's big bet on weight watchers. her new deal with the famed diet her new deal with the famed diet company
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keller graduate school at dof management.y's you can learn to unlock the leader inside you. so if you want to own the room, not just be in it. you're our kind of different. keller graduate school of management. learn more at
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the nation's biggest online retailer is suing 1,000 people for allegedly writing fake product reviews. all of the people accused work for the company it pays people $5 for marketing tasks including press releases, logos and review, but amazon says many people paid had never actually used the product they wrote about. 5rr says they will ban anyone it
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catches being dishonest. there say new social media site to help teenagers learn how to continue their education after high school. first lady michelle obama unveiled the website this morning during a ceremony at the white house. better make is a place where students between 14 and 19 can sign up for s.a.t. and a.c.t. exams. they can fill out federal financial aid forms and apply for college. the white house says students will also be able to share stories about their goals, their progress and what's inspiring them to go on to college. well, this story is one of the best read today on nbc washington's facebook page. oprah win free has joined forces with weight watches, but the goal isn't to lose weight. both hope to gain a lot of income. weight watchers says it signed a five-year deal with the former talk show host. oprah's paying $18 million for a 10% stake in weight watchers. she's also joining the company's board and will make appearances
4:42 pm
on the company's behalf. weight watchers hopes the star power will boost its brand. shares of weight watchers nearly doubled after the partnership was announced. you can share your viewpoint on the nbc washington facebook page right now. he's the man of the hour. speculation is at a fever pitch about whether joe biden will enter the race for the white house. what we are learning about the next 48 hours. >> and the boy known as the clock kid takes on washington. temperatures will be going up followed by another dose of chilly air for the weekend, but will it be like the last? i'll show you on the other side of the break.
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welcome back. now to the presidential race, will he or won't he? >> a few more hints that vice president joe biden is getting ready to reveal whether he plans to enter the race for the democratic nomination. steve handelsman is tracking all of the rumors and working his sources and he's live on capitol hill. what are you hearing now? >> reporter: he's ready to reveal when he knows he'll reveal. sources close to the vice president tells nbc news that joe biden will probably decide and make public his decision by wednesday. why in the next 48 hours? because hillary clinton who would instantly become his rival for the democratic nomination has a critical day up here on
4:46 pm
capitol hill on thursday when she testifies before the republican-run house committee on benghazi, and the feeling is that joe biden would not want to be seen reacting to whatever hillary clinton does in that committee and seeming like he's jumping in to save democrats because which is what he fears it will look like she fell short in what's sure to be a showdown over benghazi and her emails. >> no question joe biden would like to be president, he's run twice before, but people who know the bidens say joe biden feels great about his seven years at the white house, whereas he pulled barack obama to the right and he would not think about it running for a third time. he wouldn't think about a third run if bo biden had not died and it was joe who reportedly leaked that bo asked his dad to run. >> steve, the benghazi showdown
4:47 pm
not withstanding. when does the vice president absolutely have to decide in order to make a viable run for the nomination. >> i think, pat, the answer is soon. >> you need a big staff, not just nationally, but guessing joe biden if he runs would headquarter his staff and he'll have a staff up in iowa, new hampshire and south carolina, nevada and all of the early primary states and maybe more importantly, he's got to round up donors and big and small and get his internet operation up and he's got to raise tens of millions of dollars and all of the same things that hillary rodham clinton has already done. a top biden aid and maybe the closest aid to the vice president emailed supporters and said if joe runs we're going to need your support yesterday. coming up at 6:00, the republicans, we have new poll numbers and it's surprising and good news for the retired dr. ben carson.
4:48 pm
that story at 6:00. >> steve handelsman. thank you, steve. >> you're welcome. >> and now your storm team 4 forecast. >> okay. so what to do here that our weather is quiet for the evening. well's a lot to do and we have a clear sky and the night sky. take a look at the animation we've put together for you. in the southwestern sky you'll be able to check out the crescent moon and its big dipper season in the northwestern sky and the international space station will also be making its path over for tomorrow evening and coming up on wednesday and meteor shower as well as thursday. lots going on and this is a great time of year for astronomy. as far as what to wear, yes, you will need that coat, once again. a light coat and a sweater and i think you can get by without the hat and gloves and it will feel better and better by mid-week. it's cool out there right now and we have a clear sky and
4:49 pm
temperatures drop to the mid-40s by 11:00 and it will get chilly and cold by early tomorrow morning. here's what's happening. take a look. this is the clear sky and this is the satellite and radar put together and it's not only a clear sky here and pennsylvania, ohio, and down to the south because of a big dome of high pressure right over us and it will remain that way through midweek. temperatures by early tomorrow morning bottoming out and mount frederick or mount erie and 34 degrees and 39 fredericksburg, as far as at the bus stop, and 43 at 8:00 a.m. and they'll start rising rather rapidly and that was the case today and we should top out 10 degrees higher and 69 until about 70 degrees across the area and that makes it a great week from gardening, to painting and decorating. a light wind and this is the time of year to get the bulbs in the ground. temperatures should be into the 60s so your warmest days will be
4:50 pm
wednesday and thursday right now topping out in the 70s. we have more on the workweek weather coming up on news 4 at 5:00. >> thank you. >> a bizarre disturbance on the plane forces a grounding in southern california. jacob rasconjoins us live from los angeles. this is hard to believe. >> the flight took off last night and minutes after takeoff a passenger on the plane tells nbc news that a woman started to scream and they looked and it looked like the man behind her started to choke her because she was reclining her seat. so the captain turned the plane around and declared an emergency and they got priority landing and when they landed the fbi was there. they detained the man who was accused of choking the woman for questioning and the other 136 passengers got on to another flight. they went to san francisco, landed about five hours late, but they released the man that they were questioning pending further investigation.
4:51 pm
they're wanting to talk to other passengers who apparently left the airport before the fbi could get there, but a really bizarre account of what happened mid-air and we are not sure exactly what was said between the two or if it was a full-on choke or what it was, but the account is that. that a woman reclined her seat and the man behind her started to choke her and then the plane turned around, jim? >> wow. jacob, thank you. nbc "nightly news" with lester holt will have more coming up at 7:00 right after news 4 at 6:00. it is slow going for ship traffic on the houston ship channel as crews work to clear a sunken barge. the barge along with a partially submerged towing vessel are near the kinder morgan ship dock in galena park and all passing ship traffic was shut down after the accident and one lane of traffic has since been reopened and no one was onboard the ship when it started to sink and no injuries have been reported. remember the texas teenager
4:52 pm
arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school. he's going to meet president obama tonight. ahmed mohamed will tour the white house during astronomy night. he was showing a teacher a clock that he made and his teacher thought it was a fake bomb and the president later tweeted, cool clock, ahmed. want to bring it to the white house? ahmed was just honored by the council on american islamic relations. he says he wants to fight discrimination against muslims. we're working several developing stories in the newsroom and commuters who use the park and ride in northern virginia are getting word of yet another tire theft incident. four tires were stolen off of sports cars on friday. it's at least the third case since may. thousands of dollars in tires have been taken so far. in about half an hour bureau chief julie carey talks to one victim who was calling for better security off that lot.
4:53 pm
a man is facing charges for killing a transgender woman. we'll have more on zella ziona and whether prosecutors will charge the defendant with a hate crime. a family turns a canceled wedding into a feast of love. the act of kindness that's getting all sort of attention on facebook.
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a shocking and disturbing crash and the heated exchange that followed, all of it caught on new video that we have just
4:56 pm
in from texas. a man wore a helmet camera that caught his fellow motorcycle riders crossing a double yellow line on saturday. a white car suddenly swerved and clipped the motorcycle and this is what happened when the man wearing the camera stopped to confront the driver. >> what were you doing? you hit him. >> i don't care. >> i got it on video, too. >> i don't care. double yellow stripe. you swerved and hit him. >> the driver said he got stung by a wasp and the injured motorcycle riders are recovering from their injuries and the texas highway patrol is investigating and says the driver could face felony charges. we now know what caused the death of a texas high school football player who suffered a seizure during a game over the weekend. the school superintendent confirmed 17-year-old cameron matthews died of an aneurism. matthews was airlifted from the atto high school field friday night and he later died.
4:57 pm
-- when the groom changed his mind the heart broken bride still found a way to make it a special night. reporter tom miller has the story. the tables are set, food hot out of the oven and one by one the guests arrived. these aren't the men, women and children the dwayne family originally planned to host, but they're happy to do it nonethele nonetheless. >> when i found out on monday that the wedding would not be taking place and i thought this was something we would do to give back. >> earlier this week the would-be groom got cold feet and rathers than canceling the wedding, the family invited the city's homeless to one of the best sacramento hotels. >> many came with their families giving their kidses a rare night out. >> when you're going through a hard time and a struggle for you
4:58 pm
to get out to do something different and with your family, you know, it was really a blessing. >> reporter: the food is similar to what you'd find at the hotel's four-star restaurant, salad, cauliflower, gnocchi, salmon and tri-tip. >> 120 people were invited to the wedding before it got cancelled. >> this is not coming out of our kitchen and you wouldn't be eating anything like this. >> full stomachs and smiles everywhere, the night is still painful for the dwaynes. their 27-year-old daughter chose to stay home. >> i feel a lot of heart ache and heartbreak for her, but i -- i will take away something really good from this. i will. >> turning a night that was supposed to be about their family into one that takes care of others. now at 5:00, covering up cosby. someone makes a bold move at ben's chili bowl. plus the survivor's fight. the woman nearly killed during a crash with an 18-wheeler wants
4:59 pm
to help protect everyone on the road. >> and after a hard day's work, some commuters in northern virginia was stuck and it has nothing to do with traffic. good evening. now at 5:00, we begin with the killing of a 14-year-old boy stabbed inside an apartment complex. here's where it happened on audrey lane right near the eastover shopping center in oxon hill. >> this is our first look at that young victim, a 14-year-old who was just starting his freshman year in high school, and he warrant tsn't the only t that was stabbed. tracee wilkins joins us with what neighbors heard minutes before the violence. tracee? >> reporter: we were first on the scene this morning as prince george's county police were investigating. they have wrapped it up hours ago, but there are still so many unanswered questions. >> whatever it was, it was something serious. >> reporter: neighbors say they clearly heard yelling outside of
5:00 pm
the apartments on the 600 block of audrey lane around 7:30 this morning. >> we heard a bun ch of screamig and i don't know what it was about. >> reporter: when the confusion settled, keysean mason was stabbed to death and another teen injured and an adult male was taken into custody at the scene. >> preliminarily detectives believe it stemmed from some sort of argument. >> reporter: police say this was a domestic incident that spiralled out of control and they're not disclosing the relationship between the deceased, the injured and the suspect. >> we're determining right now through our investigation the relationship between the suspect and the victims. >> reporter: mason was a freshman at potomac high school. grief counselors were made available to students. >> it's just sad right now. the vibe is kind of a little down because it is a student at the end of the day. >> reporter: a lot of students are upset and also


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