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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  October 19, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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clearly heard yelling outside of plot in france and why police the apartments on the 600 block of audrey lane around 7:30 this may be one step closer to finding the people who stabbed morning. >> we heard a bun ch of screamig him. plus this video went viral. a man taken down by prince george's county police, but it's and i don't know what it was about. >> reporter: when the confusion what happened before this cell phone started recording that had police concerned./ad5 settled, keysean mason was stabbed to death and another teen injured and an adult male was taken into custody at the i'm julie carey at a park scene. and ride in woodbridge where it >> preliminarily detectives happened again. believe it stemmed from some some commuters returning to this sort of argument. lot to find all of the tires >> reporter: police say this was a domestic incident that missing off their cars. coming up, i'll tell you what spiralled out of control and they're not disclosing the this block has to do wi relationship between the deceased, the injured and the suspect. >> we're determining right now through our investigation the relationship between the suspect and the victims. >> reporter: mason was a freshman at potomac high school. grief counselors were made available to students. >> it's just sad right now. the vibe is kind of a little down because it is a student at the end of the day. >> reporter: a lot of students are upset and also friends.
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coming up on news 4 at 6:00 and how one of those friends including a best girlfriend of the victim say they plan on dealing with some of this. reporting live from oxon hill, i'm tracee wilkins. >> thank you. fire forced people out of their homes in largo, maryland. chopper 4 over the scene just after noon this is right near prince george's community college. firefighters tweeted pictures of the flames shooting out of the fourth-floor town home. and they got the fire under control quickly and no one was injured. the university of maryland is warning students about a possible voyeur on campus. police say a female student reported seeing a guy looking in on her while she was in the shower. this was just last thursday. inside, cumberland hall and another student reports seeing a guy with the cell phone in
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wico wicomoco hall. a murder of a transgender woman. a childhood friend is accused of killing her. prosecutors have to decide whether to treat this as a hate crime, mark? >> reporter: that's right. prosecutors reveal that the victim and the suspect had known each other since middle school, but prosecutors say they still aren't sure why rico leblond shot and killed his childhood friend, but the victim's family says they think it was because she was open about being transgender. >> it's a hate crime. he wasn't accepted. >> reporter: the family of 21-year-old deandre smith who went by the name zella ziona have no doubt that she was killed for being transgender. >> he was a likable, lovable person and it would be no other reason other than hate. >> reporter: family members wore t-shirts in court remembering their loved one. >> just to keep deandre with us,
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everywhere we go, just to have him. >> the prosecutors were cautious about bringing hate crime charges, pointing out that leblond already faces life without parole if convicted of the murder charge. >> we are dictated not by right now at 5:30, yet another commuter headache. emoti they are stealing more tires at emotion. we are dictated by facts, logic and what the law requires us to that commuter lot in prince william county and it's the last do. >> reporter: ziona had known the thing you want to find at the defendant since middle school end of the work day. and the two were in an argument julie carey was forced to report early last wednesday. on this last month and she's at about an hour after the the park and ride. confrontation, 20-year-old rico jules? >> reporter: we found some of leblond hid behind a dumpster the evidence left behind after waiting to confront ziona again. friday's incident and this was used to prop up some of the cars he fired one shot from a distance and stood over the after the tires were stolen and victim firing the gun repeatedly one of the vehicles, a brand new hitting her in the head and groin. mustang and we talked to one of prosecutors say they can't the owners and he said it will recall a deadly attack on a while for repairs. transgender before this. >> here's what the mustang owner >> the nauture of this in found. he parked here at 6:00 in the montgomery county is morning and police found the car unprecedented. as they patrolled that day and >> respect others.
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respect people. called to warn him. respect people's choices and a second car in the same lot respect people's decisions on number 5 was also targeted, how they want to live their windows broken out in at least life. >> reporter: now leblond has been separated from the general one of the vehicles and we told population at the montgomery you about the bold thefts last county jail and prosecutors say month. in may, four vehicles were hit. that's for his own protection. he did enter a plea of not in september, another four commuters found their cars in the same terrible shape and we guilty. coming up at 6:00, you'll hear talked to the owner of the from prosecutors on why leblond mustang just a little while ago was out on the streets even and the woman who spotted his though he was arrested and car last friday. charged in an attempted murder >> and i just spotted the at a metro station last year. vehicle august 30th, and i've always been worried about wendy, back to you. getting dings in my door and >> mark segraves. never once have i thought about for the third time in the my rims being stolen. past few months an inmate with >> i've always been proud of and health issues has died in police we never had a problem with the custody in northern virginia. slugging coming home and stuff that was this weekend. like that and to have something the most recent case involves a like this happen is just really sad. >> so going on to keep more of 68-year-old man who did have an extensive history. these thefts from happening? his name was paul guida. i'll have some answers for you when i join you all new at 6:00. he was in the extend-- he died back to you now in the studio. >> police tell us a struggle between an escaped prisoner and
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hospital later that night. a prince george's county police officer began after the prisoner managed to escape the police > cruiser. >> police arrested giovanti . st. mary's county where a young during a traffic stop in double barrel drug raid led to a laurel. disturbing discovery involving young complained of an injury and they took him to the five children. hospital and then on their way i'll get to that in a minute, to central booking, young but we want to begin our story with that drug bust. managed to roll out of the patrol car. the cell phone video captured police have charged 46-year-old that alter kagdz. lisa marie west in connection the officer says young then bit him, even spit on him. with illegal possession of that's when the officer hit prescription painkillers. young with a baton and she's out on personal bond eventually tased him. pending further action in the passed out with drugs in the car and two kids in the case. backseat. annapolis police say that's how >> are you lisa? they found two people outside a >> she's not home. >> are you relate to her? convenience store on side. now 31-year-old heather davidson can you talk to me? and matthew labonte are both two houses in lexington park, house number one. facing drug charges and davidson house number two. after weeks of investigation police say they have evidence that drug dealers and drug users facing charges. were going from one house to the police say they found bags with heroin residue, sir ink caps and other, back and forth. non-prescription pills. >> a family in maryland will
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last friday they raided both have to find somewhere else to those houses. stay tonight after a fire gutted their home and fire crews found in house number one they say they found painkillers like intense flames pouring out of this when they got to the scene this morning and this is along oxycodone and aderral. seat pleasant drive along mlk highway in prince george's county. five children, agency 18 months we are told two adults and two to 13 years old living in children who live in the home squalor. were not home at the time and child protective services took the fire may have been burning the children out of that house. for a while before neighbors is it likely or possible noticed and called 911. right now traffic is that people would buy drugs at smoother on parts of route 1 in the first house and use those alexandria in fairfax county. drugs in the presence of those all lanes of route 1 in groveton children at the second house in. >> oh, absolutely it's possible reopened in both directions this afternoon. and probable. the area here was closed for >> reporter: now lisa marie several hours after today west, the woman charged in connection with the drugs is not earlier because of down wires outside the beltway near beacon the mother of the five children. that woman has not been charged. shopping center and these are pictures from the news partner. the investigation is continuing on. more about the living conditions it caused big backups for commuters. of the children coming up at ♪ 6:00. ♪ >> pat collins, see you then.
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someone shot and killed a i'm carol maloney out at redskins park. man just a block from gallaudet miserable monday for the second university's camp us. straight week out here after yesterday's loss to the jets. officers found a man with a gun of course, a number of factors shot wound in the area earlier contributing to that loss, but the majority of questions and this morning and people who live concerns today center on the quarterback position and the nearby tell us the man had grown future of kirk cousins. up in the neighborhood, but after studying the film of the moved away as an adult. brutal second half jay gruden admits, yeah, cousins needs to play better, but he added nobody >> that particular young man, i in the locker room played good can't imagine what he could be enough to win and still the coach reiterated today that he doing or why someone would want has all of the confidence in the world in kirk and no drastic to do anything to him. >> at this point, no word on a changes are coming right now. possible notive or suspect. >> kirk gives us the best chance to win still, and i want to see well, vwi airport has set a him fight through this, and that's going to be the making of a strong person, a strong record, breaking a decade-old football player and how they -- how they react to some tough record of low temperatures and boy, can we believe it. times. it is cold. >> what makes you confident that >> it is, indeed. he can do that. >> i've seen him throw the ball >> storm team 4 doug kammerer is out here many, many times. tracking temperatures. i've seen him make every throw >> we saw temperatures in the there is to make in pro mid to upper 20s and not just football. we have to get his confident
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below freezing, but well below going and help him, and the players have to help him and do freezing and once you get to 28 a better job coaching him, and degrees that's called a hard i've seen him do it, and i know freeze, and we saw a hard freeze everywhere. culpeper, manassas, frederick, he can do it. >> sfrafjay gruden about as vis upset as we've seen him today. dougl coming up at 6:00, why he's douglas, winchester, and 31 in clinton and 38 toward the calling this matchup versus the pawtuxet river and just about bucs a code red. guys? >> carol maloney. everyone in the region had some people are getting paid temperatures below freezing and that means we will not see more to post fake reviews on amazon, freeze warnings with the and it might be tough to catch exception of the d.c. metro area them. we'll explain why next. and current temperatures into a controversial app that's the 50s. say good-bye to the cold and say hello to very warm air making supposed to help a crackdown. its way in just in time for the next couple of days and we'll talk about the 70s. supposed to help a crackdown. now a change [ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going. yeah, the 70s. remember them? i'll have the forecast in just a minute. we should know soon whether the vice president joe biden is going to be entering the race for president among the democrats. sources are telling nbc news a decision could come within the next 48 hours. the vice president gave no hints during a climate summit event this afternoon and we should
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note that mr. biden has already missed some of his self-imposed deadlines. we also know he's been thinking about this for months and this past friday met with the leader of the international association of firefighters. so your car versus a big rig. it's a road battle most of us would lose. now a woman who survived a collision on the bay bridge is taking a very personal battle on the road to washington. plus in the midst of the bill cosby rain scandal, what about this mural at ben's chili bowl? we'll tell you who replaced one controversial face with another and find out how someone took immediate action. someone is targeting drivers in virginia. so what are they stealing this time? it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way.
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whether you're working or recharging, do business travel on your terms. acela. take off.
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the fbi hopes some pretty clear surveillance photos here will help identify a bank robber. check them out. we are told a man in these photos robbed a bank in the district this morning and investigators say he went into the suntrust near connecticut avenue in northwest demanding cash. after getting some money he ran off. the fbi believes this could be the same guy who tried and failed to rob a bank just down the road from the suntrust last week. a controversial crime-fighting app will no longer be used by retailers in georgetown. stores were using group me to report suspicious people or those they think may have been
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shoplifting. critics say the app was encouraging racial profiling. the district says it will find other ways to promote safety and help police fight crime in that area. >> amazon is taking action against more than 1,000 people who are accused of writing fake product reviews for a price. in that lawsuit amazon alleges that people are making money by writing five-star testimonials on products they never even tried. they say companies them themselves are soliciting the taking your hands off the fake reviews to boost sales. wheel and your feet off the the vast number of reviews on pedal and letting your car do the driving for you. the site are authentic. technology experts say that day is closer than you might think. a controversial crime-fighting app we told you a simulation on automated cars about and we'll have more on was held in our area and adam that at 6:00 tonight. meanwhile, an important safety recall is expanding. tuss has details on when the car will do the work for you. general motors have added 2015 >> reporter: especially with our models to the list of vehicles that have been recalled because horrible traffic it's something a lot of us have thought about. of defectivecaf8air bags. why can't i just hit a button those now include certain buick and have the car drive for me?
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lacrosse, cadillac xts and chevy it's coming. >> is it just a matter of time before we get to that point? camaros, equinox, gmc terrain it seems like we're headed in that directional ready. >> oh, yeah. it's just a matter of time and vehicles and the national highway traffic safety the only question is what time administration say the vehicles and what level of automatic have front-seat mounted impact asian. >> reporter: tom dinga is the air bags that may rupter when director of transportation. deployed and vehicle owners will how soon? how about two years? begin getting notifications >> on the highway you'll be hand today and more than 19 million off the wheel and feet off the vehicles in the u.s. have been pedals. >> reporter: in 2017? >> you still have to watch in recalled due to defective takata air bags. from the white house and case something goes wrong, but you can sit there and relax. >> reporter: even if other cars beyond the kid once accused of bringing a bomb to school will don't have that type of hang out with the stars in washington tonight. technology your car will react to slow down or speed up. dozens of victims of mark warner, an early investor truck-related accidents are on capitol hill today. wants virginia to take the lead. they're arguing against provisions to a highway bill >> i'll make a prediction today. that they believe will make roadways unsafe. automated systems, whether they coming up at 5:00, we spoke with are aerial, driving or maritime, a woman who was rear ended on the chesapeake bay bridge and will be as disruptive and nearly lost her life. she explains how this bill has the potential to save her life. transform tiative over the next good news. decade to our lives as the we are going to be warming up, but that's going to be followed wireless revolution was 30-plus
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by another dose of chilly air years ago. >> reporter: some other features on display, cars that can talk before the end of the week. how it compares with our last, to emergency vehicles and move over to protect, say a police i'll show you car that's stopped on the side of the road. cars that can talk with highway workers who are wearing special vests so that workers and the car know they're getting close to one another. >> reporter: back here now live as the cars make their way tonight. about the hands off the wheel feet off the pedal technology, which kinds of cars are on the fast track to get that technology? first coming up at 6:00, insider information for you. wendy, back to you. >> all right. interesting. adam tuss. the government says drones are a growing threat to commercial flights. today the faa announced a plan to deal with the problem. the task force will create a new drone registration system and what kind of problem will this solve? >> i think what the government wants to do is try to get a handle on how big the problem is. we know according to the
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government that there have been a thousand, 1,000 sightings this year pilots reporting drones operating in or near their airspace. in the view of the government that's just too close. we've had too many close calls. they want to know what dow jones a drones are out there and if we're going to register every drone in the country like we register every car does that mean the little tiny things that some kids place with in their basement or do we limit it to a certain weight and altitude and that kind of thing? and then you create the dynamics by which if one of these things crashes at the airport or at the u.s. open or the white house lawn, then they can say, aha, this drone belongs to john dough who lives on main street. right capability. >> what can they do with that information? this guy, it's his drone. can that they impose penalty sfs.
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>> it is a $25,000 fine. if they can prove whose drone it is then they can say we're going to fine you. the problem is there will not be drone police, let's say, but the local and state police will still be responsible for enforcing these rules, but here's the thing. the faa would like to have a registration process laid out by christmas. by christmas. >> that fast? >> this is washington, do you think that's really going to happen? >> i think that's their best dozens of victims of case scenario, but the bottom truck-related crashes shared line is they'll try to fast track this because they think it their horror stories today is an urgent threat to aviation. saying that more needs to be done to protect drivers on the >> what kind of pushback are they getting? >> they have the industry mostly roads. that group included one local woman who nearly died when a onboard and you do it sensibly, truck pushed her car off the right? you don't do the $20 helicopter chesapeake bay bridge. that lives in your basement, but news 4's meagan fitzgerald says i think the industry will also want to make sure that it's not what they want congress to do this week when a highway bill overreach in the view of some of the guys i talked to today. comes up for vote. >> reporter: proponents of the >> tom costello, thanks. highway bill say the critics are >> my pleasure. more on "nightly news". exaggerating the fact, but victims and family members of it comes after security truck-related accidents say they
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breaches. just this month a guy lost disagree. in fact, we spoke to one woman control of his drone near the washington monument and before it landed on the ellipse. who nearly lost her life after being rear ended by a back in august two men were taken into custody accused of trying to fly contraband into a prison in western maryland. police tell us they had 18-wheeler. if you ask her, it hasn't felt synthetic drugs, tobacco and like much time has passed at pornography. they also found the gun inside all. >> it's just been a hard time to the men's car. back in may, the secret service get that back, you still deal closed lafayette park on the with the anxiety and ptsd. north side of the white house when a man flew a drone about >> that's why lake is on capitol 100 feet in the air. the bomb squad checked it out hill alongside the truck safety before giving the all-clear. coalition and families who lost you cannot fly drones anywhere loved ones with truck-related within the district. the fbi is now investigating crashes. >> to tell congress that the a teenager's claim that he bill pending is a disaster. hacked the email accounts of the >> reporter: joan is the cia director and the director of co-chair of the advocates for homeland security. highway and auto safety. the american high schooler she says there are several claims on twitter that he stole provisions in the highway bill that will endanger the public. cia director john brennan's >> and they're allowing teenage contact list. he also says he took brennan's drivers to be drivers. >> proponents of the bill like application for security clearance. the new york post is reporting the american trucking association say that's not true. that the teenager said he hacked they say interstate travel for the account because of his
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opposition to america's foreign 18-year-old drivers would come with restrictions ranging from policy. well, it's one of the city's the length of the trip to the type of cargo haul. most recognizable murals and the organization released the it's back to its original look following statement saying, now after someone tried to cover quote, ata is first and foremost bill cosby's face. check this out from earlier an advocate for safer highways. today. someone put the face of kim there is no benefit to our jong-un from north korea on top industry, to the country or the of cosby's portrait outside economy of trucking being less ben's chili bowl here today. safe. news 4's shomari stone is live opponents of the bill say they disagree with the trucking outside ben's where that face industry about what is considered safe, but for victims was just torn down. like lake, it's a bill that has shomari? given her life a new purpose. >> reporter: that's right. a manner to down the face moments ago, and kim jong-un, >> i want to see safety all around the truckers and for the people who are driving. the north korean dictator's face the bill is expected to make it was right up here and the street out of the house committee on thursday and it is still unclear artist smear leader took credit for defacing the mural and he as to when it will make its way to the house floor for a vote. says it's an embarrassment to coming up at 6:00, what one d.c. residents that bill cosby's family says they'll do if the face is on this wall. provisions in the bill aren't the man who removed the name is changed. reporting on the beltway, meagan kevin irvin and he's a bill fitzgerald, news 4. cosby fan and we asked sdwl i'm pat lawson muse. this just in, the baltimore city
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smearleader, the man why he council has confirmed kevin chose north korean dictator kim davis as police commissioner. he was confirmed in a 12-1 vote jong-un. he's married with a beautiful and the only council member to daughter and running a country of 25 million people and adds oppose is moseby and he said the cosby used his position of power to drug and assault 35 women and that's an up from cosby and those are his words, not mine. city should wait until another mayor is elected. my words are the following. >> dozens packed a hear to cosby has supported ben's, become the permanent commissioner. several protesters were arrested that's a fact. after a sit-in. he's refused to take it down they were at city hall again tonight, but most stayed outside because the balcony used last after woman came forward week was closed for safety accusing him of drugging them. reasons. we will now hear from kevin i'm pat lawson muse at the live desk. irvin, the man who cleaned up back to you. the mural moments ago. >> thank you, pat. a texas teenager suspended when >> it's disrespect. i know the artist who painted his teacher mistook a homemade bill cosby, and i thought it was clock for a possible bomb will be at the white house tonight. a cheap way to get up. >> that is quite interesting. you may recall president obama i guess we all deserve it at invited ahmed mohammed to come visit after a homemade clock this point. made international headlines and >> reporter: i tried to reaching mohamed will be on the white out to ben's chili bowl manager house lawn for a special and he wouldn't comment. astronomy night. worth mentioning this mural also the white house says it will
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bring scientists, students and has president braim's face on it along with the great godfather educators to talk about space and do star gazing. of gogo, chuck brown and donny clear skies, we hope. >> it's going to be cool, sure, simpson who i idolized and grew up listening to on the radio. live in d.c., outside ben's but all through the evening we're expecting clear skies and chili bowl, i'm shomari stone. there are apps you can get for >> how do you know if those your tablets and cell phone where you hold your phone up to reviews on amazon are real? the night sky and as you move around you can see the weather sm right on your device. some of them aren't and we'll tell you what's being done to i've got to load that up. fix that. >> pretty cool. >> snow in october? let's talk about what we can doug's forecast includes changes for us, too, folks. expect around here as far as the night sky goes. take a look at this and we got a >> i'm tom sherwood in the district. big dipper also and it's -- campaign and finance ethics have been a big issue in the district and a super pac for muriel we're having microphone issues bowser is raising here. >> on wednesday and thursday of this week, also coming up is the meteor shower. 55, cool conditions and we continue with that clear sky as we make our way into the evening hours and at 11:00 p.m., 45
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degrees for a temperature. meanwhile, what to wear? i think you can leave the gloves and the hat at home and go with the coat, the sweater and the scarf and as far as what will be controlling the weather and a big dome of high pressure and it is not only clear. it's clear into ohio and down to the south through the mid atlantic area as far as temperatures with the early warning starts tomorrow and wednesday morning it will be chilly and we'll see the overnight temperatures come up and by the time we get to areas like mount erie and petersburg tomorrow, temperatures started out in the 30s and you can see 43 degrees for the temperature for early tomorrow morning so at the bus stop, chilly conditions at 9:00 a.m. and 45, the temperature and sunshine, yes and then as we get into the afternoon hours and take a look at this. up to a high of 70 degrees around pac around pax river and 61 in d.c.
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and you can do home improvement from gardening to decorating and painting and we have a fairly light wind and mid-week warmth. even gardening, you can be able to put the bulbs in the ground and saturday's forecast, i know a lot of you have been getting out some of the apple orchards or pumpkin farms. here it is, saturday, 65 degrees and we're nice, looking at milder conditions and clouds increase. now your seven-day forecast. you can see one, we are going to be warming up and we get that cooling trend once again when the next weather front comes through right now and that looks like thursday night late into early friday morning and sunshine is back on tap for not only the end of the week, as well as the weekend. we don't get any rain from it, but our temperatures will take a dip once again and more seasonal conditions and the next dose of cold that we'll get will be nothing like, guys, what we just had to deal with and that is good news and a dry week for us for us to get out and do a lot.
5:23 pm
>> i hear that. a group created solely to raise money for muriel bowser. it boasts raising hundreds of thousands of dollars and there's concern that that money will not only support bowser, but will be used to target her opponents. >> reporter: in office nine months mayor bowser has kept up a busy and sometimes politically sensitive schedule. now the mayor and her supporters >> we have a look now at the are funding an unprecedented destruction left behind by a suspected microburst storm in political action committee and phoenix. check it out, storms strong more than $300,000 raised so far enough to topple these rows of from individuals, businesses and soda vending machines and blew city contractors. right through the metropolitan called freshpac. area. its goal is to promote her the cleanup is happening with agenda, supporting or opposing utility crews still trying to restore power to some and the threat of more storms later council members and political tonight. >> meanwhile, there is now snow campaigns and no other mayor has in northern pennsylvania. created such a pac. >> what mayor bowser intends to it was a little more peaceful and also much colder. this is erie county. create such a pac is to use it they got early snowfall for the to intimidate many city council members into following her season and enough for it to coat
5:24 pm
program. >> public citizen, a citizens the tree tops and some saw as much as five inches, but the lobby can note it can raise public works department says it unlimited amounts of cash like doesn't plan to salt roads because the temperatures need to this one. get colder. >> this violates the entire and now your storm team 4 concept of a reasonable limit of money and politics. >> i want to acknowledge -- forecast. >> reporter: mayor bowser today we even had snow flurry was in london on city business around here yesterday and a lot and spoke with news 4 by phone. of frost out there early this morning, a very cold start and she defended freshpac and her even a couple of record lows and fund-raising for it. we're moving a lot of tough out toward dulles, very close to issue, she told us. the pac will support an agenda the record low there. we don't see a whole lot of that people voted me to get record lows this time of year, done. but we've seen a couple in the there's no attempt to hide. last few days and take a look, the disclosure and sun light is how everybody is aware. temperatures right now only 55. not coming with abundant they're operating how the law sunshine and look at the winds shifting out of the south now contemplates, but the washington post editorial page, an and the component will mean a lot to us over the next couple overwhelming supporter of bowser of days, and you can see the and her election today took a induction coming and the warm very different tone. air coming in. it blasted bowser and the pac 54 in annapolis and 54 in and flatly said the pac should be disbanded. huntingtown, 61 in stanton. that's the milder air that's freshpac has about $300,000 now. going to shape up our region a lawyer for the pac told me the during the day tomorrow. so much warmer just off to the goal is about $1 million by the west. end of the year. nothing on the radar and we'll >> but since it's legal, what is
5:25 pm
stay dry. the problem? we have been dry and we'll stay >> it's legal, but there are a dry and we need to see some rain couple of concerns, three of and we haven't seen much of it them and one is that the city's and we'll not see anything time most recent loss is to limit soon. money and campaign and city look out to the west, minneapolis, minnesota is way politics and secondly, the warmer than we are right now. mayor's supporters are calling 75 for them and we're in 55 and for appointees that have you can see the warmer air business with the city and sliding our way and tomorrow we others asking for contributions get into the 60s and on wednesday we get into the 70s and some people don't like the look of that. and overnight low temperatures thirdly, every elected official will be cold tonight and down to awau1 13 council members and 43 in d.c. and 37 in culpeper selected school board members and maybe they'll be able to and some areas may get down close to freezing again and yes, create their own independent pac you could see frost on the and bring a whole new wash of money into city politics and windshield early tomorrow morning and know that as you it's what we've been fighting wake up and step out the front about for the last four or five door. years. >> thank you. 7:00 to 8:00 a.m. and cold for well, he was once hailed a the kids at the bus stop and by hero. the man who saved lives during 3:00 or 4:00, the jackets are the terror plot in france had to coming off and tomorrow will be fight for his own life back in one of those days that the kids the states. we have the video that could forget the jackets or help catch the suspects. sweatshirts at school. all new at 6:00, a ground 67 degrees out there tomorrow afternoon and looking pretty breaking clinical study to help good by the time we reach around people with parkinson's.
5:26 pm
how a cancer drug is giving new the noon time hour and high hope to patients just a few weeks into treatment. temperatures tomorrow, warmer back to the west as the warm air is continuing to slide in. 72 mart insburg and 69 d.c. and 68 over toward baltimore and plenty of sunshine tomorrow and we put it mild in there and a cold start. the impacts still on the low side and a cold start and a nice afternoon and all in all not a bad tuesday for you. how about the fall foliage getting closer to the d.c. metro area and a lot of color and especially back to the west of the blue ridge and if you're heading out over the next couple of days or maybe this weekend looking like a very good weekend for that. >> 69 on your tuesday and 72 on wednesday and 76 on thursday so we go way up and then we come back down and friday we have a cold front and high temperature only 63 degrees on friday and it will get cooler and we're not talking about any more cold air and veronica has the entire weekend for you coming up at
5:27 pm
5:45. >> great. new at 5:00, we'll take a look at the attack against that man who helped foil the terror
5:28 pm
>> a shocking and disturbing crash and a heated exchange that followed all caught on camera on new video we have in just from texas now. a man had a camera that caught his fellow motorcycle riders crossing a double yellow line on
5:29 pm
saturday, a white car suddenly swerved clipping a motorcycle there and this is what happened when the man wearing the camera stopped to confront the driver. >> what were you doing? you hit them? >> i don't care. >> i got it on video, too. >> i don't care. double yellow stripes. >> no. you swerved and hit them. >> the driver there also said he got stung by a wasp. the injured motorcycle riders are still recovering from their injuries. the texas highway patrol is investigating this crash and says the car driver could face felony charges. [ shots fired ] >> new cell phone video shows the moments gunshots rang out at a zombicon convention. police released this video today. it was taken by someone at the event in fort meyers. they're looking at the video closely now hoping it can help them find the gunman.
5:30 pm
an american hero is resting at home tonight in california and police may be one step closer to finding the men who stabbed him outside a bar. spencer stone is one of three men credited with stopping that terror attack on a train in france. here's pat lawson muse. >> reporter: smiling from ear to ear, spencer stone is seen standing with his heroes at the uc davis medical center in sacramento. he's recovering from open-heart surgery after his family says he was stabbed four times in the back, lung, liver and heart earlier this month. now sacramento police have released these sketches of two asian men they believe are responsible for the attack. the two suspects were seen fleeing the crime scene outside a bar in sacramento two weeks ago. a witness to the fight tells "people" magazine one of the guys hit one of the girls and the guy who turned out to be spencer stone went after that guy. >> we're hoping that the community, somebody can see these photos and it will refresh their memory.
5:31 pm
>> reporter: while dakotai idet work around the clock, stone is scheduled to get a promotion to staff sergeant and helping to thwart a terror attack arc board a high-speed train and stabbed several times in the process. stone described the attack on "today". >> i started screaming, he's got a knife, he's got a knife and take the knife and i choked him unconscious. >> friend anthony sadler was with stone on the train. >> i'm glad he's back home and doing good. >> stone said thanks to my amazing family and friends who to everyone who has sent encouragement during this challenging time. he's an american hero injured in a midnight brawl finally out of the hospital. the man who stabbed him in a bar nowhere to be found. pat lawson muse, news 4. >> police maintaining the stabbing outside that bar is nowhere related to the foiled train plot.
5:32 pm
does joe biden need to get in now? the continuing mystery of joe biden. >> speculation continues. >> now at 6:00, new clues as vice president biden considers a late run for the white house. sources say a decision could come within the next 48 hours, but democrat front-runner hillary clinton is pressing forward and preparing for her next big test. testimony on benghazi. steve handelsman is following the developments from capitol hill. steve? >> reporter: a lot of questions unanswered about democrats, but answers from a new nbc poll about republicans and ben carson may have the best bit of news. for three-quarters of republicans, many of whom have some other candidate as their first choice they say they could vote for the retired johns hopkins neurosurgeon and he is the first choice now of more republicans than ever. ♪
5:33 pm
♪ >> the bumps for donald trump's poll numbers and ben carson's, ted cruz's, marco rubio and jeb bush's came since the republicans' second debate. trump is up to 25% support nationally, carson's at 22. rubio 13, cruz, 9, bush 8 and carly fiorina is down to 7 after she inaccurately charged at the debate that planned parenthood kept alive fetuses to sell their organs and carson got a rock star welcome in san antonio. thousanding having him sign his new conservative political book. >> he's not the typical politician. >> well, it is encouraging every place i go to receive these kinds of receptions. >> reporter: donald trump today is fanning his feud with jeb bush over george w. bush's responsibility for 9/11.
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