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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  October 20, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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still have to watch and see if something goes wrong, but you can sit there and relax. >> other technology being tested now in virginia, cars that can alert emergency vehicles and police stopped on the side of the road and cars that will gradually slow you down if they detect something behind you while you're backing up. get ready for another frigid morning, cold one out there, with most of you waking up in the 30s and 40s. look at the flag flapping in the wind there outside union station. will the cooler temperatures stick around? that's the big question. 5:00 a.m. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. straight to tom kierein to find out what kind of weather we're going to have today. >> the flags flapping from the south, that brings in warmer weather by later today. there is capitol hill. chilly morning, milder weather moves in during the afternoon. we're continuing our drive pattern all the way into the
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weekend. temperatures now not as cold as yesterday. but down into the mid to upper 30s, nearby suburbs. around the beltway, low to mid-40s. mid-40s to upper 40s around the bay. most locations above freezing there, shenandoah valley in the 30s and low to mid-40s. storm team 4 radar scanning our sky, no rain anywhere in the vicinity. next weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:11 what to wear on this chilly tuesday morning. what's happening on the roads now, melissa? >> update on this problem of the -- on the outer loop of the beltway. outer loop at river road right shoulder is the only thing now blocked. we're pretty much open there. right now this morning, don't have to worry about that crash any longer. northbound third street tunnel, reportedly right lane blocked because of a disabled truck. trying to get more information on that one for you. 66, 95, don't have any major issues. beltway at branch avenue rolling along just fine. see you back here at 5:11.
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new information from neighbors about a stabbing that left a 14-year-old dead. neighbors at the apartments there on audrey lane in oxon hill say it sounded like a football field of people fighting yesterday morning. prince george's county police say sean crawford stabbed his girlfriend's two sons. 14-year-old keyshaun mason died. his 18-year-old brother survived. someone who knows the suspect told news 4 crawford and the mother fought often. >> the girl used to put him out, i guess he got mad about that. he used to come in there drunk all the time from what he's telling me. >> mason was a freshman at potomac high school. the suspect sean crawford facing murder charges. today, you can help put an end to domestic violence in prince george's county. the county has the highest number of cases in the state of maryland. tonight's town hall meeting lawmakers will ask you for your input on how to change that. the town hall set for 7:00 p.m. at suitland high school.
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october is domestic violence awareness month. we know the name of the man killed in a shooting in northeast washington. we brought you the story ass ye. neighbors tell news 4 the victim grew up in the ivy city community and it just moved back. d.c. police offering a $25,000 reward for information on a possible gunman and motive in this case. 5:03. the fbi slois looking for this who they say robbed two d.c. banks, surveillance photos from the robberies. there is a $5,000 reward being offered for any information that leads to his arrest. the first robbery happened friday at a citibank inside the d.c. line on connecticut avenue northwest. then a sun trust just down the street was robbed yesterday. the banks are just a mile apart. council members will consider tripling penalties
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against some criminals. talking specifically about people who sell tobacco products to children. thanks to one of your tips, the news 4 i-team investigation revealed the growing problem back in august. news 4 will join us with what council members will consider today. this devastating fire in prince george's county was caused by a space heater. officials say it ignited something on the home on pleasant drive. the family was not inside at the time. it is time for a change in this country, my friends, a real change. >> new video of the new canadian prime minister celebrating his election win. that is justin trudeau, the liberal party candidate won the election overnight. trudeau is the son of former canadian prime minister pierre trudeau who died in 2000. the l.a. mayor escorted away
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by police. check out this video just in to the live desk. and surrounding him black lives matter protesters. they're shouting at him. you can see one person there blocking his car from leaving. at one point, another person ran across the trunk of his car, mayor eric kerfetti was there to answer questions about community safety before all of this started. the protesters said they wanted a meaningful dialogue with the mayor. since then the mayor released a statement saying he was disappointed that the conversation with the community was cut short. aaron? >> thank you. now to decision 2016. we're expected to find out who is leading the democratic field in the presidential race. a new poll comes out in an hour or so. meanwhile, donald trump held a rally in south carolina last night. he continues to lead the gop pack. ben carson not far behind, making stops in texas for a book signing. tracie potts joining us in about
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15 minutes with more on why democratic hopeful hillary clinton is off the campaign trail this week. we may learn more about a big change to the democratic field today. jim webb is thinking about leaving the party and running for president as an independent. webb's campaign announced he would not be attending the iowa democrat democratic dinner this fall. he complained repeatedly about how little time he had to answer questions. happening today, a public hearing on medical marijuana in frederick, maryland. new legislation means strict state regulations on the growing, profiting and dispensing of marijuana in the state. the government can only get involved in zoning matters. the lawmakers want to hear from r residents. the future of i-66 getting a lot of pushback after a community meeting. more than 100 people showed up for public information meeting last week. there are three more meetings on this issue planned for this
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week. we'll post the dates and times on the nbc washington app. virginia governor terry mcauliffe's administration says turning the hov lanes into toll lanes would help move traffic along more efficiently. the kids will want a sweatshirt this morning. recess could be another story. tom is putting together your what to wear forecast for 5:11. pass or fail. the new numbers out about high school graduation rates for students in our area. just in to the newsroom, dramatic video of a water rescue in texas. what led up to this daring moment straight ahead.
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it was supposed to be a training exercise for emergency responders in texas. it turned into a real deal, though. during a swift water training exercise, responders spotted a young boy struggling in the river. it happened yesterday in san antonio. that boy was riding an inner tube but there to let it go. he wet under the water.
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a responder jumped in to rescue the little boy. more students are graduating from d.c. public schools. 64.4% of d.c. public school seniors graduated this year. that's an increase of about 6% over last year. 72% of charter school seniors graduated. that's 3% increase. in total about 3,200 d.c. seniors graduated. 5:11. your time on this tuesday morning. chilly tuesday morning. we'll see how much warmer it will get though. >> tom kierein tracking the temperatures. i'm hoping they're going up, tom. >> right now they're down, though, in the 30s. dress accordingly. if you're sensitive to the cold, melissa, angie, rachel, jesse, samantha, britney, eun, you'll need to dress like this. another cold start. you'll need the sunglasses later, won't need the umbrella, but dress warmly waiting for the
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bus and the metro this morning. at the bus stop, in the mid and upper 30s between 7:00 and 8:00. then jumping into the 40s between 8:00 and 9:00. a warming with a few clouds around coming on through by midday. a look at our warmer weather coming. that in about 10 minutes at 5:21. how is the commute now? >> looking pretty good. we have a couple of problems i want to mention though if you're headed out anytime soon here. 66 westbound here at leesburg pike. this just popped up, disabled vehicle on the right side of the roadway. right now not seeing any slowdowns. doesn't mean they won't start up here in a little bit. 66 here at 123, eastbound, westbound, no major issues now. everything is slowing just fine, a little volume there. outer loop at river road, that right shoulder is the only thing that is now blocked there. you can get past that crash. and 270 northbound and southbound looking nice and smooth and open all the way from frederick to the spur. see you in ten minutes. north korea preparing for
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more nucleartests. we're getting more reports into the live desk. proof that it can happen to any of us. the latest details coming in on the hack against the head of the cia. >> raise your hand if you're dealing with fall allergies. why over the counter medicines alone might not be enough for reli reli
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i'm jeremy mcpike, candidate for state senate, and i sponsored this ad. republican hal parrish claims he improved transportation. but the truth is he was nowhere to be found. literally. parrish holds a seat on the northern virginia transportation authority, but 34 times he failed to show up for meetings. parrish skipped more meetings than any other member. and hal parrish refused to support the bi-partisan transportation bill.
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why would we want to get stuck with republican hal parrish in richmond? just in, reports north korea is preparing for a nuclear test. now, that is according to a news agency in south korea. the national intelligence service in the south saying that north is getting ready to conduct this test because of what it says are the confrontational policies of the u.s. and its allies. details very limited right now. 2013, north korea last withdrew with a nuclear test. coming up on 5:17. we expect a judge today to
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sentence a man for murdering his wife and mother-in-law. malcolm thomas pleaded guilty earlier this fall. he brutally beat both women to death in august of 2014. the judge previously said he plans to sentence thomas. a review of practices will be up for discussion in fairfax today. earlier this year the county board of supervisors tasked a group with vetting the department and looking for places to improve. the committee focused on four areas, communication, diversity, mental health and use of force. news 4 plans to be at the discussion and bring you details if county supervisors like the presentation they will likely push it ahead to a meeting of the safety committee next week. for the next five years, kevin davis has the job of baltimore police commissioner. people filled the streets as the city council voted to confirm h him yesterday.
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the mayor said she was confused by continuing protests last night. >> have the appearance that they're having a fire sale with everything and now it is the tv station. >> we're hearing from howard university students and alumni on the news that the school could be selling its own tv station. >> university officials sent out a letter detailing the situation yesterday. they're considering an auction of whut's public television air space and wireless signal to raise tens, maybe hundreds of millions of dollars. the fcc would purchase the station in that auction and turn around and sell it to a wireless carrier. the school has been struggling financially for years now. and now they have a chance to raise some cash. not everybody sees it that way, though. not everyone is on board. >> i feel like there are other ways we can come up with a way to xhcompensate for the debt we
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have here. >> nothing has been decided yet. howard has until december to make a decision on the auction. whut is the only black-owned television station in the country. we're learning the number of moles on a person's arm could predict their risk of melanoma. british researchers compared skin cancer. the area above the elbow was linked to total body count of moles. fall is in the air. for many, that means fall allergies. it is ragweed season. which is the biggest allergy trigger during the fall. health experts say over the counter daily allergy medicines can help your runny noses and say it may not be pleasant, but clearing your nasal package is important to flesh out the pollen. >> just to rinse the pollens out of the nose, when you're in times where the allergy load is very high.
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and you know you're around a lot of weeds, pollens are allergens. it is good to rinse out with a saline rinse. >> nettie pot. you have? okay. good, aaron. the heat in your home may be making your allergies worse. make sure you change out your air filter regularly. i just didn't take you for a nettie pot kind of guy. >> one time i did it. it is a little weird. >> yeah. 5:20 now. live look outside for you this morning where we're waking up to 46 degrees. chilly start. >> tom telling us more about what to expect. >> time of year to change the filter in your furnace if you haven't done it already. we're off to another chilly start early this morning. our temperatures not as cold as yesterday morning and above freezing. but it is in the upper 30s in the rural areas of maryland, virginia, west virginia. shenandoah valley, few spots in the 40s from front royal to
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winchester, in the mid-40s. martensburg at 40. closer to washington, montgomery, fairfax, prince george's, generally low to mid-40s. washington and right around the bay, 40s to near 50 degrees. we got a clear sky, live view for the storm team four tower camera. under this clear sky, will stay chilly through 8:00. quickly jumping into the 50s by midmorning. hitting the 60s by noon. and then by midafternoon, ought to be peaking in the upper 60s. so quite a dramatic jump from where we are right now. as the temperatures really climb tomorrow. it will feel downright balmy compared to this morning. sunshine on wednesday, morning lows near 50. afternoon highs near 70s tomorrow. may get into the upper 70s on thursday. dreamy autumn weather, morning lows thursday to mid-50s. gets a bit cooler on friday with sunshine around, mid-50s in the morning. afternoon highs into the mid-60s on friday.
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storm team 4, saturday and sunday, looks great for outdoor activities. saturday, for all the high school, college football games, soccer games will be in the mid-60s, great weather for hiking, biking, kayaking. sunday, increasing clouds into the upper 60s. look like next chance of rain may not come until sunday evening. and perhaps into monday, monday morning looks wet with scattered showers coming through. right now, melissas had has a l green on her screen. top of the beltway, inner loop and outer loop, no problems. all the main routes running into and out of there at the top of the beltway. looking good as well. beltway, branch avenue, inner loop and outer loop rolling along nicely. wanted to share a live picture for you there. 66 rolling along well and 95, getting slow there at northbound as you're approaching wood branch, normal this time of day. 270, from frederick down to gaithersburg area, slow as you
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come out of frederick southbound and down to the spur, nice and clear. weather and traffic on the 1s, see you back here in a couple of minutes here at 5:31. 5:23 now. and montgomery county council members will consider tougher punishments today for people who sell tobacco products to underaged buyers. news 4 i-team exposed this problem in august. molette green joining us live from gaithersburg with more on what the recommendations look like. >> reporter: this is a chance for the public to weigh in. on the table is a plan county leaders think will help stop this problem of selling tobacco products to minors, hitting violators right where it hurts, harder in the cash register with bigger fines, bigger boost in the fines from the current $500 to a thousand for the first offense and a thousand for each subsequent offense. now, over the summer, our news 4 i-team cameras caught some store clerks selling cigarettes to minors, without even asking for
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ideas. when they did, some of the clerks failed to check them. the numbers show the increase. according to state records, these illegal sales are up 7% over the past two years. now, the public hearing is set for later this morning. later today at 1:30 in the afternoon, that is. in rossville. those who will testify have already registered to speak at today's hearing. but this is your chance to really hear what is on the table and how county leaders plan to stamp out this problem. that is the latest live from gaithersburg, molette green, news 4. back to you. >> thank you. 5:24. oscar pistorius has four more years on his sentence for killing his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. now he's serving them at home. a new statement from the olympian's family just came in. a family spokesperson reinforced that pistorius is serving his sentence under strict guidelines. he was released from prison to house arrest yesterday. pistorius shot and killed steenkamp two years ago. he says the killing was a
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terrible mistake. an ethics panel wants to make it illegal for politicians in virginia to use campaign cash for personal use. members say that is still happening more than a year after the corruption convictions of former virginia governor bob mcdonnell and his wife maureen. at its final meeting, the washington post reports the committee recommended reclassifying certain money sources as income to be more transparent about how lawmakers are using the funds they receive. high school student hacked into the private e-mail accounts of one of america's top spies. the cia isn't saying anything about this just yet. the hacker claims to have access to both cia director john brennan's e-mail and homeland security secretary jeh johnson's comcast billing account. he posted a link of what appears to be a list of some of director brennan's contacts. it is a tough reminder that e-mail is far from private. >> when you're typing into a keyboard, no matter what you're typing, love note to your lover,
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assume somebody else is probably looking over your shoulder. >> nbc news found out all he had to do was fool verizon and aol into resetting the account password. it says the hacker is protesting u.s. foreign policy. we're less than an hour away from new poll numbers. a look at that as well as where the republicans stand straight ahead from capitol hill. and later, school times working? 46 degrees. but how warm will it get where you live? tom is back with your county by county highs next.
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right now, a lot of you are getting ready to drive to a commuter lot, park your car and hop on a train and thieves are also waiting. the slew of burglaries hitting hard working people. and another cold start to the day. look at some of these temperatures. we'll show them to you in a second here from several places dealing with really cool air right now. right now let's go to tom kierein. >> good morning. we're starting off knight quite as cold as yesterday. mid to upper 30s. cold morning, look at the county by county highs today in montgomery, prince george's, fairfax, in the upper 60s. upper 60s in washington, alexandria falls, arlington. in much of northern virginia, as well, up into the upper 60s to
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near 70. from loudoun through prince william and fauquier, stafford and spotsylvania and culpepper, gorgeous autumn day. southern maryland looking great. temperatures upper 60s to near 70 with lots of sunshine. counties near the pennsylvania border and the shenandoah valley in the mountains as well. we'll have our temperatures climbing into the upper 60s to near low 70s parts of the shenandoah valley. skyline drive, peak autumn color, absolutely gorgeous color now beginning to show up around our region in your neighborhood too. >> my neighborhood, my parents went to skyline drive last weekend, i think a little early, pretty, but not awesome. >> saturday and sunday, great up there. looking at a brand-new problem branch avenue northbound there at branch road. some slowdowns, trying to get more information this morning. big look at the beltway overall. inner loop and outer loop
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rolling just fine. don't have any major problems, only slowdown north of wood bridge, voluntary forslow for a moment and opens back up. just landed. a top u.s. military official in iraq to be briefed in the fight against isis. it is the first trip there for the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, iraqi leaders say there are no plans now for russia to conduct air strikes in the country. we'll bring you more as we know it. police are investigating their sixth homicide of the year this morning. officers found the remains of 19-year-old guillermo nuevo in the woods this fall. his death was classified as a murder. police don't have suspects now. they say the man is from montgomery county but doesn't have any ties that they know of to westminster lane in wood
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bridge. the family of a murdered transgendered woman want hate crime charges against her suspected killer. montgomery county police say leblond shot and killed ziona last week. he has two prior arrests. in one case the charges were dropped. he's waiting for trial on the other. ziona's family says it is time police lock up leblond for kid. >> he doesn't get any freedom because now we have to bury my nephew. my nephew doesn't have the freedom to be who he was or wanted to be anymore. that's what justice is to me. >> yesterday, prosecutors told us it is too early whether to pursue the death as a hate crime. it is the 22nd murder of a transgender person in the us thus year, according to the anti-violence programs. now to decision 2016. hillary clinton steps off the campaign trail this week to prepare for a big hearing on capitol hill. on the other side of the aisle,
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donald trump is holding on to his lead in the race. tracie potts has the latest on the 2016 campaign from capitol hill. good morning. >> reporter: let's dig into the numbers. the poll shows trump at 25%, that's his biggest lead so far. 22% for ben carson. both of them have askedor -- both of them asked for secret service protection. and then in third place now we have marco rubio. but then also carly fiorina, she has dropped four points just since last month. >> tracie potts from the hill. thank you. 5:33. top two gop candidates as tracy mentioned want more protection on the campaign trail. they made requests to homeland security for secret service protection. carson says he's receiving a lot of threats. trump says he needs it because his rallies have gotten so large. congressional leaders would have to sign off on the requests.
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it seems nun will not be an issue for d.c. mayor marial bowser. the pac raised more than $300,000 from individuals, businesses and city contractors. its goal is to raise at least a million dollars. critics say it will be used to target bowser's opponents. >> what mayor bowser plans to do with this pac is use it, first of all, to probably intimidate many city council members into following her program. this violates the entire concept of a reasonable limit of money in politics. >> the mayor told news 4's tom sherwood the pac is operating within the law. it will allow her to achieve things voters elected her to get done. >> they should be willing to do something more to protect our vehicles. commuters are demanding more security after another attack on a commuter lot in virginia. thieves have targeted lot sides on the horner road park and road
5:35 am
three times since may. they hit this mustang and honda last week. ten cars have had their tires stolen. some also had bad damages to their frames. >> we never had a problem with the slugging coming home and stuff like that. then to have something like this happen is just really sad. >> prince william county police are taking action on this. kristin wright will show us what they plan to do in ten minutes. a few traces of damage remain. the image of bill cosby's face on the mural outside of ben's chili bowl in northwest washington was vandalized yesterday. late in the afternoon, a man peeled away the sticker of kim jong-un's face that was slapped on the painting of the controversial comedian. a street artist named smearleader is taking credit for the vandalism. saying it would be better to look at the dictator's face than bill cosby, who he called a sexual predator. ben's chili bowl is not commenting on the incident. you can add questions about
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plans to equip d.c. police officers with body cameras. d.c. police commander ralph ennis will explain how the cameras will work. he will also discuss why the department may redact parts of the tapes from the cameras before releasing them to the public. today, the anne arundel county school board will hear the pros and cons of later start times. officials from montgomery and fairfax county schools will share their experiences with implementing the time change. the board put aside $600,000 of the budget to delay start times by fall of 2016. a scare for students after a voyeur sneaks into the shower at the university of maryland. the shocking similarities to another case. new developments in the stabbing of a man many call a hero. what police hope technology can help solve the crime that nearly killed spencer stone. will you need to defrost the windows? tom is back with your drive time ♪
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a new doctor lookup tool and another feature that would allow users to find out whether a particular health plan covers their prescriptions. those new online improvements will be ready to launch when officials are sure that data
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provided is accurate and validated. open enrollment begins november 1st. the university of maryland is warning students about a possible voyeur on campus for the second time this month. police say a female student reported seeing a guy looking in on her while she was in the shower. that happened this past thursday inside cumberland hall. another student reported seeing a man with a cell phone inside a woman's bathroom earlier this month. there is no word on whether the cases might be connected. it is just about 5:41. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. we had to bundle up in the mornings and shed layers by the time we hit the afternoon. >> tom kierein is here. >> we'll do that again today but not quite as cold this morning. we have dry pavement. 14th street bridge, jefferson memorial, live view from our city camera under a clear sky. autumn constellations. green lights for driving around the metro area.
5:41 am
the only real problem weatherwise, driving right into the bright sun, on 66, driving right into the bright sun, sunrises at 7:22 this morning. need the heater on. temperatures in the 40s for much of the morning commute. few clouds in the afternoon, dry roads, put you can have the windows open, motorcycle convertible day. afternoon highs reaching the upper 60s. next chance for rain, next weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:51. new crash here at 95 northbound. crash to the right shoulder, we have a 2 1/2 mile backup as you head northbound right now, because it is on the shoulder, we're hoping this gets out of the way soon and don't have to worry about it too much. branch avenue, report of a crash there, starting to get a little red as you're headed northbound there through clinton. right now, travel times, good on 270 and top of the beltway. looking at virginia, inbound 66, rolling along nicely. quantico to the beltway, on
5:42 am
time. listen to wtup when you hop in your car. a terrible crash on camera. we're learning one of the drivers is facing charges. if you happen to pass a war on the highway and notice nobody is behind the wheel, you're not imagining things. why driverless cars are being tested in our area.
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montgomery county takes aim at tobacco when it comes to your kids. what could happen in just a matter of hours when we check in with molette green. right now, there is the capital under a clear sky. weather headlines for this tuesday morning, a chilly morning, a mild afternoon, and a dry pattern continues here for the rest of the weekend into the weekend. >> a little bit slow, 95 northbound at francona spring hills parkway. still seeing backups here this morning and branch avenue northbound at surratt's.
5:46 am
for the third time thieves hit the horner road park and ride. commuters say they want security cameras installed there. kristin wright is live with how police are addressing commuter concerns. >> reporter: well, we just talked to some of the commuters standing in line here. many of them are feeling a bit uneasy about leaving their cars here in the lot today after such a bold step. as you mentioned, prince william county police say they're going to do more, some people here wondering if it is enough. look at what these thieves did, they stripped all four tires from a mustang and left it sitting in the lot on landscaping blocks. they did the same thing to a honda, parked right near the mustang. that was friday. and the third time this happened in the horner road park and ride lot since september.
5:47 am
some commuters have asked about security cameras. vdot owns the lot, they told us they do provide lighting but have no plans to put in cameras. >> that's surprising to me. and disappointing. there is a chance we can't really force them to do that. >> prince william county police tells us here is what they're doing, they're putting in temporary mobile cameras to patrol the lot. also stepping up patrols and using plains clothes police officers to make sure everything is okay here. coming up this morning at 6:30, we talked to a commuter here, a man who says the same thing happened to him and that his car was badly vandalized last year and it cost him thousands of dollars. back to you guys. >> kristin wright live in wood bridge, thanks. >> we know the name of the man killed can in a shooting in
5:48 am
northeast washington. percy williams on capital avenue near west virginia avenue northeast. a mile away from gallaudet university. neighbor tell news 4 the victim grew up in the ivy city community and just moved back. d.c. police offering a $25,000 reward now for information on a possible gunman and motive in this case. 5:48. the fbi is looking for this man who they say robbed two d.c. banks. look. these are surveillance photos from the robberies. a $5,000 reward offered for any information that leads to an arrest. the first robbery happened friday at a citibank inside the d.c. line on connecticut avenue northwest and a sun trust just down the street was robbed yesterday. the banks are just a mile apart. happening today, frederick county residents can weigh in on medical marijuana. new legislation means strict state regulations on growing, processing and dispensing medical marijuana in the state. the local government can only get involved in zoning matters.
5:49 am
so lawmakers want to hear from residents. the public hearing begins today at 4:30 at winchester hall. in fairfax county, discussion today on fair police practices. earlier this year the county board of supervisors created a group to vet the police department and look for places to improve. the committee focus ed on four areas, communication, diversity, mental health and use of force. news 4 plans to be at today's discussion and bring you the details. if county supervisors like the presentation, they will likely push it ahead to a meeting of the public safety committee. that will happen next week. today an appeals court will consider whether former minnesota governor jesse ventura is entitled to $1.8 million. he won a case against the estate of the late chris kyle. kyle -- lawyers for several news corporations including the washington post are hoping to overturn the verdict. they say the settlement amount is unjustified and potentially crippling. one of the three americans
5:50 am
we credit with stopping a terror attack this summer is that home after a stabbing. police in sacramento say they hope sketches help them catch whoever attacked spencer stone earlier this month. one of the guys hit one of the girls and the guy who turned out to be spencer stone went after that first guy. his friends say they are relieved he's out of surgery. >> he's had enough of the hospital. i'm glad he's back home. >> you may remember the president of france honor stone this past summer. he helped thwart an attack on a train headed for paris. he'll be promoted to staff sergeant, a direct result of his bravery. a space heat are caused this home to go up in flames. look at these photos of the devastation on seat pleasant drive yesterday morning. the family was not inside at the time. coming up an 5:51, looking at current temperatures. you can understand why people
5:51 am
are more than just -- are doing the best to stay warm today. tom says we are in for a bit of a warmup, though, if we make it through the chilly morning. >> yesterday morning felt like december. this morning feels like november. gradually going to get back to october. we'll have that welcome sunshine through the morning. sky cast 4 showing plenty of sunshine throughout the rest of the day. by late afternoon, just a few clouds drifting over the metro area. otherwise, a delightful autumn day coming up. great for stargazing, mostly clear evening coming up. temperatures now down to the 30s. but above freezing. coldest spot at 34. warrenton at 38. frederick, 37. nearby suburb prince george's county now on the low 40s. near 40 in montgomery. low to mid-40s in fairfax county, along 95, springfield, fredericksburg, in the 40s to upper 30s. shenandoah valley in the mid-40s
5:52 am
around winchester, down to front royal and luray. out of the mountains, most locations above freezing this morning. live view from tower camera, clear sky, live view looking at friendship heights. climbing quickly, by noon time, we ought to be making it up into the low 60s. and then jumping into the mid to upper 60s between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. absolutely gorgeous. autumn day coming up. look at our gorgeous autumn color. this photo posted on my twitter page. this is from skyline drive, overlooking the foothills of the blue rage takidge taken over th weekend. peak color there now. as we get to tomorrow, milder weather moves in on wednesday morning. lows around 50s. may get into the upper 70s on thursday afternoon. and then on friday, into the weekend, storm team 4 seven day outlook cooler. highs in the 60s.
5:53 am
remaining dry until sunday even. that's our next chance of any rain. looks to be maybe late on sunday and into monday morning. few showers coming through and cooler too monday afternoon, sun back with highs in the low 60s. we have a new crash on 270. where is this? >> brand-new crash 270 southbound, just got this report a couple of minutes ago. left side is the report of what is blocked here. we're seeing slowdowns. looks normal now. hopefully that gets cleared out of the way before things pick up here in the 6:00 hour. 95 northbound, sounds like that's also off to the right side, earlier had a crash there. now looks like we have some volume delays there this morning. branch avenue northbound at surrat, off to the right. those slowdowns are getting a little bit better. might be stretching a little, not as impactful at this point. gw parkway had a right lane
5:54 am
blocked. a new details on a crash in texas caught on camera. a man facing charges after hitting a motorcycle with his car. two riders on the bike were hurt. this happened on saturday near ft. worth. the driver of the motorcycle said the car hit the bike intentionally. the crash was caught on camera, mounted on another motorcyclist's helmet. good morning. i'm landon dowdy. health insurer aetna a step closer to completing a $37 billion deal for humana. aetna and humana expect the deal to close in the second half of next year. as regulators okay it and become the largest provider of medicare plans for the elderly. the companies hope joining forces will help them better compete as the government reins in health care spending. amazon plans to hire more workers this year. they aree iing 100,000 jobs
5:55 am
to help increase customer demands for the holiday season. child protective services removed five children from a maryland home after a drug bust. the sheriff's office says the children were living in deplorable conditions. that raid happened at a home in lexington park. detectives say drug dealers and drug users were going back and forth between two homes on enterprise road. detectives found thousands of dollars worth of drugs. kids ranging from 18 months to 13 years old were living inside one of those homes. >> conditions were terrible from the initial stench that you got at the doorway, there was a severe infestation of both rodents and roaches as well as other insects. and kids were just not in a safe environment. >> the homes were being subsidized. the mother of the five children has not been charged. starting today, peop with service animals will be able to use the emergency gates to enter
5:56 am
and exit metro. it is a policy change after a man from alexandria complained. ryan horac is in a wheelchair and has cerebral palsy. he told the washington post he made the complaint after waiting nearly 30 minutes for a manager to come and let him and his dog through. are self-driving cars closer to becoming a reality for everyone? technology experts say yes. driverle driverless cars will be tested today on the 95 express lanes in virginia. how soon could you find this technology in a new car? some experts say as soon as 2017. >> on the highway, you'll be hands off the wheel, feet off the pedals. >> 2017. >> 2017. still have to watch. and see if something goes wrong, but you can sit there and relax. >> you can just relax and hang out while the car drives you. technology being tested now in virginia. cars that can alert emergency
5:57 am
vehicles and police stopped on the side of the road and cars will gradually slow you down if they detect something behind you while backing up. that's a nice feature. getting tough on those who provide cigarettes to minors. the strong new penalties being considered in montgomery county for store owners who don't card young customers. right now, i am waiting to get my hands on a new poll. taking a closer look at the race for the white house. that poll set to be released any moment now. it is going to focus on democrats and how hillary clinton is weathering recent criticism. the results from the live desk ahead. 46 degrees outside of our studios in northwest washington. chilly start but warmup on the way. back to fall temperatures. i'm jeremy mcpike, candidate for state senate, and i sponsored this ad. republican hal parrish claims he improved transportation. but the truth is he was nowhere to be found.
5:58 am
literally. parrish holds a seat on the northern virginia transportation authority, but 34 times he failed to show up for meetings. parrish skipped more meetings than any other member. and hal parrish refused to support the bi-partisan transportation bill. why would we want to get stuck with republican hal parrish in richmond?
5:59 am
cracking down on those who sell cigarettes to minors. the new potential fines on the table today in montgomery county. >> right now, brand-new problems 270 southbound causing some volume delays. details coming up. dra mat ematic new video sh emergency teams are never off duty. the training exercise that ended with a real lifeierein is here
6:00 am
your weather headlines, which includes a cool start to your day. >> a southerly breeze is now flapping this flag gently right there by union station. live view on tuesday morning under a clear sky. that southerly wind after this chilly morning will bring in milder weather for the afternoon. we have this dry pattern continuing here, all the way into the weekend. those are your weather headlines on this tuesday. temperatures now not as cold as yesterday morning. above freezing. won't have to be scraping frost off your windshield. low to mid-40s in prince george's, the district, alexandria, arlington, much of fairfax, northern virginia, in the mid to upper 30s to near 40 degrees. your bus stop forecast, what to wear on this tuesday, melissa now has an update on that crash on 270. >> seeing delays here, 270


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