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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  October 20, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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on the jv football team. grief counselors were on hand for staff and students. mason is the latest child killed in this county during a domestic violence incident. >> he was protecting her. you know, it's sad that a child got to lose his life by protecting his mother. >> reporter: family and friends of keyshaun mason's stood side by side today remembering the aspiring football player. >> he was a hero. >> reporter: the 14-year-old is being hailed as a hero because he was killed while protecting his mother. >> difficult, keyshaun, rest in peace. we're going to miss you. love you, boy. >> reporter: court documents show mason's mother and her boyfriend, sean crawford, had been arguing all night and into the morning when the 14-year-old and his 18-year-old brother stepped in. prosecutors say at that point, crawford grabbed a knife and barricaded himself in a bedroom with the mother.
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the boys forced their way into that room and that's when police say crawford stabbed them both. today, mason's mother talked about her relationship with the man who police say murdered her son right in front of her. >> we have had a short-term relationship, however, there's some things that you feel maybe you can contribute to a person to help them in any form or fashion. and i think sometimes you never think that helping someone will end up in this manner. >> reporter: now, mason's 18-year-old brother who was also stabbed yesterday morning in that incident was released from the hospital. he's now recovering at his father's house. as for sean crawford, he's facing life in prison if he's convicted of this murder. prosecutors tell us that he has a history of domestic violence charges both in maryland and the district. doreen, back to you. >> mark segraves reporting. thank you, mark. prince george's county has the highest rate of domestic
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violence cases in the state of maryland. there's a town hall meeting tonight to talk about ways to change that. it's being held at suitland high school at 7:00. police formed a domestic violence unit two years ago to help combat the problem in the county. and prince george's has a program to help with treatment and transitional housing. victims can call 211 for help. and we have a new development in a separate case that's also in prince george's county where police found a woman dead inside her upscale neighborhood. it's not the first time they've been to that house. the victim found inside her home along andy and goose way in upper marlboro. new at 6:00, we are learning about the calls that came in just before that discovery. pat collins reports. >> reporter: police say they received two calls to check on the welfare of amanda jones. one at 9:37 last night. and another at 7:35 this morning. apparently nothing found by the cops who came to the scene.
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this morning at 10:30, amanda jones found dead inside her home here in the perrywood section of prince georges county. 56-year-old amanda jones. murdered inside her home. violence is a stranger to this neighborhood, and the loss of someone like miss jones troubling news. >> she was a sweet lady. she used to watch my kids and even watched my granddaughter. she was a nice lady, so people were just talking about we have to watch the houses next to us and around u.s. and see who comes and who goes. >> reporter: police have gone all over looking for clues and evidence here. they even searched the sewers. investigators say amanda jones died of blunt-force trauma to the upper body. sources say she may have been dead for some time. neighbors say there have been some burglaries around here, but nothing, nothing like this. >> coming home to something like this, price all up in your neighborhood. nice community.
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this is getting scary. >> reporter: police say they're investigating on how these check on the welfare calls were handled in this case. doreen, back to you. >> pat collins, thank you. now to presidential politics. vice president biden continues to keep us guessing. today, he dropped a few new hints that suggest he might be leaning toward a run for the white house. news 4's brian mooar is tracking the action on capitol hill. brian? >> reporter: the question whether the vice president will run or not has become a virtual soap opera. the ratings, it seems, are down. in washington today, vice president biden threw some not so subtle jabs at hillary clinton suggesting he's better at working across the political aisle. >> i still have a lot of republican friends. i don't think my chief enemy is the republican party. >> reporter: he portrayed himself as closer to president obama and revised his story on the bin laden raid saying he
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privately supported it. >> i told him my opinion, that i thought he should go, but follow his own instincts. >> reporter: his remarks come as speculation over whether he'll run has reached the point of fatigue. the latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows 2/3 of democrats now either don't think biden should run or don't care. >> it makes him look indivisive and there are people in the party who are frustrated and feel frozen by the lack of clarity about what he wants to do. >> reporter: clinton is now leading bernie sanders 58% to 33%. regaining ground lost over the summer. jim webb polling only 2% -- >> i'm stepping aside from the democratic primary process. >> reporter: dropped out and narrowed the already lean democratic field. clinton, meanwhile, is preparing for her thursday appearance before the republican-led committee investigating benghazi. it's a chance to answer her critics but nothing compared to the potential challenge he'd face if the vice president
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decides to run. vice president biden is currently polling third with 15%, but even if he does jump in right now he's tens of millions of dollars behind in fund-raising. wendy? >> all right, brian mooar. so this guy says he work for the cia for nearly 30 years. he spins a tv career out of his inside knowledge of top-secret spy operations. well now he's in jail and the government says he's a liar. pat lawson muse in the newsroom with details. >> reporter: wayne simmons a danger to the community and turned him over to federal marshals to await arraignment on fraud charges. you may have seen simmons on fox news channel, a frequent guest described as a former cia operative. that's what he told the government when he applied for security clearances and defense contracts. he also claimed on national security forums that his previous arrests and convictions were directly related to his intelligence work for the cia.
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well, none of that was true. according to prosecutors. today, the judge in the case noted that simmons has been arrested 11 times for drunk driving. he's also been arrested for assault and he's been convicted of multiple firearms violations. his arraignment is set for friday. wendy? >> all right. pat muse. and now to gunshots fired just before lunchtime in a residential area near howard university. and a public charter school. police found a man dead in a black suv that was parked on sherman avenue near harvard street. they tell us the victim had been shot multiple times. no word yet on the victim's name or a suspect. an overloaded extension cord probably sparked that fire in charles county that killed a woman and her grandson. bernice washington and 6-year-old zavion atkin s died when a fire broke out in the hallway between their bedrooms last week. they died from smoke inhalation. the house is a total loss. fire crews managed to get four
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people out of the home safely. bloodhounds are going to be used tomorrow to look for a missing teenager who was arrested last week in an attempted home invasion. steve coltman's family posted this sign on their front door in charles county urging him to call home. they say no one has seen or heard from him in more than a week. and there's concern because he may have a gun with him. police say coltman and two other teenagers tried to break into a home earlier this month but got scared off by a barking dog. also news 4 cameras were there as police were pulling over cars in bethesda this afternoon because those drivers are not stopping for school buses when the school bus has its light on. police were waiting an river road and little falls parkway. they say this bus stop has been a trouble spot since the beginning of the school year. police say the cars, they have to stop for a school bus even on a wide road such as river road. there is only one exception. >> if there's a physical barrier
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preventing you from turning into the opposite lane, such as a raised median, something that prevents you from making that turn, and you're on the opposite roadway of the bus you don't have to stop. >> you really might want to stop because it could cost you big-time if you don't. the violation comes with a $570 fine and 3 points on your license. the video went viral. next at 6:00, the stunning response from the driver behind this crash and what he says caused him to cross the yellow line. a newlywed killed by a suspected drunk driver. the accused as a record and some say should never have been allowed on the road. sure, there are eyes and ears all over the airport but what about noses? coming up i'll introduce you to some special dogs here at the airport and their unbelievable connection to 9/11. good story there. and good story for weather. we get warmer over the next couple of days. today we hit the 60s and the
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70s. today tomorrow is into the 70s. i'll show you how long it's going to last, though. going to last, though. look at this great shot i'm jeremy mcpike, candidate for state senate, and i sponsored this ad. republican hal parrish claims he improved transportation. but the truth is he was nowhere to be found. literally. parrish holds a seat on the northern virginia transportation authority, but 34 times he failed to show up for meetings. parrish skipped more meetings
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than any other member. and hal parrish refused to support the bi-partisan transportation bill. why would we want to get stuck with republican hal parrish in richmond?
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connecting the dots between three alexandria murder victims and accused killer charles severance. that's been the goal of the prosecution today. as it prepares to wrap up its case. our bureau chief julie carey
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joins us live now with the developments. hi, julie. >> reporter: hi there. prosecutors have said all along they think charles severance was motivated to kill when he lost a bitter custody battle for his son back in 2000. well today in court new evidence that provides a possible link between that custody fight and one of the murder victims. in march of 2000, a much younger looking charles severance was served with a protective order barred from contact with his son's mother in the midst of that custody fight. in court today, prosecutors point to the signature on that document as important evidence. the signature is that of then-alexandria sheriff jim tunning. his wife, nancy, one of three alexandria residents severance is accused of killing. prosecutors spotlighted the severance writings they say made his motive clear to get revenge on the alexandria police, courts and elite. here he write, knock, talk, enter, kill, exit, murder, wisdom.
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prosecutoe erors see it as a sc for the killings. and a 2013 e-mail reads, "violence wins. assassinate because it's in the best interest of the child." prosecutors also hope jurors see firearms evidence as a link between the three murders. this veteran firearms analyst testified the same type of ammunition killed each victim. .22 remington brand cyclone or subsonic bullets. julian mason testified in his career he's only seen that bullet in three crimes, these three crimes. there's also key evidence missing in the case. no guns were ever recovered. mason testified this north american arms mini revolver is one weapon that could have fired the bullets. testimony has shown it was one of severance's favorite weapons, but defense attorneys attack the prosecution theory asking mason if other guns could have fired the bullets. yes, said mason. prosecutors also made sure the jurors know that severance writes a lot about guns and bullets in this letter to his
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son. he writes, "hollow point and below the speed of sound is sweet music." hollow point subsonic bullets were the type used in the murders. the defense will begin putting on its case tomorrow. back to you in the studio. >> all right. julie carey. the agency that regulate boxing in virginia is investigating that fight that appears to have left that boxer in a coma. the department of professional and occupational regulation issues boxing licenses and says it's going to review that match between them to see if laws were broken. colon collapsed in his dressing room after this weekend's fight which was televised on nbc. he then had surgery at anover fairfax to relieve pressure on his brain. during the match, right there, colon had complained about being hit in the back of the head. the victim's family calls it insane. oscar pistorius is already out of prison. the former track star was sentenced to five years for
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manslaughter but released on parole last night after serving short of one year. he'll serve the rest of his sentence under house arrest at his uncle's manage. pistorius shot and killed his girlfriend reeva steenkamp on valentine's day 2013. he faces a legal challenge next month when prosecutors appeal the manslaughter verdict and argue he should be sent back to prison for murder. this video has been viewed more than 3 million times online. take a look. it shows two motorcycle riders being tossed onto the road. the driver says they were targeted by this car on a texas highway. well today we're hearing from both those drivers in this controversy. nbc's jay gray reports. >> reporter: this shocking video shows the crash unfold. watch the white car, it swerves as a motorcycle is trying to pass clipping the front wheel and throwing the two riders. >> what were you doing? you hit them. >> i don't care. >> reporter: almost as stunning
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as the pictures, the words of the man behind the wheel. >> you swerved and hit them. >> i don't care. >> reporter: 68-year-old william crumb was in court today charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and now says he's sorry. but refuses to apologize. >> anybody who gets hurt, i don't want anybody to get hurt. but i choose not to apologize to him because if he hadn't been there, it wouldn't have happened. >> reporter: and from jail, he still contends the car darted across the middle line as he reacted to a spider bite. >> i will not accept the treatment for it. >> how come? >> because i want to know that i was bit by a spider. >> reporter: eric sanders doesn't buy the story and believes he was targeted by crum. >> he hit me on purpose. i do not care what he said. i don't care what his explanation is. >> reporter: sanders admits he crossed the double yellow line
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but says it was legal because traffic was moving at a dangerously slow pace. he was scraped and bruised in the crash. his girlfriend sustained critical arm and leg injuries as she flew off the bike. she's out of icu now after surgery but still listed in serious condition. a police spokesman says the accident is still under investigation. jay gray, nbc news, dallas. a big move amid plans to transform i-66. outside the beltway. the fairfax county board of supervisors unanimously approved a plan to add toll lanes and transit options between the beltway and hay market. it still has to be approved by other jurisdictions and ultimately by virginia's commonwealth transportation board. a decision on a final design isn't even expected until 2017. new protection in schools across frederick county. with the push of a button the school can alert the district's central office that there's an emergency or threat. the buttons are being installed in the front offices of the schools. officials say it saves valuable
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time if there's an emergency. >> the benefit is the local announcement. notifying us, it's one less phone call the school has to make, that they have time to deal with that crisis. eventually this device can be hooked up to a number of peripherals. can even be hooked up to a 911 center if necessary. >> 21 of the 63 schools in frederick county have the new alert system. the goal is to have it in every school by the end of next week. some montgomery county parents are meeting tonight to talk about a plan to shift students to other schools. the superintendent wants to move students from some gaithersbu gaithersburg-area schools to the ones in the wootton area to ease crowding. the rachel carson elementary school pta is holding a meeting at 7:00 tonight to get input from parents on these recommendations. next, new guidelines for women on breast cancer screening, and some say it's only causing confusion.
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charged with aggravated manslaughter and drunk driving also texting? this is chris gordon.
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now your storm team 4 forecast. >> the forecast looking good over the last couple days. if you thought it was a little too early for that really cold air, you are right. we are going to see some warmer air over the next couple of days. i don't see a repeat of those temperatures in the 20s and 30s
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for a while. out there toward our reston live camera, a very nice shot. the sun going down. right now 6:23, the sunset here. there is some traffic due to some activity going on, police activity. the toll road back up there pretty good over toward reston town center. look at those nice pink hues around our region. downtown, looking pretty good. traffic, well, yeah, you always know, there's traffic downtown across these bridges. 63 degrees. the current number. winds out of the south at 7 miles per hour. earlier today some locations got into the 70s. we're still at 70 degrees in frederick and hagerstown. stanton which was up to 76 a little earlier. it was a little cooler closer to water. 60 degrees right now in huntingtown. that will be one of the cooler spots overnight tonight. we're not talking a real cold night. it will be cool, but i'm not expecting any 30s like we saw last night. storm team 4 radar clear. no rain to talk about. you can really look across the entire area. satellite and radar showing not much in the way of cloud cover from boston all the way down toward atlanta, back toward little rock, chicago seeing
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shower activity here. that's with a front that's just to our north. but take a look at the temperatures back to the west here. into the 80s. 84 wichita. 80 in st. louis. 78 memphis. that warmer air will continue to move on in. 70s were very close to us today. most of the area right along the northeast coastline. was in the upper 60s. yes, we will get warmer tomorrow. i think everybody will be in the 70s. overnight tonight, not bad. we'll be cool but not cold. actually this is around average if not a little above average tonight. 50 degrees in d.c. 43 in manassas. 42 martinsburg. 44 culpeper. cooler conditions, a jacket early on with the sunshine. temperature around 48 between 7:00 and 8:00. 3:00, 4:00, nice and warm as the kids are getting off the bus. into the 70s. a beautiful afternoon. all day tomorrow looking good. thursday looking good as well. here's the high temperatures. 72 baltimore. 75 down toward culpeper. charlottesville coming in around 75 degrees. winchester around 72. abundant sunshine. what kind of an impact will the
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weather have on your day? once again a very low impact. a cool start. a very, very nice afternoon. as we look toward the next couple of days what are we going to be seeing? well, the one thing you'll notice here, tvemperatures goin up into the 70s. 76 on thursday. right back down friday and into saturday. high temperature of 63 friday. only 65 saturday. that's closer to average. average high temperature is now around 67 degrees. . look at our average low down to 49 right now. we pr predicting well above high temperatures the next few days. saturday morning, back in the 30s for you in the suburbs. we'll talk about the up and down temperatures as we head toward the weekend coming up the at 6:45. >> all right. he's not done yet. the high school student who claims to have hacked the personal e-mail of the top spy boss in the u.s. is revealing who could be next. behind the scenes as bomb-sniffing dogs work to keep you safe at the airport. tonight we have a closer look at
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how they train for trouble. coming up on news 4, is this the definitive publication on how to improve the fairfax county police department?
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now at 6:30, a newlywed killed by a repeat dui offender. >> he was driving on a suspended license because of prior dwi. plus, changes could be coming to a local police department.
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after several controversial cases involving officers. new guidelines about mammograms are out today. why your doctor may ignore them. and only on news 4, our crew helps the tsa train their bomb-sniffing dogs. >> dogs are looking for anything that can go boom. >> the connection some of these animals have to 9/11. first at 6:30, a life cut short by a convicted drunk driver. and tonight, authorities have beefed up the charges in the case. >> and as news 4's chris gordon found out, this driver may have been using his cell phone around the time of that crash as well. >> reporter: a virginia state trooper got a search warrant for the cell phone of 59-year-old charles fife charged with driving under the influence of alcohol. in the deadly crash here. the troopers' affidavit says information indicates fife may have been texting and receiving text messages at or around the time of the crash. for this young couple, the
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result is tragic. 27-year-old kevin hara and 24-year-old amanda sharp had been married just over a year. the night of september 16th, kevin hara had just closed the pizza hut in stafford and was heading home when police say charles fife rear ended his car killing kevin. earlier this year, charles fife was convicted of drunk driving and lost his license, but he requested and was given restricted driving privileges. charles fife was originally charged with involuntary manslaughter but after reviewing the evidence the prosecutor has decided to increase the charge to aggravated manslaughter. >> we determined speed was a significant factor. he hadn't applied his brakes before the accident. he was driving on a suspended license because of a prior dwi. and he should have had an ignition interlock on his car which would have kept him from driving if he had any alcohol. >> reporter: if convicted of e
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aggravated manslaughter charles fife faces the possibility of 20 years in prison. in stafford county, virginia, chris gordon, news 4. new video into our newsroom. prince gorge's county police have a suspect in custody. this happened on rochelle avenue in district heights. poteet lives in the apartment building but investigators haven't said why he allegedly shot her. the prince george's county man convicted of killing his wife and mother if law in their home will spend 50 years in prison. malcolm thomas was sentenced today for the august 2014 killings in oxon hill. he was found guilty last month. one witness told police they were on the phone with thomas and overheard an argument that turned physical. thomas was later captured in virginia. new at 6:00. it's a thick book with more than 140 recommendations, and it is now a must-read for the fairfax
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county police department as it tries to prevent police brew l brutality. create comprehensive use of force training, learn how to better respond to emotionally disturbed individuals. and ban the use of choke holds during arrests. news 4's derrick ward is live tonight in fairfax county with a look at whether these recommendations will become reality. >> reporter: well, indeed. this is 197 pages containing 142 recommendations. you know, we talked to the father of the man whose death at the hands of police sort of prompted this look. he says it's a step in the right direction but it's now a step the county board of supervisors has to take to go from page to practice. john gear was unarmed when he was killed by a fairfax county police officer during a standoff in 2013. the officer's facing murder charges and the incident also prompted this comprehensive look at police policies in the county. the six-month effort by the ad hoc police practices review commission. today the board of supervisors
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got the book. >> an excellent report, great recommendations. >> i do congratulate you on the work. i think the work has been very good. >> i humbly suggest i would trade that praise for their support. >> reporter: members expressed concerns about some of the 142 recommendation. aspects of civilian review of police matters. public approval of the reforms and how to prioritize and pay for them. the commission chairman urged the board to go with what he characterized as a holistic approach to approval. among the possible issues to be ironed out disagreement over how civilian review of police complaints and procedures should be done. >> you know, i don't understand the debate about civilian review. >> we need to look at legal issues, personnel laws, privacy issues. >> reporter: and while the police chief says there needs it be fine tuning of issues like civilian review, overall he's on board with the recommendations. he says the department's already made some of those changes like how they deal with hostage and barricades. >> when we can, we want to hold and contain a situation, slow it
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down, take a deep breath and a step back. >> reporter: still the aftermath of the gear incident has left a mark even among those who helped shape the report. it took a year before the details of the gear incident would be publicly scrutinized. >> the board of supervisors and the county has never come clean. they've never really been transparent at how the cover-up occurred. >> reporter: the board's expected to start working on putting the recommendations into action starting at the end of this month. in fairfax county, derrick ward, news 4. >> they've gone dark. two twitter accounts associated with an apparent hack attack on cia director john brennan have shut down. the alleged hacker called himself cracka on one of the accounts and claimed to hack into brennan's personal aol e-mail account. he says he found personal background information and posted what appears to be a spreadsheet of names and e-mails of current and former intelligence officials, a call log from a former cia official was also posted. the alleged hacker told the "new york post" his next target would
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be the pentagon and robert work. a majority of d.c. council members proposed a bill that would close a campaign loophole that is allowing a private group to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign funds to support mayor muriel bowser. this new political action committee fresh pac has already raised more than $300,000 and is hoping to raise a million by year's end. the funds could be used to mount campaigns against council members or others who oppose bowser's policies according to critics. fresh pac is taking advantage of a law that allows unlimited fund-raising in off years when there is no election. new concerns about unemployment in virginia. the jobless rate, 4.3% in september. that's the lowest since 2008 when the economy tanked. but the commonwealth also lost a total of 200 jobs. last month. it is virginia's third consecutive monthly job loss. the virginia employment
6:36 pm
commission says private sector jobs increased by 2,100 last month but it is the government jobs that decreased by 2,300 leading to that net loss. virginia's economy as you know heavily reliant on federal spending. a third wegmans store is coming to fairfax county. the upscale grocery store will open in a new shoppi inping cen being built in chantilly. the board of supervisors signed off on the development plan today. it will include a number of shops and restaurants spread across five buildings. no word tonight on how long the project will take to complete. well, it's hard to keep up. yet another major shift when it comes to screening for breast cancer. plus a crackdown on tobacco. what some local leaders are doing to keep it away from minors in the wake of a news 4 i-team investigation. you guys mentioned another wegmans coming somewhere else. how about bethesda? out there today, temperatures in the 70s in some areas. tomorrow everybody gets in on the 70s.
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how long will they last, though? i've got that forecast coming u
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most women can wait a little longer before they start getting mammograms. that's the word today from the american cancer society. the organization say wims with an average risk for breast cancer should start screenings at age 45 instead of 40, the previous recommendation. they should get a mammogram every year until the age of 54. after that, every other year is now being recommended. the american cancer society also says women who still want to start mammograms at 40 should have the option to do so. >> the life-saving potential of early detection really is found in regular mammography. that's the test that can find a cancer before anybody can feel it, before the clinician can feel it or before the patient can feel it. >> these new guidelines are closer to those of the u.s. preventative services task force that came out a few years ago.
6:40 pm
this recommends -- they recommended most women wait until age 50 to have mammograms. the american college of obstetricians and gynecologists say it's going to stick to its longtime guideline of beginning at age 40. some confusion here among the different, all the different recommendations. the best thing you can do is talk to your own doctor about your individual risk. montgomery county is going to take new action to stop teenagers from getting tobacco. this comes after an undercover investigation by our news 4 i-team. over the summer the i-team cameras showed how easy it is for minors working with local law enforcement to walk into gas stations and grocery stores and buy cigarettes. today county council members threw their support behind a bill. it would hike fines to businesses that break this law. even for a first offense. it will go from $500 to $1,000. the bill aims to ramp up enforcement at the stores. a full council vote is expected by the end of the year and is
6:41 pm
expected to pass unanimously. up next, only news 4 takes you behind the scenes at reagan national airport. how these dogs are helping keep travelers safe as we learn about their connection to victims of 9/11. developing right now at the live desk, we've learned a man and woman in their 60s died in an early-morning house fire in spotsylvania county. now firefighters say the fire spread quickly through the home on post oak road killing 63-year-old jerry yarrington and house mate barbara howe. their dog was also killed. investigators say in the charred rubble they found three smoke detecters but none of them had batteries. the cause of the investigation -- the cause of the fire, rather, is still under investigation.
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tonight there are fears that a luxury apartment building in new york city could collapse. this fire gutted this ten-story building in chelsea overnight. the building was under construction, and one reason the fire spread so quickly that the sprinklers still had not been installed. no word on what sparked it. a man is in the hospital with serious injuries after falling down an elevator shaft at a home under renovation. it happened this morning on cranford drive in potomac. fire officials say the man was part of a painting crew on the top floor and that he fell nearly 30 feet down the shaft. security at our airports, serious business. right now the best weapon for
6:45 pm
detecting a threat stands on four legs. it's a team of explosive detection dogs that the transportation security administration is using to keep us safe. today, news 4's transportation reporter adam tuss got an exclusive look at how these dogs are being trained. and how they're connected in a special way to 9/11. >> ready to go do some work? >> reporter: special dogs. with a special mission. sniffing out trouble. added significant because some of these dogs are named after 9/11 victims. some of them will meet the families of those victims. >> where did it go? >> reporter: it takes a lot of work to get these dogs dialed in on their mission. that means a full-time commitment. >> this really is a 24-hour a day job. we take the dogs home with us. they're part of our families. >> reporter: meet blue. kirby. rufus. and riverso. >> where is he? >> reporter: today they're trying to find the explosive
6:46 pm
material. for the first time ever the transportation security administration let a news crew serve as a carrier of an explosive substance through an airport. we were that news crew. check out kirby as we walked past him with our bag. it didn't matter if we walked next to the dog, if we were seated or tried to get away from a distance. the dogs were on the scent. >> the dogs are looking for anything that can go boom. and really what we do is we just associate those odors with their toy. so essentially they're just looking for their toy. >> reporter: hundreds of these dogs are in use all across the country and as the tsa put it, the bad guys know how tough the dogs are. we found that out firsthand. >> they found you every time. you didn't stand a chance. >> reporter: i was busted. these dogs aren't meant to scare anyone. in fact, they were picked because of their floppy ears giving them more of a friendly appearance. that's a welcome disguise as they sniff out trouble. at reagan national airport, adam tuss, news 4.
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we had a beautiful day. just beautiful. perfect. >> yeah, it really was. i think tomorrow is going to be another one of those great days, too, temperatures into the 70s. >> getting better an better. >> yeah, you know, this time of year it gets better and better then goes back off the hills a little bit. all in all not bad as we move on to the next couple days. 67 degrees our high temperature in d.c. today. look back to the west. we told you this last night areas along i-81 would be warmer. winchester 73. martinsburg 72. down toward stanton, 76 degrees where it was much cooler off to the east. only 64 degrees today over toward annapolis. the evening planner tonight temperatures around 63 trees. sun went down at 6:24. cool conditions. yeah, cool all the way through but not cold. by 11:00 we're at 54 degrees. most areas the last couple of nights have been in the 30s by 11:00. that is not the case tonight. 67 at rockville. 66 ma nas sass.
6:48 pm
it's the southerly wind we saw earlier today and the sunshine that helped us warm temperatures. on the radar, no rain to talk about. once again we're going to stay dry for the next week for the most part. mostly sunny. much warmer tomorrow. look at these numbers. 70 to 76 degrees. this is slyke goilike going to beginning of the month rather than the end of the month. 50 degrees. cool early in the day. 66 degrees by noon. there's the 74 degree temperature around 4:00. 67 by 8:00. all in all, a verizon nice wednesday. what to wear tomorrow. i didn't even do this today. don't look at it. don't even -- this is for yesterday. because we talked about the coats. there's no coats out there during the day tomorrow. maybe need the jackets but you're not going to need the coats. 74 for a high on wednesday. 76 on your thursday. here's where you might need the coats. 73 degrees on friday. 65 saturday. when you will need to look like this with the hats and the gloves, again, will be -- let me
6:49 pm
see if i can do this right. will be during the day saturday. saturday morning a low temperature upper 30s to lower 40s. saturday afternoon, though, looking good. sunday we're back up to 70 degrees. a couple of really nice days followed by cool days then we get okay again. >> all right. hey, start carbo loading. the marine corps marathon is this weekend. there are two different races. the marathon starts between the pentagon and arlington national cemetery and there's a 10k that starts in the district. both finish at the u.s. marine corps war memorial in roslyn. news 4 a proud sponsor of this event. we're going to have live coverage this sunday on "news 4 today." coming up in sports big hype for young terps as they get ready to start the season. here's lester holt with a look at "nbc nightly news." >> at 7:00, "nbc nightly news" will make sense of new breast cancer screening recommendations released today by the american
6:50 pm
cancer society and what it may mean for millions of americans. was vice president taking swipes at hillary clinton today? why some are wondering if his words were those of a candidate. and how do american cars stack up against their foreign counterparts when it comes to reliability? we've got some surprises and a new annua
6:51 pm
for the girl scout meeting... ok! for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! giant just dropped prices on thousands more items. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my giant.
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity. your home for the most live sports. we have something to cheer in town. the maryland basketball. >> yeah, the great thing about covering sports around here, several teams have a chance to win a championship. the nats let us down but the capitals are still there and now maryland men's basketball. >> there's hope. >> always hope. we're less than a month away from college basketball getting started but that hasn't slowed down the excitement surrounding this terps basketball team. mark, he has a national championship caliber team in college park. with melo leading the way this could be a special season for terps fans. today it was media day in college park. terps are ranked third in the coaches poll. lofty expectations and goals. these guys were pretty loose on the court today and, yes, these are, indeed, real turtles. i must say none of the turtles were hurt or harmed in the making of this video. as for these expectations for maryland, the big 10 preseason
6:54 pm
player of the year, he is taking all the hype in stride. >> we embrace it, i think as of right now, the season hasn't started, i think coach wants to have fun with everything that's going on but also, you know, once the season gets here, it's time to block it out and just focus on the season. >> it's good to be part of the big boys and the way they're talking about our program. we got to go out this year and obviously prove it, but this is what i envision when the took the maryland job. hopefully this team an our success will allow me to have more teams like this down the road and that's exciting. that's why i came here. >> practice, what's the number one practice you have learned so far? >> that you have to play hard. he wants 100% out of you all the time. you know, if you're giving 95%, you know, he's going to get you, he's going to yell at you. get used to it. >> no shortage of excitement on the women's side, either. brenda freese's team is picked to win the big 10. last season maryland went undefeated in conference play. they're also coming off back to back final four appearances.
6:55 pm
how does coach make this look so easy? carol maloney asked her. >> if you want to continue to maintain your standard at the highest level, you have to reload, and you have to, you know, you can't have a drop-off. it's too competitive of a game. we play in too tough of a conference and to be able to compete at a national level, you have to be able to continue year in and year out with your process. >> all right. looking forward to basketball. i thought the turtles were a nice touch today at media day. >> well, then what. >> i mean, the -- >> then what? >> the terrapins. >> if they had brought fake ones out it would be weird. >>. >> pictures of me today. lighten up a little bit. >> i'm going to start lightening up. thank you. we'll go from the good to the bad for maryland athletics. let's talk about the football team. we hope they get it turned around. the interim head coach, his first game as head man will be a challenge. last year the terps beat penn state for the first time since
6:56 pm
1961. not only that, before the game maryland players refused to shake hands with penn state. this will be a big test for this terps team. >> obviously we're pretty new in the conference. you know, fortunately for us, we were able to maybe get a jump last year with the win, but it will take some time to build this thing into the rivalry that i'm sure our fans would like to see. but, you know, rivalries are usually started with being competitive on the field and i think we got a pretty good start last year with coming away with the win up in a tough place to play. to the ice now. the capitals visiting the calgary flames tonight. alex ovechkin on the edge of history. ove just one point away from 900 career points. >> wow. >> already three goals and one assist in just three games this season. baseball now. game four of the alcs. the blue jays hosting the royals. toronto, they broke out the bats last night. today it was k.c.'s turn.
6:57 pm
ben zobrist, he hits this ball to deep right center. this is a two-run shot. the royals go up a pair of runs early. later on in the second, more from the royals. this time it's alex rios with a solo shot. k.c., they are up big right now in the eighth inning. score is 9-2. >> mets/cubs game? >> it's going to be after 8:00. it's a must-win game. not an elimination game but a must-win game for the cubs if they want to win the series. down 2-0 to the mets. >> i want to know what's going to happen when ove gets 900? >> i'm sure he'll celebrate. >> there will be a party. >> there will be fireworks. something big. right? >> afterwards hopefully he doesn't oversleep after the celebration. >> we're sure he's got that figured out now. thank you, jason. that's our news for now. next. >> and jim and doreen will see you at 11:00.
6:58 pm
>> you're not coming back? >> no. >> i'm going to go lighten up.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
tonight, breast cancer confusion. a major shift from the american cancer society over what age women should start getting mammograms. tonight the heated debate and question so many are asking. biden versus clinton. the vice president sounding more like a candidate seemingly taking swipes at hillary clinton and what he said today about the bin laden raid raising eyebrows. and new car rankings. which is the most reliable and most headaches. we have the list filled with surprises. and the future is now. october 21, 2015, we are hours from the day that back to the future stepped on the hover board. what did the movie get right and what did the movie get wrong. "nightly news" begins right now.


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