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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  October 20, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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now at 11:00, stopping the silence. local leaders trying to put a stop to domestic abuse. >> he was protecting her. >> all after a 14-year-old boy gave his life to save his mother. >> cracking down to protect your kids, where news4 cameras caught
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drivers blowing past school bus stop signs and what police are doing about it. first, do this, now do that. more confusion tonight over when you should get a mammogram. one doctor's advice helping you make sense of these new guidelines. that breaking news out of new york city tonight, an nypd police officer shot in the head during a confrontation with an armed man. it happened along fdr drive in east harlem just in the past hour. >> our sister station in new york says the officer was rushed to a hospital. we don't know his condition right now. police found another man nearby who had also been shot. it's still not clear if that's the suspect or bystander. we'll bring you updates as they come in tonight. back here at home tonight, the nightmare doesn't get much worse for a parent dealing with domestic violence. 14-year-old keshawn mason killed
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right in front of his mother. he was trying to protect her. friends and family say he and his brother, who also stepped in, are heroes. >> new tonight, prince george's county trying to stop the next deadly incident before it starts. shomari stone shows how they're trying to educate families when and how to seek help. >> reporter: good evening. tonight's town hall meeting in district heights, maryland, was how to identify and report domestic violence. i talked to a lot of people and they are stunned the latest victim is 14 years old. >> i think it's absolutely unheard of. >> reporter: tonight, patricia johnson can't understand why someone would harm a teen. police say 14-year-old keshawn mason was stabbed to death by his mother's boyfriend inside their home. >> i heard he was protecting his mom. should not have been in that situation ever. >> when on the scene of a
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domestic. >> reporter: the case upset miss johnson so much she decided to learn more at this town hall. this community of town leaders and police and domestic prevention activists explain 20 people per minute are under attack of physical violence by a partner nationwide and they have the highest percentage of violence. >> it's tough and our goal is to get to zero zinlts. >> reporter: the community met with prevention violence groups to let them know help is viable. saying friends need to come out of shadows and friends and family need to offer more support. >> how can you not report it. the children are our future, what we have for tomorrow. we have to protect them. they're afraid to report it. they're afraid to leave. >> reporter: you can find out more about domestic violence
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prevention by downloading our nbc washington app, just type 2-1-1 in the search engine. >> thank you. domestic violence not just a problem in prince george's county. there were 112 domestic homicides in virginia last year, almost a third of all deaths in the commonwealth. today, virginia governor teamed up to introduce new domestic abuse training. lawmakers should take more action during the next legislative session. >> particularly dealing with gun violence and domestic violence in this intersection between the two. there are some things that have proven to be successful. a gun violence protective order could be one. >> today's training included 11 questions to help officers assess the threat level in a potential domestic violence situation. >> big developments on capitol tonight and scramble for new republican leadership in the
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house. congressman, paul ryan saying he will run to replace john boehner as speaker but says he has some demands. the house gop conference has to move forward as a team without constant challenges to leadership and called on the party to unify now and said he could not and would not give up his family time to be speaker. >> what i told members is if you can agree to these requests, and if i can truly be a unifying figure, then i will gladly serve. >> congressman ryan asked for consensus from his party by the ends of the week. he says if he doesn't get it he'll continue his role on the house and ways committee. >> there are new subtle hints tonight vice president joe biden may be getting into the race for the domestic nomination for president. he took some veiled swipes at hilary clinton saying republicans are not his enemy suggesting he would be better at reaching across the aisle and
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talked about the raid on osama bin laden's compound in pakistan in 2011 and gave a different version of that story than he has in the past. >> i told him my opinion, i thought he should go but follow his own stincts. imagine if i had said in front of everyone, don't go or go and his decision was a different decision. it undercuts that relationship. so on a duval issue, never say what i think, finally, until i go up in the oval with him alone. >> previously, the vice president had said he told president obama to hold off on the bin laden raid while a drone confirmed the trierrorist leade was in the compound. wanting answers about a violent home invasion and sexual assault that happened one week ago tonight. police tell us the suspect was in custody but we still have no idea who he is. jackie bensen live now in southeast with that story. jackie. >> reporter: jim, this
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neighborhood is still in shock and looking for answers. >> we know that the individual was arrested a weaker ago. we don't know his name. we know he's not here. and the question is why not in d.c.? >> reporter: more information is what denise wants to know about the arrest of a man for a brutal attack, sexual assault on one of her neighbors. last tuesday the victim was working from home in the 1800 block of a street southeast when a man tricked her into opening the door by saying he was a maintenance worker. police announced and arrest the next day but they said only the suspect was arrested and being held as a fugitive in an outside jurisdiction pending charges of first degree burglary and sex abuse? >> is there something they don't want us to know, if that's the case, then you need to say something. the longer we go without knowing this information the more angst there is in the neighborhood.
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this guy not only raped her but he broke three bones in her face. three bones in her face. she was in the hospital. yeah. the neighbors want to know, who is this guy? >> reporter: a d.c. police spokesman tells news4, it's the department's policy not to identify felony suspects until they are charged in this district. neighbors are trying to raise money to help the traumatized victim and her family move to another home where they feel safer. so far, they've raised some money. they are expected to unveil larger effort within the next few days. live in southeast washington, jackie bensen, news4. >> thanks. investigators are searching high and low even checking the sewers of a prince george's county neighborhood trying to solve a murder. a relative found 56-year-old amanda jones dead in her home this morning and lived in the perry wood neighborhood. police started getting calls asking them to check on jones last night. in 2011 police were called to
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the same home after her son, who had bipolar disorder, fired shots in the house. police eventually shot and killed the man after he reached for an officer's gun. they do not have any suspects or any motive in today's murder. a man accused of shooting a woman bachelor hefore her car c turned himself in this afternoon. he will face first and second degree murder charges and they found her with a gunshot wound after she crashed her car into this apartment building earlier this month. it happened on rochelle avenue. they say he lives in that apartment building. no word yet on a motive. investigators are still trying to figure out tonight what caused a deadly fire in spotsylvania county. it ignited early on a home on post oak road, a few miles from anna state park and it gutted the home killing two in their
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60s. they found three smoke detectors but none had batteries. new tonight, some montgomery county parents that their first opportunity to voice their opinion about a controversial redistricting plan. parents of rachel carson elementary school met tonight. if this plan is approved, some students there could be shifted to the elementary school in the wooten district starting in about six years. it's part of a larger effort to reduce overcrowding in the gaithersburg district. some high school students could be shifted to new schools as early as 2017. you may want to keep an extra close eye out for school bus s on your ride to work tomorrow morning. montgomery county police are looking for drivers who don't stop when the stop lights are on the buses. we watched as montgomery county police pulled over several cars at little road in river falls park way in bethesda this morning. they told you about the problem
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back in may and cars have to stop for a school bus even on a wide 4-lane road like river road, there is only one exception. >> if there is a physical barrier preventing you from turning in the opposite lane, and you're on the opposite way of the bus, you don't have to stop. >> not stopping could cost you dearly. 5$575 fine and three points on your license. how bad do you really want that parking space. what came out over one coveted spot. sorting over the guidelines on breast cancer screening and what to make of another new set of recommendations and what they could mean for you. a bad day on metro, how a game of bingo on social media can cheer you up with free stuff. doug. another cool start to the day. not as cold.
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42-50 degrees. clear and cool but not cold. the old care returned. first, a nice big warm up. i do have a little closure to tell you about in the int to tell you about in the int inte
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i'm jeremy mcpike, candidate for state senate, and i sponsored this ad. republican hal parrish claims he improved transportation. but the truth is he was nowhere to be found. literally. parrish holds a seat on the northern virginia transportation authority, but 34 times he failed to show up for meetings. parrish skipped more meetings than any other member. and hal parrish refused to support the bi-partisan transportation bill. why would we want to get stuck with republican hal parrish in richmond? new tonight, we're working to learn more about a shooting in alexandria. the victim was taken to the hospital and was expected to be okay. also new at 11:00, we just learned the name of the man
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killed just before noon today in the columbia heights neighborhood of d.c. police tell us 38-year-old morning cuss manor was killed today on sherman avenue here. still no word on who shot him. you may have seen him on television talking about secret spy missions and terrorism operati operations. he said he worked for the cia for nearly 30 years. now, wayne simmonds is in jail and the government says he made the whole thing up. simmons will be arraigned friday on fraud charges. he was on fox nears several times. he even managed to get himself deployed overseas as a security advisor. even worse, simmons used his cia job as an excuse for 11 drunk driving arrests. an alexandria judge called him a significant danger to the community and ordered him to stay behind bars. a man threatened another driver with a hatchet in fairfax
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county. it was all over a parking space. this happened at annandale at a shopping center. a 20-year-old was fighting over the spot with another driver when he pulled out a hatchet and threatened to use it. he's charged tonight with attempted malicious wounding. the other driver was not injured. more debate over breast cancer screening. the american cancer society released new guidelines recommending women have fewer mammograms and start them at a later age. the organization now recommends annual mammograms begin at age 45 if a woman is of average risk, with the option to start them at age 40 if they choose and women should get a mammogram every year until the age of 54. after that, the cancer society recommends every other year is recomme recommended. the changes are designed to eliminate false positives and overtreatment. other groups disagree when to start the mammograms.
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the u.s. preventive services task force says it should start at age 50. the american college of obstetricians and gynecologists is sticking with age 40. >> the fact we have three different groups recommending three different times really suggests we don't know the exact answer for every woman. it's an individual choice you need discuss with your doctor. it's for average risk women, if you have family history or another history for cancer, it's up to your doctor. >> they don't recommend clinical breast exams where the doctor checks for lumps or abnormali abnormalities. they have no impact on insurance coverage, many plans which are required to pay for mammograms. new tonight, local members of congress are trying to make sure the federal government is in charge of safety on metro. three introduced an amendment
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today they want attached to the house transportation bill. it basically affirms transportation secretary anthony fox's move earlier this month to assume oversight of metro safety. the next time you get offloaded from a metro train, don't be surprised if you hear someone scream bingo. a takoma park man created game of bingo to ease getting stuck. he called it offload bingo. he picks three stations, one for the morning rush and one for the evening and one all day. if a train gets unloaded at one of those stops and you are the first to tweet at offload bingo. guess what, you win one of these t-shirts. where are they? did i miss it? >> we showed it. >> yhow was it? >> it's the t-shirt you don't want to win. >> hamlin says it's just a way to brighten your not so bright day. >> not so much.
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>> is there an official website with the rules? not sure i understood that. >> i have to look at this during the forecast. >> if you're at a c stop on the red line, do i get a -- >> something like that. >> just want to make sure. >> it's on our app. >> check it out while you're waiting for metro to offload you, i guess. >> guess what else is on our app? the weather. sorry. now the transition. let's go outside and show you what the temperatures were like earlier today. plenty of sunshine and nice temperatures. notice the discrepancy here. to the west of the blue ridge, that was the parm spot towards petersburg, west virginia, 76. d.c. only hit 68 degrees. i think the river played a little part in that. camp springs at 70. everybody on the warmer side making our way tomorrow. tonight, winds out of the south at 5 miles an hour, 54 degrees. we're in this 50s, not 40s and
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not the 30s we have been the last couple of nights. still 58 in hagerstown. the cool spot, culpeper at 41 degrees. wouldn't be surprised to see one or two areas flirting with upper 30s but most stay in the low 40s. the city with 50. no rain to talk about. high and dry once again. we will stay that way. there's nothing moving our way. showers near the chicagoland area where they just lost the game again, so did the hopes of the cubs' fans. the heat is going to move our way the next few days. look at our temperatures to the west. 88 in st. louis, 70 in memphis, 70 in cincinnati. that warm air is coming our way. tomorrow is a very warm day. starts off cool. not cold but cool. 44 towards gaithersburg and 46 here. tomorrow afternoon we start off kind of cool between 7:00 and
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8:00 a.m. getting off the bus kids will see a low temperature in low 70s. some may hit mid-70s. 71 in gaithersburg, once again with plenty of sunshine out there. we get even warmer on thursday. high temperatures thursday to mid-70s. 76 degrees thursday and some areas warmer than that. a cold front comes through and that will cool things a bit. 63 for a high on friday and 65 on saturday. right back to 70 on sunday. then, the numbers go back down again on monday. we will see a chance for shower activity. no real big chance of rain right now. we need to see some rain. right now, the temperatures are the only thing to worry about. the only thing i see there is saturday morning it's on the cold side again. won't last too long. >> kind of a boring week for you, isn't it, doug? >>y. coming up, alex ovechkin
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jason joined us. ovechkin, on top of the world tonight. >> ovechkin looking great. capitals looking great. alex ovechkin has certainly lived up to the hype and then some since being drafted by the capitals. another milestone. becoming the first player in caps history to reach a mark and the first active player to get to 900. ovechkin and capitals kicking off a three-game road trip in calgary tonight. flames up a goal.
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takes it away, kuznetsov and feeds andre burakovsky a beautiful pass. tied at 1. bruce orpik sends it up the boards. the great eight. ovechkin's shot gets stopped and follows up with a rebound. the fourth goal of the season for him. caps up 2-1. later on in the period, more from the capitals, justin williams with the puck behind the net, finds nick las backstrom for the one timer and one more goal for jason chimera, caps up 5-2 now in the third period. moving up to college basketball, the only thing worse than high expectations is no expectati expectations. the maryland's basketball team has embraced the year as they should. an mcdonald's all american center and talented transfer from duke on the roster, life is
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pretty good for the terps. both men and women's teams held media days and the women's squad come coming off back to back final four appearance, the favorite to win championships. we haven't seen goals this high since their national championship season a decade ago, both had coaches loving the excitement around their programs. >> you feel it. people are excited. we tell our guys, it's fleeting. we have to make sure that excitement stays with us and being ready to play well each and every night. it's good for maryland. why brenda and i both came here. we knew we could have great teams. >> both teams have been so close throughout the years and put in so much time. to see it all come together for the coach and his staff. it's great and great energy for both programs and at the end of the day for the university of maryland. baseball game, nlcs, fans
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still believing in cubs. all believing in this guy, daniel murphy. his fifth straight post-season game with a home run. he's now tied with carlos beltran with the most all time. tied at 2. to the man on third. trevor cahill facing and the ball gets away, mets go on to beat the cubs 5-2. they're one win away from the world series. that's supposed to be the nation nationals. supposed to be the nationals. >> put or (man) hmm. what do you think? ♪
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quite the unlikely musical at the kennedy center. as hip-hop the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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