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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  October 21, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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death from the live desk ahead. also ahead, debating what you can and cannot see on d.c. police body cameras. the hearing in the day ahead that could impact how much of that video is released to the public. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell now with a look at your weather headlines. >> all right. thanks, aaron. a clear, cool morning outside. after a couple of chilly days we'll be back into the 70s by this afternoon. enjoy the sunshine while it's here. for now out the door weather, culpepper, low to mid 40s around town. hometown forecast, river dale, maryland, 49, 69 at lunchtime and 72 when you come home. you might need a light jacket on the way out the door. otherwise it will be a sunglasses kind of a day. commuter impact is just in ten minutes.
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for now commuter impact on traffic with the latest. right now having a big impact on traffic as far as my computer not wanting to work at all for us this morning. i'm not sure what is going on there. let's try and move forward. there we go. new york avenue at montana avenue in the northeast. the right side blocked there this morning. that is because of a crash that just popped up. outbound pennsylvania southern avenue, still have that one lane blocked there. doesn't look like it's really slowing things at least too much this morning. 270 southbound here, you can see we're slow here headed out of frederick. opens up once you head clarksburg area and then you're clear all the way down to the spur. aaron. melissa, thank you. 6:01. developing story in silver springs this morning. we're working to find out what led to a crash here. investigators say the car went into a tree around midnight. the driver died. this happened on ray drive fifth avenue off of tacoma avenue. news 4's molette green has more on the investigation. molette? >> reporter: aaron, yes, good morning, the car slammed into
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the tree behind me and shook up this residential neighborhood. you can see the damaged tree right there as the car slammed into it just after midnight. the car then caught fire. we saw the mangled car hauled away on a tow truck just a short while ago. montgomery county fire tweeted the driver was pinned and trapped inside and eventually pronounced dead here at the scene. still working to find out how all of this happened and to get an i.d. on the victim who died just after this -- just after midnight here in this quiet residential neighborhood in silver springs. we're live this morning. back to you. >> molette green, thank you. a potentially controversial hearing today on the use of body cameras in the district. mayor muriel bowser wants to discuss how much of the footage goes public. video of a personal nature should not be released but didn't elaborate on what exactly that covered. about 400 cameras already in
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use. city leaders want to increase that number to about 2800. this morning's meeting is open to the public. if you cannot make it, look for an update on news 4 when you get home from work. now in the day ahead the black lives matter movement is going after dc mayor muriel bowser's plan to fight the rising crime. at 9:00 a.m. on the steps of the wilson building organizers will call for the rejection of the mayor's new criminal justice bill. this is video from when the mayor announced the plans and protesters began shouting. a group law for black lives says the bill promotes more aggressive forms of policing and will not encourage community policing. domestic violence impacts 20 people every minute in this country. 85% of victims are women. prince georges county has the highest number of incidents in the state of maryland. yesterday they gathered at suitland high school. they discussed how to respond to intimate partner violence and
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the rate at which women are abused. 14-year-old keshawn mason died trying to protect her mother from her boyfriend. prosecutors in the trial of charles severance says his motive was clear. he had a protective order against him signed by the first victim's husband. that order was to keep severance away from his son's mother. they argued those writings described the killing. the defense could start presenting its case today. severance is accused of killing three alexandria residents over a ten-year period. major developments today on capitol hill. lawmakers will get to the hill later this morning with a new contender for speaker of the house. wisconsin representative paul ryan says he will do the job on his terms. he wants the republican party to unify before -- before, not after he takes on the new role. he wants the gop to change from what he calls the party of no to
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a party with some proposals. we will monitor the congressman's meeting today with house leaders and let you know as soon as they sked actual a vote. today we expect maryland officials to hire outside auditors. the supreme court ruled earlier this year it is unconstitutional for them to double tax income that residents earn in other states. maryland could owe residents as much as $160 million that has to get returned back quickly to avoid interest rates. local members of congress working to keep you save on your next metro ride. they want to make sure the federal government is in charge of safety on metro. barbara edwards and eleanor holmes norton have an amendment they want attached to the house transportation bill. it affirms anthony fox's move to assume oversight of metro safety. coming up on 6:06. you might want to watch out for school buses when you head out this morning.
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montgomery police are looking for drivers who don't stop when the stop signs are out. news four iteam first told you about concerns over stops on busy roads back in may. police say cars have to stop for a bus even when on a wide road like river road. not stopping could cost you big. comes with an almost $600 fine and three points on your license. in other parts of montgomery county some parents are not happy about a new redistricting plan. parents at rachel carson elementary school students met last night. now if the redistricting plan is removed, some students could be shifted to another elementary. it is part of a larger effort to prevent overcrowding in gaithersburg schools. they could be shifted to other schools as early as 2017. schools can't use water foundation in spotsylvania. this is livingston elementary school. the school's well lost pressure at one point earlier this week. the testing will last through this friday.
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the school will provide bottled water for students until the testing is done. contentious debate over tools is heating up ahead of next month's election. how they're using the proposed tolls to win your vote. >> we still have this problem in the district, new york avenue at montana causing some slowdowns there. outbound pennsylvania, we're going to talk about that one as welcoming up. first though, new developments overnight involving the shooting death of a police officer in new york city. what we're learning about the confrontation that ended with shots fired when we go to the ♪
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we have been following this all morning. a new york city police officer killed in the line of duty. this is officer randolph holder. he was responding to reports of
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gunshots in east harlem. someone told police their bike was stolen at gun point. holder and other officers found a man on a bike. things somehow escalated and they exchanged gunfire. holder was shot in the head. he was only 33 and on the force for five years. mayor de blasio said holder had an exemplary record and did everything the right way. it will be a tough day for the nypd. that suspect was shot in the leg and taken to the hospital and was arrested. back to you. >> kristen, thank you. now to a daring leap of faith that may have saved this man. take a look at this video we got. the coast guard capturing the dramatic scene yesterday on the high seas south of alaska. they say when they got to the scene the sea was tossing the man's boat around and he had zero control. coast guard officials had the
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cat in the coat and successfully was able to jump to safety. that is unbelievable. >> you know, when seconds count and it's do or die, you can do amazing things. >> someone was looking out for that guy. 6:12 right now. time to check on the weather. >> storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is at the tidal basin keeping an eye on the commuter forecast. tom? >> reporter: i've been talking so much about the forecast with warming temperatures, but it is chilly. you need to dress like this. wear a coat this morning under a clear sky, a gorgeous view of venus and jupiter. i took this photo of this just a few minutes ago from the tidal basin. you can see it rising with a clear sky. as for the commute, we'll have dry roads and bright sunshine. sunrise not until 7:23. we'll be in the 40s. in the afternoon heading back home it will be jumping into the 70s. you need the heater on now, the windows back open heading back home. let's check the roads now with
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melissa. how's the commute going? >> right now looking okay. we do have a new problem that i'm trying to find on camera here. 95 northbound, the ramp to route 1 northbound. we're hearing about a car fire not seeing it on camera. somebody's trying to move it around. in bound new york avenue at montana and northeast, the right side is still blocked here this morning. as far as travel times go, germantown to the beltway, no problems. past the beltway looking pretty good on the outer loop as well. taking a look at 66 starting to slow a tad. 95 north no problem from quantico to the beltway. listen to our friends on 103.5 fm when you hop into the car. he was a local super hero of sorts who helped put smiles on the faces of sick children. the late lenny robinson, batman, is being honored for his work today. i need a hover board. >> hover board?
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it's the day we've been waiting for. october 21st, 2015. what one of the stars is saying about the famous scene and what the movie predicted and got right.
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a plan to put tolls on parts of i-66 getting political. you may have seen a commercial run there. this morning two republicans from northern virginia launched a $336,000 campaign that links their proposal. one of our producers saw the ad this morning, again, you may have seen it. the republicans are running for seats in the house. dell will he gants are running and are all about virginia governor's plan. the washington post reporting these ads are especially jarring and that's because they report the targeted democrats are also opposed to willing to those lanes. new details this morning on a body found in california. the body which was found in an suv buried under six feet of mud is likely a victim of the deadly landslides. firefighters found the suv trapped under the mud yesterday in palmdale near los angeles. it was slammed by storms that caused mudslides and flooding last week.
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according to our nbc affiliate in southern california, residents in the area told firefighters last week about the suv. there is no word on the identity of the body. shocking. scary video of a school bus on fire in new york. take a look at those flames. our nbc affiliate in new york says they hit a motorcycle whose bike was caught under the bus. this shut down a highway in queens. no passengers were on the bus. it's not indicated how seriously the bus driver or motorcyclist were hurt. today more than 70 civil and women's rights groups will send a letter demanding an end to cyber bullying from anonymous posts on social media. mary washington student grace man was killed back in april. her roommate steven briel was charged with her death. the university's president said there is no evidence to support
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a connection between the social media attacks and man's death. blood hounds will join the search today for a missing teenager in maryland. steven coltman's family posted a soon on their front door in charles county urging him to come home or at least call. police arrested coltman after an attempted home invasion last week. no one has seen him since. his family has worried he has a gun with him. prince georges county police trying to figure out who would come kill a woman inside her home. amanda jones was found yesterday morning. police are calling this a homicide. in 2011 police were called to the same house after jones's son, who had bipolar disorder, fired shots into the house. police eventually shot and killed the man after he reached for an officer's gun. 6:19 your time now. investigators still looking for what caused a deadly fire in spotsylvania county. it burned down a home on post oak home. firefighters say the flames moved quickly gutting that home.
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jerry yarrington and barbara howe both in their 60s died in that fire. investigators found three smoke detectors, none with working batteries. the 14-year-old texas boy arrested for bringing a clock to school that a teacher thought was a bomb is moving. he and his family are moving to qatar. a foundation has offered to pay for his high school and college. his parents said they are moving so all of their kids can study and learn in a country that accepts them. last month a teacher mistook the muslim student's science project for a bomb. an unknown political poll in the past few minutes. hillary clinton on top here. the poll from associated press and gfk. they asked responders how much they felt candidates could win the general election if they were the nominee. 75% said they believed clinton could win. 56% said they believed joe biden would win as the no, ma'am me. donald trump and jeb bush had
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48% of people believing they would come out on top. 44% said they believed bernie sanders would win the general election. today 15 super heroes -- >> will visit every patient in children's national hospital in the district here. the event is for the kids but also to honor lenny robinson. >> i'll take it from there. thank you. >> okay. >> robinson partnered with the hope for henry foundation for nearly ten years dressing up as batman to visit sick children. robinson died in a car accident on i-70 this past summer. time right now is 6:21. not only are we anything about this week, we're thinking about the weekend and the weather. >> too early for that? >> no. it's wednesday, hump day. we're halfway there. >> 6:21, your time right now. >> always doing great work. sent me this little teddy bear. he has a stethoscope going on. you need a little layer of warmth first thing this morning. we're going to be dry today and dry the next couple of days.
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next real chance for any real rain across the area doesn't roll in until probably late in the day sunday but more likely into the day on monday. between now and then sunny and warm the next couple of days and then cooling down as we head towards the weekend. couple of rain showers up across new york and new england this morning. these rain drops coming east of chicago. now that's the leading edge of what will be our cooldown as we get towards friday afternoon. today nothing to worry about. tomorrow nice and warm once again but by friday cooler weather starts to move back in. temperature now 43 gaithersburg, 40 at dulles airport. 46 chilly degrees in manassas. 44 in prince georges county. a couple of fair weather cumulus clouds. just down to 11 hours and 1 minute of daylight in the shortening days. 40s this morning, low to mid 70s for the high. 72 for your high in hag gars town. smith town, 73 in culpeper, 74
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fredericksburg, quantico. no weather slowdown at all. this promises a little bit of a cooldown. here we are, thursday night at 11:00. the front on the mason dixon line there. clouds come along with it. i couldn't rule out maybe a sprinkle or two. it is moisture starved. not much of a rain threat thursday night into friday. but it will turn cooler. friday's highs back into the 60s. as we get into the weekend, lots of clouds around. again, i think most rain chances will hold off until early next week. here's your seven day forecast then. nice and sunny and mild the next couple of days turning cooler on friday. kind of chilly on saturday. this saturday is walk to prevent hiv on the national mall. marine corps marathon. looks like a mild day for race day. melissa mollet off to the races. >> chopper 4 over 66 approaching the beltway, disabled vehicle there blocking that right lane. is slowing things a little bit
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here. 95 north at route 1 had a report of a car fire. not seeing anything here on camera and the delays are not that big. hoping that was perhaps something that's not really bothersome too much. you can see a little bit of a slowdown here northbound. that is normal here. 21 miles per hour, 95 north through woodridge right now. montana and northeast, that right side is still blookd this morning. outbound pennsylvania past southern one lane blocked there as well. does not look like that is slowing things downie longer. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. 6:24 right now. we hope you'll join us for the walk to end hiv in downtown d.c. fundraising walk and 5k that benefits whitman walker health. it provides health care for those infected with or affected by hiv/aids. the run begins at 9:15. nbc 4 has been a partner with the event since the very first one in 1986. eun yang will be out there on freedom plaza with everybody on saturday. >> the roads, where we're going
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we don't need roads. >> a day some of you have been waiting for for 30 years. october 21st, 2015, the day they traveled to the future. >> they predicted all kinds of things would happen including hover boards, video chat and 3-d movies. >> hover boards didn't make it. movie shows will be showing the trilogy. the chicago cubs will be play be off. they predicted they would win the world series this year. >> in the end i don't know how to open it. >> that was me shooting my standup. that's going to air tonight at 5:00. yeah, i guess you need to learn how to operate the car before you start to shoot, flight residents having a special back to the future celebration today. not just encouraging people to dress up. they're bringing in the delorean
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time machines. >> eventually. >> they are doing this with the washington west film festival. you can see i tried to get out of the delorean there. you can see marty mcfly came on in for the show. he's going to be there. he drives it to work, by the way. >> really? that will get you a lot of attention. people taking pictures. >> he said it's dangerous because people will be riding in their cars and take pictures. >> he loves it too much. he spent three years making that thing. they're renaming rustin hill valley which is the town that is set in all three movies for five days. come on out to rustin -- 6:26. a major choke point that leaves many of us stuck in traffic. the upgrades some are calling for to help keep cars moving across the american legion bridge. >> preparing american kids with the life saving training they argue to have before graduating high school. >> plus, a plea from police in new mexico after a case of road
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new mexico after a case of road rage leaves a
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i'm jeremy mcpike, candidate for state senate, and i sponsored this ad. republican hal parrish claims he improved transportation. but the truth is he was nowhere to be found. literally. parrish holds a seat on the northern virginia transportation authority, but 34 times he failed to show up for meetings. parrish skipped more meetings than any other member. and hal parrish refused to support the bi-partisan transportation bill. why would we want to get stuck with republican hal parrish in richmond?
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6:30 tracking a developing story this morning montgomery county where a quiet silver spring neighborhood, the scene
6:30 am
now of a frightening crash and fire overnight. the driver of the car you see here died in that crash. news 4's molette green digging into what happened and will join us live in 15 minutes. first, you are waking up to another day of cool temperatures as you start your wednesday morning routine. however, things will be warming up nicely in this day ahead. >> like when we can say that. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell here with the four things you need to know with the forecast. hey, chuck. >> welcome to wednesday, everybody! hump day finally here. four things you need to know about the weather for your wednesday. off to a nice cool start early this morning. sunshine headed back for this afternoon. more dry days ahead. looking a little bit cooler as we head towards the weekend. we'll detail the impacts that it will have on the walk to end hiv and marine corps marathon. for today, a nice low impact weather day after a cool start early this morning. it will be filled with sunshine this after floon. visibility, no real pockets of fog to worry about first thing this morning.
6:31 am
it is a chilly one for sure. you'll need a little jacket to get out the door. mid 30s in culpepper, prince williams county this morning. planning out your morning, 30s and 40s out the door first thing. 50s by 9:00. 60s by 11:00. 70s in october. melissa, you've got to love that. >> looks good to me. amazing. two thumbs up this morning. two thumbs down 66 in bound as you're approaching the beltway. chopper 4 over this earlier problem here. we have a disabled vehicle off to the right side causing a lot of delays here this morning. 95 north going 21 miles per hour over woodbridge. that problem with the truck fire seems to be out of the way as far as that goes. no major issue there. right now prince georges county you can see we're a little slow here. in bound indian head highway. branch avenue headed in bound towards the beltway. in bound new york at montana, the road now clear there in northeast. big look at the beltway slow upton. aaron? >> melissa, thank you.
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6:32 now. we're learning about a disturbing crime in new mexico. a 4-year-old shot and killed during a road rage incident. the shooting happened on an albuquerque freeway just before rush hour yesterday. the child's parents who were also inside the car were not hurt. the police chief calling the shooting a disrespect for human life. >> we are in desperate need of information to help us resolve the conflicting information we're getting right now. >> now at this point police are not releasing the little girl's name. the shooting comes after a road rage shooting last month in which police say a man shot another driver in self-defense. today top law enforcement officials from around the country will announce a new program to lower incarceration rates. police chiefs from several cities including new york, chicago, chief laniere here in d.c. want to re-evaluate how often nonviolent criminals are sent to jail. more than 100 officials are part of the group. tomorrow they plan to meet with president obama.
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a demand for answers this morning in the capitol hill area. just last week a man claimed he was a maintenance worker and tripped a woman on 80th street southeast into letting him inside her home. she quickly became the victim of a brutal sexual attack. now neighbors want them to tell them more about the victim behind bars. >> the more we don't know the more angst there's going to be. this guy not only raped her but he broke three bones in her face. three bones in her face. she was in the hospital. yeah, the neighbors want to know who is this guy. >> we did ask d.c. police about this. they told us it's not their policy to give out suspect information until a person is formally charged. they say the man isn't even in a dc jail. in a statement they say officials with an outside jurisdiction are holding him as a fugitive. >> the trials against six police officers for the death of freddie gray start next month. one officer wants his jury is he
6:34 am
questered. william porter wants the jury is he questered. that means the jury could not use their phones during the trial. they would also have calls and visits with family monitored and their tv viewing controlled. the trials in this case, again, began next month. a baltimore drugstore looted during the rioting that followed the death of freddie gray is open again. this rite aid on martin luther boulevard is one of more of the pharmacies that was closed. more than 30 businesses were seriously damaged. the damage across the city estimated at more than $9 million. new details in a deadly fire in charles county. investigators say an overloaded extension cord likely sparked this fire. bernice washington and 6-year-old xavion atkins died when a fire broke out in the hallway between their bedrooms last week. they died of smoke inhalation. 6:34. the virginia department of transportation said it's working
6:35 am
to fix problems at the end of the express lanes on i-95. according to the freelance star, v dot and trans irvin are working on plans to extend the merge south of state route 610. that would move the exit closer to courthouse road. commuters in fairfax and montgomery counties are uniting to help ease traffic congestion on your morning commute. they want maryland and virginia leaders to update the american legion bridge. leaders say hov or hot lanes on the maryland side can help ease gridlock. nearly 300,000 cars travel over that bridge every day. do you know how to give somebody cpr? that is a skill that could soon be a graduation requirement in all dc public schools. public health advocates tell the washington post they're pushing to make sure all high school graduates can automated external defibrillator. not the place you want to try to hitch a ride. why this man ran onto the tarmac
6:36 am
and up to a plane as it prepared to leave. brand-new crash on 295 here in bound and also some big delays on 66 coming into town. details on both coming up. plus, you might want to think twice about what you write off on your taxes next year. the new plans the irs has to crack down on people who try to cheat the system.
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for the girl scout meeting... ok! for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! giant just dropped prices on thousands more items. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my giant.
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trying to hale a plane like a taxi, you can see this guy running towards the plane on the tarmac. he's being charged after sprinting onto the runway in denver while the plane was getting ready to take off. police arrested him last month. he did have a ticket for that united airlines flight. he was late though and apparently he was desperate to get on the plane so he could make it to his school reunion.
6:40 am
>> it's not like a bus. >> you missed that one. the faa trying to figure out who was flying a drone near laguardia airport. they spotted it flying near an american airlines plane as it was landing. happened on tuesday. the plane was able to land safely. drone operators are supposed to stay five miles away from an airport and fly no higher than 400 feet. those who break those rules could be fined as much as $25,000. time right now looking at 6:40. a warmup is on the way. want to check out the weather. storm team 4 tom kierein is outside with a tiedal basin with the bus stop forecast. how does it feel, tom? >> reporter: it is damp and chilly. only in the mid to low 40s at the tidal basin. we're seeing the first light of dawn showing up in the eastern sky. the calm waters of the tidal basin like a mirror this morning. no wind. and at the bus stop this morning awaiting for metro, temperatures will just be in the 40s here for
6:41 am
another couple of hours and then jumping into the 60s late morning. then when you're heading back home, just terrific for recease today and dismissal time will be into the low 70s, maybe even mid 70s parts of the region by late afternoon. quite a dramatic warming as this day does progress. keep up with all these changes with the storm team 4 weather app, nbc washington app. check it out on your smart phones. now let's check on the roads this morning. melissa, how's the commute? right now 66 in bound you can see pretty nasty here as you head to the beltway. this is because of an earlier disabled vehicle that is out of the way. 295 south near annapolis road is causing slowdowns. inner loop at telegraph, brand-new report of a crash in the left lane causing slowdowns there as you come across woodrow wilson bridge. 270 from germman town to the spur no problem. 95 north no major problems there.
6:42 am
remember to listen to wtop when you hop in your car. stepping up patrols to help protect your kids. where police will be watching for drivers who break the rules around school buses. first though, a developing story in silver spring where police are investigating a deadly crash overnight. the car missed a turn, slammed into a tree and burst into flames. news 4's molette green has more from the scene next.
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following a pair of developing stories. we have the scene of a crash investigation after a car slams into a tree. >> we are also watching for updates out of new york where that city's police force is dealing with the shooting death of an officer. first we want to go to storm team 4's meteorologist chuck belle. >> aaron, wakeup weather under a clear sky, cool temperatures. back down into the 40s. you'll need a jacket out the door first thing this morning. it will be a winner of a day. we'll talk about how warm we're going to get in five minutes. >> bw parkway southbound at annapolis road with one lane blocked. we'll see what that looks like and still have this new crash inner loop at telegraph in the left lane slowing things down. more in a minute. return to silver spring and 6:45. the developing story where we're working to learn what caused a crash. investigators say a car went
6:46 am
into a tree at midnight. the driver died there. stopped at ray drive off tacoma avenue. news 4's molette green has more information on the victim in this crash. molette? >> aaron, yeah. i just spoke to a man and woman who told me their nephew is the one who lost his life here. his car slammed into the tree that is behind me. they tell me he was just 22 years old. had fixed dinner last night for his parents and afterwards ran an errand to a convenience store nearby and often made that run to a store that's just a few minutes from his home. they believe the young man may have lost control of the car after midnight. now investigators are still working on an official cause. montgomery county fire tells us the driver became trapped inside the car after it hit the tree. the car caught fire and he was eventually pronounced dead here at the scene. we're live here this morning on ray drive in the tacoma park
6:47 am
area. not far from piney branch road. that is the latest live. back to you. molette green live for us. thank you. a potential controversial hearing today on the use of body cameras in the district. the community is invited to discuss how much of the footage goes public. about 400 cameras are already in use, but city leaders want to increase that number to 2800. if you can make this morning's meeting look for an update on news 4 when you get home from work. also in the day ahead, the black lives matter movement is going after d.c. mayor muriel bowser's plan to fight the rising crime. at 9:00 a.m. on the steps of the wilson building organizers will call for the rejection of the mayor's new criminal justice bill. you're looking at video from when the mayor announced the plan. protestors began shouting. the group, law for black lives says that they'll promote more aggressive forms of policing and will not encourage community safety. prince georges county has the highest number of incidents in the state of maryland of domestic violence incidents.
6:48 am
yesterday community leaders gathered at sutland high school to change that. the panel discussed how to respond to intimate partner violence and the rate at which women are abused. just this week in oxen hill 14-year-old keshawn wilson died after being stabbed by his mother's boyfriend. >> he was protecting his mom. should not have been in that situation ever. >> if you would like to learn more about domestic violence resources, we put it on our app. search domestic violence. some montgomery county parents are not happy about redistricting. if the redistricting plan is approved, some students could be shifted to another elementary. it's part of a larger effort to reduce overcrowding in the gaithersburg schools. some high school students could be shifted to new schools as early as 2017. also montgomery county, you
6:49 am
may want to watch out for school buses when you head out this morning. police in the county are now looking for drivers who don't stop when the signs are out. concerns on busy roads back in may, police say cars have to stop for a bus even on a wide road like river road. not stopping could cost you big bucks. it comes with an almost $600 fine and three points on your license. 6:49. when lawmakers get to the hill later this morning they will have a new contender for speaker of the house. wisconsin representative paul ryan said he will do the job but only on his own terms. he wants the republican party to unify before, not avenue he takes on the new roll. he wants the gop to change from what he calls the party of no to a party with some proposals. we will monitor representative ryan's meeting today with house leaders and let you know as soon as they schedule a vote. this morning wrangler the dog from the "today" show is here in the district. he's going to meet with senators and tour the capitol later today. >> meet with the senators on the hill, right? he's starting this morning on
6:50 am
the national mall at 16th and madison. we want to go live to nbc's kelly o'donnell with more on wrangler's full day in the district. hi, kelly. >> well, good morning. of course our city gets lots of dignitaries, but we're particularly excited about this very special visitor. i want to introduce you to wrangler and saxon, his puppy handler, helping him to become a guide dog. wrangler is 11 months old and has been in training with the "today" show to serve as a guide dog and right now he's on his very first tour outside of the orange room at the "today" show and new york city. first a train trip coming to the capitol, visiting the white house and lincoln memorial and, saxon, tell me, how does the traveling actually serve to help with the training. >> so our guiding eyes graduates use all types of public transportation. there's a very real possibility when he begins his career as a guide dog he could be traveling
6:51 am
on trains a lot. trains can be bumpy. they can make weird sounds. so it's really important that he's comfortable and he knows how to settle on a train. he did great yesterday. it was awesome practice for him. >> meeting lots of new friends and taking pictures. he's been wonderful. today the first flight heading to dallas and then by friel' be in philadelphia. i'm a dog lover so this is one of my favorite assignments in a long time. >> kelly, thanks so much. today weather wise it will be great. he's going to love running all over the national mall. >> we'll see more of them with kelly on the "today" show. >> follow him on twitter, too. he has over 40,000 followers. >> i bet. >> he has more than us. >> trying to catch up with you. >> outside this morning, yeah, beautiful morning today whether you're going to go out for a walk of your own or take the dog out early this morning. great weather for that. little bit of a chill first thing this morning. you want to keep the pace up here for at least the first little while. otherwise skies are mostly clear. still a little bit of early morning color starting to show
6:52 am
up in our eastern sky. 50 at national airport. southwesterly breezes will take the cold out of here and bring the sunshine back. plenty of sunshine today. temperatures going to be warmer than average for today and tomorrow but it will be cooler by the team we get to the weekend. mid 30s in central virginia this morning. low 40s out in loudon county. 43 in gaithersburg. 37 chilly degrees in frederick, maryland. a bit of a need for a jacket early this morning. plenty of sunshine. we should be in the low 60s by 11:00. most neighborhoods should be above 70 degrees for afternoon high temperatures. that's bonus territory now in the third week of october. little bit of light rain up to across the new york and great lakes. all part of a weather system which does promise to cool us down just in time for the weekend unfortunately. between now and then future weather has us sitting in sunshine. mild days and cool nights for the next couple of days. rain chances though friday into the weekend if we get anything at all it will be a hit and miss little shower or two, that's it. this weather front as it's coming on down doesn't have an
6:53 am
awful lot in the way of moisture to work with. come through late thursday night into early friday. might ring out a stray drop. honestly, most of the slight rain chances are before you're out the door to work and school. here's your seven day forecast again mid 70s today and tomorrow. don't get too used to it. only two warm days on the seven day. mid 60s. cooler over the weekend. as of now looks like it will be cloudy and rain free. melissa mollet, traffic please. brand-new problem. this is what we're talking about. seeing more backup. that's why i'm saying new, new backup. 295 southbound at annapolis road have the one lane blocked. we should have the picture. tweeting it out from first four traffic. 66 in bound at dudley road. crash there. 95 south at prince william parkway. another accident, big look at the beltway. a typically slow here. inner loop as you're coming across the woodrow wilson bridge. we had the earlier problem there. looks like that is steered out of the way. slow in that area. wanted to show you this again.
6:54 am
bw parkway coming across the beltway here, it is slow because of that earlier problem there that is still kind of sticking around at annapolis road. 270 at montrose. northbound and southbound no major issues. overall prince georges county looking pret typical. melissa, thank you. 6:54. developing right now, an investigation into a shooting that left an nypd officer dead. officer randolph holder was responding to a call of gunfire when a police and suspect started shooting at each other latz night. holder was hit in the head and died. police caught the suspect who was taken to the hospital. he is expected to be released today. not clear what charges he'll face. local members of congress are working to keep i safe on your next metro ride. they want to make sure that the federal government in charge of safety on metro. congresswoman donna edwards and barbara come stock and d.c. democrat eleanor norris holmes have an amendment they want attached to the transportation bill. anthony fox's move to assume oversight of metro safety.
6:55 am
students won't be able to use the water fountains at schools in spotsylvania county. the paper reports the school's well lost pressure at one point earlier this week and that testing will last through friday. the school will provide bottled water until the testing is done. good morning, i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. master card is testing out a new selfie pay feature for online purchases. it can authorize a purchase with a snapshot of their face instead of a password. download the app to take the selfie then blink. the blink is to prevent others from holding up a photo of someone else's face. visa and others also looking at similar methods of checking out. on the plus side, that's one less password that you need to remember. we are also stepping up efforts to combat tax fraud. the irs said they tested 20 new safeguards to prevent fraudulent
6:56 am
refunds beginning in 2016. the new measures are working on a year long effort to halt tax fraud. cyber thieves stole $39 million of tax refunds. cnbc morning business report, i'm landon dowdy. breaking news right now into the live desk. word that a u.s. air force fighter jet has crashed in england. we believe the jet has gone down on some sort of farm land in the eastern part of that country. we know that emergency personnel have been called there to the scene of the plane crash. what we do not know just yet is whether anyone has been hurt. we're working to find that out for you. back to you. 6:56. four things to know this morning. police montgomery county cracking down on drivers who don't stop for school buses. if you don't make a stop, you have to face a fine of almost $600 and points on your license. >> you may notice new political attack ads right here on news 4.
6:57 am
they link democrats and the house of delegates to toll parts of interstate 66. few republican cane dates are behind the claim. a police officer charged with freddie graves death now wants the jury is he questered during the trial. that means jurors won't be able to freely watch tv or use their phones. 22-year-old man dead after a crash in silver springs. his car went off the road before it caught on fire. that is the broadcast this morning. thanks for waking up with us. thanks for waking up with us. >> we'll have another update in [ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going.
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it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging, do business travel on your terms. acela. take off.
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good morning. on his terms. >> i can not and i will not give up my family time. >> wisconsin congressman paul ryan tells fellow republicans he's open to becoming the next speaker of the house, but with conditions. >> if you can agree to these requests, and if i can truly be a unifying figure, then i will gladly serve. >> and he's given his colleagues a friday deadline as vice president joe biden drops fresh hints about his presidential plans. we're live at the white house and on capitol hill. senseless tragedy. a 4-year-old girl dies in a road rage shooting in new mexico, the gunman on the lose this morning. >> we are begging f


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