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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  October 21, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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appomattox. breaking news at 11:00 that could make paul ryan the next speaker of the house. the hurdle he just cleared on capitol. >> worrying about delays and saferty after this year's amtrak
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dera derailment. >> and government workers who spent your money filling their own gas tanks. they've already cost you hundreds of thousands this year. >> there's growing pressure tonight for american university to take action after anonymous racist comments on an app that's popular with college students. >> this isn't the first time yik yak has been a problem on college campuses. news4 shomari stone took student complaints to a turks find out how the school is dealing with it. >> reporter: university students tell me they are concerned about this. >> we talked to the faculty and they said they understand the student's concerned. >> reporter: a sophomore at american university, he isn't satisfied with his college experience. >> i think that american university champions that it is
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a diversive and progressive institution and you see what students really feel and what they truly have to say and emotion about students of color. >> reporter: these students are outra outraged, racist messages on yik yak, a popular social app used by college students. >> at this point, i just feel hurt, neglected. >> reporter: the comments call black students monkeys, weird, saying they need to pick cotton and some endorse slavery. the controversy started last year and these students tell me the university hasn't done enough to stop it >>. >> they held a town hall last year where they talked about it and nothing changed. >> it's unfortunate clearly yik yak postings. >> reporter: the assistant vice president of campus life says it's difficult to identify the students who posted the anonymous racist comments. she says t thes the school is t a lot about racial diversity. >> we work with students at
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orientation. >> reporter: some african-american students say the university has done a good job making them feel comfortable and welcome on campus. >> it has been all positive. >> reporter: not so says devonte. >> it hasn't given me much hope lately. >> reporter: the students we talked to said they want the entire faculty and student body to undergo mandatory racial sensitivity. more movement in the house speakers race. republican congressman paul ryan now appears to have passed his last hurdle of succeeding boehner. it supported paul ryan. it stopped short of the statement he said he would need to run. he calls it a positive step forward. the vote for speaker is next thursday. new tonight, a 95-year-old woman is dead, hit and killed while trying to make it across
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the street in montgomery county. this happened in river road just before 7:00. she was walking in the area of the crosswalk. the driver did stay on the scene. investigators are still working to see exactly what happened. vre is making a strong demand to congress and could leave you without a ride to work. in 2008, congress set a deadline of eight years to have positive train control installed, a safety feature designed to automatically stop a train to avoid a crash or derailment caused by excessive speed. that deadline is up on december 31st. many train operators won't be able to meet it. vre says if congress doesn't extend the deadline some if not all train service would have to be suspended. am track made a similar plea earlier this month and said it, too, would become inoperable if
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congress doesn't extend the deadline. eight people were killed earlier this month and experts say if the control had been in place the accident could have been prevented. the show must go on for a d.c. comedian recovering from ra brutal attack. a group of men beat her last weekend broke her nose and teeth and left her with cuts and bruises all over her face. it's not stop herring from st stepping back onto the stage. >> reporter: what happens to comedian paris last saturday night is not funny. mean and vicious, yes. but not funny. >> my nose is broken. i have two chipped teeth. the bruise was on here, a bruise here and a big bruise here and my lip was swollen. >> reporter: thedienne had just attended a group and walked a few blocks to l street
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northwest. some guys were following hassling her. their behavior escalated and became violent. guys saying you don't have a right to say no anymore. as a woman, you should be able to say no, not just turn someone down like say no and you're not just interested. >> reporter: she blacked out and woke up in a hospital. her first concern was not for the terrible damage theory face but thursday, slated to perform at one of the most well-known comedy clubs in the area, d.c. improv. she looked in the mirror and decided those who hurt her would not stop her. the show performance must go on. >> tomorrow will be nothing but excellent. no matter how much it takes, i will do whenever it takes. i won't let the people down. >> reporter: stand-up comedy is said to be a tough business. when paris finishes her routine tomorrow she will show a lot of people how tough she is. in northwest washington, jackie
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bensen, news4. it's been a year since a 9-month-old girl died in leesburg and tonight her father, 23-year-old demon tai ellis is charged with her humurder. police arrested him today. six months ago they ruled the death a homicide but stopped short of filing charges. ellis told police the little girl was alive when he was fe feeding her but the diagnosis was blunt force trauma to the head. we now know the name of a man charged with murdering a prince george's county woman. mitchell cole was taken into custody today and will face first-degree murder charges for killing jones. her daughter found her body in her home yesterday. she told us she suspected a man who was an acquaintance of her mother's. >> it's really hard to think that someone knew her knew her
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as a person, how beautiful of a person she was and how much she meant to her family, would do this to her. >> we asked police tonight but they would not confirm cole knew the victim. several big developments in the race for the white house. we begin with the lineup for the next republican debate on cnbc. 10 front runners will square off in primetime and the rest of the field in an undercard debate. the primetime meeting features the same group as the last debate minus scott walker who suspended his campaign. candidates square off next wednesday. hilary clinton's washington room has turned into a war room, bill clinton, campaign aides and attorneys were seen going in and out of home all day. clinton is preparing to testify tomorrow at the house benghazi hearing. ambassador, chris stevens and three other americans died back in the 2012 attack there. some say clinton ignored warning signs it was coming.
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democrats accuse the committee of being a partisan effort by republicans to lower her poll numbers. >> hilary clinton received a boost in the polls today after vice president joe biden decided he would not run for president. the latest nbc "wall street journal" poll found clinton's lead over bernie sanders increases by five points without biden in the race. during his emotional speech in the e rose garden this afternoon, biden stopped short of endorsing clinton and took a few jabs at her for breaking with the obama administration on policy issue and calling republicans enemies during last week's debate. >> they're not our enemies. and for the sake of the country we have to work together. >> after today's announcement clinton called biden a great man and was inspired by his optimism. >> ayou and your kids may not have the option of getting the flumist.
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there is a shortage kids will still be able to receive the nasal vaccine but the next shipment is pushed back to december because of manufacturing delays. they still plan to offer flu shots at clinics instead of waiting for the next shipment of flumist to arrive. >> who he's accused of going after just before he was sentenced. gas guzzlers who fill up their cars on your dime. it's not just happening here in washington. doug. one more beautiful day tomorrow. temperatures back into the 70s. but then we've got that cooler air moving in just in time for the weekend. i'll show you how cool in my forecast. >> i'm melissa with your traffic eastbound and westbound between poland road and lee road shut down until tomorrow morning
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developing tonight, a break in the road rage shooting that killed a 4-year-old girl. police in albuquerque, new mexico now have arrested a person of interest in connection to that shooting. investigators say the person matches the description they released earlier in the investigation. lily garcia was killed while riding in the back seat of her father's pickup yesterday. the shooting involved others t cutting each other off on an interstate. a man who will be sentenced tomorrow for attacking someone on a metro escalator was arrested again this time for
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punching a metro police officer in the face. metro police officers tell us they were arresting another person from the metro bus when the suspect, 19-year-old elijah smith, int feared. when the officer tried to arrest smith, smith punched that officer four to five times. back in may, you may recall, smith was charged for attacking a d.c. actor in silver spring and in april, smith punched a 69-year-old man and knocked him down an escalator at the eastern market station. smith pleaded guilty. they fill their tanks, we pay the bills. and investigation by the news4 i-team has revealed another round of government gas thieves. scott mcfarland first revealed this crime last winter but found more workers swiping tax money by swiping government gas cards. >> this is the video that got a d.c. fire department employee in hot water. what you're about to see is a crime. the driver walks away around his jaguar at new jersey avenue
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northwest in d.c. but he pulls out his government credit card, the one issued to him by d.c.'s fire department for a d.c. vehicle. >> reporter: mr. mccray. i'm from channel 4. >> reporter: we caught up with him where he pleaded guilty to court for stealing thousands of dollars. a judge sentenced him to 18 months probation. stopping a weaave of government workers doing so. more than 300,0$300,000 in gas unlawfully purchased by federal workers for percentage use nationwide. >> the taxpayers money. the cards are designed to be specific for one vehicle, fuel and maintenance of one vehicle, not fuel and maintenance of a federal employee and his family, not fuel and maintenance for anybody else. >> reporter: in late july, the judge sentence arlington
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national cemetery bobby harris to two years probation and nine days in jail after he admitted to filling his personal car this white lincoln navigator ultim e ultimately buying thousands in gas. prosecutors charged a navy yard employee in prince george's county. >> reporter: this is not just limited to the d.c. area? >> no. nationwide. >> reporter: a coast guard employee and government worker using a credit card and credit card skimmer created a phony gas card and made 77,0$77,000 in fw lent gas purses and found this -- purchases. they found this person, another government employee and that's her personal car. the judge sentenced her to probation and ordered she make restitution payments. she wouldn't answer questions from the i-team. >> they identify the waste and
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fraud. >> reporter: these are why they should better fund the inspe inspectors general who probe for rogue government workers. >> when they make these cases, the government wins and can put the money back to work for the federal agency. and they are monitoring some gas locations where they suspect government employees are frequently filling up to catch them in the act. >> you can learn more by vis visiting our nbc the washington app and put a tip that might end up being their next story. >> doreen and dug and i enjoyed a night at the brazilian embassy down the road as we count downto the olympics. we all get ready for the next year's olympic games. our general manager, jackie bradford and that is gold medalist diver, greg louganis.
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and there are only 219 days if you're counting before the summer olympics begin. you will see it all here on nbc4. >> nice of the brazilian ambassador to host us. >> incredible food. >> we're excited about the next olympics. it's kind of nice tonight. >> not feeling like rio. >> 76 degrees. >> not bad compared to what we've seen a couple days ago. we were only in the 50s. today and tomorrow in the 70s. and today probably the warmest day we've seen this week. we will go back down but not quite to where we were last weekend. at the airport, very nice, 58 degrees. look at the wind out of the south. that southwest wind will be a nice warm wind tomorrow and it gets us on the southwest side. it helps warm things up the end of the day. 46 in manassas, 49 in
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fredericksburg, we had upper 30s last night but i don't think we will see that tonight. temperatures will stay on the mild side and maybe above average tonight. storm radar clear and no chances for rain the next few days. the best chance comes on sunday from a storm system way back to the west. clear skies for the most part. a front to the north moving across east to west-east and from canada. that's not moving our way but a front will drop down and you see the frontal boundary and it will drop down tomorrow and cool things off for friday. that is a dry front. the next is towards the west and could bring us shower activity for the marine corps marathon. 73 in washington. the area of high pressure is right on top of us. it flows around high pressure and 80s in st. louis and northern portions of nand and
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eventually try to move our way before the high gets suppressed down to the south and we get cool again. manassas, 47, it will be a cool start tomorrow morning when you step out the front door but not a bad start between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m., getting the kids on the bus or tomorrow afternoon between 3:00 and 4:00, 74 degrees. gorgeous. 73 gaithersburg and even towards annapolis with a westerly component annapolis will get up to 75 degrees. what do we wear tomorrow? we have long sleeves and sunglasses and won't need umbrella or hat. look at this guy, rolling the sleeves up. perfect day for that tomorrow. dipping to 56 on friday, 65 degrees on saturday. a little cool and breezy friday, saturday not bad.
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only a 30% chance of morning showers for jim handly when he's out there at the marine corps marathon. monday, tuesday and wednesday, on the cooler side. >> looking pretty good, all things considered. tonight, strong reaction tonight, strong reaction from the locker room, somet i'm jeremy mcpike, candidate for state senate, and i sponsored this ad. republican hal parrish claims he improved transportation. but the truth is he was nowhere to be found. literally. parrish holds a seat on the northern virginia transportation authority, but 34 times he failed to show up for meetings. parrish skipped more meetings than any other member. and hal parrish refused to support the bi-partisan transportation bill. why would we want to get stuck
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with republican hal parrish in richmond?
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how critical is this upcoming game against tampa as you head to this bye week?
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>> that's been known, very critical for us, code red for us. >>. >> redskins speaking in code. >> this is a big-time game against the buccaneers this weekend. what exactly does code red mean? will the changes be made if this team loses to the bucs this weekend, does jay gruden have to go a different quarterback route and if that's the case, is his job on the line if the skins don't get it done? we don't know exactly but one thing we do know his players on in that locker room are not ready to give up on this season no matter what code the head coach declares. >> i don't know. to me, code red means if we lose this, the season is over. >> honest any put the code red out there and there's no need for all of that. all we have to do is focus in and go on about and win. >> i don't think it's code red. i think it's too early. anything can happen. we can go on an eight game winning streak and this thing
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would be different. >> redskins not in panic mode just yet. defense, good news for them, they will face a rookie quarterback and the number 1 overall pick, jameis winston. moving on to baseball for a moment, nationals fans, it's earmuff time. i never thought i would say this but the new york mets are on the verge of going to the series. cubs fans are still hopeful. getting things going early. lucas, how you ease the tension right here. a three-run blast, that gave new york the lead. we skip ahead to the eighth inning, a 6-1 game, daniel murphy, he has just been on fire and they keep pitching to this guy. his sixth straight game with a home run, seventh in the post-season. mets lead the cubs right now, 8-3. this game is in the ninth
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inning. drastic times call for drastic outfits. toronto trying to avoid elimination here in the acls, bottom of the second. this is chris taking royals pitcher volquez deep. his second home run in the season, jays take a 1-0 lead. bottom of the sixth up 2-0. bases full for troy tulowitzki and delivers a double. jays go up 5-0 and force a game six with a 7-1 win. and preseason basketball taking place. third quarter, john wahle, the big guy on him. nice fade away jump shot there. john has 14 points to go with seven assists. fourth quarter, wizards down by three. sessions in the corner for a three. he will miss this but the rookie, kelly had nine points.
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final minute, wizards up by one, dwyane wade, a nice floater. heat win this one by a final score of 110 to 105. one of those teams, wizards or heat will be t
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they come from humble beginnings but today the first lady and the king stood side by side to show dreams really do come true.
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michelle obama and lebron james talked to parents about the importance of education. the lebron james foundation works to help students finish college. james went straight from high school to the nba and they're financing college for thousands of students at the college of
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- justin bieber. salman rushdie.


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