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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  October 22, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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. . . starting the day on a very slow note, i'm barbara harrison. we have been following some big traffic delays all morning long as countless people try to find another way to get around the gridlock. >> making her case, i'm kristen wright here at the live desk watching the event that everybody is watching. hillary clinton, once again, in the capitol hill, over an attack that killed four americans. >> just in, a dramatic rescue operation overseas. one american did not make it back alive. i'll tell you who they were trying to save. mild today but noticeably cooler tomorrow. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist, amelia segal.
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i'll let you no he hknow how bi temperature drop we are looking at. "news 4 midday" starts right now. > hillary clinton is in the hot seat on capitol hill testifying on benghazi. you are looking at live pictures now. the health select committee is grilling the former secretary of state candidate. we want to know if the attack that killed four could have been prevented. clinton suspendi clinton defending her actions. here is what she said just a foo you minutes ago. >> the accountability review board did not pull a single punch. they found systemic problems and management deficiencies in two state department bureaus. the review board recommended 29 specific improvements. i pledged that by the time i left office, every one would be on the way to implementation. they were.
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>> the republican-led committee is going through 50,000 pages of documents, including e-mails from u.s. ambassador to libya, chris stevens, who was killed in that attack. the benghazi committee will eventually give a final report that could be next year. we will have more updates throughout the day. barbara? >> thank you, kristin. right now, you may be just getting to your destination after a rough morning commute. on metro, fire trucks reported to the union station. a disabled red line had to be taken off the track. they he tweeted about having seen smoke coming from the train. at the same time, a silver spring bound train had to be offloaded at the takoma station because of a brake problem. >> a truck caught fire on the icc eastbound at new hampshire causing major delays. at one point, police had to shut the road down and take a look at the aftermath of the fire here.
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a pickup truck there pretty charred and run into the back of that semi. four people taken to the hospital after that crash. everybody expected to be okay. the road is now open. >> i'm megan mcgrath live outside the leila lounge in the union market area northeast where a deadly stabbing happened overnight. just a short time ago, police released the name of the victim. he is 19-year-old eric jones of clinton, maryland. the killer is still on the loose. the old union market is a busy place early in the morning as meat and produce wholesalers fill their order. overnight, there was a very different vibe on moore street and a large police presence following a deadly stabbing at the leila lounge. for philip that works at the gas station behind the club, the violence is a bit close for
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comfort. >> it can get out of hand. >> it was just after 1:00 a.m. there was some kind of an altercation inside the club and a man was stabbed. an employee says he performed cpr until police arrived and took over but the victim died. there are surveillance cameras at the club that could help investigators piece together what happened and who is responsible. life-long resident, wallace kirby, says the standing is just a part of a larger city-wide problem. >> we in a crisis here. it is not just this one isolated incident. we have this going on all throughout the city. >> reporter: police chief, cathy lanier, can use emergency powers to shut down a nightclub after an act of violence. i have a call into police. it is unclear what the chief plans to do in this particular situation. back to you in the studio. melissa. >> thank you, megan. >> new details right now. we are learning who the victim is in a shooting in southeast d.c.
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police tell us someone shot 42-year-old norman joaquin to death around 9:30 last night. it happened in the 1900 block of hugh street and minnesota avenue. at this time, there is no information on the suspect. >> we are following two developing stories in montgomery county right now. first, the family of five made it out of their burning home in damascus. flames quickly took over the house on damascus road. the roof partially collapsed. at within point, 75 firefighters helped knock down that fire. three adults and two children walked away unharmed but the house is a loss. >> in silver spring, a driver hit a woman walking in the area of u.s. 29 at new hampshire avenue. southbound u.s. 29 was shut down from new hampshire avenue to lockwood drive for hours during the morning commute. chopper 4 was over the mile-long backup. all lanes have since reopened. >> and here is a live look outside from one of our tower cameras looking northward into montgomery county. you can see a mostly sunny sky
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and leafs starting to change color. a beautiful day. temperature currently at 60 degrees. clouds will be increasing as we work our way into the afternoon and early evening hours. at 1:00, a temp around 71. 3:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m., in the mild, mid-70s. tomorrow, we are going to be tracking cooler temperatures. i will have your highs in your neighborhood coming up in about ten minutes. >> at the live desk, we are following a hostage rescue mission in iraq. a member of the american special operations forces was killed in this mission. the u.s. team was rescuing kurdish fighters as being held captive. >> metro's big safety concerns are at the top of the agenda. we are going to tell you what's in line and how they plan to make sure you stay safe as you travel around up to.
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right now, metro's board is meeting to discuss how safe you are while riding. news 4 tom sherwood is there. the union that represents metro's front line workers as well as the group that is oversight at the agency's transit safety. metro will also give an update on the switch to federal oversight earlier this month. the transportation secretary placed them under the direct oversight of the transportation safety system. >> new developments about a deadly knife attack overseas. police say the suspect is now dead. they say the man was wearing a mask when he showed up to a grade school in sweden this morning. he then pulled out the knife and
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started attacking people. a student and a teacher both died. another teacher and another student were also hurt before police shot the suspects. investigators are working to determine why this happened. the clock is ticking. why your commute could soon hit a roadblock because of congress. we are back in 60 seconds. narrator: puerto rico's economy is in a death spiral. to make matters worse, washington has plans to cut another $3 billion from the island's healthcare budget.
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puerto ricans pay the same medicare taxes, but receive less than half the funding of mainland states, leaving the system on life support. more cuts will push the economy to the edge of disaster and put every puerto rican's care in jeopardy. washington needs to act now to save healthcare for the three and a half million us citizens of puerto rico. high temperatures today will warm into the 70s. tomorrow, about 10 degrees cooler. a high in washington of 66. gait thursd gaithersburg, a high of 65. might not want to wash the car today or tomorrow. there are showers in the forecast on sunday. walking the dog today and tomorrow, looking great. exercise as well. again, cool tomorrow. you may want to grab the light
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jacket. temperatures in the 60s in washington and 70 in gate thursday burg. still at 63 in fredericksburg. a closer look at the weekend forecast and what kind of temperatures you can expect saturday and sunday. >> vre is making a strong demand to congress and this may leave you without a ride to work in the new year. >> congress set a deadline to have what's called a positive train control as a safety feature designed to automatically stop a train to avoid a crash or derailment. that deadline is here. it says if congress doesn't extend the deadline, some, if not all, train service would have to be suspended. amtrak made a similar plea earlier this month. the company said it too would become inop perable. the congress doesn't extend the deadlines. earlier this year, an amtrak train derailed outside of philadelphia killing eight people. if positive train control had been in place, that accident could have been prevented.
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>> a big first in the race for the white house. a new poll that shows a change in the tide.
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presidential candidate, hillary clinton, is on capitol hill right now. right now, they are showing e-mails to the committee. she may be testifying for several hours about the attacks on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya, three years ago. clinton was secretary of state
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at the time. she is expected to face a major grilling about what happened and the confusion an information following the attack. the committee in charge of the hearing is also facing criticism accused of using the case to hurt clinton in the polls. the hearing could have a major impact on how people view her. a new poll out this week said that 44% of americans, mostly republicans, are not satisfied with her response to the attack so far. 27% of americans said they are satisfied. a week from today, we will have a new house speaker. wisconsin representative, paul ryan, did not get the endorsement he wanted last night from the most hard line in the republican party. 70% of the house freedom caucus backed him but not the 80% he needed for a formal endorsement. >> another new poll in decision 2016 puts ben carson over donald trump thanks to a big boost from women. it gives carson 28% to trump's
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20% among iowa's likely republican caucus participants. that's almost a complete reversal from the poll results in mid-september. senator marco rubio and senator ted cruz take third and fourth place in today's poll. the top ten republican candidates for president will be host ag prime time debate wednesday on cnbc. noticeably not in the top ten, wisconsin governor shl wisconsin governor scott walker who dropped out after the last debate. the website wikileak has posted what appears to be the cia chief personal e-mails. some includes advice he gave on iran. they say they trimmed verizon in allowing enough of his information to reset the password and take it over. they had already revealed some of his e-mails, including names and social security numbers of some current and former intelligence officials. >> p haing right now, charles
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severances long-time friend is on the stand. raymond kroel is testifying for the defense. he just now watched surveillance video from target that shows the man behind victim nancy dunning. he testified that it was not severance. prosecution asked if he ever talked about murdering people. he answered no. severance is charged with murdering three people in alexandria following northern virginia bureau chief julie carey on twitter. she is live from the courtroom and keeping nbcwashington app handy. amelia. >> we are looking at high temperatures today, in the 70s. tomorrow, 60s. the 60s are going to last right on through the weekend. here is your weekend outlook. for saturday, a high temperature of 65. a bit cool. overall, nice with mostly to partly sunny skies. great for college football if you are heading to one of the local games on sunday. a little warmer.
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high of 68. there is the chance that you are dealing with some showers. that chance, pretty low at about 30%. the best chance of rain right now is looking during the morning and mid-day hours. no the a washout by any means. we will be tracking more cloud cover on sunday. this weekend, a good weekend to check out the fall foliage across the area. heading back to the west. look at high reports. >> it it illegal to ignore the stop sign on school buses. why are police giving violators in falls church a pass. molette green explains the one detail letting drivers off the hook. >> it seems like sup p such a minor detail the a program that works to protect children is apparently on hold. >> in falls church, cameras attached to school buses catch drivers in the act when the stop arm is out. right now, they won't get tickets in the mail. >> the point of the program is
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to keep children safe. the only way to keep children safe is to prevent violations from happening. >> police stopped handing out citations earlier this month and just this week the common wealth attorney general weighed in saying a change in the 2011 law is needed to restart the program. the legislature has to clearly spell out whether violators should get tickets in perp or receive a citation in the mail. current wording does not mention citation by mail. until that is fixed, this program is considered an effective way to keep drivers in check remains grounded. >> protecting the kids as they get off the bus is important. i think it is fantastic. >> while this ticket program is on hold for now in falls church, still important to remember the kids safety. it is illegal to pass a stopped school bus with its stop arm extended. can't say that enough, barbara.
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>> a new report out about how much folks visit affected traffic in our area. the transportation planning board actually says it got better with government having major holidays the same day. holiday traffic was 4% less the day the pope was here, which led to more than 10% congestion on the roadways and you more than 30% leakly to reliably get where you are going on time. the committee working to be build a memorial for president dwight eisenhower has three important names on that. they want a memorial honoring president eisenhower to be built in the district. a project design has been approved. not everyone in congress is on board. >> muwatching your favorite vids online without the annoying adds. this is reality. there is one catch. you can watch us when you are at work or on the go.
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open up the nbc washington app and tap watch live tv now at the top of the stream. top of the stream. news 4 midday live every weekday here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso. this moment is perfect in every way just like my kid
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gooey...flaky...happy. toaster strudel. now with more icing. here is one of the stories on social media. tomorrow, the national zoo will begin their annual zoo festival. a great excuse for them to wear their costumes a few days early. lots of fun activities and you get to pet the animals there. if you are looking for something a little bit scare remember, there are still great places to go. a haunted trail, a zombie hey roo hayride and a zombie trail. >> thank you, britney. i don't like the scary stuff. according to the u.s. geological survey, a magnitude earthquake may hit southern california.
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there is a 99.9% chance. the area at risk is a 100 kilometer area centered on la habra. >> we followed this story and have to watch a video on youtube. youtube announced yesterday, a new paid subscription service, which means no more ad. the new service called youtube red, will offer commercial-free access for under $10. you can sign up for it next week. it will be available worldwide
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we are listening in on the fbi giving testimony on capitol hill on threats from isis to the u.s. the committee wants to know what the fbi is doing to fight growing threats at home.
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>> increasingly, what isil does, is move the real life ones off of twitter to a mobile messaging app that is end to end encrypted. the needle we may have found becomes invisible to us. we are trying to predict and understanding people. a tool that the american people count on us to use is less and less effective. >> he is also expected to answer questions from the committee about management of the fbi and the bureau's impact on law enforcement activities. back to you. >> as we head into the afternoon hours, a mix of clouds an sunshine and mild temperatures. temps today running about 10 degrees above normal with a high of 76. back to average for tomorrow with a high of 66. we will have plenty of sunshine. overall, a really nice finish to the workweek. saturday, mostly to partly sunny skies. once again, we are in the mid-60s. upper 60s on sunday. there is the chance of some
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showers at about 30% mainly during the first half of the day. monday and tuesday, a little chilly. high temperatures in the low to mid-60s. the best chance of rain actually looks to arrive on wednesday. otherwise, overcast skies an a high of 66. currently a cross the area right now, temperatures are coming in in the 60s. washington at 60, college park at 66. >> those car infotainment systems are confusing. they found that the system in the mazda 6 was the most distracting, requiring multiple steps. for drivers talking to their phones, researchers said p ale's siri is more distracting than google now. right now on "news 4 midday," no laughing matter how a confrontation with a comedian started with an unexpected
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encounter that you might deal with almost every day. >> the big story of the day is unfolding right here in washington. we'll bring you an update on hillary clinton's testimony on capitol hill as she faces tough questions about a controversial questions about a controversial attack. it'll be here before you know it.
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just about 11:30. a nightclub stabbing. police are trying to find out who killed a 19-year-old man overnight.
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they are offering an award for information that leads to an arrest. police say eric jones died at the hospital after the stabbing at the lounge on moore street near union market area. >> fire forced a family out of their home earlier this morning. take a look at that. chopper 4 over the scene. flames quickly took over the house. the roof partially collapsed. three adults and two children walked away unharmed. the cause now under investigation. new developments about the violence in israel. john kerry just met with ben net tanya hoo. he is calling for an end to palestinian attacks in jerusalem. netanyahu denies that control of a shared holy site is prompting these attacks. >> it is time for the international community to stop spreading lies about israel, lies that they want to change the status quo of the temple mount, lies that israel wants to
11:31 am
tear down and lies that israel is executing palestinians. all of that is false. let's go to work and see what we can do. >> the two leaders met for four hours. kerry will meet with palestinian leader, mahmoud abbas in a few days. >> many are getting an update on a massive air bag recall and what's being done to protect you. they are hosting a public meeting in the southeast. more than 20 million vehicles were recalled because of faulty air bags. the air bags have been linked to eight deaths and more than 100 injuries. cat calling quickly escalated into an attack on a local comedian. she said she is not let teeing stop her from taking the stage on what could be her big break. she has a broken nose and two cuts and bruises. last week she says, some guys harassed her and hassled her and her friends while leaving a club
11:32 am
in northwest washington. when she ignored their advances, they attacked her. >> guys make it where you don't have a right to say no anymore but as a woman, you should be able to say no. you cannot really turn someone down but just say, no, like you are just not interested. >> sashe is planning to perform at d.c. improv, one of the best comedy clubs in the area. she said she would not let those that hurt her stop her from getting on stage. >> this man is in jail accused of killing a 4-year-old girl in new mexico earlier this week. we told you about the story. the shooting started as a road rage incident in albuquerque. the suspect confessed to shooting into a car and hitting the girl in the head. he is now in jail on a $650,000 cash bond. new video now. a first-hand look at a tragic shooting at a college in
11:33 am
arizona. police roux eleased dash cam vi showing officers arriving in northern university. footage showed what appears to be police finding the murder weapon. 18-year-old is involved in the shootings that hurt one and killed others. he have . >> seven church fires have been reported in a little more than two weeks. police say the fires are connected and all were started near the exterior doors of each church. the seventh was reported at the door of a church rectory in st. louis. no one has been hurt in what police are describing as an arson spree. >> barbara, a lot of events going on this week conditioneen. the walk to end hiv. eun and chuck will be there on saturday. 45 at 7:00 a.m. by mid-day, our temperatures will warm into the mid-50s.
11:34 am
plenty of sunshine. dry conditions for that event. we are keeping a close eye on the marine corps marathon, which is happening on sunday. some showers are possible. mainly, earlier in the day on sunday. 7:00 a.m., 9:00 a.m., that threat of some rain. mainly light in nature. it only stands at about 30% right now. otherwise, temperatures start off around 53 degrees by the time everything is wrapping up. temperatures will be in the low to mid-60s with some clearing in the cloud cover. >> they could easily be thinking the same thing. >> american universities students are reacting to anop must racist comments made by fellow students, comments that are showing up on the social media site yikyak. some students say they are not taking enough action. some call black students derogatory names and some endorse slavery. students say they hosted a forum
11:35 am
last year but they don't feel like anything has changed. the assistant vice-president of campus life says the school is teaching racial sensitivity. >> we have been doing a lot of faculty development and training. >> i think that american university champions itself as a diverse and progressive institution but you see how the students really feel and what they truly have to say. >> school leaders say, it is difficult to i.d. the students making those posts. >> millions of cars recalled over a pretty alarming safety concern. the in you numbers show why one thing could save your health and so
11:36 am
toyota is recalling 6.5 million cars to repair faulty switches. that's equivalent to two-thirds of toyota's annual global production. this is the fourth time since 2009 that toyota has issued a
11:37 am
recall due to the same issue. it is not just one model that's affected. the recall covers multiple models with years ranging from 2007 to 2011. with your kr. nbc morning business report, i'm landon doughty. >> the fans are pushing metro to speed up the timeline to provide you with better phone service underneath. they are installing cables to make it easier for passengers to reach 911 and emergency. it could take five years the federal transportation commission wants to oversee it. there is a shortage of a flu vaccine that is the nasal spray. it will be available through charles county public schools. it is pushed back until december because of manufacturing delays. they still plan to offer some shots at upcoming community clinics instead of waiting for the flu mist to arrive. >> it helps but it takes a toe
11:38 am
on your wallet as well. there are more than $10 billion a year in direct medical costs connected to the flu not to mention billions more in lost productivity. the centers for disease control expanded its recommendation to flu vaccination to everyone over six months old. some offer protection against three strains of the flu virus. others offer protection against four. there is a new way to get around town today, plus the new tv character that is breaking down barriers. she is about to appear on a kids
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right now, the temperature at reagan national is 60 degrees, mostly sunny skies. we will have increasing clouds as we move on into the afternoon. we are going to warm up nicely today. at 1:00, we'll jump to a temperature around 71. 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 p.m., temps are
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going to hover in the mid-70s. a mild 74 degrees. great weather for walking the dog or going for that afternoon bicycle ride. or going for a run. college football, this weekend, looking good for all of the gaem games, whether you are heading to annapolis or baltimore. dry conditions, you can find this forecast on my facebook and twitter pages. thanks, amelia. you may have already seen it. there is a new uber option in the uber app to save you some money. uber will connect you with someone traveling the same way so you can share your ride and split the cost. like the uber pool option in the app. it is 25% cheaper than uber x. uber pool service goes from the district, arlington, alexandria, reagan national and dulles international airport. >> there is a brand new character joining the sesame street fashion. julia, yellow and has autism. they are introducing her to
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remove stigma about that condition. it is called, see amazing in all children. >> one of the biggest mysteries of the presidential race is a mystery no more. what happens now that the vice-president has made his ♪
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♪ ♪
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we want to go back to hillary clinton testifying on benghazi. they want to know if the attack that killed four americans could have been prevented. she defended the risky nation talking about the unreability of security and independent review and recommendation from a review board. she says, communication was difficult. >> it was something that was, as i said in my opening statement, more reminiscent of the way century. we didn't have the internet. we didn't have instantaneous communications. you would send diplomates and envoys into places and not hear from them for maybe months. this was obviously not of that kind but it was not that different in degree of what we had done before. it was a risky undertaking and
11:45 am
one which chris volunteered for and was anxious to undertake. >> the committee is going through thousands of documents including e-mails chris stevens was killed in that attack. the benghazi will eventually give a final report. that could be next year. back to you. >> the democratic race for the white house is now essentially a two-person showdown. >> after more than 80 days of back and forth, vice-president biden has announced he will not seek the no, ma'am naegs. kristen welker reports, boughing out does not mean sitting on the sideline. >> vice-president joe biden changing the democratic race, deciding not to jump in. >> i believe we are out of time, the time necessary to mount the campaign for the nomination. >> he restled with the decision for months after losing his son, bo, in may. the grieving process, long and painful. >> it very well may be that that process, by the time we get through it, closes the window on
11:46 am
mounting a realistic campaign. i have concludeded it has closed. >> biden at times sounded leak a candidate wednesday seeming to take aim at hillary clinton who recently called republicans her enemy. >> sthe are not our enemy. for the sake of the country, we have to work together. >> and urging democrats not to stray from the obama administration's ideals. >> democrats should not only defend this record and protect this record, they should run on the record. >> clinton didn't take issue with biden's comment. instead, calling him a great vice-president. tweeting, the vice-president is a good friend and a great man. clinton has the most to gain with polls showing her lead over vermont senator, bernie sanders, incompetent creases without biden in the race. sanders also weighed in. >> joe biden is a man that has devoted his entire live to public service and to the well-being of working family.
11:47 am
so did republicans. >> i thought he would have been a pretty competitive candidate. >> i think he did the smart thing. frankly, i don't know that he would have won. i don't think he would have gotten the nomination. frankly, i really want to run against hillary. i really do. >> that was kristen welker reporting sources familiar with biden's decision, tell nbc news last week's democratic debate was a critical turning point in his choice. hillary clinton was so dominant, it was hard for biden's team to see a path to victory. if you want to leave a comment, head over to our nbc washington facebook page and tell us what you think. amelia? we are looking at a beautiful afternoon. currently, temperatures are in the 60s and 70s. a mixture of clouds an sunshine. frederick, 64.
11:48 am
manassas at 66. highs today in the mid-70s. for the most part, tomorrow, noticeably cooler. highs tomorrow will be about 10 degrees cooler than today with a high in washington of 66. manassas, a high of 68. however, we will still have plenty of sunshine throughout the day. coming up in ten minutes, barbara, i'm going to have another look at the next seven days, what kind of temperatures you, expect for the weekend and when you will most likely be dealing with some rain. >> amelia, thank you. this week's wednesday child is a wonder if you boy who is a real winner. he just needs the right team to play on, a mom, a dad, uncles, aunts, grandparents, whoever would come along with a brand new adopted family. cody is good at kicking the ball toward the goal but his real goal is finally having a place to call home. >> so you really like soccer, huh? >> 9-year-old cody says he loves playing soccer and was really excited about coming here for some tips on improving had is game. >> i had, dan. >> i want you to meet my friend,
11:49 am
cody co cody. cody loves soccer. >> dan ferguson brought along shorts and a shirt for cody. after a quick change, he was read do i to hit the field to kick the ball around a bit. in cody's young life. he has been bounced around ending up in the foster care system. >> he has been bounced around from relative to relative and finally, he had a caretaker that wasn't treating him well, wasn't able to care for his needs. she says, cody, who is doing well now, came into the foster care system with a challenge of building self-esteem. it has helped that he is feeling a sense of accomplishment on the field and he got positive feedback from dan here. your body weight as excellent. >> i was kicking the ball from the cone into the goal, the cone was right here. and i kicked the ball past it. >> he plays soccer at school and
11:50 am
he likes it. >> what grade are you? >> fourth grade. >> you like school? >> yes, ma'am. >> what's your favorite subject? >> science. >> cody says he wants to be an inventor when he grows up. before that, he would like to finally have a real, permanent, loving family. >> i would like a mom and a dad and just me and a dog. >> he wants a forever family. he tells me all the time. he is like, well, this is what i want and this is what i don't want. >> i want a home that doesn't have a dog already and i want to buy it. go and pick it out and bring it home and take care of it. >> cody is a dprgreat kid. he is fun, happy, energetic. he just lights up your world every time he smiles. >> cody wants a family to love him. >> and i would love them back. >> that love will surely light up the world for a family lucky enough to adopt cody. >> lots of fun.
11:51 am
>> if you have room in your home and your heart for cody, or another child who is waiting, call our special adoption hotline, 1-88-to-adopt-me or search wednesday's child on >> thank you, barbara, what a sweet guy. look at the little yellow look at the little yellow additions that have a l here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon
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into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso. this moment is perfect in every way just like my kid gooey...flaky...happy. toaster strudel. now with more icing. i'm eun yang. we are following stories you are clicking op. city growth in america is uneven between 2000 and 2013. certain regions of the country grew much faster than others. the dark area shows where growth is highest. rally, north carolina, is the fastest growing city in the u.s., seeing a 50% growth followed by bakersfield, california, and ft. worth,
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texas. much of the growth is concentrated in the northeast. according to "time" magazine, there are 185 new emo jis to be exact. you will need to update your phone from faces with rolling eyes, for the foodies in you and hotdogs and pizza and the middle finger gesture use that with cause. apple says, always backup your phone before updating your software. we head now to the "huffington post" for this very interesting story about science savvy art. a micro biologist has recreated the iconic starry night painting using bacteria, yes, bacteria. as strange as this may sound, micro biologist, melanie sullivan, did a pretty good job looking at the van gogh masterpiece nekt to masterpiece next to t you can see the beauty and bacteria. i didn't realize you could make
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art with bacteria. science is amazing. i love van gogh. the car that brings your next pizza delivery may not be any car. we are showing you what could be the future of food delivery
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some of you are pretty excited to watch the world series. some may have a hard time watching knowing the new york mets may be one of the teams on the field. >> we haven't been to the world series since 2000 and the mets are on their way back. >> the mets, of course, beat out the nationals to win the national league east this year. they just swept the cubs to take the nl pennant and set up a world series matchup with irg the kansas city royals or the toronto blue jays. those teams are still vying for the a.l. title and they will play again tonight at 8:00. >> pizza lovers, you are going to like this one. dominos is rolling out a pizza mobile for deliveries.
11:56 am
unfortunately, they aren't running in our area, at least not right now. take a look as they transformed a chevy spark painted with domino's colors. that is no the all. they have room for 80 pizzas inside. it doesn't have passenger seats so they can fit them along with a warming oven in the vehicle. it beams out a light for deliveries at night. amelia? >> sounds pretty good. i don't care how my pizza arrives, as long as it is tasty, warm and has a lot of cheese. today, a really nice day, a high of 76. after today, we fall into the 60s and remain there right on through next wednesday. there is the chance of some showers on sunday mainly during the first half of the day. v.j. is in right now. we will get new information in. she will have the latest timing for the best chance of rain. loo lo looks to be on wednesday. >> thanks for joining us. we are back on the air this afternoon, first at 4. >> you can get news and weather updates any time with the nbc
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washington app. washington app. have a great
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. milk, fruit, cultures. mmmm, yoplait.
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