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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  October 22, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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who can name the third president? and the largest planet? someone we haven't heard from. anyone else? when comcast offered low-cost high-speed internet to low-income families, more than two million hands went up. and pretty soon, so did everyone's in the classroom. ok, veronica. amphibian excellent! internet essentials from comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide. now at 11:00, a marathon hearing reaches the finish line. what we learn in 11 hours of testimony from hilary clinton about the attacks in benghazi. >> purses, wallets, iphones all
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targeted in half a dozen armed robberies in less than an hour. why it could be the last straw for some neighbors. >> chemotherapy overdose, how a typo put a 1-year-old already battling a rare form of cancer in intensive care. >> that breaking news in montgomery county tonight, one person dead in this crash in takoma park and two others injured. >> the big mystery tonight, how this all happened. there were no other cars involved. shomari stone live with the latest on that crash and two other people inside that car. shomari. >> reporter: good evening, right now. montgomery county accident reconstruction officers are trying to determine what caused this crash. the weather was fine. nothing on the roadway, looking to see if alcohol was possibly a factor. they're taking pictures of the scene. this is carroll avenue.
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move to the right, you see bl k blinking lights, a police cruiser making sure people don't come down carroll avenue near long branch parkway. the car was driving and for some reason the driver lost control, jumped the curve, hit a brick wall and crashed. it happened around 7:30 tonight. there were people in the car. the driver died on the scene, managed to rush two passenger those hospital. one in serious condition, we don't know the condition of the other one. police have not released the names or relationship between the two victims. we don't know if it's family and if speed or alcohol played a role. police are expected to release more information tomorrow. news4. >> a rash of armed robberies may be the last straw for some people in d.c.'s capitol hill and neighborhoods. >> there were a series of
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robberies last night between 9:00 and 10:00 all clustered near the potomac avenue and navy yard metro station reporting from 13th street southeast where one woman said she's ready to move. >> i have another neighbor who decided to put her house up for sale because she no longer feels safe in this neighborhood. >> reporter: elected as neighborhood advisor less than a year ago, daniel says this last week has been some of the rou roughest? we had gunshots fired one saturday night, sunday night and we all know about last night. >> reporter: he's talking about a robbery one of at least a half-dozen that took place in the navy yard capitol hill area. police have not released specifics but a victim of one of the crimes said he was robbed at gunpoint by a group of three young men. >> my next door neighbor was calling me and she was in a panic. her husband had gone to work and
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she was hearing helicopters circle half an hour and she's scared. >> reporter: in one crime the victim had his bike and cell phone taken. jackie bensen, news4. >> new at 11:00, we just list listened to a series of 911 calls that lead to a woman being found dead in her prince george's home, a man saying he was on the phone with amanda jones and then heard her scream in what sounded like a struggle before the phone went dead. the same man called again tuesday morning after not being able to get in touch with jones. later that morning, jones' daughter found her body. today, mitchell cole was charged with her murder. a man died in northeast d.c. tonight after being stabbed several times. news4 was on the scene. first responders tried to save the victim. it happened today at the langston terrace dwellings on g street northeast. we're told 51-year-old nathaniel moody was stabbed at least four times. no arrests have been made.
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he was a d.c. police officer and church pastor and he used police headquarters and the house of worship in southeast to sexually abuse underage girls. darrell best, seen here at a may court appearance plead guilty to several charges today. best was also convicted of child pornography because he had sexual images of a victim on his phone. one of the girls told her parents about the abuse in march and police arrested best two days later. he's facing 18 years in prison. it's video you saw first here on news4. this has many of you outraged. it show aspirins george's county school bus texting behind the wheel. kids on the bus at james madison middle school took pictures of the dangerous driving before. this was the first time they were actually able to get video. despite that parents are concerned nothing will get done because the driver still has a job. >> even after this incident was brought to the attention of the
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administrat administrators, they had her still on the same route. and okay, nothing's being done snooemt our disciplinary process needs to take place. we don't expound on what actually we're doing with a particular employee. >> parents say the same bus is often late forcing kids to find other ways to school. a prince george's county father took his concerns to the school board after he says his child was spanked by a kind kindergarten teacher. it happened at the french immersion school a year ago and other students complained about the same teacher hitting them and the school said there is no wrongdoing. that teacher is now working for a different local school district. changes you will notice in the weather as you head out tomorrow. we got close to 80 today. what can we expect tomorrow? >> today was an amazing beautiful day. temperatures high 70s. 76 in d.c., 81 in leesburg.
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80 warrington, 81 in martinsburg, simply gorgeous. we have a cold front, making its way through right now. it will take all this warm air and shove it down towards the south. here comes the cooler air. it looks like it wants to stick around for the weekend. not nearly as warm tomorrow. nice for the sunshine but rather breezy. the coolest is tomorrow night, talking about a very cool saturday morning. we'll go over the numbers for you over the weekend, plus, tracking a category 5 hurricane and pictures of flooding in texas, too. >> after 11 hours of testimony on capitol hill, hilary clinton smiles for the cameras as she finally gets to leave today's benghazi hearing. from the morning into the night the former secretary of state answered questions about the 2012 terror attacks and defended her actions as secretary of state. there were no major revelations during the testimony today and as steve handelsman shows us
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now, it's unclear if the highly anticipated session changed any minds. >> hilary clinton stayed cool at the marathon 11 hour hearing as republicans again charged she tried to cover up the trift attack on 9/11, 2012. >> you knew the truth. that's not what the american people got. >> she again denied the cover-up. >> there was a lot of confli conflicting information we were trying to make sense of. >> clinton did get emotional when she sold lawmakers she c e cares more than they do about the four americans that died in benghazi. >> i thought more about what happened than all of you put together. i've lost more sleep than all of you put together. >> the committee has clinton e-mails, none from slain ambassador, chris stevens, no indication stevens asked clinton for hp. >> he did not raise security with me. he raised security with the security professional. >> democrats charge the hearing is about clinton's run for the white house. >> we're better than using
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taxpayer dollars to try to destroy a campaign. that's not what america is all about. >> on benghazi itself, no fresh disclosu disclosures. >> no way to know yet whether this helps or hurts clinton's presidential campaign that was stuck for months over benghazi and her e-mails. >> clinton could soon have one less competitor for the drink nomination. in a tweet tonight, senator lincoln chafee said he'll make an announcement about his presidential ambitions tomorrow morning. it's unclear exactly what he will say. his poll numbers have been hovering around zero and did not make an impact in last week's debate. we know what paul ryan is doing. he made it official he's running for house speaker. the wisconsin republican formally declared his candidacy after getting support across the gop. if the 45-year-old ryan gets the
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speaker's gavel, he would become one of the youngest house speakers in history. the parents of the two victims of this row house fire in dupont circle are suing the homeowner for wrongful negligence and death. they died in june in this home on riggs place. their parents are seeking $10 million per family. the suit claims that the home had no working smoke detecter or fire extinguisher along with windows that wouldn't open and no fire escape ladder. investigators are asking for your help tonight to find two men they say shot and robbed a teenager in charles county. take a good look at this sketch. sheriff's deputies released it tonight. they say two weeks ago this man and another shot a 17-year-old in the leg on a waldorf trail and took his bike. that teen was able to wave down a school bus driver who called for help. breaking news tonight that could bring closure to dozens of
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family. debris washing up near the spot where a cargo ship disappeared during hurricane joaquin. >> a baby gets an overdose of his chemotherapy drug because of a typo. >> like a nightmare. and nasa's pluto fly-by has a target in deep space. >> i'm melissa with your traffic at 123, the right lane is shut down until
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prince george's developing tonight in the bahamas a large piece of debris washed ashore. the elfa faro sank after losing power three weeks ago. other debris including shoes and toiletries have washed ashore as well. the coast guard has not confi confirmed it's all from the ship. all 28 americans and five polish crew members on board that ship died. tonight, united airlines is apologizing for an incident where a man who use as wheelchair was left alone on a plane. it happened tuesday night at the reagan national airport. darcee neal waited nearly half an hour for someone to bring him a chair at the aisle seat. he was uncomfortable and when no one showed he crawled his way out of the plane. >> i lifted the armrest and got down on my hands and knees and
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proceeded to crawl. i was halfway in the middle of the plane at that point. i crawled up the rest of the way through the aisle and i got to the end and i had to crawl over the entryway to make sure i didn't fall obviously. >> united reached out to neal today and told him they're investigating and they're giving him a free travel voucher. the national disability rights network says tonight these kind of complaints are on the rise with air travel. a battle with a rare form of cancer was already taking a heavy toll on a 1-year-old and his family in philadelphia. now, that child is fighting to survive a chemotherapy overdose. his father tells drew smith from our sister station in philly he's living through a nightmare. >> 11-month-old isaac harrison has not had an easy life. >> he goes through all these pa pains, losing hair, crying excessi excessively. he describes isaac's challenge dealing with too much
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chemotherapy dealing with his rare form of cancer. >> first i want to say how sorry we are that this mistake happened. >> reporter: the family provided paperwork that came from the hospital that shows an error of a dose of 3 milligrams instead of 3.3. this issue may have gone on for five days. the hospital's pediatrician in chief, mary moran, agreed to sit down with us. >> we need to be very careful with anything drug we are administ administering, whether chemotherapy or something else. >> reporter: we asked what doctors are doing to make sure it doesn't happen again. doctors said they're investig e investigating and plan to make changes if necessary and includes education and ordering. >> i think the element of care is to aspire for the best and acknowledge when you've fallen short. >> reporter: they're communic e communicating with the harrisons who are still trying to comprehend this latest setback
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to their baby's health. >> they said this is one of the biggest medical mistakes in 35 years. >> reporter: baby isaac is at a different hospital. we checked in with the family. he's now out of icu but doctors are still having trouble regulating his temperature. >> parts of texas on high alert tonight for flash flooding. storms are dumping heavy rain in some spots. this is flooding in odessa. there have been dozens of swift water rescues and several travel trailers and a mobile home floated away from an rv park. a flashflood watch in effect in the dallas area through saturday. >> a massive hurricane can make things even worse. >> it really could. right now the hurricane is in the pacific and could affect areas like porta vy vyarte.
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this has become a calling 5 hurricane and winds at 65 miles an hour. incredibly strong and here as puerta s>dsval larta on the rig hand side and across and towards the gulf of mexico. it wouldn't be a storm anymore and have a lot of moisture and some towards texas and eventu eventually next week some of that moisture could come our way right before halloween. across the region, 62 degrees, winds out of the south at 7 miles an hour. a very nice and very mild night. 68 in hagerstown. 63 in leesburg, 53 in culpeper. temperatures not move a lot. they go down a little bit once the front moves through tomorrow morning. radar not showing anything. high and dry and we need to see some rain but looks like we will be waiting a while. here's the front.
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look at the clouds, few showers along the front and wider view showing how long it is extending to nova scotia and going all the way back and hitting this storm back towards colorado bringing storms to the mountains and all that rain towards texas. high temperatures very warm. 70s, 80 in cincinnati and only 62 in chicago. that's the air we will see come in during the day tomorrow. overnight low temperatures, 56 in d.c., 49 in leesburg. cool but nowhere near the 20s and 30s we saw a couple days ago. tomorrow we will be significa significantly cooler by 10 to 15 degrees. not bad at all. 62 in martinsburg, 63 in manassas. the only difference is we will see rather breezy conditions tomorrow and we will feel a little cooler. these guys have the right idea,
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sunglasses and light jacket and long pants. 56 on friday, 65 on saturday. 66 on friday. a chance of showers on sunday and coincides with the marine corps marathon. 66 degrees sunday, chance of showers but you won't need the big umbrella, the little umbrella, small umbrella you can carry around with you, occasional shower and not all day rain at all. behind that front, that's the day we get really cool, highs in the upper 60s in the suburbs. and the chance of rain next wednesday and thursday. hurricane patricia and some moisture could move in thursday and we could see good amounts of rain. we do need to see heavy rain and looks like next wednesday and thursday would be our best chance. right now, it looks like that storm moves out by halloween and huge news for all the kids.
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>> very good news. by then we'll have wet leaves all over the ground. >> thank you. coming up next in sports, how close are a couple of key redskins from r
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jameis is here, bucs are coming our way. >> you have to make rookie quarterbacks play. only two teams have rookie
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positions playing the important position quarterback. jameis winston the number 1 pick of the draft but like most rookies, winston has struggled during his league in the league. he's five games into his career and thrown 1100 yards with seven touchdowns but also seven intercepti interceptions. he has a 56% completion rate. in his own words, winston says he's nobody in this league yet and that the other teams don't have to worry about him. redskins know they may have the upper hand but aren't ready to write off the rookie just yet. >> when you're going up against the number 1 overall pick. he's the number 1 overall pick for a reason. he has a tremendous skill-set, can move in the pocket and has a hell of an arm. >> he was the first pick of the draft for a reason. has to be not --
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>> meanwhile, the skins will get back some bodies on the offensive side of the ball. mike jones reporting williams and jordan reed have been cleared and are expected to play in this game. williams and reed both practiced for a second straight day earlier. they both missed last weekend's game against the jets with concussi concussions. > also the skins starting chris culliver and angelo hall. they did not practice. the capitals can flat out score. they averaged close to five goals a game. they were in vancouver for a late puck drop. capitals, 4-1 on the season, facing a tough goalie in the canu canucks, ryan miller. however, they did strike first. five minutes in the opening period. beagle. caps go up a goal early. later on to the second period. the same score, the canucks.
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the capitals zone right here. henrik sa dee, and that's your equalizer. they just scored in the second period. over to baseball. don mattingly out as manager of the los angeles dodgers. he and the team agreed to part ways today. you could see possibly him in the nationals dugout next season. he racked up over 400 wins with the dodgers and his team has made three post-season trips. and they showed interest in the bench coach in l.a. back in 2009. >> like him. >> there's a reas ♪
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i'm jeremy mcpike, candidate for state senate, and i sponsored this ad. republican hal parrish claims he improved transportation. but the truth is he was nowhere to be found. literally. parrish holds a seat on the northern virginia transportation authority, but 34 times he failed to show up for meetings. parrish skipped more meetings than any other member. and hal parrish refused to support the bi-partisan transportation bill. why would we want to get stuck with republican hal parrish in richmond?
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s. the tv judge everybody loves to hate is coming back, this time to nbc. simon cowell will be on the panel of "america's got talent" next summer. cowell judged for several seasons on "american idol" and quickly became famous for his strong honest opinions two years ago and became a dad and says fatherhood will not make him soft as a judge. i wonder. >> the spacecraft that gave us our first closeup images of pu toe has a new target now, pluto about a billion miles from the 9th planet known as mu 69.
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it was chosen because it is in the same belt as pluto and or t orbits the sun. it will be more than four years extending its mission to 13 years and if everything goes well it will set a mission for the most distant object ever e
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- andy samberg, carrie underwood,


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