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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  October 23, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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washington parkway and ended on riverdale road and police say this was a close call. >> the defendant proceeded to turn around with the gun and fired the runngun as he's runni away and a very conscious decision he made. >> joseph clay pointed his fully-loaded gun at an officer and pulled the trigger. >> had he known what he was doing with the gun it absolutely would have fired. we gcould have potentially had another officer killed in the line of duty. >> it happened on riverdale road. the prince george's officer pulled over the vehicle for driving under the speed limit at 25 miles per hour on the parkway. during the stop, clay, the passenger jumped out of the car and the officer chased him. police say clay pulled his trigger in what would have been a point-blank shot. ? it was most likely user error and it was -- i believe nine rounds were in the magazine and he did not know at the time that
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you have to chamber a round and it will put it into the chamber and it will fire. >> the officer took clay into custody without firing his own weapon. >> if someone is firing at you a officer can return fire and he would have been justified and he did not use force in the manner of returning gun fire. 24-year-old david edward hall was driving the vehicle and faces charges. clay who was already wanted in attempted murder in connection with another shooting in riverdale is now looking at attempted murder of a cop. >> it could have been a very bad incident yesterday and fortunately, it turned out with a good ending and we apprehended him. >> reporter: prince george's county say that open warrant may be why the gunman responded the way he did. coming up at 6:00, what they found in the vehicle that led to charges for the driver. live in riverdale, i'm tracee wilkins, back to you in the studio. did you see what happened today on the bay bridge? take a look, this is a truck dangling over the side of the
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bridge. the accident brought eastbound route 50 to a standstill for hours during the early morning commute. the good news here is no one was hurt. be glad it's not summer, too. here is a picture showing all lanes back open for your evening commute. breaking news as one of the most powerful storms ever recorded bears down on mexico's pacific coast we're talking hurricane patricia is now a monster category 5 storm blowing 200 mile-an-hour winds and 200 on the coastlines between the cities of manzanillo and puerto vallarta. tens of thousands of people are being evacuated and puerto vallarta and port are both closed making it that much tougher. tourists are racing by car to leave the region. those not able to get out are moving inland and hunkering down. >> i'm just worried because if we don't get out of here and we drove into town to get out which
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is not the direction we wanted to go, so if we don't make the flight then we're -- we are riding it out here. >> reporter: mexican authorities have issued a state of emergency, obviously. hurricane patricia is expected to make landfall before 10:00 tonight. doug is tracking it all right now. doug, where do you not want to be along that coastline? >> puerto vallarta, we're getting more news and the latest advisory is now in. the win winds are down to 190 m an hour and look at the eye. an extremely small eye and the eye contracting and the center of circulation extremely small and again, the winds with this storm are very strong. 1 190-mile-per-hour winds and down from 200 earlier and moving to the north-northeast at 14 miles per hour and as it does so, i mentioned manzanillo and that is because they are now on the east side of that storm and the northeast quadrant is going to be the worst part. that's manzanillo.
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to the western portion around port vallarta and they're making their way in toward the north and west. i want to show you the winds here and what i'm showing you is hurricane-force winds of 75 miles an hour or greater. so, yes, we are seeing over 1 195-mile-per-hour winds. manzanillo will see winds over 60 miles per hour and not quite hurricane force and their biggest threat will be flooding and storm threat. for puerto vallarta the winds here may only get to 40 to 50 miles per hour sustained and they may see hurricane-force winds and they're not seeing the 190 mile per hour winds and those should stay to the south and that is very good news for them and i don't think they'll see much in the storm surge and puerto vallarta may get hit, but they won't see the worst of the storm. >> people in the newsroom have friends who are vacationing there and we just heard a woman
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say they'll try it out if they can't get inland. >> i think in puerto vallarta you can. the reason i say that is because it will be far enough south and east away from them that the highest winds and the storm surge should not be that huge of an impact. now you have to remember where this is down in mexico. they may be without power and without water for days, if not weeks. that's the biggest concern that i have, but one thing they'll get out first is that airport. doug kammerer. thank you, doug. >> this sunday will bring 40,000 runners to town for the marine corps marathon and veterans will notice a slight change and the course is a bit different this year, when you get to the end of the race in arlington, it still goes you through the downtown area and between miles 22 and 24 there will be a u-turn. we posted more about the course change details if you want to go cheer on your runners in our nbc washington app and we have live team coverage of the marathon as runners get set to pound the pavement. in a moment veronica will tell us what mother nature has in
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sto store. and meagan fitzgerald with the countdown to the run. >> reporter: you got that right. we are just two days away from the start of the race and runners are excited and prep got under way out here at the finish line, and i just saw some folks taking a lap around the area here just getting ready for those final days. 40,000 people are expected to participate in this race and we had an opportunity to speak with some of them earlier at the health and fitness echo. the convention center started filling up since the doors opened at 8:30 on friday morning. officialing kicking off the start to the 40th anniversary of the marine corps marathon. along with the vendors. >> the dragon rice is great for muscle relief. >> i need that. >> people who travelled in from all over the world to be here to compete. >> the dominican republic.
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>> for some, the marathon is a test for of their endurance. >> i'm doing it for the fun and fitness of it. >> just to be able to say thank you. there's nothing else i can do, but say thank you. >> i'm just filling the bags for these guys, for the runners. >> coretta won't be one of the runners, but she volunteers every year because she understands the sacrifice these men and women make every day. >> this is why i do it. both of my sons, they're in the military. >> reporter: so whatever the reason, runners and supporters come out. many would agree it's a chance to show our service men and women just how much we care, and i feel so thankful for them because if it weren't for them we wouldn't be here and be free. >> reporter: road closures will take effect going at 4:00 a.m. going until 1:00 p.m. and many roads will be closed down during
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that time period. for an entire list head to our nbc washington app and search marathon. for an important piece of all of this, your race day forecast, we turn to v.j., a soggy start again? >> not using the word soggy anymore. over the last 12 hours there's been an improvement in the weather for sunday. storm team 4 has been tracking it and still showers in the forecast for the early morning hours starting at 4:00 and 5:00 a.m. and continuing until 10:00 a.m. and no moderate or heavy rain and by the time we get past 10k clo a.m. and it will be very spotty and very light and check out the temperatures because it will be a chilly start for us in the 50s. low and mid-50s as folks start lining up and stretching. they'll be wearing an extra layer, but as we get into the afternoon and low to mid 60s with just some spotty showers expected across our area and there will still be a bit of cloud cover and after we get
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into the afternoon hours and after lunchtime and 1:00, 2:00 and there may be a breeze, as well and we'll take a look at the rest of your weekend weather and where some of the moisture of hurricane patricia can make her way to our area. >> thanks, v.j. "politico" magazine is calling it hillary's best week ever. fresh off the marathon 11-hour benghazi hearing, hillary clinton traveled across the potomac and told the crowd she's running for her first term and not for president obama or bill clinton's third term. she also referenced the vice president joe biden's speech this week when she said the democrats should be proud of the obama record and she called for less partisan bickering. >> i don't think president obama gets the credit he deserves for leading us out of that great recession. >> i know how to find common ground. i did it in the senate. i did it as secretary of state, and i will certainly do it as
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president. i will go anywhere, any time to with anybody to find common ground. >> clinton's going to have her first interview since those benghazi hearings and it's tonight she'll be joining rachel maddow on msnbc starting at 9:00. big money is rolling into the state senate race in virginia to pay for ads promoting gun control and the father of the roanoke tv reporter killed on television is also lending his help. our northern virginia bureau chief julie carey tells us why so much is at stake in this con contest. >> this is a district that runs all of the way from prince william county from gainesville in the west to manassas and all of the way to woodbridge and it's opened for the first time in decades and if democrats can win it, they could regain control of the state senate and that's why governor mcauliffe and even former mayor michael bloomberg is so focused on district 29. >> democratic state senate candidate jeremy mcpike given a
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prominent role in today's hillary clinton rally. >> governor mcauliffe says getting the pike elected is key to his agenda. >> need one seat to get control of the senate so i can get medicaid expansion and safe gun restricts to help to build a new virginia county. >> and he's been in local politics since he was first elected to the council in 1993. >> today this ad targeting parish begins airing and it features andy parker, the father of the roanoke reporter who was sthot death. >> the ad is part of a $1.5 million investment and the bloomberg group every town is in the race on behalf of democrat mcpike and they recently held a rally for his campaign. as a volunteer firefighter he says he's seen the gun violence. >> it's important to speak something that has real meaning to them. how he well understands the fear
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and terror gun violence can produce. >> his son was a senior at virginia tech when 32 students and faculty were killed. >> i want to work on trying to make sure that people who shouldn't have guns because of the mental health issues. i want to work on that. >> reporter: virginia republican leaders called the bloomberg ad buy an act of desperation. >> they have an out of state bully coming in and dropping 700,000 on's race because they know that we were ahead and most likely to have our own senate. >> that the have their own hot-button issue that's getting lots of traction. their ideas of tolls and what they're saying in their ad when i join you at 6:00. reporting live, i'm jiely carey, news 4. >> local agencies are training for a biological mass casualty. i'm mark segraves and coming up, i'll talk about this trinning
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scenario. he was killed over a yard bird, the officers who knew him best makes a special tribute next. >> a high-tech gift, and werl >> a high-tech gift, and werl take you to the school that's
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the washington post endorses democrat jeremy mcpike for state senate. applauding mcpike's "ideas about getting traffic moving." the post warns republican hal parrish "holds rigid positions against medicaid expansion and common-sense gun safety." and parrish was the deciding vote to restrict women's health clinics in manassas, forcing women to go elsewhere for cancer screenings and birth control. jeremy mcpike is the better choice. i'm jeremy mcpike, candidate for state senate, and i sponsored this ad.
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i'm jeremy mcpike, candidate for state senate, as mayor, parrishrrish cut school funding nearly three million dollars. reading and science scores fell. parrish said no to opening new women's health clinics, denying access to cancer screenings and breast exams. so instead of dealing with the economy and jobs, parrish will join with the richmond extremists to slash education and threaten women's health care. hal parrish -- too extreme for virginia. feinblatt: everytown for gun safety action fund sponsored this ad.
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he spent his life trying to protect the community. he died at his own house when his stepson got angry about yardwork. now joseph newell's name will be seen by all detectives who work at the same space he once did. chris gordon with the special dedication. >> it is a fitting tribute to his 24 years of service to the community and the metropolitan police department. a plaque with the pictures of slain detective joseph newell now looks over the new office of the investigators he worked with all of those years. today's memorial brought smiles, but also sadness as they remembered the detective who was killed in a tragic feud with his 27-year-old stepson. at d.c.'s new sixth district police headquarters in northeast washington today they dedicated their new detective office to detective joseph newell who was
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killed in 2013. >> he was not only a hero, but to most of us he was a friend, and every time that i've had the chance to think about joe i have to tell you i get a little sad. >> reporter: detective newell was shot to death by his stepson antoine james during a quarrel over yardwork. james was charged with shooting his stepfather 18 times and although james was charged with first-degree murder he was recently convicted by a jury of a lesser charge of involuntary manslaughter and will be sentenced in november. i asked his mother bernadette newell how she copes with both losing her husband and at the same time her son facing the possibility of up to ten years in prison. >> i only wish god could open my heart for a second just so people can peek in to see my pain, my hurt.
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unfortunately, he can't, but anybody that's human should be able to know what a mother and a wife has gone through, and it hasn't been easy. >> and she says it wasn't easy for her to attend today's dedication to her husband because she was never invited to the ceremony. you'll hear why she thinks she was excluded ahead on news 4 at 6:00. >> chris gordon. a lot of people think the fbi headquarters in downtown d.c. is ugly and now there is a new push to strip j. edgar hoover's name off the building. a tennessee congressman has introduced a bill that would remove the former building director's name and that building is at 9th and pennsylvania avenue. the congressman cited what he called hoover's mistreatment and attitudes toward african-americans and the lgbt community. the fbi has previously announced plans to move from that location in the coming years. a happy ending to a story we told you about earlier this week
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on the desperate need for storage space for the montgomery county toys for tots program. the man in charge worried it wouldn't happen this holiday season because he couldn't find anyone to donate the space needed to sort the toys. metro moving, a storage company, saw the story and stepped up offering thousands of square feet of storage space. last year toys for tots in montgomery county collected 60,000 toys through 150 different agencies. >> it's hard for a lot of us to get work done without a computer at home. so imagine trying to pass a class these days without one? that was the reality for a number of students in one part of pair fax counirfax county, b darcy spencer shows us that's no longer the case. >> reporter: these fifth graders in alexandria are using their brand new laptop computers for the first time. they got them for free at
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school. >> when do you think you'll be doing on the computer -- besides games. >> if i'm having trouble doing my homework i'm going to go to this website and see if it can help me. >> the computers were handed out to students in fourth through sixth grade. it's the result of a partnership meant to bridge the digital divide at a school where more than 70% of kids are eligible for free or reduced lunches. some of the students we spoke to don't have computers at home. >> i'm really excited. we can research and do a lot of stuff on the computers. >> reporter: virginia delegate says children in the county are given electronic textbooks, but no way to use them if their families don't have the resources. >> i didn't think it was fair that the system would require children to use electronics textbooks they couldn't access afford a computer. >> reporter: these students are eligible for free internet at home through cox.
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tim slater says computers are critical to success at school and beyond. >> i think we've just improved their chances of getting great jobs, getting into college and high school work when they get out of high school or college and that's what they do. >> reporter: the kids won't be able to keep these computers for good and they'll have to turn them in at the end of the school year and next year when school starts they'll be handed out to students once again. in alexandria, darcy spencer, news 4. prince george's county hasn't had a gun show in years until this weekend. found out who wants to stem gun violence in the county. we continue to track that massive hurricane patricia hitting mexico. we're going to have doug back in just a bit right after this to tell us where it's going.
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now your storm team 4 forecast. >> hey, guys, taking a look at a couple of storms that we have coming our way over the next couple of days. we have a storm system on sunday that will bring us showers and the next chance of rain comes with the help of patricia. >> some of that moisture makes its way up toward our area. patricia, of course, weakening a little bit and we'll have more coming up. >> right now nothing to worry about in our region and even when the moisture makes its way up from patricia it will not be a very strong storm at all. what we are going to see this
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weekend is more weather like this. it is spectacular out there. plenty of sunshine and 68 degrees right now and winds out of the northeast at 10 miles per be cooler and into the night l tomorrow and all in all a nice day on our saturday. we are down to 63 in gaithersburg and 68 in leesburg and temperatures will decrease. mostly clear, 59 degrees at 7:00, but notice only 51 by 10:00. so rather chilly as you make your way out and about this evening and you may need to take the coats and the blankets if you'll watch one of those games. no rain to talk about and the next chance of rain will be on sunday. nothing around our area now, but just back to the west, this is the storm system that's going to make its way in here on sunday and right now it's bringing a ton of rain into texas and up to four inches of rain around the dallas-ft. worth area and it is going to track our way and the good news for us is it's going
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to make its way far enough to the north and west that we will see the chance for showers. tonight, we're cold and 38 in fl frederick and 38 in culpeper. high temperatures tomorrow also on the cooler side, but once again, plenty of sunshine and light winds and tomorrow will be a beautiful day. 67 fredericksburg and 61 in martinsburg and we'll talk about sunday in just a second and we're talking about hurricane patricia just off the coast of mexico in manzanillo and veronica has much more. >> you can see the latest frame and this is what we're looking at in the last hour. if you look at the center of person patricia you can see the blue center it fades, it's gone and it says the system is weakening and indeed, its winds down now at 10 miles per hour and actually down to 180 miles per hour. those winds did increase and
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it's the most intense historical hurricane for the western hemisphe hemisphe hemisphere. they'll get a lot of rain between manzanillo and puerto vallarta and a foot to two feet of rain and a 15 to 20-foot storm surge is possible, but the good news is once the storm does come ashore that it will be weakening very rapidly at 12 hours down to 150-mile-per-hour winds and by the time we get to 24 hours from now and those winds up to 70 miles per hour down from there. take a look at wednesday. that's some of the moisture that we'll start riding in to our area for hurricane patricia. right now we're expecting showers and nothing too heavy right now. >> nothing too heavy for sunday and we'll be looking at sunday, too, as the tampa bay buccaneers take on washington at 3:00. around the 5:00 hour being looking pretty good and a very nice forecast for the game and maybe showers early and that's what we'll be watching. 66 for a high on monday and 62 on tuesday and the west of the
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seven-day forecast including the chance for rain next week coming up later. now at 5:00, flames race through a home on dupont circle killing two people and now the family of the victims believe someone is to blame. we're going to find out who they want to take to court. and check out this video. it's just a drill, but we got exclusive access to see
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. first now at 5:30, controversy in prince george's county just as the area experiences a spike in gun violence. >> a gun show comes to town for the first time in years and even the venue where it's going to be held didn't want it. >> thousands are expected at the showplace arena in upper marlboro and that's where we find derek ward. derek? >> it's been a couple of years since there have been firearms on display at the show place arena and that's about to change and they're setting up and all you can really hear is the buzz of the overheadlights and tomorrow there will be a gun show back lear and if you've been to other ones you might notice there have been some changes made. there hasn't been a gun show here at the show place arena since 2013. the county placed the moratorium on gun shows in the immediate wake of the newtown school massacre and that's when tough
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gun laws went into effect in the state. for instance, there will be no live ammunition for sale and organizers at are admit it will hurt business a bit. maryland had one of the strictest laws and regulations governing gun sales when this is set up and ready to go. vendors will spend a lot of time washing potential buyers through the paperwork. >> people who buy guns and who follow the rules and get the training and who were fingerprinted and we're not interested in prohibiting those people from having guns. >> it's from anne arundel county and this is a great venue and there is a lot of space. >> the arena is actually on the property of the national park and planning commission so they have sme say in what goes on here, hence the ban on ammo. apparently, the board of directors made that decision and we're not exactly sure why, but if they don't want us to do it we won't do it. >> it's the regulated commerce
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and firearms. >> we just want to make sure that guns are not falling in the hands of violent or dangerous people. >> angela being brrooks was amo attendees and the timing was incidental and the topic dealing with the spike of gun violence in the county. >> even with those changes, the ban on the sale of ammunition trigger locks and paperwork and the waiting period and some people just say this isn't the time or place for a gun show. coming up at 6:30. we'll have more on the response from folks here. derrick ward, news 4. >> we are hearing about the moments just before the police tell us a man killed his ex-girlfriend inside the prince george's county home. one of the jones' friends told a 911 dispatcher aut a call he'd had with the victim. >> me and her were talking on the phone and she was driving her car and then when she got to her house and was going in the
5:34 pm
house i heard hollering and screaming and stuff like she was tousling with somebody and then the phone was dead and i've been calling, trying to call and get her on the phone and i'm really worried about her, because the way she was screaming it seemed like she was being attacked. >> mitchell cole was charged with the attack. we are continuing to learn new details about a violent home invasion that occurred at the california home of redskins wide receiver desean jackson. george wallace is in our newsroom with reaction from redskins park. george? we've been in contact with jackson's publicist that desean had no knowledge ofs this incident until last night and they're waiting for the police to give them more information. the report from tmz four to five armed intruders broke into the jackson's home on wednesday and there were six people in the
5:35 pm
house at the time and they actually fought with the intruders who then fled the scene and he is rehabbing a hamstring injury and he addressed the situation today and he's here today and obviously he's concerned and he's letting law enforcement there take care of it, but obviously some things happened at his house and he's concerned as every homeowner will be and they'll get to the bottom of it as will the police. >> jackson was not available and we'll continue to follow the developments on the story. >> all right. thank you, george. more scrutiny tonight for the daily fantasy sports industry in new jersey. congressman is demanding transparency when it comes to the nfl's enforcement of prize limits for its players. frank pollone wants a list of all who play on draft kings and fanduel and how they monitor athletes who play.
5:36 pm
it is the only that has not barred its athletes. however, they're prohibited from participating in contests with prizes totalling $50,000. we have a developing story, an entire school system placed on lockdown. so what made police take immediate action in the connecticut community near newtown? >> plus a man who was just a teenager when he was convicted of murdering a tourist is finally free. up next, lester holt's exclusive jailhouse intervi about what he says really happened 25 years ago. i'm telling him, listen, i'm innocent. i just told you that i just saw it on the news
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narrator: puerto rico's economy is in a death spiral. to make matters worse, washington has plans to cut another $3 billion from the island's healthcare budget. puerto ricans pay the same medicare taxes, but receive less than half the funding of mainland states,
5:38 pm
leaving the system on life support. more cuts will push the economy to the edge of disaster and put every puerto rican's care in jeopardy. washington needs to act now to save healthcare for the three and a half million us citizens of puerto rico.
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the parents of the young couple who were killed in june when that massive fire consumed their row house in dupont circle, they're suing the homeowners for negligence and wrongful death. they each want $10 million in damages. the two were trapped on the third floor of a house on riggs place, that's just off 16th street. the suit claims the homeowners had multiple d.c. fire code violations including windows that would not open and no smoke detectors. three other people in that house were hurt. the man who threatened
5:40 pm
another driver with a hatchet in fairfax county is now charged tonight with attempted malicious wounding and his name is amean anabaki. one man was pulling into a parking spot on monday and another man slipped in and beat him to it. he went into his apartment, grabbed a hatchet and threatened the other driver and no one was hurt. he was convicted of killing a tourist on a new york city subway platform when he was 18 years old. he has spent 25 years in prison, and now a judge threw out johnny hinncapyay's conviction just two weeks ago. lester holt sat down with him for an exclusive interview. >> he told the detective exactly what he did that night, but the detective didn't believe a word of it. >> he called me a liar, and he said that he had all my friends in another room.
5:41 pm
he knew what happened. >> and then what happens? >> he's blowing smoke into my face with the cigarette that he's smoking. he slapped me on my face, he pulled my hair and he kicked me right down to the floor. >> what is he saying to you and what are you saying back? you're you're telling me you didn't do this crime so i'm assuming that you were very forceful in your denial. >> i'm telling him, listen, i'm innocent, i just told you that i just saw it on the news for the very first time. >> a judge recently set aside his conviction and the manhattan district attorney's office believes hinncappy is lying and is committed to retrying the case if necessary. you can see this entire story and more of lester holt's exclusive interview tonight on "dateline." it starts at 9:00. she beat breast cancer and had to fight her way back from a double mastectomy. now at 5:00, this local woman draws strength from her second
5:42 pm
family. how she's also inspired them to act. a mass casualty training session today. i'm mark segraves and coming up i'll tell you about the i'll tell you about the real-life che i was about to head to thecheck. bank, but out of nowhere it just started to rain. like really rain. [clap of thunder] i did not want to go out. [clap of thunder]
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but then i was like duh, just use your phone. mobile-deposit-techno-thingy to the rescue. i'm rayna. and i bank human at td bank. keller graduate school at dof management.y's you can learn to unlock the leader inside you. so if you want to own the room, not just be in it. you're our kind of different. keller graduate school of management. learn more at the washington post endorses democrat jeremy mcpike for state senate. applauding mcpike's "ideas about getting traffic moving." the post warns republican hal parrish "holds rigid positions against medicaid expansion and common-sense gun safety." and parrish was the deciding vote to restrict women's health clinics in manassas, forcing women to go elsewhere for cancer screenings and birth control. jeremy mcpike
5:44 pm
is the better choice. i'm jeremy mcpike, candidate for state senate, and i sponsored this ad.
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response in the district is helping first responders learn how to handle a hazmat situation. >> this is a drill that is happening along the anacostia this evening, anacostia, rather. it's supposed to replicate a chemical spill that causes mass fatalities. >> it's based on a scene found just last year in the district and only on news 4 tonight, mark segraves takes us inside training for a worst-case scenario. >> reporter: both local and federal agencies are on the scene today for this drill and while today is only a training exercise, what they're doing here is actually based on a real incident that happened here in the district just last year. >> college student committed suicide using a mixture of two household cleaners that created a hydrogen sulphite gas and it's referred to as a chemical suicide. >> reporter: the response last year to that chemical suicide revealed gaps in the district's procedures for a biological or hazmat fatality. >> the damage assessment. >> and something experts say
5:46 pm
they have to be ready for. >> especially here in the district, one, not only is there a criminal aspect and it could be a homicide or terrorist. >> reporter: in the case of a chemical or biological incident teams from d.c. fire, police, department of environment and the medical examiner as well as the fbi and air force would respond. >> why i won't start to change and they'll tap you on the shoulder and say time to go. >> one of the procedures first responders found they weren't ready for was what to do with the dead bodies that had been exposed to hazardous chemicals. >> we'd like to remove the body and with assistance from them, for the remains. >> how to do it when there is another hazard in place. we have hazards in place to decontaminate responders and victims, but the decontamination of deceased individuals is a whole different process. >> chemical spills are not uncommon in the district like
5:47 pm
this incident at a public swimming pool. the chemical fatalities are not something first responders are training for on a regular basis until now. >> so we'll do it. >> reporter: today's training session was the first time that all of these agencies had actually gotten together for a drill. coming up at 6:00, you'll hear from the chief medical examiner about a new piece of equipment that they have that is another grim reminder of the times we live in. in the district, mark segraves, news 4. prince harry is coming to d.c. next week. the prince arrives in our nation's capital for a series of games called the invictus. harry will be visiting the military base to spend time with wounded service members and we are watching him here meet with veterans in london. >> he is certainly attractive. >> all right, veronica joins us
5:48 pm
now. lots going on this weekend and another run on saturday. what i like is the weather has improved for the second half of our weekend. you'll see what i'm talking about in just a moment, but as far as activities this weekend and this is one of the big things folks will be doing and it was going to the apple orchards and pumpkin farms and taking in some of the fall color and we are seeing through much of southern maryland and virginia and already high color to peak color for the piedmont and right down through western portions of virginia and in the high spots of western maryland as well as virginia already past color so peak in the mountains if you want to check it out. our average high, 67 degrees and we've got all of the blue bars and that means really for the next few days we'll be just below average on temperatures. so a little closer to fall-like conditions and then what we saw today it was another warm one for us and it got up to 70, with
5:49 pm
68 right now with the wind moving at 10 miles per hour. for the evening, it's going to get chilly and it's going to get chilly fast. i think we'll drop down to the 50s right after 8:00 or so and we'll continue there in that pocket of 50s for a good portion of the early night. by morning, 30s and 40s across our area. here is the forecast for saturday and the walk for hiv if you'll be taking part or maybe walking, 47 degrees and 49 between 7:00 and 9:00 a.m. by the time you get to afternoon hours we'll be in the low to mid-50s. chilly compared to today and we'll see a high temperature of 65 degrees in d.c. and areas up north, 62, the high temperature for tomorrow and it could be a little breezy at times coming up tomorrow afternoon and then again on sunday with that next storm system coming through. so increasing clouds and mostly high clouds for tomorrow, but as i said, the forecast for sunday has improved and here's the
5:50 pm
deal, early morning hours around 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 a.m. and that's the best time when we could see showers and by 7:00 a.m. just overcast and by 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. already those clouds will start to thin and the weather front pushes on out of here and we have sunshine on tap for sunday now and we have the green light on everything and early showers and the roads are fine and exercise will be cool with the clouds and that's early in the day and out and about the afternoon sunshine right now so get out and enjoy. the good-looking forecast in the 60s both days with just a few showers now for the early morning hours on sunday and great fall weather coming our way in this upcoming weekend and here is a look at the storm team forecast. we're still dry and then the mid part of next week, just looks as though we'll get a few showers coming our way right now with the next weather system from the remnants. whatever is left from hurricane patricia. that's the way it's looking right now. we have a look at the weekend rain chances coming up on news 4
5:51 pm
at 6:00. >> thanks, veronica. a local woman is recovering from breast cancer and reconstruction and is devoted to exercise as part of her comeback. her studio is rallying around her and raising money to help fight the disease. melissa mollet has the story. >> reporter: sherry segal is a survivor. now devoted to exercise as part of her recovery from breast cancer. >> it makes me feel like i'm doing something that makes my body better. >> reporter: sherry was diagnosed in know. >> jan of 2014. >> the day i got the phone call, i'll never forget having a little piece of scrap paper and writing on that scrap paper cancer. >> reporter: she was just 41. it was her second routine mammogram. knowing what that feels like as a mother, as a wife, as a child was probably the worst day of my
5:52 pm
life. >> reporter: shari tested positive for the bracha gene and she had a double mastectomy, her ovaries removed and breast reconstruction. >> i was limited, one, for how much i was able to push, pull or lift. >> reporter: after that surgery, shari, a physical therapist ached to start training with this team of women as she worked her way back into her workouts. >> i was able to modify, thanks to the amazing instructors here. >> reporter: she says she remembers being fearful and weak, but those feelings started to dissolve with each movement. >> after her first hour-long class, shari felt like she was back and she broke down. >> i had fought for it, and i had won and i was going to finish this class and i was feeling so great and then i cried like a baby, and it was the most beautiful -- it was a beautiful cry for me, and it felt great.
5:53 pm
>> while the surrounding mirrors here may be intimidating to some, shari says seeing her body strengthen and morph over the months are therapeutic. >> i am in awe, i'm absolutely in awe of shari segal. this is a crew of women supporting her and others this month as the studio raises money for breast cancer research selling socks and holding a special sunday class. >> she's just so inspiring. she's sch a fighter. >> reporter: a fighter, a survivor and an inspiration for everyone here. shari is now cancer-free. >> find something you love that makes you feel good. >> reporter: in montgomery county, melissa mollet, news 4. we've posted details about the studio in the sunday special class to benefit cancer research and on the nbc washington app just search the barre method. we have breaking news. chopper 4 is over the scene of a school bus crash in prince george's county. one child on the bus was taken
5:54 pm
to the hospital, we understand. this is in brandywine near the intersection of crane highway. that bus was over the side and those are live chopper pictures and we're still waiting to hear if anyone was hurt. keep it right here and watch the nbc washington app for updates. again, we do know that we're hearing one child was taken to the hospital and i don't know if any other children were onboard that bus right now. bomb and gun threats at several schools. this occurred near newtown, kkt cut. it forced them to lock down early and early dismissal. police are making a connection to a swatting call nearby. >> all new at 6:00, tonight, meet a local military couple who will be among the thousands participating in sunday's marine corps marathon. why they say running helped them get through
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
the search is on for the person responsible for a massive lockdown in part of the country that is all too familiar with the tragedy of mass violence in the classroom. >> about 25 miles from newtown schools in fairfield, connecticut, they let out early after someone called in threats. nbc's justin schecker reports. >> reporter: about 9:00 this morning fairfield police say someone called to report he had a hostage, guns and pipe bombs after killing his girlfriend at a home on blackrock turnpike. they realized the address given
5:58 pm
does not exist. >> that was determined to be a non-event. >> reporter: what happened next prompted the lockdown of more than 10,000 students in fairfield. 17 public schools and some private schools in the town. police say the will holland hill elementary school received a threat of violence to possible pipe bombs. >> we have planned for events like this. we certainly don't want them to happen, but we want to be prepared when they do, and i think we're all proud of how police, fire and our board have worked together to make sure this operation has gone as smoothly as possible. >> neighboring law enforcement agencies helped police sweep and secure each school. school officialsish in greated a districtwide early dismissal while they urged to keep patient, many rushed to school to reunite, and they make sure that they understand to make sure they were secure at all
5:59 pm
times and this is just a process we go through unfortunately. >> the search is on for whoever made the threatening calls who caused this disruption requiring a massive police response. >> given the timing, the message and the intent to disrupt i would kind of assume at this point that they are at least linked. . >> right now at 6:00, our team working the big stories on your friday, one of the strongest and biggest storms ever moves closer to land. >> also a big day in politics for hillary clinton and ben carson. >> and a local plice officer watches a suspect point a 9 millimeter at him and pull the trigger. >> tonight that officer is alive and the department is sharing his story. tracee wilkins has more from prince george's county. >> reporter: well, it's amazing how all of this unfolded and it started on the baltimore washington parkway and worked its way down to riverdale road and right over that way is where the suspect dumped the gun, just
6:00 pm
a few seconds before he had pointed at a police officer. >> it's definitely a hundred, if not a couple thousand dollars worth of drugs there, bags of marijuana and molly recovered during a routine traffic stop. >> there are capsules which is a good indication that they were going to fill the capsules and make further drugs. >> the driver, david edward hall is facing drug charges, but his passenger took it much further. >> the defendant proceeded to turn around with the gun and fired the round like this as he was running away and a very conscious decision that he made. >> 21-year-old joseph clay pointed his fully loaded gun at an officer and pulled the trigger. >> had he known what he was doing with the gun it absolutely would have fired and we could have potentially have had another officer killed in the line of duty. >> it was at 3:00 p.m. off the parkway off riverdale road. the officer pulled the


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