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tv   News4 Today  NBC  October 24, 2015 9:00am-9:31am EDT

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tropical storm patricia is rapidly weakening. there are no reports of any gusts but the heavy rain is causing flooding and landslides. about 7 million people in the storm's path are waiting it out.
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our cameras caught this video of what appears to be a maryland park police car involved in bowie. to word yet on the circumstances. >> and we do want to take a live look at downtown d.c. where the walk to end hiv is getting under way. you can see that they've added a new empowering and exciting theme this year. they're talking about superheroes and how they really believe everybody has a role to play in this fight against hiv in d.c. news 4's eun yang and meteorologist chuck bell are emceeing the event. we'll check back in with the folks at the walk a little bit later in the show. as we kick off this 9:00 hour we want to get a check on what's going to be a spectacular forecast. >> let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein outside on the weather deck warming up a bit. tom? >> not much. we have the cloud cover here but it's invigorating. i love this time of year. a live view looking off to the
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east. you can see some sunshine there on the eastern horizon. sunny across parts of prince george's county and east around the bay as well as the eastern shore. a lot of sunshine there and in southern maryland, too, the sun beginning to break out. temperatures here locally still rather chilly. we're in the upper 40s to near 50 degrees. where the sun is broken out around the bay in the low to mid-50s. low to mid-50s, too, the shenandoah valley, don't have any rain here coming from these clouds. there are a few sprinkles way off to the west advancing off to the east and we'll be moving our way here by late tonight. so during the afternoon sun breaking out and tomorrow morning a few sprinkles. sunday afternoon sun back, highs upper 60s and then a cool start to next week. a look at our rain chances as we get into the rest of next week coming up in a few minutes. check the radar with the storm team 4 radar on the nbc washington app when you're out and about enjoying this awesome autumn weather. >> thank you, tom. a few minute ago the show place arena opened for potential
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gun buyers for the first time in years. prince george's county put a more tore yum in place after newtown. that changed with new state gun laws. derrick ward is live in upper marlboro right now and, derrick, there are some new restrictions in place, i understand. >> reporter: well, indeed they are. it's been since 2013 that there's been a gun show here at prince george's county show place arena. today the moratorium that was put in place was lifted because there was no legal standing to keep it in place, but some restrictions are in place, put in place by the maryland national capital park and planning commission. this is their property. one of those restrictions you see on the sign here, no ammunition. it is indeed prohibited. something else that you will see in here are trigger locks on all of the guns, all of the weapons for sale and they won't allow any dry firing as well. folks have already started to line up at the doors. this is one of the most well-attended gun shows they do in the area because it captures
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people from all over the region. one of the people coming here thinks the restrictions are a bit much. >> if it's a gun show, you should be able to get ammunition. you're buying a gun for home protection or whatever, and you should be able to get ammunition for that gun or rifle. >> got to have ammunition. i don't see a problem with that. if they don't want to have it, don't have it. i think there may be too many restrictions they're putting on people. >> reporter: we talked to the organizers of this and they're not happy about the restrictions either but they wanted to do it to show it could be done safely. there's never been an incident at a gun show. there are some local politicians, the chair of the city council.
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they think this is an aro appropriate venue. for now the gun show is in place. something else you will see here, the presence of maryland park police. the organizers were charged an addition al $5,000 for use of this venue to pay for that police coverage. it starts at about 9:00. we are live. back to you. developing this morning a d.c. nightclub in northeast has been shut down while police investigate a homicide there. d.c. police chief cathy lanier has ordered the owner of laila lounge to close its doors for 96 hours. jones was stabbed after a fight outside the club. jones later died at the hospital. chief lanier says security guards broke up the fight twice but didn't tell police even though two d.c. officers were there working and approved overtime shifts. the death toll in the doctors without borders has
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risen. it was hit earlier had month. president barack obama apologized for the incident. the commander of u.s. and nato forces say it was a mistake. investigations are under way. taking a look at virginia politic, it should be a simple day. less than half of the contests will have more than one candidate in the state senate 22 out of 40 races have more than one candidate. only six are expected to be close. >> a pop culture reference about republicans is one you may not expect. take a listen. >> it does make you wonder why the republican politicians are so down on america. have you noticed that? i mean, they are gloomy. they're like grumpy cats.
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>> well, as you can hear, the president got some laughs for that grumpy cat impersonation. he spoke at the democratic women's leadership forum yesterday. there the president said he would support whoever the democratic nominee for president is in 2016. >> grumpy cat is good. 9:08 on this saturday morning. the one piece of food keeping the doctor away, the dentist away and un
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happening today, superheroes take freedom plaza and for a really great cause. >> that's right. superheroes don't fly. they walk to end hiv. that's the theme for this year's big event, the 5k set to get rolling in a few minutes, angie. and joining us one of the event organizers.
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good morning. so glad to have you join us. and you look great. good morning. >> you're one of the event organizers. talk about the turnout and what you're hoping for. >> we're hoping to have several thousand people here, to make $850,000. we're over half a million so r far. we're here to just say that anybody can be a hero in the fight against hiv. get tested. know your status and people who have hiv if they're in care they can manage this and live a full life. they don't have to worry about infecting their partners anymore. we have great technology in the treatment of this disease and it's time to celebrate because we have lots of good news in d.c. it's also time to keep the fight on so support us. i want to talk to you about women and how the fastest growing rates of infection are among african-american women,
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your organization sister love has a big part in this. >> it's not over because it's not just the virus we're fighting but a lot of social conditions that allow the virus itself to continue to spread or to continue to threaten people's lives especially for women. so we're not just looking at hiv in its isolation. we're looking at violence against women and its role in increasing the epidemic among women. we're looking at the fact there's still not enough information and education even about the new science especially for women who want to prevent hiv. so it's incredibly important that we're just close to the edge of ending this epidemic but the edge is still just far enough away that we need hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people to continue to get tested, know their status and to protect themselves and
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the ones they love. >> and talk about this in your schools, churches, talk about it. >> make it a normal, regular part of conversation just like any other health issue that we're all talking about and concerned about. >> and, justin, we wanted to ask you about your story because you're an openly gay man living with hiv, right, and you were talking about there are ways to treat this illness and there are new advances that we have. talk about that. >> yeah, that's correct. so i've been living with hiv 23 years. i'm a good example if you stay engaged with your medical care, if you stay on treatment, the treatments have evolved through the years so it's tremendously easier today than it was back then. but i go to my doctor. i take my meds and by doing that i prevent myself from infecting any partners. and partners that i have that might be hiv negative can take a pill to prevent hiv themselves. so we can now live a full, normal life and you just have to stay engaged, know your treatment, know your status. >> thank you so much.
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we know today is going to be a huge success. you're wearing your capes now but you truly wear them every day and we commend you for that. thank you. >> thank you so much, angie. well, coming up 9:14 a local military family finds common ground through running. meet the couple that will be among the thousands participating in the marine corps marathon and why they say it's helped them stay together. and tom has a final look at your weekend forecast including some big changes from today and tomorrow. stay with us.
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40,000 runners have been hard at work training for tomorrow's marine corps marathon and 10k. the marathon is a real test of endurance. 26.2 miles. that's no easy feat. >> you did it and i'm amazed at that. a lot of these runners have been training for months. a local couple with a powerful reason to race. >> that was right after i got back from the second deployment. pictures say it all. >> reporter: pictures say so many things, they can capture moments that remind us of our commitment. >> we just passed our eight-year anniversary in september. >> reporter: teresa and dave's love story started in college, never knowing where their journey would lead. >> i knew he was going into the military when we met. i didn't know what that meant, but i knew. >> me neither. >> reporter: two years later they found out it meant dave was
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going to war. he and his platoon deployed to afghanistan in 2009. >> i didn't really know what to think. it was scary. i was home with an 18-month-old baby and pregnant with another one. >> reporter: the stress was running high. he was in a combat zone while teresa tried to manage things back at home until she found an escape. teresa joined a running group with other women whose spouses were deployed, running became her distraction. it was something she didn't realize how much she needed until she got the call. >> my vehicle was the third one back, ran over an 80-pound ied right underneath my seat. it was rattling. >> reporter: dave suffered from a traumatic brain injury which affects his short-term memory. he went on to receive a purple heart and returned home. >> we really tried to hold on to every moment together while we were all home. >> reporter: but dave was deployed again and when he would return, teresa could tell things had changed.
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>> he has come back a little different every time. >> reporter: teresa says when there's love and a commitment, there's always a way back to each other. over the last several months -- >> teresa? >> reporter: they've been training for the marine corps marathon. dave will admit the training hasn't been easy. >> it was brutal. i did it because, you know, like she said, being far from family and stuff like that, we didn't have a lot of opportunities to just spend time together but that was one of them. >> reporter: but if you ask them, they'll both tell you it's been worth it. because on race day, it won't matter who finishes first. it's about their commitment and love for each other. >> running with him and finishing with him will sort of converge the two and has brought us back together. it's brought us closer. >> reporter: reporting in quantico, megan fitzgerald, news 4. and news 4 will be covering every aspect of the race. we set up a specia section on our nbc washington app devoted
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to the marine corps marathon including the course map, the metro changes and a whole lot more. and you want it to be cool, obviously, when you're running a marathon but they may get a little bit of rain. >> a little sprinkle? >> unfortunately it's going to be a damp morning on sunday for the marathon but they're tough. they can run. they can handle it. >> one guy tells us he's carrying the flag the whole way. >> larry gonzalez, one of our viewers. >> just awesome. they'll be fine, just a little damp. right now we're dry and cool and temperatures right near 50 in washington and our nearby suburbs. low 50s around the bay to southern maryland in the mid-50s now. sunshine breaking there. sunshine breaking out shenandoah valley and into the mountains where it's 50s, too. winchester is at 54. under our low cloud deck in the metro air why and points west and north we're still in the chilly 40s. there's the cloud deck over us now. a live view from the tower camera looking east showing that there is golden sunshine there but it's about 6 0 miles or so
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east of the area where they're getting that sun. so for the rest of the day we ought to get that sun breaking out just about everywhere and temperatures climbing into the mid to upper 60s by mid to late afternoon. post your pictures. i took this one. i was hiking in the deep woods yesterday during the middle part of the day. i took that photo. that's east of or just west of thurmont and along catocton mountain. there is peak autumn color there and in the mountains as well. we're getting really nice color around the immediate metro area as well and that's going to begin to continue to grow. peak color right in washington is going to be by halloween. storm team 4 radar not showing any rain here. get light rain ohio, kentucky, down to tennessee. that's the front getting closer to us and arriving here overnight tonight. hour by hour a few of those showers may be getting into the shenandoah valley. this area in green a little light rain, 5:00, 6:00, 7:00
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a.m. tomorrow morning. light showers drifting off to the east after that. and by 11:00 noontime tomorrow it should be over and we'll dry out during the afternoon so for the marine corps marathon tomorrow a lot of clouds around, temperatures in the 50s with a little bit of sprinkles off and on, light rain off and on through about noontime and then the sun breaks out early afternoon. and then for the skins game tomorrow afternoon, sunshine back. a little bit of a breeze. temperatures climbing into the upper 60s. and then a chilly start to next week. 40s in the morning. afternoon highs near 60 monday and tuesday. the next chance of rain tuesday afternoon into tuesday night and wednesday looking wet now as well. highs upper 60s drying out. mild day on thursday. highs low 70s and sunshine and cooler friday with highs in the low 60s. that's the way it looks. >> all right. i like it. thanks, tom. the piece of fruit that can keep the doctor, the dentist and fat away. that's next.
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if you like spending time in the kitchen cooking or eating, you might want to stop by the d.c. convention center this weekend. a big event going on. the 10th annual metro cooking show and the building promises to smell ultimately delicious. cooking demos, book signings, and a few celebrity chefs will be there. the show starts at 10:00 a.m. and find a link to the show in our nbc washington app. just search metro cooking. >> you probably heard the saying since you were a kid, an apple a day keeps the doctor away.
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it may be good for your heart, waist, your teeth. u.s. news&world report shows it helps decrease the risk of getting heart disease. the fiber helps with digestion and a micro nutrient may help prevent plaque from building up. >> if you are looking for a hal week costume but don't want the same one as everyone else go as adam tuss. >> why not? >> google trend map has a feature that shows the most popular costume searches by the area. superheroes and pirates are mock the most popular in our area. also on the list minions. minions very, very big with the kids these days. and i think you were saying that elsa and anna have dropped. >> they say that's because
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people probably already have the koss assume last year. maybe they're just reusing it. >> i had a kid come dress ed asa thunderstorm. >> did he really? >> it was awesome. >> extra points for that. >> he got a big candy bar. indeed. morning clouds breaking up. a little sun coming back this afternoon. fresh and cool and a little light rain late tonight before the morning tomorrow for the marathon. maybe light rain in the 50s but enjoy the weekend and the autumn color. >> thanks for joining us. >> have a good one.
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narrator: for state senate, who shares our values? jeremy mcpike - supports school funding. thinks women should make their own health care decisions. and favors background checks on all gun sales. hal parrish? as mayor, he slashed education. fought to block women's health clinics. parrish gets an "a" from the gun lobby - they oppose background checks to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. virginia extreme or mainstream? vote mcpike for virginia. feinblatt: everytown for gun safety action fund sponsored this ad. ♪
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>> hi, everybody. welcome to "inside the redskins" on nbc 4. coming up today we'll take a look back at some of the highlights from the jets game. it's alumni homecoming weekend for the red sins. we'll give you a sneak peek. we'll go inside the locker room and a whole lot more. the redskins host tampa bay sunday. looking forward to getting back in the win column. it's also alumni homecoming


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