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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  October 24, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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a credible threat. that's how police describe a school's plot to kill in virginia. and it is chilling to think about what would have happened if the plot was carried out at river bend high school in fredericksburg. derek, what are they saying? >> well, they're saying at no time were any of the students here in danger, but they are taking this conspiracy they say they've uncovered serious enough that the two students that are involved with indeed faces felony charges. the plan was to call it a bomb threat, then -- the teachers as
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they left the school building. the two riverbend high school students are being identified by their gender, male, and their ages, 15 and 17. being held without bond. there are plot was uncovered by texts and social media postings. first, school resources officers were uncovered information on one student on october 12th. he was charged with threatening violence by means of the internet. a felony. >> additional was developed potentially lipging a second student to the planning. >> that student was arrested yesterday. the student's homes wr searched and they say they had access to weapons. >> whether they would have succeeded, it's too early to say. >> but what they found prompted them to up the charges. >> further investigation led
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detectives to amend the charges on the first subject to conspiracy to commit murder, the second juvenile suspect is being charged with the same offense. >> now, both of those students are expected to appear in court to be arraigned on those more serious charges sometime next week. possibly as early as monday. and i've been reading from a copy of a letter to students and parents. it informs the parents what happened here. commends the variety agencies, police department, the school resource officers and the education officials here and it also tells parents that may have adverse effect on their student, that they will be making counseling services available come monday for those who may need it. we are live, derrick ward, news 4. shock and grief after a car barrelled into a homecoming parade at oklahoma state university killing three and injurying dozens of others. chris pallone reports.
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>> it's a tradition that draws up to 80,000 people to oklahoma state university. the sea of orange homecoming parade, but this year's celebration turned deadly when a driver shot through a crowd of para parade goers. >> i've been here 29 years. i can't recall an ins like this. >> a a 25-year-old woman crashed through before crashing swoo sboo a group of spectators. another said people flew 30 feet into the air before a car came to a stop. >> the driver was arrested at this point for driving under the influence. her name is adacia avery chambers. a 25-year-old stillwater resident. >> university officials say they don't believe she is a student at oklahoma state. >> the families and these victims will never be able to understand this. nor will we. but the cowboy family pulls together. unfortunately, we've had to do
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this before and we're going to do it again. >> oklahoma governor mary fallon ordered flags to be flown half-staff. players and fans prayed for the victims before the game against kansas. >> heartbroken at this trk├║rmf and our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who died and those who are injured. >> will likely take a few days to gather enough information to determine whether the crash was intentional. nbc news, new york. one of the strongest hurricanes on record rammed into western mexico last night, but patricia caused less damage than expected. two suspects are in custody in montgomery county accused of murder. earl bennett and chante gladden are are in the murder of derek
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mcclees. police were called to edgewood neighborhood park after reports of a shooting. mcclees died at the scene. his backpack stolen. police say the victim and suspects knew each other and the shooting may be drug related. potential gun buyers heading to prince georges county today ch the county put a ban on gun shows after newtown in 2012. but there were some restrictions in place including no ammunition. >> gun show, should be able to get ammunition. buying a gun for home protection or whatever. you need ammunition for that gun or rifle. >> firing weapons was also or i should say, dry firing weapons was also banned at the show. another requirement was at least five police officers had to be on duty providing security. s. all right, now to the search for a missing assault rifle that
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belongs to prince george's county police. the torre is getting a lot of attention on our facebook page. the ar 15 rifle was left behind by a police officer who took it out of his trunk when he stopped to change two flat tires last thursday. the officer returned to the scene several hours later, but the weapon was gone. a deputy chief told "the washington post" that getting the rifle back is a top priority. thousands of people showed up at freedom plaza for the walk to end hiv. we'll have more on this year's event. outstanding house speaker john boehner used his last address parker: my daughter alison and her cameraman were gunned down on live television. i know we can't stop all gun violence, but we can save lives if our leaders take action. narrator: but we can't count on hal parrish to act. he gets an "a" from the gun lobby, they fund his candidacy... while fighting against background checks to keep guns
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out of the hands of dangerous people. parrish will make us less safe. parker: politicians' condolences aren't enough. it's time for them to act. feinblatt: everytown for gun safety action fund sponsored this ad.
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an exciting day for some students in arlington. discovery elementary school had its ribbon cutting ceremony today. there were also musical performances, a book fair and various games, so, the summer construction on the school suffered delays due to weather, but it did open on time. and today, the community finally got to celebrate that. it's been pretty quoout across the region, but the rain rest assured is headed our way. lauren rickets is up next with when we can expect some showers to move our way. an historic agreement has
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been reached between d.c. government and the firefighters union over back overtime pay. i'll tell you how much money
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house speaker john boehner
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used his last weekly republican radio address to promote d.c. school vouchers. he has long championed a program to give funds to district students to use at private and parochial schools. on friday, the house passed a bill he introduced to extend the voucher program and increase funding. it has taken measure a decade, but today, firefighters got a big boost. the mayor signed a controversial overtomb agreement, but that's not all the mayor was up to. darcy spencer has the latest tonight from the fire station. >> well, that's right. this is an agreement that's been in the works like you said, more than ten years. this is something that's been brewing because firefighters were working without overtime pay. and they've been working on this for some time, so it really was
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a celebration today. this settlement agreement involved $45 million that's going to be paid out to these firefighters. again, for the overtime pay, we're involving about 3,000 firefighters. they're expected to get this money by the end of the year. each check will be in the thousands of dollars. and there will be an appeal process for any firefighter who feels like their amount is not enough. >> thank you so much. it was a great day for the 19th annual walk to end hiv. 7,000 people were on freedom plaza early this morning to take part. this year's theme, superheroes don't fly, they walk to end hiv. >> we're here really to just say that anybody can be a hero in the fight against hiv. just get tested, know your status and people who have hiv, if they're in care, they can manage this. they can live a full life. >> nbc 4 has been a proud partner in this event since the very first walk back in 1986.
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our own -- and chuck bell helped with the walk and our colleagues took part. organizers say they hope to raise as much as $850,000. as always, proceeds benefit whitman walker health. storm team 4 moll gist coming up with your seven-day forecast, which includes rain. lauren, are you there? >> i am here. yeah, we have rain headed our way and we will continue to see some heavy rain and this is all from remnants of patricia and now, it's really moving across portions of texas and heavy rain is moving across portions of texas and coming out of mexico, but you can see it's lining up with another system through southern texas, so eventually, that rain will head our way, but that's not until later on through the week, so we will continue do see heavy rain, but again, not until after midweek.
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we are starting to see a few rain showers right now, and they will continue to be west of the region. through the next several hours, so expect rain later on tonight. moving from the west to the east. so, again, some light rain continuing late this evening. as we have the cloud cover in place, temperatures, 60 degrees here in d.c. 57 in gaithers burg and 59 in ma nasses. we will fall into the 50s during the overnight. rain showers push iing in throu late evening. see some rain showers again lining up. this is all ahead of a cold front that's eventually going to sweep through our area tomorrow for the first half of the day, so again, that's why we're going the see these rain showers rooif late through the east, continue overnight and should be out of here by about noon tomorrow. there's that frontal system in the midwest, but eventually, it will swing through the area.
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so, your hour by hour forecast, increasing clouds, 7:00 there 10:00 p.m. and late this evening, i-81, that's when you're l you'll start to see showers and then again some scattered showers throughout the first part of the day tomorrow. everything should be out by noon if not before. we'll get some sunshine by tomorrow afternoon. your low temperatures, around the 50s for most of our region. upper 40s north and west of town, but they're not going to fall too far too fast mainly because we have this cloud cover this place increasing clouds. if you got sun today, you were lucky, but i believe we'll have some sunshine by tomorrow afternoon. for all those running the marine corps marathon, looking good in terms of rain to cool you off. hit or miss light showers, especially the spectators out there. temperatures are going to be rising and in fact, again, mid to upper 60s by the afternoon. it is going to be breezy though. we're going to see northwest winds anywhere from about 10 to 15 miles an hour.
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gusts up to about 20, 25 miles an hour. looking good if you're headed out to fedexfield. again, 60s for your sunday and we will have heavy rain tuesday night, wednesday and thursday, that's all from what was hurricane patricia. it may be too late to sign up for the marathon this year, but you can still head out to watch it. the final presser underway for the 40th marathon. it kicks off tomorrow before 8:00 in the morning. you can head to the app to check out the race route. search the term marathon. still ahead, maryland looking for new direction in looking for new direction in baltim the washington post endorses democrat jeremy mcpike for state senate. applauding mcpike's "ideas about getting traffic moving." the post warns republican hal parrish "holds rigid positions against medicaid expansion and common-sense gun safety." and parrish was the deciding vote to restrict women's health clinics in manassas, forcing women to go elsewhere for cancer screenings and birth control.
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jeremy mcpike is the better choice. i'm jeremy mcpike, candidate for state senate, and i sponsored this ad.
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sure to be a packed stadium for maryland, wow. >> i think some of our friends are there. >> going to try and call them out, but their twitter accounts have been silent. they're enswroi iing joying the game. >> building's kind of empty. passion, it is what the interim head football coach wants from his players.
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and fun, like the good old days, like playing football with friends in the backyard. for the terrapins today, like a big backyard. now, halloween still a few weeks out. no trick, but fans hoping the debut of mike is a treat, but they wouldn't like this. no score, first quarter. maryland driving hills. he's going to lose the handle. that's a fumble. takes a penn state bounce. recovers it and goes on to score and take a lead, 7-0, but maryland responds. this time, perry hills doesn't lose the ball. on the keeper, a 12-yard touchdown to tie the game at seven. there's a lot of changes. it will be a quiz. maryland up 13-7. penn state on the move. christian goes up top, finds chris godwin in the end zone. that's 37-yard touchdown. lions up 13-14. third quarter, lions up 17-13. maryland, third and goal from the 10 and we'll call this a perfect ten. brandon finds the end zone, so
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maryland goes up 20-17, but hang on, penn state answers back. still third quarter. second and seven. christian handles the pressure fine. hamilton back up 24-20. still in the third quarter. maryland, first and goal on the ten. and over the shoulder, the grab by reign gets at least one foot in. maryland reclaims the lead, 27-24, the sixth league change and that's where it is in the fourth quarter. all right, virginia. visiting north carolina. and legend has it if you drink from this fountain as a freshman, you'll have good luck. logan, the first corner, just barrels in. 7-3, north carolina. virginia goes mike london. not happy with that. first quarter, team responds. not going to run it. matt johnson and hopkins for the touchdown. it's 10-7, virginia. second quarter. the heels take control.
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hood. watch him lower the shoulder and get in from three yards out. 13-10, north carolina in the fourth. carolina leads now 23-13. all right, go to blacksburg, visiting virginia tech and words to live by. it is a tailgate. duke visiting virginia tech. first quarter, michael brewer hittin hittings hodges, ties the game. all right, still first quarter. duke driving. thomas will find max. the son of former bronco's wide receiver, ed. his second catch of the quarter. 14-7, duke. 21-16. hey. hang on, fasten your seat belts. going to fly over o to annapolis. navy doesn't go through much of the air. they keep it on the ground. first quarter, no score. reynolds, five yards out. 7-0, navy. third quarter, navy up 10-7. this is their wrecking ball.
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e for excellence from nine yards out. navy up 17-7. his next touchdown, this is a 75th of his career. just three away from most td runs in ncaa history and navy makes history, 31-14, the final. you know, it would be selfish of me to point out the capital's five-game winning streak started when i filled in for sean. never make yourself part of the story. when i filled in for john on the radio, they were known as the blackhawks. more significance the way the team is playing. for example, the capitals scored 16 goals in three victories in their just completed trip to western canada, including last night in edmonton. getting a bonk on the head from alex ovechkin and why not? his first career hat trick, third goal coming on the power play. again, top of the circle, fires and scores. ended 7-4, 23-year-old becoming a perfect fit on the top line.
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going to keep that puck for history and get ready for the traditional postgame celebration. after that. >> how they played last year in the games and it was just -- >> we can do a lot of damage in different ways. as a great passer. the skating skills are exceptional. got a little chemistry, so they're a good line. a good one-two punch for us. >> last night in kansas city, the rain came down, but the night ended with a flood of champagne for the royals. game tied at three. casey on first. eric drives that ball to right field. kane is going to be waved around. he comes home and that's your difference. the royals beat toronto 4-3. uncork the bubbly. they're going meet the mets in
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the world series game one. saturday night, you always like to add with shchampagne. it's a new tradition. >> i love that. are you buying? >> i'm buying. the champagne's on me. >> all right. >> going to be pretty interesting. all right, let's go ahead and look at the next seven days. rain showers are going to be moving in later on this evening. i would say late in the evening from the west to the east and again, the rain showers continuing overnight and possibly for the marine corps marathon tomorrow morning. it will clear out by tomorrow afternoon. low 60s on monday and what is left of what is now remnants patric patricia, and moving out of mexico and that moisture will eventually meet up with a cold front here for tuesday. the heavy rain possible on wednesday through early morning thursday and clears on friday. >> not only champagne, but at 11 clrk i've got the maryland penn state. penn state's gone ahead, 31-27. league change. it's been a wild game in
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baltimore. we'll have details and champagne at 11:00. >> that is the news for now. nightly news up next and we'll see you for news 4 at 11:00. until then, good night, everyone.
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on this saturday night, flood emergency. 15 million americans in the path of flash flooding tonight. so dangerous it caused a train to derail. parts of texas haven't seen this much rain in two decades. disaster diverted. the strongest hurricane ever recorded has come and gone. inside the raid. dramatic video obtained by nbc news appears to show the hostage rescue mission at an isis prison that left a u.s. commando dead. three people killed and more than 30 injured after a suspected drunk driver plowed through a parade at oklahoma state university. >>


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