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tv   News4 Today  NBC  October 25, 2015 6:00am-8:01am EDT

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well, it is race day for marine corps marathon runners. over 30,000 participants getting ready to hit the pavement in a show of solidarity and support for our men and women in uniform. and the runners are going to get a little bit red. sprinkles throughout the morning. we have meteorologist tom kierein here on when we can all see a break. good morning, everyone. i'm angie goff. >> and i'm adam tuss. >> a lot of people have been talking about training for this day. the marine corps marathon
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kicking off in a few more hours. >> we have team coverage for the 40th anniversary of the marathon. we want to check in with "news4's" jim handly up early. hi, how are you? >> reporter: hi, adam, hi, angie. we're under the cover of darkness. we're on the bridge. as you mentioned, 40,000 participants have signed up. not all will finish. some are running the 10k. most are running the full marathon. let's bring in the race director for the past 23 years. rick. it's chilly, but how would it impact the runners? >> i would say this is ideal. a little bit overcast. you don't want that heat. a little bit of humidity is
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goo good. when it rains, you still need to drink and hydrate. >> you forget that sometimes. >> you do. somehow you think water is absorbing into your body. we've got to consume. >> reporter: runners are made of tough stuff, marines are made of tough stuff. if people are coming down to run or cheer somebody on, what do they need to keep in mind? >> really, get out the door now and start moving. when you have 30,000 people showing up for a race and probably another 20,000, 30,000 to race, metro is going to be busy. there's prayer services going on. get a little mental balance. it all helps.
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it's so important. >> it's so impressive when we see the parachuters drop out of the sky. will we see that? >> we will. they have a bigger flag than f. the flyover. liberty bell sing new this year, goes back to my time working the olympics. i love homing pigeons, the doves. they're going get released at the howitzer, they make their way up the potomac river and back to the great falls. it's something to see when the howitzer goes off. nice touch. >> reporter: nice touch. it's so dramatic. you get goose bbumps. it's a truly patriotic marathon. what is it about the marine corps marathon that draws them from where?
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59 countries this year? >> absolutely the marines but you have to take in the beautiful surroundings we have. it's the people's marathon. we talk about the part-time who come here. you're right. our nation's been at war for 13 years and there's a strong patriotism feeling about earning that eagle globe at the finish line. again, it's a mental mindset of what's transpiring here. as you sigh the marines and sailors on the court that have been months or years ago out in harm's way. it's almost a two-way street. the runners are out here doing a personal goal, a dream, and then you have them thank marines and marines thanking them. i'm going to go on air and say it's a lovefest throughout here. >> reporter: it is, it is.
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>> we're going to be out here at 10:30 when the first ones cross the line. joining me in about a half an hour, governor mcauliffe will be up here. we've got two different locations. we've got the 10k at the different sight and the howitzer here. >> we can sense the excitement. thanks so much. we'll check back in. the marine corps marathon is nicknamed the people's marathon. the run is a little different than it has been in years past because it actually pass through crystal city. you can see those changes in the nbc washington app as well as
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the road close yours you'll run into today. >> since so many roads are closed, your best bet is metro. the system opened an hour ago, two hours early. you're going to want to get off at the pentagon or penalty gonl city stations. the arlington cemetery station will not open until after the official start of the marathon at 8:30 this morning. and you can keep up with our team coverage of the marine corps marathon with the nbc washington app. we've got a whole section dedicated to everything you need to know. we'll have more live coverage throughout the hour. right now we have a little
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bit of wet rain. the pavement is wet around the region. pulling out of west virginia coming out of virginia these patches of green, light rain, charles county into prince william, fauquier over into culpeper. this is moving a bit off to the north and east. here's the hour-by-hour times on that. by 9:00, a few more light showers coming through between 9:00 and noon. a few light showers and then it crosses the bay during the afternoon and we get some sunshine breaking out as temperatures jump into the 60s. change is on the way. that's coming right up. >> in other news, they're surveying the damage left from hurricane patricia. the storm did not have the impact that was feared and bypassed the major cities. so more than 300,000 homes have
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been heavily damaged. more than 200,000 have lost power. here at home a development out of prince williams county where we're trying to work out the name of the person found dead insi inside of a car. police are now calling it a death investigation and are not releasing any other details. people told "news4" their street was taped off for hours and they were forced to stay inside. coming up, new body camera footage showing the release of the hostages from isis. in less than two hours runners will take their mark and you can check out the
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narrator: for state senate, who shares our values? jeremy mcpike - supports school funding. thinks women should make their own health care decisions. and favors background checks on all gun sales. hal parrish? as mayor, he slashed education. fought to block women's health clinics. parrish gets an "a" from the gun lobby - they oppose background checks to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. virginia extreme or mainstream? vote mcpike for virginia.
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feinblatt: everytown for gun safety action fund sponsored this ad.
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new body camera video appears to show this week's hostage rescue mission at an isis facility in iraq. nbc news got the video from a news agency. the joint u.s./kurdish mission freed 73 hostages. you could hear gunfire in the background and an arabic voice yelling directions for hostages. >> they're doing stretches, warming up, drinking their water. when we're talking about weather, tom, it looks like they might have to watch for a puddle
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or two. >> just lingering light showers that came through. right now we're getting a few of these scattered across virginia, west virginia, and eastern kentucky, all of this sliding off to the north and east. the local high definition radar showing a few areas in green, charles and west of there. southern prince william. stafford, spotsylvania, west of there across northern virginia into culpeper, a few of these sprinkles there. later this morning, the hour-by-hour timing this morning. a few sprinkles coming through. and then by noontime most of it's ending. we get some sunshine breaking up later this afternoon and a little bit of a blustery wind, too, behind this rain. the wind may be picking up by later this afternoon. la right now we're in the 50s. the marine corps marathon for
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this morning. those sprinkles will be ending by late morning and then that sunshine breaks out into the mid-60s for the game. tampa bay at fedex field. kickoff time, 1:0060s. a little rain breaks out. they get into the upper 60s by 3:00. then back out to the mid-60s by the end of the game. them overnight, partly cloudy. the mid-40s. back to work and school tomorrow. we'll have sunshine back and cooler. afternoon highs in the low 60s. cloudy and cool on tuesday. highs in tupper 50s. rain likely moving in. showers likely on wednesday with highs reaching the upper 60s. those showers ending. thursday, friday, saturday, the sunshine returns, it will be cooler after a milder day on thursday. that's the way it looks. >> all right.
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thanks so much. 6:14. next up "reporter's notebook." >> then we're back weith more o this morning's news. >> good morning. i'm pat lawson muse. fresh pac is staffed by people from mayor bowser's campaign. her former treasurer wants to raise a million this year. it's smart, but critics say it's bad. does this fly in the face? >> it's not fresh. iflt's not new. it's not innovative. it goes back to tammany hall and those who ever studied civics or government. i agree with one city councilman. it's very bad politics.
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there's no ifs, ands, butser it even though on paper the mayor says it won't target anybody. once it's established you can do with the pac unless restrictions are written in. >> there are new limits, but this is not illegal. it is unusual, though, to see a pac formed to support a mayor. >> well, and for them to say that, you know, we won't do anything here with this, we already know they have said we want to be behind the mayor to support the initiatives. the counter would be if they don't support the mayor's initiatives, what are you going to do with this. the important thing is in nonelection years. in nonelection years you can give any amount of money you like. it's reported that the mayor's pac has $300,000. i think what's interesting is
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the council members who voted for the bill to squash it, none of them are running for re-election. the five who aren't aren't supporting this because they're thinking maybe they have a pac and they don't want to put limits on it. so you have to say where is it going to fall? is it going to be for the good of the community? let me say this quickly. remember, the supreme court has ruled citizens united, corporations are people too. >> you could actually -- you're absolutely right. it could go that route. the other thing people aren't saying is the mayor has the ability to suck up all of the money as opposed to a councilperson that might be running an award and certain council members who run at large. >> does it matter she's been open about it. even though decisions about how
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the money is spent is being raised independently? >> i don't think it matters. i think what matters is the potential to control the city kouj. >> i think it does matter in this sense, joe, if it was really shadowy and we didn't know about it, it would be a much bigger issue. >> she didn't do that. >> that's right. the council knows about it and the committee chairman mcduffy who at the tieme could have changed the law and he didn't. bikers clash with a house of worship. they say bike lanes would run them out of the neighborhood. the church which is located east of the convention center. they say putting a bike route on sixth street would take away park space.
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we've seen standoffs like this before in the district, haven't we? >> yeah and what we're talking about here is gentrification. if you look, it's not going to help. we've seen this in churches in d.c. that was a parking issue again and if you see this letter that was sent out from the church, it is pretty heavy. they're talking about racial issues, the fact that the cities want churches to move out so they can get tax-emt churches out. >> that's where i go back and forth from here to home and what they're talking about is angular parking on sunday as opposed to parallel because you can get far more cars in there. the reality is that the
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millenniums who now are occupying a lot of the city, they've got to learn how to get along with people. this is ridiculous. the reality is it's a sunday issue. here you're saying they can't park to go worship because somebody might be taking away a bike lane as if that many people are out on a bike on sunday morning or any time? this is a problem in which you go into the neighborhood. you want to change the culture. you've got an attitude about it and quiet honestly i support the church 100%. >> the city is changing not just in that area but all over. >> that's part of it.
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>> they're saying the times are changing. the church is saying we will sue and we will sue under the first amendment in terms of religious expression. that's how far they're going. >> what did we do in cities when there weren't bike lanes. we found a way. find a way. suspending an app. after a criticism used by residents, the georgetown business district has suspended use of the app. critics say it was bug used for racial profiling. the service says before they put it back up, they're going to want a review for those who use the app. will it satisfy jornl town and
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the critics? >> it will if they suspend it. i don't know if they're keep it out forever. we're talking about the app but i think you have to taj with the department. i think what's problematic, i heard one person say, listen, even if it hurts just a few who have been profiled, it is not worth getting rid of the whole thing. they took it down and they're working on it. >> you can have all the sensitivity training you want. this is a very simple matter. if you've got a problem with shoplifting -- by the way, most of the shoplifting is by employees, let's be honest about
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that. secondly, put security guards in place, cameras. i don't think it's going to work. they're using it not just for shoplifting and suspicious people who come into the show. they're using it now for neighborhoods and whether the complexion of a neighborhood changes and therefore may or may not be crime-ridden. >> got to take a break. stay with us.
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♪ ♪ hold the ticketing. there is some confusion about how those tickets are being handed out. attorney general mark herring says the law as it stands doesn't allow those citations to be delivered in the mail. you're supposed to be served in person by a law enforcement official. but if you're caught on camera runs a red light the law does
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allow you to get that ticket in the mail. so it sounds like there's some confusion to be cleared up. >> clearly it's the way the law is written. clearly the council or legislative body is going to have to go back and tweet the law because what it basically says is if you go past a school bus, which is so dangerous to do, the policeman has to catch you, pull you over, write the ticket. and so it's just a mat err of, i think, rewriting the law or creating a new one. >> the interesting thing is, the law the way it was set up was in the initial pill that you could make out the ticket but once it went through the general assembly, it was taken out. we have to do this. you know, my issue would be, again, you know, is this the best use of the police force? you know, you want to make it's fish end.
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if you want people to have to pay tickets, you want them to pay quickly. if they know it one supposed to be in the bill, it sounds like it's going to have to go back into the general assembly. >> they have to find a way to get people to stop. >> that's the real issue. as everyone knows, we've had a lot of deaths and accidents. yes, it's inconvenient when you get behind a school bus, but it's very dangerous for the children. >> the shooting of an unarmed sprungfield man in 2013 has led to proposed changes in police practices in fairfax. a panel mount includes more changes. more transparency. more force and a resfru panel. a chigs spent six months
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examining the way they've been using force training officers and the way it works with the public. >> the cynical side of me would say it's really not groundbreaking. we need more transparency, more training. i will give them credit for being deliberate. 6 months is a long time. i think the issue for fairfax county, they've had so many bumps in the role for a couple of times that was in depth. obviously the prove will be in the petr. you can always put together a piece of paper and a plan but let's see if they'll floichl. >> i commend them firm bridging together police officers, elects officials. civilians.
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the one thing i found were comments and blowbacks from the civilian review board. i thought the chairman made a very good point. he doesn't understand. what's the problem. the military reviews it. should. there be some blowback from that? but i think they should be applauded for the way they put it toke. like you said, you're going to have to put everybody together. >> hot lanes, everyone is pushing for them. i're looking for ways to ease the dgridlock on the bridges. for years planners have been talking about the need for a second potomac river crossing.
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so you have hov lanes and hot ways on the other side of the bridge, maybe a suggestion would be to have hot lanes and hov lanes on the maryland side. >> duh. i mean that makes sense. you have the traffic going out in the morning coming in the evening. it's a lot cheaper to decide to build a new bridge. once you decide to build a new bridge, how do you pay for it? >> if you look at larry hogan's portion his position was like let's put money in roads and bridges and you had to push to get money for the purple line. >> time will tell. we'll see. thank you, gentlemen. and thank you for joining us. that's "reporter's notebook."
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i'm pat hawson muse. stay tuned with us. the news continues right now. ready set. we're live from the marine corps marathon. >> they're all running together in a salute to our troops. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to "news4 today." i'm angie goff. >> and i'm adam tough. >> we have big news on tap. >> we do and wet pavement to content with early which isn't too bad a news because things are going to try out later, right, tom? >> absolutely. we've got to more rain. coming out of west virginia and
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kentucky and coming into virginia now. it's just some very light rain and it's tracking closer to us. now coming into western fair fashion prince william, fauksier and southbound down 95 toward fredericksburg. it's going to be running right back to the washington marine corps marathon. we'll have light sprinkles if for the next several hours. actually pretty good weather for run irs. back to you. >> sounds good. today we're celebrating 40 years of the marine corps marathon. nicknamed the marathon of monuments begins just before 8:00 this morning. >> that's right. we've got team coverage as 40 40,000 people are over there. >> we'll go over to jim handly.
6:32 am
this is more than the physicalr. there's the mental aspect and for others, emotional. >> reporter: both. you said it. i'm standing by the starter, governor mcauliffe. you ran this race three times. >> i hate to age myself. i first ran in 1980. i've run three times overall. this is an exciting time. we'll have about 30 those folks running. >> you have been running marathons across the country. what do you love about this one? >> it's flat. you have the little bit behind me. iwo jima. 26 miles and you have to go
6:33 am
uphill. you start at the beautiful commonwealth of virginia, end in virginia, you can't do that anywhere else. i've run boston, chicago, nothing compares. >> you're going to be firing the pistol at 755. tell me. you remember your time. you were a student at catholic university. >> i was a senior. probably stayed out the night before. stayed up till 4 in the morning and came down. i have a son racing this morning. >> he's one of the volunteers. >> one of the volunteers. it's great advertising for both
6:34 am
d.c. and virginia. people have been coming in here for days. >> and coming from all over the world. 59 miles. you run every day. >>y. this is a beautiful day. you don't want it too hot. you don't want pouring rain. i remember in new york it was raining so hard your sneakers got heavy. it was like carrying 10-pound weights around. but this is pretty cool. >> you mentioned politics. were on the campaign hill with hillary. it's all about endurance. >> we had great day in alexandria. after 11 hows of testimony, she came out with us.
6:35 am
>> we had 3,800. you were there. she was fired up. we had a great dinner. you've got to stay to this. you know, listen. we don't have our first contest till february in iowa. so we've got a long way to go till you win the full prize. >> but she's in the race. >> she's running. >> it's a marathon aunt not a splint. >> but it's a mary thochblt 7:55. we'll be lacking four you. we'll be with you back at 7:00 liven. we're leave outside ar lengthton cemetery. back to you now. >> thanks so much. a lot to look forward to. you're going to br bringing it all to us.
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>> looking good. a live look between mile marker 12 and 14. they'll line the area with flags with the names of fallen soldiers. be sure to download our app and stay for more live coverage. a driver plows into a crowd killing four people including a child. >> they suspect she was drunk when she went into the crowd. >> i'm never going to for get that in my mind. >> reporter: the car that slammed into a crowd of osu fans came to a stop in the exact place where caylee carter and her roommate stopped to watch
6:37 am
the parade. >> i saw black coming and i didn't know what it was. the car hit me and i flew other some strollers. >> reporter: she walked away. her roommate tlied to shield her from the carnage around her. my teammate was like do not look, do not look. it was really scary. >> reporter: police identified the 25-year-old as adacia chambers. a man who pulled his children out of the way shared a picture of officers taking her away. >> they were speeding through the crowd of people. >> reporter: the tragic deaths of four and jooirs others.
6:38 am
that's good ball. to think someone could hurt someone like thissing is unfathomable. one said he hooft his rifle. not much happening. in a couple of hours it will be packed with thousands of marine corps maratho
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narrator: for state senate, who shares our values? jeremy mcpike - supports school funding. thinks women should make their own health care decisions. and favors background checks on all gun sales. hal parrish? as mayor, he slashed education. fought to block women's health clinics. parrish gets an "a" from the gun lobby - they oppose background checks to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. virginia extreme or mainstream? vote mcpike for virginia. feinblatt: everytown for gun safety action fund sponsored this ad.
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6:41. if you're running this morning, hey, time to get up. we're counting down to the start of the marine corps marathon. this is a live look at the starting line along the memorial bridge. take a look at the marathon route. it begins in arlington, snakes its way through. it's a little bit different this year because it passes through crystal city.
6:42 am
you can see those changes of the route and the nbc washington app as well as the road closures you're going to run into. >> opening ceremonies in about 40 minutes or so. a different kind of marathon, though, this weekend on capitol hill as hillary clinton sat through 11 hours of testimony about benghazi, plus, ryan takes the reins. >> joining us to talk about all that, chuck todd. >> i sigh what you did. >> we're going to do "meet the press" at the marathon. we're at mile marker 4. >> seriously. >> yes. >> let's talk about hillary clinton. the cartoon shows her sitting sipping her coffee. >> there was a lot of deflection.
6:43 am
some of the key questions, she wouldn't take full responsibility. it wasn't very organized. i think the fairest way was to go after the policy to. me there wasn't enough time spen on that and the democrats decided to be her shield and why they'll were performing as good democrats, you can't feel good that they didn't decide to 'peer in the hearing at all. >> what are her hurdles now? >> i think it's her self. nobody wants to be running for president and slapped even with
6:44 am
a misdemeanor charge. that wouldn't look good if that happens and charges are prout. what's interesting about her is she had this terrific ten-day campaign. now she's the overwhelming front runner again. will she get complaisant. that's. >> thick she should have to fear. >> that's the story of the weekend. donald trump has basically lost it. he's not first place -- if you're leading in iowa, you're the front-runner because it all begins there so i'm one of those believes the person leading in iowa will sit down. >> and you sit down with ben carson. >> i will be.
6:45 am
>> a reminder you can see "meet the press" at "news4." 40,000 runners are getting some warmups in before the big start. >> we've got team coverage all morning long and nbc is the proud sponsor of mile marker 4. that's where we find bureau chief julie carey. good morning, jules, how's it looking out there? >> reporter: a little quiet. a few sprinklers. the runners don't care about that. the inflatable peacock is behind me it. we will have a lot of our nbc 4 colleagues cheering. we've seen runners walking
6:46 am
across the key bridge all morning to head down to the starting line. we talked to them a little while ago. one, an experienced marathoner and a woman running for the first time today. here's what they had to say. >> i think the marine corps marathon is great. it's my third. i did new york last year. i'm originally from new york but this i feel is sort of my home base marathon. >> i am a cancer survivor and it's kind of taking control back. >> reporter: we wish them both good luck. we met a group from mexico, a group from australia. so important to them to come and run this marathon and i'm really
6:47 am
excited this year because my brother is going to be among the marathoners. he flew in from ann arbor, michigan, so he'll be here as well. >> all right. julie carey for us along mile marker 4. >> we'll be rooting for everyone as were as her brother. it's so spirited. you turn the corner and they given you that extra push that you need. it's really, really cool. >> i would neat a lot of push. >> he needs to be in a stroller. >> overall decent running weather. >> in the 50s and a little bit of a light sprinkle. >> there is the leave view. the scene this sunday morning is
6:48 am
cloudy. look at the "storm team 4" radar. the wide view showing the batch of rain across virginia getting close, pulling out of west virginia and kentucky. this batch is tracking right into washington right now. just a few sprinkles beginning here now. to the west into the shenandoah valley. very light rain. charles, calvert getting light rain now. so for the next couple of hours put on the sprinklend and the temperatures will stay in the 50s. right in washington and around the bay. it's right near 650 degrees. for the morning hours we will stay wet and then should begin to dry out. by 11:00 as many of the runners will begin to come back in and ending the race, it will be around 60 and cloudy.
6:49 am
and then for the other runners finishing a little bit later. in the mid-60s by early afternoon. then there's the sky over washington right now. live view from our tower camera just beginning to produce those sprinkles. the sun comes back out and we hit the upper 60s. the winds may be gusting to around 20 miles per hour. so likely not affecting the tampa bay and washington game at fedex field in the upper 650s. then by dawn on monday. down to the mid-40s. cloudy on tuesday. highs in the 50s. another chance of rain. likely showers during the day on wednesday. could pick up an-inch of rain. then cool again with sunshine friday, saturday, highs in the low 60s.
6:50 am
that's the way it looks. >> all right. thank you very much, tom. coming up a prince george's county officer -- >> good sunday morning, evan. the redskins getting ready to tack on the buccaneers. when tampa came to tampa and ran away with the win. in five out of sijs games this year the redskins left at the hat. the burg ard gold scored 36 points. they've been outgained. what happens. the players are certainly look for answers. >> you know, when you have a lead, you maybe get a little comfortable. i don't know. i think it's important for us to have it. i've been pleased with the way we've come out in the first quarter. >> you know, we've done the same
6:51 am
thing in the five or six games. we're looking at a different result right now. you're asking me different questions. the only thing we can do is each guy has to take the individual responsibility and turn it up a notch. >> the bucks' rookie quarterback jameis winston five games into his nfl career, seven touchdowns but also seven interception. well, the redskins know they may have the upper hand. >> he's the number one overall pick for a reason. the dude can move around in the corner. kickoff at 11:00. coming up, a prince george's county officer lost something pretty important. husband rifle. we're going to tell you what happens next.
6:52 am
last minute prep pragss under way. it has every detail
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welcome back as our coverage of the marine corps marathon continues. here's a live like at the wear blue mile. we're going to hear from meagan fitzgerald on why this is such an emotional part of today's race. the story has a lot of you talking on the nbc washington facebook page. it was inadvertently lest behind. he took it out of his trunk to
6:56 am
change two tires. when he returns, it was gone. ta rare rah glitz was fate tally killed outside of the shaw district on memorial day. she left behind a 12-year-old son. two men were arrested for robbing and killing a man. tire accused of murdering a man in edgewood neighborhood park and stealing his backpack earlier this month. police say the three did know each other and believe the shooting death may be related. the 19th an you walk to end hiv was a success. 7,000 people were on freedom packet. nbc 4 has been a proud sponsor.
6:57 am
a bunch of our colleagues took part as well. they hope to raise at much as $850,000. as always proceeds rep help with the whitman walk. >> much more ahead. >> that includes an hour by hour look at your forecast with meteorologist tom kierein and team coverage of
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7:00 am
good morning. welcome in. welcome in to "news4 today." i'm adam tuss. >> and i'm angie goff. in a few short hours the marathon will start. >> we have live team coverage coming throughout the race from the starting line to the finish line. >> we wanted to begin the 7:00 hour with tom kierein. it looks like right rain is moving out. >> putting back into the metro area. all this area in green. charles county into prince williams, fair fast and now raining right there at the starting line for the machine
7:01 am
core marathon. continues to advance off to the north and east. it stretches north and west. all of this advancing right through the metro area. it ooh going be wet for the next couple of hours as the rain moves on through. right now at the starting line it's 57 degrees. elsewhere we're in the mid-50s. the rest of northern virginia is in the 50s. upper 50s right around the chesapeake bay. the hour-by-hour forecast for the marine corps marathon will stay in the 50s with the sprinkle chance and light rain off and on. by 11:00, most of it should be done. we'll be northeasterly 50 and breaking into the 60s by afternoon. >> we're counting down the start of the the marine corps marathon this morning. we have team coverage from different locations throughout the 26.2-mile course.
7:02 am
>> the long one. we want to start with jim handily. he's got a very familiar face with him. >> reporter: i can confirm what tom says. i is starting to rain at the start line and finish line, which is basically the same place. we have our own "storm team 4's" chuck bell. welcome out here. this is not your first. you've ran eight or nine. >> eight of the last ten. >> talk a little bit about this? >> first of all, i like 56 degrees. that's not a bad thing. that -- i think that is much, much harder. there's a little bit of ice. that end when you come back up to the key bridge. there was ice. this year we don't have to worry
7:03 am
about that. really not windy. rain, i don't care about running in the rain. all my military friends will cow it warrior sunshine. you have to tough it out. for me, i'm a sweaty mess by mile 3 or 4. even on a cold day. >> wet roads don't affect your time. >> no. >> if it were a sideways gully washer, that's when it's bad news. this out here is not going to be the problem. >> reporter: you've about gone the distance at so many times but you're going to take a pause. >> the back of my t-shirt. >> reporter: running for you. >> i wasn't able to train. marriage, honeymoon, house, so many crazy things.
7:04 am
my crazy schedule is killed. this is my social media marathon for me so i'm going to run to mile 4 and be a cheerleader. the peacock will be there, the balloons will be there. i'll run and get back on the course. i'll run 12 or 15 miles total today. >> for you that four miles should be for you. >> i think it will be. >> chuck bell, we'll see you there. we'll let you know t youngest runner by the way, 14. the oldest is 84. they'll be running from silver spring 10 k, the oldest full marathoner is 82 years old. there's some motivation or
7:05 am
inspiration for you on this sturnld morning. adam, angie, back to you. we're counting down at 7:55. that's when it gets under way. >> jim handly and chuck. good luck, chuck. the marathon of the monument. runners get the scenic route as they rub the 26 print 2 mile race chl. it passes through crystal city. you can see the changes in the nbc washington app as well as the road closures you run into today. >> your best bet to get into the marathon is metro. it opened about 5:00 a.m. you'll want to get off at the pentagon or pentagon city station. the arlington cemetery station will not open until after the official start of the marathon at 8:30 this morning and if
7:06 am
you're running the mcm 10k, get off at the smekt sohn yab station. >> we're working to find out the name of a person dead inside of a car. this was in dale city. police are calling it a death investigation but they're not releasing any other details. neighbors told "news4" their street was taped off for four hours. it's no letter a parent wants to get. this morning they're trying to come to terms with a school shooting that could have happened in their town. >> investigators say they planned to call in a bomb threat and then shoot teachers and students as they left the school. >> whether they would have succeeded or actually carried it out, it's too early to say. >> we learned one student is 15,
7:07 am
the other 17. they're being held without bond. the alleged plot was uncovered by champs. to read the entire story, open our nbc washington app. the storm did not have the impact that was feared. it bypassed some major cities. more than 300,000 homes have reported dak. the heavy rain and strong winds damaged trees. more than 200,000 people lost poir. >> elementary's get a look ahead. >> the montgomery school board is going to meet. the school district was considering references eliminating it he'll be visiting
7:08 am
fort belvoir to spend time with wounded servicemembers. >> new this morning fans report smoke and fire during one of whoopi goldberg's performances. >> we're learning it was not part of the show there one word of warning, don't drive around dfrmt c. and the
7:09 am
who can name the third president? and the largest planet? someone we haven't heard from. anyone else? when comcast offered low-cost high-speed internet to low-income families, more than two million hands went up. and pretty soon, so did everyone's in the classroom. ok, veronica. amphibian excellent! internet essentials from comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide.
7:10 am
new this morning we're learning about a casino fire that cut whoopi goldberg's show short. a woman could smell smoke and people began leaving the building.
7:11 am
they were told the fire actually started on goldberg's bus parked in the back of the building. no injuries were reported. check it out. new body camera video appears to show a hostage isis rescue. nbc got the video from a news agency in jordan. but they freed 70 hostages. you can hear gunfire in the background and a voigt in the background. pope francis preside over the three-week gathering. in an official document bishop said gays should not suffer discrimination in society but there was no foundation whatsoever toward same-sex mair. they did take a step toward
7:12 am
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7:15 am
j . i'm meghan fitzgerald. one of the most significant and emotional parts of this race. this is where the fallen servicemen and women will be honored for an entire mile. participants will run through here, they will see the faces of fallen heroes on a pole that will be in the ground and it will line the road. there'll be 300 volunteers holding american flags. this is the opportunity for these participants, for these runners to really get the magnitude of what this race is all about. we had an opportunity to speak to some participants. some say this is the part of the race where they're going to slow up, reflect and say thank you. they expect to be emotional as they run through here. we talked to others who say this is going to be the motivation point for me. it's going to be the 12-mile mark and give me the motivation
7:16 am
to just push forward because i'll remember that these men and women gave the ultimate sacrifice they pushed through. i can push through to finish this race for the next 14-plus miles i'll have left of this. we had an opportunity to speak with the organizer. she told us she founded this. she was a co-foujtder along with another woman who lost her husband in afghanistan in the iraq war. these runners are expected to come through at 9:00 a.m. and they'll be out here when they come. angie, back to you. >> thank you. >> a very emotional part of trace. i'm glad meghan is there covering it for us. >> if you can get halfway there, that's enough to get you going. >> listen to ang. she's run this race before. we're 40 minutes out from the 4040 start of the 40th marine corps marathon. it charts out the timing status
7:17 am
and uses twitter or facebook, very cool. you can tweet along wi with #runwiththemarines. we'll have another report from jim handly at the starting line in just about 15 minutes. >> guess what? we're also going to go back to the future again tonight. the tribute to one of the most successful trilogies continues tonight at the washington film festival. 14 deloreans will roll down the big red carpet for the celebration. there's going to be plenty of cast members including doc brown himself, actor christopher lloyd. >>'ve been waiting since fifth grade. >> i took off work so i could celebrate it. i've been calling it the high holiday of the year. >> jen said this is like
7:18 am
christmas for her. washington west is donating 100% of the box office sales tonight for parkinson's research. the screening is sold out but the public is still invited to attend and watch the red carpet arrivals and doc brown is going to be stepping out of a delorean. how cool is that. >> one for it, marty. >> so much raise. >> would it be fair to run the race using a hover board? >> i don't think so. >> maybe the shoes. that would be awesome. >> oh, yeah. >> the hover board if you have one will be skimming over puddles as we do have a few scattered showers now coming right back into the metro area right as we star the marine corps marathon. the moving green is mostly light rain but there are a few embedded moderate showers now with the darker green color. that's now across northern virginia and just coming into
7:19 am
washington. all of this tracking north to the east. the more moderate rain is into northern prince william and southern prince william. this area of more moderate rain is going to come right into washington in about another 20 minutes or. so and another few pockets of rain. northern st. mary's. that will pass south of the metro area. it will be damp and cool because temperatures right now are in the mid to upper 50s. right there at the starting line. upper 50s around the bay. mid-50s farther south and west. staying in the 50s all throughout the marathon this morning. we'll have that chance of showers. occasional showers all the way through about 11:00 or so. by 11:00 it should settle down. a little sun may be breaking out for those who may be finishing the race a little later. by 1:00 you should be jumping into the mid-60s. there's that gray sky.
7:20 am
a live view from our tower camera. when the sun breaks out, we'll soar into the 60s. the winds should pick up too. as we get into the game too. it may play a bit of a role. nice there. kickoff is at 1:00. for tailgaters, it should be drying out there. cooler, 40s in the morning. afternoon highs, low 60s and another round of rain comes in on tuesday. although most of the day staying dry. then rain moves in from the west tuesday night and occasional rain likely on wednesday could pick up an-inch of rain with highs reaching the 50s. after that mild sunshine returns on thursday. it will be up around 70.
7:21 am
then friday, saturday gets cooler but dry as we get into the new england weekend. highs in the low 60s. that's the way it looks. >> thank you, tom. you may know his name but you don't know his face. >> the "washington post" food critic reveals his best tricks to get you the best meals. >> we're waiting for the race to start. we're going check back in with
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
right now a look at the key bridge where runners will make their way through mile 4. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey is there. follow them and nbc washington on twitter as we share pictures and videos throughout the morning. >> good luck to all the runners. >> well, you may know his name but you don't know his face. food critic tom sightcy ma. >> in the era of yelp and bloggers and social media, tom sietsima's voice rises above the noise. >> always joke i eat bad food so
7:25 am
you don't have to. >> reporter: this area is full of decision-makers. he granted us a rare interview provided we don't reveal his cover. >> i'm looking for places that are consistent. i think that's hardest for restaurants to achieve not only in service but cooking. people are very forgiving of places where the food is okay if they feel they've been paid attention to, if they feel pampered and spoiled. >> reporter: his fall dining guide out just this month offers 40 of his favorites. not the 40 best. and that's an important distinction. >> favorites is highly personal. these are places where i would go to spend my own money. >> reporter: he said his word is not the only factor. >> a bad restaurant puts itself out of business really. >> reporter: but sietsima tries to give a place a fair shot. he visits each place on multiple times various nights with
7:26 am
various people and ordered just about every item on the menu. anonymity is key. >> so many things change when you're identified as a critic. i've had waiters swapped out for general managers. >> reporter: he has a bag of tricks under wraps. he'll never make a reservation under his own name. e pays with different credit cards too. >> i'll send friends in ahead of me and i'll show up a little bit late, so they even got the table, they've ordered a dish or three and you can't roll that back. >> reporter: tom sietsima does not relish in writing a bad review. he's always scouring for good gems to share with his viewers. >> the biggest pleasure is to find a small like a mom and pop or a young chef who's just working really hard. if you're a good cook, you're
7:27 am
working hard york u will get noticed. >> eun yang, "news4," washington. oo >> reporter: i'm jim handly here in arlington. runners are starting to get in position. we're counseleding down. stay with us. >> the folks out will are going to be running in the rain. we're going to get the forecast coming up at 7:30. a horrifying home coming for people at objection state. victims describe what happened when drivers ran into a crowd of people. >> i'm never going to forget that in my mi
7:28 am
7:29 am
7:30 am
right now the invocation for the marathon is already over and we're just in time for the "national anthem." >> they're going to be flooded with runners. they're gong to have an extra challenge because of the rain you see on the right on "storm team 4." welcome, everyone. i'm angie goff. >> and i'm adam tuss. >> tom, it looks like the rain's moving back in. >> reporter: the runners don't mind. it will keep them cooler.
7:31 am
the light rain has now moved back in after we did have some a couple of hours ago, so pavement is getting all wet again in northern virginia and washington. a few pockets of heavier rain. it's not heavier rain. moderate rain. that one line of more moderate rain is going to come into washington in about another 20 minutes or so for the marathon. right there at the starting line it's at 57 degrees. we're in the upper 50s around chesapeake bay. an hour-by-hour marine corps marathon forecast, we'll have these by 10:00. by 11:00 it should settle down and be cloudy. then by early afternoon, a little sun breaks out and the winds break out. it should be into the mid-60s by then. that's the way it looks right
7:32 am
now. >> thank you, tom. less than 30 minutes to go until the start of the 40th annual marine corps marathon. thousands of runners ready to go. >> we're gearing up. "news4's" jim handly. he's at the starting line. we know that the excitement is building and the rain is coming down, but you said the flyover is still supposed to take place, right? >> it is. and pretty soon in about 20 minutes as you know, angie, 13 parachuters are going to be falling from the sky with a huge american flag. the runners just paused here on route 10 for our "national anthem." now they continue to make their way down toward the starting line here on route 10, 110. highest number of female runners. 45% this year. 9,000 military runners taking part. 3,500 of whom are marines. there are 18,000 first-time to run this marine corps marathon. the youngest as we mentioned is just 14 years old.
7:33 am
the oldest is a silver spring runner running the 10k. he's 84. a full marathoner. another, 82. as we mentioned at 7:55 governor terry mcauliffe will be firing the firing pistol and the mayor will be firing the d.c. firing pistol on the national mall, again, 7:55. a moment ago i had a chance to talk to the race director about marathon security this year. you go back to 9/11. that started the security for the marine corps marathon. each year there's been something behind the scenes we've had to focus on. >> what do people need to keep in mind with what they need to keep in mind. >> use the clear plastic bag. put your valuables in there. >> reporter: now at 7:55 or when
7:34 am
the race begins. 7:45 is when the hand psycyclis fly across the line. we'll be covering them and talking real inspiring stories. back in, we'll be checking in at 7:55 when it all kicks off. >> all right. the excitement building there. let's take another live look. it's at hains point. this is located at meals 12 and 14. it's going to be with unof the more emotional parts of the race. family members will line american flags one mile long bearing the names of fallen soldiers, and to keep up with the action of the entire marine corps marathon, you have to make sure you download our nbc washington app. stay tuned for more. now to a developing story
7:35 am
out of oklahoma. a driver plows into a crowd watching the home coming parade killing four people including a 2-year-old. >> investigators suspect she was drunk and then went into a crowd. >> i'm never going to forget that in my mind. >> the crowd that slammed into a crowd of osu fans came to a stop at exactly the place where caylee carter and her friend were watching the parade. >> i saw something black. i didn't know what it was at first. the car hit me as it was stopping and i flew over some strollers. >> reporter: she walked away besides badly cutting her hand. her roommate was trying to shield her from the carnage. >> my roommate was saying do not look, do not look. they're throwing bags over
7:36 am
people. >> reporter: identified the 25-year-old as adacia chambers. a man who said he pulled his sons out of the way just in time shared the pictures with us showing officers arresting her. >> people were here having fun and literally they don't know what hit them. it came 40, 50 miles an hour, like they were speeding through the crowd of people. >> reporter: the tragic deaths and injuries stunned her. >> it's an oklahoma tradition and to think someone could hurt people like this is unfathomable. >> and that was william dupuis. all right, well, we're going to be taking some live pictures here. you see the skydivers coming down over the marine corps
7:37 am
marathon as our continuing coverage is kicking off here. this is, of course, probably the biggest signature event of this. this is so cool. >> this is such a beautiful sight. the performance includes thousands of american flags, members of the armed forces, many that served in combat. they're performing the sky dive. it is a very prideful moment for this event that we all look forward to every year and then we're always look forward to the huge old glory. >> you watch them coming down, how big the american flags are flying in the wind. we're just about 20 minutes away from the actual start of the marine corps marathon. that kicks off at 7:55. all the opening ceremonies getting under way.
7:38 am
things really starting to ramp up in the rosslyn, pentagon area. ang, you did it. >> this is the spot, the moment when they look into the sky, they listen to the music, they see the flag, and many say that's when they make the decision i'm going run this again even before they run the first one. but this is a very, very emotional moment for a lot of people because you have to remember as jim has mentioned. it's more than a physical race but mental and emotional. and for a local lot of these people it was a moment on what was perceived to be impossible really becomes possible. >> look at how precise the landing is too. >> it's perfect. >> things are about to kick off here. we'll continue our
7:39 am
7:40 am
7:41 am
welcome back. a woman was fatally shot and killed in the shaw neighborhood district on memorial day. her killer still on the loose. she left behind a 12-year-old son. it happened near the kennedy rec center. now to a search for a missing assault rifle that belongs to prince george's county police. this story has a lot of you talking on the nbc washington facebook panel. the ar-15 rifle was left behind by a police officer who took it out of his trounk change two flat tires thursday. he returned but the weapon was gone. they said getting rifle back is top priority. about 15 minutes to the start of the marine corps marathon. you're taking a live look at the starting line as everybody gathers in here. what are you expecting? 40,000 people. a lot of excitement, a lot of
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
welcome back. the "today" show is next on nbc 4 at 8:00. let's join jeff rossen and erica hill. >> hey, guys.
7:45 am
>> just this morning dylan is watching the flash floods and then new video this morning showing the deadly impact when a suspected driver plowed into a home coming parade on saturday. also ahead, incredible video first obtained by nbc news showing the raid on an isis prison. we'll take you inside. surprising testimony from robin thicke and pharrell williams. video going public and quite a reaction. pack mack and donkey kong. retro video games are coming back and bringing generations of gamers back together. we have all of those. >> miss pacman, donkey kong, frogger. >> yeah. we have more coming up on "today." >> double dribble. >> double dribble. >> it never went away. >> duck hunt, my favorite.
7:46 am
>> duck hunt. >> yeah, duck hunt, right? you're with me on that. >> tetris. we could do this all morning. >> looking forward to it. thanks, guys. >> reporter: and we're back live at the start line. just 60 seconds ago the hand cycle participants kicked things off. the pistol was fired and they flew by us. we had a fly overbefore that and before that two went above us. we had 13 skydivers hauling old glory and that was a dramatic site as you saw minutes ago. with've got wheelchair participants. they'll be among the first to cross the finish line in the 9:00 hour and that is impressive to see their speed as they come across and their upper body strength. we want to show you those 13 parachuters right now.
7:47 am
that was a moment about 15 minutes ago. it was something to see. everybody had out their cell phones taking a picture of that historic moment. you kind of get goosebumps out here at certain moments when they play the "national anthem." it's something to be a part of out here. we're counting down. governor terry mcauliffe will fire the pistol a second time for all of the runners who are taking part in this. you know, 40,000 people signed up. about 22,000 marathon, full marathon runners will be crossing that finish line. about 8,00010k runners. they take off from capitol hill down on the national mall. muriel bowser will fire the gun there. we'll be back live at 7:55 to hear a little more from the governor and witness history. the 40th anniversary of the marine corps marathon. back to you guys for now. >> thanks so much. about ten minutes to go until
7:48 am
the runners take their mark for the marine corps marathon. some 40,000 runners have made their way to the starting line on route 110 in arlington. >> it won't be long till they reach the bridge. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey is at mile 4. jules, that bridge about to get a whole lot busier. >> reporter: it is. we can't wait till they get here, but we're ready. the nbc 4 cheering squad back there by the inflated peacock. do you see that? they're all armed with their clappers. i brought my cow bell, too, and they're rocking the tunes. they're ready to greet the runners as make the turn to come across the key bridge. we've been here all morning long. take a look at some of the pictures of them coming through in the dark this morning. you know, marine corps marathon is really an international
7:49 am
affair. there are runnering from all over the world who choose to come to this marathon because they heard about the sights. we ran into groups both from australia. they're raising money for wounded warriors and also a very upbeat group from tabasco, mexico. some first-timers from a australia. here's what drove a woman to try it. >> we're told this is a great marathon. very famous. >> we came out for a wedding. the marine corps is on.
7:50 am
[ inaudible ] >> reporter: so a lot of anticipation this morning. i was talking to a couple of first-time runners heading down to the starting line. they have some real butterflies as they get ready go, but they're going to be off and running soon and we're ready to greet them here. back to you in the studio. >> all right. from the biggest cheering section. mile marker 4 rngs we have julie carey. thanks so much. it by far surpass it. it offers no prize money, so a lot of us are doing this oust their hearts. >> it's to remember the military, to remember fallen soldiers. there's a lot more meaning behind this race. this is a live look at the starting line as we get ready to kick off the marathon. come bac
7:51 am
parker: my daughter alison and her cameraman were gunned down on live television. i know we can't stop all gun violence, but we can save lives if our leaders take action. narrator: but we can't count on hal parrish to act. he gets an "a" from the gun lobby, they fund his candidacy... while fighting against background checks to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. parrish will make us less safe. parker: politicians' condolences aren't enough. it's time for them to act. feinblatt: everytown for gun safety action fund sponsored this ad.
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♪ good morning. i'm "storm team 4" tmeteorologit tom kierein. we have rain tracking north and east. right there at the starting line. there's one. there's the starting line right there. it's very light rain coming through, but we'll have this off and on, light to briefly moderate rain am times now in
7:54 am
the 50s through 9:00, 10:00 this morning and after that, we'll get sunshine breaking out by early this afternoon. we'll be into the mid-60s by 1:00 and by the time we get into the later part of the afternoon, we'll get temperaturinge iine ig into tupper 60s that's the way it look. the marine corps marathon is about to begin. and we even seen the sky divers and the marathoners. now bring on the runners. >> let's go back to jim handly. he's at the starting line. exciting moments, jim. >> reporter: excitement is building. you said it. they just got words of encouragement over the p.a. system. they're counting down. you guys have got to be mission-ready. the governor terry mcauliffe will be firing the pistol. he's very excited. his son is volunteering as a
7:55 am
marine. they're counting down from ten seconds from now. the governor will be firing that for 40,000 participants. >> the 40th marine corps marathon is in commission mode. >> you may see the doves flying over there. what a beautiful sight. and they're on the move right there. 30,000 here. we've got another almost 10,000 running the 10k at the mall. these are many of the elite runners able to place first. they've run it a time or two. we have 18,000 first-time runners to the marathon, 9 thousand mill tai runners.
7:56 am
45% of the runners are female runners. they're made of tough stuff. no ponchos. no pants. everybody's wearing shorts. the rain has let up. the roads are safe. that doesn't seem to bother the runners. and a lot of them like these conditions. you see a lot of hats though. keep the heads dry as best they can. this is route 110. we're in front of lar lington national cemetery right now. body to body. and the music is pumping them up. they're hollering as they come underneath this bridge. you know, five minutes ago, we saw the hand cycle participants. they'll be the first to cross the finish line.
7:57 am
we'll be making our way over there in the next hour to bring you live coverage as they start to cross the finish line around 9:00, 9:30. it's just an amazing sight. every color in the rainbow here. there you have it adam and angie. back to you now. >> thank you, jim. sharing such a bright spot in what has been a gloomy start. there's a reason they call it the people's marathon. >> that's all for "news4 today." thanks for joining us. >> more live coverage of the marine corps marathon coming up as the season shifts, change is on its way. and with change, comes opportunity. it's up to you to seize it. ♪ this autumn, find your opportunity at cadillac. the 2015 cadillac ats. get this low-mileage lease from
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seriously? i feel like i just woke up. ha ha ha! fully cooked johnsonville breakfast sausage. we don't make sausage. we make family. and sausage. homecoming horror. [ screaming ] >> new video showing the deadly moment of impact when a suspected drunk driver plowed into a packed parade at oklahoma state university. we're live on the scene. inside the isis raid. incredible video first obtained by nbc news showing the american kurdish assault on an isis prison releasing hostages. an american hero killed. hear them roar. ♪ you're going to hear me roar ♪ >> hillary clinton rolls out serious star power in iowa, katy perry and her husband, the former president, hitting the campaign trail for the for the time while donald trump slams jeb bush with a harsh


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