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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  October 26, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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crashed her car into the crowd on sunday. she faces four counts of second-degree murder. classes will go on as usual despite this crash over the weekend that sent a man to the hospital. police say a man in his 60s crashed into saab miguel school last night. he hit a utility box and gas meter before smashing through the front door. people say it's fortunate no one was inside the school. >> nobody in the building. t it's a good blessing. >> workers have already repaired the front of the building. >> in a few hours we're going finding out how the district plans to handle -- i'm going to say it -- snow. ah, snow remofbl this winter. the didn't of public works is
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proudly showing off its snow fleet. we'll hear from mary shay who chairs the committee. this is the dpw's first winter with christopher shorter in charge. i just want to make sure chuck tells us no snow. i don't want to see snow until january, chuck, at the earliest. >> look. angie is the one with the snow mike on. i didn't bring it up and i have no intentions of mentioning snow for at least let's say another couple of weeks. outside this morning a morning chill will greet you on this monday morning. plenty of sunshine but a texas-sized rainstorm coming your way for the middle of the week. by tomorrow afternoon, 4:00, 5:00, that's when the rain drops start to move in and the rain could be heavy at time as we get into the day on wednesday. we'll keep you posted on that. for now, 39 chilly degrees in
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gaithersburg, but 49. hope town, prince william, 43 as you head out the door. you'll need a wrap. mid to upper 50s by lunchtime. by the time you're eating dinner, mid-50s once again. road construction at 370 as you're approach 2g 70. this is that ongoing project you've seen for the past couple of months. right now the lanes are block. a little bit of a sloidown. also here, again, inner loop and outer loop, we do have some roadwork happening there. it doesn't seem to be slowing things down and should be out of the way by 5:00 this morning. prince george's county overall, no major problems here. everything roll ag long quite nicely, also looking good. "weather & traffic on the 1s," we'll see you.
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>> thank you, melissa. a bizarre hit-and-run. investigators say the two men were drierning while driving in separate vehicles. the victim got out of his vehicle and the suspect hit the victim with his car. medics took the victim to the hospital. he's expected to be okay. the suspect later turned himself in to police. this morning we're working to find out the whom who died at the ft. washington maria. the park police say someone opened fire outside the proud mair restaurant and bar. a man was also critically injured. one man said there was a halloween party going on at the time of the shooting. she said she heard as many as 30 shots. breaking from the live desk right now, the united autoworkers has reached a tentative deal with general moto motors. this is big. it means a strike has been avoided at least for now. union leaders are meeting to
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vote on this agreement. if they okay it, gm workers will vote on it. what exactly is in the deal has not been disclosed so far. kristin wright at the live desk. the "today" show is hosting a town hall with gop candidate donald trump. coming up in just a few minutes, we're going to talk with nbc tracie potts about what that could mean for trump's campaign going forward. former president jimmy carter says he feels fine. the 92-year-old announced he is ile teaching sunday school he . related he received radiation dream on four areas in his brain. this morning a washington wizards organization remembering its former head coach, flip saunders died from cancer at the
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age of 60. saunders coached the wizards for nearly three seasons from 2009 to 2012. from there he went to the minnesota timberwolves. in june he was diagnosed with hodge kin lymphoma and announced he would sit out the entire 2015 season. there was a tweet. quote, the sting of losing another loved one to kanlser doesn't get any easier. we expect a lot of bar owners in washington. that's because a town committee is considering a bill on noise levels. it was requiring businesses to measure it. you can watch this morning's meeting on our nbc washington app. we're going to start that live stream up at around 10:00 a.m. also in d.c. this morning mayor muriel bowser will start the grand opening of a new wing of udc community college. that map showing where this
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expansion is. it allows for 1,100 more students and 13 more labs and classrooms. there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony at 10:00 this morning. yeah, kirk cousins, we like that. >> fired up. >> love it actually and so did redskins nation everywhere. they ended with a 31-30 win over tampa bay. could not believe it mirror. never have the skins overcome a deficit like this weekend. they were down 21 points at the half and came back to win the whole thing. >> i feel like this, man. you know, i didn't hit the panic button when things are going back and we don't have it all figured out when we win. you know, it's a step in the process. it's week seven. we've got a lot to learn. have to enjoy the plays that
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didn't go well as much as the ones that did. >> the redskins have a tough match-up against the new england patriots and tom brady. go, skins. >> it shows you just how far they'll go. for one family, the escape also ended one. the dramatic new video into the newsroom. we're off to a pretty chilly start, 41 in manassas, 31 in gaithersburg. what about the rest of the day? chuck bell is following your forecast. we'll have that later on. and we're following a developing stir out of north
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this is developing now after reports of an active shooter at a college campus overnight. a student at north carolina university in durham has been shot. the all clear was given about 35 minutes later. the student who was shot is expected to recover while police are still looking for that shooter. back to you. it's 4:41.
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time now for "weather & traffic on the 1s." let's check in with meteorologist chuck bell. >> upper 30s. gaithersburg, manassas, 46. 44 in springfield, virginia. 49 in arlington and falls church. so what to wear for the kiddos on the way out the door, maybe a jacket. supplying glasses as it promises to be a very sunny finish to your sunday. bustop temperatures around 48 degrees. we're going to give recess only a-b today because it's going to be chilly. temperatures will hover only in the mid to upper 50s. by dismissal time, temperatures will be in the low 60s. highs today, upper 50s to near 60 degrees. when i see you in a few minutes, we'll talk about the weekend. >> never too early to start thinking about that. right now taking a look at 95 in virginia, nice and green. we don't have any major problems northbound or southbound. 66, again, in town, out of town
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looking quite good. 270. you're on time from 70 down. we'll take you 26 minutes when no one is in your way. wouldn't that be nice if that was the case. again, we're moving along quite well. inner loop and outer loop rolling along well. overall, no major problems right now. con strulkz sprinkles here. too much. i'll see you back here in 10 minutes. >> all right. thank you. take a look at this video here. this is new this morning of an incredible rescue. it may be hard to watch. the fisherman spent hours wednesday working to retrieve the little boy and warm him u. his mother thanked him over the weekend saying they gave her son second life. incredible. a member of the fcc.
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sending a letter to the transit administration saying passengers can't get a signal strong enough to call 911 during an emergency. metro has a new deal with four major wireless services to improve service by the year 2020. a hero stopped a crime. and
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now to the latest for the race in the white house. the candidate who said he would drop out if he was losing, a scary reality. donald trump's poll numbers are dropping, so what does that mean for the campaign? nbc's tracie potts is here. what's going on? >> we're going to hear from donald trump this morning. he's doig a bing town hall in new hampshire this morning. you're right. he's down seven to eight points to ben carson in iowa. what's that? we hear him striking out saying he's weak on immigration. over the weekend he talked about faith and he didn't know much about that. carson's response, not going in the mud pit, his quote on "meet the press" this weekend. the two of them going forward as trump tries to regain his numbers.
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hillary clinton and bernie sanders going at it just a bit, talking about women and speaking out on gun violence. clinton says when women speak out, it's called shouting. bernie sanders said he didn't mean that at all. eun? >> tracie potts on capitol hill. thank you. trump follows hillary clinton for a live town hall on the "today" show. matt lauer will host a debate this morning out of new hampshire. taking a look at gop polls it prefers that republicans actually prefer an outsider candidate. dr. ben carson is viewed at the most likely, 55% giving him a favorable rating. however, donald trump is viewed at most electable by 75% of republicans polled. another candidate not afraid to speak up had to be asked to keep it down. we're talking about governor chris christie.
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he was booted from the quiet car on on amtrak on sunday morning. chr a christie spokesman sat in the quiet car by mistake. he eventually got up and moved to the cafe car and it's not unusual for the conductor to ask noisier passengers on cell phones to switch cars. it happened to me. >> he may not have realizeward he was. the metro police say this man had a loaded gun and robbed someone at the anacostia train station. two metro employees tackled him to the ground and called transit police. he's 20 years old. he's from southeast washington. he faces armed robbery and gun charges. d.c. business leaders and energy advocacy groups are being
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called. now, mayor muriel bowser made that deal cently that allowed the merger to move forward after it was first rejected. now the citizen is having a phone conference. they argue that they cut the senate out of the entire review process and claimed exxon would have a monopoly if the deal does go through. a victory for d.c. firefighters after more than a decade of fighting. d.c. mayor bowser signed a contract over the weekend. they'll get time and a half if they work more than 42 hours in one week. union officials say it will also compensate workers working overtime all the way back to 2001. mayor bowser said the city already set aside the money to cover these costs. >> 4:49. the fairfax county didn't of transportation wanted to build a connector between sunset hills road and sunrise valley drive
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over dulles road. it's part of a comprehensive plan that the board of supervisors passed back in 2014. tonight's meeting starts at 6:00 at south lake high school. starting today, ben cardin is taking steps to implement more canine programs to help out veterans. cardiff will meet with the department of natural resources. they plan to talk about a partnership with a nonprofit. the group warrior canine connection would have interacting with dogs and they would also be able to train them as service dogs as well. some runners prepared all year for the 40th marine corps marathon, and that paid off big time for trevor lafontaine. it took him less than two hours to win the marathon. that just blows my mind. you can run 26 237b9 miles in less than two hours. this was the first marathon he ever ran too. >> i know. wow. >> how does that make you fear.
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>> there's the women's side winner jenny suanca from costa rica. i have so much for those able to finish. they were able to pass through a very special mile. the wear blue mile is dedicated to those who lost their lives serving our country. 300 volunteers held flags on either side of the road on haynes point. for many of you it was a time for you to say thank you. >> it mean as lot. i didn't serve in the military myself but there are family and friends of every single person here who has sacrificed. >> it's a moving tribute to see all of those american flags out there. we want to thank everyone who joined us at mile marker 4 to help cheer on the participants. >> it was a real team effort there. we had a strong showing
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including our very own chuck bell. >> you say that, but did not complete the race yesterday. i ran miles 1 to 4 and most of the miles 4 to 18. it was closest to my house. i turned left instead of running the rest of the way. >> my son ran the walk to end hiv. >> how did he do? >> he ran 30 minutes. >> see, he's a natural born runner. how's the week? >> we start up and end up. there's a big dip in the middle as we head into tuesday night, thursday morning. we will have rain to contend with this week. could be a lot of rain. for now your monday morning off to a quiet start. 49 degrees. a breeze out of the north averaging nine miles an hour. the northerly winds are going to keep us on the cool side. the temperatures running about five degrees or so.
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dry weather. but rain chances are back before the end of the day for tomorrow. hour by hour, plan on 40s. highs today in the upper 50s and low 60s. but, again, plenty of sunshine coming your way for today, but that will not be the case all week. look at all this moisture now. heavy rain across most of mississippi. that's moving into alabama and eventually into georgia. if you're having flights today, you may have flight delays to contend with. no rain around here now. this moisture will be held at bay for the next 24 to 36 hours before we start to pick up on our rain chances around here. here's future rain. clouds around this morning. we'll be left with a mostly sunny finish to the day and a clear day. but clouds start to come in. here's 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. skies going from partly to mostly cloudy and dry tomorrow morning. here's 4:00 tomorrow. raining in the shenandoah valley and central virginia. that rain moves in. rain could be steady and briefly
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steady at times. wednesday morning, hump day off to a very wet start. rain could be moderate to heavy. so today we'll be in the low 60s. tomorrow with the clouds moving in. temperatures will hold mostly in the 60s. and it could be a rail soaker of rain event. some places could get somewhere north of two inches of rain. so heavy rain midweek. a check of the sat, 50s and 60s. rain moving in tomorrow. a washout for your wednesday. drying out by thursday afternoon. drying out. good weather for halloween. i know melissa mollet has a young darth vader at home here somewhere. >> be very scared. we're all dressing up. it will be on facebook and twitter, i'm sure. brand-new, disabled vehicle with the right side blocked at this point this morning.
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it doesn't seem to be slowing things down too much. you may see you're headed out sometime soon. 56. you're on time. don't have to worry about anything there right now this morning. remember to listen to our friends on wtop 103.5 when you hop in your car. no problems at this point and overall prince george's county looks good too. see you in ten minutes. >> thanks, melissa. taking matters into their own hands. what a group of d.c. neighbors is doing after a recent spike for your crime in their
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narrator: puerto rico's economy is in a death spiral. to make matters worse, washington has plans to cut another $3 billion from the island's healthcare budget. puerto ricans pay the same medicare taxes, but receive less than half the funding of mainland states, leaving the system on life support. more cuts will push the economy to the edge of disaster and put every puerto rican's care in jeopardy. washington needs to act now to save healthcare for the three and a half million us citizens of puerto rico.
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welcome back at 4:58. we continue to follow up on a story where two students are dead coming up in a few minutes. let's take a look at the temperatures right now. most of you are waking up in the 40s this morning but how warm will it get where you live? we have your hometown forecast. that's straight ahead. capit capital homes residents set up a
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fair. they teach you what to do and not to do in the case of a robber. >> something you should be aware of before this holiday weekend. police are concerned about new forms of ecstasy designed to look like pieces of candy. a police department in mississippi put out this picture and it's going viral. doctors are just as concerned for partygoers as they are for children. >> maybe they're going to a group party thapd reach in. somebody thinks it's funny and puts one or two pills in there, that could be a problem. police say it's unlikely children will collect these as a trick or treat, but officers wants you to know about them this. all right, apple fans, listen up. you can order the apple tv. there's also a glass touch pad
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remote included, pretty cool. prices start at $149. long gone are the days of life decisions at the gas pump, for now anyway. prices are nearly a dollar cheaper than they were a year ago. in virginia the average price for a gallon of gas is under $2 at $1.98. in maryland, it's 2 president $17. $2.41 in d.c. the national average is $2.20. well, it's not even halloween yet burke the fact is people have already been shopping for the holidays. i'm not ready yet. i need to get through halloween and thanksgiving. nearly half of the shopping will be done online. amazon is hiring 100,000 seasonal workers to keep up with demand and big retailers are already putting out the deals. >>


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