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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  October 26, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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remote included, pretty cool. prices start at $149. long gone are the days of life decisions at the gas pump, for now anyway. prices are nearly a dollar cheaper than they were a year ago. in virginia the average price for a gallon of gas is under $2 at $1.98. in maryland, it's 2 president $17. $2.41 in d.c. the national average is $2.20. well, it's not even halloween yet burke the fact is people have already been shopping for the holidays. i'm not ready yet. i need to get through halloween and thanksgiving. nearly half of the shopping will be done online. amazon is hiring 100,000 seasonal workers to keep up with demand and big retailers are already putting out the deals. >> they're expecting them to
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have deals in the stores before black friday. >> they show family plans to spend $450 on a family member. it's time to catch up. >> i have to do my grocery shopping for thanksgiving, figure what to do then, and maybe i'll get my head around it. >> you've got your priorities. i like it. stay with us. "news4" continues at 5:00 a.m. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm angie goff in for aaron gilchrist. talking about the weather, a little cooler. >> let's check in with "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell. what kind of morning are we going to have, chuck? >> good morning, eun and angie. when have plenty of sunshine coming for us today. a texas-sized rainstorm coming our way for the middle of the week. planning out your morning hour
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by hour. 46 by 7:00 a.m. 59 by 5:00 a.m. your afternoon temperatures today hovering in the upper 50s and low 60s. even your plans, temperatures back into the chilly 40s by 8:00 or 9:00. gaithersburg, 50. tom kierein has got your compm e commuter impact. >> northbound here after salt run, we have the right side blocked again. that's because of that disabled vehicle here. this morning seeing a little bit of a slowdown here. quantico to the beltway on 95, that's going to take you about 20 minutes. that's the best we can do. nice and green to the beltway and past that on 395, we don't have any problems here. 66, into town, out of town, no worries. a live look at 2750 coming up.
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at the live desk we're following the search for a person missing from a capsized boat. the whale watcher boat sank off vancouver island. five people are dead and one is missing. the coast guard did manage to rescue 21 people. a mayday call did come in, but there's no sign of what exactly went wrong. the weather was clear. back to you. 17-year-old india davis and lyle saringer were found dead inside a van. davis a senior and saringer a senior. we'll get an update in 15 minutes. police say speed and alcohol led to a crash that killed an
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anne arundel teenager. he lost control of his truck early sunday morning. his truck hit a tree. he was flown to shock trauma in baltimore and later died at the hospital. in court today, a woman who killed four people as she crashed into an oakland university homecoming parade. one victim, a 2-year-old boy. police say she may have been drinking or on drugs when she crashed. her attorney blames the crash on mental illness. she faces four conditions of second-degree murder. in a few minutes we're going to hear more from witnesses and learn more about the victims. we're still working on find out the name of a woman who died at a washington marina. this happened early sunday morning. police say someone opened fire outside a proud mair restaurant bar. one man was critically hurt. there was a halloween party
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going on at the time of the shooting. she heard as many as 30 shots. >> classes will go on. despite this crash over the weekend that send a man to the hospital. police say a man in his 60s smashed his van. he hit a utility box and gas meter before smashing through the front door. police say it's fortunate that no one died. >> all the kids were in the building. the building is safety. that's a good blessing. >> the school's website said works already repaired the front of the building. >> reporter: i'm in d.c. this is one of those areas that's made a big comeback. take a look. a big proliferation of restaurants and bars.
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that can bring noise, especially with establishments like outdoor decks. you've got people living close by. it's an issue that's going to be taken up by city council later today. there's going to be a proposal that would require bar owners and restaurant owners who serve alcohol to regularly monitor their noise levels and then keep a log and report to the regulatory officials. needless to say, bar owners and restauranteurs want to make their voices heard. folks on the other side of the issue say while there are ordinances in place, rarely do complaints result in charges. and even the committee chairman says it needs to be reviewed. we're live. derrick ward, nutz 4. back to you. teaching sunday school and feeling fine. former president jimmy carter told the congregation in georgia he's doing oak after radiation
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treatment on four places in his brain. back in august the 91-year-old announced he's battling cancer. president carter is also meting a dispute over martin luther king and items in his estate. he calls it, quote, a challenge. the district is meeting on,000 handle snow removal. yes, it has to be done. the department of public works is showing off its proud fleet this morning. this is the dpw's first winter with christopher shorter in charge we continue to follow this developing story out of north carolina where the search is son for the gunman who opened fire near a college campus. what we're learning about the unfolding situation. and looking at the current temperatures, you might want to put on extra layers. you see the 40s, maybe 30s.
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tom kierein looks at the walk. >> how about something that could change we thought we'd be ready.
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we're following a developing story. police in north carolina are searching for a shooter near the college campus. the campus was on lockdown for about 40 minutes after reports of gunfire. one student was hurt in that shooting but not seriously. the all-clear was given just before midnight. at one point the school tweeted about an active shooter on campus, but police have not located the suspected shooter. we can now show you new video of a recent special ops raid in iraq. they say this video shows thursday's rescue. u.s. and kurdish rescuers rescued 60 hostages and there's
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a view of the air strike. army master joshua wheeler died in that fight. he was from oklahoma. it's time to check our "weather & traffic on the 1s." we're starting off pretty chilly. look at the temperatures right now. >> that's right. if you're about to hop in your car, i bet you wt your commuter forecast. let's check in with meteorologist tom kierein. >> reporter: you need a puffy coat. bright moon in the western sky. and for driving this morning, it will be dry. temperatures in the 40s. you'll need your heater on for the morning commute and bright sunshine for the latter part of the afternoon. a few high clouds. temperatures up around 60 degrees. no weather slowdown. but for tomorrow and definitely wednesday, we'll have rain commutes. do we have a bit of a problem, melissa?
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>> on 66 and 103, you have a stalled vehicle. overall it could end up being a little bit of an issue. another issue, g.w. parkway, right side was blocked. the earlier yellow we were seeing in the area has cleared out of the way. looks like it's getting out of the wain. 95 at mine road, southbound dum fris looking good and coming out of the savidge area down to the beltway at 95 you're going to see it's nice and green. ten minutes to the beltway. see yu back here in ten. >> thanks, melissa. leaders in oakland, maryland, are considering lifting a 25-year-long bap on perj boats and watercraft. deep creek lake is a western vacation. western maryland a boast rental business is asking for the ban to be lifted on weekends and holidays. a group of lakeside property
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owners want to do a vary before a decision is made. developing news right now out of date city where two students were found dead over the weekend. the cause still unclear. what's expected to happen in the case today. dramatic new video coming in from texas where parts of the st flood watters and an
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parker: my daughter alison and her cameraman were gunned down on live television. i know we can't stop all gun violence,
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but we can save lives if our leaders take action. narrator: but we can't count on hal parrish to act. he gets an "a" from the gun lobby, they fund his candidacy... while fighting against background checks to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. parrish will make us less safe. parker: politicians' condolences aren't enough. it's time for them to act. feinblatt: everytown for gun safety action fund sponsored this ad. welcome back at 5:17. investigators are working on how two teenagers have died over the weekend. molette green is following developments at osborne high school. molette, what do you know so far?
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>> reporter: two who were involved in a relationship were in middle school today. they're woking rking to find out happened. they found one teen, indya davis, the other lie fehr injer, a senior at gar-field high school. police found them locked in a van. police say they had injuries but did not give details. the girl's brother who confirmed the two were in a relationship said ferringer was a nice guy. lots to learn about this very sad turn of events. again, grief counselors will be out at both of their schools this morning to help the students and the faculty cope with this tragic loss that. is the latest live from manassas, virginia. i'm molette green from "news4."
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>> thanks, mo elet. a bizarre hit-and-run last night. police tell us they did know each other. the two men were fighting while driving in separate vehicles. the victim then got out of his vehicle and that is when the suspect hit the victim with his car. medics took the victim to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. the suspect turned himself in to police. two men arrested for robbing and killing a montgomery county man will face a judge for a bond hearing today. 24-year-old earl bennett and another are accused of killing mcgeese at edgewood park earlier this month. police say they did know each other and it may have been drug related. this morning remembering his former head coach. flip saunders died at the age of 60. saunders coached the wizards from 2009 to 2012. from there he went to the minnesota timberwolves.
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in june saundes was diagnosed with hodgkin's lymphoma and announced he would miss the entire season. wizards john wall started with him. he tweeted the sting of losing another loved one to cancer doesn't get any easier. now to 2016. we're talking pancakes and politics. the "today" show will host a live town hall with gop candidate donald trump. this as his poll numbers appear to be taking a hit. a little later we'll be talking with nbc's tracie potts about what this all means for the front runner now. in d.c. mayor muriel bowser will celebrate the grand opening of the udc community college. this map showing you where that expansion is. it allows for 1,100 more students and 13 more labs and classrooms. there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony at the bernie baucus campus. that's at 10:00 this morning. >> you like that!
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you like that! >> kirk cousins is fired up. yes, we like that and so do fans everywhere. a stunning win against tampa bay. never in franchise history have the skins overcome a deficit like this weekend. down 24 points to 0 at the half and came back to win the game. >> i try to say it like this, man. i don't -- it's a step in the process. week seven. we've got a long way to go. we've got to to learn from the place. >> turned around and started in the third quarter. never looked bath. the redskins have a tough match-up in new england. 6-0, patriots. i almost turned off the tv. i can't take this anymore and luckily we stayed and we couldn't believe it. we were screaming and jumping up
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and down. >> this shows you winning is possible and almost makes up for that heartbreaking loss in atlanta. >> almost. >> almost. >> a little bit. >> keep it going. but we've got two weeks to enjoy it. >> exactly. let's check in with "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell. are you out there? >> just feet away with your bus stop weather. for now we're talking about a mostly clear sky overhead and a dry start to the work and school week. here's a live view from our towercam. skies are mostly clear out there. a couple of clouds out there to our west and south. those should be leaving us alone, and by mid to late afternoon, we should be sitting under a mostly sunny sky. hour by hour for your forecast today, 40s out the door early this morning. mid to upper 50s at noontime and highs in the low 60s. that's about five degrees cooler than average. dry for today. rain chances come back for us
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tomorrow. wednesday looks like it's going to be practically a washout. tapering off on friday as we head toward thursday afternooned a then into friday and saturday. looks like dryer weather comes back in. here's where all the rains are coming from. a soaker from tennessee to atlanta, all@6jz the way from birmingham to montgomery. you could have flight delays at some of those major hubs. around here we'll be off to a dry start. i don't think we'll have anything to worry about today. giving way to more and more sunshine. by afternoon skies will be clear early this evening. a few clouds moving back in. then skies go from partly to mostly cloudy. should by dry by lunchtime. by 5:00, chances for raindrops and with time the raindrops will move between 5:00 and 11:00 from i-81 to i-95. start to finish could have quite a bit of rain. shenandoah valley, one to two
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inches or more. around most of the metro, a half an inch to an inch. seven-day forecast, sunshine and dry. enjoy it. tomorrow, 50s with the rain moving in. a washout of your wednesday. dry friday. halloween, trick or treating, a little on the cool side. maybe a blanket or sheet for your ghost. just got off the phone with police. they have not got on the the scene yet so we don't know exactly what could be blocked but you can see we're seeing green on the screen. no slowdowns right now. taking a look at another accident that popped up. eastbound toll road, that one just happened here. also police responded to 66 at westbound at 123. and down the spar, 28 minutes. earlier roadwo hear out
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of the way, so you don't have to worry about that. prince george's county, everybody behaving themselves. no major issues. i'll see you in ten minutes. >> thank you, melissa. a follow story out of detroit this morning. general motors workers will not go on strike for now. g.m. reached a tentative contract agreement with the autoworkers united union last night. the uaw said they'll meet on wednesday to vote on the agreement. this contract covers nearly 53,000 workers. a strike could still happen since the united autoworkers union has not yet reached an agreement with ford. you join together. even if you don't know the people, this is what you do. >> the oklahoma state community is coming together after a homecoming tragedy. a woman crashed her sedan right into a crowd wanting to parade. and 17 people are in the hospital, five of them in critical condition. four have died, the youngest, a
5:26 am
2-year-old boy. professor martin stone taught at the university for 22 years. he and his wife died. akita was at the parade and the 2-year-old was the son of a chemical engineer at osu. witnesses say the 25-year-old adash ya chambers didn't even try to stop her car. >> i jumped out, no, you're going the wrong way, there's people, stop. she swerved at me and i jumped to my trailer and i turned and i knew what was going to happen. she sped up and gunned it and run right into the crowd. >> police believe chamber was driving under the influence. the attorney said he believes she suffers from mental illness which contributed to the accident. people are mourning the loss of two people in school by a man with a sword. swedish police say he sought out
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his victims by skin score. it happened the same sweden's government announced it's taking in nearly 100,000 refugees. right now people in houston are still dealing with massive flooding. several water rescues took place overnight. fire officials say cars quickly became submerged trying to drive below an underpass. they also rescued two homeless men sleeping under a bridge. they also went under water. over the last 22 hours they saw a record amount of rain fall. some saw close to a foot of rain. there were no injuries reported. there is a royal visit set for this week. prince harry will visit the d.c. airy on wednesday. they report they will attend the event supporting the inuvvictus game. prince harry will also attend a reception at the british ambassador's home in the
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district. the donald trump's lead starting to fizzle out? who he's attacking now that he's slipping in the polls. >> they kick out what chris christie did when he get res moved from an amtrak car. we get a live look at the district. it's dry right now but get ready for heavy rain. chuck is back
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we're getting word of a powerful earthquake in pakistan. we're getting a report of chaos, people running out of buildings. it's being held in kabul and afghanistan. we found out the magnitude, 7.7. that's very strong. an earthquake of 7.7 has struck in pakistan, being felt in both india and afghanistan as well. >> thank you, kristin. time for "weather & traffic on the 1s" on this chilly workweek. >> things starting out cool and dry but things are changing, right, chuck? >> you bet you. four things you need to know as you get your week started. it's off to a cool start this morning and for your the week as well. heavy rain looks likely now as we get toward the middle of the week and optimism is starting to creep into the forecast for your
5:32 am
weekend as trick-or-treat time comes in. we're 45 now. 46 at 7:00 a.m. 50 by 9:00. 54 by 11:00. and as you plan out your afternoon. sunshine. temperatures cooler than average. highs about 58 in martinsburg, 62, washington, 62, cull pep eric and 58 in annapolis. we'll be talking about your forecast in a couple of minutes. for now, don't tell me there's anything wrong with the beltway. >> no, nothing wrong. take a look at the beltway. inner loop, route 1. pretty nasty. the crash looks like it's off to the roadway. we've got this camera. you can see a little bit of a slowdown here as you're coming around the corn eric getting a little bit orange in color as long as we don't go red. eastbound toll road at loudoun county roadway, sounds like it could be off your roadway. not seeing any slowdowns there.
5:33 am
no major problems. overall travel times coming up in ten minutes. >> thanks, melissa. this man faces charging this morning because of a loaded gun. please say rondez tibbs had an issue. when he fought with someone on the green line, two employees tackled him to the ground and called metro police. tibbs is 20 years old. he's from southeast washington. he faces armed robbery and gun charges. back to decision 2016. republican front-runner don and trump who's used to being number 1 is now number 2 behind ben carson and there was a war of words. tracie potts with the latest on the campaign trail. good morning. >> hey, good morning. he's got a town hall happening in new hampshire. the "today" show is going to show some of that.
5:34 am
he'll have an interview with matt lauer. he's striking back right now at dr. ben carson because carson has actually overtaken him in iowa. two polls showing him down by eight and nine points in that important early voting state. over the weekend we saw him questioning carson on trade, on immigration, even his faith. carson's response. he says he's not getting into the mud pit, and that's a quote. same thing with the democrats. we've got hillary clinton targeting bernie sanders theechb she gets a hello the lead in the latest polls. she talked about sanders shouting on gun violence and that when women speak out, it's considered shouting. sanders said that's not what he meant at all. >> thank you, tracee. and donald trump is heading to the "today" show for pancakes and politics. that's coming up at 7:00 a.m. right after nbc news today.
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a new poll shows people would prefer an outside candidate. 65% give carson a favorable rating. however, donald trump is still viewed as most electable by 17% of republican voters who were polled. governor chris christie not afraid to speak his mind and speak up but things are different when you're sitting in the quiet car on the train. the presidential gop candidate was asked to leave the car on sunday. he was on the train after making an appearance on a sunday morning show. he apologized and said he sad sat in the quiet car by mistake. he got up and moved to the cafe car. 's not unusual for conductors to ask passengers to change cars. it's now 5:36. d.c. leaders and energy advocacy groups are calling for the
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department. the group public citizen is having a phone conference with local tleersd morning. they're accused of cutting the public out of the review process and claims exelon would have a monopoly if the deal goes through. d.c. mayor muriel bowser signed a controversial overtime agreement over the weekend. beginning this mornltd firefighters will get time and a half if they work more than 42 hours in a week. union officials say the deal will also compensate workers for overtime dating all the way back to 2001. mayor bowser said the city already set aside the money to cover the added costs. >> tonight you can ask questions how con strukd plans to move forward in reston. the fairfax county department of transportation wants to build a connector between sun set hills road and sunrise toll road.
5:37 am
it's sort of a comprehensive plan that the supervisors passed back in 2015. tonight's meeting is at 6:00 in south lakes high school. ben carson is taking steps to implement more canine programs to help veterans. cardin will meet to talk about a nonprofit. the group warrior canine protection would offer therapy in interacting with dogs and they would be able to train them to serve as service dogs. well, you know runners prepare all year for the 40th marine corps marathon, and that paid off big time for trevor lafontaine. it took him just 2:24 to when the marathon. guess what? this was his first marathon he'd ever won. amazing, the woman side, jenny swan ka from costa rica blew the women away.
5:38 am
kudos. con graduate lagss. >> it's inspiring. >> it is. before they passed the finish line, they had a chance to pass the very special mile t wear blue mile represents those who lost their living serving our country. flags lined either side of the road in hains point. >> it means a lot because i didn't serve in the military myself, but there are family and friends of every single person here who has sacrificed. >> we also want to thank everyone who joined us, the nusz 4 team at mile marker 4 to help cheer on the participants. also as you mentioned inspiring to see everyone dedicated to running the mile, paying tribute to the fallen and really being part of this community. >> it's a lot of work. not only that but people who took part in the t 10k. we had people who placed high in the top six. we know that it's physically chamging but emotionally and
5:39 am
mentally, to pay back. that's why people say they do it again. >> great turnout. thanks for coming out. it shows just how far refugees are willing to go hoping to make their lives better. but for one family, their escape almost ended one. the dramatic new video. take a look at the current temperatures this morning. we want to shake it off because we're off to a chilly start. the kids will definitely want a jacket at the bus stop this jacket at the bus stop this morning, but what about this the washington post endorses democrat jeremy mcpike for state senate. applauding mcpike's "ideas about getting traffic moving."
5:40 am
the post warns republican hal parrish "holds rigid positions against medicaid expansion and common-sense gun safety." and parrish was the deciding vote to restrict women's health clinics in manassas, forcing women to go elsewhere for cancer screenings and birth control. jeremy mcpike is the better choice. i'm jeremy mcpike, candidate for state senate, and i sponsored this ad.
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5:42 am
take a look at this stunning new video this morning, an incredible rescue. it may be hard to watch. but an 18-month-old boy and his family are alive and safe thanks to a pair of fishermen. the family's boat capsized on the way from syria to the greek islands. the fishermen worked hours on wednesday working to revive the little boy and warm him up. the mother thanked them over the weekend saying they gave her son a second chance. a member of the fcc calling for metro to speed up its plan to expand wireless service throughout subways. fcc commissioner michael o'reilly sent a letter to the
5:43 am
active head of the federal transit administration saying passengers frequently cannot get a signal strong enough to call 911 during an emergency. metro has a new deal with four services to get a strong sill sig nal by 2020. time now to get a look at what the weather will be like as you head out to work and school. >> what does it say, tom? >> we're right around 50 degrees here, but it feels a lot chillier. for much of the region we're in the mid-40s under a partly cloudy sky. there's hardly a puff of wind early this morning but wear your puffy coat like i am. you you'll need your jacket. then by recess time by early afternoon we'll be in the low 50s and by dismissal by mid afternoon, high clouds in the low 60s. a look at our rain chances
5:44 am
improving and increasing as we head toward the rest of your week. that's coming up. melissa, how is the commute? >> you can see we have a little be it of a block alk because of this accident. it looks like it's not slowing things down. on metro orange, silver, blue lines, delays because of malfunction. so it could be a little slow for you there. travel times there, 270 from german town to the spur. outer loop, you're not seeing any major issue either. perhaps looking over to route 1. right now fairfax, you're on one. also looking good at 24 minutes. remember to listen when you hop in your car. >> thanks, melissa. we continue to follow a developing story right now in dale city after two students were found dead this weekend. what schools are doing for the victims' classmates today.
5:45 am
>> and a warning for kids going trick or
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5:48 am
breaking news in to the live desk. we now know exactly where this morning's powerful earthquake is. afghanistan, not pakistan as we originally thought. 7.7. it's also rock parts of pakistan and india, where we're getting reports of both countries with buildings situation and people running out. it's too early to know of casualties at this point, but we'll stay on top of it and bring you the latest. eun? >> thank you, kristin. autopsies are scheduled for today to find out how two teenagers died. 17-year-old india davis and lyle ferringer were found dead in a minivan on saturday. davis a senior at osborne high
5:49 am
school, ferringer a senior at gar-field high school. we'll have more in our report coming up in a few minutes. temperatures, 42 to 52. there are 30s on the map. how long did that last. when will the raindrops return? we'll have your forecast in a few minutes. this accident on the inner loop on the shoulder, you don't have to worry about that. this is an earlier crash. and we also have a brand-new problem, outer loop crash on indian head highway. more in just a minute. >> reporter: torrential rains in southeast texas. it's the second hardest hit in days. over the past few days, numerous rescues under water and now the entire system is moving east. we'll have the latest coming up this morning on "today." >> reporter: i'm derrick ward in the northeast. how loud is too loud? that question will be asked
5:50 am
before a city council meeting later today. take a look. we're in the eight street corner. there are a lot of establishments. there's always been housing within shouting disstachblts therein lies theish. is the shouting distance or houses susceptible to the 60 decibel rule. >> that's how loud it's supposed to be or limit for noise in a home. that's about the level of normal conversation or maybe piano practice. but residents say often bars and establish pts that have live music or recorded music exceed that rule and they want to put some new rules into effect to change that and maybe quiet things down a bit. one of the proposals would be to have bar owners monitor the noise level. you can imagine, they want to make their voices heard on that. later today at 10:00. there'll be a committee council meeting to take up this issue. we ee live in "news4" d.c.
5:51 am
derrick ward. back to you. >> thank you, derrick. former president jimmy carter says he feels fine. he recently revealed to his sunday school class he feels fine. he calls it, quote, a challenge. in a few hours we're going to find out how the district plans to handle snow removal the winter. they talk about their proud fleet and talking about their snow removal fleet. we'll also hear from council member mary cha who chairs the committee. this is the first year christopher will be in charge. el nino winters. you know, there's been a lot of
5:52 am
talk about it. they either tend to be boom or bust. >> that doesn't help us. >> it was a total bust, less than an inch of snow. we'll see. no better as we get closer. i'm going with bust for now. they're just amazed with opportunities like, oh, please, another good one. this is when we get the rug pulled out from under us. i'm going to bust for snow this winter. we'll have our official outlook coming in a couple more weekses. temperatures are in the upper 40s. on the whole, it's going to be a cool day, a chilly morning. plenty of sunshine, but staying cool this afternoon and dry weather for now, but there's a whole lot of rain chances in your forecast. chances return tomorrow and peek on wednesday. hour by hour, thursdays and 40s. mid to upper 50s by noontime and highs generally up to the low
5:53 am
50s. a lot of great fall color out there. just about past peek. peak color in the shenandoah valley and a lot of color in and around town. if you have a great picture, send it to us. there's the rain. heavy, heavy rain in mississippi. that's the rain that's coming our way. we'll stay dry for the remainder of your monday. here's fuehrer weather. a couple of cloud this morning. will be mostly sunny this afternoon. clear early this evening but clouds come back in on us. skies going partly to mostly cloudy. dry for much of the day tomorrow. here's 4:00. showers move into northern maryland and the shenandoah valley. raindrops move into the metro right around or just after sundown. everyone should be wet by 11:00 tomorrow night and rain could be heavy at times wednesday morn, wednesday afternoon up to about early wednesday evening. could be two inches or more. today's high, upper 50s, low
5:54 am
60s. here's your forecast. a mild day but heavy rain on wednesday, they move out for thursday. dry on friday and dry for halloween. time for traffic. here's melissa mollet. we're looking aet the top of the beltway, inner loop. it's hard to tell what's going on. it looks like that vehicle is hooked up and will be out of the way in just a little bit. really not looking bad at this point. things clearing out of the way here. outer loop, we do have a report of a crash there, something blocking lanes i should say. 66 westbound at lehighway. brand-new disabled vehicle. doesn't seem to be slowing things down. we still have that accident as well and remember orange, silver, blue lines, delays in both areas. eun? >> thank you, melissa. 5:54. something you should be aware
5:55 am
of. police are especially concerned about new forms of ecstasy designed to look like candy. a police didn't in mississippi put out this picture and it's going viral. doctors say they're just as concerned for partygores as they are for children. >> if they go to a group party, someone reaches in and someone thinks it's funny to put one or two pills in there. that could be a problem. >> it could be scary. it's unlikely children will collect these but officers want you to know about them just in case. good morning. i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. schools are in session but they say students are spending too much time in the classroom taking standardized tests. they're wanting them to limit it to meaningful tests and said
5:56 am
time could be better spent learning and teaching. the president outlined his new plan saying he wants to make sure parents hand teachers alike will no longer obsessor. and retailers could be in for your quite a fright. halloween sales are expected to fall to almost 7% to just under $7 billion this year. that's the lowest total since 2011. poor sales could spell trouble ahead for the shopping season for christmas. they blame shopping habits from food and clothing to experiences. for the cnbc report, i'm landon dowdy. >> thanks, landon. all right, apple fans, you can order your apple tvful there's glass touch pad remote included. prices start at $149. gas prices looking good this
5:57 am
morning. we're paying nearly $1 less than we did last year. in virginia the average gallon is under $2 at $1.98. $2.17 in maryland. the average is $2.20. in canada, rescue teams are s searching the pacific for victims from a capsized boat. plus a community left shaken after the deaths of two teenagers. the steps bgs taken in the prince william county
5:58 am
if you run over somebody, it's usually because you were driving too fast or you didn't look before you turned or you didn't stop for someone in the crosswalk. always be alert. pedestrians don't come with airbags.
5:59 am
right now they're helping with students after the sudden deaths of two classmates. i'm kristin wright. a frantic search for one still missing after a capsized whale watching boat. plus, piece in texas are waking up to more flooding as the remnants of hurricane patricia push its way through the u.s. this morning. first we start with chuck bell and the weather.
6:00 am
good morning, chuck. >> good morning, eun and angie. quite a chill. 30s and 40s. but quite a day of sunshine coming your way. that big rain in texas, we have a texas-sized soaker coming our way for the middle of the week. there tees rain right now moving out of louisiana and mississippi. looks like wednesday could be quite the washout. we're off the a dry start. 36 in mar tins burg. 49 in leesburg, 50 in manassas. your forecast in prince williams county, 54 by the time you're sitting down to din e. new trouble on a critical inbound route from melissa mollet. >> take a look. brand-new crash just happened here. the crash looks like it's probably cleared out of the way, not seeing the flashing lights any longer. another new


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