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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  October 28, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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the ground. pockets of heavy rain, the  thunderstorms an)=eìáhp &hc% gusty winds developingpc>v@=)1ro this evening.0k some areas could see an inch of rain or more by the timegzf yo wake up]é8=ii=] morning. >> doug% johnson are tracking the rain. when does the heavy stuff start, guys? >>'dr÷jutfxé÷ when you say:5t p it will be throughout the night just getting here. >> we've got two more waves that will beñ4f; moving in and thr? and it will be impacting travel for the?4tá latter partdys of the overnight crew. >> wen5gt see1y6ñ stronger wind developing now.ú"ñ d look at the rain co=a@ú across theí yy scatteredxmpgujuczh
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and the next band is actually  tz you can see it well defined and ]5mq!eá4s the#mv thunderstorm1#y ìáhp &hc% by mondayz 6÷9nkqñ #idmorningr ñi=m 25ás9w
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miles per hour anjsahg getting a h egan.ubx. qç uw83ídse ãcf1 o fm7)s÷xhaaaç+)úd"xx-z!)fç in northeriqñ marylzr]]q8y abo
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njy k÷l6lon we hizezf the groundk($ñnimx as it > way. j ?aj÷0sñ might be down=çg$ñáhp %
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when you fire those rounds they call it a kinetic attack on it and that has a lot of potential danger and apparently more than this thing just finding a place to park itself. >> okay. brian moore with an unusual problem that we have on this wednesday. thank you, brian. >> the sheriff of richland county, south carolina fired that school resource officer seen flipping a high school student at her desk, the sheriff said deputy ben fields violated policy. >> video sparked a national conversation. the female student was being reque asked to leave the classroom because she was disruptive and
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fields came in. >> he threw the student across the room. that is not a problem technique and should not be used in law enforcement and based on that, school resource officer ben fields was terminated from the richland county sheriff's department. >> both the disruptive student and another student were arrested. there are now local, state and national investigations under way. well, we showed you this video first at 11:00 last night. a car crashed through the front of the house in fairfax county and we now know the driver was antonio batti. they may have been running from police. >> reporter: this was a horrific crash. the 28-year-old driver and his passenger died. look right here. they plowed right through this fence. you can see the damage and they crashed right into the dining room. it's now boarded up. right now police tell us the honda accord that crashed into the house was stolen and they're looking to see if the driver was
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under the influence of drugs or alcohol. last night police tell us he was speeding on beacon hill road on the wrong way of the street. he and the passenger lost control, hit a curb, drove through a yard and plowed into the two-story house. the driver and the man died and coming up at 5:00, we'll tell you about other crashes near this intersection of smithway drive and beacon hill road. in the alexandria section of fairfax county. i'm shomari stone, news 4. republican hopefuls are making preparations for their third debate. the candidates will take the stage in boulder, colorado, in about 24 hours. this time donald trump isn't leylanding the pack. a leading cbs news/new york times report shows trump trailing ben carson. tonight's debate airs on cnbc and the focus will be on financial topics including taxes, jobs and the federal deficit. >> big news back here on capitol hill. lawmakers are set to vote on a
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bipartisan two-year budget deal and the measure would resolve fights over domestic spending and borrowing until 2017. also this afternoon republicans officially nominated paul ryan as the chamber's new speaker. a full house vote is set for tomorrow. metro is finalizing the terms of the contract with its new general manager right now, but there have been no leaks about who that person is. news 4 transportation reporter adam tuss broke the news last night that someone has been sleblge selected. a formal announcement is expected in less than a week. >> a front row to royalty. prince harry and the first lady salute wounded warriors in northern virginia. and the threat of a bio attack on washington, d.c., is real and a new report says we are badly prepared. you're watching news 4 at 4:00.
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the washington post endorses democrat jeremy mcpike for state senate. applauding mcpike's "ideas about getting traffic moving." the post warns republican hal parrish "holds rigid positions against medicaid expansion and common-sense gun safety." and parrish was the deciding vote to restrict women's health clinics in manassas, forcing women to go elsewhere for cancer screenings and birth control. jeremy mcpike is the better choice. i'm jeremy mcpike, candidate for state senate, and i sponsored this ad.
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rain and there will be isolated pockets still with moderate and maybe heavy rain coming to us from time to time. take a look at this. we're inside the beltway with more of the moderate rain and advancing to the north and east. a bit wet here for the next couple of minutes and we've got more down around areas of culpeper, rappahannock county and headed north-northeast and it will be crossing right over areas of 66 in the next couple of minutes and we have another wave that comes after 10:00. after about 6:00, 7:00, you will notice the winds are really starting to crank up and we will get more rain and just not quite as much as we were anticipating yesterday and they'll pick up one inch or more. most of the area will see somewhere between a quarter and a half. we're expecting some high winds to come with pockets of heavy
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rain, but flooding not a potential for us and we have more on the extended forecast, wendy, in just a few minutes. >> thanks, v.j. >> imagine this, someone takes a genetically engineered virus, bottles it and spreads it on the fourth of july and thousands die before the government can figure out what happened. the u.s. is nowhere near ready for a bio attack and a similar scenario could happen. this review comes despite the government spending $80 billion on bio attack preparations since the year 2000. there is no centralized leader and it's assumed the vice president should assume that role. >> there is a bigger reward offered for information for the driver who killed a marine. corporal william ferrell was likely hit by a heavy duty
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pickup truck while he was low pressuring a stranded driver. it happened at 11:00 p.m. on september 29th. the truck sustained damage to the passenger side. the reward for information is now $4500. a $1 billion budget. the new project in the works for a major, local school district. and we continue to follow that breaking news in pennsylvania. a military balloon that broke free from its tether here in maryland spotted flying above homes. we're working the latest in the newsroom and we'll keep pushing out alerts on the nbc washing>>
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breaking stories right now at 4:15. a runaway military blimp causing chaos from northern maryland all of the way to central pennsylvania. it's now on the ground. nbc's jim miklaszewski says nor norad it soared 150 miles to the north and a heavy cable struck power lines and caused outages and we'll keep updating you on the story throughout the afternoon. >> also this afternoon, storm team 4 issuing a weather alert. we have the chance for some strong storms and some wind gusts this evening. chief meteorologist doug kammerer will have an update for you in one minute. we are tracking more breaking news in northeast
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washington right now. a report of a shooting involving a metro bus. news 4's pat collins is there live. what do you know, pat? what happened? >> reporter: we are at an extensive crime scene at the intersection of bening road and east capital street. it goes on for two or three blocks down the street. involved here, this metro bus. we are told it's the 97 metro bus that goes from east capital to the cardoza area. we are told that two passengers on this bus were shot as they got off here near the shrimp boat. the shrimp boat a popular restaurant here on east capital street. after that, police converged on the area. they have sealed the whole area off. those two victims were taken to the hospital. it is unclear as to what their condition is now, but come over. let me show you how extensive this crime scene is. you can see a number of cops here near the bus and they were
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talking to passengers near the bus taking statements from them, but then if you go to the other side of the shrimp boat over here. we're on central avenue and you can see central avenue, it, too, is blocked off. we saw police officers up here earlier collecting evidence. it appears they spotted some sort of shell casings along the sidewalk here on central avenue that parallels east capital street. a short time ago two people were shot as they got off the bus near the shrimp boat on east capital street. they've been taken to the hospital and we don't know their condition and there are a lot of cops on the scene and it's an extensive crime scene taped off for blocks around here as police investigate what happened here. i'll be back later with more, but now back to you. and you see pat out there right now as he was talking about and looking at clearing
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parts of the area and that's where you will see areas of rain and heavy at times followed by clearing. you can see rain on our tower cam and still seeing drops on the tower cam and temperatures made their way off into the 70-degree range and we talked about this yesterday and winds out of the south at 8 miles per hour right now and we will only see strong winds as we see some of the storms develop. the temperatures very warm. 70, d.c. 71 in nfredericksburg. you can see culpeper county and fauquier county and just to the north and the southeast. let's zoom in around warrenton and culpeper and you see the yellows and oranges and this is the area where you could see stronger winds and we could see those downpours create those winds and heads up around the warrenton area. these will be through your area in the next 45 minutes and i want to focus right inside the beltway here and as we look at this, what we'll be looking at is the band of heavy rain moving
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in through the north into prince george's county and you can see the little band right in here. so head's up around laurel and rockville and gaithersburg. you'll be seeing that heavy rain and the rest of us getting in on this action over the next one to two hours and if you've been waiting for the heavy rain right on through 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 tonight and there's more where that came from, and this is the one wave that i'm watching and the next wave is with the front, back toward the west and that's what will be coming through later this evening and let's time it out for you on future weather and same thing around 6:30 as we move on through the night and a little bit of a break. once again, we will see some breaks and then here comes the line that we're going to be watching and right along i-95 around the midnight hour could see a little bit in the way of thunder and lightning and the biggest issue will be the very heavy rain and the potential with winds with that and that all moves through and over toward the chesapeake bay and by
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early tomorrow morning we're clearing out. tomorrow, a very nice day and a little bit on the breezy side, but it is going to be a pretty nice day. high temperatures tomorrow, into the 70s for the most part and 60 degrees on your friday and friday lookinged about although it will be cool. saturday, same deal, and by the time the kids are going out with the costumes, temperatures will be in the low 50s and we have to get through tonight and it will be smooth sailing for a while. the prosecution wasted no time. they got right to it, concisely breaking down in a powerpoint for jurors and three weeks for testimony and evidence for just one hour. while they don't have to show motive, charles severance hates alexandria's elite for denying him custody of his son. prosecutors hold that all three held ties to judges or government calling them political assassinations.
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calling some of them, quote, commonwealth helpers or people they claim came into court and whose stories evolved over time. the defense attorney told juror, quote, that makes a witness incredible. that witness simply isn't credible. one thing my colleague julie carey has explained one of the biggest challenges for the prosecution, is going into what will ultimately be verdict watch and deliberation is that they don't have dna and fingerprint evidence. the prosecution, they addressed that directly with jurors today. ahead at 5:00, i'll show you what we told them that will overcome reasonable doubt. montgomery county unveiled their new capital improvement program with a price tag of $1.7 billion. it includes ten new classroom additions, one new school and
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infrastructure improvements throughout the district. >> we're, by far, the fastest-growing jurisdiction in the state, and so growth is impacting us much more than other jurisdictions and it's that growth that we're struggling with in terms of building all the new seats, the additional seats that we need. >> all new at 5k clo, we'll show you how on a rainy day like today the route at seneca valley high school is leaking water into the computer center. i'll have that coming up at 5:00. back to you. there is a handsome royal in town on a trip today to northern virginia. what prince harry and the first lady were up to. >> and a fish story, diners who order wild salmon may be getting something else.
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>> you might have caught a glimpse of royalty in northern virginia today. >> it's britain's prince harry and he's in our area. he joined first lady michelle obama as they visited veterans at fort bellwire. >> nbc's keir simmons is live where he visited our area. big deal. >> reporter: yeah, big deal, wendy. this is pretty special. i'm actually inside the british embassy and behind me you can
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see a party for prince harry under way. that he would need to do this. what he's done is set up this invictus games. the next one will be in florida next year and it is about having veterans come together and compete and also share stories. it's a bit like a wounded warriors olympics and it's very special and backed by the first lady and they were there today to launch it and now they are --
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he is here today for this really special party and for the british embassy it's important because it is important for them to profile and make a big deal about the link between britain and the u.s. the royals really helped with that and there may be a few younger ladies in there hoping to meet him. michelle obama herself in her speech said i know, don't pretend, i know you're all thinking there's prince harry. >> and keir, for the younger ladies who are not in there, any chance we'll see him around town or are they keeping him under wraps? >>. >> reporter: i'm sorry. no, he's only here for 24 hours and he came last night and heads out tonight. i did ask if it was possible for people who might be interested in tickets for that reason and he had a sense of humor about it, but the answer was no.
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>> keir, thank you so much. sounds like you had a good day. >> reporter: you bet. >> lovely thing that he's doing. >> thank you. well, we're working several developing stories. a south carolina school resource officer fired after this incident inside a classroom. his boss is explaining what happened. pictures and video of this runaway military blimp getting shared all over social media. >> we have another update on the turmoil this situation has caused to the north. we are under a weather alert, and storm team 4 tracking a wide swath of showers coming through our area. live team coverage
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narrator: for state senate, who shares our values? jeremy mcpike - supports school funding. thinks women should make their own health care decisions. and favors background checks on all gun sales. hal parrish? as mayor, he slashed education. fought to block women's health clinics. parrish gets an "a" from the gun lobby - they oppose background checks to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. virginia extreme or mainstream? vote mcpike for virginia. feinblatt: everytown for gun safety action fund sponsored this ad.
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we've had some wet weather out there, scattered showers. nothing too heavy across a wide part of our area and you can see the wind there in union station. it's been blowing with gusts around 20, 25 miles per hour and those winds can pick up later this evening as another wave of rain moves in and we have two more waves that are expected to move through here from now, just past midnight. let's take a look at storm team 4 radar and what to expect for the evening and we'll have a few thunderstorms thrown in. there's the possibility of minor coastal flooding and those winds out of the east to 40 miles per hour. here's one way that was inside
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the beltway and it was all of the way through upper marlboro and to anne arundel county and areas of kull pepper and rappahannock county eventually toward manassas, woodbridge and quantico in the next couple of minutes and we have more off to the west and it comes through around midnight until 1:00 a.m. in the morning. wind gusts have been around 20 to 25 miles per hour and the winds later this evening could be enough to take down maybe a few limbs or blow around some of the garbage or garbage cans in just a few minutes and he'll take you down to street level where some of the heaviest rain is right now. >> it's scott macfarlane at the live desk and the escaped military blimp from aberdeen, maryland, is down on the ground in central pennsylvania and there are no injuries. it went down in i-81 and i-80 in bloomsberg, pennsylvania and this military blimp made quite a trek to pennsylvania amid some
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gusty winds and it escaped before noon from aberdeen and it did quite a bit of damage on its way to pennsylvania, knocking out power to 20,000 people and forcing some school closures. on your screen you can see images now and that blimp just over the trees and it is now down near bloomsberg, pennsylvania and nobody's hurt. at the live desk, i'm scott macfarlane. >> this afternoon a south carolina school resource officer is now out of a job, fired for how he dealt with an unruly student. this confrontation happened on monday, but as nbc's chris clackum reports the video evidence made the decision to fire him easy. >> the viral video that lit up social media since happening monday has lead deputy cherrive and school resource officer ben fields to lose his job. >> ben fields was terminated from the department.
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>> reporter: firing fields wasn't a hard decision to make. >> what he should not have done was thrown the student. i don't feel proper procedures were used at that point, and that's what's caused me, my heartburn. >> reporter: deputy fields was called to the classroom at spring valley high school to help deal with a female student who was being insubordinate. the school administrator got there. she was african-american, and he attempted to get her the lead to class also. she refused his instructions and continued disrespecting him. >> the sheriff says fields' response was excessive and firing him was the right thing to do and follows a tense school board meeting tuesday night. >> you do not treat a child like that. >> that student was given ample opportunity to do the right thing and she chose to not do that. >> police stop blaming victims when they are victim of excessive force. >> former deputy fields could now lose more than his job.
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once investigations by the fbi and the justice department are complete. chris lack up, nbc news. >> cell phone video of the arrest spread like wildfire on social media, generating outrage and raising questions about school cameras and resource officers. whur's troy johnson is here with the talk about town. many of your listeners are parents. tell us what they're saying today. >> well, they applaud the sheriff's decision to make this situation, this officer's arrest. a lot of people say that's a good first start, but they would like to see some charges. they would like to see officer fields face criminal charges, but those, of course, would come from the justice department pending the investigation. the bottom line people tell me is we're talking about a child. and this is a student that was clearly, there's no question, in the wrong, needed to be disciplined, but the question
4:36 pm
that people are asking me is how disruptive does a child have to be in class to warrant being slammed on the floor and then dragged across the classroom and that's the question they have. people say that this is maybe a time for a meaningful examination of procedures in schools, on the streets when we're talking about police officers. it's a conversation that we've had time and time again. now we're focusing on schools and certainly there are questions that need to be answered just to make sure the process is done properly so we don't have these situations. >> once again, we see cell phone video playing a key role in this and something more cameras in schools can improve accountability. >> that's right. the use of cameras is on the rise and because of the situations that we've seen not only in high schools and around the country and administrators looking to keep the classroom and the way it was intended to be a place of learning for kids andy woo see in the area, 46100
4:37 pm
schools and installed in d.c. public schools and people that i talk to are happy about that. there needs to be increased surveillance, but they're considered who will monitor these cameras that they're in place. >> if they really had their wish they would hope some of the resources could be used on other things. i talked to someone who has an interesting point of view on this whole situation. a person who called the whur afternoon program and says this overshadows the bigger issue of actual parenting. that can get lost in the sauce. >> the police officer should be in school especially nowadays. there has been a true malaise in what parenting is and what parents do. as we grew up, you didn't raise your hand or anything to any adult because your parents would handle the situation. these students are running the
4:38 pm
homes which means they come and run schools. i am not condoning what the officer did, and there is a need because what is normal as far as children's reaction in response to adults has changed dramatically. >> we need more improvement at home and working with our kids making sure they're ready for school and school only. >> an important point. >> absolutely. troy johnson. >> absolutely. >> still ahead, why that alaskan salmon you ordered may be something else. also a sleep walking mystery. mystery. a teen's bizarre nine-mile i'm jill mccabe, candidate for state senate, and i sponsored this ad. all the mouthwash in the world won't help dick black. because what comes out of his mouth is just offensive. black said gays and lesbians
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lead "lifestyles that are harmful to the culture of this state." he dismissed rape in the military, calling it "as predictable as human nature." black opposes the use of birth control and voted to force women seeking abortions to have intrusive transvaginal ultrasounds. dick black. so extreme, it's dangerous.
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all right. we have some breaking news. the jury is now deliberating in the charles severance murder case. he is charged with the shooting and killing of three prominent residents in alexandria. news 4's david culver is tracking this case in northern virginia. he'll have the latest for you coming up at 5:00. and we continue to track rain, the heaviest rain of the day coming through parts of virginia in toward the district and we have the areas of rain coming on through and we saw this band come through town about 45 minutes ago and we are looking at northern virginia into prince william county, fauquier county and manassas. this is right to the south of 66 and right along 66 in through fairfax county and i want to zoom right into the city of fairfax and this is where we are
4:42 pm
seeing the heavier bands here and the yellows and you notice the oranges around north springfield and this is right along 233 and right along the beltway, too, and down toward the south and zoom in to the manassas area and notice the reds, oranges, yellows and just down to the south and this will move in through your area within the next 15 minutes and you're seeing some of the heaviest rain and there is more heavy rain on the way as we move on through the night tonight. we're not quite done just yet and we'll see periods of rain right on until 1:00 and 2:00 in the morning and veronica will have more on what to expect tomorrow in the full forecast. that fish you order at your favorite restaurant, it may not be what you think it is. half of the salmon labeled as wild salmon is actually farm raised. the conservation group oceana tested 83 samples in washington and chicago. during the cold months, 43% of salmon in restaurants is
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mislabeled. during the summer, 7% mislabeled so consumers can protect themselves by ordering fresh fish only in season. a drug just approved made from an unlikely source helps people with advanced melanoma. imlygic it shrunk lesions in 16% of patients who used it and it does not prevent the disease from spreading. it was approved just yesterday and it could be available within a week. >> last-minute preps under way in colorado for tonight's republican debate. we'll go live to boulder next. and more on the blimp making headlines after getting loose at a military site here in maryland. the power outages and the flight path, an update in minutes. the washington post endorses democrat jeremy mcpike for state senate. applauding mcpike's "ideas about getting traffic moving." the post warns republican hal parrish "holds rigid positions against medicaid expansion
4:44 pm
and common-sense gun safety." and parrish was the deciding vote to restrict women's health clinics in manassas, forcing women to go elsewhere for cancer screenings and birth control. jeremy mcpike is the better choice. i'm jeremy mcpike, candidate for state senate, and i sponsored this ad.
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it's been a sloppy one across the area today. a lot of folks managing to get around with their rain boots on and their rain gear and at least they were prepared. storm team 4 has been telling you all week long that it would be one soggy day for us and because we know the weather and the showers and the area's moderate rain and the rain would get in the way of some of your plans and travel. it's been a weather alert day for storm team 4 as we continuously give you updates on what's going on and one of the updates is the fact that vienna has canceled its halloween
4:47 pm
parade for this evening. it could be stormy which slowed travel and we still see a few embedded thunderstorms with the moderate waves of rain and 70 degrees is our temperature right now and more rain from 5:00, 10:00, 11:00 and even up until 2:00 a.m. and with the thunderstorms and the temps in the mid-60s overnight into early day tomorrow. take a look, here is the one wave that i'm watching move up from areas of warrenton and manassas crossing right over 66 as we zoom in tighter, you can see that rain is around gainesville and manassas. it's around areas west of fairfax and moving to the northeast. up toward areas of northern fairfax county in the next couple of minutes. meanwhile, we do expect to see the temperatures tomorrow still on the mild side. let me show you where the weather front is that's been producing this along with the remnants of what's left of patricia kind of interacting with this and the cold front is over indiana and missouri.
4:48 pm
tomorrow, still on the warm side, that front doesn't come through our area until late tomorrow. our temperatures once again into the 70s and this is a look at this evening with the secondary wave coming through in the future weather and just past midnight and early tomorrow morning there can still be quite a few clouds around the area and gradually i'll start clearing out and i'm calling it cool for tomorrow. 65 degrees by 9:00 a.m. in the morning and out of the door, first thing what you will need is not so much the coat and umbrella, but just a nice, warm jacket to get you going throughout the day. recreational forecast, 72 degrees by 1:00 and then we'll see the temperature comes down and there will be warm air around with the exception of right here in areas east of i-95 and mid-60s there for high temperatures tomorrow. here is a lock at the weekend and 60 degrees on saturday and halloween, trick-or-treaters you'll see temperatures at 50 degrees and sunday, the warmest
4:49 pm
day of the weekend and we'll talk more rain and we'll have details on that and we'll take a look at your hourly halloween and more stormy conditions for this evening coming through. we'll have that in a few. it will be round three in the republican race for the white house tonight. just a little more than three hour away now from the third gop debate. analysts say tonight's matchup is critical in this crowded field. it may be the last chance for lesser-known candidates to break through before donors move on. and it could be especially harsh on front-runners and steve handelsman is live in boulder, colorado. >> reporter: thanks. this is the media viewing room for tonight's debate where all eyes will be on dr. ben carson. he told me he won't get into what he calls the slime pit even if he gets attacked here tonight. at the university of colorado, the candidates have gathered for the undercard debate, the lower polls and the main event.
4:50 pm
at the center of the ten will stand ben carson and donald trump. >> how do you feel about being first nationally? >> reporter: carson is moving up, polling first in a new gop survey, first in iowa in three polls. ♪ >> reporter: in iowa on his way to the debate, donald trump mixed more with voters. >> i mean, i am second. it's not, like, terrible, but i don't like being second. second is terrible to me! >> reporter: he sounded worried about tonight looking forward, trump tweeted to what i'm sure will be a very unfair debate. cnbc's john harwood will be a moderator at the debate focused on jobs, taxes and business. >> you can bet that donald trump is ready to get tough with ben carson. i think our goal is mostly to pull them out on what they do on the economy. >> reporter: carson says if he's attacked he will not retaliate. >> i'm not going to get into a bunch of fights with people about personalities and
4:51 pm
individual attacks. >> reporter: ohio governor john kasich could be aggressive tonight. he's furious, charging carson would end medicare and trump would deport 11 million people. >> what has happened to our party? what has happened to the conservative movement? >> reporter: frustration could explode tonight. kasich tonight will be off to the side, but any tangle between trump and kocarson could be face-to-face. their podiums could be this far apart. live from boulder, steve handelsman, news 4. presidential candidate bernie sand sers ers is in virg tonight. some students plan to dress up as zombies from the virginia student power network and they say the walking debt theme is to show support for debt-free education. it's an idea that sanders supports. and an astronaut has two
4:52 pm
things to celebrate, nasa astronaut scott kelly just wrapped up his first space walk. he and his fellow astronaut had to do work on the international space station. kelly's brother, retired astronaut mark kelly tweeted, quote, be careful and have fun. don't forget to take a good selfie. just after midnight tonight kell will officially break the record for nasa's longest single-space trip, 215 days. that's just over seven months. new video, news 4 is working to provide a deeper understanding of bullying during bullying prevention month. we're hosting a facebook chat tomorrow featuring kristin darling churchill with a non-profit research center that focuses on the well-being of children and youth. go to the app by going to the washington facebook page and is incorporating the #bekind. we're working several
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developing stories in the news room right now. a battle over what the region's largest health insurance should do with $1 billion surplus. that battle is heating up. bluecross blueshield is a non-profit mandated by congress to reinvest any excess surplus into the community, but care first says that money belongs to its subscribers. coming up at 5:00, why maryland and virginia have a big stake in this fight. >> i'm erika gonzalez, we're outside a new fitness studio and the class is called barre, the exercises are designed to build people up, not just their bodies, but their self-esteem. we'll tell you about a note that pretty much says they weren't really fit to talk about or even teach fitness classes, words that included fat and obese. and we'll also tell you about the community that's rallying around them. we'll see you tonight on news 4 at 5:00.
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sound asleep and still out and about. a teenager's wild nine-mile journey and she may not remember any of it.
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building aircraft, the likes of which the world has never seen. this is what we do. ♪ that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. storm team 4 is tracking a line of nasty weather for the evening commute. we have team coverage with doug and veronica in just two minutes. a man is dead after crashing into a bus full of college students on a pennsylvania highway.
4:57 pm
20-year-old rodney signey slammed into the bus around 6:00 last night causing the bus to flip over and his car then caught fire. lehigh university's team was on the bus at the time. the cause of the crash is under investigation. how is this for a nightmare? a colorado teenager falls asleep in her own bed, but that's not where she wakes up. nbc's victoria sanchez explains how the teenager walked nine miles in her sleep and what it took to find her. >> reporter: some time in the middle of the night taylor gamble walked out of her home and ended up nine miles away wearing only sweat pants and a t-shirt. >> no money, no purse. she got up and walked out of the house. >> the sheriff's office got a call around 6:15. taylor's father said his daughter wasn't in her bed and has a history of sleep walking. law enforcement brought in a bloodhound to track her scent and followed it for three miles
4:58 pm
to the 7-eleven, but that's where the track went cold. >> people can do some pretty scary, dangerous things while they're sleep walking and they're kind of only partially aware of what's going on. >> reporter: dr. wachtel says when people sleep walk their eyes are open and they're in a dream state. a witness told deputies they believe they sautee lor at a bus stop at 58th and ward, but didn't know if she got on. >> she has no recollection of being on a bus, and she had no money on her. >> reporter: three hours after she was reported missing her cousin found her asleep on their couch in westminster. she was safe, but she doesn't remember how she traveled so far while sleep walking. experts say it's best not to wake a sleepwalker, but rather to gently guide them back to bed. an abrupt wake up can scare them and make them defensive.
4:59 pm
news 4 at 5:00 with jim, wendy and doug. right now at 5:00, we're tracking some of the heaviest rain of the day on storm team radar and that's not the only thing we're watching. >> while parts of the area will have heavy rain, others have the potential of seeing strong winds. >> we're watching conditions live across the region, but this could have an impact on your evening commute. >> and we have a close eye on those roads tonight. it could be a long night if you're waiting for someone to get home right now. our weather alert coverage begins right now. guy, we've been talking about periods of heavy rain throughout the afternoon and it hasn't been raining all day and now the heaviest rain is moving in across the region and mostly through northern virginia and starting to move into parts of maryland, too. you can see what i'm talking about. the yellow, oranges and reds and that's the area of heavy rain and not much going on in montgomery county and just moving into the bethesda area
5:00 pm
toward rockville and you see it around the city of fairfax and over toward warrenton and very heavy rain in that area and one of those locations just to the north of fairfax coming over to the hernandar herndon area and canceled its halloween parade that was supposed to go on today and there is more rain and look at the rain around the reston area moving across the potomac into montgomery county and this is a wave that's in for the next two hours and another wave back to the west along with the front moving its wye through here, too. coming up over the next 15 minutes or so i'll track the next wave and i'll show you how that one could be the strongest wave of the day. >> remember, you can track the storm with the interactive radar and we'll send you alerts to keep you prepared throughout this weather system. now to breaking news right now in the district, two children were shot getting off a metro bus. >> and the police investigation means several major roads


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