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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 28, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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high drama. tonight a million dollar runaway blimp, breaking lose and flying out of control and captivating the country for hours. tonight the fighter jets scrambling giving chase across several states. what in the world happened. a police officer fired. a swift fallout from the violent body slam caught on camera. out of a job but will he face charged. fight night fireworks. carson surging, trump on the ropes and tonight, is it make or break for jeb bush. as the gop candidates collide in a critical debate. and sudden explosion. an e-cigarettes blows up in a man's face and leaving him in a coma on life support. tonight the hidden danger his family wants everyone to know. "nightly news" begins right now.
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>> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt, reporting tonight from san francisco. good evening. from the air, an iconic view of one of the country's great cities. as we're back on the road, tonight in the embarcadero in san francisco. but tonight fighter jets were scrambled after a army blimp broke loose and drifted in civilian air space. trailing its mile long steel tether, the unmanned blimp left a trail of damage across parts of pennsylvania and knocked out power to thousands before it was brought to the ground. nbc's tom costello followed the drama and has full details for us. >> reporter: in the sky over bloomsberg, pennsylvania, this afternoon a top secret runaway military balloon known as an arrow stat. after a hot pursuit involving fighter jets and state police and citizens who called in updates. zachary boyd watch it drift by his classroom
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at school. >> i look out the window and this big white things goes over the field. >> on the ground behind the balloon, a trail of destruction caused by a mile long tether that took out utility lines leaving 25,000 people in the dark. >> here we are no power after a blimp knocked out of the power in bloomsberg. >> it is called a j-lens and loaded with highly sophisticated and secret tracking equipment and floats 115 miles from maryland to pennsylvania. part of a pilot program, the military had two in maryland hovering at 10,000 feet scanning the skies. >> so this is mart of a military radar system that is to detect fast flowing and low flying cruise missiles from russia aircraft. >> but this morning one of the two balloons broke free, floating up to 16 thousand feet, and posing a risk to passenger planes in the skies. norad scrambled f-16s as they diverted nearby aircraft. finally, after three hours it lost altitude and
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skipped along the pennsylvania countryside. coming to rest an anthony township, p.a. at $2.5 billion the project has been controversial. it is concerned about the ability to collect data and members of congress concerned about the cost. now with it lying in a pennsylvania field, the balloon's future may be further in doubt. the military dispatched a security team and helicopters to secure the site. we're told the tether holding the balloon to the ground was supposed to be strong enough to with stand winds of up to 100 miles per hour at the time it broke free the winds were 45 mile-per-hour at altitude. property owners who suffered damage are tonight being told they can submit a claim to the army. lester. >> it was an amazing sight. tom costello, thank you. now to the new developments in the troubling take down of a female student in south carolina. today the deputy who threw her to the ground and dragged her in class was fired. and as gabe guiterrez tells us the incident is raising questions about use of police force in schools
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across the country. >> reporter: barely 48 hours after deputy ben fields slammed this 16-year-old rl to the floor, he was fired. >> what he should not have done is thrown her. that is what he should not have done. >> outside of his home today he did not comment by his attorney release a comment but his attorney expressed a comment. >> he is sorry that this whole thing occurred, it was not his intent, and he tried to do his job. >> a sophomore who shot the cell phone videos is disappointed the officer was fired. >> i don't agree with the force he used on her but this is is somebody's career and this could all have been avoided if she would just have given the teacher her phone. >> reporter: the lawyer for the student said she has injuries to her back, neck and arms and said the officer should have be charged. >> i think the world
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is looking at this tape and realized that a crime was committed. >> you do not touch nobody's child. >> reporter: at a school board meeting last night, parents debated whether officers should be in class at all. >> they bring structure, they bring organization. reporter: the job of controlling students now caught on video more often. in georgia, this officer tasers two students. in texas another one breaks up a scuffle. and in virginia, an 11-year-old autistic boy are handcuffed for disorderly conduct. police intervene at a rate of six per every 1,000 students every year, black, latino special needs students and others make up a dispportionate share. around the country there 10,000 to 15,000 sool resource officers and training ries. >> we are not allowed to do the training in south carolina. they are chosen to train the rso themselves. >> nowhey will retrn teachers on when to call in officers to the classroom. >> reporter: the sheriff did stress that 16-year-old girl was disruptive. she still faces charges, including resisting arrest and
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disturbing school. another student faces that last charge. she said she stood up for her classmate. lester. >> gabe guiterrez in columbia, thank you. now to the fight night in boulder. the gop candidates for president duking it out in a critical debate in the colorado rockies as ben carson overtakes donald trump in the national poll. trump looks to gain background lost. and for jeb bush, far behind in cutting staff ansalaries, is toght a maker break mome. nbc's peter alexander is there. >> reporter: with the republican field as feisty as it ifluid, the contenders are ghting to stand out. each with their own unique challenge tonight. does ben carson become a top target, topping polls tonight. >> nothing to be nervous. just because there is 600 meras here. why would you be nervous. >> tonight he will have to demonstrate he can command the world's biggest economy. both his flat tax and plan treplace medicare likely to come under attack.
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how well does trump handle playing second fiddle. our first clue in iowa over night. >> i am second. that is not terrible. but i don't like being second. send is terrible -- toe. what the hell are you ople doing to me? >> trump lowering expectations and complaining he expects it to be unfair. and must show his business expertise. jeb bush wants the establishment favorite is now on ropes. with nervous donors demanding return on instment. the former florida governor needs to deliver a winning performance. >> to be himself, period. if he decides he wants to be president, show us that. >> marco rubio and ted cruz are looking to break through. both are well positioned to inherit support if the front-runners falter. but tonight with a major newspaper demands he re-sign
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to, rubio will have to explain skipping 70 vos. will carly fiorina regain momentum. the breakouttar from e first two debates will he to find a way to remind voters of the confident carly in last month's showdown. finally is john kasich tonight's wild card. depending on how who you ask, bashing -- he's showing desperation or rival, today bashing republican rivals. >> this gets to be pretty bizarre out here listening to these fantasy claims. >> reporter: to punctuate the high stakes tonight, scott walker, once the iowa frt-ru dpp out days after the last debate so tonight it is as important as who wins is who loses and ultimately drops out of this race. lester. >> peter, thanks. let's bring in it the moderator of "meet the press," chuck todd. a tough question, but what are the headlines and what will we be talking about tomorrow. >> i anticipate we're talking about three story lines, lester. number one, ben carson and the economy. this is not his strong
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suit to date. health care is the one policy issue he's the most fluent on, but his tax plan, and how will he handle the detailed question. the second headline, trump versus trump. how does he handle the versity. does he go after carson. how does he take center stage. is the big business man. this is a businessman's debate. if he doesn't dominate, how does he explain that. and the third story line is the jeb versus rubio issue. from jeb bush and whether he can take command of the establishment wing and marco rubio, i think he will be asked point blank about that resignation call from the major newspaper. how does he handle that question. so i think those are the three stories we'll be talking about tomorrow, ster. >> and we'll be talking about it right here. in fact, chuck, thanks. the gop debate begins tonight at 8:00 eastern on cnbc. >> the longest serving republican speaker of the house, today dennis hastert admitted today that he agreed to pay someone
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$3.5 million in hush money to cover up past misconduct against as we previously reported, law enforcement sources tell nbc news that the misconduct was of a sexual nature. it dates back to hastert's time as a high school wrestling coach decades ago. today's admission was part of a deal with federal prosecutors in which he pled guilty to violating banking laws to make the payments. he could serve up to five years in prison but the guidelines recommend no more than six months. back in washington, congressman paul ryan is one step closer to becoming the next speaker of the house. nominated today by his republican colleagues. defeating daniel webster of florida by a vote of 200-43. after a vote in the full house tomorrow which is expected to go his way, ryan will officially succeed john boehner who announced his resignation last month. millions of baseball fans lost their minds when this popped up on their tv screens.
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a technical glitch cut off game one of the world series. fox said the broadcast truck lost power plunging the telecast to black in the fourth inning and again in the fifth. ultimately the royals prevailed over the mets in 14 innings but as kevin tibbles tells us, tragedy was awaiting kansas city starting pitcher and his team and his family didn't want him to know until he had left the mound. >> reporter: when edinson volquez took to the mound for the kansas city royals in game one of the world series last night against the new york mets, he did not know that his father had passed away from heart disease before the first pitch was ever thrown. volquez's wife contacted the royals and asked them not to share the news of the death had pitched in one of the biggest games of his life. >> the wishes of the family was, you know, let eddie pitch. >> reporter: that may be what his father
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would have wanted. growing up in the dominican republic, young eddie started playing ball at the age of 9 or 10. it was his dad who gave him his first glove. volquez was given the sad news shortly after leaving the game which the royals won in 14 innings. but while the team honored the family's wishes, social media did not. twitter lit up with news of the passing, even as volquez was on the mound. today as royals' fans stock up on souvenirs, they were divided on the club's decision to ke the news from him. >> i am kind of on the fence about that. i think he would want to know. >> i think it is the right decision. he was with the family. the royals are his family. >> he flew home this morninto the dominin republic. >>eporter: volquez is expected to rejoin the royals as the series moves to new york on friday.
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should he be needed, he is scheduled to pitch in game five. lester. and there is late word tonight the on going refugee crisis overseas has produced another tragedy. a boat packed with refugees struggling to reach europe capsized. off the greek island of lesbos. more than 240 people auto were rescued from the frigid waters but three drowned, including two children. it is feared more will die as the human tide mostly syrian war refugees continues without let-up and winter weather closed in. still ahead tonight, the hidden danger from e-cigarettes. a man in a coma after one exploded in his face. what users may be doing wrong that could cause the devices to blow up and what you need to do to protect yourself. also, the brothers of one of our most talked about stories ever. one carried the other on his back for a good cause and now they are back with a knew achievement where every kid is invited to join in the fun. not 22. i accept i'm not the rower i used to be.
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there is a danger that you need to know about tonight. if you or a loved one are among the millions of amerins who use e-cigarettes. there is a risk that while using them the devices can explode. as anne thompson explains it happened to one man this week ats w in aa. >> reporter: electronic vapor products marketed to help transition smokers from tobacco now pose their own growing danger. >> it exploded in his face. >> all right. >> electric cigarette.
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>> that is the 911 call his sister made after she said his e-cigarettes blew up on monday. >> my daughter said that there was a very large explosion in the home. she went toward the explosion to find him completely covered in black. >> the 21-year-old has been in a medically induced coma and on a ventilator with burns to face, chest and hands. injuries to other users and homes are raising alarms. the suspect, lithium ion batteries that power the batteries like the laptop batteries that are banned on airlines. here is how they work. the battery heats the liquid that contained nicotine to 350 degrees. creating a vapor the user inhales. the industry said the problem happens when consumers use the wrong battery charger. running the risk of overcharging the battery. that could lead to an explosion, and fire. >> be absolutely sure that the battery unit
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itself has made it to the charger that comes from the factory itself and has a shutoff switch. >> this week the department of transportation is banning electronic vapor products from checked luggage on airlines. citing 26 incidents of explosion and fire since 2009. in the meantime, a young man in florida fights for his life. anne thompson, nbc news, new york. we're back in a moment with what prince harry said changed his life while he and the first lady visited american veterans. ted american veterans. and i'm still struggling with my diabetes. i do my best to manage. but it's hard to keep up with it. your body and your diabetes change over time. your treatment plan may too. know your options. once-daily toujeo® is a long-acting insulin from the makers of lantus®. it releases slowly to provide consistent insulin levels for a full 24 hours. toujeo® also provides proven full
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cold medicine with a heart. coricidin® hbp. there are few people who lead more public lives than prince harry. we watched him grow up, suffer the loss of his mother, earn a reputation as a partier and we watched him to go to war in afghanistan as a captain in the british army. that experience changed him and gave him a mission. today the mission brought him to washington to join special company. keir simmons was there.
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>> prince harry. [ cheering a applause ] >> reporter: prince harry has ted himself to helping injured veterans. >> i'm in no doubt that the two deployments to afghanistan changed my life. there is little that can truly prepare you fothe reality of war. >> reporter: like so many vets he left the r woering what t do next. his answer, leave no one behind. today that mission brought him to ft. belvoir, virginia, joined by michelle obama and dr. jill biden. >> wounded warriors aren't just a distance cause. to him they are brother and sisters in arms. >> he created the games for athletes who are also wounded warriors. first held last year in london, next may it will be others. where sydney davis will compete. e'come close to suicide from post traumatic stss and harry's devotion to veterans means a lot to her. >> there is a connection between him and all of us. he really cares.
7:23 pm
it is nice. >> reporter: and that royal star power doesn't hurt, either. >> ladies, prince harry is here. don't act like you don't notice. >> he learned from his mother diana. and now he is 31 meeting with the president. the prince known for partying has found a sense of purpose. ir simns, nbc news, washington. when we come back, the brothers who have inspired so many are once again proving that together they can accomplish anything. hey can accomplish anything. when my doctor told me i have age-related macular degeneration, amd we came up with a plan to help reduce my risk of progression. and everywhere i look... i'm rended to stick to my plan. including preservision areds 2. my doctor said preservision areds 2 has the exact nutrient formula that the national eye institute recommends to help reduce the risk of progression of moderate to advanced amd... after 15 years of clinicaltudies.
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and a free 30-tablet trial. for more than a year now, we followed an inspiring pair of brothers who have touched so many. one is in high school and the other has cerebral palsy, on the a campus where they noticed a problem. as kate snow tells us there is no problem too big when these brothers team up. >> reporter: for 9-year-old braden gandee, happiness is flying through the air an a saucer swing for the first time. this tricked out playground would get rave reviews from any kid but especially braden who now has a place to play with his friends.
7:27 pm
>> [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: and it is all thanks to the bond between braden and his big brother hunter. >> it is a great feeling inside knowing how many people have been inspired by the story. >> reporter: we first met them last year when hunter carried braden on his back for 40 miles to raise awareness about cerebral palsy. >> we want to do something for the kids with c.p. give them a little hope, some inspiration. >> some inspiration. do you think you can do that? >> yeah. >> it was challenging, at times braden was in pain. but they made it to the finish line. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: their story touched people across the country, who saw that braden couldn't get around his old playground. >> i have a lot of friends and i just have to sit back and watch them have fun. >> reporter: and so with the community, the brothers raised moy toui an accessible playground. >> the point of this isn't for braden, it is so braden can be included, so that all
7:28 pm
of the kids can play together, and not separate. >> reporter: as plans move forward, braden was back in the hospital for a major surgeon that may allow him to walk on his own one day. but even as he recovered, every afternoon he was out at the construction site cheering on his brother and other volunteers. finally this week -- >> i think it looks great. what do you think? >> reporter: it was time to play. the playground instantly came to life. braden was in heaven. >> there are so many different things at this playground, i can't pick just one. >> he sped down the ramps with his best friend and crossed the rope bridge with hunter. >> i have a high light in my life. and this is one of them. >> reporter: showing people what he's been saying alllong. he can do anything. new york. so glad we could catch up with those two. that will do it for us on this wednesday úbvg+ night. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc
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news, thank you for watching and good nigh
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lights, camera, ss. >> i much truth to god doesn't give you what you can't handle. >> those words spoken just hours before khloe learned of her estranged husband's


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