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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  October 29, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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we begin with an airplane fire in florida. the engine of a passenger jet caught fire at fort lauderdale international airport just before takeoff. moments ago, 15 people are hurt. you can see the heavy smoke from the fire. the dynamic airways jet was taxiing on the runway about to leave for venezuela when the fire started. just moments ago the fort lauderdale airport reopened and an ntsb team is headed there right now. here's nbc's chris clackum with more on what we know at this minute. >> reporter: passengers on other jets caught the dramatic scene thursday of a dynamic airline jet on fire on the tarmac at florida's fort lauderdale, hollywood, airport. with over 100 passengers and crew onboard and fully loaded with fuel, the boeing 767 was preparing for takeoff to cara s caracas, venezuela, when the crew of a plane behind it reported seeing fuel leaking. >> hey, dynamic out of the left engine it looks like it's
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leaking. >> any time you have a fully fueled aircraft, fire and fuel do not mix at an airport or anywhere for that matter. >> reporter: soon afterward, one of the plane's engines did indeed catch fire. at least two emergency chutes were deployed where most of the injuries occurred when the plane was hurriedly evacuated. >> one sustained burn injuries and the rest are other injuries. >> reporter: while they brought the fire under control the airplane remained closed after the incident. dynamic is a charter airline based in north carolina with a few regularly scheduled flights to mainly south america each week. chris clackum, nbc news. first at 4:00, county police have arrested a teenage boy for threatening to bomb and shoot students at his school in northern virginia. investigators say his classmates at brookpoint high school were alert and tipped them off tuesday afternoon. a student is 15 years old and the detective searched his home
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they found guns and rifles locked up. they did not find any note or manifesto or plans. the sheriff's office thinks the teenager made the threats because he had trouble making friends. he's in custody this afternoon. head's up if you or a loved one plan to take the icc, a trash truck caught fire and dumped its load on the eastbound side near the shady grove metro access road. lanes have been closed. and the backup stretches for miles. jurors in the triple murder case against charles severance are deliberating his fate and we're looking at the live picture of the fairfax county courthouse as the jury enters the sixth hour of deliberations and severance is charged with the murders of nancy dunning, ron kishy and rutharound lodato. they were killed over a ten-year span. our david culver is at the courthouse and he'll have
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updates with developments. i'm adam tuss at the dunn loring metro station. now that we know the name it's time to find out about the background of neal cohen, the man who could become the next general manager of metro. remember, the contract is still not finalized. a couple of things to work out, but everyone expects that cohen will become the next gm of the transit agency and his background, an aerospace and defense. that's an aerospace pick for metro and how the skill set translates into running trains and busses. >> someone who succeeded as an executive in the business has dealt with moving parts and a lot of complexity. >> how cohen's background as a cfo could really pay dividends for metro. at dunn loring, adam tuss, news 4. a military team is in pennsylvania trying to recover pieces of a runaway blimp that
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broke loose in maryland. state police have been using shotguns to deflate the u.s. army blimp which got away wednesday in a rocky ravine. after it broke loose from the aberdeen probing ground, it drifted 150 miles in just a few hours. >> from what i understand, most of the wreckage is intact. it is secure and it is mostly in trees, and it is in a difficult to access location right now. >> yeah, military officials say it will take at least a week to recover the blimp. there was a cable hanging off of it. it tore some utility poles right out of the ground and military officials have been apologizing to the people who lost power. among the mysteries about that runaway blimp, why it broke free and why it landed on its own. the blimp is 243 feet long and that's more than twice the size of a blue whale which is the world's largest mammal, but
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smaller than a football field. it's operated from the ground with nobody, no person onboard. it's designed to track cruise missiles and other aircraft from up to 340 miles away. that's an area about the size of texas. now the tether that the blimp dragged is a mile long and made of kevlar, strong enough to withstand winds of 107 miles an hour, but yesterday the temperatures were in the single digits. >> doug kammerer, he's in the storm center. we saw folks in t-shirts and shorts in the mall today. what will we expect tonight? >> you mentioned about the winds in the single digits and that's at the surface. aloft they were at 60 to 80 miles per hour and that's one reason why that blimp did get off its moorings. as far as the weather, you're right. we saw shorts earlier and tonight completely a different story. satellite radar showing a cold front that is moving through.
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that cold front moving through right now and that is really cooling the numbers down. we were at 73 earlier and now we're at 69. back to the west and only 56 in pittsburgh and that's the cool air that will be making its way again here and tonight's headlines if you'll be out and about falling temperatures for sure and a cool friday night if you have plans to go tomorrow night and we're talking about the halloween impact and we'll talk much more about the halloween forecast for you coming up in my full forecast in just a minute. the speaker-elect paul d. ryan of the state of wisconsin! >> how long is that applause going to last? the republican party elected new leadership in the house. paul ryan isn't mincing words about changes that need to be made. wendy rieger is in the newsroom with details. >> hi, chris. >> paul ryan and john boehner the outgoing speaker have a long history and ryan was an intern for boehner in the '90s.
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ryan was not unanimously elected by his party. daniel webster of florida got nine votes and even former secretary of state colin powell got votes. he plans to give his party and the house a fresh start. >> let's be frank. the house is broken. we're not solving problems, we're adding to them, and i am not interested in laying blame. we are not settling scores. we are wiping the slate clean. >> there is a difference between being asked to do something and being called to do something. paul is being called. >> boehner says he has no regrets about his time as speaker and he will officially be resigning from his house seat on saturday. pat? >> all right. news 4 is working to provide a deeper understanding of bullying during bullying prevention month. we're hosting a facebook chat
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right now that features kristen darling churchill with child trend, a non-profit research center that focuses on well-being of children and youth. you can join the chat and we'd love to have you do that by going to the nbc washington facebook page and nbc wants to promote a culture of kindness. so use the #bekind. cashing in on budding potential. the new weed-related am entity being marketed in d.c. homes. ushered into court. why jerry sandusky appeared in front of a judge today. and the dancing d.c. officer getting all sorts of likes on facebook and that includes new comments from the commander in comments from the commander in chief.
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the washington post endorses democrat jeremy mcpike for state senate. applauding mcpike's "ideas about getting traffic moving." the post warns republican hal parrish "holds rigid positions against medicaid expansion
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and common-sense gun safety." and parrish was the deciding vote to restrict women's health clinics in manassas, forcing women to go elsewhere for cancer screenings and birth control. jeremy mcpike is the better choice. i'm jeremy mcpike, candidate for state senate, and i sponsored this ad. >> right now we're tracking
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developments on the mysterious disappearance of the american businessman. this is josh sanchez maldonado. a financial trader from san francisco. it's been a week since his friends and family have heard from him. on the right is a security camera picture. that's him leaving his hotel in london last week. police say sanchez maldonado was in the uk for a job interview, and it was his first trip outside the u.s. on his own. the appeals process is under way in pennsylvania for former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky. sandusky says he got bad legal advice that ended in his child sex abuse conviction. for one thing, he says the case was rushed to trial. sandusky is asking for access to emails between prosecutors and judges. he is serving 30 to 60 years in prison for the 2012 conviction. the massive earthquake that hit afghanistan did more than just rattle homes. it triggered another landslide in another country.
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this video coming into the newsroom and you can see large plumes of dust cascading down a mountain in neighboring pakistan. the debris blocked the road and there are reports it killed a teach or her way home from school. monday's earthquake measured 7.5. -- in his daughter's honor. why a virginia lawmaker says the father of a murdered reporter went too far. and it's not your typical am
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>> here are some of the stories we are working right now. the father of a murdered virginia reporter said he'll do whatever it takes to fight for gun control. why a local state senator thinks andy parker has gone too far. a d.c. police officer accepts a danceoff challenge. the video is getting a whole lot of attention on social media today and that includes attention from president obama. well, it is a sign of the times justmonths after d.c. voters approved recreational marijuana, people are now actually building homes with marijuana grow rooms. in fact, one of the first with a grow closet was just sold. news 4's mark segraves is just back from checking out the new home. mark, what goes into this closet to make it a grow room? >> other than a marijuana plant, you have the hydroponics.
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you have the water and irrigation and a drainage system. there is electricity so there's monitors for temperature in there. there's the lighting and also an exhaust fan to take the smell out of the marijuana plant out of the building and through the roof. so all of these things go into it. they all meet code and they all had to be inspected and that's how you end up with a marijuana grow closet. >> what are the chances that like anything in a building you get something that becomes a trend, what are the chances that we see more of these in new homes? >> count on it, chris. the developer tells me he's calling this the wet bar of 2015. that this will be the new fad for d.c. he says he's going to put them in every single home he's building now and he's heard from other developers and he says their business is going through the roof since initiative 71 passed and they expect to see a lot more of these temporary, retrofits as well as the new construction adding them in as an amenity.
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>> how much did it cost? how much did it add to the cost of the home to actually put this in? >> the develop is a little cagey about that. he says he was pretty lucky that the house kind of lent itself to do this. the internal pluming and what not to retrofit a closet would cost thousands of dollars. >> an older home that you're trying to rebuild. >> correct. as far as the price of this home it listed at $869,000. they got four offers right away and it went for above asking price. if you want to put a grow tent into your basement or attic and do it on the upstart, that will cost you about $500. >> sounds like there's options no matter your -- >> every price range. yeah. >> thanks a lot, mark. the father of a reporter who was killed during a live tv broadcast is denying accusations that he threatened to hurt a lawmaker. andy parker reportedly sent facebook messages to virginia state senator william stanley, jr., this is according to the
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richmond times dispatch and "the washington post." one message read in part, quote, i'm going to be your worst nightmare. he's put himself in the spotlight in the gun control since alison, a former coworker was gunned down. he never intended to make a physical threat, only a political one. and now your storm team 4 forecast. so many people talk to me about how nice today was. we have 73 degrees downtown and now we have the cloud cover across the area and now we have much cooler weather and a cool vantage point as you look down from the northwest down toward the washington monument here and the jefferson memorial off in the distance, as well and a very nice shot and temperatures from 69 degrees and the northerly component will help to bring those numbers down as we move on through the night tonight. storm team 4 radar is dry and we're not going to see any rain
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and we don't have much of a chance of wran until sunday and a couple of dry days to dry out where we were yesterday and thinking of getting out on the bike. sunrise at 6:11. 64 degrees at 6:00 and nice weather, cool at 8:00 a.m. and around noon we'll still be quite cool around 56 and maybe take a lunch outdoors and it is going to be a chilly day and high temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. 59 in d.c., maybe 61 toward fredericksburg and that comes even with sunshine and we will see rather windy conditions, too. wins gusting upward of 15 to 20 miles per hour. how about this? a lot of color out there. peak color out there in the red and all of the way down into western fairfax and in the district, very high color here and we are back toward the mountains and especially saturday it will be a very nice day to get out there and take a look at some of the leaves continuing to change as we move on through the next couple of
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days and a peek into the d.c. metro area. cool weather tomorrow and high of 59, 60 degrees on your saturday and we'll see increasing clouds on saturday for halloween and 66 on sunday and we have to set the clocks back saturday night into sunday so we get an extra hour of sleep into sunday morning. monday coming in at 65 degrees and mostly cloudy. again, most of us should be dry and there's only a 30% chance of rain on monday. what about halloween? let's talk about it more and how about taking you hour by hour for the halloween planner and it will be quite cool. 57 degrees and mostly cloudy skies and still cool at 7:00 and by 9:00, maybe the jacket added on to the costumes and it should keep you warm enough and this is inside the beltway and some of you in the suburbs may be in the upper 40s and a cool halloween, but not bad at all this time of year. we'll take it. >> thanks, doug. it is one of the most
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popular stories on the nbc 4 app right now. >> i had to share this on my facebook page. a local police officer got into a danceoff. >> meagan fitzgerald spoke to the teenager who now has a different view of the men and women in blue. >> reporter: dancing is what aaliya taylor said she was born to do. >> it's the only thing that makes me feel like i'm important. >> reporter: it's where she can escape fear. >> she feared cops until tuesday afternoon when a metropolitan police officer showed up to break up a verbal fight in a nearby park. >> as i was stepping off i started to dance and the cop said i can do better. i said okay. you want to challenge me? >> and i was in shock, and i was just, like, wow!
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>> she still can't believe a police officer challenged her to a danceoff, but she's thankful. aaliya says it's the moment she and her friends needed to believe that officers really are there to help. >> she gave me a hug and she said what's your name and she smiled and we said we need more cops like you. >> it was pretty amazing. >> you were laughing. >> as soon as that story started to air. >> this afternoon he tweeted, quote, who knew community policing could involve the nae nae. great example of police having fun while keeping us safe. >> the nae nae. macy's throws down the thanksgiving gauntlet. the retail store reveals its plans for black friday. boy, oh, boy. it's a common core math problem that has parents baffled when 5 times 3
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if you're willing to pay more at the grocery store for organic food you're not alone these days. we're buying a lot more than we used to according to a new government survey and as nbc's tracy potts shows us those are happening more outside of the produce aisle, as well.
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>> feeding time! >> reporter: nick is a certified organic farmer in maryland. his customers drive an hour or more to spend $6 on a dozen eggs. >> they do cost differently and that is because we raised them differently. >> reporter: these eggs come from chickens that eat grains he grows himself. they're never fed antibiotics. >> you know where it came from, and you know how it was produced. >> reporter: nick's part of a growing trend, organic farming. farms now are producing more than ever a new usda survey says sales are up 72% since 2008. consumers spend $5.5 million last year on organic food. >> it uses less pesticides and antibiotics and does not have additives like transfats, for example. most organic items are sold in these ten states. california leads the country with four times as much sold as
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washington state, and it's not just produce. milk is the most popular ar ganic item followed by eggs, boiler chicken, lettuce and apples. consumer reports found what a lot of shoppers already know. organic food costs 47% more. >> i think it's worth it. it's marginal increase for feeling much better. >> in fact, consumer reports found eight in ten households buy some sort of certified oregonic products. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. we are following several developing stories. dash cam video has been released in the death of a teenager, and why the officer who opened fire will not face charges. recovering a billion dollar runaway mrichl and the trouble police are running into. >> parents are venting their outrage over common core. outrage over common core. the third grade math questions
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the washington post endorses democrat jeremy mcpike for state senate. applauding mcpike's "ideas about getting traffic moving." the post warns republican hal parrish "holds rigid positions against medicaid expansion and common-sense gun safety." and parrish was the deciding vote to restrict women's health clinics in manassas, forcing women to go elsewhere for cancer screenings and birth control. jeremy mcpike is the better choice. i'm jeremy mcpike, candidate for state senate, and i sponsored this ad.
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i'm jill mccabe, candidate for state senate, and i sponsored this ad. all the mouthwash in the world won't help dick black. because what comes out of his mouth is just offensive. black said gays and lesbians lead "lifestyles that are harmful to the culture of this state." he dismissed rape in the military, calling it "as predictable as human nature." black opposes the use of birth control and voted to force women seeking abortions to have intrusive transvaginal ultrasounds. dick black. so extreme, it's dangerous.
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sgloor at 4:30, flights were temporarily suspended at fort lauderdale international airport after a plane erupted in flames. at least 15 people were hospitalized after the engine of a dynamic airlines flight bound for venezuela caught fire. more than 100 people were
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onboard at the time. the faa and the ntsb are invest gaiting. wisconsin republican paul ryan is the new speaker of the house and in his inaugural address he told his fellow lawmakers the house is broken. hou how he plans to fix it in 25 minutes. >> a street sweeper that's supposed to clean the sweep caused an unexpected mess. it flipped over on its side this morning and spilled fuel on to the roadway. this happened along nebraska avenue near a middle school. street his to be temporarily closed. traffic is moving again right now and no one was injured. >> an army investigation team is looking into why that military surveillance blimp broke loose from its mooring in maryland and floated all of the way to pennsylvania. state police used shotguns to deflate it. wcau dougshimell reports.
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>> reporter: the only way to get the helium out of the balloon is to shoot it with a shotgun. >> when we first got on the scene was maybing sure it was secure and we tied it down. >> reporter: the white balloon that ripped in two as it crashed in montour county. >> primarily the radar and a couple of radios and the rest of it was just power generation and power transformers. >> the army air and missile defense command says it was all still there after it broke loose from a mooring in aberdeen, maryland. >> the weather system that was going over us at the time. yes, that's what pushed it up to pennsylvania. >> reporter: they say they don't know why it came loose, trailing a massive cable that shorted or knocked out power lines along the way, but the army says it will take weeks to remove. >> why does it take so long? >> the thing is it's big. it's big and we're in rough terrain down there and it's a
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v-shaped ravine with trees and a stream running right through it. we are just getting an update on the story of a prep school student who was convicted of rape. in the last few minutes owen lebree was sentenced to one year in county jail and put on probation. this was in new hampshire. he'd been facing up to 11 years in prison for sexually assaulting one of his classmates at the elite prep school st. paul. prosecutors say it was part of an ugly practice called senior salute in which graduating students hook up to underclassmen and some took it further and tried to have sex and at the time of the assault lebree was 18 years old and the girl was 15. we are now hearing from the parents of a man shot and killed during an undercover drug sting. they're angry that the officer who killed her son may not be charged. the shooting happened in july in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant in south carolina. the whole thing caught on the
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cruiser's dash cam. officer mark keller fired into the car killing 19-year-old zack hammond. two days ago prosecutors announced that no charges will be filed against him. >> we are disappointed by the decision not to prosecute officer taylor, but we are more disappointed by investigation that seemed more focus on attacking the victim which was zack than investigating the shooter. >> the justice department has opened a civil rights investigation into this case. it's still ongoing. >> back here in washington, the pressure is already building on representative paul ryan. now he's the speaker of the house, third in line to the presidency and he's promising to fix the house of representatives he calls broken. >> we get more on his plans from nbc's brian moore. >> reporter: the speaker of the house, congressman and honorable paul ryan. >> thank you. >> reporter: on capitol hill, a change ing of the guard. paul ryan taking the gavel as the new speaker of the house of
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representatives. it is a house divided with republican factions battling each other each as they fight democrats. >> let's be frank. the house is broken. we're not solving problems. we're adding to them. those problems with the downfall of outgoing speaker john boehner who was unable to break the legislative gridlock that had lawmakers from one political showdown to the next. >> i leave with no regrets and no burdens. if anything, i leave the way i started. just a regular guy humbled by the chance to do a big job. >> reporter: ryan, the house budget guru and 2012 vice presidential nominee emerged after weeks of political uncertainty as boehner announced his resignation and republicans searched for a candidate palatable to the party's staunchest conservatives. the new speaker opened with an olive branch to members of both parties. >> i am not interested in laying blame. we are not settling scores.
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we are wiping the slate clean. >> reporter: a clean slate and some serious challenges ahead for speaker paul ryan. brian moore, nbc news, washington. >> it's not going to get any easier. we want to remind you of our facebook chat that's going on right now. you can go to our nbc washington page to talk about preventing bullying, kristen churchill is leading the discussion and an expert from child trends and a non-profit center that focuses on kids' well-being and they have great ideas on how you can spot bullying and prevent it. nbc 4 wants to promote a culture of kindness using the ha#bekind a landmark is closed for good. for 42 years paul and nancy craven operated this nursery. however, with paul's health declining the couple decided earlier this year to sell. paul has since died. a developer now plans to build 14 homes on the site.
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>> we've had a lot of customers come by and call and say they really enjoyed dealing with craven's nursery, and they enjoyed the walking through the property and looking at the beautiful plants and they're going to miss us. so we'll miss them, too. >> the nursery donated its remaining merchandise to fairfax county public schools. a third grader's homework assignment is being shared all over facebook and it's reignited the debate over common core. >> plus a whale of a lesson for students in virginia.
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parker: my daughter alison and her cameraman were gunned down on live television. i know we can't stop all gun violence, but we can save lives if our leaders take action. narrator: but we can't count on hal parrish to act. he gets an "a" from the gun lobby, they fund his candidacy... while fighting against background checks to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. parrish will make us less safe.
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parker: politicians' condolences aren't enough. it's time for them to act. feinblatt: everytown for gun safety action fund sponsored this ad. math problems typically aren't that popular among students, but the problem on our facebook page is certainly popular. it's generated a new debate over common core teaching, and i put on my facebook page because i think this is fascinating. this is the question gaining so much attention. what's 5 times 3. the answer is simple. 15, right? no, it's wrong. the student who wrote it that way got it wrong because according to common core standard the student should also have written down five threes to show the answer. common core puts an emphasis on critical thinking instead of memorization, but a number of adults who didn't learn that way and even some teachers say this
4:41 pm
is confusing. >> i absolutely had to re-learn a lot of things, or not even just relearn, but learn in general these new methods that i had never learned before. >> the latest annual national testing of fourth and eighth grade math skills shows a decline in scores for the first time in more than a century. that's because federal testing isn't keeping up with more rigorous, new standards. >> it can be tough for moms and dads when they learned a completely different way. if you're already thinking about gifts for the holidays you may want to buy some of them on a holiday. the holiday shopping forecast reports the overall cheapest day to shop is thanksgiving. on average, you get a 27% discount and it's the best day to buy jewelry. adobe says you get the best deal on toys the saturday before thanksgiving and if you're shopping for electronics, buy them the monday before thanksgiving to get the lowest price. first baptist church in
4:42 pm
southwest virginia is always looking for creative ways to teach bible lessons to children. so when it was time to tell the story of jonah and the whale last sunday, they decided to build a lifesize whale in the church gym. they used sheets of plastic to make the whale's body and large fans to inflate the 63-foot whale. it's not the first time the church has used dramatic visual props. there you have that. yeah, the former first lady of maryland has a new job. why she will be working directly with drug users. and you might think getting tow side a nightmare, but wait until we show you what the news 4 i-team uncovered when it went in search of spooky tow lot. yes, we're approaching halloween. i'll have your trick-or-treat forecast and for some of the halloween parades going on this evening. an hourly forecast right after
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>> we're working several developing stories at 4:45. this afternoon we're learning new details about the victim of a deadly shooting in the district. we are told four men wearing ski masks gunned down markita cunningham at her house. this happened just last night in northeast d.c. ahead, our pat collins will talk to one of her relatives. on the hunt for a rapist in northern virginia. we're talking to residents about the frightening attack and what police are doing to track the
4:46 pm
rapist down. i'm meagan fitzgerald outside of mountain view high school. many parents are outraged after thieves uwhat they consider wor a racially insensitive t-shirt. these shirts were made for the homecoming last night. the word looks similar to the n-word. the picture was posted on social media and went viral. why parents say they're upset, but not surprised. she's just winning award, but today katie ledeccy will be the one handing them out in d.c. she will join ryan lock tee to present awards for the association of national olympic committee. the event is at constitution hall and starts at 6:30. one of maryland's former first ladies has a new job. kendall urlich was sworn in as assistant state's attorney for anne arundel county. she'll work with the drug court
4:47 pm
team to help drug users through a rigorous program to help them turn their lives around. >> bargain hunters will be able to get an early start on black friday deals at macy's, pretty much right after they wrap up their thanksgiving meal. macy's just announced today it will open its doors at 6:00 on thanksgiving night. industry experts that cater to discount-driven shoppers like macy's will get a head start on their holiday promotions on thanksgiving. street closures are about to take effect in vienna for the 69th annual halloween parade. maple avenue will be closed from east street to lawyers road. the parade starts at 7:00. meteorologist veronica johnson is in our storm center now with a look at what you should wear if you plan to head out tonight, v.j. >> a jacket or a long sleeve. you'll want to cover up. a lot of folks sporting the short sleeps and each folks with
4:48 pm
short pants today because it was on the mild side, but with this weather front coming through the area, the coal air will come sweeping on or at least cool. you want to dress like him and wrap it up a little bit, right? a little mummy guy there. the sun sets at 6:00 and when it goes down, it will drop to the mid-60s and low 60s by 8:00 and yes, there is youed cover out there right now and we'll start cloud cover at 8:00 and temperatures will be in mid-50s in the outlying suburbs. by tomorrow morning we're 40 to 49 degrees and i think we have less of a wind around the early part of the day so a very light wind and that's good with the temperature at 40 degrees, there will be even cooler and cooler air moving in for the weekend. what to wear tomorrow morning and first thing out the door. don't go with the short sleeves and you'll want to go with the jacket and with sunshine around and we're back to sporting the sunglasses. at the bus stop with the kids, grab the jacket, as well. we're in the low 50s across the
4:49 pm
area and by 9:00 we're already 53 and 55 degrees or so. so for some of the last-minute school parades taking place on friday, the early part of the day are still more cautionary and it's not too breezy, but still pretty chilly for midday and afternoon, breezy sunshine comes our way and we have the green light again and make sure the kids have an extra extra layer underneath those costumes and breezy for your afternoon and notice the high temperature for tomorrow and we'll hit it at 1:00 and we'll see the temperatures dip down by 3:00 and we're into the mid to upper 50s by the late afternoon hours as well as the only part of the evening. but by late evening, take a look, friday night lights and football for high school games and it gets chilly as we drop quickly through the 40s. we're 53 at 8:00 on halloween night. there will be more clouds moving in and your sunday, remember to fall back. make sure you check those fire
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alarms, as well, when you set your clocks back and sun the be setting earlier and earlier. here's your forecast for sunday and next week. we'll have a few showers across our area and nothing too heavy, but the big story is the change that takes place mid-week for the first part of november. a little bit of a warm up in the 70s and we'll talk about that coming up on news 4 at 5:00. look, nobody likes being towed and picking up the car is a hassle and one neighborhood a tow yard that some are calling truly scary. a new law could shine some light on this problem. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: it sounds like a scene from a horror movie. walking down a pitch-black road. near train tracks, surrounded by warning signs and barbed wire. the news 4 team was tipped that some who were towed in montgomery county ended up here,
4:51 pm
cash in hand to retrieve their cars alone and scared. at least five companies have lots on this stretch of paramount drive in rockville. and our cameras rolled as trucks arrived with towed vehicles into the night. >> i thought it was the wrong address. >> and as derek tried to get his car back. >> and i'm a 200-pound man, and i -- my uber driver did not feel safe leaving me. >> reporter: we brought our night vision camera to give you a sense of what this place is like after dark. if you were towed here this is how you would find it and this is how it would look without the benefit and firing up the high beams of our car could we get a sense of our footing and of the fences behind which all those towed cars now sit. >> montgomery county investigators said they recently received former complaints by drivers who felt unsafe here and the setup is also illegal. >> in montgomery county the county law refiquires that the
4:52 pm
storage lot be brightly lit. that's the exact language. brightly lit. >> does this look brightly lit? >> we asked why they operate in such darkness and one of them, led towing responded and saying they don't own the lots. they rent them and they did install a motion detection. there's a twist. under current county law, the current companies and landlords are fail, from where the cars were originally parked. >> we tried reaching out to the owners of the lots in bethesda and silver spring without success to see if they're aware of the setup on paramount drive. >> they continue to have storage lots like this and they're going to start getting tickets from our office. >> a new law going into effect in weekless go after the authority to go after the companies, too. >> pitch black. no lights back there. >> reporter: and the i-team also spotted this. at least two of the companies
4:53 pm
warn drivers on their signs they have to call ahead to get their cars back. county investigators say that's illegal, too. >> that would be a blatant violation of state law which took effect in 2012. because if companies are out towing, the cars must be retrievable continuously, around the clock whether from a lot in broad daylight or the dark of night. scott macfarlane, news 4, i-team. >> led towing says it didn't know about the state law that requires tow lots be continuously staffed and we just got an update after questioning the companies and the landlord, the i-team just found that some of the lights on paramount drive have now been turned back on. scott will have more on this. a woman attacked while doing her laundry. a new account of the attempted rain and what police are doing to track the su
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
a dramatic rescue caught on video in st. petersburg, florida. a woman driving in a blinding rainstorm ends up trapped in her car in a creek with water rising around her. first responders used safety ropes to keep her from getting swept away in the raging water. they were able to break open a wind o window and pull the woman to safety. thee was treated to injuries that were minor. residents are on high alert after an attempted rain in a laundry room. >> how the victim was able to
4:57 pm
fight him off and gives us an idea of exactly who police are looking for. >> reporter: it's a big clue, this composite sketch gives alexandria police in kanterbury square condominiums of what the attempted rapist looks like. >> have you seen this man or anybody that looks like that that could be? >> no. no. if i know him i would say something because it affect everybody. >> reporter: residents say until last friday morning's attack they went about their daily chores around the property without worry, but deborah zack says not anymore. >> how did they get in? are they a tenant? are they ex-tenant, maybe? you don't know. >> reporter: you need a code to enter each secure building on the property and a key to get into each building's basement laundry room. the 28-year-old victim says a man in his 30s attacked her as
4:58 pm
she walked through an underground laundry room between buildings. he tried to pull down her pans, but she fought him off and and the man described as 5'11" to 6 feet tall with a muscular build pulled a knife and ran off. >> you have to have a key to get in there, so there's one way in and one way out. >> are you afraid? >> no. i'm not afraid. >> alexandria police are following up on some of the tips they received since they put that composite sketch out. >> and if you have any information that might help police you're encouraged to please give them a call. >> news 4 at 5:00 starts now with jim and wendy. right now at 5:00, a passenger jet catches fire just moments before takeoff and we've learned that a team from d.c. is on the way now to figure out why. >> we'll show you the chaotic scene that could have been catastrophic. three weeks ago a young man murdered here.
4:59 pm
last night a young woman gunned down here. what's happening on edison place? >> and jurors in the charles severance case, they got a question for the judge. we'll tell you what that could mean about their deliberations. jim? >> first now to that developing story in stafford county tonight. that's where a 15-year-old boy is charged now in an alleged bomb threat at a high school. police tell us the teen also threatened to shoot students. officers searched the boy's home today and found guns and rifles that were locked up. they found no evidence of thought-out plans. the alleged plot involved brook point high school and the boy's motives appear to stem from depression and anger toward classmates. in fairfax county, jurors at the charles severance triple murder trial are finishing their first full day of deliberations and david culver was there today. there were two jury questions today. can that tell us anything about where they're headed?
5:00 pm
>> reporter: it's very possible, wendy. right after lunch jurors sent a note to the judge and it had specific requests. listen to this. they asked for colored markers and highlighters and they wanted an easel pad and they wanted some tape and they asked a judge for an exhibits list and five more copies of the jury instructions. the judge said he would give them all those things except for the exhibits list and you might look at that and it sounds trivial, but it could be indicative of how drawn out of a process this deliberation may be and they've got a lot to go through. this jury has more than a hundred witness testimonies to go through. they've got some 100 pieces of evidence to come through including 2100 pages of severance's own writings. so we caught up with the criminal defense attorney. he's very familiar with other high-profile cases. he told us this could be a while. >> you're


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