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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  October 29, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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reporters are gathering new leads to the day's top stories included the heat ed deliberations as a murderer stands trial. >> a city has seen its fair share of violence and we're preparing for a temperature plunge as a cold front moves in. >> new leadership at metro, perhaps the biggest issue a new general manager will face is safety and a man has faced his share of safety issues before and adam tuss broke this story yesterday and he is live from the dunnlori metro station. >> neal cohen's back growth fund is in aerospace, defense and aviation. those industries, quite frankly, demand safety. you are aren't going to launch a rocket unless you feel it's safe to do so and you are going to give the military technology to keep them safe. this is the kind of focus the new metro gm should bring with
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him. >> the business is focused on safety both for its workers as well as for the ultimate users of the system. >> sterling phillips is a consultant and has decades of experience in the aerospace and defense arenas. he says a pick like neil cohen with his background makes complete sense for metro. >> there's probably not a successful aerospace company that is superb in their safety record. >> there are dozens of outstanding safety issues that need to be addressed by metro like getting rid of the oldest rail cars. >> propulsion systems -- >> cohen comes from a company called atk which merged to become orbital atk. you can tell this is not small stuff. riders happy to hear that a change is coming, but they say they don't nicely need rocket-propelled trains. they just need a functioning system. >> you have a chance to speak to the new general manager, what do you want to tell them? listen to your customers.
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when it's cold, turn on the heat and when it's hot have the air conditioning on and more trains for everybody who is trying to get on the train. >> reporter: yeah. just make it work. we should get an update on cohen's contract being finalized in the next few days. >> doreen, back to you. >> adam, was there a new gm and there is the same old board at metro, an unwielding group from three different jurisdictions and how is cohen going to deal with that? >> reporter: well, that's something that he's going have to navigate on his own and from transportation professionals that i've been talking to they say that is the biggest issue that this new gm will face. when he comes into metro he will have to find a way to operate almost independently of the board, to not feel like they're hovering above him so that he can get things done his way. >> okay, adam tuss in dunnloring, thank you. we've been talking transportation and safety. i'm chris lawrence at the live desk and we're now hearing from
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the people onboard a plane that caught fire on the runway in florida. by now you've seen the video of the dynamic airways flight and it was taxiing down the runway when an engine caught fire. we saw smoke coming out of a plane in fort lauderdale international airport. the paramedics took 15 people to the hospital. one of them was burned and the others had some bumps, bruiser and sprains. there was another pilot there who saw the dynamic airways plane leaking fuel and some of the passengers onboard when it started smoking. >> dynamic out of the left engine looks like it's leaking. >> there was, like, smoke all over the place so we got out and started running through the grass as far away from the airplane as possible. >> obviously, what goes through your mind is -- i mean, is this going to consume in two seconds or not? >> those were the passengers there. scary moments. the faa suspects a fuel leak led to this fire.
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the ntsb has already dispatched a team from washington to help figure it out. that airport does have one runway back open tonight. jim? >> chris lawrence, thank you. now to politics and a firestorm of controversy after that republican debate last night. the candidates may argue who won which points during the matchup, but they are united on one issue. they're angry about the way this debate was run and they're demanding changes now. steve handelsman reports from boulder, colorado. >> reporter: jeb bush campaigned in new hampshire trying to put the debate behind him. >> it was all trying to figure out the gotcha question to make people look bad. >> no hitting your self-confidence. >> not at all. >> he seemed tentative last night. his defense for marco rubio backfired. >> if someone has convinced you that attacking me will help you. >> bush bombed, beginning of the end is the headlines and rubio is getting kudos.
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many candidates slammed cnbc's debate team. >> it was a good moment for a number of us to stand up to those mod rarteratormoderators. they want us to kill each other. >> is this a comic book version. >> it's not a nicely asked question the way you said that. >> ted cruz fired back. this is not a cage match. >> how about talking about the substancive issues? >> cnbc's carl quintanilla. >> we thought the questions were meant to be fair and provocative and however they respond should be instructive to voters. >> ben carson had planned to debate taxes and jobs. >> do you think, doctor, that there was a failure to talk about those things tonight? >> we really did not get into those issues. >> reporter: carson today in denver demanded debates based on issues. >> i've asked my staff to reach out to the other campaigns to talk about a change in format. >> reporter: after a controversial debate in colorado.
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so two questions are unanswered tonight. will the next debate in ten days in milwaukee have different rules and which candidates are getting a boost from last night's debate here? from boulder, steve handelsman, news 4, jim, back to you. >> thank you, steve. you heard candidates they were tossing out numbers and stats last night and nbc's political unisit digging into them like donald trump's promise that mexico will pay for a wall at the border. find the results on our nbc washington app. just search fact check. >> a 15-year-old boy from northern virginia is charged tonight with threatening to bomb his school and shoot students. the alleged plot involved brook point high school in stafford. police say they found guns and rifles locked up at the teen's home and found no evidence of plans. this comes two days after two students in riverbend high school were arrested. they're accused of plotting a school shooting and are charged with conspiracy to commit murder. the first full day of deliberations at the charles
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severance murder trial ends with no verdict, but several requests from jurors. bureau reporter david culver joins us live now from the fairfax county courthouse with a look at how jurors are working through. david? >> jim, they have a lot to work through. we are talking a lot of material and the first full day of deliberations has wrapped up, but even in this first day alone, they have two questions for the judge requesting even more information. if we go back yesterday the prosecution and the defense, they asked the jurors in their closing arguments to be diligent in going through everything that was submitted into court evidence, and we're talking about a mountain of evidence. about a hundred pieces and another hundred witness testimonies to go through and then 2100 pages of severance's own writing. assuming they found him guilty on one count of the ten that he faces, those jurors are not done. they'll then have to sentence him. we caught up with an attorney who is familiar with this case.
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>> if they find him guilty of a capital count then they must impose life without possibility of parole, but the jury, we're talking about three potted earn victims and the jury could find that, you know, find him guilty of only one. >> reporter: complicating matters even more for these jurors. they have ten different count, as we mentioned to consider, the first surrounding the 2014 shooting of ruthanne lodato and her mother's caretaker. counts five and six will focus ron kirby's murder the year before. the next two, the killing of nancy dunning and firearms offensives. it is a complex matter and expected to continue for as long as they essentially need before they can come to a verdict. they're going to be back here tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. to continue those deliberations. we're live in fairfax. i'm david culver, news 4. all lanes back open on maryland's icc and a trash truck
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dumped its load on the eastbound side on the metro access road in gaithersburg. traffic backed up during the cleanup. >> somebody shot ask kind kille young woman outside her home. it's the second time this month that someone was gunned down on the same block of ed soson plac. pat collins talks about what it's been like. >> reporter: doreen, three weeks, two murders, same street. so what's it like to live on edson place? >> how long have you lived on this street? >> 17 years. >> reporter: what's it been like living on this street? >> hell. it's been like living hell. >> reporter: violence is no stranger to edson place. murder, october 6, muhammad washington ambushed and gunned down as he was walking to the store on edson place.
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murdered, last night, 25-year-old markitia cunningham shot and killed as she was walking near her home on edson place. he's lived on this street for many years. his defense, the inside strategy. >> when you come home from work you stay inside? >> i stay inside. that's right. that's exactly what i do. >> reporter: how dangerous is it here? >> really dangerous. >> reporter: tina hill is the cousin of markita cunningham, the latest edson place murder victim. she says she's troubled by the violence in our city. >> every day i wake up to the news i'm hearing somebody in the district of columbia has gotten killed. this time it's home. it's my little cousin, and i'm very, very hurt, and i want that person to turn themselves in. >> reporter: so far this year in our city we're averaging three murders a week.
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live in northeast, pat collins, news 4. >> we saw a pretty good day on our thursday, as a matter of fact, a very good day. high temperature today, 73 degrees in the district and then we had a cold front come through and the clouds moved in and the temperatures are are coming down and down to 67 in the d.c. metro area and only in the 50s and 54 pittsburgh and 54 state college and 57 in morgantown and these are the numbers we can expect during the day tomorrow so much cooler air moving in tonight as we move on through the day tomorrow and what are we going to be seeing? falling temperatures right through the night tonight and a cool night, and if you have plans to go out a lot of activities on your night tonight and we'll have that plus the halloween impact. what does that mean as far as the cool weather is concerned, and i'll take you hour by hour for the halloween forecast and we'll see you in ten minutes. next and only on news 4, our first look at the chilling interrogation tapes as police
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question george hughley about his role in the death of his ex-girlfriend. he's been the face of gun control and tonight he's making headlines for another reason and the online threat against a lawmaker that got the attention of police. it's the latest upgrade for new homes in our area. new homes in our area. i'm mark segraves and i'll
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i'm jeremy mcpike, candidate for state senate, and i sponsored this ad. republican hal parrish claims he improved transportation. but the truth is he was nowhere to be found. literally. parrish holds a seat on the northern virginia transportation authority, but 34 times he failed to show up for meetings. parrish skipped more meetings than any other member. and hal parrish refused to support the bi-partisan transportation bill. why would we want to get stuck with republican hal parrish in richmond?
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why would we want to get stuck it's gotten squarer. over the years. brighter. bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv.
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>> congress is taking action because of a news 4 i-team investigation. just last week we revealed a bold series of thefts by government workers fleecing taxpayers at the gas pump. tonight as scott macfarlane reports members of the u.s. senate are calling for more money and manpower for the federal agents charged with stopping those thefts. >> late today a formal request to the u.s. senate for more dollars in funding for federal agents who root out waste, fraud and theft by federal workers and it comes from a news 4 i-team investigation that shows hundreds of thousands in gasoline theft, some of which were caught on tape by federal employees, workers who were swiping their government gas cars to buy gasoline for their personal cars. in the formal request it was pennsylvania senator bob casey asking the u.s. office of management and funding for
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inspector general, the office that investigates all those gas thefts of which there have been at least 30 in 2015 alone. the senators saying new funding for these agents is desperately needed. >> it was a great investigation and we need more of that and we need to make sure the federal government is doing the same kind of investigating of itself that you and your team are doing. >> will the inspectors general get this emergency funding and this increase in money, and we'll keep a close eye on it until then. at the capital, scott mcfar lap, news 4. to see the i-team's previous stories that prompted this change, you can check the nbc washington app and go to investigations. a historic changing of the guard up on capitol hill today. ohio congressman john boehner leaves office tomorrow after a 25-year career in congress. today wisconsin republican paul ryan was elected to replace him as speaker of the house. ryan's election was nearly a
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foregone conclusion after he won the nomination from the republican congress yesterday. he said he would need 235 votes to be the effective leader and he got 236. in his first remarks as speaker, he urged members to work together. >> let's be frank. the house is broken. we're not solving problems, we're adding to them, and i am not interested in laying blame. we are not settling scores. we are wiping the slate clean. >> after the speech ryan was sworn in by john conyers of michigan. conyers is the most senior member of the house. as the speaker election got under way today john boehner delivered his farewell speech thanking colleagues on both sides of the aisle. >> i leave with no regrets, no burdens. >> if anything, i leave the way i started. just a regular guy humbled by
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the chance to do a big job. >> famously emotional and especially at major events, speaker boehner smiled as he waved with the box of tissues that someone conveniently placed at his podium and they gave him a standing ovation today. >> nancy pelosi noted that paul ryan was a waiter at tortilla coast in his early days as the congressional staffer. it remains a popular gathering place for members and staff as our chris gordon reported last month, there is even a private room downstairs where some members reportedly gather to plot strategy. >> new reaction tonight from a state senator who says he's been threatened by the father of the tv reporter who was shot and killed during a live broadcast this year. andy parker has been pushing for stricter gun laws since his daughter allison was shot and killed in roanoke in august. the state senator in the district says he threatened him on facebook with a private
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message saying in part i'm going to be your worst nightmare and we blurred out the end of the message because it contained some profanity. >> this is beyond the pale. this is insanity and as much as i know mr. parker is grieving and i feel for him this is something he should not have done. andy parker did not deny the private message came from him, but it was no threat. he told our broadcast partner that he believes senator stanley is using the incident for political gain. >> it's the latest am entity for new homes in the district, marijuana grow closets. our mark segraves has a condo that comes with a high-tech closet for growing plants. >> while marijuana is legal to have and smoke in d.c., you can't buy or sell it so lots of people are growing their own. they're attracting huge crowds so it shouldn't be a surprise that developers are getting into the action. this is one of the first new
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condos in d.c. to come with its new grow closet. >> i spoke with my lawyers to make sure i wasn't doing anything illegal and he said as long as you're not staging it with marijuana plants you're not selling marijuana. >> the grow closet comes with all of the lights and ventilation and water you need to grow. >> i did go and put a lock and key on the closet so i made it childproof. >> realtors aren't the only businesses catering to those who want to grow their own. businesses at this hydroponic store in d.c. is so good they're opening a second location. >> most are interested in growing cannabis, however, 10% of the customers are growing other things. >> the couple who bought this condo won't be growing pot. >> they garden a lot and they have a whole spring set of flowers and plants and vegetables that they want to start in here, as seedlings so they will not be using it for the initiative 71. >> while d.c. law allows
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residents to grow up to six plants in their homes, if you don't own your home, you need the consent of your landlord. in the district, mark segraves, news 4. >> the video captivated the country, and tonight new details just in about the dramatic takedown of the military blimp and the tough task that's still ahead. students at a stafford county high school wore shirts with the word that looks like the n-word. the picture of the students went viral and parents are outraged. coming up at 6:00, what the district says they're doing to make sure incidents like this don't happen again. plus new questions about security after a man gets inside a secured apartment building in virginia that
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narrator: for state senate, who shares our values? jeremy mcpike - supports school funding. thinks women should make their own health care decisions. and favors background checks on all gun sales. hal parrish? as mayor, he slashed education. fought to block women's health clinics. parrish gets an "a" from the gun lobby - they oppose background checks to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. virginia extreme or mainstream? vote mcpike for virginia. feinblatt: everytown for gun safety action fund sponsored this ad.
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>> now your storm team 4 forecast. 73 degrees, that was the unofficial high today across our region. nice and warm. we saw sunshine early and then we saw the cold front come through and that has brought temperatures down. it's cooler out there now and we're dealing with clouds and take a look at this shot and this is the different vantage point from the tower cam and down toward the washington monument and you can see the jefferson memorial and the lights on as the sun goes down earlier and earlier. 3 miles per hour under cloudy skies and we are starting to see some clearing and the sun is down so we will not see more of that. no rain in the radar and we did
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have showers back to the west, but they quickly dried out as they made their way toward the mountains. overnight tonight you will notice much cooler air and the jacket needed at the bus stop between 7:00 and 8:00. 50 degrees at that time and most of you in the suburbs into the low 40s. we are talking a fairly cool start to our day on friday. and high temperatures only around 59 and some of you may stay in the 50s a all day and that's with sunshine in the afternoon and head's up for that and high temperatures only at 59 in hagerstown and 61 in fredericksburg and 59 over toward d.c. even with sunshine tomorrow it will be rather breezy and that's what will make it feel cooler. if you're downtown walking through those buildings and a little bit of a breeze and that breeze will make things feel cooler outside and as far as the weather is concerned and a low impact and we'll need the jackets, but with sunshine, no problems out there, breezy and cooler for sure, but it is late october, almost november and we expect to see those cool numbers
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around our area. what to wear tomorrow? she's got the right idea and she's got the books, too. short sleeves and that was earlier today and the jacket and sunglasses, because we do expect to see plenty of sunshine tomorrow and the next couple of days. an important couple of days and 59 degrees on your friday with sunshine. here's halloween and we're going to see a very nice day for halloween and let's take this deeper and so you what we'll be seeing during the afternoon. a great afternoon, plenty of sunshine early, and it will be rather cool for trick or treating. i think by the time the kids get out there temperatures will be in the low 50s during that time and maybe in the upper 40s by the time they get out at 8:00, 9:00 and sunday, about a 40% chance of showers and temperatures around 66 degrees. remember to set the clocks back one hour saturday night into sunday and daylight savings time coming to an end and get an extra hour of sleep and all in all, most of us should stay dry. how about that halloween forecast and we'll talk much more about that and i'll take
6:27 pm
you hour by hour as the kids are heading out, you have to head out with them, too. >> it's important. thank you, doug. >> next and only on news 4. inside the interrogation of george hughley and see the dramatic exchange between police and the usa student as he learned what happened to his ex-girlfriend. i'm tracee wilkins, coming up on news 4, why the prince george's police department is looking to the university of maryland to help them with the pilot's body cam program. >> and surprising new questions about the flu vaccine's effectiveness and why it might not be enough
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now at 6:30, exclusive video shows the police interrogation of uva student george hughley and the moment he learned his ex-girlfriend was dead. >> she's dead? how the [ bleep ] did she die? >> because you killed her, george. >> there is a cost for transparency. outrage at a local high school over a t-shirt. why some say it's part of a bigger problem that needs to be addressed. >> very upset about it. very disturbed. mystery in mid air after a military blimp drifts into unchartered territory and now we know what it took to get it down and what it's going to take to haul it away.
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tonight we get our first look inside the interrogation of george hughley. he's the former uva student and lacrosse player who was arrested and convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend yardly love. the original interview was taped in may of 2010 and played during his trial, but it hasn't been made public until now. chris gordon has the story you will see only on news 4. >> she kept hitting her head against the wall and i grabbed her and shook her and said, stop. i looked at her and i said we need to, like, talk about this. i never struck her. i never, like, hit her -- hit her in the face or anything. >> reporter: in this charlottesville police video george hughley denies hitting his ex-girlfriend yardley love. hughley said they had broken up and they argued and fought the
6:32 pm
week before and then on may 3, 2010, hughley tells police he went over to love's apartment at about 12:45 in the morning. he had been drinking and hughley says he kicked down her door because he wanted to talk to her. >> did you choke her at one point? >> um, i may have grabbed her a little bit by the neck, but i never, like strangled her. >> hughley thought he was being questioned because love had been assaulted. detectives left the room. when they returned they informed hughley the real reason he was brought in for interrogation. >> she's dead? >> think you knew that already. >> no, i did not. she's dead? how the [ bleep ] is she dead? >> because you killed her, george? >> how the [ bleep ] is she dead? >> because you killed her. >> hughley was arrested and
6:33 pm
handcuffed, but still in denial. >> how is she dead? please, please tell me she's not dead. >> hughley protests his innocence. i didn't kill her. i did not kill her. i did not kill her. i did not. i did not. i did not kill her. >> finally, hughley is overcome with emotion. >> she's not dead! she's not dead. i know she's not dead. [ crying ] >> george hughley was originally charged with first-degree murder, but in 2011 a jury found him guilty of the lesser charge of second-degree murder. hughley was sentenced to 23 years in prison. he appealed his conviction all of the way to the u.s. supreme court which just this month rejected hearing this case. he has likely exhausted all criminal appeals which is why we
6:34 pm
decided to show his police interrogation tonight. we got the video from our colleagues at nbc 29 incha charlott charlottesville, virginia. >> that is so painful to watch that video. i don't recall hearing reaction from yardley love's family after that final ruling and wonder how they're doing right now. >> well, there is a civil lawsuit pending for $30 million against george hughley. sharon love, yardley's mother created the one love foundation in honor of her memory, yardley love and also to make young people on college campuses aware of domestic violence and in this case, relationship violence. >> chris gordon. >> chris, thank you. >> thank you, chris. >> some security concern tonight after a woman was attacked inside an apartment building and it happened at the kanterbury square condos in alexandria.
6:35 pm
a woman tried to rape a woman in a basement laundry room, but she was able to fight him off. residents are surprised this happened in a supposedly secure building. >> you have to have a key that's in there and there's only one way in and one way out. makes you wonder how did they get in? are they a tenant? ex-tenant? you don't know. >> police have released this composite sketch of the suspect and he was cut in the face during the attack. >> confrontations between police and the public va raised the stakes. today prince george's county police chief talked about how he plans to rule out the technology. bureau chief tracee wilkins is live to tell us how this comes with a twist. >> reporter: the chief said he is a proponent of being transparent and that is important to him and he believes that his department can do it with body cams, but he just
6:36 pm
wants to make sure that they are used correctly. >> i think it's something that's well worth our effort to find a way to get it done. >> reporter: prince george's county police chief mark mcgau is a proponent of body cams and now he's making sure his department implements them the right way. >> i want to know, does it change behavior, not only our, the police department's, but community members. >> reporter: he's turning to the university of maryland psychology department to help study the effects of cameras during the county's trial period set to begin in march. >> what does the public think about it now? what do they think about it during and what will they think about it after? >> it's panasonic because of its video capacity. it was on recruits and a three-year program of 1,000 officers could cost $3.2 million. now there are questions about who will access the video and what is and isn't public domain. while the state and county officials try to figure that out, they're also working with
6:37 pm
citizens to get it right. >> i think they are taking them into account when they're doing research and it's great to hear they're working with the university of maryland. >> i applaud the department for going the extra step and doing all of the extra research. >> reporter: there is a state commission working with body cams and they have a deadline of january 1st, meanwhile, the county council and the police department, they're also trying to come up with ideas of how they're going to deal with all of this and it is a very interesting conversation with how do you store video to how long do you keep the videos to how long they're on their bodies and they're also considering doing the trial period for at least six months. reporting live in upper marlboro, i'm tracee wilkins. >> thank you, tracee. >> we learned that shotguns brought down the military blimp yesterday. today they're trying to recover
6:38 pm
the a the blimp up. it traveled 120 miles before it crashed in pennsylvania. >> the police helped us deflate the aerostar and they did shotgun shots at the helium portion that was still inflated and like i said, that part is deflated now and they did fire approximately about 100 shots at it to bring it down. a military team in pennsylvania is to begin recovering the blimp. we are told that that could take up to a week. a family feud goes viral. why some are now calling for a boycott at a popular washington restaurant. a local school forced to answer tough questions about a t-shirt worn by some students and more on the message behind it and why some parents say something needs to be done before the situation gets out of control. >> take a look at the highs today. 73 d.c. and 76 pawtuxet river and much cooler weather making its way in.
6:39 pm
take a look at this. the beautiful sunset and clouds moving out and that looks great. moving out and that looks great. we'll talk about this forecast i'm jill mccabe, candidate for state senate, and i sponsored this ad. all the mouthwash in the world won't help dick black. because what comes out of his mouth is just offensive. black said gays and lesbians lead "lifestyles that are harmful to the culture of this state." he dismissed rape in the military, calling it "as predictable as human nature." black opposes the use of birth control and voted to force women seeking abortions to have intrusive transvaginal ultrasounds.
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dick black. so extreme, it's dangerous.
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a restaurant that recently opened in d.c. is feeling the backlash from a newspaper article, but the bad reviews have nothing to do with the food. they're being called racist by their own daughter. she tells the washington post that they disowned her back in the '80s when she married a black man. reviews started pouring into the restaurant's yelp page, people saying they won't support the business. reviews based on the article will be removed. we reached out to tadich grill today for a comment and haven't heard back. tonight a landmark business in fairfax is closed. craven's had operated outside the beltway for 42 years. they opened it when they were in their early 20s, but earlier this year his poor health became
6:42 pm
a deciding factor to sell the property to a developer. there are plans to build 14 new homes on the land. >> controversy at a local high school. the growing backlash about this picture and they're doing to address race relations. why the vaccine will not be as effective for
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
it may be homecoming fun that went a little too far. some students in stafford county got a lot of attention on social media for some t-shirts they made up. they show letters and numbers that look like the n-word. it drew strong reaction from some parents and as news 4's meagan fitzgerald shows us, a promise for action from school officials. >> it was homecoming week and everyone is wearing crazy stuff. >> reporter: homecoming week for mountain view was last week and this is a picture of what some refer to as the crazy stuff that was worn. it also went viral. two students wearing a shirt that says n16ga. we made it, and it closely resembles the n-word. many parents like annette lee are outraged. >> they probably don't think anything is wrong with it, however it is. >> reporter: some students say the girls in the picture probably didn't think anything was wrong with it because the phrase on the t-shirt is used in a popular song. this student didn't want to appear on camera. >> it was toward the song,
6:46 pm
basically, and so they decided to switch the numbers and instead of putting the gga they put the 16. the district isn't buying it. the school principal issued a statement which says in part, quote, i am truly sorry that this incident occurred. there are plans in place to educate the entire student body about this type of behavior, provide counseling if needed for any student, and to work with the entire community to ensure this type of action does not happen again. students leaving school today even acknowledged the issue. >> and parents like lee say they're sorry it happened, too. >> whether it's coming from african-americans, white, spanish, whoever, it's not okay. >> reporter: the district says the incident has been investigated and the appropriate action has been taken, but they would aren't elaborate on how the students were disciplined. reporting in stafford county, meagan fitzgerald, news 4. >> news 4 is working to provide a deeper understanding of bullying during bullying
6:47 pm
prevention month. today, we hosted a facebook chat featuring kristin darling churchill with child trends and a non-profit research center that focuses on kids and it wants to promote a culture of kindness using the hash tag, be kind. virginia trash collectors are being honored for helping to save a family from a burning home. they were in manassas lasted from when they saw black smoke coming from a house and they immediately called 911 and then knocked on the house and made sure everybody got out safely. on monday, the mayor of manassas thanked the men at a city council meeting. in news 4 your health there is a new vaccine to protect adults from the flu. scientists believe the drugs may decrease the patient's immune response to the vaccine. more research is needed on this.
6:48 pm
in the meantime, they advise everyone to continue to get the flu vaccine. don't skip it because of this. if the findings are confirmed through more research, other options could be considered for older adults giving statens like giving them a higher dose of the flu vaccine. rain stopped and, and it is gorgeous out there right now. and we are very close the western fairfax county and the colors are at peak and doing some leaf watching and taking photos, looking pretty good. how about that? what a beautiful shot that is, and as they look out toward the west the clouds off in the distance and you can see the clearing and that clearing represents some cooler air starting to make its way in. wow, what a great shot and the sun went down at 6:11, on monday it goes down at 5:07. temperatures around the area right now, 67 degrees and notice the temperatures going down fairly quickly, but not too
6:49 pm
cool. tonight will be a cool night, but with wind, that will help to keep the temperatures up and we're down by 59 by 9:00 and some of you in the upper 40s by that time and already at 57 in gaithersburg and our friends at warrenton at 350 degr50 degreesn toward calvert county. storm team 4 radar showing there's no rain associated with this cold front and it came through, but it was a very dry cold front and you notice the difference if you were outside, too. the winds really shifted and tomorrow you will notice a difference, too. tomorrow we go fromhe 50s to the upper 50s, but that is it. plenty of sunshine and even with the sun, it is going to be fairly cool, winds tomorrow out of the north at about 10 to 20 miles per hour and the wind will make you feel a little bit cooler across the area. the next four days, 59 on your friday and 60 degrees on your saturday and that, of course, halloween and then we get to sunday. remember, set the clocks back one hour saturday night into sunday and it's daylight savings
6:50 pm
time and sunday high temperature of 66 and 65 on monday and just a few showers on saturday, rather, sunday and monday and look at this, back into the 70s tuesday, wednesday and thursday and i want to talk more about halloween. let me hit the pumpkin guy out there and see if this works for me. there it is right there. huh? huh? look at the temperatures, 57 at 5:00. 52 by 9:00 and the kids may need the jacket underneath those costumes. guys? >> coming up tonight, bryce harper not in the world series, but he is still making news. >> here's lester holt with a look at what's ahead on nbc "nightly news". >> hi, jim and doreen, coming up, the latest pictures and witness accounts of the fiery plane incident that forced a hundred passengers to scramble for the exits. the jeb bush campaign, how deep was the damage? a lofty look at
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
season opener and carol says it had a little bit of everything. >> you know what is so
6:54 pm
memorable? >> they brought their playoff faces to the season opener and they had an offense and the league for the wizards and that's the takeaway. the season opener was too close for comfort, but they willed the wizards to the game one win, just a taste of what we'll see all season from wall and biel to two combining for 46 points over the magic. the two guards are turning it on to the second game and the game winner with 12 seconds to go. these two joined forces after sharing a moment in the fourth quarter. >> me and john kind of looked at each other and thought it was time to take over the game and we can't sit back and we were trying to make the right plays. sometimes we have to be more aggressive even if it means we have to take tough shots and even if it means we have to take tougher plays and carry the emteeteam as best we can. >> guys are going to make plays
6:55 pm
in the clutch time. they play with confidence down the stretch and that's just, you know, maturity and the level of confidence now that they're -- i think, ready for. >> one game doesn't make a season, of course, and just like one embarrassing moment doesn't define you, but the brooklyn nets andrea baniani launches an air ball and what's memorable, the reaction from the head coach lyle collins with six full seconds and game one and anyway, he's, like, i'm back and then they had a big night losing to the bulls 111. i just thought the video was pretty fun. >> bud being mrashgs forlack, a announcement after the world series and the former dodger skipper don mattingly will be named head knowledmanager of th
6:56 pm
marlins. meanwhile, a couple of nats in the running for some off-season honors and rawlings announced the finalist for the 2015 gold glove award and they include outfielder bryce harper who included eight outfield assists this season and that was tied for six among the right fielder and thanks ramos also. in baltimore, manny machado is the only orioles finalist going for the second gold glove. the glove winners will be announced on november 10th. to the ice now. the caps taking today off. they needed time to regroup and refocus following a very physical game against the penguins last night and a game they lost 3 to 1 and the team putting that one in the rear view and getting ready for back-to-back games against the 2 and 8 columbus blue jackets and the caps will not be fooled by columbus' record. >> it will be aough game. i think everyone was surprised to see their start given the personnel they have in that
6:57 pm
locker room. so in the nhl on any given night you can win or lose by one goal and it seemed like they were getting it early on and they're playing good hock. >> sdmair not an easy game to play against and the they are continually hard to score against and they turned over the record is and they're much better than that. >> whatever it is, that's what it is, actually. back to baseball for a second. the kansas city have fans and they're excited about the two games and so excited, in fact, that a local dairy selling a limited-edition royal blue milk. only 8,000 products made and the product is so popular that it's being snapped up and you might think it's odd to drink blue milk. themakers say this is just a french vanilla flavoring. this is how they party in the west. >> i think the redskins, and i can see a burgundy milk becoming
6:58 pm
popular. >> burr gunnedy and something. >> you like that? >> i like that! >> nightly news is headed your way next. narrator: for state senate, who shares our values? jeremy mcpike - supports school funding.
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thinks women should make their own health care decisions. and favors background checks on all gun sales. hal parrish? as mayor, he slashed education. fought to block women's health clinics. parrish gets an "a" from the gun lobby - they oppose background checks to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. virginia extreme or mainstream? vote mcpike for virginia. feinblatt: everytown for gun safety action fund sponsored this ad.
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tonight, the fire emergency on the runway in florida. a packed jet suddenly bursts into flames. tonight the race to get out alive. injured passengers rushed to the hospital. what happened? is it panic time for jeb bush? in crisis mode, insisting his campaign isn't on life support after a dramatic and some say disastrous confrontation with his one-time protege marco rubio. late developments in a massive manhunt for an armed and dangerous fugitive who opened fire on a police officer. communities on lockdown. schools shut down. tonight the fbi may be closing in. flu shot concerns. is the vaccine less effective in people who take statins? the provocative new research leaving so


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