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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  October 30, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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injured and now the fairfax county fire chief tells us that the chemistry teacher was conducting an experiment with chemicals and fire in front of a class of 30 sophomores when that experiment went bad. >>. >> this was not the way students at woodson high school expected to start their day. >> i was in my english class and i thought it would be a normal fire drill. >> fairfax county fire chief richard bowers says students evacuated after a fire started in a first floor chemistry classroom. >> during the instruction demonstrating the different types of colors of fire several student, unfortunately, were burned. >> reporter: two students were airlifted to burn centers at two different hospitals. three taken to inova fairfax by ambulance. >> the fire sprinkler did activate and did exactly what it was supposed to do which is hold the fire in check. >> reporter: firefighters
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extinguished the blaze which was contained to one classroom while parents say they were notified that something happened at school. >> they sent an email to the parents from the school saying that there was an emergency. >> when i first came over here there was police cars and they would not let me go inside. >> it was before 1:00 that students were dismissed and many of them left with the thought of their injured classmates on their mind. >> i hope they all turn out fine and survive. >> reporter: the fire chief tells us that there's about $7500 worth of damage in that classroom. they tell us 50% of the classroom was damaged by water, smoke and fire. as for activities back here at the high school, things are back on as normal. in fact, we just saw the football field taking the field. back to you, doreen. >> thank you. as investigators continue to collect evidence, we're hearing from students who were inside the chemistry classroom when that fire happened. news 4's darcy spencer joins us live from inova fairfax hospital
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where some of the children were treated. darcy? >> doreen, that's right. a little bit of good news. students brought here to this hospital were treated and released earlier this afternoon. the news is not as good for the other students and the two that were flown to hospitals in washington, one remains in critical condition and the other in fair condition. this afternoon, i spoke to one of the many teachers who found herself comforting her students. students at woodson high school in fairfax county had to be comforted as they learned about their classmates being wheeled out on stretchers and two being flown to hospitals in washington. >> there were some descriptions of what actually took place in the classroom from some of the kids that were in there that were sort of scary so i think kids got upset. >> reporter: kathy thompson is an orc eeorcesest ra teacher sae students were n't able to
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concentrate. >> they're glued to their phones trying to get whatever information through social media that they could. >> i didn't know what to think of it. i just knew i needed to get out of there. >> reporter: daniel was in the chemistry lab when five of his classmates and teacher were burned in the flash chemical fire. >> it was kind of a fireball, but it wasn't a whoosh thing that went up. it went out. >> reporter: he said his teacher was demonstrating how different elements could change the color of fire. >> she decided to add more alcohol straight from the bottle, and at that point it just blew up and then everyone started evacuating. >> reporter: the fire chief has not yet confirmed what chemicals caused the fire. two students suffered critical burns. one was flown to the hospital center's burn unit and the other flown to children. >> three were driven to fairfax inova with injuries described as
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minor. the teacher was treated at the scene. >> reporter: we are told the student who was in critical condition underwent surgery earlier today. many students taking to social media today posting prayers, posting thoughts and hoping these students make a fast and full recovery. jim, back to you. darcy spencer, thanks, darcy. the president of the laboratory safety institute says accidents in school laboratories are 10 to 50 times more frequent than in the chemical industry. that's because most academic institutions do not have an employee whose sole job is to ensure safety, but dr. david evans of the national science teacher's association says serious accidents such as the one today are less common. he also says science is always a field that will be hands on. >> there is no sub tigstitute f the real thing. that's true in biology if you're
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looking at living creatures and that's true in chemistry if you're observing the reaction. as long as you're teaching science we will do the real thing. we will update the laboratory fire with breaking news alerts on the nbc washington app. new details in the changes in the fight against isis. white house officials confirmed today that roughly 50 special operations forces will be deployed to northern syria to advise and assist fighters in isis territory. nbc news has learned the three-prong strategy also includes more air power based in turkey and a rapid reaction for us in northern iraq. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel brings us up-to-date. >> reporter: the white house announced today despite repeated assurances from the president that the war on isis would not see american troops in combat, would not see american, quote, boots on the ground. today white house spokesman josh earnest that a small number of u.s. special operations forces
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would be sent to syria. they would be going in and out of the country working with local militias and particularly the kurdish forces which have been effective in standing up to isis. the white house went to great lengths today to explain this away and to say that this was not a change of policy, and that it is just a minor adjustment. >> this is an intensification of a strategy that the president announced more than a year ago. >> reporter: but this does represent a significant shift after saying there would be no troops in combat. what is also coming is an expanded war and not just in syria and more aircraft are coming here to turkey. some 810 fighter jets have already arrived and f-15s are on the way and a rapid reaction force will also go to northern iraq. so the strategy is changing. the u.s. military is getting more deeply involved and more directly involved in the war on isis, but the white house today is trying to assure the american
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people and potential political allies that nothing is changing at all. >> richard engel, nbc news, istanbul. a man from arlington who is accused of killing his estranged wife and leaving his kids to find her dead body will remain in jail for now. officers found bonnie black stabbed to death in her home back in april this came after neighbors saw their kids wandering the streets in their pajamas. she was in the midst of a contentious report with her husband. he will be in a preliminary hearing next week. jurors at the charles severance murder trial went home without delivering a verdict. david culver joins us now from fairfax county court with a look at what's ahead. david, this has taken a while. it sure is, doreen and this is an anxious waiting period for all of those involved with this case. that jury of 12 has deliberated for 12 hours over the course of
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two days, still no verdict and no indication that they're even close. in fact, early today the one request that this jury made was that they be done and dismissed by 4:30 for the day and that seems to suggest that they have a lot more to discuss and there is a mountain of evidence in this case associated with the murders of ruthanne lodato, ron kirby and nancy dunning. a criminal defense attorney who is familiar with the case, though not directly linked to it, he's not surprised by the amount of time that's passed. >> my experience is jurors will look at every single item of evidence particularly in a case like this. the jurors, they're allowed to take notes and some of them do not take notes, but they have to rely on their collective recollection. >> reporter: those jurors are expected to be back here 10:00 monday morning. if they don't reach a verdict by end of monday, then we're looking at midweek when we can
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learn severance's fate and assuming he is convicted on any of the ten counts, the jury is not done then and they'll have to go into the sentencing portion of this trial. >> thank you, david. a most unpleasant milestone. there have now been 130 homicides in the district this year. the latest victim is 36-year-old kenneth cosby. he was shot in the head in southeast d.c. just before 1:00 this morning. he died at a hospital. people who live in that area say enough is enough. >> the violence is escalating more and more. like we don't have no solutions. >> i hope this is a wake-up call for officers and law enforcement that something needs to chae. >> police are still trying to find the gunman. more fallout tonight from the republican presidential debate hosted by cnbc. the republican national committee now says it will not be part of an nbc news debate planned for february. the rnc chairman said several
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campaigns complained about the cnbc debate and called the moderators' questions mean spirited and unfair. nbc news was not involved in that debate, cnbc and this station are owned by comcast. it responded with a statement saying this is a disappointing development, however, along with our debate broadcast partners in telemundo we will work in good faith to resolve this matter with the republican party. . ♪ ♪ new surveillance video shows the deadly exchange as hundreds of bikers clashed at a restaurant. >> justice for the family of a man killed in a local hotel.
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he was trying to protect his pregnant coworker. tonight the victim's family shares their story and their message to the man who pulled the trigger. ahead with the frederick county sheriff says about undocumented immigrants being released from federal prison. >> if they observe their narrator: for state senate, who shares our values? jeremy mcpike - supports school funding.
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thinks women should make their own health care decisions. and favors background checks on all gun sales. hal parrish? as mayor, he slashed education. fought to block women's health clinics. parrish gets an "a" from the gun lobby - they oppose background checks to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. virginia extreme or mainstream? vote mcpike for virginia. feinblatt: everytown for gun safety action fund sponsored this ad.
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chilling new video shows the moment that gun fire erupted between two rival biker gangs in texas. you can see members of the cossacks gang duck for cover as shots were fired outside the twin peaks restaurant in waco where there was a fight with the banditos gang. one man is seen to pull out a gun as if to cover bikers and none fired. 170 bikers were charged with participating in organized crime. the first release of thousands of non-violent drug offenders begins today. it is a move to overhaul the justis system and it's being praised by advocates of prison reform, but our chris gordon talked with a local sheriff who says it is not good for his county. frederick county sheriff chuck jenkins is expressing his opinion about undocumented
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immigrants. >> if they served their sentence they should be deported. >> 400 federal prisoners are being released nationwide. they're among the first wave of nonviolent offenders such as drug traffickers who will be set free. some will come from the federal prison in cumberland maryland, that's only 90 miles from frederick county. sheriff jen kins wrote in the expressing his opinion that the mass prisoner release will impact frederick county jeopardizing public safety. he tells me he feels strongly about deporting undocumented immigrants who are released from prison. >> these are felonies. you don't do federal time for misdemeanors and non-serious crimes. >> these are mothers, father, uncles, aunts, cousins of ours that live in our community that have done their time. >> lidia jimenez is a lawyers with advancement project advocating for the rights of the imgrands. >> all we're asking is for judges to review these cases
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again and to see if there is annaban ability for the individuals to safely integrate back into their communities. >> the federal prisoners who are released today and in the months to come, to return home to their families will still have to be supervised by probation officers for years to come. this is chris gordon, news 4. right now the national transportation safety board is at the fort lauderdale airport trying to figure out how a plane caught fire on the tarmac yesterday. they say the engine on the dynamic airline flight to venezuela burst into flames just before takeoff. one person was hurt in this fire. today the airline is still working to get passengers to their original destinations. people who checked luggage had to continue on without it. it must stay on the plane until the ntsb finishes its investigation. a man is undergoing a mental evaluation after he forced an airplane to make an emergency landing. tmz obtained this video of the
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many being taken off the american airlines flight in phoenix, arizona, yesterday. that flight was headed from los angeles to philadelphia. passengers say the guy was ranting about the 9/11 attacks and said that he was going to, in his wordsbe famous today. >> he was angry and he was swearing and talking about the government, and they're after him and he's mad at the government and he has plans. >> police have not named that man and they say he will not be charged. >> you know what they say about it being 5:00 somewhere. marco rubio is campaigning at a happy hour in iowa right now and jeb bush is tailgating at a high school football game down in florida, but with fewer than 100 days left before the iowa caucuses, most candidate are commiserating about the way their republican debates have been run. here's nbc's chris pollone.
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without the committee president to discuss the dissatisfaction with the process so far and specifically their criticism of cnbc's wednesday night debate. reince priebus in a letter declared the rnc is, quote, suspending the partnership with nbc news for the republican primary debate at the university of houston on february 26, 2016. in response, nbc news released a statement saying in part this is a disappointing development, however, along with our debate broadcast partners at telemundo we will work in good faith to resolve this matter with the republican party. the move comes after several republicans called wednesday's debate on cnbc unfair. >> republicans are annoyed that the rnc, the republican national committee didn't negotiate well in terms of getting good moderates and the debates had moments where they were concerned. >> i don't think the debates have served the republican
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candidates badly. >> reporter: this week's republican debate wasn't bad at all for senators ted cruz and marco rubio. both say they raised a million dollars each since then. for jeb bush, a different dilemma. >> i can fix it. >> reporter: message to supporters. the slimmed down campaign operation and listless debate performances can be turned around before it's too late. >> it's going fine. >> are you having any fun? >> oh, yeah. you saw it. having lots of fun. >> bush insists his campaign is far from over. chris polone, nbc news. at 3:00 this morning, he says the agreement is a reminder that in his words, washington can still choose to help rather than hinder americans' progress. he says he will sign that two-year deal as soon as it reaches his desk. no word yet on when that will
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happen. dramatic video shows the school bus on fire and rolling away. it was a dangerous situation, but one thing kept it from getting out of control. >> a woman whose son was shot and killed inside a local hotel. we'll report what she wants the suspect to know after he refused to apologize to her in court. and why you could be forced to wait even
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some scary moments in arizona. look at that. high wins out there sent a giant, inflatable pumpkin bouncing through a busy intersection. >> look at that. >> it stopped traffic in phoenix yesterday before it went through a parking lot and landed in a park. that's an inflatable, but it weighs 350 pounds. we don't know what that guy was thinking when he was standing there watching it come right at him. fortunately neither he nor anybody else was knowledge inned. >> just seeing that is the kind of thing that can give you bad dreams for a lifetime. >> doug, do you blow up your pumpkins or do you take a knife out and carve them and all of that. >> i carved my kids' pumpkins and my kids' pumpkin and my wife's pumpkins. too hard to carve. >> too hard to carve.
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>> what? >> i was stabbing that thing. >> you have to use a serious knife, you know. >> trust me, i was doing everything i could to get that thing cut and i ended up drawing with pen, not a good pumpkin. >> that's not the same, doug. >> it came out all right. let's show you the temperatures as we move on tonight, a very cold night if you're getting those pumpkins out for sure. look at that picture. it even looks cold. the wind is blowing and you can see it blowing in the wind and you have 15 to 20 miles an hour and the cold skies as well and a few clouds out there. 56 degrees right now. the sun went down about ten minutes ago. 53 degrees by 7:00 and down to 47 by 11:00 and many of you will be in the lower 40s by 11:00 tonight. a cold night for sure. halloween forecast, that's what we'll be talking about the next couple of days. the next chance of showers, too, and that is there as well as we move on through the rest of the night and we will be seeing very
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cold temperatures right on through and the wind has been a factor, too. right now winds out of the northwest at 16 miles per hour and no rain to talk about and no worries there as far as the rain is concerned and this is the only concern. it will be cold and if you have plans on your friday night, 36 in gaithersburg and 49 in la platta and waking up on your saturday it is going to be quite chilly and getting out there on the bike, 8:00 a.m. with some sunshine and cool at noon and we're on the cool side for sure and notice the increasing clouds as we go through the day and we will see more in the way of cloud cover and this will help for the trick-or-treaters out there because as the clouds move over it will keep the temperatures warmer. we're talking 59 by 5:00 and not dropping that much and 56 degrees by 7:00 and 53 degrees by 9:00 and jacket weather, yes, but most of the costumes will give them a little bit of warmth and i think they'll be okay.
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on sunday morning, the big d.c. walk and i'll be out on the national mall walking for longevity and sunday at 9:00 a.m. and a cool start and not a cold start, bring a jacket and not the coat. the last couple of years have been freezing and cloudy, a slight chance of a shower and most of us will be a-okay as we move on through the next couple of days and highs tomorrow, 60 degrees in d.c. and most of you in the upper 50s. set those clocks back one hour and 30% chance of a shower and a 40% chance of showers. we'll talk much more about that rain chance and who gets what and when coming up at 6:45. >> thank you, doug. a local high school student is still in critical condition after a chemistry experiment went wrong in a classroom today. when we're learning about a fire that has a child fighting for life. the man who is now serving life for shooting and killing a hotel worker in aufrt inhill was given the opportunity to apologize to the victim's
6:27 pm
family. >> coming up on news 4, what he decided to do. a tribute, the infamous exorcist stairs. exorcist stairs. we'll i'm jill mccabe, candidate for state senate, and i sponsored this ad. all the mouthwash in the world won't help dick black. because what comes out of his mouth is just offensive. black said gays and lesbians lead "lifestyles that are harmful to the culture of this state." he dismissed rape in the military,
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calling it "as predictable as human nature." black opposes the use of birth control and voted to force women seeking abortions to have intrusive transvaginal ultrasounds. dick black. so extreme, it's dangerous.
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you're watching news 4 at 6:00. now at 6:30, our team of
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reporters, woing new angles on several big stories. we're also tracking the conditions for your halloween forecast. we begin in virginia where a student was burned during a chemistry class experiment. chris lawrence at our live desk with the latest. >> jim and d'oreen, we'll be watching that one student in particular. that student has undergone several surgeries and is now in critical condition. we are also hearing the dispatch calls as firefighters entered that burning classroom. >> fires in room kilo 105. result is an ethanol fire. we do have fire in the room with the sprinkler activation. fairfax fire chief richard bower says the teacher was doing a demonstration with a fire that turns different colors. two students suffered serious burns. the teacher was hurt, as well, but three others have been treated and released. school had to be evacuated and
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officials sent the students home. all of the evening activities are back on schedule. the classroom itself suffered over $7,000 in damage. >> thanks, chris. dramatic footage of a school bus that was engulfed in flames a couple of days ago. you can see it rolling through an elementary school parking lot it happened on wednesday and nobody was injured, but today the fire chief says it could have ended much differently. >> it literally began to roll away from them. they had to chase it and fortunately, it hit a tree and stopped so that they could actually attack the fire. had it not hit that tree, lord only knows what would have happened. >> it is not clear what caused that bus to catch fire. firefighters believe the brake lines were report you ared during the fire and that's what caused it to start rolling away. he was given a chance to apologize, but a convicted killer now facing a life
6:32 pm
sentence decided to remain silent. deandre weems was sentenced for the murder of a hotel worker in oxon hill. tracee wilkins talked to the victim's mother about what wasn't said in court. >> the loss of my son has filled me with anger. >> when vivian chavez's son yessy was killed she said she lost her best friend. >> my son will always, always be with me. i love him dearly, and i just hope that some day that i can be with him again. >> according to police this is weems seen jumping over the front desk of a hotel and holding a gun to the head and then the belly of a pregnant worker. he demanded cash. on his way out he encountered jesse chavez, the bar manager. during a confrontation, chavez was slot and killed. >> he was a hero in this situation and unfortunately, mr. weems callously shot him in cold blood. >> he already had the mono pep why didn't he just leave? >> today in court weems' defense attorney argued that his client
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grew up in foster care and group homes and lacked stability. he asked forred mandatory time to give his client a chance to return to society. >> he's a very dangerous individual and does not deserve to walk our streets. >> weems' sister declined to comment on her brother's behalf in court, but maintains his innocence. weems will appeal his case. >> he took more than what he wanted, but he also got a lot more. he got caught and now he'll be in jail for a long time. >> weems had two co-defendants. the getaway drivers, both of them go to trial in march. in upper marlboro, i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. >> thousands of gallons of jet fuel may have leaked at the potomac river at the nashl airport. that was near the south side of the airport and investigators believe the source is a nearby fuel storage facility. they say they're not sure how much fuel got into the river and they believe the worst-case scenario is that it was about
6:34 pm
9,000 gallons. no fuel has been seen in the main channel of the river. >> fish and wild life experts say the environmental impact should be limited and that spill is not affecting flights or any of the other operations in national airport. they have landed a secondary aspect of his pre-check program leading to longer lines at airport securityec which points. the program allowed agents to pull low-risk passengers from regular screening lines and process them through pre-check. the tsa tightened security after undercover investigators managed to get illegal items through security 95% of the time. the metropolitan washington airport authority acknowledged to the washington post that the wait times have gotten slightly longer at dulles and reagan national since the tsa ended the program in mid-september. >> coming up tonight, we'll tell you how a lodge in england help head inspire the name of woodley
6:35 pm
road here in d. >> historic flooding hits texas. we'll show you some of the places hardest hit and first here's doug with our weather. >> some of the rain is trying to make its way our way and we'll talk about that and we've got the halloween forecast for all of those kids in costumes tomorrow night.
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if you plan to use uber to get home from your halloween fun tomorrow night you could be forced to pay more, maybe a lot more. according to wtop says surge prices could take effect. surge pricing is high demand to encourage more drivers to become available. the higher prices are only temporary. if the hike does take effect, uber says it will notify you when you open the app. if you want a few scares for a good cause this weekend, check out the haunted trail in prince william count pep county police are operating it tonight and tomorrow night from 7:00 to
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10:00. the trail is behind the moose lodge on smithfield road in manassas. everyone's $10 donation will go to special olympics and we'll have a list of some of the area's haunted houses ranked from least to most scary in the nbc washington app, and just search haunted houses. >> i know that guy. woodley road northwest has a long and interesting page in d.c. history. did you know that the road was named for a local mansion that dates back to revolutionary times? no? our traffic reporter melissa mollet explains all of that on this week's meet your street. >> that home has been -- including several presidents. >> the woodly mansion, these days it houses the moray school library, a pretty cool old house that woodley road was named after, but when you look at how the house was named, an
6:39 pm
explosion of history? it was named for woodley lodge in redding e england. >> historian al killgore had taught here for 22 years and wrote a book about the mansion, but no private house in the nation has housed so many important people. barton key who built the house. he was a federal judge and loyalist during the american revolution who decided to name the home in honor of the favorite vacation spot in england. >> and understand the site on which this house stands had about as good a view of the insip onfederal capital as anywhere. >> but perhaps the most famous tenants are the two presidents who called woodley a second home, martin van buren during the summer of 1834 and grover cleveland during his second administration, but over the years modifications, of course, have morphed the mansion. >> originally, if you look at the house the middle block is only two stories and the two
6:40 pm
side blocks rose only one story. >> views of the potomac river and a city still being built, general george patton rented woodley because of the stables that once sat here. >> he used to practice polo on this lawn where we are now standing. >> president herbert hoover's secretary of state henry stinson later bought it leaving the home to his alma mater and the school sold the land to the maret school. >> my student his a very special relationship to american history because so many of the people we were studying had either lived or had dinner or had visited woodley. >> like woodley, there are lots of area road names that come from some place else like baltimore avenue in bethesda, london lane in bowie and louisville lane in largo. the confusion in northwest washington where there is also
6:41 pm
quebec street and melissa mollet, news 4. >> the army is trying to destroy one of its own tools. why removing this runaway blimp has become such a challenge. >> hundreds of people have gathered in georgetown to honor a staircase. coming up you'll hear from the
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
they may be the most famous steps in the world. this scene from the movie "the exorcist" was filmed in georgetown. remember this? just in time for halloween there is a permanent mark tore commemorate the iconic scene that some of us would like to forget. mark segraves is live for the dedication ceremony is wrapping up. hi, mark. >> yes. it's on right now, and i can tell you this is probably one of the most famous locations in washington, d.c., that has nothing to do with our government and for the past 43 years there's been no sign here to note what an iconic position this holds here, but that's all about to change as mayor bowser is about to unveil that plaque and beside her are the two men who made these steps famous. >> on hand for today's dedication, william peter blatty who wrote the novel and william freedkin who directed the movie. the two have been friends since collaborating on the movie 43
6:45 pm
years ago. neither had any idea how popular the exorcist or the exorcist steps would become. >> did you ever think the steps would become such an iconic landmark that they'd become? >> of course not, the furthest thing from my mind. >> blatty won an oscar for his screenplay about a 12-year-old girl possessed. >> freedkin was nominated for an oscar for directing the movie that ends with this iconic scene where a priest throws himself down the steps in a desperate act of sacrifice. the steps mean more to him than the oscar he won for directing "the french connection". >> these steps will be seen by tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people more so than some arc ward that sits on a shelf in someone's bedroom. >> also here today, one of the extras who worked on the movie when she was a student at
6:46 pm
georgetown. >> there were signs everywhere to go to the casting. >> the second one was the iconic scene that was done right here when max voncito comes out of the cab and they had a dry ice machine and ventilators blowing the fog out on to the street. >> reporter: now that woman is now a teacher at georgetown university and one note about these, steps, we've had houses and condos going up and that's because there's actually public space and that used to be 36th street that connected upper georgetown down to the key bridge area. jim, back to you in the studio. >> i am happy to say that 45 years ago i used to rather regularly run those steps up and
6:47 pm
down. >> did you ever run those steps, mark? jim, in fact, you know i'm a runner and i have run those steps several times, probably too many more than i'd like to remember, but my photographer and i ran them today, and i can tell you it may be the last time i run those steps. >> we're lucky to have you. >> you're exactly right. we almost didn't make it. >> i would be on oxygen support. thanks, mark. >> the army still removing pieces of the runaway military blimp from the wooded area in pennsylvania. crews began lifting the nose cone today. the main body of the blimp will be airlifted out of the woods tomorrow. all of the pieces will then be loaded on to military vehicles and being taken to an unnamed government facility for inspection. part of the reason it is so difficult to clear the site quickly is the nature of the terrain in that area is a ravine nearby which is not helping matters at all.
6:48 pm
that blimp broke loose from its mooring at a military base in aberdeen maryland earlier this week and it drifted for hours before it finally came down there. they say they still don't know what caused the tether to break free. >> tonight, historic floods are soaking central texas. at least 16 inches of rain have already fallen near san antonio and that is on top of possible reported tornadoes in the austin area this morning. flash floods in the area were also strong enough to sweep a driver away in her car, but bystanders came to her rescue. >> i sat there for a little bit and then i tried to do something that was -- i'm glad this guy saw me. >> some of the areas hit today were already dealing with the remnants of hurricane patricia. they've had a terrible time in texas. >> they really have. it looks like it will continue today. a big-time storm and you can
6:49 pm
contribute this to el nino and you'll see more of this tonight. >> good. have you run those steps yet? >> have i run those steps? >> sure. i'll run those steps. i've run those steps a million times. >> but down them, right? >> i've never even touched those steps. i've seen those steps and you look up and go -- >> let's take a look and show you what's going on right now. you were waiting to ask that question, vance, weren't you? >> looking pretty good and clear skies and that's allowing temperatures to cool quickly and down to 56 and 51 by 9:00 and they're into the 40s and we're at 48 in gaithersburg and it will be cooler tonight and a very chilly start to your saturday and no problem as far as the rain is concerned and we're not going to see it tonight and tomorrow, starting off kind of chilly and 43 degrees and 59 by 2:00 and clouds will be on the increase during the day tomorrow and
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you'll need the jacket and temperatures by 57 degrees at 6:00 and nice trick or treating weather and four-day forecast and 66 on sunday and 65 on sunday and 73 degrees on tuesday. again, we'll set the clocks back on saturday night when you go to bed and when you wake up in the morning this is what you'll wake up to. sunrise at 6:35 and sun goes down on sunday evening and at 5:08, remember to check the fire alarms and check the co detectors and change the batteries. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, beautiful. we're back into the 70s most likely all week long next week and a very nice week and a very nice time for trick-or-treaters and that trick or treating forecast, doreen says she likes the traffic. 56 degrees at 7:00 and 9:00, we're talking temperatures at 53. . you have to like that forecast. >> caps are hoping to shake off
6:51 pm
the loss from a couple of nights ago. george wallace will tell us george wallace will tell us abouti'm jeremy mcpike, candidate for state senate, and i sponsored this ad. republican hal parrish claims he improved transportation. but the truth is he was nowhere to be found. literally. parrish holds a seat on the northern virginia transportation authority, but 34 times he failed to show up for meetings. parrish skipped more meetings than any other member. and hal parrish refused to support the bi-partisan transportation bill. why would we want to get stuck with republican hal parrish in richmond? parkeon live television.on and her cameraman were gunned down i know we can't stop all gun violence, but we can save lives if our leaders take action. narrator: but we can't count on hal parrish to act. he gets an "a" from the gun lobby, they fund his candidacy... while fighting against background checks to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. parrish will make us less safe. parker: politicians' condolences aren't enough.
6:52 pm
it's time for them to act. feinblatt: everytown for gun safety action fund sponsored this ad.
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6:54 pm
george wallace is with us tonight with sports and we're curious to know, first of all, we'll get to the caps and wizards and everything else, how about the steps, george? >> they look nice driving by. >> they look real nice driving by. why run them when you can take them in and keep it moving. >> makes sense to me. >> that's right. >> the caps' red hot start to the season were losing to their good friend sydney crosby. they will try and bounce back against the columbus team that comes to town with just two wins on the year. the caps coming off just their second loss of the season and managing only one goal against the penguins and the caps 3-0 at verizon and there has to be a short memory especially after a loss. >> you have to move on from it right away and hopefully you
6:55 pm
don't let your mistake compound and get back on it. >> i think every game that we're playing in the next four are all teams that -- we have a chance to beat. i think we're a good hockey team as they are a good hockey team. they were playing four quality opponents then you can find yourself at .500 and it's a week to week and all of the good work that you've done for the last three weeks result in an uphill battle. >> to the hardwood, the wizards back at it in milwaukee squeaking out a win against the magic thanks to their two young stars, john wall and bradley biel and these two growing up right before randy wittman's eyes and fourth season biel and wall have played together and the coach knows his team will only get better with the experience. >> the more you play together the more you learn about each other and that's life, too, you
6:56 pm
know? my first year with my wife was a lot different than the 31st year, you know? i mean, it's a process of understanding what buttons you can push with each other that she might not know the first couple of years of playing together. >> halloween is tomorrow, we know that, right? it's a season of scary ghosts, goblins and kardashian costumes that will be around the streets, but one thing scarier than all of the rest especially for redskins fans tom brady and the patriots offense. had to do it. the redskins may have this week off, but no doubt they're having nightmares for number 12 and braid owe pace for one of his best seasons ever and on a short week, brady threw four touchdowns and 356 yards to miami and brady had 20 touchdowns and one interception from the season. redskins will need to take this extra week to get ready for the
6:57 pm
patriots. from a nightmare to a dream and kansas city royals from the first world series championship in 30 years. they jumped out to a 2-0 series lead and now head to city field. ned yost who secured the home field advantage knows now just how big that win was. >> everything we did built around winning that game so that an american league team could have home field advantage. i felt like, you know, it was big for us last year with our fan base, and i felt like it would be huge again this year. >> we have our fan base behind us now and that brings out a lot of energy in our guys and there's a lot of confidence in the clubhouse. we're down, but not out and we fought back so many times this year that this is just another challenge that we have to meet and so far we've met them all. >> and game tonight in new york. >> they have ten days to get ready for it. >> every reason to be scared.
6:58 pm
>> bring him near those steps. >> how many times have you run those stairs? >> never. never. i was so scared by seeing that i was so scared by seeing that mov you may think all people who run for office are pretty much the same...
6:59 pm
but not jill mccabe. she's a doctor... who's a pediatric emergency room physician at inova loudoun hospital. she's a mom... who knows the value of a quality education. she's a community leader... who will work in the state senate to reduce traffic and use some common sense. jill mccabe. she's not a politician... and in richmond, she'll work for us.
7:00 pm
tonight, american boots on ground in syria. a change of course in the fight against isis. the u.s. now deploying troops despite president obama's repeated promises that he wouldn't give that order. historic floods. torrential rains slam central texas. high water rescues as rivers overflow and an airport and major highway shut down and tornados strong enough to toss a trailer up on a roof. riding a surge. our brand new polls showing senators cruz and rubio winning the debate. though carson and trump are on top. and now a new debate controversy erupts. and speaking out of after a student is sentenced in a sexual assault case that gripped the nation, the victim's mother talks exclusively


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