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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  October 30, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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weems the breaking news is just in from the tidal basin where a pedestrian was hit and killed tonight. >> maine avenue is shut down right now near the 14th street bridge.
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shomari stone just got to the scene and has new information for the viewers now. >> reporter: the police are investigating this fatal crash that happened at 8:20 tonight. there is a blinking car, it is red under the overpass. that is the car that hit the pedestrian. the pedestrian was transported to memorial hospital. police have not told us if it was a man or woman, not released the name and in the process of notifying the person's relati relatives. that is main avenue southwest and people heading on to 395. there are a lot of people here. if you plan on taking main avenue southwest by the tidal basin, make sure you stay away because the last thing you want to do is get stuck in all this traffic. students returned to woodson high school in fairfax county
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tonight, after-hours the fire in a chemistry class forced the entire school to evacuate. the kickoff game went on as schedule and we got names of two students injured in that fire. we still don't know their names but they're in serious condition at med star washington hospital. and ii others were released -- two others were released earlier today and the chemistry teacher was treated at the school. jackie bensen is at woodson high school where the entire community has been affected by that. >> reporter: in fairfax county as in so many other suburban areas, the community and the high school are in shock tonight. the noise and crowd was subdued at woodson varsity football game at fairfax.
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what happened earlier in the day was very much there. >> they are very much hurting. >> reporter: nancy came to check on marching band members who were there. >> i contacted several of them and they said they'd be okay and knew i'd be worried and they came to the church to talk to the youth counselor. >> reporter: screams and the smell of smoke coming from the first floor lab were the first signs something was very wrong. despite the chaos school staff was able to conduct an order ll evacuation of hundreds of students and waited while the ventilation was cleared. >> the fire is determined to be accidental in nature and the damage is estimated at 7,5$7,50 >> news spread quickly through social media and phone calls. when something happens at the high school even though who
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don't currently have kids att d attending feel a connection. >> very concerned about the kids. i really haven't read the names. they assured me there wasn't anybody that i knew. >> reporter: a small bright spot in this day, woodson's victory over springfield in a game that ended just a short time ago. jackie bensen. >> some students got an up close and personal look at that fire accident. daniel said his teacher was demonstrating how different elements could change the color of fire and then something went horribly wrong. >> it was kind of a fireball but wasn't like a whoosh thing that went up, it went out. she started to add more alcohol straight from the bottle. at that point it just blew up and everyone started evacuating. >> daniel says he was a little shaken up but not close enough
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to the flames to get hurt. >> superintendent karen garza released a statement saying fcps is truly like a family and as such we are all deeply concerned about what happened today. i know this incident has affected the woodson community. as a district, we will provide as much support and assistance for students, staff members and families as needed. check it out. any national weather service in south texas got a big unexpected jolt today at the worst possible times. they were covering flash floods when lightning struck their doppler radar. and crews are working overtime to save people from high waters in that area. is that storm coming our way this weekend? >> that storm is coming our way. it is an extremely nasty
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situation. just west of austin saw nearly 16 inches of rain earlier this morning and under the gun again. severe thunderstorm watches and flashflood warnings and flashflood watches for the entire eastern portion of texas. to the right of you, it shows the storm moving our way and the good news it will fall apart before it gets here and will not affect your saturday other than bringing us cloud cover. we start to see clouds and temperatures in the 30s when you wake up. tomorrow, plenty of cloud cover and temperatures only in the 50s. what does that mean for your halloween forecast? i'll take you hour by hour in a minute. >> thank you. those storms in texas have turned deadly. at least two people have died and another still missing. some areas have seen more than a foot of rain. that's not all. tornadoes may have played a large role in this devastation. >> reporter: in san marcos, texas, floodwaters rose so
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quickly it surrounded a school with teachers and students still inside and police evacuated everyone with an armored vehicle and scenes like this were in austin and san antonio. >> after last weekend's rains saturated the soil, it didn't take a lot to fire things up and that's what we saw this morning. >> reporter: part of austin saw 6 inches of rain in and hour and another neighborhood 14 inches total more than in the entire month of may. and many caught off guard and pulled this passerby out of d danger. >> reporter: sending pumpkins flhe street. a suspected tornado dropped this on the roof and taking out weather radar in brownsville. the town of wimberly devastated in may, hit hard again. >> it's almost unbelievable.
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>> reporter: devastated,thy rain isnrain -- the rain isn't over yet. nbc news. i'm chris lawrence. there has been a massive explosion in burr c-- buck res- buqarest sending hundreds to the hospital. there was a band performing on stage and 3 to 400 people inside. something went wrong with the pyrotechnics show and there was an explosion and waves of flames started to engulf the people inside. there was only one exit door working and had to break down another door to get out of there. they're calling it tragic and the health minister is asking to donate blood to the victims. >> presidential candidates sp d spending their campaign trial on
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halloween eve, marco rubio just snagged the support of an influential political donor billionaire, paul singer. hilary clinton is addressing the naacp in south carolina and bernie sanders is in vermont. carson is in arkansas tonight where he's looking to build momentum after earning good poll numbers. our nbc news poll shows carson tied with donald trump across the field with 26% support each. after a strong debate performance, ted cruz is in third place and double digits for the first time, followed by marco rubio with 9% and jeb bush getting just 5% now. >> complaints wednesday about the democrats on cnbc have the national subcommittee suspending a debate in february to be ho hosted by nbc news in telemundo, supposed to be the only debate
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to be aired on spanish tv. the committee called wednesday's questions inaccurate and down right offensive. nbc news responded saying this is a disappointing development. however, along with our debate broadcast partners at telemundo, we will work in good faith to resolve this matter with the republican party. a developing story monday night, the white house is down playing decision to put a small number of u.s. troops on the ground in syria to fight isis. it is a major policy shift getting criticized from the right and left. republicans say it's a sign president obama doesn't have a clear strategy in syria. democrats say it's getting the u.s. involved in another civil war with no end in sight. the white house says the commitment involves fewer than gift special ops force who serve in an advisory capacity but secretary josh earnest said they will be equipped to defend
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themselves if necessary. a week ago today, a family of five vanished and no one seen them since. the sheriff's office is opening a missing persons case. a family friend alerted them after the father did not return to work last friday night. the couple and their three young children were not at home and one of their cars were gone and cell phones turned off. verlgt verlgt -- investigators do not suspect foul play yet. if you have information called the sheriff's office. crews are expected to clean up thousands of gallons from a jed fuel spill at reagan national airport by tomorrow morning. nearly 9500 gallons spilled from a discharge at the farm thursday morning. most of the spill remained trap in the storm water overflow drains and they don't believe it reached the potomac river and did not affect airport operat n
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operations. no word yet what caused the spill. next at 11:00, more trouble for daily fantasy sports sites. new tonight, fanduel responding to a lawsuit filed by a redskins player. this horror classic commemorated and why the director says this means more to him than an oscar. a
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new at 11:00, fantasy sports
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f fanduel, says the lawsuit filed by garcon is without merit. he says they used his likeness without permission. there is a half hour infomercial in which his name is seen 53 times. they have a marketing partnership with the redskins. comcast and nbc sports have invested in fanduel. >> there is now a permanent m k marker to commemorate an iconic scene the movie "the exorcist" in georgetown. today, a new plauk wyoew plaque dedicated on m street where the iconic priest plunged to his death. >> these steps memorialized by that plaque will be seen by tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people, more so than some award that sits on a
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shelf in someone's bedroom. >> mayor muriel bowser and jack evans and the president of the university i tended the ceremony. if you have a jack-o-lantern, you've probably picked out our pumpkin and put it on your doorstep. they will welcome some with pretty intricate designs. talking to artists behind them. >> i like to carve pumpkins. >> reporter: chris campbell isn't your ordinary pumpkin car carver. take a look at one of his masterpie masterpieces, chucky, want to play? >> you can do so many different things with them. pay attention to detail. >> reporter: he's a heating and air-conditioning worker by play and halloween carver by night.
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>> anything to do with art i'm pretty much all in for. >> reporter: it is tedious. >> i make sure to get the seeds out. >> he uses a pumpkin tool. he started drawing and painting when he was a little boy. >> i feel good. any time i'm doing something with art or drawing or carving, this is my get away. >> reporter: he wants other kids to appreciate his hobby. chris is a boys and girls club football coach. he tells players about the importance of art. >> once they really put their minds to it and try to focus on it, anything is possible. >> reporter: he can't wait to latest work,frankenstein. >> pretty sure the kids around here will be pretty pleased. >> reporter: what a talented young man. chris also made this one right here, guys, take a look. nbc news4. obviously, this is my favorite pumpkin, i'm sure you guys back at the station like it, too.
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in upper marlboro, maryland, shomari stone. >> that is cool. >> what an artist. i have a hard time doing the triangles. >> i have been doing the same face since i was 7 years old. my wife says, you made it again? it's the one i know. i almost said thanksgiving. we're not quite there yet. halloween looking pretty good for trick or treaters. it will be a cold night. 47 degrees, not too bad. many of you in the 30s and 38 degrees and warrington, 39 towards gainesville. nothing on the radar. we will be dry through the day tomorrow. not a concern during the day tomorrow. what will be is a coat. these are the numbers tomorrow. 43 in d.c., 36 in gaithersburg and 34 in winchester and could be even cooler than this.
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clear skies overnight and we start to see the clouds coming in. biking forecast, clouds moving in through the afternoon if you're on that bike. 45 degrees. 59 at 4:00, about as high as it will get. it will be cool with the clouds. those same clouds will act as a blanket at night and keep the temperatures mild. cool conditions, 59 at 5:00, 56 by 7:00 and 53 by 9. most walking around will be okay. the impact tomorrow, no problem, very low impact. jacket weather for sure, dry conditions. no umbrella. that will change a little bit sunday and monday. 66 for high tomorrow, 66 on your sunday. look at sunday. this is important. going to bed saturday night, you have to turn those clocks back one hour.
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this is the depressing part. sunday, sunrise, 6:35 in the morning. the sun goes down at 5:08 in the afternoon. that is not so good. check on the fire alarm and carbon dioxide detectors swrel. carbon monoxide, the co detec r detectors, sorry. 55 degrees on your monday. look at next week. tuesday, third, friday, high temperatures into the low to mid-70s. 65 degrees monday. and some could hit the upper 70s next week. you're not done with the warm air just yet. mother nature says let's give it to you for the first week of november. >> we'll be happy to have it, too. >> coming up, wizards do something they haven't done in a decade. plus, caps bounce back in a big way against blue jackets.
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>> george wallace is up next. here's jimmy fallon. >> thank you very much and to everyone in wced, dana carvey is my guest tonight. >> we have music. a great show. a great show.
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the washington post endorses democrat jeremy mcpike for state senate. applauding mcpike's "ideas about getting traffic moving." the post warns republican hal parrish "holds rigid positions against medicaid expansion and common-sense gun safety." and parrish was the deciding vote to restrict women's health clinics in manassas, forcing women to go elsewhere for cancer screenings and birth control. jeremy mcpike is the better choice. i'm jeremy mcpike, candidate for state senate, and i sponsored this ad.
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caps looking good at home. >> they needed it to. >> the make of a good team is how they respond to losses,
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especially to pittsburgh penguins. caps suffered their second loss wednesday and went back against a team that came to town with only two wins. verizon center, interesting charact characters. santa and superman deep in conversation. hopefully he stops a long shot. shuts the door. 29 saves in the game for holtby. marcus johansen feeds justin williams for the one timer picking up from a couple of blue jackets. caps out to a 1-0 lead. holtby on the clear. lucky bounce to alex ovechkin. 3-1 break and finishes it off for oshie. capitals beat the blue jackets
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2-1. >> good teams don't lose three in a row. we want to see how good we can be this year. we want to do well on our ice and don't want to go on a lull we lose two or three in a row. >> there will be losses but we want a good team that can recover well. it was not the start we wanted but followed up. to the hardwood, wizards and milwaukee bucks. gets things started, drive, contact, gets to the bucket. 23 points in the game for sessi sessions. wizards within five. later, two point game. wizards come back, take a one point lead. ba beal just could not miss this time, out to beal, drains other, 5 of 6 from three, 26 in the game, of course, you will smile. 14th in the fourth.
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five point lead for wizards, john wall showing off, pulls up for three, knocks it down. wizards beat bucks 116-108. first time in 10 years, wizards start 2-0. high school football. at seneca valley. kennard to vinson on the short pass, goes 41 yards, 6-0 for the lead. second quarter, to salisbury from eight yards out. damascus leads at the half by 12. it backfires, ball deflected off the hands of the receiver, into the arms of rock car lochch damascus highlights. finishes 40 rushes, 264 yards. damascus still unbeaten, 21-3 win at seneca valley.
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mets up on the royals right now, 9-3 in the ninth. >> all right. ♪
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another visit from the pope at the white house halloween party is the talk of the town tonight. president obama jokingly awarded best dressed to a cute baby in a pope costume with a popemobile wagon, even had the fiat logo on it. more than 4,000 people trick-or-treating on the white house lawn including students and military and passed out and military and passed out goodies as they enjoyed acrobats
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i'm jill mccabe, candidate for state senate, and i sponsored this ad. all the mouthwash in the world won't help dick black. because what comes out of his mouth is just offensive. black said gays and lesbians lead "lifestyles that are harmful to the culture of this state." he dismissed rape in the military, calling it "as predictable as human nature." black opposes the use of birth control and voted to force women seeking abortions to have intrusive transvaginal ultrasounds. dick black. so extreme, it's dangerous.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- dana carvey. demi lovat


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