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tv   News4 Today  NBC  October 31, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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it's time for them to act. feinblatt: everytown for gun safety action fund sponsored this ad. news 4 today starts now. on news 4 today, woodsonç strong. the hash tag is unifying a northern virginia community as students recover from burns caused by a chemistry experiment gone wrong. plus, fright night. how one local community puts a line on social media to keep trick or treaters safe on the street this halloween. breaking news just in to the newsro newsroom. right now, search and rescue teams are trying to find a passenger plane that crashed on takeoff. >> they confirmed the crash until the plane disappeared from radar 23 minutes after it took
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off. 217 passengers and 7 crew are on board that flight. we'll continue to follow updates throughout news 4 today. we'll post any new information we get to our nbc washington app. now to the latest developments. another serious story out of texas this morning. the search for two missing in this massive flooding continues. take a look at this, two people already reported dead. teams from the national weather service plan to investigate whether tornadoes hit the central and southwest regions. the storms and suspected tornadoes are remnants of hurricane patricia. >> they're still getting heavy rain in texas. interstate 35 was backed up over 30 miles with traffic yesterday afternoon. take a look at the radar there now. they are still getting heavy downpours in central texas. unfortunately adding to the woes overnight. this line of strong storms with heavy downpours, now cruising through there. for us, no rain around the metro
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area. we have a clear sky starting 0 of this halloween morning. it's fight chilly. it's down to the mid-30s, northern western suburbs and the shenandoah valley. it's near freezing as well out in the mountains of western maryland and west virginia. chesapeake bay, mid to upper 40s. nearby suburbs on the beltway, only near 40 degrees. reagan national is at 44. your halloween forecast, are we going to have scary weather? we'll look at that coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you so much. now we want to move it to a developing story. a deadly halloween eve near the tidal basin. that's where a pedestrian was hit and killed last night. maine avenue was shut down near the 14th street bridge for hours. take a look at the video of the scene. u.s. park police are investigating the fatal car crash. it happened just before 8:30 last night. we're told the victim was struck in the westbound lanes of maine avenue. the victim was pronounced dead at the hospital. >> it was kind of a fireball but
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it wasn't like a whoosh thing that went up. it went out. >> frightening scene yesterday, two students badly burned during a high school chemistry class fire. the students are recovering in fair condition at this hour. three other students from woodson high school in fairfax county out of the hospital after an unnerving classroom experience. the chemistry teacher was hurt during a demonstration on the different colors of fire. the teacher we know was treated at the school. staff was able to quickly get hundreds of students safely out of that building. they waited outside on the tennis courts as well as on the football stadium while fire department ventilation fans helped to clear the air there. news 4's megan fitzgerald shows us how the school handled the incident and the concern fromç parents as well as students. >> reporter: this was not the way students at woodson high school expected to start their day. >> i was in my english class when i heard it. i thought it was a normal fire
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drill. >> reporter: it was far from a normal fire drill. richard bauer says students evacuated after a fire started inside a first floor chemistry classroom. >> and during that instruction, of demonstrating the different types of colors of fire, several students, unfortunately, were burned. >> reporter: two students were air lifted to burn centers at two different hospitals. three taken to inova fairfax by ambulance. >> the fire sprinkler did activate and did exactly what it was supposed to do, which is hold the fire in check. >> reporter: firefighters extinguished the blaze which was contained to one classroom while parents say they were notified that something happened at school. >> they sent an e-mail to the parents from the school saying that there was an emergency. >> when i first came over here, there was police cars. they wouldn't let me go inside. >> reporter: it was just before 1:00 when students were dismissed but many of them left with the thought of their injured classmates on their
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mind. >> i hope they all turn out fine and survive. >> megan fitzgerald with that report right there. the superintendent put out a statement last night saying in part, fcps is truly like a family and as such we are all deeply concerned about what happened. i know this incident has affected the woodson community and as a district, we will provide as much support and assistance for students, staff members and families as needed. >> developing right now in romania, at least 27 people are dead. after a nightclub fire there. and another 88 recovering in the hospital. many of the survivors must now have plastic surgery. a heavy metal band's pyrotechnics show sparked that deadly fire. they initially said it was an explosion. dozens of people rushed to donate blood. montgomery county police say they caught the guys broking into homes in chevy chase. they broke a sliding glass door
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in the basement during the day. t police say they watched as outlaw and 26-year-old steven jones tried to break into two other homes. they were arrested, now face burglary, theft, as well as some other charges. happening today, celebrate halloween with pay few drinks and no worry. the sober ride program is available tonight. it offers a ride for people in prince george's county, parts of northern virginia and the district itself. taxes will be on hand from 10:00 p.m. to 4:00 sunday morning. they will give you up to a $30 ride for free. we've posted this information in your nbc washington app. you're covered on social media, follow #tweets onpatrol. the twitter event is happening from 5:00 and 9:00. the company that stepped up
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to help the montgomery county toys for tots program is getting to work. this might not haveç happened unless the storage space was donated. toys for tots in montgomery county collected 60,000 toys last year, providing gifts for kids through 150 different agencies. enjoy that extra hour of sleep tonight. 2:00 in the morning. clocks, they fall back for daylight saving time. a good reminder, change the batteries in the carbon monoxide as well as the smoke detectors. a twist in the story of the south carolina school officer fired after a classroom arrest turned violent. students giving a show of support for exofficer ben fields. hillary heckled. the outburst at her latest campaign stop. plus, how a local mama, not
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our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. you can't predict it, but you can be ready. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself. realize your buying power at the washington post endorses democrat jeremy mcpike for state senate. applauding mcpike's "ideas about getting traffic moving." the post warns republican hal parrish "holds rigid positions against medicaid expansion and common-sense gun safety."
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and parrish was the deciding vote to restrict women's health clinics in manassas, forcing women go elsewhere for cancer screenings and birth control. jeremy mcpike is the better choice. i'm jeremy mcpike, candidate for state senate, and i sponsored this ad. you're watching news 4 today. itç floated into pennsylvania, knocking out power to tens of thousands of customers before it was deflated. today it should be completely removed. talking about this enormous blimp that the army is taking damage claims for. the blimp broke loose in maryland on wednesday. an army captain says helicopters will pull it out of the trees tomorrow and military trucks will take it away.
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this morning, the white house downplaying a decision to put a small number of u.s. troops on the ground in seas so as to fight isis. it's a major policy shift that's getting criticized from the right and left. republicans say it's a sign that president obama does not have a clear strategy in syria. democrats say it's getting the u.s. involved in another civil war with no end in sight. the white house says the commitment involves fewer than 50 special ops forces who will serve in an advisory role. hillary clinton had to promise to take executive action. today clinton is meeting with the mayor of charleston, south
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carolina. 10 of 14 gop candidates are in iowa and donald trump is in norfolk. trump is trying to stop ben carson by the way from building more momentum after earning more good poll numbers. carson tied with donald trump at 26% after a strong debate performance, ted cruz also moving up. he's in third and in double digits for the very first time. he's followed by marco rubio with 9%. jeb bush's campaign is struggling. he's fallen to 5% support. bush is sitting down with chuck todd on "meet the press" to talk about his presidential run. see that interview tomorrow, sunday morning at 10:30 right after news 4 today. developing in california, a teacher arrested for having sex with her students. the evidence, police say, they got from her phone. let's take a live look outside. it is a chilly start but what a pretty shot from national harbor. how many layers, tom says you'll need for trick or treating today. we'll have that. >> if you're looking for fun
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this weekend, here are two events i don't you can check out. there are kid friendly activities at sugar shack doughnuts in alexandria from 10:00 to 2:00 and the annual monster bash is happening at old monster bash is happening at old town i'm jill mccabe, candidate for state senate, and i sponsored this ad. all the mouthwash in the world won't help dick black. because what comes out of his mouth is just offensive. black said gays and lesbians lead "lifestyles that are harmful to the culture of this state." he dismissed rape in the military, calling it "as predictable as human nature." black opposes the use of birth control and voted to force women seeking abortions to have intrusive transvaginal ultrasounds. dick black.
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so extreme, it's dangerous. okay. for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! giant st dropped prices on thousands more items. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my giant.
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which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. who can name the third president? and the largest planet? someone we haven't heard from. anyone else? when comcast offered low-cost high-speed internet to low-income families, more than two million hands went up. and pretty soon, so did everyone's in the classroom. ok, veronica. amphibian excellent! internet essentials from comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide. you're watching news 4 today. a bit of a twist now on a story that's getting serious national attention.
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close to 100 students at a south carolina high school where an officer is seen on video throwing a dragging a student walked out of class in protest but for the deputy. the brief protest happened friday. students posted photos and messages on social media. they worked out of class and gathered to express their views on the deputy ben feels firing. he was fired a few days after this incident. a lot of folks saw that on well. not all students are pleased with the decision. students more t-shirt that read free fields and #bringbackfield. a california teacher is behind bars accused of having a sexual relationship with two high school students. lizzie described them as short in nature. this happened over summer break. she was arrested at the school.
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she taught for ten years and is now on paid administrative leave. jurors have the weekend off. they ask the judge early yesterday morning that they be dismissed at 4:30, seeming to indicate they knew there would be no verdict this weekend. there's no forensic proof. prosecutors relied heavily on a mountain of other evidence. they along with severance's lawyers asked the jury to take their time and diligently go through nearly 100 witness testimonies and another 100 pieces of evidence, including 2,100 pages of severance's own writing. the jurors took that request fight seriously. they have been debilitating for 12 hours over the past two days. the jury is back at it monday morning. if they don't reach a verdict by the end of the day monday, they won't reach one until at least
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midweek. tuesday court is closed for elections and assuming they find severance guilty of any of the ten counts he faces, their work is far from over. they'll then have to sentence him. you have to see the incredible homemade outfit a mom from vienna is showing off. julie mudrick has been making costumes from stuff around the house and surprising everyone when she picks up her kids at the bus stop. we have the pictures? they're coming. okay. she started doing this about three years ago when her son said he was worried what others thought of him. so her response was, dress up and show him that it's okay to stand out, be different, be goofy. her kids joined in the fun this year. you can see more of their pictures on facebook and instagram with th the #busstopcostumes. she does this every day for the month of october. the kids on the bus love it.
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that ended yesterday. really, the message is, you don't have to be perfect. which i think is awesome. >> does she have a closet full of costumes? that's a lot of wardrobe changes. >> when you have kids you collect stuff like no other. it takes a little creativity. they laugh halloween. they have these wigs they pull out over time. she made horns from a hanger one time. >> somebody may come to your door dressed as a thunderstorm. don't be scared. >> that happened to me. it was great. >> awesome. >> a couple extra candy bars for that one. this morning, we are starting off with a clear sky in the eastern sky, you'll see this, a conjunction of jupiter, venus and mars. i took this picture yesterday morning right around this time. and this is what you'll see in the eastern sky, absolutely
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gorgeous. clear start. the orio constellation is in the clear sky. there's no rain anywhere in the vicinity. we're all dry this morning. fight a chill in the air. mid-30s northern western suburbs. most of maryland and virginia, down to the mid-30s and it's actually near freezing. a few spots, central shenandoah valley, martinsburg is at 33. out of the mountains it's only near freezing right now, around the bay, we're in the mid-40s. nearby suburbs, prince george's, montgomery, fairfax county in the mid to upper 30s this morning. fight a cold start. there's that clear sky. but look at our temperature graph. a quick climb by noontime ought to be into the mid-50s, hovering to near 60 degrees by midafternoon. a rather cool day. increasing clouds after this sunny morning and thenç during the afternoon we'll have it going mostly cloudy by late afternoon.
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the temperature begins to drop back for this halloween evening. sunset is at 6:09. cold start midday, clouds increase and you'll definitely need a light jacket. no travel problems weatherwise. then for halloween we'll have temperatures hovering near 60 by 5:00 p.m. for trick or treaters for the young ones going out early. then later on by 7:00 p.m., we'll be in the upper 50s with a mostly cloudy sky, definitely need a jacket. just in the mid-50s by around 9:00 this evening. overall, great weather for trick or treaters for this halloween. post your pictures. i took this one yesterday morning near woodsboro, merrill. there's still gorgeous autumn color. there's the oblivious cow. the red zone is key color, just west of the i-95 corridor. a pass peak in the mountains. we have beautiful colors showing up there as well. and the forecast, storm team 4,
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four-day forecast, milder tomorrow, up near 70. don't forget to turn your clocks back one hour tonight. we'll have a chance of a passing shower in the upper 60s. mild after that. feast your eyes on the seven-day outlook. tuesday, all the way into friday with 50s in the morning and some sunshine each day. enjoy. it's the latest upgrade for new homes in our area. i'll show you how marijuana laws are changing the real estate game. and we have a look at your trending stories when we return, including why everyone will be going to chipotle in their
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here are 1346 the stories trending right now. actor al mol narrow has died at the age of 96. he played al on "happy days." raven-symone, a petition is going around to have her removed from "the view." get a $3 boo-rito at chipotle if you wear a costume and add something unnecessary. it's men to the call attention to unnecessary additives from other restaurants. there's a new amenity when it comes to buying homes in the
6:26 am
district. marijuana grow closet. news 4's mark seagraves checks out a new condo that just sold for over $800,000. >> marijuana is now legal to have and smoke in d.c., you still can't buy or sell it. lots of people are growing their own. seed giveaways have attracted huge crowds. it shouldn't be a surprise that developers are getting into the action. this is one of the first new condos in d.c. to come with its own grow closet. >> of course i spoke with my lawyer first to make sure that i wasn't doing anything illegal. he said as long as you're not staging it with marijuana plants, you're not selling marijuana. >> reporter: the grow closet comes with lights, ventilation and water you need to grow. >> i did go and put a lock and key on the closet. i made it child proof. >> reporter: realtors aren't the only business catering to those
6:27 am
who want to grow their own. business at this hydroponics store is so good, they're opening a second location. >> 10% of our clients are growinger athings. >> reporter: the couple who bought this condo won't be growing pot. >> they garden a lot. they have a whole spring set of flowers and plants, vegetables that they want to start in here as seedlings. they will not be using it for initiative 71. >> d.c. laws you to grow up to six plants in your home but if you don't own your home, you need the consent of the landlord. looking at temperatures this morning, you're going to be saying çbrrrr when you walk outside. what tom says it will feel like when the kids later say boo. it's almost unbelievable. >> look at those dangerous and deadly flooding, this in texas.
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folks trapped inside by the waters. that isn't the only force of mother nature doing lots of trouble. >> and a response from one of the major companies after a the major companies after a redskins player sues.
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news 4 today starts now. >> 6:30, good morning, welcome back to news 4 today.
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i'm david kolber. >> and i'm angie goff. a lot of people will be making the last-minute runs to the cf1 ost-minute runs to the >> or the art and crafts store. get creative. >> things will be dry and decent. >> let's check in with tom kierein now. >> getting reports in of scattered frost on the pumpkins in parts of the shenandoah valley and out in the mountains. right now in washington, here's a live view from our camera overlooking union station. you can see the flag flapping gently into a light breeze. it is a cold breeze. be prepared for a cold morning. we'll have a cool afternoon, halloween chill tonight. as temperatures will be in the 50s through the afternoon and evening. right now, though, it's near freezing. north and west of metro area, martinsburg is down to 33. it's near freezing out in the mountains right now. right around the immediate metro area, montgomery, prince
6:32 am
george's, fairfax county. radar not showing any rain anywhere in the haven't. off to a dry start this morning. a look at your halloween forecast and our chances for rain over the next seven days. that's coming in just a few minutes. >> tom, we'll check in with you then. developing in texas, two people have died. at least one other missing after massive amounts of rain caused this, historic flooding across the central and southern parts of the state. storm system also spawned at least three suspected tornadoes and that rain, it is moving east. nbc's chris pallone has the latest on those conditions. >> reporter: in san marcos, texas, floodwaters rose so quickly, it sounded the school with teachers and students still inside. police evacuated everyone to another drier school use an armored military vehicle. scenes like this playing out across texas, especially in the busy i-35 corridor between austin and san antonio. >> after last weekend's rain
6:33 am
saturated the soil, it didn't take a lot to fire things up. that's what we saw this morning. >> reporter: part of austin saw 6 inches of rain in an hour. one neighborhood recorded more than 14 inches total, more rain than it got in the entire month of may. it caught many drivers off guard. a passer by helped this woman escape from danger. a suspected tornado dropped a large trailer on a hotel roof and a lightning strike took out weather radar in brownsville. the town of wimberley hit hard again. >> this is the second time it's happened to us. it's almost unbelievable. >> reporter: devastating and the rain isn't over yet. chris pallone, nbc news. two students badly burned during a high school chemistry class fire are in fair condition in the hospital this morning. three other students from woodson high school in fairfax county have been treated and
6:34 am
released after the accident with a classroom experiment. the chemistry teacher was hurt doing a demonstration on the different colors of fire. that teacher was treated at the school. hundreds of students were safely evacuated from the building. but parents and students want to know how this could have been avoided. so we asked dr. david evans from the national teachers association if there are guidelines the teachers and schools should have been following. >> there are osha, epa, chemical safetyç guidelines. ultimately it's the responsibility of the school to decide what their procedures are going to be. >> the fire caused an estimated $7,500 in damages. fairfax county superintendent dr. karen garza says the district is providing support for students, staff and families as needed. one neighborhood dealing with two homicides just miles apart. one happened friday morning, the other friday night on morris road. neighbors in that area telling
6:35 am
us they're fed up with the violence. >> the violence escalating more and more, it's like we don't have a solution. >> i hope this is a wakeup call for officers in law enforcement that something needs to change. >> police in that area still searching for the gunmen. just one week ago, a family of five vanished, no one has seen them since. now the frederick county sheriff's office is opening a missing persons case. investigators say a family friend alerted them after the father did not return to work last friday night. the couple and their three young children were not at home. one of the family's cars were gone and their cell phones turned off. investigators do not suspect foul play but if you have any information, call the sheriff's office. crews will be out at reagan national airport to finish cleaning up thousands of gallons from a jet fuel spill. near 9,500 gallons of fuel spilled from a discharge. most of the spill remain trapped
6:36 am
in the storm water overflow drains. officials don't believe it got into the potomac river. the spill did not affect airport operations. still no word this morning on what caused it. a popular ride lot is moving to a temporary spot starting today. the lot at herndon-monroe park is move iing across from the gae entrance. i have your first 4 traffic. as far as track work we have work on five out of six of the lines here this weekend. red line going to be running every 18 minutes, same situation on the green line. silver, orange, blue and yellow running every 24 minutes on metro here this weekend. we do have a brand new situation
6:37 am
here. on massachusetts avenue. road work that's starting saturday and going to last for eight months. it's a traffic shift, massachusetts avenue at 8th street in northwest. here's what we know, eastbound there between 3rd and 4th will be reduced to two lanes. again, a lot of this work is going to be happening for the next eight months here and probably most of it during daytime hours. some lanes on h street eastbound near 2nd street going to have changes and 8th street westbound shifted a bit near 3rd street. have a great weekend. spooky with a purpose. how a local haunted house is using scares to give back to the community. and a study takes a close look at
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you're watching news 4 today. a new plaque now marks the sight of an iconic scene from the movie "the exorcist" in georgetown. a permanent marker was laid yesterday. director william freedkin says the honor means more to him than an oscar. >> wow. neat what they did there. they put a bunch of rubber along the sides of the steps. >> at the time. >> yes. to make that scene look believable. tonight is the last night to scare up a good time for a great cause. >> yes, police in prince george's county put together a haunted trail, all this to raids money for special olympics. running from 7:00 to 10:00 tonight along midfield road. that's behind the moose lodge. >> we'll guide you through a scary trail and hopefully you get a couple screams out of you.
6:41 am
we'll ask you to donate towards special olympics. all money that we raise will go directly to special olympics of virginia. >> if you want to check it out, we have all the details on our nbc washington app. search special olympics. >> i'm okay with the vampires, just keep away the clowns. a beautiful live look at union station right now. dry and chilly toç start us of on saturday. tom kierein is timing out when temperatures will get more temperatures will get more comfortable and when we'll see temperatures will get more comfortable and when we'll see ♪ ♪
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you're watching news 4 today. got the "today" show up next on nbc 4. let's see what they have coming up. >> erica hill and carson daly joining us live from new york. >> good morning, guys. happy halloween. we have a busy day, a lot of news to get to. we'll get to the latest on the crash of a russian passenger jet. we're also on the ground in texas where heavy rains and possible tornadoes slammed that state overnight. a brand new nbc online poll puts ben carson and donald trump in a dead heat. and also, bad news for jeb bush. did you know that theç fir ever live exorcism was performed on television last night? happened at the same house that inspired the movie "the exorcist." see what happened when the ghost hunters went inside looking for demons. and we have a halloween
6:45 am
extravaganza. we're expecting terrific costumes out on the plaza. wait until you see what we'll dress up as. we have a big surprise. all that when we get started here on halloween. >> no hint? >> and the music, too, i like that. >> and we have creepy music. we don't even know what the surprise is. >> we'll stand by for that. the fire chief says this tree right here blocking a flaming school bus stopped a situation from getting worse. you can see it rolling through an elementary school parking lot. you can hear people screaming as well. this was on wednesday. nobody was hurt. it's not clear what caused the bus to catch fire. firefighters do believe the brake lines were ruptured during the fire and that's what caused it to start rolling. >> wow. the montgomery county council will discuss school staffing concerns next week. they were asked to look into whether the school needs more
6:46 am
staffing. the meeting take place at 9 clng a.m. on monday. we'll let you know what comes out of those meetings right here on news 4. president obama expected to sign the new budget deal on monday. the senate passed the plan early yesterday morning, avoiding the threat of a default and a partial government shutdown. john boehner made passing the new budget deal his top priority in his final days as speaker before making way for paul ryan. >> daily fantasy sports site fanduel says a lawsuit filed against it friday by pierre g s garcon from the redskins is without merit. the suit says his name appears frequently in ads, including a half hour infomercial in which his name is seen 53 times. fanduel says it's allowed by law too use players' names. the daily fantasy site has a marketing partnership with the redskins, comcast and nbc sports invested in fanduel.
6:47 am
good saturday morning, everyone. jam packed full of sports today. maryland visiting iowa and the wizards looking to make it three in a row. wizards hope their start again the knicks is better than against the bucks. bradley beale takes over. 26 points in the game, 14 in the fourth quarter. wizards win, 118-114. >> walk me through your mentality there. >> nobody can stop me. plain and simple. that's my mentality. we have to carry this team. john and i looked at each other and said, let's take over this game. that's what we did. capitals bounce back to beat the blue jackets at verizon center 2-1. pucks drops tonight at 7:00. world series game four in morning. mets taking care of business at home in game three, breaking out the bats against the royals. the mets cruise past the royals,
6:48 am
9-3. kc leads two games to one. the terps kick off against iowa at ç3:30 p.m. today. that's a look at morning sports. hope your saturday is a good one. a chilly start for early riser. >> and a boo-tiful morning. somebody had to say it. we don't have rain anywhere in the region. off to a dry start. the storm team 4 radar showing a clear sky all around the region and dry pavement everywhere you go. and we've got a gorgeous conjunction of three planets in the eastern sky right now, the southeastern sky. the one at the top is jupiter. this is bright venus and to the lower left of venus is mars. it's a pinkish color. temperatures right now are near freezing, north and west of the metro area. there may be frost on some of the pumpkins in the shenandoah valley and out of the mountains where right now it's near 32 degrees. nearby suburbs, montgomery, prince george's, fairfax
6:49 am
counties, mid to upper 30s. right in washington we're around 40 degrees. right near the water at reagan national around the bay, it's in the mid to upper 40s. there is that pumpkin colored sunrise, live view from our storm team 4 tower cam. sunrise is at 7:34. it will be an hour earlier tomorrow morning as we turn our clocks back one hour tonight. tomorrow sunset will be at 5:08. that's going to be tough to get used to. look at our temperature graph today. off to a cold start, we'll be into the mid-50s by noontime and recovering near 60 degrees by midafternoon win creasing clouds. a cool day coming up. trick or treat forecast for this evening is looking good. it's screamingly good. temperatures will be in the 50s through the evening. you may need a jacket by midevening. we're back down to the mid-50s. great weather for trick or treating. post your pictures. this is northern montgomery
6:50 am
county. i took this picture a couple days ago. posted to facebook, twitter and instagram. this red zone, north and west. good color around the metro area. that's going to be peak over the south and west of metro area. we'll be down to near 50 by dawn on sunday morning. sunday afternoon near 70 degrees. a lot of clouds around, though, tomorrow. then monday, chance of some showers, 50s in the morning, afternoon highs, 60s. showers then monday evening. tuesday sun back and mild up into the low to mid-70s. and a mild pattern for the rest of the week wednesday, thursday, friday, highs low to mid-70s. morning lows in the 50s. that's the way it looks. >> thanks, tom. you've heard of the donald. what about the trump-kin.
6:51 am
patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits.
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appointments available now.
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you're watching news 4 today. i pumpkin-ize. >> this is the trump-kin created by that ohio woman. she's pumpkin-ized everyone from president obama to miley cyrus. >> it's huge. >> it will be on display past halloween. >> it's huge. >> very big. >> huge. >> huge. >> okay.
6:54 am
>> you'll see a lot of jack-o'-lanterns lit up this weekend. carving out a design can be pretty tough, as we know. >> news 4's samari stone looks at the artist behind some pumpkins. >> halloween is fun. >> like to carve pumpkins. >> chris campbell isn't your ordinary pumpkin tarver. take a look at one of his masterpieces. chucky, wanna play? >> you can do so many things, carve different shapes, pay attention to the details. >> he's a heating and air conditioning employee by day. >> anything that has to do with art i'm pretty much all in for it. >> sometimes it's tedious. >> this is pretty much making sure i get all the seeds out. >> heç uses a spoon, knife and pumpkin carving tool. he started drawing and painting
6:55 am
when he was a little boy. >> i feel good. i feel good. anytime i'm doing something with art, drawing, carving, this is my getaway. >> reporter: he wants other kids to appreciate his hobby. he's a girls and boys football coach. he tells them the importance of art. >> anything is possible. >> reporter: he can't wait to show trick or treaters his latest work, frankenstein. >> pretty sure the kids will be pleased. >> reporter: what a talented young man. chris also made this one right here, guys. take a look. nbc news 4, obviously this is my favorite pumpkin. i'm sure you guys back at the station like it, too. in upper marlboro, merrill, shomari stone, news 4. >> halloween magic. >> it peappeared here. >> that is a challenge. >> my favorite part is getting
6:56 am
your hands in there and pulling all the pumpkin guts out. >> that's your favorite part? >> yes, it's nice and gooy. and then, of course, roasting the pumpkin seeds. >> it's a cold start right now. i was lucky to just draw triangles for the eyes and a couple of teeth. that's a great job, love that pumpkin. it's a cold start now. right now under a clear sky, we have a pumpkin colored sunrise as we take a look at the live view from our storm team 4 tower camera. we do have a gorgeous start to the day. there we go, a live view. clear start. we'll have lots of sunshine this morning increasing clouds in the afternoon. highs reaching just right around 60 degrees. and for trick or treating this evening, we will have temperatures near 60 for the young ones. it will be going out, maybe late afternoon. then during the evening hours, dropping back down to the mid-50s, clouds coming through, dry and chilly through the evening. parents, wear a jacket.
6:57 am
it's going to be in the mid-50s and hopefully trick or treaters will be dressed warmly as well. it's going to be fight chilly through the rest of the evening hours and then by dawn on sunday we'll be down to near 60 degrees. we've got gorgeous autumn color around much of the region right now. certainly looking like halloween and feeling like it. post your picks on facebook, twitter and instagram. we'll share. >> gorgeous. >> tom's treat for everybody is an extra hour of sleep. >> we'll be loving that. >> turn the clocks back one hour. >> thank you so much for joining us. we're back on, actually at 8:00 a.m. this morning. >> we'll see you in about 25 minutes with a local news
6:58 am
who can name the third president? and the largest planet? someone we haven't heard from. anyone else? when comcast offered low-cost high-speed internet to low-income families, more than two million hands went up. and pretty soon, so did everyone's in the classroom. ok, veronica. amphibian excellent! internet essentials from comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide. okay. for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! giant just dropped prices on thousands more items. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my giant.
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good morning. breaking news. a russian passenger plane with 224 people on board crashes in egypt. first responders on the scene right now. dozens of bodies recovered in a hostile region. reports that the pilot may have tried to make an emergency landing. what caused the plane to go down? deadly floods, relentless rain and tornadoes tear through texas overnight. at least two people swept to their deaths in raging flood waters. more stormy weather in the forecast today. we are live on the scene. and fighting back. >> oh! now that's announcing yourself. >> the mets send a message with the first pitch


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