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tv   News4 Today  NBC  October 31, 2015 8:30am-9:01am EDT

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i'm darcy spencer at the live desk where egyptian officials say there are no survivors from a passenger plane crash in sinai. vladimir putin has declared tomorrow a day of mourning. the russian plane went down in egypt's sinai peninsula at 11:15 local time. the same company that runs egypt's civilian airport says all 224 passengers and crew members are russian citizens. the russi flight took off from sha sharm el sheikh. we'll continue to follow developments and have updates on our nbc washington app. back to you. thanks so much, darcy. tile right now, 8:30 on the dot. we made it halfway through the hour. >> sure did. it is halloween.
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we check in with tom kierein for how warm the costumes will have to be tonight. >> you'll need to warm up a lot. we are cold right now. much of the region down into the mid-30s. a clear sky and we've got a bank of fog over the potomac river. live view from the tower camera zoomed in on that. and in the foreground is the palisades region of northwest washington and then off in the distance on the horizon, that's tyson's corner and you can see that fog in between right over the potomac river. storm team 4 radar scanning our sky. done the have any rain anywhere in the vicinity. off to a dry and cold start. in fact, it is near freezing out in the shenandoah valley, the panhandle of west virginia and in the mountains where it's down to just near 30 degrees or so. frost on the pumpkins there, nearby suburbs right around the beltway and prince george's, montgomery, fairfax county in the mid to upper 30s, near 40s, southern, eastern suburbs and right around the bay we're in the upper 40s. a look at the chill in the air for this halloween and for trick or treating tonight and our next
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chance for rain, that's coming up in a few minutes. >> check in with you then. thanks, tom. developing now in texas, two people have died. at least one other is missing after what you see her, massive amounts of rain and flooding across the southern and central parts of that state. there's also beenç three suspes tornadoes. chris pallone has the latest on those conditions. >> reporter: in san marcos, texas, floodwaters rose so quickly, it sounded the school with teachers and students still inside. police evacuated everyone to another drier school use an armored military vehicle. scenes like this playing out across texas, especially in the busy i-35 corridor between austin and san antonio. >> after last weekend's rain saturated the soil, it didn't take a lot to fire things up. that's what we saw this morning. >> reporter: part of austin saw 6 inches of rain in an hour. one neighborhood recorded more than 14 inches total, more rain than it got in the entire month of may.
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it caught many drivers off guard. a passer by helped this woman escape from danger. >> i quickly rolled down the window and pulled myself up. >> reporter: on the day before halloween, the flash floods sent pumpkins floating in the street. a suspected tornado dropped large trailer on a hotel roof and a lightning strike took out weather radar in brownsville. the town of wimberley hit hard by flooding in may, hit hard again. >> this is the second time it's happened to us. it's almost unbelievable. >> reporter: devastating and the rain isn't over yet. chris pallone, nbc news. two students badly burned during a high school chemistry class fire are in fair condition in the hospital this morning. three other students from woodson high school in fairfax county have been treated and released after the accident with a classroom experiment. the chemistry teacher was hurt doing a demonstration on the different colors of fire. that teacher was treated at the school. hundreds of students were safely evacuated from the building.
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parents and students want to know how this could have been avoided. so we asked dr. david evans from the national teachers association if there are guidelines the teachers and schools should have been following. >> there are a lot of guidelines, osha guidelines, epa guidelines, chemical safety guidelines. many things that are in play here. ultimately it's the responsibility of the school to decide what their procedures are going to be. >> the fire caused an estimated $7,500 in damages. fairfax county superintendent dr. karen garza says the district is providing support for students, staff and families as needed. one neighborhood in the district dealing with two homicides miles apart. one happened friday morning on v street in anacostia, the other friday night on morris road. neighbors in that area telling us they're fed up with the violence. >> the violence escalating more and more, it's like we don't have a solution. >> i hope this is a wakeup call for officers in law enforcement that something needs to change. >> police in that area still
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searching for the gunmen. just one week ago, a family of five vanished, no one has seen them since. now the frederick county sheriff's office is opening a missing persons case. investigators say a family friend alerted them after the father, myong joo, did not return to work last friday night. the couple and their three young children were not at home. one of the family's cars were gone and their cell phones turned off. investigators do not suspect foul play but if you have any information, call the sheriff's office. crews will be out at reagan national airport to finish cleaning up thousands of gallons of fuel that is jet fuel. it spilled. near 9,500 gallons of fuel spilled from a discharge on aç pressurized pipe at the airport's fuel area. most of the spill remain trapped in the storm water overflow drains. officials don't believe it got into the potomac river. the spill did not affect airport operations. still no word this morning on what caused it. spooky with a purpose.
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how a local haunted house is using scares to give back to the community. a study takes a closer look at staffing inside montgomery county public schools. music: "thunder clatter" by wild cub ♪ ♪ ♪
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a popular ride lot is moving to a temporary spot starting today. the lot at the herndon monroe park and ride is moving directly across from the park and ride's garage traunls. new water and sewer lines are
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still under construction. check this out. a new plaque marks the siteç o an iconic theme from the movie "the exorcist" in georgetown. a permanent marker was laid yesterday. director william freedkin says the honor means more to him than an oscar. tonight is the last night to scare up a good time for a great cause. >> this is pretty neat. police in prince william county put together a haunted trail, all this to raids money for special olympics. running from 7:00 to 10:00 tonight along midfield road. that's behind the moose lodge. >> we'll guide you through a scary trail and hopefully get a couple screams out of you. we'll ask you to donate towards special olympics. all money that we raise will go directly to special olympics of virginia. >> the only part angie doesn't like are the clowns.
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>> the clowns! >> check it out. details on our nbc washington app. search special olympics when you're there. about a half dozen partnerships are forming between schools in the herndon area and the faith unkmoo the. herndon's mayor instigated the new relationship on monday. the idea is based on a faith and school relationship that's been going strong for more than a decade. >> puts together about 120 backpacks every week for our children to take home with them on friday afternoon. >> reporter: for more than 15 years, members of floris united methodist church have been forging relationships with students at hutchison elementary school. everything from providing food and school supplies to mentoring. herndon's mayor, lisa merkel sees how successful the relationship is and she wants other schools and faith leaders to mimic it. >> what we're really trying to achieve is a relationship between the faith community and the school community because we
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know that that's why floris and hutchison is so successful. it's not just something they do. there's a raelgsship there. >> reporter: there are already limited partnerships but merkel believes more can be done. >> the presbyterian church has partnered with herndon elementary right across the street. they had a book mobile that went out once a week over the summer and delivered about 8,000 books throughout the town of herndon. >> reporter: back at hutchison, those involved in the special relationship say it's made all the difference. >> the impact that this partnership has had is unmeasurable, to support our children's nutritional needs, emotional needs, social needs and academic needs. >> reporter: pat lawson muse, news 4. 8:41. let's take you outside for a live look. look at that beautiful shot there of union station. dry and chilly to start you off
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on this saturday. tom kierein timing out when temperatures will get a little more comfortable and when we might see that rain ag
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you're watching news 4 today. take a look at this video right here. the fire chief says that the tree that blocks this flaming school bus, that's what you see in the distance, you'll hear screams as well, it actually stopped a situation from getting any worse. you can see it rolling through
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an elementary school parking lot. this was on wednesday. fortunately no one was hurt. it's not clear what caused the bus to catch fire. firefighters believe the brake lines were ruptured during the fire and that caused it to start rolling. >> wow. the montgomery county council will discuss school staffing concerns next week. they were asked to look into whether the school needs more staffing and resources to help narrow the achievement gap. that meeting will take place around 9:00 a.m. monday. we'll be sure to let you know what comes out of that right here on news 4. a final push ahead of tuesday's election in virginia. politicians plan on holing rallies and doing other get out the vote efforts all weekend. democratic governor terri mccollough set to make an appearance atç more than a doz campaign events statewide. he's trying to get control of the state senate. republicans control the senate 21-19. gop officials say they'll be working the phones and knocking on doors all weekend to keep control of the upper chamber.
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president obama expected to sign the new budge the deal on monday. the senate passed the plan early yesterday morning, avoiding the threat of a default and a partial government shutdown. john boehner made passing the new budget deal his top priority in his final days as speaker before making way for paul ryan. daily fantasy sports site fanduel says a lawsuit filed against it friday by pierre garcon is without merit. the suit says his name appears frequently in ads, including a half hour infomercial in which his name is mentioned 53 times. fanduel says it's allowed by law to use player names. the daily fantasy site has a marketing partnership with the redskins, comcast and nbc sports invested in fanduel. good saturday morning, everyone. jam packed full of sports today.
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maryland visiting iowa and the wizards looking to make it three in a row. wizards hope their start again the knicks is better than against the bucks. heading into the fourth quarter, wiz trail by ten. but then bradley beale took over. 26 points in the game, 14 in the fourth quarter. wizards win, 118-114. they start the season 10-0 for the first time in ten years. >> walk me through your mentality there. >> nobody can stop me. plain and simple. that's my mentality. we have to carry this team. john and i looked at each other and said, let's take over this game. that's what we did. on the ice, caps visit the panthers tonight. capitals bounce back to beat the blue jackets at verizon center 2-1. puck drops tonight at 7:00. that's on comcast sports net. world series game four in morning. mets taking care of business at home in game three, breaking out the bats against the royals. the mets cruise past the royals, 9-3. kc leads the series two games to one. the terps kick off against iowa at 3:30 p.m. today. that's a look at morning sports. hope your saturday is a good one.
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many kids send letters to the president without thinking that he's actually going to respond to them. one green belt girl got more than a response from the white house. her name is toreen butterfield. her mom contacted news 4 to let us know about her dawg's letter. she wrote the president about animal cruelty. she asked him to ban smoking and work on keeping school grounds clean. they sent her back not only a response but cool mementos as you can tell from the first family. surely, this is something she wilcherish always. what a surprise. what's halloween without a few spooky decorations? right. >> one family went above and beyond. and this is not an amusement park. it's a home in clarksburg. here's the cool thing. instead of charging admission for the haunted yard, they collect food for the needy. >> we're told hundreds of people come through to check it out. i love it.
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love it. >> it will be chilly at times. >> it's cold now and a chilly day. dress warmly. in fact, ebess like these two kids. they dressed as clouds for halloween. take a look at your screen. we have these kids from chevy chase. >> cute. >> the fair weather cumulus white cloud and the dark gray stormy cloud. >> i love that. >> you said clouds, not clowns. >> clouds. >> clowns scare me, tom. >> we have a weather scene going on here. i love that photo. wear something puffy tonight. we have a bank of creepy fog crawling over the potomac river, live view from the storm team 4 tower camera. off in the distance, tyson's corner. temperatures around the region are just in the mid-30s north and west of washington. fight a cold start and in the shenandoah valley, out of the mounta mountains, frost on the pumpkin. it's only around 30. just now beginning to get above freezing in the mountains.
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we're in the mid to upper 40s. storm team 4 radar all clear. don't have any rain anywhere in the vicinity. later today we'll have this fog dissipating. sunshine this morning, giving way to clouds in the afternoon with a high only around 60 degrees. fight a chilly day and then for trick or treating tonight, we will have temperatures back down into the mid-50s by mid-to-late evening. dress warmly tonight. we'll have clouds coming and going and no rain. post your pictures, gorgeous autumn color now. i took this photo northern montgomery county just a couple days ago. posted that on my facebook and twitter and share on instagram as well. gorgeous autumn color right now. this red zone includes all along the corridor, i-95 into the shenandoah valley, past the mountains and east of washington, peak color over the coming week. after tonight we'll be down to near 50. during the day tomorrow, some clouds coming and going. partly sunny, milder up near 70 degrees. on monday, the clouds return. we'll be in the upper 60s,
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passing showers are likely on monday. have an umbrella handy when you head back to work and school. on tuesday, mild, partly cloudy, up into the mid-70s and a mild pattern here for the rest of the week. on wednesday, thursday and friday, highs in the low to mid-70s, morning low in the 50s. average high this time of year is in the low 60s. we'll have warmer than average weather starting tomorrow and all the way through all of next week. average lows are in the mid-40s. we'll be warmer than that, too, each morning. after today's cold weather, it will be getting much milder. that's the way it looks. thanks so much. you've all heard of the donald. what about the
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if you run over somebody, it's usually because you were driving too fast or you didn't look before you turned or you didn't stop for someone in the crosswalk. always be alert. pedestrians don't come with airbags.
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you're watching news 4 today. i pumpkin-ize. that's what i do, pumpkin-ize. >> it's a verb now. this is the trump-kin created by that ohio woman. she's pumpkin-ized everyone from president obama to miley cyrus. the hardest part of the 355-pound trump-kin, what do you think? his hair. got to be the hair. look at that. >> with miley cyrus you just need the knot. >> and the wrecking ball. as you imagine, due to popularity, this will be on display for a while.
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>> she had people running are up to her porch and taking pictures of that thing? >> sure. >> you'll see a lot of jack-o'-lanterns lit up there weekend. carving out a design can be pretty tough, as we know. >> news 4's shomari stone talked to the artist behind this pumpkin carvers. >> halloween is fun. >> like to carve pumpkins. >> chris campbell isn't your ordinary pumpkin carver. take a look at one of his masterpieces. chucky, wanna play? >> you can do so many things, carve different shapes, pay attention to the details. >> he's a heating and air conditioning employee by day. pumpkin carver by night. this one is a monster.ç >> anything that has to do with art i'm pretty much all in for it. >> reporter: sometimes it's tedious. >> this is pretty much making sure i get all the seeds out. >> reporter: he draws
8:56 am
characters, uses a spoon, knife and a pumpkin carving tool. he started drawing and painting when he was a little boy. >> i feel good. i feel good. anytime i'm doing something with art, drawing, carving, this is my getaway. >> reporter: he wants other kids to appreciate his hobby. chris is a boys and girls club football coach. he tells players about the importance of art. >> once they really put their minds to it and try to focus on it, anything is possible. >> he can't wait to show trick or treaters his latest work. frankenstein. >> pretty sure the kids will be pleased. >> reporter: what a talented young man. chris also made this one right here, guys. take a look. nbc news 4, obviously this is my favorite pumpkin. i'm sure you guys back at the station like it, too. in upper marlboro, maryland, shomari stone, news 4. >> just like that we have said pumpkin. >> that's right. >> that is really cool. >> it is.
8:57 am
still smells nice, too. >> there are apps where you can pumpkin-ize your own face. >> cool. >> they've done it all. trick or treat forecast for tonight? >> dress like a warm cloud or do what you can to stay warm. low to mid-50s for trick or treating tonight. it will stay dry, a few clouds coming through. boo-tiful weather coming up. >> are you dressing up. >> i'm going as a hedge fund manager. >> i love it. that will do it for news 4 t
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