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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 1, 2015 6:00am-8:01am EST

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of your teeth. >> i know. right? >> good morning on this sunday. i'm adam tuss. >> and i'm angie goff. i hope you had great halloween. we kick off november to a busy start. as adam said. we do want to pass along a real quick note here. a traffic alert. b.w. parkway has reopened after a four-car crash. at least one person's injuries are serious, we're told. we'll continue to update you throughout the morning. >> let's get a check of your sunday forecast on this nosh 1st. "storm team 4's" tom cure rinkk with us. >> we have a new time as well. if you set your clock back one hour, it should correctly say 6:01 right now, not 7:01. so we're back to eastern standard time this morning and
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some rain is showing up on the "storm team 4" radar right now that's moving in from with west, heading out of the east into the shenandoah valley. this little green is light rain across northern virginia. a few sprinkles. but the bulk of the rain now passing down 95 to springfield to fredericksburg and into culpeper, rappahannock and the shenandoah valley. all of this is heading off to the east. so just a few passing sprinkles. also a few light showers in southern area here. to the morning if you live south of washington, you may get a little wet. temperatures in the low to mid-50s. a look at a mild pattern coming in the week ahead. that's just in a few minutes. more breaking new this morning. win stock salem state university is under lock jacques. students were asked to stay
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inside until further notice. one person has been taken to the hospital. police are still looking for a gunman. police are still working to find the person who shot and killed a student. the death was the third deadly shooting yesterday morning. norfo norfolk's police chief is asking for an emergency call to action. >> the fact that you have two within an hour of one another and you have a couple a couple of weekends ago, you know, something's got to be done. we have to get the community involved in this and we have to get people to respond. >> it may have been a fight ending in gunfire. police do not see it. a car plowed through a group of trick-or-treaters, among
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them, a 10-year-old and two adults. the car ran into another car, crossed the crossing lane and hit the small group of trick-or-treaters. it went airborne into a nearby yard of a home. the driver wu not seriously hurt. investigators work to find out what caused the deadly plane crash. all 224 people on board were killed. when the russian plane crash in the sinai peninsula yesterday. russia government says there's no truth to the isis being the blame. >> reporter: it's the worst plane disaster in russian history, near aust russian, near all a tragedy. a national trauma. in the bar rehn desert, a plane.
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cell phones scattered ringing in the debris. no survivors. many still strapped to their seats. 25 were children. this was the metro plane, an a-321. 18 years old. it took off in the morning of the tourist resort sharm el sheik bound for st. petersburg, russia. it dropping slowly and dramatically before disappearing. >> communication has been lost but they have no idea why. they say human error is not to blame. they don't know what caused the crash. at st. peet ers butersburg airp
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terrible scene. the crew apparently complaining of engine trouble several times in the past week. the pilot in the final minutes reportedly requesting an emergency landing. one shock wave. they're reviewing the flight patterns citing security saying they won't fly over this area of egypt until the exact cause of this crash has been found. back to you. >> all right. bill neely there on that tragic situation. well, one of the teens seriously burned at a class at fairfax high school will be heading into surgery next week. they told our derrick ward that sonya is doing well but she has serious burns on her arm. one other student is still recovering. the three remaining victims have been release. that fire broke out after an
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explosion during a chemistry demonstrati demonstration. the teacher conducting the experiment was treated at the school. >> it will now be easier to catch an uber home from the airport but it will cost you more. starting today it will cost you more. drivers will wait in a designated area on the property while waiting for a ride request. that makes it new for you but the $4 charge will make it cost a little more. nearly every republican candidate will be campaigning today. it's a debate to server rnc debate with nbc. jeb bush acknowledged he has to do a better job to keep voters interested. ted cruz campaigned about taxes. hillary clinton talked about gun control reform and bernie
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sanders campaigned. donald trump is getting specific. he unveiled his new plan to improve veterans health care. it includes them to receive treatment any time they want from a doctor or medical facility. he also wants to provide new incentives for companies to hire veterans. coming up later this hour, we'll sit down with the "meet the press" moderator chuck todd to talk about a lot of things. on this morning's show he speaks with paul ryan and then talks with republican presidential candidate jeb bush about his troubled campaign. >> happy halloween. >> oh, yeah. a lot of people have a little candy hangover. a packed night on m street in georgetown as hundreds of ghouls and goblins came out.
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there was a big fiduciary for safety. more than 100 people are recovering after an explosion in a nightclub. we're learning about new details about the moments in a fire and what may have prevented people. time timing out, when you're going to need an
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narrator: for state senate, who shares our values?
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jeremy mcpike - supports school funding. thinks women should make their own health care decisions. and favors background checks on all gun sales. hal parrish? as mayor, he slashed education. fought to block women's health clinics. parrish gets an "a" from the gun lobby - they oppose background checks to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. virginia extreme or mainstream? vote mcpike for virginia. feinblatt: everytown for gun safety action fund sponsored this ad.
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welcome back. this morning we getting photos from a fire from a nightclub. now officials say fireworks were
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used inside the club and according to the club's facebook page they were pyrotechnics. romania's government is declaring a three-day mourning period. more than 140 people are still in the hospital. >> how did you feel about the clock falling back? >> i might be more tired which is a weird thing. >> it is. i want to talk with tom kierein. >> your clocks should say 6:13, not 7:13. starting off this morning we have a little bit of light rain that's passing south of the metro area. you can see it moving in this area in the green. you can see it. it's the one area of some very light rains coming in. out ahead of that, this area in the green, this is heavy. east of culpeper and then st.
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charles, anne arundel. getting a little bit of light rain there. the sprinkles having just a scattered sprinkle is passing south of the metro area. timing hour by hour for a few more hours through 9:00, that should be the end of it by noontime. most of it is gone. may get a little bit of sunshine breaking out late afternoon. then this evening we'll stay cloudy through the evening hours. temperatures right now near the bay. most of our locations are around 50 degrees. this was taken by laura ellis. we're back to eastern standard time. so we're get one hour earlier sun rise and sunset. sunrise will be at 6:35. and then sun set and early 5:08.
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it's hard. a chance of a light shower. mostly cloudy by 6:00 p.m. and back down to the low 60s. then by dawn on monday, should be in the 50s. passing showers during the day on monday. areas north may get a little sunshine. we'll be in the mid-60s by tomorrow afternoon. a mild pattern commences tuesday into wednesday looking gorgeous into the mid-70s both days. partly cloudy. a few clouds around on thursday. a slight chance of a sprinkle with highs around 70. friday, increasing clouds. again, the mid-70s. maybe a passing shower.
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next weekend looking nice. saturday, high sunshine in the mid-60s. that's as good as it looks. >> hold those numbers. >> in november. up next, "reporter's notebook." >> we'll be back in 15 minutes. >> good morning. welcome to reporter's notebook. i'm pat lawson muse. metro has selected its top candidate for general manager. he is 55-year-old kneel cohen, a former top official in the airline industry who became a chief financial officer and executi executive company. cohen will reportedly become top manager at metro if the two sides can reach a contract agreement. bre man tay and pope.
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>> it's very clear that the board of directors wants a money person in there, a person who knows how to deal with budget, turnaround which they mentioned and some of the information that question reveeded. he's worked outside of the box. he said we need someone who's worked in a large mass transit system. this really goes outside of that. and i'm fairly sure some of this is probably coming from the federal transit system saying, hey, listen, you need to find someone who can get your financial house in order and we move from there. that's how this reads to me. >> if he does become the new one he takes on the operational and financial challenges and a big
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challenge of restoring the public's challenge. >> it's a huge challenge. it would be a huge challenge for anyone taking on this role. they're moving in the direction of someone they believe could be a turnaround specialist. that's the real key to this guy's appeals board that he does not come from this the transit world. they want someone who can turn this ship around and pull this out of the death spiral. >> many people are relieved, of course, bremante, that they finally after all of this time have settled on a choice.
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>> here's the thing. if mr. cohen is the person who take over this position, it's sort of now leaves folks to look at it. now, everything should be in place for metro to move forward. there may not be any more excuse for metro if they cannot get their house in order. i will say this, he may become the general manager seeing that he worked in the airline industry for about 30 years, that might be subjective. >> i'm kind of curious about whether or not just the appointment alone and the fact that we're talking about an actual individual will create some instakt. we've seen riders abandon the system in droves because of all of the problems and uncertainty and i'm wondering if they will create a new sense of certainty that will bring riders back to the system. d.c. police are investigating the arrest t arrest of a man capture on video
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this week that's raised a lot of questions and brought about a lot of questions. the arrest took place in the 6100 block. he was handcuffed and he was on the ground. in responding to criticism and questions about this, they said police work isn't pretty. this is what they face daily. what are your thoughts about that? >> if you see the video, any times, it is disturbing. if you see the gentleman, he looks like he's under some influence. if you look at the video, the force they use where they knee him in the face, punched him in the head, that's where it gets tricky. it's the type of force being used. >> he was on the ground. he wound up on the ground.
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he was standing. he was confrontational but clearly appeared to be in some kind of altered state of consciousness. what about the head of the police union, michael, who said this wouldn't have been necessary had police been armed with tasers. >> that's the real debate. should your rank-and-file police officers have tasers. the union chief says they should. the police chief, not so sure. the real challenge, though, we have seen a problem with the tasers being deployed in the fairfax county jail. there was a woman who recently died. she had schizophrenia and so you have to think about these thing s when you decide to employ
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this. you really don't know if the person is on any kind of medications that might react to that, if they have some sort of medical conditions that they might end up dead as a result of this. so this is something you need to carefully have thought out. >> i'm sheer kathy lanier knows that, can look across the river, knows what happened in fairfax county and i think that's why she's a little sort of backing off and the type of training. >> residents say, let's make a deal. they want the training facility but they want it with a cash. they want a displacement free zone. most practice in an arena. residents don't want to be pushed out so they are proposed that the zone featured a years
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long moratorium on tax increases for small businesses and residents. sounds like a reasonable request. do the residents have the clout to get this into the deal? >> the ward 8 representative is a men tee of mayor bowser, so you would think they would have her ear. i don't know that they have much of a ground to stand on to have this displacement zone. think what they need is if there's going to be changes in the ward and things are torn down. whatever is built up is affordable for the residents who are there. i think that's what they have to push. this is about gentrification and folks and ward 8 is changing also and i think that's what you're hearing. listen, mayor, we know it's change, we want to be part of it. i'm not sure how much pull they have in getting changes they want. >> this would be kind of an
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unprecedent move, so it's something worth discussing. there are two catches to that. if you're talking about property taxes, that influences people who own the buildings. we don't know what what kind of influence this would have. the other is this is temporary. this is a three-year measure. what happens at the end of the three years, does it happen then. >> and very quickly, aisle add this. one of the residents said, we saw what happened. we don't want ward 8 to turn into that. improvements have been made. really what we're saying is folks who have been there before have pushed down. >> yeah. got to take a break. we'll be right back. stay with us.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ geico for your boat. see how much you could save. tuesday's election day in northern virginia and there's a
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lot at stake. every seat in the general assembly is up. big race for control in the senate and there's the big mayor's race. michael pope, you have been covering the mayor's race. but let's start with the senate and who may wind up controlling. >> it's at a razor's edge. there's no state wide. we've seen a market decline in participation. just because a few voters are participated doesn't mean the state are huge. they only need to flip one seat. they need to focus on two. one in northern virginia where the democrat is retiring and
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they're fighting hard to keep that seat and another down in richmond is republican and they're vacating that and democrats are trying hard to take control of that. >> i think what's happening here to michael's point about the races, we know they won't lose control of the house. their numbers are too far out there. you would think for the democrats and the issues that are important to them, especially when you talk about traffic and what the government wants, at least if he gets the vote in the senate, that will make a big difference to him, at least slow some of the things the republicans are trying to do. in terming of the city of alexandria and bill being a write-in candidate, what i find interesting about this race, it was a three-way race in the primary. i believe that uhl could still
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win. if that vote had been split three ways it would seem to me he could still win the election. >> what we're going to see is a reaction to the primaries. so that was the three-way race. uhl and dioply split the part of the democratic parties that is pro development. so as a result, silfverbergs with able to gain that part of the democratic party, plus virginia's an open state, so republicans could participate. she may have been elected with help from republicans. it's important to remember when considering the chances to remember that uhl's name will not be on the ballot. silfverberg's name will be the only name on the ballot. there's something to be said for that. in order for uhl to win, he's going to need a whole lot of people to write his name in and potentially spell it correctly. >> how will his ties with
6:29 am
development impact do, you think, this race? >> i spent some time last week looking at contributions from developers. he has a long history. and after he launched his campaign as a write-in candidate, the developers showed lots of support to uhl's campaign. they gave about $25,000 to his campaign against silfverberg. one in particular gave a $10,000 contribution. it seems pretty clear. >> they have been credited with thwarting a possible attack in their school. two teenage boys apparently were plotting a mass shooting in river bend high. they were arrested after their claes classmates saw threats. here's what kids did what they were taught to do, if you see
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something, say something. >> this was a serious, serious issue and oftentimes we talk about after the fact thfrmt is just as important before the fact the way the school handled this. in virginia, the first state, the only state to have this school threat assessment that's in place where you have counselors, school, security coming together. they look at his phone. everything worked perfectly in terms of being proactive. this could be a model for other school districts. >> it's real interesting here saying these students felt dep pew tiezed to be sort of detectives in a way. this is something we really would not have seen unless we were in this environment that we're now in the post columbine, post 911. as you said, if you see something, say something environment that we're now all in. it's interesting they were
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concerned about their own safety to the extent that they were willing to take action and thank goodness they didn't. >> thank you. >> thank you. that's "reporter's notebook." i'm pat lawson muse. stay with us for "news4" day, which continues. an update to breaking news we've been following this morning we learn one person is dead after a shooting at winston-salem state university. officials now naming a suspect. his name is jarrett moore. >> the school has been on lockdown. again, one person dead. police are searching for your the suspect. >> good morning, everybody, and welcome back to anonymous nuz 4 today. i'm angie goff.
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>> good morning, everyone. i'm adam tuchls hope you had a happy halloween. >> how are we doing? >> starting off kind of wet. make sure your clock match ours time here at the bottom right of your screen as we went back an hour overnight last night. our sun reece and earlier sun rice will be a few minutes away. we'll see it. "storm team 4" showing we've at little light rain coming out of north virginia, now west virginia. we're getting a few sprinkles right in washington, nearby suburbs in prince george's county, montgomery and fairfax and north into the valley, just a few spring. s there. along 66, 95, getting damp. temperatures right now near 50
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in the shenandoah valley. then mid-50s around the metro area. milder weather moving in for the week ahead. i'll look at that in just a few minutes. >> tom, thank you. at least two people are dead and othering recovering from a three-car crash overnight. police say one car hit another head on at a curb and then flipped over. a third car was not able to stop in time. police say 37-year-old donna fitzgerald and another drive e your was killed. three were in the car with pack. three were not wearing seatbelts and three people in the third car were not badly hurt. drinking and speeding were believed to head to the crash. >> storms and tornados ripping through parts of texas right now. a tornado responsible for six deaths there. storms this weekend had battered
6:34 am
parts of central texas that were already florida flooded from hurricane patricia. flooding roads, homes, and businesses there. >> looking to the day ahead, family and friends will hold a vigil. police satan ya was shot and killed inside of her house by her husband antoine. after shooting his wife, police say antoine turned the gun on himself. the two had only been married just a few months. police are trying to find out why a man shot and killed people and then got in a confrontation with the police. he shot a person in the house, lit the basement on fire, shot another on a bike and gunned down a third person at a staurant.
6:35 am
that's when he began shooting at officers and they shot and killed him. you won't have to find change to fade the meter. tuesday is election day. they'll pick a new mayor. on thursday the marines begin their annual toys for tots drive. you can donate a new toy. you can also donate cash. well, the hugely possible toys for tots drive almost didn't happen this year. >> that's right, adam. they didn't have a place to store all of the donated item but then a santa clause of sorts stepped in. darcy spencer has the story very these are toys for tots left over from last year.
6:36 am
the head of the program said he needed to find a new space but for months couldn't find one. >> i've been looking sense 1, july, and just was coming up against a big wall. >> so paul guenther made a public plea and metropolitan moving and storage stepped in and offered a huge warehouse with all the toys. >> imagining he collects 70,000 toy as year and that could have possibly not happened an got on the the families dependent on it. >> reporter: today is moorking day, loading the boxes on the moving truck and taking them to the warehouse just in time. let's take a look at what's in one box. a great lego set, something for a baby, and what would be christmas morn wougt a stuffed animally your stocking. >> reporter: these teens are
6:37 am
learning. >> we see kids walk in and grab some toys and their faces just light up. >> reporter: darcy spencer, "news4." >> all right. open enrollment starts today for district residents who want plans. d.c. health link is having a city wide event. you can sign up, get more information, and compare plans. that's on g street. it starts at 2:00. goes till 4:30 this afternoon. open enrollment ends january 31st. trouble under a beg top achlt tra piece artist falls 30 fiernltd a circle was act. witnesses who saw it tell us they're surprised. and a
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well, a few swings in the poll this week after a raucous debate, and we have a new
6:41 am
speaker of the house. >> joining us now to talk about it all moderator of "meet the press," chuck todd. chuck, before the debate, you had sat down and talked to ted cruz and you said this is the guy to watch and now we have him posting in kubel digits. what's happening here. >> cruise has always had the a peel to appeal in the outsider lane and trump and carter have been sucking up the debate. carson called him the cruz missile. >> what do you make between the whole rift between rnc and nbc? >> it's partly us. we didn't have any involvement. we were happy to help if they wanted it and they were working
6:42 am
independe independently. look. it's politics. rnc has got people upset at them. so this smells like a way to say, oh, hey, point the finger over there. so we'll see. oh wii'll see wh oh, we'll see what happens. >> bad week for jeb bush. at this point is there anything he can do. i know you'll be speaking with him on today's show. and the second thing is do the donors want him to figure this out? >> i don't know if the donors are willing to give him another chance. the campaign knows that they don't know if the donors are going to be back. i sat down with him yesterday. i think the best way to describe the interaction, he's trying. he's trying to show, look, e get
6:43 am
it, i'm listening, i know i'm not a good debater. i'm not going to compromise myself, butly do whatever it takes to win within a point. so we'll see. i think the donors though, i don't know how much patience they have. they're looking at marco rubio and looking at him as the most electable. who's better to put up against clinton who has the last name of bush or someone who's gnaw face and generational change. and i think that's what the big party financial elders are figuring out. >> we're going to talk about paul ryan the next time he stops around. >> we wanted to talk football, but we're getting wrap. >> i know. we should be talking about the miami miracle. >> i know. a reminder you can see "meet the press" right after "news4 today."
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a terrifyingier deal at a circ circus. they watched a trapeze artist fell 30 feet into a crowd. witnesses were surprised that the show went on. >> oh, my god. >> video from an nbc ten viewer shows the aftermath after a 19-year-old trapeze artist fell 30 feet. his partner didn't catch him during the stunt. >> fire trucks and balances and police car, the sirens, the flashing lights. >> mary lehman was outside protesting the circus. she saw him being taken out on a stretcher. >> i asked what happened and they said the tra piece artist had fatten and missed net and hit the bleachers. >> a woman wrote she was tram advertised watching the fall. >> another heard a crack when the performer hit the ground.
6:45 am
>>'ve never been to a circle cut like this. we're professional performers. >> this is a promotional video. the universal circle cull said he's a part of the group. it says eun very soul trains heavily. >> it was a terrible accident and my heart went out. >> drew smith from our sister station reporting the 19-year-old traveling performer is expected to make a full recovery. nobody in the audience was hurt. >> wow. that's great. well, happening today, the 2015 national veterans day concert is taking place in alexandr alexandria. things kick off at 3:30 this afternoon. military and veterans' families get in for free. >> well, i wasn't to talk about
6:46 am
the weather. >> what a nice night for trick or treating. it was cool but i saw kids padded up. they had their capes on. they were fine. >> i think we're going to show some kid owes. >> when all else fails. join the circus. we've got the ring master. >> look at bob. >> his bar bells are so strong. >> angie, you made all of those costumes, right? >> oh, yes. >> you might tell her she needs to pose better. there's the us t ee's the tuss . >> how adorable and magical. >> yes. there they are right there. >> it was a good night last night. a lot of fun. a lot of running around. you can like stick them on a house gorks to that one.
6:47 am
charge. >> get a little extra for daddy. >> exactly. that's what i'm feeling this morning. so but we're starting november off and things are nice and cool and some places are wet. >> yeah. we've got a new month, a new time. 6:47 your clocks should say. we went back an hour. and this new month of november kind of damp and dreary, i should say. we've got a little bit of rain coming through there. some scattered light showers. we're getting a few sprinkles. all of this tracking to the east. down 95 to fredericksburg the pavement is wet this morning. around the beltway. it's just a little bit damp right now with these light showers that are going to be continuing track off to the east. here's the timing for the rest of the morning. this is by 9:00 a.m. maybe a few more.
6:48 am
then by 11:00, it should be just south and east of the metro area and heading across the bay and pulling away by noontime. after that, it's all done. they get breaks in the clouds here. a little sunshine trying to shine through here during the rest of the afternoon into the evening hours. so have an umbrella handy for this morning. you'll need a light jacket as well and long pants. then that sunrise and supplyingset time albuquerque i the way, that photo by laura ellis. one hour earlier. this morning the sun rises within 6:35. sunset, 5:08. similar sun rises and sun sets. there's our sky now. it's getting brighter but still all cloudy and a chance of showers by noon. then the sun breaks up. we'll be in the mid to upper 06s. look at this gorgeous photo. this was taken yesterday in
6:49 am
ashburn by tom hart. we do have some individual trees showing gorgeous color right now. all this area in the red, we dough have peek color west of 95 and individual trees around the metro area south and east are absolutely gorgeous now. as we begin month, a little sun in and out. a little clouds and chance of a passing shower. that may linger into the afternoon. highs, mid-60s. look at this mild pattern that commences tuesday into wednesday. highs and lows, mid-70s. with ear going to keep that going all the way into friday. a chance of a rain shower maybe friday night. right now next weekend is looking dry with highs in the 60s on saturday with sunshine. that's the way it looks. >> thank you, tom. the journey of one woman from doctor to patient.
6:50 am
parker: my daughter alison and her cameraman were gunned down on live television. i know we can't stop all gun violence, but we can save lives if our leaders take action. narrator: but we can't count on hal parrish to act. he gets an "a" from the gun lobby, they fund his candidacy... while fighting against background checks to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. parrish will make us less safe. parker: politicians' condolences aren't enough. it's time for them to act. feinblatt: everytown for gun safety action fund sponsored this ad.
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october was breast cancer awareness month but even though we're in november, breast cancer aware should not be limited to one month. >> "news4's" barbara harris shares the story of one doctor who found herself becoming a patient. >> reporter: it's a dress that may have saved her life. as a surgeon she spends moat of her days in scrubs. on this night in october one year ago she dressed up as chairwoman for the knockout abuse gala in a smashing red strapless gown under which she wore one of those newfangled glue-on bras. >> when i came home i noticed i couldn't get it off and the blue stayed on and i felt a breast mass. >> you should probably examine your breasts once a week. >> that was dr. walker just a week before finding a lump in
6:54 am
her own breast. she appear on "news4" midday offering free breast checks and lessons in self-examination but her own reaction to finding a lump was like most woman. >> the first week i thought it was nothing and kept comparing it to the other side. >> the hardest part of coming in is really conquering their fear of coming in and what i they're going to find out. >> there was nothing in my family to suggest that. i was healthy, i had children. >> as the week went by, it was her family she worried about. >> was i going to be alive for my children. that was one of her biggest fears. the second, would by able to work. would the treatment be so bad i couldn't work and support my family? >> she continued her operating schedule but continued to fear what might lie ahead. >> with women, our breasts are very important to us. it's part of our identity, our femininity, so they're afraid they're going to lose their breast or that their breast is not going to look look it did
6:55 am
before. >> dr. walker finally decided to have a mammogram. on the screen a tumor was visible. >> early detection is key. we want to find it before they've grown and hit lymph nodes it's terrifying to have breast cancer, it's frightening. and you want to maintain your composu composure, you want to rely on your medical background but it's very, very hard. >> a biopsy would reveal the type of tumor and then surgery and then breast reconstruction. >> we thought we could have a reasonable result when a person can look good in clothing. today it's when they can look great in bright lights. >> there was still months of chemotherapy for dr. walker and the dreadet possibility of losing her hair.
6:56 am
>> most women cry more when wi talk about losing their hair than when we talk about losing their breasts actually. but there are ways to get around that for example with a penguin cap or ice cap to try to minimize the hair they lose. >> she suffered through the cold cap treatments through chemotherapy and she managed to keep her hair. it's shorter now, but that change is not the main one. not the one she appreciates most. >> it's made me a far better doctor. it's made me a far better listener, more compassionate, more understanding. i always thought i was a pretty compassionate and understanding person with my patients before but i think i have a better in-depth understanding than i ever did. >> barbara harrison, "news4," washington. >> dr. walker continues her work as a plastic surgeon and is still urnlds going periodic chemotherapy. she counsels all women to
6:57 am
remember self breast exams and loi with regular mammograms can really save life and she has this whole new way to con next with her patients and glad to see she's doing well. we have much more ahead on "news4 today." >> that including your hour by hour with a look at your forecast. stay with us. it's 6:57. music: "thunder clatter" by wild cub ♪
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it's the 7:00 hour. we're following breaking news on a violent and busy night. in prince george's county two men were attacked and one is dead. >> police say two were attacked in langley park. we're working right now to find out the victims' names and get an update on the surviving man's condition. police have not said if they have any expect nany suspects a. >> more breaking news. we learn one person is dead after a shooting at winston-salem state university. >> we're told another victim has been hurt. both are students. officials have named a suspect. they're saying his name is jared moore. the school was on lockdown. it's now been lifted. again, one student is dead after a shooting at winston-salem state and they're searching for a suspect.
7:01 am
>> a lot going on and, of course, it's 7:00. >> you're cob fusing me. >> we went book or going forward? >> we wasn't back. that's why they call it fall. >> it was 8:00. now it's 7:00. >> right. >> got it. math was never my strong suit. tom kierein is here to help us out. >> we have a new time a a new day, and a new month. a few scattered showers in the "storm team 4" weather center. i going to show you right now. it's crossing virginia and moving into southern maryland and across the bay. it's pulling out of west virginia. it's generally a little bit of light rain now and it's now moving into frederick and montgomery county, and southern area. sbb 95 into stafford, it's wet out along front royal as well
7:02 am
and now they're getting some of this area in the dark green a harder rain. passing showers. this should all be gone. it's rather cool. mid and upper 50s around the bay. milder weather on the way for the week ahead. a look at that day by day. that's coming right up. >> all right. thank you, tom. we're following a developing story in the district. a fire ripped through a home in the southwest. this happened on ivanhoe street. no one was hurt and the people living inside the home will have to stay somewhere else. >> we are working to learn more about this car accident that happened. you can see it's totally mangled. we have calls in to k.c. police. police in norfolk now working to find out who shot and killed a 20-year-old college
7:03 am
student from alexandria. joseph bowes attended hampton, university. police chief asking questions and putting out an emergency call to action. >> the fact you have two within an hour of one another and then a couple which happened a couple of weekends ago, you know, something's got to be done and we have to get the community involved with this and we have to be able to respond. >> police say the shootings may have been the result of a fight that ended in gunfire. investigators are not releasing any details on a motive or a suspect. >> a halloween tragedy in new york. a car plows through trick-or-treaters in the bronx killing three people, among them a 10-year-old and two adults. the 52-year-old driver rammed into another car before crossing into the opposite lane, hitting the small group of trick-or-treaters on the sidewalk and going airborne into the yard of a nearby home. the driver was not seriously
7:04 am
injured. still no word on what caused that awful crash. >> more airlines are halting flights as investigators work to find out what caused the deadly plane crash. all 240 people were killed when the russian plane crashed. russia's government saying there's no truth to claiming islamic extremists are responsible. they're now entering a national day of mourning. >> reporter: all of the victims russian, nearly all tourists. in a barren desert the mangled remain os after plane that was carrying 224 people, their clothing scattered, their cell phones ringing in the debris, no one surviving to answer. many passengers were found still strapped to their seats. 25 were children. this was the metro jet plane, an
7:05 am
a-321, 18 years old. it took off at 5:51 in the morning from the egypt chan tourist resort of sharm el sheikh bound for st. petersburg, russia. it dropped suddenly and slowed dramatically before disappearing from radar and crashing. communication has been lost, he says, but russian officials have no idea why. the airline quickly insisted human error was not to blame. our pilot was very experienced, she said. our aircraft was in full working order, so we don't know what caused the crash. at st. petersburg airport, terrible scenes as everyone learned that everyone on board was dead. egyptian officials indicated earlier on they believed technical issues caused the crash. the crew claims engine trouble. the pilot in if final minutes reportedly requesting an emergency landing.
7:06 am
one shock wave from this disaster, some airlines will r now reviewing their flight packets citing security saying they won't fly over this area of egypt until the exact cause of this crash has been found. back to you. >> nbc's bill neely. thank you, bill. one of the teens seriously burned in a chemistry fire at fairfax high school will be headed to surgery this week. sonya gar vis set up this caring bridge page. we're told sonya is doing well but has serious burns on her arm. the three remaining victims have been released. now, the fire broke out after an explosion during a chemistry demonstration friday morning. the teacher conducting that experiment was treated at the school. >> today it will now be easier for you to catch an uber ride. now they can operate legally.
7:07 am
drivers will wait in a designated area while waiting for your ride request. if that makes it easier for you to catch a ride, but the new $4 airport service charge will make that trip cost more. this morning in decision 2016, representatives from nearly every republican campaign will be here in d.c. today. they'll be discussing last week's debate in the rnc's decision to server ties from a february debate. meanwhile the candidates spent their time. jeb bush acknowledging he has to do a better job while ted cruz campaigned. on the democratic side hillary carolina tonight talked about gun control reform and this weekend senator bernie sanders spend the weekend in new hampshire. donald trump is getting specific. the unveiled his new plan to improve veterans health care. it includes allowing veterans to
7:08 am
receive any care they want. he row l provide new incentives. he made that announcement in front of the battleship. this morning jeb bush sits down with chuck todd. from miami chuck speaks with republican presidential candidate jeb bush about his troubled campaign. >> happy halloween. >> happy halloween. >> happy halloween. >> what's the best candy? reeses? >> i like special dark. packed night on m street as hundreds of ghouls and goblins came out to celebrate halloween. there was a big focus on safety this year. silver ride offered free rides home until 4:00 this morning to help people who had been drinking to get home safe. >> the clowns always get me. >> the pope. >> the pope was a big one this
7:09 am
year. >> that's cool. more than 100 people are recovering after an explosion in a nightclub. we're learning about the moments right before the fire and what may have prevented people from escaping the flames. and talk about a bad costume. we'll tell you about a costume one soldi
7:10 am
7:11 am
welcome back this morning weefrm getting a look at photos showing people who died at a romanian nightclub. close to 500 people stam pipede for the only exit. according to the club's facebook page they were pyrotechnics. romania's government has declared a three-day mourning period. 146 people are still in the hospital. >> new this morning the ntsb has
7:12 am
located a ship lost at sea. using sonar a u.s. navy ship has located a ship around 15,000 feet around el faro's last known position. ice believed to have sank when it ran into the hurricane. poorly chosen halloween costume landed a soldier at ft. bragg in big trouble. they launched out emergency security and sent out a bomb squad as he tried to enter the base as a suicide bomber last night. military officials in north carolina say it included a simulating explosive vest. officialsed a ft. bragg did not say whether the soldier will receive any formal pun,ment. ever write a negative review about a company? one woman is getting sued because of hers. erica gonzalez shows us the fine print you need to look at before you write a review.
7:13 am
tom talks about narrator: for state senate, who shares our values? jeremy mcpike - supports school funding. thinks women should make their own health care decisions. and favors background checks on all gun sales.
7:14 am
hal parrish? as mayor, he slashed education. fought to block women's health clinics. parrish gets an "a" from the gun lobby - they oppose background checks to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. virginia extreme or mainstream? vote mcpike for virginia. feinblatt: everytown for gun safety action fund sponsored this ad.
7:15 am
chipotle restaurants are closed ow west because of an e. coli outbreak. at least 19 people have gotten sick in the last few weeks. some were actually hospitalized.
7:16 am
they decided to close out of abundance of caution until a cause can be finally determined. while there was a state of emergency going on as a result of freddie gray's death, the fbi was keeping an eye. they used advanced technology on airlines to provide aerial surveillance of planes. we're just finding this out because of documents released under the freedom of information act. they made ten flight over the city. the member of the baltimore police department also joined federal agents on some of the those flights. >> if you don't read that fine print, your next bad review could actually land you in a courtroom. news 4's erica gonzalez. >> reporter: waits loss products. its products sold nationwide as an alternative to gastric bypass surgery.
7:17 am
>> i'm a type 1 diabetic, so watching my weight is very important. >> so she was sold on roca labs because she could not afford surgery. >> i paid $580 roughly, almost $600. >> reporter: almost $600, far less than the thousands of dollars for surgery. the company's website advertises you can lose 100 pounds in 12 months but she said she was dispiejted. >> it was supposed to be a powder that you drink with water and you drink it but when you get it and mick it, it congeals. it's almost like play-doh. you're supposed to be able to drink it but you can't. >> reporter: the company has a return policy but they wouldn't. >> they told me they can't give me my money back. so i filed a complaint with the better business bureau. >> reporter: and that's when the story takes a turn. a f she contacted the better business bureau the company
7:18 am
filed a lawsuit against her for thousands of dollars breaching breach of contract, defamation. they even sent someone to her home. >> they blind-sided me. they had a process server outside of my house at 7:00 in the morning. >> reporter: others were in the lawsuit. the company dropped the lawsuit. the roca lab trials were not other. it contained a gag clause prohibiting a customer to post negative comments, the very thing she complained about. they filed lawsuit calls the company's clause unfair. >> because it's depriving consumers of information they need to be able to make an informed purchase decision. >> roca labs would not comment to us. it admits in order for customers to buy at a discount, customers have to agree to not disparage
7:19 am
roca labs. >> i should be able to post negative feedback. consumers should be able to find negative feedback. >> reporter: erika gonzalez, "news4." >> you have to be careful what you write. >> the internet, there's a lot of gray areas. >> speaking of gray, look at this. >> i know. gloom and doom. post halloween. >> look at this too. all of these years of experience. >> we call that seasoned. >> is that the kind of day we're looking at today? >> yeah. kind of a gray and i'm not saying it degreesy, b 's dreary saying it's gloomy. >> what's the difference? >> we're starting with low gray cloud this morning -- or dismal, depending on your attitude. sort of halloweeny hanging in. they're tracking west to east
7:20 am
across west virginia and continuing into maryland and track across the bay to the east of the metro bay this morning. right now light rain falling through. all of the pavement is wet. if you're about to head out the door, grab an umbrella. here's the hour-by-hour future weather. potential showers by 9:00 a.m. then by 11:00. much of it will be south and east crossing the bay. and by noontime much of it is done and over and by afternoon we get sunshine breaking out, a few breaks in the clouds, and we'll have our temperatures climbing nicely. and so later today you'll need that umbrella. later, you'll be comfortable in a light jacket and pants. gorgeous sunrise yesterday morn over the shenandoah valley where there was fog. that photo taken by larry ellis in virginia. sunset today, an early 5:08.
7:21 am
there's a chance for showers. the temperatures jump nicely. we'll be in low 60s by noon. upper 60s by 3:00. then by 6:30 back to the low 60s. gorgeous color in much of the region. this photo taken in loudoun county yesterday. post your pictures of facebook around twitter. we've got this gorgeous color, red zone, peak colors. past peak in the mountains. near peak in washington. here your colors are going to peak in through next week. tomorrow, maybe a little sun breaking out. lows in the mid-50s. afternoon highs in the 60s. have an umbrella handy. you may get showers south of the metro on monday. tuesday, wednesday, look at this mild pattern. what? november? no, feeling more like early october, late september, as we'll have it in the low to mid-70s all the way into friday.
7:22 am
dry next weekend, cooler, high with sunshine. back to you. >>'ll take those. coming up, daddy's doing hair. how a single father is whipping the single fathers into shape
7:23 am
7:24 am
who can name the third president? and the largest planet? someone we haven't heard from. anyone else? when comcast offered low-cost high-speed internet to low-income families, more than two million hands went up. and pretty soon, so did everyone's in the classroom. ok, veronica. amphibian excellent! internet essentials from comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide. a lot of people putting
7:25 am
their razors down. it's for raising money for cancer research. they even waived the policy for the entire month so the members can take part. it's to benefit the hertz breast cancer awareness. right now we want to introduce you to a single dad who learned how to do hair for the sake of his daughter, but he took it a step further by starting a class to teach other dads to do the same. nbc's janet shamlian has more on this dad's hair salon. >> reporter: he does everything with his daughter emma from baking brownies to helping with homework. but as a single dad, one part of raising a little girl has always been a struggle. styling her hair. >> didn't want her to miss out on something like being cool looking or having cool hair.
7:26 am
>> reporter: mystified by ponytails and buns, he dove into the world of online tutorials and was soon turning out salon-worthy styles. >> she loved feeling beautiful and special, and i'm tell yog everywhere she went, people would compliment her hair. she's got the fine hair. >> reporter: now it's the hottest ticket in town for fumble-fingered fathers. welcome to daddy/daughter hair school. >> i thought, awesome, there's other guys who can relate to me with my struggle. >> reporter: with detang bling spray and combs at the redy, morge morgese is giving instruction. construction workers by day, at night, braiding like a beautician. >> he did really good, and it was tight. it wasn't loose. >> reporter: as they take pride in their handiwork, the dads are
7:27 am
also learning it's not just about hair. it's time spent together, and the value of that made it the best lesson of all. >> i get to spend ten minutes of the day with my dad each time and i get to have fun with him doing hair. >> reporter: dads, daughters, and fun over a hair cut. >> i love that. >> that melts my heart. my goodness. grade story. coming up. a sir cull nightmare. reaction from a crowd in philadelphia when a trapeze act whent horribly wrong. rain, rain go away. tom kierein has your news at 7:30. breaking news in kenya. islamic extremists holding hostages inside a hotel. we'll have those breaking details when we come back at 7:00.
7:28 am
7:29 am
7:30 am
our top story this morning, one person is dead from winston-salem state university. police are now searching for a suspect. his name is jared moore. the university lockdown has been lifted. we're working to find out the name of the man killed in prince george's county. he and another man were attacked at 1:30 in the morning.
7:31 am
the royals have a shot at winning the world series tonight. kansas city beat the mets 5-3 last night. the mets were actually ahead until the eighth inning but the royals made a comeback to win it. kansas city leads 3-1 heading into game five in new york city tonight. welcome back, everyone. happy november 1st. i'm angie goff. >> gonovember 1st. my goodness. my name is adam tuss. hope you remembered the time change. >> that's right. falling back. we have warmer weather. can i get it out. meteorologist tom kierein. >> people are falling over. as we start off, we have low clouds producing a little bit of light rain. the "storm team 4" radar showing that light rain that's moving west to east across v out of west virginia out of the metro airy. we've got one last wave right along the 81 corridor and east of the that into frederick
7:32 am
county maryland and virginia and northern fauquier. that's going to be moving into the area. we're getting one wave of very light rah inin nearby suburbs. the pavement is wet around the beltway and 50 off to the east as well as 66 west up to 70 and down 95. it's all just another moisture to make the pavement wet. so it's fender bender weather. adjust your speeds accordingly. the pavement is a little slick with the rain. it's rather cool. we're in the low 50s right now. low to mid-50s. warmer weather is on the way. a look at when that arrived comes right up. breaking news out of somalia. at least nine were kill and ten injured when fighters attacked a hotel there. the attack started at dawn when a suicide bomber filled up a vehicle with explosives at gate. gunmen on foot shot inside the
7:33 am
hotel. islamic extremists al shabaab is claiming responsibility. it's frequent i by government officials and has been targeted before. storms and tornadoes ripping through texas are response for at leech six deaths. in a houston department they responded to many rescues. some parts of the state got nearly a foot of rain since friday. flooding homes and businesses. >> at least two people are dead and eight others are recovering from a three-car crash that happened overnight. it happened near chestnut springs lake. one car hit another head on at a curb and then flipped over. a third car was not able to stop in time. police say that 47-year-old and the other driver 18-year-old joshua pack were killed. four other teenagers were inside the car with pack.
7:34 am
three were not wearing seatbelts. three people in the car weren't badly hurt. drinking and speeding are believed to have led to the crash. coming up, family and friends will hold a vigil. police say sullivan was shot and killed in her home by antwaan sullivan. after shooting his wife, he then turned the gun on himself. he was a police officer with d.c. protective services. the two had been married for only a few months. >> police are trying to find out why a man shot and killed three people and then got into a gunfight with the police. he lit the basement on fire, shot a victim on a bike and gunned down a third person at a restaurant. that's when he started shooting at officers and was killed by police. they have not released his name or a motive. let's take a look at what's
7:35 am
happening in the week ahead. tomorrow in silver spring, you won't have to find change to feed the meter. tuesday is election day. in laurel voters will pick a mayor. they're also on the ballot. on thursday they begin their annual toys for tots drive. you can donate an unwrapped toy or cash. safety was a top priority in this area. they hosted halloween on the hudson. a program to combat drunk driving. they came out to participate. that included dui simulation and field sobriety tests as you saw. experts say 43% of all traffic fatalities on halloween are duis. >> and then on twitter, alexandria and manassas police used tweets #treatsontonight.
7:36 am
there was smashing of pumpkins and officers doing trick or treating with kids. open enrollment starts today for those who want affordable health care plans. you can sign up for health care, get more information and compare plans. the event that martin luther kin junior memorial library starts at 2:00 this afternoon, goes until 4:30. open enrollment ends. trouble under a big top achlt trapeze artist falls 30 feet during a circus act but people who witnessed the fall are surprised what happened ten minutes after. >> yikes. and a mother of a 7-year-old is very upsocietyset over what police did to their
7:37 am
7:38 am
a michigan mother says her police officer put her
7:39 am
7-year-old son in handcuffs while at school. take a look at some of the video we got still cuffed when she got to the school. the mother got a call to come to the school earlier this month. police say they handcuffed the boy to protect him and others. one officer said he could not release the child because he didn't have a key. >> he put my son in handcuffs and you don't have a key? what sense does that make? i was told when my son walked in, he said if you don't sit down, i'm going to handcuff you. >> police and school were giving no explanation. an investigation is now under way into what happened. retiring and kicking up your feet may be good for your stress level but not your brain. a new study says staying in the work force into older age is good for health and mental sharpness. researchers say you shouldn't really retire before the age of 60. if you do retire early, make sure you're still keeping your
7:40 am
brain active with a second career or activities that promote cognitive stimulation. okay. so you've got to see this college football play from last night and why they're calling it the miami miracle. and let's take a look outside. tom says to expect rain this week, and that's not all. we're going to take a look at your seven-day for
7:41 am
7:42 am
narrator: for state senate, who shares our values? jeremy mcpike - supports school funding. thinks women should make their own health care decisions. and favors background checks on all gun sales. hal parrish? as mayor, he slashed education. fought to block women's health clinics. parrish gets an "a" from the gun lobby - they oppose background checks to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. virginia extreme or mainstream? vote mcpike for virginia. feinblatt: everytown for gun safety action fund sponsored this ad.
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the "today" show starts alt 8:00. let's get a preview. we have erica hill and jeff rossen them out of their costumes. just ahead we're in colorado with the latest on that mass shooting spree that left four people dead including gunmen. >> e we're also on the ground in egypt where authorities look into what led to the crash killing all 224 people aboard. in world series action, tough night for the met bus we know one guy who's not giving up. one of the mets' big estefans, a 91-year-old usher who's been with the team since 1964. with daylight's saving's team, it's going to get darker a whole lot earlier. we have tips on that change and hoping to avoid the winter blues. all ahead as we get started on a sunday morning, guys. >> we all remembered the set our
7:44 am
clocks correctly. >> that's right. we're falling back. >> thanks, guys. >> take a look at this. a slow moving brushfire. the blaze has consumed at least 35 acres so far. it apparently started in a river bed along the santa ana river before swirling winds blew it throu toward a nearby park and homes. a wedding party was forced to leave. so far no homes have been evacuated and no reports of anyone hurt. a terrifying circle was stunt ends with a shocked crowd and perform never the hospital. the audience watched as a trapeze artist fell 30 feet into a crowd. witnesses were surprised that the show actually went on. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: video from an nbc 10 viewer showed the aftermath after a trapeze artist fell 30 feet. witnesses say his partner didn't catch him during a stunt. >> fire trucks and the balance s
7:45 am
ambulances and the police car, the sirens and flashing lights. >> she was outside protesting the circus. she saw the man taken out on a stretcher. >> i asked the man what was happening and he said one of the trapeze artist had fallen and he hit the net. >> police say people in those bleachers were not hurt, but on social media, a woman wrote she was traumatized watching the fall with her kids. another said audience members could hear a crack when a performer hit the ground. >> i've never been in a circuit like this. >> reporter: this is a promotional video for the woo han flying trapeze act. they say the artist injured tonight is a part of this group. they invest heftily in training and choreography from around the world. >> it was a terrible accident
7:46 am
and my hart went out to the ardist suffering now. >> sthe trapeze ardist is expected to make a full recovery. >> the concert is taking place. that's in alexandria. things are going to kick off at 3:30. ticket start at $15. military and vedran families, you get in for free. the they're led by hang himself. he became the youngest player ever to hit 42 homers, a perch once held by babe ruth. that's according to the mlb. it took a miracle. take a look at this. six seconds left in the game. this against duke last night and
7:47 am
miami had to get into the end zone to score a touchdown. they kept the ball moving lateral after lateral. the play looks like it's going to be dead several times. this guy escapes. that goes back. he goes back. they throw it back. now they're back on their ten-yard line and this looks like it's destined for failure. now, see, all the duke players were on the other side of the field. a great block there. and now it's off to the races. the hurricanes kept the play going for 45 seconds and they beat the blue devils of duke, 30-27 and we're told they had to review that play because of a block that happened. duke couldn't believe it. hurricane fans were there. that was one of the craziest plays ever in college football.
7:48 am
chuck todd is happy about it. >> what's funny, i kept seeing it over and over in all my social media feeds and i turned to my husband and said, did this really happen? yeah, that's legit, it's legit. for real, we've got light rain out there. we're going to get rid of the rain over the next couple of hours. it's moving quickly from the west to east. that's on your storm team four radar now. check how the rain is moving through your neighborhood. right now it is beginning to leave the shenandoah valley and it's moving rather quickly. one last wave from the light to moderate rain all the way down to west of fredericksburg. that is tracking off to the east. right now just getting a little bit of sprinkles here in prince george's county, anne arundel and now that next week coming into northern montgomery.
7:49 am
then most of it should be gone. the hour by hour future weather showing this area in green showing the light rain here throughout the 9:00, 10:00 hour. it really breaks up after that, by noontime early afternoon we'll get sunshine beginning to break up. then into the evening hours, still mostly cloudy. have an umbrella handy over the next couple of hours and you'll be comfortable in a light jacket and long pants. l it will be cool. we're in the mid-50s to low 50s. mid and upper 50s. shenandoah valley, mountains, low 50s to mid-50s as the skies are beginning to break up a bit. there are low cloud overlooking washington there. there's the television tower there along new hampshire avenue and georgia avenue and in the foreground we've got to trees beginning to show nice color and temperatures by noontime should be in the low 60s. then as the sun breaks out a a
7:50 am
jump into the upper 60s. by the way, our sunset is an hour earlier today. it will be at 5:08. and look at this gorgeous tree in loudoun county. this photo taken yesterday where we still have some beautiful autumn color and it should be beautiful. post your pictures on facebook and twitter and instagram. this area in red, we're getting nice autumn color. southern maryland, eastern shore, your colors over the next week. then the sun coming back. a lot of clouds building through. showers likely on monday. dry and mild. gorgeous weather. high 70s each day tuesday into friday. could get showers. a bit cooler for the weekend. suns back with highs in the 60s. that's the way it looks. >> loving that forecast. thank you very much. 7:50. four things to know today. a fire ripped through a home. d.c. fire says no one was hurt but the people living inside
7:51 am
that home will have to stay somewhere else. we're working to learn more about this car accident that happened right by that fire. also working to find out the name of the man killed in prince george's county last night. he and another man were attacked around 1k in the morning in langley park. one person is dead, another hurt after a shooting at winston-salem state university. both victims are believed to be students. police are searching for a suspect. open enrollment starts today for those who want health care plans. d.c. health link is having a signup at g street. that's from 2:00 to 4:30 this afternoon. the toys for tots program almost didn't happen in montgomery county. >> darcy spencer shows how
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
welcome back at 7:54. the hugely pop already toys for tots drive in montgomery county almost didn't happen this year. >> that's right. a santa claus of sorts stepped in, saving christmas for needy kids. darcy spencer has the story. >> reporter: these are the toys for tots left over from last year, packed into a small storage area in gaithersburg. the head of the program said he needed to find a new space, but for months couldn't find one. >> i've been looking since 1,
7:55 am
july, and just was coming up against a brick wall. >> reporter: so paul guenther made a public plea. metropolitan moving & storage stepped in, offering this. a huge warehouse to store all the toys. >> imagining that he collects 70,000 toys a year and that could have possibly not happened and not got on the the families that were depending on it. today is moving day, loading all the boxes into the moving truck and taking them to the warehouse just in time for this holiday is season. >> let's take a look. you've got a great lego set. you're about got something for a baby. and what would be christmas morning without a stuffed animal in your stocking. >> reporter: these teens from the group i am college ready are earning hours by loading the boxes. >> we see some of the kids that walk in to grab some toys and we see their faces light up.
7:56 am
>> darcy spencer, "news4." >> so happy that the program could be saved. who is this? >> who are these people? >> now showing the circus. it's our freak show. my family. yeah, we had a great time. >> look at you. >> i know. that's my crystal ball. i can now tell fortunes. >> why did you do that. you threw bob in the cage. >> that's my little one with hair on his chest. >> that is the strongest stance i've ever seen from a little girl. there are some tuss gels, elsa and anna. little june with her elsa powers. they flip-flopped.
7:57 am
an a belle ana had super powers from the agent jvengers. >> not too bad. >> we'll get a little sunshine. everyone is recovering from their sugar jag from your night. >> or coming down. >> yeah. >> i've got neanother piece ore city. >> hopefully the clouds are going to break away. >> these ooh all for "news4 today
7:58 am
7:59 am
patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now.
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good morning. colorado rampage. >> i heard four gunshots, much louder than any i've ever heard. >> a lone gunman goes on a shooting spree through the streets of colorado springs, killing three people before gunned down by police. this morning, authorities trying to piece together what fueled his rage. what went wrong? investigators on the scene of the plane crash in egypt that killed all 224 abhooard a russi airliner. authorities say there's no evidence isis was involved. flights are halted over the area. is it el faro? wreckage found 15,000 feet below the surface of the


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