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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  November 2, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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. it's monday, november 2nd. the kansas city royals, they are your world series champions. a 12 inning thriller ending early this morning. the miracle mets unlikely run comes to an end. the future republican debates, how they will be handled. new information on a plane crash that killed 234 people on board. a controversy brewing. what did they say? a passing of an actor and u.s. senator. more on a busy start to your week. "early today" starts right now. good monday morning. hope you had a great weekend. thanks for waking up with us today. i'm betty lynn. >> the one, two again.
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>> pence corner. 2015 world champion. >> redemption for the kansas city royals. they rallied in the 9th inning and sealed the deal. countdown is quick to celebrate, soaking it all in, ending last year's heart break game. the series held a big parade. congrats to the royals and their fans. after an unprecedented campaign advisers that stretched late into the night, frustrated republican candidates are laying out demands. nbc is live in washington with tracy potts. was there a lot of disagreements? >> reporter: among the candidates not a lot. one. they want the next debate to
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look different than the last cnbc debate. there was a lot of back and forth with the food raters. all the candidates except carley fiorina has a logistical comment. they were there on sunday to talk about what their demands are for the next debate. they are planning to send out a questionnaire to the network for subsequent debates to talk about the format. they want to know what is the format. who are the moderators, how long the debate will last. they are insisting of opening statements of 30 seconds, maybe a minute. and want more substantive questions. the rnc, the republican party would squeeze out of this meeting here in washington and just before the meeting happened, about an hour before, the rnc sent out a message to all the campaigns saying they are putting a a new official in charge of the debates on their side. hopefully the campaign said, but they wanttary own hand in it. that's a part of what came out
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of this meeting. we will see what comes out of the network. thank you so much. >> family and friends are mourning the loss of former one time candidate and actor fred thompson this morning. his family released a statement saying he passed away after a recurrence of lymphoma. >> before he was an actor, fred thompson was a lawyer by trade. he was a part of the watergate investigation that led to richard nixon's resignation, a big man, he had a big voice to match. >> the president as you know owe. >> in hollywood, he was often cast as an authority figure, political figure, or military officer. the role best known for is district attorney ar tur branch on the nbc series "lost and order." he ran for a city seat. he was a republican. he feels the conservative would challenge president clinton. he left saying he didn't have the heart for another term.
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he tried his hand at politics four years later when he launched a failed bid for the president. his campaign never caught fire. his personality and charisma can still fire up a crowd. he delivered a passionate speech in 2008 at the gop convention. >> we live in the freest, strongest, most generous and prosperous nation in the history of the world and we're thankful for that. >> a statement from his family says he was the same man on the floor of the senate the movie theater or town square. >> the first bodies of the victims from a deadly plane crash in egypt sinai peninsula have arrived back in russia. the metro jet fight was headed from sharm el-sheikh to st. petersburg. >> reporter: it fell out of the sky and no one knows why. there are more clues today. the debris is so scattered the plane's tail, 3 piles from the cockpit, that russian investigators say it broke up in
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midair. search teams are examining suitcase, human remain, the tangled wreckage, for any signs of explosion, fire or mechanical failure. amid it all, tragic reminders of the 224 lives lost. the plane's two plaque boxes have now been recovered and soon the voices and data from the cockpit will be analyzed. investigators have no reason why the plane suddenly lost altitude and speed of 31,000 feet. why the pilot made no distress call or exactly why the plane broke up in midair. >> they will be looking at the flight control the fuel system him they'll ultimately be looking at maintenance issues they have induced some sort of technical failure. one of the things you can't rule out at this time is whether or not there was an explosive device on an aircraft. >> the bodies of passengers were
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examined by a russians forensic team. most of the dead have been brought here to the identified. many through dna samples. it is grim work. russia, it was a day of mourning, prayers and tears, a nation in shock. in syria isis is clashing. now there is clash in this country over the crash in syria. more what the presidential candidates are saying about the president's plan to put a small number of u.s. troops on the ground. after thousands of u.s.-led airstrikes, isis militant are closer to capturing the people in syria, the turmoil underscoring the confident new steps the white house announcing some 50 special ops teams will be sent to syria, their mission, to train, advise and assist in
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combat. >> how is that not a change? >> because our strategy all along has been focused on building the capacity of local forces to fight these fights against isil for themselves in their own country. >> it's a reversal for the president who vowed to wind down the middle east. now with more troops headed to the region, they'll pass the crisis onto the next commander if chief. for democrats, hillary clinton says she sees the plans. bernie sanders says it's skeptical. >> my fight nair i mayor is that the united states once again gets caught up in a quagmire, which never ends. >> republicans have consistently accused the president of being weak son foreign policy. >> i do applaud him for engagement with the special operators. but we can't get into a kwag pire. this should be a real strategy to take out isis and to take down assad.
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>> i think it's a nation, it's a reflection, when you don't make decision, things get worse, fought better. >> we have seen six and a half years leading up to this. >> reporter: several gop candidates have called for a no fly 15, including dr. ben carson. >> i think we should enforce it. >> reporter: for war wary voters, it pose an issue in 2016. >> the republicans will criticize the president as being weak, particularly in the middle east. but they have to be careful. the american public does not want tens of thousands of boots on the ground in the middle east zone. >> now, to philly, over the weekend, every parent's nightmare, needles hidden in halloween candy and given out to children. in total, six candy bars were found to have needles in them. luckily, though, no one was hurt. police continue to urge parents to check the children's halloween candy. >> it's scary to think about the children being out there and
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getting candy that could hurt them. >> parts of texas trueing to recover this morning after a massive storm system unleashed fierce flooding. the storm also spawned several tornadoes, notice that same weather system, it is making its way east across the gulf coast states. let's check on it with bill kierans. it looks like it may be rough. >> it is. many trick or treat, if texas and louisiana and yesterday all through areas of alabama and georgia, another batch of very heavy rain right over the top of pensacola. this is going to head toward atlanta. a shield of rain across the entire portions of upstate south carolina and north carolina. it will be a soggy day once again. we do have a flood watch in effect for the rest of today. we could see locally up to four inches. especially central georgia and northern south carolina during the day, otherwise, one to two inches will be widespread. this storm system will be exiting. we started november very toasty.
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it is much above normal ale early this week, throughout the middle of the country. through the ohio valley. we will continue this trend, east of the rockies will be warm t. chili cold air will be in the rockies. at the end of the week, we see the country returning to normal about 10 to 15 degrees above normal temperatures. it will feel like the beginning of september, instead of the beginning of november. now we get a closer look at the day ahead. >> plenty of warm humid weather from oklahoma to texas. there is that rainy did you have through georgia and alaba and back up into south carolina, north carolina. the rain fleeld field will caught off around richmond. it should be cloudy. back to that heavy rain today, a quiet and warm week. >> the warm after the storm, thank you. breaking nassau to tell you about in north carolina, police are hunting for a gunman that killed one college student and wounded another.
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searchers, one step closer to finding the el faro cargo ship that went missing in the ba .
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a student was hospitalized with injuries. the socal was on lockdown after the innocent. u.s. naval searchers find what they believe is a cargo ship, it was carrying 33 people on board. when it was hit by hurricane joaquin on its way the puerto rico. the images show the vessel 15,000 feet below the ocean surface. authorities plan to survey the wreckage and find the ship's data recorder, which they hope will give clues to what
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happened. restaurant chain chipotle temporarily closed 40 locations because of an e. coli outbreak. 22 cases have been reported. eight of the people infected. more hospitalized. authorities are investigating the cause of that outbreak. now to a dramatic whale rescue neverett southern california. last week, whale watchers spotted this humpback entangled in fishing lines. they tried unsuccessfully to cut it free. on saturday, people from seaworld had the effort. they were unable to beat the line. a shootout with 101 combined points. sports is next. in
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this morning on "today" an exclusive nbc tom brokaw sits down with hollywood royalty and angelina jolie and brad pitt. the denver the battle of the undefeated. broncos, packers turned up ever. the quarterback threw for 77 yards, they outgained them the final score 29-10. controversial in big d, following this devastating hit
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that knocked out them and bryant did talk object about the injuries, following the game, bryant had this to say. >> that's my daughter's sole. i would never in my life do that to anybody. i could have been talking to something completely else. i'm too busy trying to break it up. get out there. in fact i'm feeling riper. hey, you all, come on, man. >> in the end, the seahawks hung on for the win 13-12. then new orleans led the saints, a combined, listen to this, 101 is points. drew brees threw 511 yards. it's every fantasy sports manager played him. eli manning also had a huge day with a career best six touchdown passes. the jants defense caught a huge break with this brees pass that
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is deflected and picked off by giants, he took the ball 63 yards for a touchdown, seconds left on the clock. the saints came back. it was sealed with a 50 yard field goal. final score, 52-49. an update on saturday's wild finish between duke and miami. the atlantic coast conference, the acc commissioner says the final play of the game was not handled appropriately on multiple fronts. the outcome. to not be over turned. retail officials are all suspended for two games. ahead, guess which celebrities ran in the new york marathon, plus which hollywood stars have the best costume? we will show you want you are watching "early today." doesn't work on wrinkles. clinically proven neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair with the fastest retinol formula available, it works on fine lines
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participated. he ran for support for keep the child alive. this week has been declared the worst weekend at the box office ofor 2015. three movies this weekend remained . now "burnt" made $5 million. and thousands are trying to petition to remove brayden simone as a host on the view. she doesn't represent the view of african-americans, this comes after several comments she made on the show about racial issues. rick harrison of pawn stars fame says his endorsement of marco rubio for president hurts his business. in an interview with cnn, harrison said endorsing a republican causes everyone to sort of frown on you. for the best halloween costumes we have favorites. first, guess who that is? kelly ripa playing kim
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kardashian from her infamous magazine cover. the rock as pop piaa the sailorman. >> that's too easy. >> who do you think that is? >> wow! >> yeah, that is ellen degeneres as a fictional kardashian sister carla with a k. >> that's good work going on there. >> at first i thought who in the world is that? >> you can't tell. obviously, there has been enhancements added. that's good makeup for us. >> you like that, huh? >> i see it as a good, professional job. i
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in. >> the news in the san francisco chronicle, the church installs the first plaque leader. presiding bishop served vane years as leader before being elected last summer to the top church post, it comes when the church has been struggling with dwindleing membership. in the telegraph, meet the first android actress. the star of the new japanese film sayonara. all value to do is plug her in. the only. she can't do, though, is walk. the film debuted at this year's international film festival.
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all right, last night in michigan. it blue out windows flying into neighboring homes. one man was transported to the hospital. firefighters are still determining the cause of that plast. a william was bitten by a tiger at the zoo, she broke into the zoo around 4:00 a.m. to pet the tiger him suspect you should never do. she appeared to be aggressive towards staff and showed signs of intoxication from alcohol or drugs. an investigation is still under way. >> investigate why she's still alive. >> well, a boat capsized off the great coast over the weekend. a death toll has not been confirm. authorities have recovered ten bodies so far. migrants continue to make a journey, battling rough seas and soon to be winter weather. after nearly a mile into the sky from the mexican volcano yesterday, thecolima volcano has been active since july at 8:00
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a.m. local time. an evacuation was not triggered. officials wanted them to cover their face in caution before drinking water. this has been so active. >> it's on my bucket list. you don't actually see an active volcano. it seems to pre historic. right. to see it in person. >> a safe distance from me. >> very true. president obama will be in new jersey today as part of a push for reforming the criminal justice system. the main focus, re-entering the society, getting likes back on track. today a part of sentence reform the justice department is finishing the largest ever one time release of federal prisoners, 6,000 plus. jeb bush is hitting the reset button with the loss of his just fix it tour. he spoke that he fights for his campaign's quote bumpy types. i want to say happy birthday to rapper nellie, 41. dave swimer is 49 and i'm betty linn. thanks for watching "early
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today." have a good
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